Tetris Lamp: Stack ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

Full disclosure: as much as people loved Tetris, I sucked at the game. Every time the blocks started falling from the sky, I’d survive for about two minutes before I got overwhelmed, and they hit the top and my game was over. Another quarter down the drain until my pockets were empty. At least with this Tetris lamp, I never have to worry about that.

This fun USB-powered lamp comes with 53 stackable Tetromino blocks for you to stack and arrange however you want. Just start humming the Tetris theme song to yourself, and you’re all set. The blocks won’t automatically disappear when you complete a row, but they will look cool sitting there on your desk or bookshelf.

Best of all you can stack the blocks any way you want. Challenge yourself, and if you can make them look like Mario or Pac-Man or a Space Invader. The Tetris lamp is available from I Want One of Those for $25.99.

New ‘Tetris’ apps are ready to replace EA’s mobile games

One day after EA announced that it's shutting down its mobile Tetris games, N3TWORK's Tetris app is available for download. For now, the free app comes with a traditional solo gameplay mode, but N3TWORK says it has "so much more in store."

EA is shutting down its mobile ‘Tetris’ games

EA is giving up on its mobile Tetris games. Tetris 2011 and Tetris Blitz have disappeared from the Play Store, and in the App Store, EA left a note for fans explaining that it will retire its Tetris app on April 21st, that includes Tetris 2011, Tetri...

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‘Tetris 99’ gets a team battle mode

Tetris 99 is one of the best reasons to grab a Nintendo Switch Online membership. The free game pits 99 players against one another in crowded and tense matches. But the game isn't just about endurance; by clearing lines of blocks, players push their...

Sivak+Partners’ Yellow Brick Chair brings abstract appeal to furniture design

Almost like something you’d make in a 3D version of Tetris, the Yellow Brick Chair breaks down the elements of seating and reinterprets it using the lens of abstractionism. Not only does it play with the very idea of what a chair should be, but its daring use of sharp forms made out of soft cushions also creates a visual contrast that’s definitely eye-catching. Combined with that energetic yellow hue, the Yellow Brick Chair gives a lot of mixed signals, but in a way that really grabs one’s attention. I honestly wonder what sitting on it would feel like. Minecraft fans? Here’s one for your gaming den!

Designer: Sivak+Partners

Commercial Turns Real World Stuff into Game of Tetris

I’ve always enjoyed playing Tetris. It’s just one of those games that keeps your mind occupied 100%, and is a great way to kill time sitting on a train or airplane. There have been countless games over the years which expand on the block-stacking game dynamic. Now, we have a TV commercial that works like a game of Tetris too.

This clever spot was directed by Oggy Cheng for Hong Kong storage company BOXFUL envisions everyday possessions as Tetris pieces. From books, to teapots, to cups, to bicycles, to laundry, the commercial sees every object as an item to be smartly and efficiently stacked in order to cram as much into a small space as possible.

I like how they even snuck in an original Nintendo Game Boy as one of the items being stacked – though it should have been playing Tetris on its screen too.

‘Tetris 99’ will get an offline multiplayer mode later this year

Nintendo has been slowly expanding how and where you can play Tetris 99. In February, the company released the battle royale game as an online exclusive for Switch. A few months later, Nintendo offered downloadable content, so users could play the ga...