From blending to steaming, this Dieter Rams-inspired modular kitchen appliance does 6 unique functions!

Kitchen appliances can quickly turn into collections of bulky hardware and tangles of wire if we’re not careful. Blenders, toasters, kettles, and steamers – the wish list is endless and there’s always a new kitchen tool that could be added to our carts, and then when it comes time to organize, forget about it. Modular kitchenware designs come in handy when we feel that we’ve reached our limits…or storage capacities. Finding inspiration in the design language of Dieter RamsBraun collection, ChenKai Zhang created renderings for a modular kitchenware concept that’s as familiar and practical as the iconic Braun appliance.

Zhang recognized several strong points in Braun’s design language, including its timelessness, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and approachability. Zhang hoped to achieve a similar timeless feel for his modular kitchenware concept by attributing like-minded color schemes and construction materials to his product design. The clean coupling of stainless steel accents with a colorful coating of ABS plastic is reminiscent of Braun products and carries with it a sense of familiarity. With this combination of fresh, sleek display and a trusted construction process, Zhang developed his own interpretation of Braun’s approachable and timeless appeal. Zhang essentially universalized Rams’ mechanical design language to offset and charge one base component so that it can then provide power for other attachable kitchen appliances such as juicers, electric kettles, and blenders. Inside the base component, gear buckles, motors, and conductors all work together to either provide heating or power for the two mixing blades to run. The base component consists of a high-speed motor and a heating component to which users can attach and utilize most kitchen appliances. In order to take up less space in the kitchen, Zhang ensured that all of the kitchen modules were the right size to stack onto one another. Zhang also redesigned the spout for modules containing liquid by both flattening it, offering slower pours, and lengthening it for easy pickup.

An integrated interface of two aluminum switches, located on the design’s electric base component, gives users the option to either use a high-speed motor or a heater. Once decided, additional modular components can then be attached to the base component to prepare food items according to the chosen mechanism. In addition to the three modules mentioned, Zhang designed frying pan, steamer, and breakfast pot modules to attach to the base component for other options. The product design’s efficiency is attained through Zhang’s commitment to practicality above all else. This practical approach to design is shown through the modular kitchenware’s conceptualization phase. Moving through three generations of products, Zhang ultimately designed a modular tool for the kitchen that allows users to choose between six different functioning cooking appliances.

Designer: ChenKai Zhang

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The best personal blender

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The Dual Mixer is here to save time, water and t-shirts!

Have you ever looked up a smoothie recipe online that claim they are ready in 2 minutes? It goes like – step 1: put ingredients in mixer and step 2: blend. What they forget is washing every ingredient before popping it in the blender which adds at least another 10 minutes. Our prayers have been answered and soon we will truly be able to make a smoothie in 2 minutes with this efficient dual mixer!

This ingenious product design not only saves time but also saves water with its ability to wash the ingredients before blending in the same container. Our human nature doesn’t allow us to stand over the sink for more than a minute and there is a good chance that the chemicals on our produce stick around. The Dual Mixer’s concept is inspired by the rotation method of the washing machine, both devices have the torque movements at their core. “Rotational power is running on the main unit as a conventional blender, the functionality enabled by dividing up and down makes it possible to turn the barrel upside down like an hourglass,” say the creators.

It is sustainable and stylish – a sturdy structure made with glass, rubber grips, brass thread inserts, and a steel-reinforced coupler. It also includes a pulsator and a cutting blade in its stainless steel body which makes it all the more durable. So, say hello to Clark Kent of devices, here to rescue the Louis Lanes of smoothies (and wet shirts that are casualties of rinsing over the sink) as it is literally saving your time, water and health!

Designer: Kyumin Ha

2 minutes is all this portable blender needs to whip up hot and cold drinks!

This highspeed blender makes whipping up your favorite blended beverages on the go, quick and convenient! Efficiently cramming the capabilities of a full-size blender into a conveniently sized flask isn’t an easy feat of design, so it will come as no surprise when I say that this product has been considered in great depth. The motor that is mounted overhead is powered by the 7.4V lithium battery that has been seamlessly integrated into the device. As it’s meant for use outside of the home, it was important for the styling choice to be something that the user is proud of displaying; a clean minimal form has been paired with muted tones and matte material finishes.

With it offering the potential of providing us with a freshly blended beverage in just two minutes, we can’t help but love this concept!

Designer: Sun Jin

This silent, wireless, smart-blender would make Jonathan Ive proud…

Practically defying the laws of physics, the Millo is perhaps the most futuristic blender I’ve seen. For starters, it’s sleek, and is dominated by aesthetic, flat surfaces, with absolutely no exposed mechanical parts. The blender is divided into two units. The base, a pristine, flat dock with no control panel or even a driving socket (that black bit that locks into the blade and rotates it); and its second part, the glass, a stylish Nutribullet-esque container made from BPA free Tritan, with yet again, a flat top.

Designed like something out of Apple’s or Dyson’s design studio, the Millo is a smart, sophisticated, and silent blender, that makes 4x lesser noise than your conventional blender, generates twice as less heat, and 2x more energy efficient. Moreover, using it is bafflingly futuristic. Just load your smoothie ingredients into the Millo, screw the top on, and rest it inverted on the base… and just like a phone starts charging the moment you rest it on a wireless-charging surface, the Millo begins whirring and blitzing all your ingredients into a fine smoothie. You can control the Millo’s intensity by sliding your finger around the rim of the base, as lights under the surface come to life, letting you see what power you’re running the blender at. When you’re done, lift the blender up and the blade magically stops spinning. It’s a sight to absolutely admire!

Millo’s design breaks new ground for quite a few reasons. Unlike most smoothie-makers on the market, Millo is relatively quiet, and absolutely wireless. The smoothie-maker’s base has a built-in battery (capable of making 10 smoothies on a full charge), which means you could literally make your smoothie outside the supermarket, fresh after buying your fruits, or in your car as you drive to work. Its wireless nature means the blender works without interference, or interlocking parts that whirr together to move the blade. Both the motor in the base, and the blade in the upper compartment, are driven magnetically, drastically cutting down on the cacophony that blenders usually make. Millo’s design is even made to operate remotely. The container snaps securely to the base via magnets, so you don’t need to hold it down, or in place as it blends. In fact, the designers and engineers at Millo have so much confidence in the blender’s abilities, it can be remote-controlled through your phone via Bluetooth! Yes, this blender is everything Jonathan Ive would love. It’s sleek, wireless, quiet, and removes any ugly mechanical details that would blemish the blender’s pristine design. Oh, and the base is made out of Aluminium too!!

Designer: Moses Kang & Ruslanas Adam Trakselis for Millo

This portable blender is as easy on the eyes as it is to use!

What are the two primary requirements from a portable blender? First, to blend the contents thoroughly yet efficiently, and second, to remain compact enough to be portable, so it’s pretty key that any portable blender nails these two aspects! The Portable Blender from the team at Second White certainly has both these areas covered; much like the assortment of beautiful products that Second White has launched in the past, this concept shares the same elegant beauty and honest functionality.

The sharp, aggressive form of the blade has been concealed by a sleeve that sits around the flask; the sleeve also breaks up the transparent container whilst introducing a splash of color to the product. It gracefully harmonizes with our busy day-to-day lives and encourages us to have a healthier lifestyle.

Designer: Second White

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