This solar powered water purifier & pump fits in your backpack to create the ultimate camping experience!

Let’s up our camping game to level ‘glamping’ with this solar-powered water purifier and pump! You never have to worry about carrying cartons of bottled water and calculating if that is enough for the group for all days. No math and no increasing plastic waste when we have GoSun Flow – a portable water purifier that is also a sink and provides water for shower all while storing the solar energy that it creates.

The GoSun Flow is made keeping in mind that it is small enough to fit into a backpack so it doesn’t add to the minimal essentials one has to carry during their trip. It uses solar energy to filter 99.99% of pathogens from water and is able to pump 1 liter of clean water per minute! Apart from providing safe drinking water it also doubles up as a portable handwashing station and hot shower. Having a hot shower (the one thing you miss the most during camping) is such an upgrade because that means we don’t have to jump into a cold water body, everyone knows the right temperature of hot water in the showers is basically therapy for your soul.

It is super easy to get this energy-efficient appliance running – place the intake hose into any water source (except salt water), plug in the pump, and it will automatically start filtering the water. To use the faucet or shower, simply clamp the faucet and flip on the pump! “The Flex Faucet’s integrated clamp can open to over two and a quarter inches (58mm) so it attaches anywhere: branches, tables, tailgates, fences, etc.  The flexible head can twist, bend, and point water wherever you need it” explains the team.

The filter lasts for 1,000 liters of filtration and can be easily replaced. The camping appliance uses an innovative 3-stage cartridge filter to remove 99.99% of pathogens. The first filter is a polypropylene filter disc that removes large particles like dirt, rust, and sand. The second filter is a high-efficiency carbon filter that absorbs hazardous chemicals and heavy metals. And the third filter is a nano aluminum fiber filter that creates an electropositive charge in a labyrinth of fibers to trap and kill the tiniest particles and organisms in your water.

To make it effortless, GoSun Flow uses a USB-powered pump that does the work for you and provides a flow of water anywhere you want and that too within a minute – say goodbye to manual pumping although it did provide a good arm workout. The pump is powered by a power bank that can pump over 100 gallons of water on a single charge. The best part? You can recharge it with the integrated solar panel that plugs right into the power bank. GoSun has always believed in designing products that don’t require fuel or resupply and this water pump + purifier is another amazing addition to their range of essentials that keep you prepared for emergencies.

With GoSun Flow you can have access to clean water anywhere. It is not only essential for camping but also allows you to sanitize yourself when there is a shortage – think of remote medical camps where the rural areas don’t have access to clean water. It is so much more than a hot shower when you are out in the woods, it is using the source that gives Earth life to give you life.

Designer: GoSun Inc.

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gosun filtration

washing hand




Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $339 (41% off). Under 48 hours to go! Raised over $3426,193!

This elegant lint-remover looks fresh and keeps your woolens looking fresh too

Designed with the sort of charm you’d expect from a bottle of perfume, the Evergreen Lint Remover concept comes with the form that instantly reminds me of Logitech’s MX Vertical mouse. Designed to be held and used in the same manner, it makes sense to fall back on a form that’s quite literally inspired by the gesture you make during a handshake. The Evergreen Lint Remover’s design is easy to hold and perfectly grippy, thanks to the vertical ridges along its body. Switch it on using a button on the top, and blades beneath gently whirr to remove lint and wool beading from sweaters below (sort of like a lawn-mower trims a lawn to keep it looking neat and clean). Simple? Yeah. Sophisticated? Oh, certainly!

Designer: Haha Ha

This conceptual travel kit is a modular, portable hairdryer and clothing iron!

This conceptual travel kit is a modular, portable hairdryer and iron designed to give you an ‘Edge’ over others!

Edge is a compact 2-in-1 appliance that gives you more than your toiletries. It consists of three parts: ‘Multi Handle’, ‘Edge Hairdryer Module’, ‘Edge Iron Module’. ‘Multi Handle’ has a button to control the product for using and both modules work with ‘Multi Handle’. Specifically made for those who have meetings on-the-go, the hairdryer and iron help to wash away the weariness of travel and smoothen the wrinkles so you look fresh (or should I say profesh?). “We have adopted a slide structure for intuitive and easy combination of each module. This not only allows the user to easily combine the modules but also reduces the risk of the module being easily detached while using the product” says the team. This helps save time and effort into asking your hotel for the appliances and in case you don’t can’t make a stop and have to rush, Edge can come in handy anywhere you are!

It combines the structural similarities of the two products into one and uses one power supply to run both. The dial button makes it easy to adjust the intensity of the heat for both uses. As this product with module has to work as both iron and hairdryer, the team added a button that would allow a user to operate it without being confused even though it has a single handle. Like most devices, it can be charged using the common USB-C cable. Edge adds another necessary dimension to travel kits!

Designers: Chanhong Park, Yonghun Cho and Taekkyung Lee

Ex-Samsung Engineers design a 1.2lbs handheld vacuum that equals your Dyson in power!

As a grown-up, do you get excited about vacuum cleaners or are you not normal? From someone who did it as a chore, as I have gotten older vacuuming has been giving me that certain joy you experience when you watch satisfying visual ASMR-like videos. The things on top of my wishlist have quickly changed from sneakers to $400 vacuums and now that I’ve discovered the Montanc, I am glad I can have both!

Montanc was designed by ex-Samsung engineers to give you exactly what you need in a handheld vacuum without burning a hole in your pocket – powerful suction, lightweight, compact, durable, and never misses a spot! Usually, handheld vacuums are considered a short-term investment. They don’t have good suction, can fall apart easily, and are just an added cleaning measure after you use the large vacuum because they can’t get inside crevices. The engineers addressed the two major pain points from the consumer market research – upright vacuums are bulky and handheld vacuums are flimsy.

This product was created to change how we perceive handheld vacuums all together with its clever engineering and attentive design that makes cleaning effortless. The strongest handheld vacuum on the market has a suction power of 12,000 PA while Montanc gives you 15,000 PA which is equivalent to a Dyson vacuum! Weighing only 1.18 lbs (525 g), this appliance has been made for everyday use which accounts for wear and tear. It is also easy to empty the dirt from the vacuum, it contains a double safety mechanism that twists the gadget as you press the button and lets you empty/wash the reusable canister. This prevents unexpected disassemble of dirt from the sack. But unlike its competition, Montanc’s weight doesn’t justify its strength and durability. Combined with a set of versatile nozzles, you can clean every crack, corner and crevice.

It has two power modes: Mode I and Mode II. The first one has the suction power of 6,000 PA and picks up your typical-sized particles and debris in a blink of an eye. The second one picks up microparticles that can’t be seen by the naked eye as well as larger chunks of debris with the suction power of 15,000 PA. Mode I can be used for 30 mins and Mode II can be used for 9 mins after one charging cycle. You can switch between the modes by pressing one button and it clears up everything from pollen to your girlfriend’s hair – no really, the fade-free suction sucks the hair in one second!

“Such power is only possible because of our Brushless Direct Current ++ motors (BLDC++ in short). This 120w motor clocks in at 76,000rpm which allows Montanc to produce 15kPa while staying insanely compact” says the team of engineers on the technology that makes Montanc stand out from the rest of its peers. Its good to be used on carpets too along with being car-friendly. Lastly, its minimal and elegant design means it doesn’t have to be stashed away in a closet and you can keep it outside too – it can be used right when the cookie crumbles! Powerful vacuums are heavy. Smaller vacuums are weak. But if you want the best of both worlds, this vacuum is your Hannah Montanc-na.

Designer: Montac

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Click Here to Buy Now: $129. Hurry, only 7/1764 left, under 48 hours to go! Raised over $378,756!

A smart hearing aid designed with modern aesthetics to empower you!

Hearings aids have always made the user feel conscious and many will try to hide the fact that they are wearing one. The device that is meant to empower them and help with their hearing is actually doing the opposite by making them feel like they have something to be embarrassed about. Alice Turner decided to design Amplify, a hearing device that was made to be seen, to feel confident about and to help people experience life to its full potential!

Amplify was created to give the hearing-impaired demographic an added value that made the hearing aid more than just a medical accessory. “In the ’60s, glasses were aids for a disability. Now, glasses have evolved into ‘eyewear’, a fashion statement, and an extension of your personality. This shift made me question why the main innovation in hearing aid design is developing technology to make them smaller and more hidden,” says the designer on her thought process behind starting the project. Using bone conduction technology, Amplify provides users with high-quality audio for a more comfortable and wholesome sound experience. This technology enables the device to decode sound waves and convert them into vibrations that can be received directly by the Cochlea so the eardrum is never involved. Amplify essentially becomes your eardrum!

It is still just a concept design so there is a lot of work ahead when it comes to prototype research and testing, but it has definitely sparked a conversation about making wearable medical accessories more aesthetic to boost user experience and confidence. Most of the devices are pretty basic in their function and because we live in a smart world, it is important for devices to be integrated, therefore, Amplify features Bluetooth connectivity which helps the user to control smart speakers, smart TVs, phones, and car audio devices. The sleek minimal form makes me feel like I would rather wear this than my AirPods!

Designer: Alice Tuner

Sony’s wearable, pocket-sized air conditioner is finally available for sale!

Summer is not for everyone – sure it is nice when you are at the beach but is it nice to feel like you are being roasted like a turkey when its not Thanksgiving? I personally thrive in the snow but keeping on brand with being unprecedented like 2020, I have found myself in lockdown in India which means I am currently dealing with a hot, humid, tropical climate and it feels like I am an iPhone on 1% battery. What people like me need is Sony’s Reon Pocket air conditioner, which is FINALLY on sale, to keep us cool, calm, and collected!

A portable, wearable, air conditioner is no more a thing of futuristic tv shows. The Reon Pocket is a smartphone-controlled personal gadget that was designed to be compact and cool. It works using thermoelectric cooling and can cool the user’s body temperature by 13 degrees celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit) and raise your temperature by about 8 degrees Celsius (about 14 degrees Fahrenheit). Reon sits on the base of your neck in a special undershirt designed for it. It uses the Peltier effect which means a temperature difference is created by applying a voltage between two electrodes connected to a sample of semiconductor material. The heat is absorbed or emitted when you pass an electrical current across a junction to either lower your temperature or increase it without bulk or noise.

It is sleek, minimal and comfortable as a piece of wearable tech. Like any smart device of our times, Reon’s functions can be controlled via Bluetooth. Set to the desired temperature using the mobile app which also features an automatic mode. It only weighs 85 grams and can be charged with the common USB-C port. The only downside is that the battery lasts for just two hours on a single charge but that is enough time for you to run all errands or enjoy a picnic before you start to melt.

Designer: Sony

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This coffee machine was designed to let you make espressos with one hand

To all the coffee lovers like myself, staying quarantined has made us realize that there is an unparalleled joy that we experience when a barista makes you a drink vs when you make one for yourself. If you truly want to make coffee that matches the level of cafes, you need an espresso machine – now I know what you’re thinking, they are complicated and there are way too many accessories, it is high maintenance, etc. But what if there was an appliance that combined all the accessories into one espresso machine and made it easy for even beginners to enjoy a foamy cappuccino? Say hello to Rebuild: ratio!

Since professional coffee machines have a different product for each part of the process, Rebuild:ratio was designed as an espresso machine that would streamline the process of making coffee and while not taking away from the authentic process. This espresso machine gives you a high-quality product with easy user experience. Feel like barista yourself when you grind the beans and steam your milk but without the hassle of keeping up with three separate appliances. While the machine looks like a complicated, professional one, it has actually been organized in a way for you to feel confident about making cafe-grade beverages with ease. There are three shape concepts: layer, build, and tool that make up this sleek appliance.

The analog-type grinder door is one of its most distinguished features when compared to existing machines. This enables the user to differentiate between the grinding part and the discharge part using a simple opening-closing action and minimizing the porter filter movement. It has been designed such that if you need to remove the knock box by holding the porter filter you can easily remove it using just one hand. The front and side sides of the knock box cover are created to be smoothly removed without friction, unlike most espresso machines, especially the ones made for home use.

To prevent water from getting all around the machine or from any milk-steaming accidents, the drip tray is made of diagonal lines for more efficient draining. This induces the water to enter the tray when it falls instead of making the surrounding area dirty. To keep with the clean lines aesthetic, the handle is not made to be protruding and adds to the seamless visual build. The transparent water container lets you check the amount and refill accurately. The slightly curved lid makes opening and closing effortless. The only parts that protrude from the overall linear design are the bucket, bucket support, and grinder parts to prevents the heat and wires from coming out of the vent hole when the machine is in close contact with the wall. Anyone else wants to open a home cafe after this?

Designers: Wankeun Oh, Lee Hyo min and Studio OKL

The Bariseur 2.0 wakes you up each morning with a fresh cup of coffee and a charged phone

Aside from having a puppy lick my face, the Bariseur 2.0 gives me everything I need to begin my day the right way!

The Bariseur really made waves when the first edition debuted back in 2016. A great design experience always aims at being a multisensory one. We love motorbikes not just because they get us from A to B, they’re a thrill. Whether it’s the wind in your hair, the purr of the motor, or just the way the motorbike looks, it’s the overall multisensory experience that makes riding a bike so goddamn amazing. I’d say that the Bariseur does the same thing with waking up. Nobody really likes being jolted awake by a neurotic noise-making box, right? Bariseur’s ability to cross over into the multisensory realm makes waking up an absolute treat, because not only does it wake you up with sound, it tantalizes your nostrils with the smell of fresh coffee, getting you out of bed with something to look forward to, and probably a sunnier disposition too.

It’s 2020, the world is practically on fire, but the Bariseur 2.0 does a pretty good job of making mornings a little more pleasurable than they would have been. In its second edition, the beverage-brewing alarm clock comes with an updated design featuring a better brewing system using a one-of-a-kind immersion brewer that works equally well with tea or coffee. Rather than brewing your drink right into the cup, the immersion brewer keeps your beverage contained in a chamber, allowing you to pour yourself a cuppa whenever you need it. The smell, however, wafts out pretty effortlessly, allowing you to wake up to the aroma of coffee beans or aromatic tea. The Bariseur 2.0 even features a redesigned shower-head and smart induction heater that allows water to be scattered across your coffee grounds or tea leaves evenly, and at a precise temperature of 94° C – ideal for brewing.

Along with its subtle-but-effective improvements, the Bariseur even comes with a mini-fridge to keep a small glass of milk refrigerated for you to pour into your coffee or tea, and if you want to use the apparatus without the alarm feature, the immersion brewer is detachable, so you can brew multiple cups in a day. The Bariseur 2.0 even features an added wireless charging mat that helps replenish your phone, giving you just the sheer joy of beginning your day with a fresh hot cup of chai/coffee and a fresh 100% charged smartphone. It’s the little pleasures, really!

Designer: Joy Resolve (Joshua Renouf)

The world’s first no-chimney kitchen exhaust uses a drawer for ventilation

Okay, I am just going to say it, I have never met a kitchen exhaust or vent that has helped prevent the ringing of the smoke alarm when I cook. Some that are good certainly delay it, but if you have a small New York City apartment then your house is going to smell like your dish for at least a day. I am glad someone out there thought we needed a more innovative solution and designed the world’s first downdraft with a central cooking plate and underhung drawer! A top-notch setting that controls ventilation, making cleaning easier, and elevates the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Gutmann is a global leader in manufacturing high-quality exhaust hoods for households and is trusted by the best of specialized kitchen dealers. The design team combined their superior engineering with their own creative vision to give the users a cleaner experience. To come up with the solution, the team had to understand that performance, cleaning, and changing the filters are the core pillars of creating an efficient product. “With downdraft becoming the new norm, power was questionable. We said it had to step above the current noise. Emphasizing airflow, and creating clarity in the UI were our central points,” said the design team about their goal to create a downdraft hood that had the same (if not better) impact as the ceiling hood.

Each kitchen is different, there is a large variation in depths and heights of cabinets and drawers; so the design of this cooktop was kept lightweight without compromising on the advanced technology and materials. It was important to highlight the drawer during use and assembling all components in a central zone for intuitive user experience – optimizing storage and making cooking a stress-free process. Cooktops are used every day and they have to be durable to endure the constant cleaning and cooking. It can wear down even the most enthusiastic chef and homeowner to maintain appliances. To make this easier all the components were made with precise dimensions so they would fit directly into the dishwasher. This cooktop set up should go straight on top of your kitchen wishlist!

Designers: Oliver Hatton and Nicolas Schmitt for VanBerlo Agency

3D print this NASA wearable that prevents you from touching your face!

The pandemic COVID-19 is still plaguing our world and that means we still need to make sure we don’t touch our faces, wear masks, wash our hands. We don’t even realize that we touch our face up to 2000 times a day which is a fundamental behavior of our species to self-soothe according to psychologists. Changing habits is hard enough already, and changing inherent habits while we adjust to bigger life changes might sound near impossible. So NASA has designed Pulse, a DIY wearable necklace that warns you when you are about to touch your face.

NASA isn’t selling these directly, but Jet Propulsion Laboratory has made the 3D-printed concept available as an open-source project so anyone can make this smart wearable for their own health and safety. It works on a simple mechanism – the necklace has a sensor that detects when the user lifts their hands towards their face and it will vibrate to warn them using power from a common button battery. This vibration is a reminder for the user to not touch their face and soon establishes the muscle memory required to turn this into a new behavioral pattern. All the necessary STL files, the list of the parts you’ll need, and the assembly instructions have been made freely available for anyone to make these. Apart from the 3D printer and having the knowledge of basic electrical DIY skills, all the components are easy to source and if you want to learn then YouTube is always there as a resource.

This isn’t a 100% prevention but an aid that goes along with masks, sanitizers, regular hand-washing, and staying home to minimize your chance of contracting the virus to as low as you possibly can. Please wear masks when you go out in public for essential errands or even a stroll, and try to use reusable cloth masks so that health professionals and workers on the frontline can get the priority for disposable PPE which is still in short supply. As Batman said, “I don’t wear a mask to protect myself, I wear it to protect those around me.”

Designers: NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratory