Piece of art or an air purifier?

Forget about its completely justifiable functionality, we want a Coway FAB purely to admire! This undeniably attractive and beautifully considered example of design has been created to provide the domestic environment with a supply of clean, fresh air, as well as a fresh aesthetic! Designed with the sole aim of fitting harmoniously within a room, FAB carries a wonderfully unique aesthetic that forces it to stand out from its more conventional competitors. The clever combination of the soft fabric finish and sharp linear lines leads to a visually dramatic juxtaposition that we can’t help but love. Aesthetics aside, the fabric finish also brings with it a functional benefit; the air inlet that is concealed behind it sucks the uncleansed air through the material and into the filter!

Another aspect of the design which must not be ignored is the attention to user experience; a clear and accessible carry-handle, tactile buttons and simplistic interface are just a few features that ensure a pain-free operation!

Designer: Hyunjin Park of OFFOF

It is designed using the basic elements of dots, lines, and surfaces. In a neat and unique form, it becomes an object in its own space.

The vivid orange-red color gives you a vintage feel, Blue suits you everywhere and the Light Green Color gives you a soft feel.

The handle in the center of the product increases the mobility of the product. The operating button is white, the same color as the body of the product, and is designed to contrast the fabric color.

It also uses soft rubber materials to provide not only visual comfort but also tactile comfort.

The angle of the air outlet blades of the air purifier is 45 degrees, so air comes out along the wings and breaks into the walls to deliver a wider range of fresh air.

The fabric is an air inlet and has two filtering effects. A structure designed to allow air to be inhaled by a fabric can be easily replaced by stripping the fabric.

Choose the color you want to and match to make your own air purifier.

The wall-mounted air purifier and clock for compact apartments

The Air Hole is the wall-mounted air purifier that has been designed to live within even the most compact of studio apartments! Space can be limited within inner-city accommodation, but this should not restrict people from accessing clean air, especially when the air outside can be filled with toxins. The wall-mountable air purifier demands little space within the home, making it a desirable alternative to the floor standing variants we have become accustomed to. Airhole also has a rather subtle secondary feature that has been incorporated into the design to elevate its functionality even further; a digital clock has been seamlessly integrated into the face of the unit!

Designer: Lee Hyo Min

Make coffee now, enjoy it later

Everyone enjoys their coffee being made in a very particular and unique-to-them way, so is a coffee lover really able to enjoy an espresso made by a different person? Well, this question stemmed the creation of COSSO, the coffee machine that gifts the user with a capsule of coffee! Prior to leaving the comfort of their homes, COSSO enables the user to prepare the expressos that they will require to get them through the day-ahead! Once prepared, the user can store the capsules in the warm case that carries a beautifully sleek and clean aesthetic, which is shared by the coffee machine itself!

There is no denying that this concept advances the coffee making experience a few steps further, so could you see yourself using this?

Designers: John Park & Fountain Studio


Mock Up

2 Way Espresso Outlet

Cosso comes with espresso up and down. When it comes up, it fills the capsule, and when it comes down, it enters the espresso cup.

Take Out Espresso in a Capsule

Bottom Up Espresso

When the capsule is plugged into Cosso, the magnet inside the capsule rises up, filling the gap with the coffee.

Capsules can be stored on the coffee machine.

Coffee Storage

Coffee beans are stored safely from the heat of the espresso machine.

Dyson’s latest air purifier captures and destroys formaldehyde in your home!

We are all aware of the adverse levels of air pollution in public places, on the streets, in our cities, basically everywhere except our homes. But here’s a little shocker; our homes aren’t completely free from aerial pollution….yet!  One of the many guaranteed pollutants in our homes is Formaldehyde. It’s usually released in our homes from a variety of sources: furniture, wood products, air fresheners, electronics, cleaning products and so on and so forth. Formaldehyde present in substantial amounts can cause irritation to our eyes, nose, and throat. It has been classified as a cancer-causing substance, but the research in this field is yet to bear concrete results. This where Dyson’s latest product the Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic comes in. It promises to not only capture the Formaldehyde that’s been released in the air but also to destroy it. Whereas Dyson’s previous air purifiers could only capture the gas, the Cryptomic has taken ten steps forward. Famous for its bladeless fan, Dyson’s latest air purifiers display the same unique design while projecting purified air across a 360-degree angle.

“Our chemist team has been searching for various methods to solve this problem for the past three years,” said Dr. Nathan Brown, head of research at Dyson. “We have tested more than 20 different catalysts – materials that would enable a chemical reaction to take place, but isn’t consumed or used up by the reaction. We ultimately identified the mineral Cryptomelane as the ideal catalyst.” This very catalyst panel is what differentiates the Cryptomic from its predecessors. The panel consists of almost a billion tunnels which capture the Formaldehyde gas.

In fact, Dyson has even gone ahead and explained the process to us:
“There is an oxygen-rich surface on the catalyst that works to destroy formaldehyde by removing electrons during the chemical reaction causing it to break into the smaller, safer molecules – carbon dioxide and water,” the company said in a statement. “The amount of carbon dioxide and water that results from this process is very small. For reference, the technology panel produces 20,000x less water and CO2 than a mouse gives off breathing per day.”

The newly introduced filter of Crytopmic never has to be removed nor replaced, lasting as long as the purifier itself, however, the carbon and HEPA filters do need to be replaced every twelve months. The purifier can be synched to the Dyson Link app (compatible with Android and IOS) which displays the current air quality, as well as the temperature and humidity in your city.

Though the question arises “Is Formaldehyde a dominant enough threat for us to consider?” Research does indeed show that it irritates our respiratory system. There are simpler (non-monetary) alternatives to rid our homes of this pollutant, but those will last only for a short period of time and the gas can never be completely eradicated. In such a scenario, the Cryptomic with it’s guaranteed functionality to destroy Formadelhyde does seem like a safer bet, though it may be a costlier one. With issues like climate change, global warming and pollution looming even closer on the horizon, I don’t think any of us would mind living in a pollutant-free zone at home, and we have the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic to help us with that!

Shred paper in style

We love to see a design that challenges the visual norm that we have become familiar with, and that is certainly what this concept does! At first glance you would be forgiven if you were left wondering what its functionality is, but on further inspection its paper-shredding abilities become evident! The appropriately named ‘Doughnut’ paper shredder isn’t just shaped the way-it is for the sake of aesthetics, it uses its bold and friendly form to elevate its functionality; the curvaceous top protects the user’s fingers from the vicious blades that are concealed within, whilst also guiding the paper into the correct position.

What makes this example of industrial design so desirable is its ability to work in both the domestic and professional environment; as opposed to carrying an unappealing and visually geometric aesthetic that can jar with the décor of a home, it instead blends in and becomes one with its surroundings!

Designer: Jaekyu Jung

“It’s completely safe to use for anyone. A shape of the doughnut top it can protect your fingers from the shredder blades inside,” Jung told Yanko Design.

1:6 scale prototype made by a piece of papers with PLA 3d printing.

The Dual Mixer is here to save time, water and t-shirts!

Have you ever looked up a smoothie recipe online that claim they are ready in 2 minutes? It goes like – step 1: put ingredients in mixer and step 2: blend. What they forget is washing every ingredient before popping it in the blender which adds at least another 10 minutes. Our prayers have been answered and soon we will truly be able to make a smoothie in 2 minutes with this efficient dual mixer!

This ingenious product design not only saves time but also saves water with its ability to wash the ingredients before blending in the same container. Our human nature doesn’t allow us to stand over the sink for more than a minute and there is a good chance that the chemicals on our produce stick around. The Dual Mixer’s concept is inspired by the rotation method of the washing machine, both devices have the torque movements at their core. “Rotational power is running on the main unit as a conventional blender, the functionality enabled by dividing up and down makes it possible to turn the barrel upside down like an hourglass,” say the creators.

It is sustainable and stylish – a sturdy structure made with glass, rubber grips, brass thread inserts, and a steel-reinforced coupler. It also includes a pulsator and a cutting blade in its stainless steel body which makes it all the more durable. So, say hello to Clark Kent of devices, here to rescue the Louis Lanes of smoothies (and wet shirts that are casualties of rinsing over the sink) as it is literally saving your time, water and health!

Designer: Kyumin Ha

An automated stir fryer that follows your recipe while you multitask

Eating is an essential element of our survival, yet at times it can become somewhat of an inconvenience. So, a device that would allow us to enjoy the freshness of home-cooked meals, whilst minimizing the amount of time that we must spend in the kitchen sounds like a very desirable proposal, right? Well, that’s exactly what SOLISITA has been designed to do; the automated stir fryer handles the cooking of the stir fry whilst allowing the user to get on with preparing the rest of the meal! As it has been designed to be controlled solely by the accompanying phone app, it is able to carry a beautifully clutter-free aesthetic that looks right at home within the domestic kitchen!

Designer: Sophia Lyp

These modular Daisy Chained hotplates connect to feed breakfast family style!

Designed with flexible catering in mind, Multiplug brings a new and welcomed element to social dining! Whilst one day we might just be cooking for ourselves and our partner, the next may see the entire family coming together for an occasion, at which point just the one hot plate doesn’t stretch very far! Multipleplug’s flexible design allows for up to five of the devices to be connected together at any one time! Daisy-chaining the hotplates means that the food is within reaching distance of everyone on the table… perfect for those large social gatherings that we love!

Designer: Boulanger Design

The puripot wants you to breathe the best quality air possible

Here’s something you probably didn’t know. The air you’re breathing indoors is as much as 10 times more contaminated than the air you breathe outdoors. Yes, there’s smoke and dust from cars in the air outdoors, but they form a mere fraction of a fraction of the contaminants in a massive body of air that’s constantly also being purified by the UV rays of the sun, and by the greenery around us. Limit yourself to a few cubic meters of indoor air and the ratio really changes. The air you breathe indoors has nowhere to go, making it staler and mustier than the air outdoors. Bacteria and other microorganisms thriving in your living spaces propagate through the air, and without UV light to kill them, these creatures thrive while being absolutely naked to the human eye.

Now I don’t mean to scare you but it’s a reality that we must accept, that indoors aren’t nearly as pure as outdoors are… and given that we can’t really live outdoors forever like our ancestors did, we rely on tech to purify our air for us. Perhaps one of the latest advancements in air purifying tech, the puripot is an air purifier that can virtually run forever without needing to be maintained or cleaned. While post purifiers rely on filters and cartridges that need periodic cleaning or replacement, puripot uses something known as Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysis to purify the air around you. At its base sits a water bath that you replenish every couple of days. The water traps fine dust while also humidifying the air (you can even add essential oils to it to turn it into a room freshener), while the puripot itself uses TiO2, a photocatalytic ceramic material that’s capable of instantly killing bacteria and VOCs that carry odor. Activated with visible wavelength light, the TiO2 rids the air of microorganisms as well as bad odor, while the water chamber traps fine dust particles. The result is cleaner, fresher air without the necessary upkeep of having to replace activated charcoal chambers and clean out HEPA filters every couple of months. The puripot is capable of running for years without the maintenance or the overhead costs, and its small, smart-speaker-sized, portable format means you can transfer it from room to room, while puripot’s native app lets you switch the purifier on or off through your smartphone. I doubt clean indoor air could get more convenient than this.

Designer: Dadam Micro

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puripot P1N: All-In-One Personal Air Purifier

Sterilization and deodorization with patented visible light based photocatalyst technology. puripot is a personal air purifier to enhance the level of indoor air quality by removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects to human.

Some Facts about VOC:

– Concentrations of many VOCs are consistently higher indoors (up to ten times higher) than outdoors.
– Indoor air cleaning is more important than ever as the world air quality is worsening due to world-wide industrialization push.
– Bad smell is made of VOCs, so puripot can deodorize the air.

VOCs are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids and many are known to have potential adverse health effects for people exposed to these compounds in the air they breathe. Of course, if you got pets at home, that would be worse.

This is What an Air Filter Looks Like

Air purifiers need filters that cannot work permanently. The filters need to be replaced or cleaned regularly. Replaceable filters generate extra expenses and waste.

puripot P1N Personal Air Purifier

Filter-Free : Let Water Do The Work

Water works as a filter in the puripot, all you need to do is to pour about 220ml of water into the detachable water tank.

Once puripot is filled with full of water in the tank, the water slowly evaporates with air, in which fine-dust is adsorbed. Even if the water tank is empty, deodorization and sterilization are functioning properly.

Deodorization: Removal of VOCs

The air we breathe contains volatile organic compounds – VOCs include a wide variety of chemicals in use today such as formaldehyde, toluene, and ammonia etc. The ability of organic chemicals to cause health effects varies greatly from those that are highly toxic, to those with no known health effect.

Health implications with VOC:

– Eye and respiratory tract irritation, headaches, dizziness, visual disorders, and memory loss are among the immediate symptoms that some people have experienced soon after exposure to some organics.
– Many organic compounds are known to cause cancer in animals; some are suspected of causing, or are known to cause, cancer in humans.

Sterilization: Removal of Bacteria, Viruses

Sterilization, one of the cutting-edge features of puripot immediately begins to eradicate dozens of indoor air irritants. These include such things as mold, bacteria, and viruses. When deployed properly, puripot can protect against Infections.

The oxidizers generated by puripot process do not remain in the air indefinitely. Instead, oxidizers convert back into oxygen and hydrogen once it has one its work of neutralizing odors and eliminating pollution.

Natural Moisturizer

When you pour in some essential oils into the water of the puripot, it turns into an aromatherapy machine.

Compact and Light : Easy to Take to Anywhere

puripot is designed to be small and light enough (less than 1lb) and you can enjoy clean air wherever you go.

How it Works

The key to the core of puripot is the Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) photocatalyst technology with visible blue light. Active oxygen generated by the reaction of a photocatalyst to the visible blue light decomposes, sterilizes and deodorizes all harmful substances and odors.

Ozone-Free by Photocatalysis with Blue Light, The Core Technology of puripot

– The revolutionary technology of puripot is to activate porous Ti02, nanoparticles photoexcitation by using a visible wavelength light so there will be no Ozone and UV (Tech certified by PCT).
– Most indoor air-purifiers in the market that emit even small amounts of Ozone may be risky for the health that despite they approved air quality standards.
– Most air purifiers on the market produce either small or large amounts of ozone, a major ingredient in air pollution. No matter how small, even in very small amounts of ozone, it is highly oxidative and toxic which cause health problems.

The puripot App

puripot app enables you to monitor IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) in real-time and provide you other information needed.

Comparison to Other Purifiers

Effective Use of puripot




puripot is designed to be suitably placed on any places. Anti-slip pad is attached directly to the bottom of puripot due to accident prevention.

Low Noise

USB C-Type Cable

For your convenience, portable chargers or laptops can be an alternative for power supply.

LED Mood Light

You can turn on or off only the mood light in the product while it is on a normal operation mode.

Check Your Home Air Quality by Colors!

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There is now no excuse for an untidy desk!

Whist handheld vacuum cleaners may be compact in size compared to their full-sized counterparts, they are still far from being portable. This leads to them living a life exclusively within the home, which is odd when you think about how much time many of us spend away from our homes and instead sit at our desks! MUGG has been designed with the aim of keeping our desks dust-free, whilst remaining compact enough to fit comfortably within our bags.

It was only appropriate that a device that’s sole purpose is to keep our work environment clean, to carry an equally clean design; the white, matt finish beautifully emphasizes the gentle curves that make up its distinctive profile. To complement the hand-held device, a charging station has also been designed to complete this desirable proposal!

Designer: Dae Hun Kim

“Society has recently created a new market target called the “Deskterian,” and many dinning or desk electronics products are on the market for people who like to decorate their desks. But you spend the most of your day at your desk, easily exposed to the threat of each species of bacteria, germs, mites, and fine dust. It is also important to note the possibility of a safety accident on the desk due to the ‘tracking’ phenomenon, which increases the risk of fire due to dust generated during electronic operation,” Kim told Yanko Design.

“The ‘MUGG’ has a simple minimal vacuum cleaner structure and a brush that can be cleaned even in the event of power failure, protecting your health and safety.”

“The basic material of the product is ABS plastic, and the brush is elastomer. Use a C-type rechargeable battery, which can be used without the use of a brush as desired. If the brush is not fitted, it can be cleaned with higher suction power. The product consists of a small vacuum cleaner and a C-type charger. In case of a C-type charger, a smartphone wireless charging function is also possible when the vacuum cleaner is not used.”