These magnetic lamps combine to form beautiful lighting sculptures

Everyone needs light, especially when the day gets dark. Lighting, however, doesn’t need to be plain or boring, serving a functional need and nothing else. Lamps offer the opportunity to make a visual statement in a room, to give more than just light but also life. They can be as elaborate as an elegant chandelier or as simple as a minimalist desk lamp. Some can even be both, switching between simple and complex in just a few seconds. This concept design for a modular set of three lamps try to offer that kind of flexibility, delivering a simple yet beautiful desk lamp when needed and a piece of sculptural art when wanted, all without dealing with messy wires, screws, or adhesives.

Designer: Ping-Lun Chung

The Light-7 concept takes its from the basic frame of the three lamps. A wooden board is bent at an angle to form a shape like the number seven. The two ends of the frame are connected by a glossy plastic material that softly curves to the edges, inspired by how white fabric can be stretched over that same frame to create an elegant shape. The material also serves to diffuse the light from within, giving the lamps a soft glow that sets a calm mood in the area.

On its own, the lamp already stands as an attractive light piece, acting as a soft night lamp on top of a bedside table. When magnetically connected to one or two other pieces, however, it shines a brighter light on the room, effectively serving as the main light source. Going beyond intensity, the Light-7’s wireless connectivity gives you the freedom to arrange the parts in ways that delight your eyes or fit the rest of your room’s decor, bringing light and art together in a more personal way.

You can, for example, simply attach one module to form a lamp that faces opposite directions. Simply rotating one piece, however, can make that light shine up or down, depending on what you need. You don’t even need to stick to what you’ve chosen because you can easily change the configuration at a moment’s notice.

Things get brighter when the main lamp, the only one that was a power cable, is flanked by both modules. The arrangement becomes more limited, however, because of how the pieces need to interact with each other. In this form, the best setup is a pendant lamp that uses a soft, omnidirectional glow to set the mood in a dark room.

Current wireless technologies might not yet be completely there as far as providing sufficient power for lighting, but the simple idea that it’s close at hand definitely sparks the imagination. Magnets are already opening the doors to many modular products, from desk accessories to shelves, so magnetic consumer electronics won’t be that far behind. The Light-7 concept explores the possibilities of what can be accomplished when all these pieces fall into place, allowing people to create their own sculptural light art in a snap.

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Handheld garment steamer with an adjustable head lets you both steam coats and iron clothes

Looking sort of like something that would come from the mind of a Dyson design team, the Ranvoo Garment Steamer comes with a design that’s both compact and versatile, making it perfect for using both at home as well as on the go. Sort of assuming a flat-packed shape, the steamer fits well within any suitcase, and comes with a rotating head that lets you set it up for use.

The way you use the Ranvoo Garment Steamer is just about as simple as it gets. Just power the machine, fill the reservoir with water, and use the steaming head to un-wrinkle clothes. The rotating head can be used in any orientation, giving you the kind of coverage you need and allowing you to move the steamer in either vertical or horizontal orientations. Thanks to the marginally thicker handle (which houses the water reservoir), this gadget also has a much slimmer form factor, given that the electronics and water reservoir are elegantly separated.

Designer: Zhinan Huang

What really sets this particular appliance apart is its approach to visual aesthetics. Instead of taking on a more appliance-like appearance, the Ranvoo Garment Steamer ditches the plastic design for a more satin metal finish, with no ergonomic or organic curves. The steamer prioritizes straight lines for the handle, which immediately makes it look like it’s made from extruded machined aluminum, and the anodized colors on the steam head take on a metallic color too, almost reminiscent of the ones found on the iPhone – you’ve got midnight green, rose gold, and black!

The Ranvoo Garment Steamer is intuitive to use and comes with a single-button interface that allows you to switch it on or off. Your hand is never in contact with the steamer head, so there’s a lower likelihood of betting burnt, and at just 42mm thick, the steamer has the same form factor as a small book or novel, making it perfect to carry around wherever you go!

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Blazo brings a rechargeable desk fan and desk lamp in the space of one

We’d all love to have as much space as we need, but the reality is that physical space will always be limited. We might have a large desk or shelf, for example, to fit all our stationery and stuff, but that also means less floor space for other things. Many people try to be smart by buying multi-functional products or modular furniture that can be arranged and used as needed. Sometimes, the combinations make sense, but other times you can also be left scratching your head. This desk fan, for example, looks almost ordinary, that is until you flip the switch on to shed some light on matters, literally.

Designer: Pratik Prabhakar Wandhare

Almost everyone needs a kind of lamp at some point. Some like a directional light on their desk, while others might prefer lamps that hang from a higher angle. Admittedly, not everyone needs an electric fan, especially in countries where it’s almost always cold most of the year or where people depend on air conditioning most of the time. Then again, with the recent abnormal heat waves across many countries, having a fan ready might not be such a bad idea.

That is perhaps part of the inspiration behind the Blazo appliance concept. At first glance, it looks like an electric fan attached to a camera gimbal. The design for this unconventional arm and stand was apparently an educational globe. The Blazo’s fan can swivel up and down 360 degrees, and it can also rotate 360 degrees so that no direction is left unreached. That does mean that the lamp can also point in the same direction, though you’ll probably want to keep the fan steady in that case unless you were aiming for a makeshift light show.

The LED light has different brightness levels so that you can use the same lamp as a desk lamp, a night lamp, or anything in between. Blazo runs on a rechargeable battery, and using the lamp alone can make it last for 8 hours. Both fan and lamp working together would cut that time down to just three or four hours, though the design doesn’t mention how long the fan would last on its own.

Blazo is flexible not only in direction and purpose but also in its position. Although the most basic configuration would have it standing on a desk, it can also be mounted on a wall if you prefer an overhead spotlight of sorts. The stand is telescopic, so it can be adjusted to your preferred height, though it doesn’t seem to get high enough for a conventional stand fan.

While the multi-functional design does look refined and useful, it does raise the question of who’d need to have an electric fan and lamp at the same time. Most people will probably just one function or another at a time and not simultaneously, since having a fan on a desk so close to your face can actually be a bit uncomfortable. Still, there could be other instances where a ceiling fan with a spotlight or a night lamp with a fan could warrant such a space-saving design, but one might have to stretch the imagination a bit to make a solid case for it.

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Check out this nifty folding ironing table that mounts on the wall and lets you dock your iron

Meet the Pocket Plus, a ridiculously compact ironing board that opens out into a full-size ironing platform when you need, and folds up to about the size of a small backpack once you’re done. Designed to mount on any wall (or the inside of your closet), the Pocket Plus also gives you a place to stash your iron so you don’t need to go looking for it every time you want to iron some laundry.

Designer: Joseph Joseph

The Pocket Plus from Joseph Joseph makes the strong case that ironing boards shouldn’t be large and fiddly and cumbersome. Designed to be the antithesis to that massive fold-out table that either sits permanently attached to your wall or the large surfboard-ish device that you stash behind your washing machine, the Pocket Plus is tiny, easy to set up, and even stores your iron for you. Measuring just 45.5 inches in height when closed, the Pocket Plus opens into a large 90-inch-long ironing surface whenever you want, with fold-out legs that let you set up on any flat surface.

The Pocket Plus is perfect for most homes, although one would think that a compact ironing board is more small-home-specific. It just makes the entire ironing and storing process much more convenient, taking the hassle out of a rather boring and mundane task. Setting up takes mere seconds, and once you’re done, the Pocket Plus also ships with its own mounting bracket that lets you plug the board back on the wall when you’re done.

The fabric on the ironing board is removable so you can periodically wash it and maintain it. It even comes with a felt underlay that protects your clothes, and a waterproof lining that allows you to steam-iron your clothes without worrying about getting your table or the surface underneath wet!

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Top 10 Apple-inspired concepts that we are itching to see on the market

Since its foundation in 1976, Apple has been always been at the peak of modern innovation! And let’s take a moment to appreciate all the awesome products and inspiration Apple has provided us with. The groundbreaking tech giant never fails to surprise us, we always find ourselves biting our nails and squirming with curiosity, whenever Apple announces a new product launch! Their ingenious and mesmerizing designs and design philosophy have inspired and influenced designers all over the world, resulting in some pretty unique Apple-inspired designs! From an Apple game console concept to a 2022 MacBook Air render – these mind-blowing designs are the best of the lot and a dream for every Apple lover. We can’t help but just hope that Apple converts these into a reality soon as well!

1. The Apple Car

Meet the Apple Car, from the mind of an AI. Designed by Dall-E 2 based on a text prompt from designer, educator, and YouTuber John Mauriello, this Apple Car is fascinating for two prime reasons – the car’s design itself, but more importantly, the underlying AI technology that ended up creating the car. The genesis for this idea came from Marques Brownlee’s own efforts with DALL-E 2. In a YouTube video, Brownlee demonstrated how simply typing the words “Apple Car” resulted in a car that looked like the apple fruit.

2. Apple AirPods Pro 2022

In line with the leaks and speculations about Apple’s upcoming flagship earbuds, designer Konstantin Milenin has created this concept AirPods Pro 2022 model to give our imagination a tangible form. The stemless design of the audio accessories looks minimal and compact. The charging case also gets a flatter design to accommodate these little earbuds. Unlike the current version, these lay flat on their belly like a clamshell design, and don’t have an upright stance. This will mean, a lot less space needed to stash them in your pocket or keep them in the bag pack.

3. All-screen Apple MacBook Concept

This different species Apple MacBook will, Antonio defines, support TouchID (as a slide button), a trimmed version of FaceID, and a gorgeous AirPen to scribble neatly on the generously big screen. All-display foldable Mac may lack a physical keyboard but the design here makes provision for the choice to pull up a digital keyboard with haptic feedback for the real typing feel. Fanboys may or may not fancy the idea of an all-screen MacBook, but there is little denying the fact that such a device will have dual usage. An iPad role to play when folded and a full-fledged laptop when open.

4. The AVA Concept

The Apple Car concepts we’ve come across have ranged from practical ones to completely crazy ones. This one lies in the former pool with its well-sough out design. The designer envisions the concept for the year 2026, so it’s not far off the rumored timeline. The AVA concept has the familiar contoured silhouette on the corners, and the streamlined flowing aesthetic associated with the Apple product line-up; especially the current iPhone 13 flagship. The balanced aerodynamic front and rear built of the four-seater sedan looks attractive, and highly practical to say the least.

5. 2022 MacBook Air Concept

If you have been following Apple leaks, you would be aware that the MacBook Air is expected in multiple colors, which is more than the gold, silver, and space grays we are used to. The new MacBook Air could roll out in a multitude of hues that would match the iMac colors. Taking leverage to show off the new MacBook Air renders in multiple colors, the YouTuber has created a design of the device to match that of the 14-inch MacBook Pro with the rounded body. This is done to unify the entire MacBook lineup to look the same, which would be Apple’s idea too, as it has followed a unified design approach for the entire MacBook Air lineup in the past.

6. The Apple 8K Professional Camera

The Apple 8K Professional Camera offers onboard Siri, StyleWriter Compact Ink-less Printing, a Touch and Tilt rear display and a Magic Wheel with a touch screen button. It’s like the perfect camera, at least, for big Apple fans, but it’s too good to be true. The Apple ProCam seems like a dream, and it is. However, with Apple discontinuing the iPod series, we doubt it will release another separate product line when the iPhone is already very powerful.

7. Apple game console concept

Built for peak gaming performance along with tactically placed joystick, buttons, and shoulder triggers; the Apple handheld console comes with complimentary photography and video shooting capabilities. It’s loaded with a rear camera sensor and a front camera as well. The latter will come in handy for live game streaming on the fly. The front-facing speakers are positioned on the top left and right corners for surround sound effects while identifying the muffled enemy’s footsteps.

8. iPhone 14 Pro Concept

If Dave2D’s secret source is to be believed, Apple’s finally figured out a workaround, with a rather fitting ‘i’ shaped camera cutout on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. This creates the iPhone X moment for the Pro range, with a design that people can now instantly distinguish as a different, more premium model (the same way the notched iPhone X actually distinguished itself from the iPhone 8).  If you’re a serial iOS-head, this new camera cutout will instantly be the first thing your eye immediately travels to… because, for the first time, you have hardware that is actually ‘inside’ the screen’s real estate.

9. De Rosa’s Apple Glass concept

Here’s a look at a concept pair of Apple AR glasses created by Antonio De Rosa, designed to resemble the iconic spectacles Steve Jobs wore. De Rosa’s Apple Glass concept comes equipped with 6 cameras that perform environment-mapping, eye tracking, and hand + gesture recognition. Everything sits in a frame that’s incredibly slim, looking less like hardware and more like a fashion accessory – an approach that’s important to Apple’s fashion-friendly ethos. The Apple Glass concept even comes along with a rather wide charging case, styled to look like an elongated version of the company’s AirPods case.

10. USB-C AirPods

Say hello to the world’s first (and only) USB-C AirPods. Hacked together by Pillonel, a master’s degree student in robotics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, these AirPods are no different from your regular pair of Apple-branded TWS earbuds. It’s just that they charge via USB-C. Creating this unique prototype involved pulling apart an AirPods case, which is a feat in itself, given that the case is sealed shut. Once Pillonel pried the plastic housing off the case, he undid the lightning port’s ribbon cable, only to replace it with a ribbon cable he designed on his own, with a USB-C port at the end. As simple as that sounds, Pillonel points out that the actual process is just as complicated. Not only is making a ribbon cable expensive, but Apple also puts up tonnes of safeguards to prevent crazy engineers from doing such things.

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Top 10 kitchen appliances to cook up a MasterChef-worthy meal

If you love cooking but can never find enough time for it, or you’re completely terrified of cooking but you need to start, and don’t know where to start – then you’ve reached the right place. The first step towards having a streamlined and efficient cooking experience is to have an arsenal of functional kitchen appliances by your side. With the right kitchen tools and appliances, cooking can be a fun and effortless process. The right products can reduce your prep time in half, make the little cooking tasks much easier, and help you with tedious and complicated techniques. From the Electrolux GRO kitchen that offers a fresh take on sustainable eating to a tiny cooking appliance that helps you cook for one – these innovative kitchen accessories are all you need to undertake cooking and become a MasterChef in the comfort of your own home. Happy cooking!

1. The Slush Machine

This iconic-looking device is called the Slush Machine, and mimics an inverted ice cone! It shaves ice on demand and dispenses fine slush into the vessel positioned below to make delicious frozen desserts and slushies.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Slush Machine is an incredibly intuitive-looking appliance with a single-button interface on the top. The appliance stands upright on any countertop surface, with a hollow space underneath for collecting the shaved ice. Just plug it in and press the PUSH button on top for as long as you want and the Slush Machine will keep dispensing shaved ice.

What we like

  • The Slush Machine’s design evokes a minimalist simplicity

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

2. GRO

The one thing that COVID-19 brought to the forefront – is that health is DEFINITELY wealth. Whether that means maintaining a healthy diet, drinking enough water, working out daily, having your vitamins and minerals, or a mix of all these great habits. Eating healthy has gained almost a cult-like status now. New diet trends are always on the rise, and people are constantly trying to figure out which diets work the best for them – often forgetting that a certain amount of attention must be paid to the ingredients from which their meals are prepared. They often turn a blind eye to the long-term effects of our food supply systems on the Earth’s ecosystem. Our food shouldn’t be healthy for us only, but for the planet as well. And one great solution to tackle this issue would be plant-based diets!

Why is it noteworthy?

GRO includes a modular compartment system that you can combine like LEGO bricks, depending on your dietary needs and kitchen space. Each compartment is designed not only to preserve ingredients but also to showcase its diversity and beauty. A Plant Gallery, for example, provides optimal conditions for storing fruits and vegetables while also letting you enjoy their fresh appearance behind textured glass.

What we like

  • The GRO Coach digital food companion will help you make the right sustainable choices based on your habits and needs
  • The system also defies stereotypes of plant-forward diets as bland or unexciting, especially to taste buds. In fact, GRO encourages exploration and experimentation, like the Grain and Pulse Library, which lets you try out alternative sources of protein from grains and pulses

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

3. The Range Pop

Called the Range Pop, this innovative microwave is super unique! It features a door and a microwave tray, but they open upwards, instead of being located at the front! It allows your food to descend into the microwave for heating, and ascend upwards when heated.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Range Pop’s new format presents a different experience that has its own set of pros and cons. For starters, the chances of electromagnetic waves leaking out through the chamber is reduced, and it’s easier to access your food without bending over or spilling something. On the flip side, the Range Pop requires vertical space – something that most homes and a few office canteens may not be able to provide… and unlike conventional ovens, you don’t get to see your food rotating on the turntable as it heats.

What we like

  • Features an intriguing vertical popping-tray

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

4. The Panasonic HomeCHEF 7-in-1 Compact Oven

The Panasonic HomeCHEF 7-in-1 Compact Oven has functions such as Steam and Steam Convection. These two promise healthier dishes since they’re able to preserve more nutrients compared to other cooking methods. That brings the number of functions to seven (hence the name), including Air Fry, Convection Bake, Slow Cook, Sanitize, and Ferment.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Panasonic HomeCHEF 7-in-1 Compact Oven is expanding its size and its features in order to also expand the number of healthy dishes one can prepare at home. Although it doesn’t completely remove the work that needs to be done to prepare these meals (not to mention the cleanup afterward), it tries to reduce the number of cooking appliances you have to juggle. It’s easy enough to downplay these conveniences, but ease of use and reducing the friction to get started go a long way in setting people on the right track to healthier living.

What we like

  • The Steam and Steam Convection functions preserve more nutrients compared to other cooking methods

What we dislike

  • Calling the HomeCHEF 7-in-1 “compact” might be a bit of a stretch, at least when compared to its siblings. This newest addition to the lineup is larger to accommodate the more spacious 20L capacity and bigger 800ml water tank


If Steve Jobs were less of a tech enthusiast and more of a culinary specialist, maybe we’d be staring at a state-of-the-art culinary heating device instead of the M2 MacBook Air. Although that reality didn’t quite pan out, we still have the MEALZTIME, an incredibly slim, self-heating bento box that’s leak-proof, easy to clean, and works on a single-button interface.

Why is it noteworthy?

MEALZTIME hopes to make the office microwave obsolete. Given the sheer number of people who use the microwave on a daily basis (and that occasional dimwit who heats up their tuna casserole in it, ruining it for everyone), MEALZTIME was designed as a personalized alternative that heats your food up to the right temperature for you, without you having to wait in line. All you do is press the power button on your bento box and MEALZTIME gets to work, automatically shutting down after your food’s been heated. It does so without needing to be plugged in too, so you could potentially grab a hot meal on the subway, in your car, in the outdoors, or even at work during a power cut.

What we like

  • Great replacement for the microwave
  • MEALZTIME lets you heat up to 4 meals on a single charge, so you really have to juice it up just about once or twice a week

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

6. The Utensil Disinfection Cabinet

The Utensil Disinfection Cabinet is a handy countertop appliance that not only organizes, but protects your cutlery. It features an innovative anti-bacterial chamber.

Why is it noteworthy?

Designed to be used once your utensils come out of the dishwasher or after washing them in the kitchen sink, the appliance organizes your plates and bowls while also giving you the option to dry and disinfect them. A pop-down hood conceals your tableware, and a simple interface on the bottom gives you the ability to access the Utensil Disinfection Cabinet’s multiple features.

What we like

  • Multifunctional design

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

7. Minepot

Millennials, today, usually live alone. As great as living alone can be at times, it can also be quite a hassle in some ways. For example – cooking for one is almost always an issue. You need to cook the perfect amount so that you don’t end up wasting food or eating the same damn dish for three days in a row, which is no better a fate (according to me). However, we are seeing products in the market that are being made for this specific niche of people!

Why is it noteworthy?

One such example is this latest product concept from Yifeeling which is all about making cooking for yourself a part of your daily “ritual” and not just a chore you have to get through. Minepot looks like a food processor at first glance but it actually seems to be an air fryer or food fryer type of appliance. It is noticeably smaller than other similar kitchen tools and it is designed that way so that you not only cook for one but you are also able to have food intake that’s just right for you.

What we like

  • Opaque or semi-transparent upper section which allows you to keep an eye on your food as it is being cooked
  • Helps include cooking in your daily ritual

What we dislike

  • It’s still a concept!

8. Reusable Seal Tray

One of my favorite parts of the cooking process is chopping up fruits and veggies. There is almost a therapeutic quality to this activity, I believe. But as much as I love chopping up a couple of carrots and cucumbers, I almost always have a portion of chopped veggies that are untouched by the time I’m done with my cooking. Storing these leftover vegetables and fruits usually involves single-use plastic, which is a downright catastrophe for the environment. However, thinking of kitchen accessories to reduce the use of these kinds of plastics is something that product designers have been conscious about the past few years.

Why is it noteworthy?

This Reusable Seal Tray is a food preservation tray that is simple yet highly functional. It is able to preserve your pre-cut food ingredients in your ref, reduce oxidation, and also prevent odor contamination by other stuff inside your ref. It has a sealing system with a 100% Platinum Silicone flexible sheet that will still keep various shapes and sizes of vegetables and even cheese and sausages. There is a disclaimer though that what you can store here are those that have just a little liquid.

What we like

  • You’ll be able to use it in two positions depending on the size of the items that you’ll store
  • Dishwasher safe design

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

9. The BA/CA Board

Portability is a quality that’s often mutually exclusive to kitchen appliances. Or so was the case earlier. Recently, we have been seeing a lot of travel-friendly kitchen appliances being introduced into the market, however, a travel-friendly ‘cutting board’ isn’t something that’s been truly experimented with. But, AK Studios Design decided to change that with the BA/CA Board.

Why is it noteworthy?

The BA/CA Board is a compact, travel-friendly cutting board that’s perfect indoors and outdoors… because it also happens to have a chef’s knife docked right into it! The cutting board doubles as a sheath for your knife, making it safer and easier to carry outdoors, and if you’re not a travel bug, The BA/CA Board works just as well in your indoor kitchen, conveniently organizing your knife and board together so you can easily begin meal prep in just seconds

What we like

  • Super portable and easy to carry around
  • A strong magnetic retention system makes sure that the razor-sharp 440c stainless steel knife stays put and safe inside

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

10. The Froli All-Purpose Holder

Froli Alleshalter All-Purpose Holder

Something that’s been gaining immense popularity since the pandemic is mobile home living. It’s economical, flexible, and more energy-efficient.  However, storing items in a mobile home that’s always on the go can be a pain in the butt. The constant clinking and clanking of plates, bowls, glasses, and cutlery can make you want to shove in your earplugs! A solution that can keep stuff stowed away safely and quietly is called the Froli All-Purpose Holder.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Froli All-Purpose Holder (Froli Alleshalter) is a modular system that holds small kitchen objects from rattling or slipping while stored inside a cabinet or a drawer. One packaged set features 16 individual plastic concave square parts that can be easily plugged in and connected to create compact storage for your moving home or vehicle. The extra side connecting pieces can be removed to fit most cupboards.

What we like

  • Can accommodate glasses and cups of different shapes and sizes
  • A buildable design you can assemble by yourself

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

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This Keurig-style appliance dispenses shaved-ice desserts and slushies on demand!

Designed for kitchen and frozen-appliance brand Crownful, the Slush Machine is a rather memorable, iconic-looking device that’s simple on the eyes and simple to use too. Looking almost like an inverted ice cone, the machine shaves ice on demand, dispensing fine slush into the vessel below to make frozen desserts, slushies, or to just upgrade your iced tea or iced-coffee game!

The Slush Machine is an incredibly intuitive-looking appliance with a single-button interface on the top. The appliance stands upright on any countertop surface, with a hollow space underneath for collecting the shaved ice. Just plug it in and press the PUSH button on top for as long as you want and the Slush Machine will keep dispensing shaved ice.

Designer: Whynot Design for Crownful

“You only need to plug in the power adapter, add ordinary ice cubes, and press the shaved ice“, says Whynot Design. You can then upgrade the Slush Machine’s abilities by topping the ice with your favorite syrup or juice, or using it to concoct frozen cocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails, or just top the ice off with some fruit for a fresh, natural low-calorie pick-me-up!

A winner of the iF Design Award for the year 2022, the Slush Machine’s design evokes a minimalist simplicity that’s just worth appreciating. There aren’t extra features, voice commands, or internet connectivity – there’s just crushed ice! The appliance separates its motor from the rest of the product’s housing by using a brushed metal cover around the device’s electrical components. The rest of the Slush Machine’s ‘fuselage’ is made from ABS plastic, known for its reliability and impact-resistance while the internal ice mold boxes are made of PP material (polypropylene), a recyclable food-grade plastic.

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Unique microwave oven design comes with a vertical-popping tray, like a toaster

Dubbed the Range Pop, this microwave isn’t quite like any other. It does have a door and a microwave tray, but they aren’t located on the front of the appliance. Instead, the door and tray both open upwards, allowing your food to descend into the microwave for heating, and ascend upwards when heated. This, according to designers at WINIA Co. LTD., “enables the user to keep their distance and naturally avoid contact with electromagnetic waves.”

The Range Pop’s new format presents a different experience that has its own set of pros and cons. For starters, the chances of electromagnetic waves leaking out through the chamber is reduced, and it’s easier to access your food without bending over or spilling something. On the flip side, the Range Pop requires vertical space – something that most homes and a few office canteens may not be able to provide… and unlike conventional ovens, you don’t get to see your food rotating on the turntable as it heats. However, the upper door does enable you to place food on top of the oven, thanks to a set of 4 colorful trays that fit right into the door’s slightly concave design! Those trays then slide directly into the microwave, allowing you to heat your food in them, and easily remove them once you’re done, so you’re never touching a hot utensil.

Designer: WINIA Co. Ltd.

The Range Pop takes a unique approach to the microwave experience in a way that does feel like it has a bit of a learning curve, but not for long. The microwave’s entire front acts as a display, working as a clock when not in use, for temperature selection before you warm your meal, and as a timer while your food reheats. You can place your food in two different tiers (something you couldn’t previously do in a microwave), and the lid of the Range Pop also has a small tray for adding water, so your food doesn’t become dry and rubbery – a trick that works especially well with bread-based items. The same tray could be used to add lemon water to help remove grime if the microwave becomes dirty after prolonged use!

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This stunning wooden wall clock is like a metaphor for time as a gift

Although clocks are purely functional by nature, there was a time when they became elegant and elaborate art pieces worthy of becoming heirlooms. While mechanical logs still retain that mystifying character, modern analog clocks have seemingly devolved back to their purely functional purpose. Of course, their simpler mechanisms also offer the perfect opportunity to turn them into something more than just time-keeping appliances. Wall clocks that also function as wall decor have been on the rise recently, adding some flourish to a wall that goes beyond telling the time. Some tend to be minimalist in line with current design trends, but once in a while, we come across an elaborate piece of art masquerading as a wall clock, such as Nomon’s Ciclo.

Designer: Andres Martinez (Nomon)

A clock’s main purpose is to tell the time, but you won’t always be interested in that all the time. That means that a clock, whether on the wall or on your desk, spends most of the day unused and pretty much unappreciated. It’s hard not to appreciate the Ciclo, though, which looks like a wooden ribbon stuck to your wall. There’s almost a metaphor here about time and the present being a gift. Regardless of whether that was intentional or not, it’s hard to argue that it would definitely be a great gift to others or for yourself.

Many designer wall clocks these days tend to eschew the traditional circle that encompasses a clock’s face, or at least makes them subtle or invisible. The only circles you’ll find on the Ciclo are the round pips that mark the hours. These can be the same wooden material as the rest of the clock or made from metals like brass. Whatever the material, they still stand out, sometimes ever so slightly, to make it easy to actually tell the time.

The centerpiece of the clock is, of course, the wooden strips that make up its body. These thin sheets of wood are bent at their center and then arranged in a floral pattern to create the semblance of a round face. The wedge-shaped gaps between each strip not only create interesting whitespace to break the monotony of the wood but also provides color contrast, especially if the clock is affixed to a wall with a light hue.

Each Ciclo is made by hand, and the wood is sustainably sourced forested wood. That almost makes the wall clock completely sustainable if not for the electronics it needs to actually fulfill its function. It’s still better than many of the plastic-based wall clocks that litter not just markets but even some designer shelves.

The Ciclo is definitely a work of art and a handcrafting masterpiece, one that can easily breathe life into a barren wall. Admittedly, telling time becomes secondary with this design, but it combines function and art in a way that will continue to serve a useful purpose, even long after the clock’s batteries or electronics have died out.

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This appliance envisions the future of folding and sterilizing children’s clothes

We have become more attuned to the sometimes unsanitary conditions of our homes in recent years. While harmful microorganisms may have been there all this time, their effects have been placed under a microscope thanks to concerns about the COVID-19 coronavirus. There has been an uptick in interest and sales of air purifiers as well as the new breed of UV-C sanitizers. But while these take care of the air we breathe, they don’t really handle other places where germs, viruses, and other harmful substances can gather, especially on different kinds of surfaces. Clothing for children, in particular, requires special handling because of who wears them, and this simple yet innovative concept offers a way to ease the burden off parents and automate how clothes are kept neat and clean.

Designers: Junsik Oh, Da-yeon Choi, Kim Eun-seong

Perhaps next to taking out the trash, one of the most disliked chores is doing the laundry, probably because it’s actually a multi-step process that goes beyond just washing clothes. Even with smart washing machines and dryers, there are parts of the chore that can be considered manual and menial labor. And as if folding clothes and putting them away weren’t already tedious enough, people now also have to be mindful of keeping those clothes sanitized and germ-free.

The latter is a growing concern among parents today, especially with all the worries about viruses and germs in the air and sticking to surfaces. Anti-bacterial laundry soap only works during washing, but the clothes can be exposed any time afterward. That can even happen while a parent or sibling is folding a child’s clothes, potentially putting younger and more susceptible members of the family in danger.

FOL:U is an appliance concept that tries to do away with both the tediousness as well as the fears when folding clothes. It actually doesn’t fold clothes but rolls them up in a bundle for more space-efficient storage. It also sanitizes those clothes before they’re rolled, and you don’t even have to touch a single part of the fabric at any point in time.

The idea is that you’d pick up newly washed clothes with tongs that come with FOL:U and mount them inside. When you’re ready, you can soak the clothes in UV-C light to sanitize them. There’s even a tray on top that will let you also sanitize other items like baby bottles or toys simultaneously to save on time and energy. The machine then rolls the clothes into bundles that can be kept at the bottom of the tall box, which could also be sanitized along with the next batch of clothes.

With UV-C sanitization becoming more common inside households, it might only be a matter of time before appliance manufacturers turn their attention toward this use case. FOL:U might not be the most efficient machine for folding, and some might disagree about rolling clothes, but it does address the need for automating other parts of doing the laundry. It won’t be long before we reach a point where the entire process could be automated from start to finish, just like in some cartoons that portray future home appliances in a comical way.

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