This washer-dehumidifier combo elevates your interiors without steaming up your home

We’ve seen an inclusive washer and dryer, a device that steam irons your clothes and purifies your home, another appliance to cleanse your air and clothes of dust and pollen. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, we have another cool appliance to add to this list – say hello (from 6 feet away) to Drawsher which is the child of a washer and dehumidifier!

Laundry is one of the most disliked chores and so it is no surprise to me that many of us just let the clothes be in the basket till we run out of fresh underwear. It may not be stinky or filthy, but it is certainly not the most hygienic practice because you are lettings the bacteria from the clothes spill into the air around you. Also, if you don’t air out your washing machine after using it, it can lead to molds and malfunctioning of the appliance. Keeping all these details in mind, designer Kikang Kim created Drawsher which is a sanitary machine that functions as a laundry basket and a washing machine. You’ll notice that it also looks good unlike any washing machine you’ve seen before, and that is because Kim has based the design on a modern dresser that optimizes space and blends well with your interiors.

Drawsher ups your laundry game functionally and aesthetically – say goodbye to hours of sorting clothes, dealing with excessive humidity when it runs a cycle, smelly mold, and appliance upkeep. Keep scrolling to see the design process and find out why we love this washing machine that also doubles up as a sleek piece of furniture.

Designer: Kikang Kim

You don’t have to necessarily keep this washer hidden away because it is as beautiful as a stylized piece of furniture. It truly elevates your interior game without steaming up your apartment.

The main goal was to make doing laundry easier – so you can sort your clothes in the basket as you throw them in instead of sorting a big load on laundry day itself. Plus the dehumidifier helps to not steam up your apartment and clear that wet laundry smell that no Yankee candle can get rid of.

Through line drawing and paper-building, Kim was able to determine the right height for the Drawsher so it doesn’t cause any backache and continues being functional.

The build of the Drawsher is based on that of your modern dressers, it is meant to optimize space by also doubling up as your laundry basket. You don’t need a closet to keep your washer and your dirty clothes, you can have this appliance outside and now have extra space where the laundry basket/laundry room used to be – like a new shoe rack or a pantry room!

The dehumidifier is mounted at the back end of the Drawsher and keeps the laundry hygienic. It helps to keep the bad smell from the laundry baskets away and also the detergent smell when you do your laundry. Having it in-built means no humidity or steam when you use it and less upkeep of the appliance as it keeps away mold and mites.

Sorting laundry is such a tedious task and keeping 4 laundry baskets is simply inefficient. Drawsher has 4 separate compartments that let you sort dirty laundry the minute you throw it in instead of going through a whole pile later. One day, one t-shirt, one basket at a time.

The laundry drawers are seamlessly hidden without handles to keep your dirty laundry from being aired in public!

The lid of the filter is concealed with a rectangular opening so it blends in with the rest of the furniture-appliance aesthetic.

The blue color was chosen to represent freshness and the wood finishes complement it perfectly. The combination of the two is timeless and will fit in almost every interior setting. You can store laundry detergent and fabric softener on the top and control how much is to be used via the display screen.

Meet the unnecessary designs that have taken the internet by storm: Part 3

It’s April first, aka April Fool’s Day! While we are acutely aware of how COVID-19 pandemic has us safely quarantined in our homes for the near future, we can’t help but worry over this nightmare and hope for some relief. So much so that many of us (including me) lost sight of the fact that its April’s Fools Day, the day traditionally filled with light-hearted pranks. Today we decided to push the gloomy news aside and bring to you some well-designed entertaining products that according to their designer and creator are completely unnecessary, but are sure to bring some well-deserved laughter and brighten up your day! Meet Matt Benedetto, the designer running the Instagram page Unnecessary Inventions whose inventions have taken the internet by storm!

They say two is better than one but in this case, one is more than enough to take on both of your pockets. We are talking about the Solo Stash™, a uni-pocket that stretches across the back of your jeans, providing a huge space to store all things extra. Now only if we could store this lot and sit down comfortably…

Even after the COVID-19 dies down a bit, we are going to require self-discipline and prevention techniques that ensure we don’t revive the pandemic. Built following the CDC guidelines, the Pandemic Prevention Utility Belt™ comes with spandex connected strings that won’t let your hands touch your face! The utility belt comes with 2 spare ‘hands’, one for shaking hands with the people you meet so you don’t seem disrespectful while the other hand comes with an attached sleeve for you to sneeze into! Lastly, two hand-washing pockets are attached at the front of this multi-functional gadget to keep your hands washed and clean at all times.

For the days when you are too cold to flip people off but just have to, because how else would you display your feelings for them, you have the Flippin’ Mittens™! Designed to keep your fingers warm and your opinions public, this mitten arrives with a very specific middle-finger cutout that can be flexed to flip people off without losing the warm sanctuary of your mittens.

Do you know those moments in life when you need to have a nugget to keep you going? This necklace is for all the breakfast, pre-lunch, post-lunch or whatever-ungodly-hour times the cravings strike. Whenever the chicken nugget fervor rises, the Nuggie Necklace™ is here to rescue you. If you ask me, I would take this over a Batmobile any day, unless the Batmobile has a nugget compartment!

Summer is almost here and who wants to waste all that time rubbing deodorant on our armpits? Well, now you don’t have to! The Dual-Odorant™ comes equipped with two deodorant sticks (go with the same fragrance or you can even mix them up for fun) that lets you get minty-fresh pits in half the time!

Stylishly transparent, the Transpari Pockets™ permanently solves the lifelong question – which pant has my wallet and keys?! Providing guaranteed 100% transparent plastic and durability, this hottest piece from the fashion runaways is the perfect mix of functionality and a certain, umm…shall we say, aesthetic quality!

This state-of-the-art Offensive Snowball Maker™ has you prepped for the upcoming winter. In fact, we are so impressed by it, we might just take it out with us to the beach and make sand structures of this perfectly sculpted middle-finger shaped mold. Who would dare to anyone kick my sandcastle now (evil laughter)!

Don’t you just hate it when you want to listen to your music with only one AirPod but the sound stops the moment you remove the unwanted earbud? Worry not, the ExtraEar Pod™ is here to hold onto the extra earbud while you single-handedly (I mean ear-ly) listen to your favorite tunes!

This invention might just become a real-life bestseller! Meet the Crapper Concealer™- your best buddy for those days you know you will let out some obnoxiously smelly fumes and don’t want to be recognized by your neighbors in the adjoining stalls by your uniquely fabulous shoes. Just enter the loo, put on your Crapper Concealers and happily go about making the space unfit for human occupation!

Have you been poked in the eye or lost your noodles, dumpling, or food in general to chopsticks manhandling? The Handy Chops™ are here to save your morsel! These hand-shaped chopsticks carry all the style of the chopsticks without requiring any kung-fu ability to take the food to your mouth. Now conveniently eat with hands, albeit not you own.

If you’re interested in more unnecessary yet intriguing designs like these, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this series!

Students design a $300 ventilator for the pandemic’s medical equipment shortage

As we all do our part in fighting the coronavirus pandemic, our health professionals are working round the clock without the required protective gear or medical equipment to safeguard themselves and continue saving lives. Without these essentials, they are at high risk of catching the virus and the lack of resources can impact the lives that can be saved. The global community is pitching in to help in every way they can – start-ups printed 3D valves and turned scuba diving masks into ventilators (if you have a printer to spare, the design file is available for download), designers at MIT making makeshift ICU pods and fashion brands producing PPE (personal protective gear) for healthcare professionals. Joining this force is Rice University’s Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen (ODEK) who has managed to develop a low-cost ventilator with the help of Metric Technologies.

There is a worldwide shortage of medical equipment, especially ventilators as traditionally they are expensive and time-consuming to produce at the rate this virus is moving. ODEK’s alternative costs less than USD 300 and it works on an automated mechanism that squeezes the common bag valve mask ventilation devices that are available in hospitals. This device is usually called an Ambu bag and can save the hours that healthcare professionals spend on manually pumping bags when there are no ventilators available. An exhausted human cannot pump air for extended periods of time with the precision of a machine, so with this device, it will be a lot easier to assist patients that need help to breathe. The device will also include feedback sensors that help fine-tune the flow of air to the lungs, as well as motors similar to those that power 3D printers for hours on end.

“The prototype device uses an Arduino board to facilitate programming that allows the adjustment of the rate at which the bag is squeezed,” says the team who is working on creating a custom integration circuit to replace the Arduino board that will further reduce the cost of the device. This will help in keeping non-critical patients stable and free up resources for those more in need of them. The students had created a plan for this in 2019 and they called it ‘Take A Breather’ unaware of the fact that in a few months their prototype could help save lives. The team wants to make the production plan public so anyone in the world can have access to it and join the effort in coping with the crisis, one of them said it was for all of humanity and we couldn’t thank these young world-changers enough.

Designer: ODEK (Rice University), Dr. Matthew Wettergreen, Dr. Rohith Malya, and Metric Technologies

Kitchen appliances designed to help budding home cooks!

The unprecedented present situation has all of donning our Masterchef hats! Be it a craving, lack of food delivery or your favorite restaurant shutting down, we are currently in a crisis mode with many food lovers picking up the spatula for the first time ever to meet their food goals. Social Media has provided us with a lot of tutorials for easy cooking but none of them make the task of approaching a fiery stove and facing the reality of burning our fingers any easier. So what is a foodie to do? Worry not, we have brought to you a collection of kitchen appliances that will make cooking time a fun time, and more importantly, a safe session for the new and the experienced chef alike. So go ahead and don your hats and share your culinary treat with the rest of the world, virtually, of course!

Made from heat-resistant and food-safe plastic, the Egguins by Peleg Design is an innovative way to store, boil, or serve eggs. The hollow penguin shape allows you to slide eggs (both small and large) into it, completing it visually and making it look like a flock of Emperor Penguins ready to dash right into the water – the visual metaphor of connecting the egg, the bird, and the water is just perfect! The uniform placement of the eggs also ensures they are cooked evenly, perfect for every new cook. Whoever said cooking cannot be fun.

The Ordine by Adriano Design features two hob units that are mounted on a central power hub on the wall. Elevated neatly out of the way, the user must simply grab one or both hobs off the wall and set the desired temperature to activate. Save that precious counter space.

Pretend to knock out some blues solos while you’re chopping up your greens because Etsy seller Dave Stencil of CuttingBoredom created some really cool looking wooden chopping boards inspired by two of rock music’s most iconic guitars, the Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul. Available in Cherry, Mahogany, and Walnut, these cutting boards come made to perfection with wooden inlays that make them look just like the real deal. Perfect for classic rock lovers and healthy culinary aficionados.

Cooking for the first time can be scary – all that playing with fire literally! The last thing you need is splatters and spills to clean up after. This is where the Frywall comes into play. Fix Frywall around your pan and it always stays on guard, protecting your stovetop even when you stir with a spoon or flip with a spatula. Yet it lets steam escape, so proteins sear without getting soggy. You get the freedom of an open pan, with a lot less mess. And just roll it and store it when not in use! Now experiment fearlessly in the kitchen!

The true pleasure of cooking comes when you can pay attention to every detail, creating that perfect bite of food. And who better than the Japanese to embody that attention to detail? Mimicking a waffle maker, the Mitsubishi Bread Oven looks like it’s come straight out of the ’80s with its retro-esque veneer brown look. Built with a sealed thermal-insulated structure, it can toast your bread without releasing any moisture, ensuring the bread is soft, fluffy and far from being dry. The metal box is equipped with two plates that can go up to temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Mitsubishi designed the oven ensuring only one slice of bread could be cooked in one go, but slam-dunking it by guaranteeing that slice would be the best toast we ever have.

Unlike traditional 4-burner systems, the Cookacross by Zaviè Design Studio features a grid of multiple gas outlets with independent valves that shut on/off instantaneously. The smart system automatically detects the size of the pot or pan placed on the surface and turns on the individual gas outlets beneath it. This not only prevents waste but ensures the evenest heat distribution of any stovetop solution. Of course, users can also pull up the COOKACROSS app on their smartphone and reduce the number or the heating level with a simple swipe or touch.

Supporting you in your eating-clean-habit is the Mizzle by Gökhan Çetinkaya & Deniz İbanoğlu, a smart aeroponic kitchen appliance that helps you grow microgreens. This smart cultivator comes with three compartments, one for the germination process (a little dark and humid place), and two for the growth and harvesting process. What I like about the design is that it not only grows the greens for you efficiently but also makes the cultivation process engaging and exciting for the user. You can track the progress via an app on the mobile and also get alerts with regards to water levels in the tank. The app also helps you with recipes that make you use the microgreens. Added bonus – get fresh veggies for cooking without stepping out of your home. Social Distancing is achieved!

Now that you have chopped the onions, time to get rid of the smell. Molecules from the food you’re working with (sulfur, in the case of garlic) stick to our hands and don’t wash away with water. In fact on contact, water turns the sulfur into sulfuric acid, only increasing the stench instead of washing it away. Stainless Steel, like the one used to make the Rub-Away soap by Amco, pulls off the sulfur molecules from your hands, so a quick wash with a steel soap not only physically cleans your hands, it removes odors on a molecular level. And it never gets over!

The Kitchen Multi-Tool by Gentlemen’s Hardware is built so that you can take your culinary talents with you wherever you are. The size of any regular multi-tool, the Kitchen Multi-Tool comes jam-packed with 12 very specific, very handy day-to-day kitchen tools that will bring a certain flair and flavor to all your culinary experiments – in quarantine and outdoors!

There’s something simple and beautiful about this chopping board with a storage box designed by Dewel. It ticks all the boxes of good product design, solving problems without creating new ones. You slice your veggies or any other food that needs slicing and then either store the sliced bits in the container and use it to directly empty contents into your cooking vessel, or use the board for peeling and store all the leftovers and peels in the container, which then empties itself into the waste bin.


COFFEEJACK comes from Ashley Hribar-Green & Matthew Aston Cain who have set out to shrink the coffee machine to a form factor so small, you might as well carry it around everywhere you go along with the rest of your belongings. The COFFEEJACK works with any coffee-grind, enabling you to have your favorite espresso anywhere you go. Just add your coffee grind to the lower chamber and COFFEEJACK’s in-built tamper will level the grounds and pack them tightly. Open out the pump and pour hot water into the upper chamber and you’re ready to go! The espresso maker’s manual pump matches the high-pressure output of most coffee machines, giving you an espresso that is as deliciously thick and even has that layer of flavor-packed crema on top, just like the one your barista makes with professional equipment. Who needs Starbucks anymore? Not just quarantine, this goes into our apocalypse survival kit!

Designed by Savin Dimov and Altino Alex, Bubble is a food tracker that monitors our food consumption, in an attempt to encourage a healthier lifestyle and to reduce food wastage. With people hoarding everything from toilet paper to groceries, it is imperative that we don’t waste all the food stored, because what a shame that would be! Bubble identifies and tracks all the items within. It directly sends updates to your smartphone, so you’re always aware of what’s in your kitchen! You can track which food products you consume the most, and what you consume the least. Bubble ensures all the storage data is at the tip of your fingers, so you can shop and live mindfully, without creating any unnecessary wastage of food.

Every Apple AirPods design flaw solved by these conceptual Samsung earbuds

As we adjust to this new normal, we are understanding the value of a good pair of earphones. Given that we are constantly on a video call with a co-worker/friend or isolating with roommates/family, earphones are a part of the heroes of our homes…of course, WiFi is the supreme leader of that list. Inspired by essential personal devices that help us during quarantine, Designer Felipe Duarte has created Yinyang earbuds for Samsung that are going to make you want to switch from your AirPods because it solves the major issues we face – the one-size that doesn’t fit all, the case which is an added device to charge, the bulky aesthetic, portability without the case and a charging solution if you lose the case.

The Yinyang earbuds are influenced by the duality of the millennia-old cultural concept of yin and yang. The Chinese philosophical thought behind the yin and yang is the balance between two forces that oppose and complement each other at all times. These conceptual Samsung earbuds are designed to reflect that philosophy by striking a perfect balance between user experience and portability. Yinyang earbuds are created to be the smallest in the market to that it can fit everyone (a problem I personally go through with my first-gen AirPods). The compact size will be achieved by getting rid of the ear tips.

The conceptual technology of the Yingyang earbuds that make it one-of-its-kind lies in the inflatable hook which secures the earbuds in place. It also features wireless charging and magnets on the rear end of the gadget so they can be charged on the back of our NFC-enabled cell phone, thus eliminating the need for a charging case (if there was one, I would humbly request it not to resemble a floss box). You can also kinetically charge the earbuds by keeping yourself moving (we all could use some extra steps and exercise right now!) if your phone dies. The Yinyang earbuds can also be attached to the lapel of the jacket – that is how portable they are and with the sleek aesthetic, you are upping your accessory game with your tech.

Felipe, if you are reading this, please make this happen once we are all back out in the world, thank you.

Designer: Felipe Duarte


This purifier’s 4 part cleansing process works on your clothes and your room

Now more than ever we are looking for home appliances that are multifunctional and extra points to those that have additional cleaning or purification functions, right? If I find a keyboard that can also sanitize my hands then maybe I will spend more time working from home, or maybe a coffee mug that also doubles up as a portable facial steamer! The concept of combining purification functionality with a home appliance is a gold mine right now and that is why there is no surprise that the FAD 01/02 clothing and air multi-care system is one of the winners of the Red Dot Design Awards 2019.

This clothes purifier is a mini wardrobe with a large mirror that not only purifies your clothes but also your room when you leave its door open – much friendlier than how my refrigerator acts when I do the same thing with it. As the dust pollution and pollen allergies increase, this sleek home appliance offers a solution by blasting precise gushes of air on the hung clothes to removes the dust and pollen. The continuous air circulation means no particles are left behind on the clothing. It allows you to select settings for different types of clothing items, different materials, and cleansing options on its user-interface screen.

It’s dual cleaning system then sprays nano electrolyzed water onto the clothing, absorbing and removing odor and leftover dust particles. After that, the clothes are dried and dehumidified in a low-temperature setting. The FAD 01/02 ensures your clothes come out clean and wrinkle-free thanks to its intricate 4-part system and a methodical cleansing process. Once your clothes are out, leave the door open and let its dehumidifying and air purifying systems work to cleanse your indoor air as well – works in all seasons too!

The Fad 01/02 is a winner of the Red Dot Design Awards 2019.

Designer: Coway

This baking set is designed to make the process educational for kids

As children when my sister and I wanted to bake during holidays, my mother would always have a mini panic attack. Her good utensils and big appliances in the care of children would mean stress rather than fun for her. The existing baking utensils for kids are either pretend versions of the actual equipment or a simple set of bowls that are not enough to induce excitement. However, the right design can transform a family bonding experience and teach kids how to cherish the baking process as much as licking the icing. The Elf’s Hat delivers exactly that with it’s carefully crafted baking utensils for children.

The Elf’s Hat has been designed on the concept of board games and has tweaked it to fit in the theme of baking so children can adapt to it easily while having fun. The utensils were reimagined to encourage children and make them curious about learning the process. Each utensil was recreated with shapes and colors that were joyful but also ergonomic for kids to handle. The scale has been taken out and the measuring has been made easier with highlighted grooves. The mesh has been combined with the container so children can easily overturn ingredients without destroying the kitchen. The tool stand and corresponding tools also have grooves so that they don’t slip away easily. There is a little umbrella-like structure on the handle of the tools which catches the dripping batter and keeps your hands clean – something that adults need too!

I particularly love the molds in this set – the seven cookie molds are shaped like puzzle pieces and the cake is shaped like a crown. Even the handles have been created keeping in mind how children perceive, process and behave with objects so using the elements of this baking set would be intuitive to them. This has inspired me to bake and since we are all staying in, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Designer: Pei-Ju Wu


Keyboard Designs that improve ergonomics in your workplace!

Given how much we use and abuse our keyboards every day, we never really reinvented the wheel on that design. Or did we?! Keyboard designs are a fundamental building block of our workday setup and whatever your style, we have a keyboard here that will solve your woes you did not know you had. A wave-shaped keyboard that lets you rest your palms in a more natural format to a keyboard made for designers to help them switch between software with ease – we have a keyboard here that will solve your woes! Happy working from home.

Say hello to the Kolude KD-K1 by Jeremy Lin, a sleek external keyboard with a pretty interesting twist. With circular keys that sit within a machined aluminum base giving it a neo-retro vibe, the Kolude KD-K1 keyboard is a visual treat with tactile scissor-switch keys that make it a great keyboard to type on too. Designed to be the sleeker brother of Lofree’s keyboards, the Kolude KD-K1’s twist lies right above those keys. Built right into the back-face of the KD-K1 is a USB hub, complete with USB-A and USB-C ports, an HDMI port, and two card-reader slots.

Vinicius Araújo has designed a gorgeous keyboard to aid in the transition between each Adobe program, saving the user hours of switching between Photoshop to Indesign to Illustrator to Lightroom. Accented with stylish LED colors and eye-catching material changes, the Adobe Keyboard is the designers’ must-have.

The Off keyboard by Marko Oljaca comes with soft, rounded keys that are elevated on independent “stems” rather than recessed into a solid surface. Not only easy to clean, but it also prevents the buildup of dirt and residue. Better yet, its seamless design makes it spill-proof and water-resistant. Its organic form is also ergonomically adapted to maximize wrist comfort.

The Aura by Vince Wang functions without a screen and that’s all down to the rather clever Eye-tracking Infrared Illuminators that locate eye-details and reflection patterns to project the image directly onto the user’s retinas! The futuristic technology doesn’t end there; in addition to the lack of screen, there is also a concave keyboard with Glow Thru keys that’s been paired with an adaptive input service for maximum productivity!

Slide Keyboard

A combination of a keyboard and tablet, Slide, as its name implies comes with a ‘sliding’ element. The tablet can be easily pulled out or pushed in, enabling it to hide sneakily below the keyboard. When you’re only using the keyboard, the tablet snugly remains a part of it. Designer Cheolsu Park added a lock button to the product, pressing it prevents the keyboard from sliding up and down, keeping it firmly in position. The edges of the product have been centered using a weighty material, ensuring that the product does not tilt in its extended form, especially when you’re typing on the keyboard.


The Hidekey keyboard by Yeong Seok Go has a secret! Its number pad is in hiding. Tucked away on the backside of the keyboard, a quick sliding movement reveals the number pad. The pad can be easily pulled out whenever needed. Once it has been used, you can effortlessly slide it back in. This ensures you always have a number pad at your disposal, improving the efficiency of your work, without taking up too much space.

The first thing you notice when you see the ERGO K860 is its camel-hump, or as Logitech calls it, the WAVE. Logitech’s design team states that when completely relaxed (like your muscles would be if you were floating underwater), your hands don’t lay completely flat. They relax at a slight outward angle. The ERGO K860’s wave detail gets your hands to rest in that exact same angle to deliver a more natural typing experience. The split-keyboard layout guides your hands into a spread-out shape too, so you’ve got each key covered by your fingers. The keys, rated for a 10 million keystroke lifespan, come with a slightly scooped concave shape, allowing you to orient your fingers better and type more confidently.

The Lofree Four Seasons is quite similar to the Mac built-in keyboard, so it won’t be a drastic change for Apple users. However, the keyboard is compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android. The keys are supported by Gateron blue switches, which reduce pressure on your fingers as you type, preventing the risk of developing Repetitive Strain Injury. It can be used wirelessly and with a wire, so it’s quite easy to carry around. Equipped with an LED backlight, you can adjust the lighting of the keyboard which comes in three levels, so you can easily use the keyboard no matter where you are. The Lofree Four Seasons allows you to connect and work with three different devices, your smartphone, laptop, and tablet.

Modern technologies and retro styling collide and create a nostalgic piece of kit with Azio Designs’s Retro Keyboard. The timeless design may be what grabs your attention, but it’s the beautiful integration of modern technology that will keep it; ‘Blue’ mechanical keys offer tactile feedback that is both hugely satisfying and reminiscent of typewriters back in the day! LED backlights gently illuminate the keys, adding to the beautiful blend of modern and retro design.

Royole’s RoType is a neat, rollable keyboard. Unlike those hideous flexible silicone/TPU keyboards that you now find on novelty gadget shops, the RoType is slick, professional, and classy. With a miraculously transparent keyboard that embraces and becomes the surface you place it on, the RoType feels sort of like typing on air.

If you’ve ever tried to text in the cold, you know that your fingers tend to lock because of the low temperatures… so imagine trying to type on a keyboard in the cold. Whether you’re working or gaming, the Breez desktop hand-warmer keeps your fingers toasty as you clack away at the keys of your USB or wireless keyboard. The horizontal radiator design uniformly warms your hands as you type, covering the entire keyboard so there’s never a cold-zone near the Numpad.

This DIY Bluetooth Radio kit is perfect for those who love to tinker!

DIY has been a raging trend for a while now (our Pinterest boards are a testament to our DIY wishlists) and the present opportunity is the perfect time to start tinkering and tackling that DIY bug. To add to your aspirations, we present to you Celia & Perah’s DIY Bluetooth Speaker Kit – a simple kit that includes all the parts you need to build up a woody-aesthetic radio/speaker that will match your modern interior.

Celia & Perah has built a detailed laser-cut assembly that is easy to follow for even the new DIY enthusiast – Meet the Classic Bluetooth Radio. Taking roughly an hour to assemble, the kit consists of one 3″ full-range speaker, a 4″passive radiator, laser cut wood boards, a PCB, battery antenna and other small items required to assemble this design. Do not be deceived by its rustic looks, the speaker is amped with modern functionalities such as Bluetooth connectivity, USB and AUX inputs as well as an FM radio function! The end result is a vintage-inspired radio with modern sound capabilities that can last up to 5.5 hours of plug-free playing. There are 2 variants of the speaker black or white with the existing wooden body, so you can choose the one that matches your space. While our mind is currently consumed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, history shows that we will get through this and a gorgeous looking and functioning DIY project like this is sure to make you beam with pride every time you look back to this moment. You are here, you are still fighting, so make every minute count!

Designer: Celia & Perah

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DIY Steps to make your own Radio

Enclosed within the rectangular box are all the components that make this speaker great. The last step of the process is to attach the rotary dials over the existing screw and bolt setup. Voila, your speaker is ready to use.

This smart door handle solves 4 issues of its predecessors

Smart homes are no longer a thing of the future, it all started with TVs and mobile phones but now most appliances in our home have an ‘above average IQ’. One of the first few converts were lights, refrigerators, and thermostats, we also have a few smart handles and locks but they are just not ready to take the SATs (I can’t be the only one who finds these entertaining!). They are often overlooked when we think of smart appliances but this conceptual handle is here to ‘unlock’ some new levels in the smart home game.

The Handle solves a lot of the issues that come with the current smart locks in the market. The invisible tech feature has a human body sensor so the backlight in the handle will light up when you approach thus making it easier for you to touch the fingerprint identification on the backside of the product. The frontside has a laser microvia touch keypad which lights up subtly when needed and literally looks like someone has imprinted the handle with characters using a fine-tip glow pen. You can set a number password, icon password or pattern password on this keypad.

The indoor handle (when you are inside the room) has an unlock key to open the door and an ergonomic toggle switch you can use to lock the door. Unlike most smart handles and locks, the Handle is not black or bulky, it is slim, very sleek and has a modern yet minimalist design that makes it merge with any interior environment. The handle is here to open the door to a brighter future of smart homes.

Designers: Wayne Lu and Wenjie Zheng