This sustainable coffee machine concept is modular and easily repairable

Coffee lovers and their friends often joke about how the world actually runs on coffee, but there’s no denying how much of the drink is made and consumed on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it’s a kind of human fuel that does have its own negative effects on the environment, even if indirectly. Used coffee grounds are thrown away and wasted by the tons, cups either increase plastic waste or paper use, and coffee machines get broken and disposed of indiscriminately. While there are already attempts to address the first two problems, there are very few solutions when it comes to the sustainability of coffee machines. Just like every other appliance, not much thought is given to their life cycles, which is what makes this modular coffee machine design rather revolutionary while also being aesthetically interesting.

Designer: Thomas Mair

Appliances are made for human convenience, not only in their use but also after they can no longer be used. While repairing broken appliances is ideal and more cost-effective, chances are people simply dispose of them and buy new ones. Whichever path they take, most appliances end up in landfills, and only a fraction of their parts can actually be reused or recycled because of their composition. Either way, it’s not a sustainable situation for our future.

Coffee machines might not be the most common consumer electronics in homes, but their widespread use and the way they operate make them ideal for a thought experiment. Kara is the result of one such process, resulting in a modular coffee machine that’s meant to last forever, even when the manufacturer has stopped producing replacement parts. The secret is that these parts can be 3D printed if access to the original is no longer possible. The more technical components can be replaced or substituted with other electronics, presuming those are still in production.

Unlike most designs that promote repairability, Kara doesn’t require advanced knowledge or skills to make that possible. Some parts are connected using magnets, making it trivial to take the coffee machine apart and put them back together again. For those parts that need a bit more handling, a small screwdriver is also included with the machine and replacement parts. The process is easy enough for anyone to do, but the machine also offers step-by-step instructions through its built-in screen or a connected smartphone.

Different parts of Kara use different materials, and these use different colors for easier identification. It also creates a unique visual of the coffee machine, which easily makes it stand out from other coffee makers that usually embrace black and silver motifs. It is definitely an interesting solution to the problem of sustainability, one that coffee enthusiasts can embrace to make them feel good while they sip their cup of Joe.

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Jya Fjord Air Purifier Review: Breathing Clean Air in Style


  • UV sterilization system

  • Compatibility with major smart home platforms

  • Wheels on the bottom for easy carting

  • Complete blackout display and nearly silent sleep mode


  • Noisy at high power

  • No output angle adjustment




The Jya Fjord offers all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a no-nonsense air purifier, wrapped in a modern and stylish package you won’t be ashamed to put in your living room.

One of the many things COVID-19 made us acutely aware of is the air we breathe in and out every single second we are awake or asleep. Whether you are in private space, public space, or outdoors, it has made us think that the air we breathe in may contain tiny particles, invisible to our naked eyes, that can harm our health or even cause death. No air purifier will eliminate all the air pollutants in your home completely. But used properly, air purifiers can eliminate or reduce harmful particles in the air, improving the quality of air and thus improving the quality of life. Air purifiers are sometimes nice to have if you have allergies or are concerned with air quality in your space, but they may also be almost essential for healthier living. Here we review the Jya Fjord air purifier to check if it can handle the demands of a small office space.

Designer: Jya

Jya, a sub-brand of environmental home appliance giant Samrtmi, answers the growing concerns about air quality at home, combining Smartmi’s experience in air purification technology with clean design. Jya Fjord air purifier is a little sibling of Jya Fjord Pro, sort to speak. The Fjord Pro is for larger rooms with an area of 409 ft² to 710 ft². The Fjord, on the other hand, is for a smaller space with a size of 333 ft² to 581 ft². Other than the intended room size and appearance, both the Fjord Pro and Fjord air purifiers are similar in specs and share the same filter type, air quality monitoring indexes, and smart connectivity. For our review purposes, we test the air purifier in our approximately 350 ft² office room.


Jya Fjord distinguishes itself from ubiquitous white boxy air purifiers. Fjord packs innovative technology in a sleek design, measuring 10.23 x 11.41 x 21.06 inches (or 290 x 260 x 535 mm) and weighing approximately 18.6 pounds (or 6.5 kg). A matte space gray color with bronze accents for the air outlet grid outline, the logo on the front upper left, and the release buttons on each side give this home appliance a sense of elegance. The round corners of the device and a circular OLED touch display add a touch of softness to an otherwise utilitarian look.

You can check the real-time air quality measurements, temperature, humidity, and filter life on the circular OLED touch display positioned at the front top-right corner. Changing modes, adjusting display brightness, setting up WiFi, and enabling or disabling UV lighting for filter cleaning can also be done on the OLED touch display. Although the touch display is small (roughly 1.5 inches), it is intuitive and responsive.

Fjord has air inlets in the front and back of the device, with an outlet grill situated at the top. Temperature and humidity sensors, as well as the gas sensor, are positioned on the back, something you might have to keep in mind when looking for a place to put the air purifier. Attention to design even extends to the power adaptor, which echos the shape of the air purifier with round corners and a matte finish texture.


Aside from the power button on the back of the device, there are no physical buttons or dedicated remote control for operating the machine. You can monitor and control the Fjord from your phone via an app as well as through the small OLED touch display on the device. Setting it up is pretty easy.

Replacing the Fjord’s filter is also a breeze. Press the pair of release buttons on each side to lift the top unit, then take out the cylindrical filter housed in the bottom unit. Pop the new filter in, put the top unit back on, and off you go for cleaner air inside the room.

Although Fjord is not equipped with handles, the four wheels at the bottom make it easy to move this rather heavy air purifier when you want to vacuum the spot or cart it from room to room. The wheels move smoothly in any direction, making it effortless to reposition the air purifier.


Energy efficiency is one parameter of measuring the impact the product has on our precious resources. Fjord’s rated wattage of 48W is less than a typical 42-inch LED TV and right around the average power consumption for air purifiers. Depending on your typical consumption at home, the air purifier won’t add too much of a burden on your finances, though you’ll have to take into consideration how long you’ll have it turned on per day. Your usage will most likely be seasonal and situational, so you might want to take that into account when budgeting both your power consumption as well as your electricity bill.

Air purifiers are meant to be used for many years, but most air purifiers on the market come with filters that have to be replaced regularly. As HEPA filters are usually made of unrecyclable materials like fiberglass or polyester, the filter cannot be recycled and end up in a landfill. Jya Fjord also uses a HEPA filter that needs to be replaced from time to time, so that is sadly a point against it.

Unfortunately, the air purifier itself is also made with your usual mix of materials, including lots of plastic for the electronics as well as the body itself. It is the “standard” of appliances of this kind and doesn’t exactly help the situation now that air purifiers have become more common. It might take a few more iterations before this still niche market becomes more attentive to the harm they pose to the environment in the long run while also trying to protect human lives. Sustainability of the device itself.


Jya Fjord claims to clean air up to 581ft² (54m²) every hour with a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 450m3/h while monitoring five air qualities – PM10, PM2.5, TVOC, temperature, and humidity – with built-in sensors. The air sucked in from the front and back of the device is cleaned in three phases. First, the pre-filter traps large messes like dust and pollen. Next, the pre-filtered air goes through what Jya calls the “NanoGuard” HEPA filter, which captures particulate matter as small as 0.1 μm. Then, the activated carbon layer neutralizes odors and harmful gasses such as tobacco smoke and formaldehyde. According to the manufacturer, Fjord can filter out 99.97% of particles 0.3 μm and is equipped with a UV sterilization system.

When I vacuumed near the air purifier, the air quality readings went up slightly and came back down after only a few minutes. I also observed that the dusty smell I usually noticed when I vacuum was absent with Fjord running. In short, it was clearly doing its job and doing it well.

Fjord can be run at four different modes: auto, manual, sleep, and extreme speed. The noise air purifiers make can be annoying, especially considering that most of us use air purifiers around the clock. The Jya Fjord, in contrast, runs very quietly, so holding a conversation or getting work done should be easy enough. The noise level drops even as low as 18.8 dB in sleep mode. However, when the device detects airborne particle matter in the air or is set at extreme speed, it becomes pretty loud, and the noise level could reach as high as 66 dB at the maximum.

To help you get a good night’s sleep with cleaner air, Fjord’s display goes completely dark when you set it to sleep mode. Dead-silent sleep mode and an entirely dark display make it perfect for use in bedrooms.

Fjord can be controlled with Smartmi’s app called Smartmi Link, which is available on both iOS and Android. It is also compatible with Google Assistant Alexa, and even works with Apple HomeKit. Smartmi Link is straightforward, but if you don’t want to mess with the app or smart assistants, you can simply use it by itself with no inconvenience.


There are many factors to consider when choosing an air purifier, but one thing you should not ignore besides the price of the device itself is the running costs. All air purifiers require regular filter replacement and those filters can be costly. The Fjord is currently retailed for $349 (or 369 Euros) on Jya’s website. The filter replacement for Fjord costs you $59 (59 euros), and with the recommended filter replacement every six months, the running cost comes up to $118 annually, which is much lower than most air purifiers in the same category.


Jya Fjord packs solid features you would want for an air purifier with a modern design. With smart home compatibility, including Apple HomeKit, claimed filter capability, and minimalistic form, it is certainly an attractive choice for anyone looking to improve the air quality in their home without sacrificing aesthetics. We definitely would have preferred something with a more sustainable design, but Jya is simply playing by the market rules, at least for now. There’s definitely a lot of potential in this aspect of this fast-growing market, and we look forward to the time when air purifiers also become more conscious of the environment that they’re trying to keep clean.

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Top 10 Living Room Accessories gift guide to achieve your lifestyle goals along with your interior goals

Did you know the term “living room” dates back to the 1890s? The term was invented by Edward Bok, editor of the Ladies’ Home Journal to describe the primary space of a house. These rooms were originally called parlors, and were used as entertaining spaces for guests. Bok came up with the idea that these rooms were also for ‘living’ and not just for entertaining guests once a week. Thus, the idea of a personalized space was born. The Living Room, as Bok suggested, is supposed to be a place that reflects your personality and your sense of living. So we decided to curate products that are uniquely useful as well as aesthetic, making your home worth ‘living’ in! These include whimsical lamps shaped like the moon, minimalist furniture that can expand to accommodate more people, a wooden map to chart your wanderlust and some more surprises in this list. One thing is for sure, you will not be able to ignore these awesome pieces!

1. Briiv Air Filter

When we say air purifier, the first thing that comes to mind is a clunky box sitting in a corner that is hopefully improving the air we breathe. While that may be efficient, it is certainly not aesthetic which is why Briiv created a revolution with its launch. Briiv is a household terrarium that removes HEPA filters and UV lights for something more natural in its approach. The filter holds special, sustainable-grown dried moss that purifies your air by trapping harmful particles, killing microorganisms and in return releasing fresh clean air. Briiv is as powerful as 3,043 medium size houseplants and sitting underneath the moss are multiple bio-filters, including one made from loosely woven coconut fibers, another filter comprising carbon-infused hemp, and a woollen microfibre filter that together combines to filter particles as small as PM 0.3. This natural approach allows us to reduce wastage caused by discarded HEPA filters. Briiv is the future of sustainable design – merging natural components with technology to create products that help us lead a better life!

Click Here to Buy Now: $337

2. Gingko Smart Moon Lamp

There’s something rather romantic about looking at the moon from your bedside window. I’d argue there’s something even more romantic about having the moon levitating on your table! Meet the Smart Moon Lamp from Gingko, a levitating orb designed to look exactly like the moon and glow like it too! 3D printed out of transparent PLA, the Smart Moon Lamp comes with a wonderfully textured design that resembles the moon’s cratered surface. Built-in LEDs shine to give the moon its signature glow, while it levitates and spins on its wooden base, suspended in place by a strong rare-earth magnet. Tapping on the base lets you cycle through the Smart Moon Lamp’s 3 glowing modes, warm yellow, warm white, and cool white, while a 12V-1A AD adapter powers the entire magical lighting experience. Turn to the moon for your pensive moments, or for faux lunar photography, or just as the perfect ambient light for your room at night!

Click Here to Buy Now: $170 $199 (15% off with exclusive coupon code “GDGIFT4YOU”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

3. Transformer Table

It isn’t often that we get to feature a product so popular that it held the position of Instagram’s number 1 watched product video. Meet the Transformer Table – a table so unique, it can expand from a single-seater to a table long enough to seat 12 people (that’s the entire Last Supper sans Judas!) Designed for people in small apartments who occasionally like hosting guests, the Transformer Table’s one-of-a-kind stretching ability allows it to go from a mere 18 inches to up to 10 feet long! The table’s secret sauce lies in its design and its incredibly robust telescopic sliding mechanism that allows the table to expand up to 7 times in length, while still being able to hold well over 750 pounds of weight on top. The Transformer Table pairs along with the Transformer Bench, which expands to match the table’s width (and comes free along with the purchase of the Table as a special holiday combo). Both the table and bench expand rather easily (and can be operated by a single person) and come crafted from the highest quality hardwood with a waterproof AND flame-retardant finish.

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting from $2179 $2299 ($120 off with exclusive coupon code “YANKO120”and get the Transformer Bench valued at $799 for free as a special holiday combo). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

4. Teno Speaker & Light

Do you know what Kintsugi is? It’s the art of mending broken ceramics using gold to seal the cracks. The Teno by Lumio uses this crack as a design detail! The beautiful lamp + speaker is inspired by a cracked bowl and it uses a cracked exterior that gently separates into two. As the crack widens, you begin to see the signs of life underneath as the lamp below is revealed, shining through the cracks with its life-affirming message of hope. When shut, Teno functions as a beautifully crafted bowl sculpture, when partially cracked, it reveals a soft and warm light, and functions as a lamp. And when fully opened, it’s a powerful speaker, which releases a rich sound that you can control through touch. The bowl-shaped outer body comes cast in resin and sand, deviating entirely from the plastic, fabric, and metal you’d find in other lamps and speakers.

Click Here to Buy Now: $228 $325 (30% off)

5. Avril Shoe Rack

If your worst nightmare consists of organizing your footwear collection, then Avril is the product for you! And, no we’re not talking about the popular Canadian singer. This minimalist wall-mounted shoe rack sits on your wall at a convenient angle, subtly uplifting your shoes, when you dock them into it. Avril’s innovative angled design sets it apart from the conventional shoe racks found on the market. Its angled form ensures that it sits closer to the wall, and occupies less space, making it perfect for smaller homes where space constraint is a major issue. The angled shelf provides easy access to your shoes at all times, so you can pull them out, or place them inside within seconds. Crafted from powder-coated sheet metal, Avril can be mounted onto any kind of wall and can hold at least 3 shoes per shelf. It protrudes a mere 5.1 inches from the wall, and mounting it on a wall is super easy as well!

Click Here to Buy Now: $153 $178 ($25 off). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

6. yeedi Vac 2 Pro Robot Vacuum

Mimicry is indeed the greatest form of flattery, which is why the ‘yeedi vac 2 pro’ has a unique technique for cleaning up your spills. Its patented mopping action mimics how humans wipe surfaces with an up and down motion. Combine this with the robotic vacuum’s 3000Pa suction and the yeedi vac 2 pro can handle pretty much anything – on hard floors as well as carpets! The vacuum comes with a clever 3D obstacle detection and avoidance system, allowing it to just simply navigate around objects to clean parts of your house – which it creates a smart-map of to plot the most efficient cleaning path. When on floors, the vacuum uses a combination of sweeping and oscillating mopping to keep your floors spotless. For carpets, the yeedi vac 2 pro automatically switches its mopping function off and turns up the suction on the vacuum head to clean out dirt from in between fibers! An app lets you optimize your vacuum’s operations, and a 240-minute run-time is more than enough for the yeedi vac 2 pro to get the job done. When it’s done (or when it needs to charge), the vac heads to its docking station with a built-in 2.5L bin where the vacuum also self-empties its dust into. Pretty neat, eh?!

Click Here to Buy Now: $300 $449 ($150 off). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

7. 3D Wooden World Map

Meet the 3D Wooden World Map! Machined from certified sustainable birch plywood, the world map, is available in varied sizes and diverse colors to suit your personal preference. The 3D Wooden World Map comes meticulously detailed and labeled with every country and its capital marked onto its wooden pieces. Like a big geographical jigsaw puzzle for your wall, the pieces come together and the 3D pieces quite literally pop out of the wall, giving the art its depth. In fact, the map also holds magnets! So, you can display your best memories while traveling on the wooden map. If traveling the world is your dream, what better way to display it than with the 3D wooden Map – mark your visited locations, chart your bucket-list and manifest that dream by having this up on your wall!

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting from $180 $448 (60% off)

8. Moon Pod

The Moon Pod is a zero-gravity bean bag designed to alleviate the everyday stress we experience in this modern world! The premium lightweight bean bag facilitates all-day relaxation, cradling your body into a rare static state and relieving you from stress. The Moon Pod is a luxurious alternative to the old school beanbags which don’t always take your posture into consideration. The outer membrane is crafted from a fascinating blended material which holds thousands of high-friction EPS beads, that react and adapt to your body. The weightless sensation you experience while relaxing on the Moon Pod mimics Flotation Therapy, which is excellent for those who suffer from stress, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, and PTSD. You can use the revamped bean bag as a chair, a recliner or even a nap pod! It’s a great space to work in, take a power nap, or simply unwind after a long day at work.

Click Here to Buy Now: $299 $399 ($100 off)

9. BOOKNITURE – Furniture Hidden in a Book

BOOKNITURE is furniture hidden in a book! BOOKNITURE quite literally unfolds from a book into a multifunctional piece of furniture. It ensures that you will never run out of tables and seats. Relying on folded paper’s ability to withstand large amounts of compressive stress against its thickness, the Bookniture literally comes as thick as a coffee-table book and as light as one too. It contains paper pages on the inside that are honeycombed together and opens up as a regular book would. Once you open up the book, you can use it as a stool, a footrest, a nightstand, a standing work desk, and much more. You can stack it up, and convert it into a table and chair set, or you can add a wooden board on top of 2 BOOKNITURE pieces and transform it into a bench. You can also stack a few more layers, and create a shelf.

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting from $86

10. Wheel 2 turntable

Miniot modernizes and minimizes the turntable with the Wheel! It is pretty much what it sounds like – a simple wheel. All you need to do is place a record on the wheel, and it will begin to play the bottom. You can control the turntable using the center stick. You can switch on/off, play/pause, volume, even next or previous track using the center stick. You can position the wheel either horizontally or vertically, so you can slide it wherever you like, without it consuming the amount of a space a typical gramophone would. Amped with a beautiful AudioTechnica AT95E cartridge, and a tonearm that is micro machined out of a single laminated mahogany, the Wheel emits not only warm and clear harmonies, but also exudes a minimal and lux aesthetic. The Wheel doesn’t run on batteries, but is an analog record player that has to be wired to a great amplifier, speakers, or headphones.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1563

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This shoe styler concept helps you put your best foot forward every day

A good number of people pay very close attention to the shoes they wear, day in and day out. They make sure the shoes are not only comfortable but also stylish, matching whatever look you might have going for that day. A bit ironically, however, most people don’t give their shoes a second thought after taking them off. Most of us take special care of the clothes we wear but are content to just leave shoes by the door, in the closet, or anywhere convenient. The lack of care for footwear, however, will have very negative consequences for our feet down the road, so this shoe styler appliance concept tries to envision an easy and convenient way to make sure you’re always starting the day fresh from head to toe.

Designer: Yeounju Lee

Given how we use them, our shoes are bound to get dirtier and more worn out than our clothes. Despite that fact, few of us probably think of proper shoe care beyond airing them out once in a while. That sad state of footwear comes to bite us back, however, when we start to feel uncomfortable in our own shoes, not to mention get irritated or smelly feet from our beloved sneakers. Just like any chore, it isn’t a matter of just laziness but more because of the lack of tools that make such a task easy and efficient.

Shoe styler appliances are starting to enter into people’s consciousness for these exact reasons. We are already making it easier to take care of our clothes using technology, so it’s only fair and perhaps long overdue that shoes finally get the same treatment. Day starter is such a concept and it focuses on not just storing shoes properly but also cleaning them to keep them in tip-top shape for as long as possible.

At first glance, you wouldn’t even be able to tell that the appliance is designed for shoe care. It looks more like a short cabinet with a stylized ridged door. Behind that door is indeed a sort of storage, one that’s designed to keep shoes sanitized and dry. This would help prolong the life of footwear, depending on the type of material, of course. There are different lengths of “sticks” that either hang your shoes up or keep boots straight so that they don’t get deformed over time.

Day starter, however, isn’t just simply storage for shoes. Using the appliance actually starts with the slide-out tray that you step on when you’ve returned for the day. The details of the design are a bit murky, but at some point, the shoes are washed and dried to clean them before storage. There are even bins for water that you’ll have to fill and eventually empty.


The shoe storage also functions as a shelf, particularly for things you might need when going out. It’s the perfect place to put down keys that you’ll pick up again the next day, turning it into that one place you’ll never forget. The design admittedly has some limitations, such as the number of shoes that can be stored inside at the same time. It does, however, bring to mind the importance of caring for footwear, especially given how we critically depend on them to go places.

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Quelle desk lamp concept has a simplicity that belies its sophisticated design

Given their focus on study or work, many people assume that all you need is to keep desks tidy in order to be productive. Ideally, that would be true, except for the fact that humans need more than just a clear and organized space for their brains to work properly. There will always be a need for inspiration, motivation, or even just something visually interesting to perk up our minds and stave off boredom and monotony. You don’t have to go overboard with decorations and curious stationery, of course. Sometimes, “simple” works best, after all. Just like the case with this desk lamp that is simple in form and function but has enough interesting touches that make it memorable and appealing enough to spark your mind’s curiosity and, perhaps, its creativity as well.

Designer: Anil Singh

All that a study lamp needs to do is to provide adequate illumination for the eyes, right? If that were the case, however, there would be no need for variety, both in the light that’s provided as well as the design of the lamp. Standing on top of a table, these lamps are almost always visible and, therefore, need to be aesthetic without being overbearing, display just enough visual interest to give your desk some personality, even if that’s a minimalist personality.

Quelle definitely meets those requirements with a design that immediately calls to mind houses with stereotypical triangular roofs. Perhaps it’s a metaphor for how the desk is a home for creativity and productivity, but the design works even without that indirect meaning. The butterfly shape of the lampshade not only helps limit the spread of light to a certain angle, but it also makes it possible to fold the lamp arm down almost completely, saving space when not in use.

The base of the lamp has ridges that also call to mind the form of some roofs. It’s more than just an unnecessary embellishment, though, since the form also creates spaces to put pens and pencils, really any stick or rod object that you need to put away. Ideally, these will have their own proper home on your desk, but Quelle creates an interesting way to put your favorite pens on display while also keeping them within reach.

Beyond its resemblance to houses and mountains, Quelle was also designed to be simple to make and package, reducing not only waste but also costs. It’s an example of how you really don’t need to have an extravagant or complicated design to be effective. This study lamp might not wow people in amazement, but it offers a cozy and homely feel, both in the way it looks and in the light it provides.

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This smart tea pot can read your mood to make the perfect brew

Many people swear by coffee to get through the day, but there is also quite a good number that prefer the variety of teas to get their fix. Just like with different coffee beans, different tea leaves have different personalities; that is, they have different brewing requirements like time and temperature. Further complicating things is the fact that tea can give you different experiences depending on when you drink them or your mood at that time. Considering these different factors can make brewing tea sound almost impossible for mere mortals. Thankfully, that conundrum is a thing of the past with this connected tea pot that looks just as good as the brews it makes.

Designer: Hiroaki Nishimura

Click Here to Buy Now: $254 $299 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, sitewide Pre-Black Friday sale ends Nov 23rd.

The art of brewing tea goes back centuries, but just like coffee, it has been commercialized and diluted down into cheap teabags. Even without considering the rituals involved, brewing tea is almost like a precise art that varies depending on the type of tea leaves being used. Some require a longer steeping time at lower temperatures, while others are best at a high temperature and for a brief period only. That’s not much of a problem if you stick to one kind, but tea lovers who crave and enjoy variety will have to keep in mind those different requirements.

Fortunately, we can now rely on technology to take the drudgery out of a process that should be calming and relaxing. Rather than memorize the different conditions for different leaves, the Teplo connected tea pot memorizes those for you. A simple tap on the smartphone app will set the precise time and temperature for the tea leaves you place inside the infuser. This insightful tea brewer, however, can do more than that and can even adjust those brewing factors to match your mood, the time of day, or the surrounding conditions.

You might, for example, prefer a stronger dose of caffeine in the morning, or maybe you want a bit of sweetness when you’re almost out of energy in the afternoon. Changing the temperature can result in these different teas, even using the exact same tea leaves. This seemingly magical feat is actually the result of advanced technology, combining data from different sensors to paint a holistic picture of your mood. In addition to detecting room temperature, humidity, brightness, and noise, a fingerprint sensor on the base can also read your heart rate and body temperature, allowing the tea pot to adjust the temperature and time to create a personalized brew each and every time.

This innovative tea pot isn’t just smart, it’s also a handsome appliance that’s perfect for your kitchen countertop or table. Inspired by the last “golden drop” of tea, the pot’s unique and beautiful infuser automatically rotates to submerge the tea leaves for the optimal brewing time and then rotates again to prevent over-steeping. Whether you’re waiting for your caffeine fix for the day, winding down after a long day at work, or simply looking to relax and chill, this intelligent tea maker will serve you the perfect cup of tea to fit your mood.

Click Here to Buy Now: $254 $299 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, sitewide Pre-Black Friday sale ends Nov 23rd.

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This small refrigerator on wheels was designed with electric vehicles in mind

We’re still far away from giving up on fuel oil, but more people are thankfully adopting electric cars, which can be a bit more sustainable if you get power from renewable sources. For now, most probably see these EVs as ways to get around cities, often for commuting to work and over short distances. As their numbers grow, however, so would the number of charging stations scattered throughout highways. This would make it possible to take these battery-powered cars for longer trips, maybe even for outdoor camping. Given it already runs on batteries, it might be possible to power other appliances from it directly, which is what this portable fridge concept is going for, in a way that makes it look like it was part of the EV right from the start.

Designers: Joeun Kim, janchi

There are, of course, plenty of portable refrigerators in the market today built with a wide variety of designs. Some look like giant ice coolers, while there are those that look like you just unplugged your home fridge and shrunk it to fit. Fridze, which is a play on the brand that has become synonymous with the appliance, instead tries to look more like a part of an electric vehicle. Or at least what an electric SUV or camper might look like if those became more common. In other words, Fridze looks sleek, futuristic, and minimalist, almost like it would be out of place on dirty camping grounds.

It does look and move like a suitcase, though, a very bulky and solid one at that. Two wheels on the back and a telescopic handle would be similar to what you’d see on most luggage, while a thick U-bar on the front keeps it from toppling forward. The use of mostly straight lines and flat edges almost resemble some EV charging boxes, but this one actually takes rather than gives power to EVs.

Portable refrigerators naturally need to draw electricity, of course, and most of them will draw power from the car via a car charger. There are portable power stations these days for that purpose, but not many have them. That lighter port is still the most common method, but it’s also wasteful in converting to the type of power that a fridge would need. Fridze, in contrast, would plug directly into the EV’s batteries and siphon power from there. It does have a small battery of its own for those moments when it can’t be connected to the car, like when moving it from one place to another.

In all other aspects, the fridge works just like any other, except for the top that reveals holders for drinks to keep them cool. The idea behind Fridze probably isn’t that revolutionary, and it’s a logical conclusion that would eventually arrive as more cars become electric. Its design, however, would perfectly match the EV aesthetic, even if it would clash with everything else that would stay at home anyway.

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Top 10 Kitchen Appliances gift guide to elevate the cooking experience for every home chef

Thinking of our best holiday memories, I do believe a lot revolves around the dinner table. There is chaos and joy in sitting and sharing a meal without getting distracted or looking at a phone, especially when the meal is made at home. Granted, there is great convenience in take out, but as all things created with love, cooking at home, made with attention and love may be simple, but it is heartwarming, and that is exactly what you want this holiday season. For everyone who has dabbled with Dalgona coffee to making complicated meals, the appliances here are the sous chef you have always wanted. The guide is impressive, with innovative designs that support and revive the method by which we have been cooking. From a budding chef to an experienced one, use these products to cook a beautiful meal, creating cherished meals for everyone that will be remembered and recreated, making it the ideal gift this season.

1. Cheat Sheets Dividers

While this looks like something you would see in a viral TikTok video, the Cheat Sheets are the cooking hack we have all been looking for! The beauty of cooking in an oven is that you place your ingredients and you’re done, no need to keep stirring or checking on the food. The con however is the resultant meal is a medley of food – some overcooked, some slightly raw with a bite in it – which is granted given how each food has its own cooking time. That was the case, until now! Made from silicone, the Cheat Sheets provide individual, removable containers that sit on your tray allowing each food to be cooked for just the right time. Once that particular part of your meal is cooked, reach into your oven with mittens and bring it out, allowing the rest of the cooking process to go on seamlessly. And for those of us who hate scrubbing at the dry, sticky residue left on the baking tray – using Cheat Sheet keeps your tray clean and being easy to clean themselves, no scrubbing required. Space saving, time saving and power saving, Cheat Sheets is the genius kitchen appliance that’ll amp up your cooking process right away.

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2. Sempli Beer Glasses

Sempli created the Monti-Taste Set for beer connoisseurs who take their glass of beer extremely seriously! The set celebrates and pays a tribute to the various craft beers, and their unique tastes and individuality. Four distinct glasses were designed for four distinct types of beers, in an attempt to elevate the drinking experience. The Monti-Birra is a straight-sided beer glass, that perfectly holds your 120z beer. Featuring a conical inverted bottom, the glass instantly catches that initial splash of beer and allows for the foam to frothily gather on the surface. Next in line is the Monti-Pint which is meant to serve pints as its name signifies. The Monti-Pils was created for Pilsners and features a  tall and lean body that enhances the carbonation in the Pilsners, maintaining a longer effervescence. Lastly, the Monti-IPA is a fun zig-zag-shaped glass with unique angled ridges and is ideal for serving hoppy IPA brews.

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3. Zip top

Say goodbye to your plastic zip-lock bags, and welcome the Zip Top containers! The Zip Top reusable containers are made from 100% platinum silicone, and can be zipped shut, completely eliminating the need for a lid. The bags are virtually indestructible, endlessly reusable, food-grade and unstainable too! They’re impervious to the heat and cold – can take heat up to 220 celsius, and are freezer safe. The reliable zip/clip mechanism makes them even more secure compared to traditional ziplock bags, and allows them to store both liquids and solids. They can be used directly in the microwave and oven, and not to mention they’re dishwasher safe as well! The Silicone Zip Top bag is a perfect replacement for the harmful plastic bags found in the market. Infact, one Zip Top bag can save almost 5000+ plastic bags from being used. Each Zip Top bag can be used for years, decades even… saving you money and making life infinitely easier not just for you, but for the environment too!

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4. NanoFoamer V2

There’s something about the coffee made by baristas that instantly hits the right spot! Maybe it’s the velvety texture or the frothy foam…but something about it completely beats the cuppa we make at home. If you want to be your own barista, then the NanoFoamer V2 is what you need. It is the only AA battery-operated handheld milk foamer that lets you make latte-art-worthy microfoam milk at home. Unlike the older NanoFoamer, the V2 has clip-on NanoScreens, which basically means they’ve ditched the pressure fit system for a satisfying snap-fit, which provides a stronger hold on the impeller. The extremely crucial impeller is also replaceable and created from sturdy Polycarbonate material. With a more powerful motor, stronger construction, and all-new internal engineering, the V2 beats its predecessor, by preparing microfoam milk with super fine bubbles, and a wonderful velvety texture. The NanoFoamer V2 also works great with non-dairy milk alternatives such as – soy, coconut, and oat!

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5. Playful Palm Grater

In the list of cooking chores that go into meal prep everyday, grating is not something I would place high on the list, until now! Fitting securely in the palm of your hand, this minimal grater will add joy to your life. Commercially available graters are big, bulky and space consuming with a lot of grating space around the edges getting wasted and lets not even mention the danger to wandering fingers. Made out of a single piece of aluminium alloy, this grater resembles a fun piece of a coloured memo pad while it hangs on our kitchen walls. The angled corner rests the grater against your finger securely while you grate into the hole-free design, leaving behind no food waste. The result? A perfectly modern and minimal addition to your kitchen.

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6. Tero Food Recycler

Are you tired of wasting food? Or feel too lazy to recycle it after every single meal? Well, this is where Tero swoops in, with its promise to make food recycling easy, simple, and fast! Tero can transform your food waste into a dry fertilizer in about 3 hours. It reduces the volume of the food waste by 90%, and creates an odor-free, natural, homemade fertilizer with the help of a controlled grinding and drying process. It can tackle any type of food, including animal-based products, and recycle it in 3 simple steps – fill the appliance with the food waste, start it, and your food is fertilized within 3 hours! The fertilizer can be used to feed your plants, lawn, and garden. The use of activated charcoal, an airtight lid, and an odor filtration system ensure that your kitchen remains clean and odor-free. Tero is also dishwasher-safe and fits perfectly into small spaces owing to its elongated and compact size.

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7. Frankfurter Brett Kitchen Workbench

The Frankfurter Brett is much more than your ordinary chopping board – it introduces a completely new and improved way of cooking. The Frankfurter functions more as a workbench than a chopping board. The board has neat holes drilled on its side, which allow you to slot metal brackets into them and suspend a row of containers on the front, with another row placed behind them. The containers at the back can be used to store ingredients, while the front section of the board can be used for actually chopping. The chopped-up food can then be transferred into the front left containers, while all the waste and leftovers can be discarded into the front right containers. There’s also a nifty section to place your tablet in if you’re following a recipe online while cooking. The Frankfurter Brett creates an efficient and organized system that simplifies and fastens up one of the most tedious parts of cooking – chopping!

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8. Eto Wine Decanter

I hate watching a good bottle of wine go to waste, simply because it wasn’t consumed completely at a party, and had to face the horrors of oxidization for the next couple of days. If you have similar sentiments, then you will thoroughly enjoy the Eto wine decanter! Refined, and sophisticated, the Eto wine decanter exudes a modern and clean vibe with its stainless steel and glass structure, and rose-gold finish. What Eto does besides looking good is, it preserves a freshly opened bottle of wine, by cutting out the air flow to the wine. You simply decant the wine into Eto, press down on the neck of the bottle, and watch as a piston valve lowers down and meets the level of the wine. This creates an air-tight seal inside the decanter, preventing the wine from oxidizing and keeping it fresh for almost 7 days! You can use Eto to directly pour out the wine as well, the smart decanter functions as a wine bottle as well.

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9. TOKIT Omni Cook

The TOKIT Omni Cook is the kitchen assistant you secretly want but never knew where to find it. This all-in-one kitchen appliance promises to help you prepare your meals faster, more efficiently, and with an element of fun. Amped with cutting-edge technology, step-by-step digital recipes, and an automated cooking process – conjuring up delicious meals couldn’t be simpler. It features 11+ built-in culinary modes and can function as 21 cooking appliances, such as a slow cooker, steamer, blender, sous vide, fermenter, kettle, scale, sauce machine, and much more! Omni Cook has an integrated 7-inch touchscreen display, allowing you to tweak, customize, and play around with your favorite with the help of your fingers. The compact kitchen appliance only occupies a small footprint of 1 square foot, making it ideal for homes and kitchens with space constraints. You can place Omni Cook anywhere in your kitchen, and it will replace most of the kitchen appliances you usually require while saving up to 90% of space.

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10. Duo Cover

Introducing the Duo Cover…the next best thing after the microwave! Microwave covers have become pretty old-school, and it’s time to ditch them for the next-generation microwave device which provides you with moist leftovers every single time, a clean and splatter-free microwave, chef-approved meals in the nick of time, and burn-free fingers. Amped with an intriguing magnetic element, you can attach Duo Cover to the ceiling of your microwave, and pull it down when needed. You simply cover your plate of food with the Duo Cover, and it ensures that your leftovers aren’t splattered all over your microwave. You can also add some water, or close the knob on top, creating a moisture lock, and serving you with the freshest leftovers. The Duo Cover is created using silicone, which can last for years when treated with care. It completely eliminates the need for plastic, making it eco-friendly as well. The cover perfectly replaces paper towels and plastic wraps, hence helping you cut down on ocean waste, and save some money as well!

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Morphy Richards designed a crazy new type of electric oven with a flip-top design that turns it into a grill

Is it an electric oven? A portable grill? How about both?! The Multifunctional Flip-top Electric Oven from Morphy Richards isn’t your conventional kitchen gadget. Sure, it looks and feels like your standard oven, but it has an upper hood that lifts open like a barbecue grill to reveal the cooking tray underneath. Powered by electric coils, the Multifunctional Flip-top Electric Oven works both as a conventional oven, and even moonlights as an electric grill, letting you quickly flip open the lid and cook just on the lower heating coils like a barbecue grill. “The design not only allows for the integration of various cooking methods such as baking, frying, grilling, and roasting, but it also makes cleaning the inner cavity simple”, says Xinbao, the Chinese electrical appliance giant which acquired Morphy Richards earlier this year and handles its manufacturing and distribution in the mainland.

Designer: Guang Dong Xinbao Electrical Appliances Holdings

What’s wonderful about the Multifunctional Flip-top Electric Oven’s design is that it’s still compact and intuitive to use, despite offering more features in the same product footprint. The appliance comes with a temperature slider and two dial controls that let you select the cooking mode and the time. You can either open the oven’s door forwards like in conventional electric ovens (to slide baking trays or pizzas in) or lift the entire door upwards to open it like a grill (to check on cakes and casseroles or to season/baste meats and other dishes).

“The M-shaped upper heating tube allows more heat source, while the O-shaped lower heating tube allows more even heating”, Xinbao’s design team mentioned. “The oven is also designed to make cleaning easier. Simply empty the oil-collecting tray and flip the cover to clean hard-to-reach corners”, they added.

The Multifunctional Flip-top Electric Oven is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2022.

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MOMAX LED Desk Lamps bring light and beauty any time of the day

It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without the lamps that light up not only our nights but our days as well. It would probably be fine if sunlight was consistent and reliable during the day and could penetrate the walls of our houses and offices. Desk lamps, in particular, have become necessary to be both productive and creative in many aspects of life, no matter the time of day. Given their importance, it’s almost a shame if these lamps simply occupy space on your desk when they’re not in use. Fortunately, lamp designs have leveled up through the years, and MOMAX’s new batch of LED lamps demonstrate how they can be not only multi-functional but aesthetic as well.

Designer: MOMAX Design

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It’s easy enough to downplay how a desk lamp looks. After all, isn’t it supposed to just provide lighting, anyway? But considering how it will be in your view for a great portion of the day, it would be best for your eyes and your mind if it also looked visually appealing. That’s why a few modern desk lamps have embraced minimalist designs, and these three new desk lamps from MOMAX manage to achieve that while also offering more functionality than meets the eye.

MOMAX QL1 Desk Lamp

The MOMAX QL1, for example, is a rather handsome piece that looks like two thin bars of metal that have come together to provide light while minimizing its footprint on your desk. It is the gymnast of this group, able to swivel up and down up to 270 degrees and twist its light bar head by the same amount. This allows the LED lamp, which has five color modes and six brightness levels, to reach and illuminate any part of your desk. And when it’s not in use, it can fold down to a more discrete form while its base acts as a convenient wireless charging pad for your phone.

MOMAX QL6 Desk Lamp

The MOMAX QL6 is admittedly less flexible in terms of movement, though being able to rotate and swivel at 180 degrees is no small matter. The LED desk lamp makes up for this with the flexibility of its functions, adding value to this desk accessory. In addition to its wireless charging base for phones and accessories, it also has a built-in USB-A charging port that can provide power for devices that don’t support wireless charging. Additionally, the MOMAX QL6 can even be operated completely hands-free thanks to its integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. The ability to turn it on or off through a mobile app or set a schedule for its light makes it also ideal as a bedside lamp.

MOMAX QL9 Desk Lamp

Last but definitely not least, the MOMAX QL9 offers the ultimate flexibility in terms of movement and functions. Able to rotate and fold to save space when not needed or reach different heights and sides, the desk lamp is useful whether you’re sitting or standing at your desk. Its honeycomb lenses help diffuse the glare of bright light and reduce eye fatigue, offering a softer glow to give your eyes a break. Combined with both wireless and wired charging, this lamp adds a minimalist yet stylish accent to any desk.

Click Here to Buy Now: QL1 for $45.59 $56.99.
Click Here to Buy Now: QL6 for $39.99 $49.99.
Click Here to Buy Now: QL9 for $89.10 $99.

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