Student-friendly furniture designs that make your room insta worthy!

When you’re living alone, you tend to choose home spaces that are compact and tiny, befitting the needs of one. Hence, it becomes extremely important to fill up your living space with space-saving and efficient designs that help you make the most of your living situation. Designers have been coming up with cool and innovative designs that not only meet all your solo household needs but also manage to look pretty aesthetic! Check out our collection of bachelor-friendly designs that will take you one step closer to your dream home setup!

Designed to be compact enough to fit into any space, yet comfortable enough to have you sink right in with your favorite book, the Conch comes with a molded-plywood inner body and a dual-density foam outer body, giving it structure as well as supple softness. The chair’s form conforms to the contours of the body, allowing you to sit comfortably, while also conveniently having a storage unit right under you for everything from books to a cushion to other bric-a-brac. It’s the perfect reading spot for one!

The Drawer mini-fridge snugly fits underneath desks! Looking more like a piece of furniture, than a home appliance, Drawer can be easily placed under a desk or any other convenient nooks and crannies in your home. With sufficient space to store beverages, bottles and some food items, Drawer is perfect for a single-person household wherein refrigerable items are few. However, Drawer’s most interesting feature would be its cooling cup holder!

When it comes to kitchen appliances such as microwaves and ovens, they do tend to be bulky and space-consuming. However, the Wall-Mountable Oven is a smart microwave, that as its name implies can be mounted upon a wall. You simply press a button that brings down its front cover, which doubles up as the platform to place your dish upon. You then pull down the main cover, enclosing your dish within the microwave!

At first glance, Elmer looks like a simple storage cabinet, and though it is one, it also doubles up as a desk! When the door is shut, Elmer looks like a regular cabinet, upon which you can place miscellaneous items. However, once you open it, it reveals spacious storage space, with the door functioning as a neat little desk. It’s the perfect multifunctional piece of furniture for tiny living spaces!

The Bed For One by Dominic Wilcox is, well, perfect for one. For those bachelors who live by themselves, and have no need for larger beds, the Bed For One is ideal!  Though I do wonder where it truly stands when it comes to the comfort level, all said and done, it is indeed an intriguing one-of-a-kind bed design.

The Book Chair by Sou Fujimoto is in fact a bookshelf with a chair embedded in it! The chair can be slid in and out, due to a chair-shaped section in the bookshelf. When fitted into the shelf, the chair acts as a storage space itself. But when pulled out, you can hop onto it and read your favorite book in peace. This multifunctional piece of furniture is perfect for single-person homes whose residents are major readers!

The Low Table IV by Kai Takeshima has a little secret! Once you lift the tabletop, you can easily access a compact storage space, add its wooden Japanese-inspired aesthetics to the mix, and it could be the perfect minimal addition to your compact living space.



In just a couple of simple steps, SHO transforms from sofa to sofabed in seconds by taking control of the cushion! The design utilizes a unique metal frame that snaps together to hold a twin-size latex mattress in an upright position that’s perfect for sitting and reading. Simply undo the clasp and unfold the mattress to create a proper lounger where you can extend the legs and relax while enjoying the back support. With its small footprint, it’s perfect for the micro-est of micro-living spaces!

The Corner Desk is a space-saving compact desk that will fit perfectly in one corner of your home. Designed by Michael Hilgers, the powder-coated aluminum piece provides a private spot for you to sit and work peacefully in. Not to mention it saves a whole lot of precious space!

The Bloom Phone Vase by Stak Ceramics not only perfectly displays fresh flowers, but is also a cool spot to store your phone. Keep this on your bedside table, and wake up not only to your phone alarm blaring away but to some beautiful flowers!

Get curved toasts with this toaster…because it makes absolute sense!

A toaster is a staple in every household, and toast a part of almost everyone’s breakfast. We’re all used to the usual rectangular box-like form of toasters, however, Jexter Lim’s Arctoas is a breath of fresh air. Arctoas is said to serve toast with a whimsical smile. Intrigued? Me too! Unlike the shape and structure of conventional toasters, Arctoas has a curved circular form. To be honest, it almost looks like a small air purifier! Two cylindrical sheets of mica were combined, with a nichrome wire running vertically through them (which prevents the bread from getting stuck) to create the toaster’s ergonomic form. And on hindsight, it makes absolute sense to have a curved toast!

Lim’s aim was to create a unique bread toasting and breakfast experience. He wanted to provide a refreshing touch to a family’s breakfast routine in the morning. Arctoas comes with a circular slot that runs all around the toaster. You simply slip your toast into the slot. A curved Capacitive Touch Switch is provided as an alternative to physical buttons. You can adjust the settings of the toaster using the switch, according to your personal toast preference. Once the toast is ready, a motorized carriage lifts up the bread, so you can pluck it out! However, the curved form of the toaster molds the toast, giving it a curved shape as well!

The curved toast looks almost an arc and is much easier to hold and eat as compared to your regular square-shaped toast. The curved toast fits seamlessly into your palm, allowing you to easily spread butter, jam, or any condiment of your choice. You can even pile on some eggs, avocadoes, tomatoes or more without fear of them spilling or falling over! Ingenious isn’t it! In fact, the curved slice of bread looks like a smile. With Arctoas even your daily bread will greet you with a cheerful grin and keep you stain-free as you head out to start your day! Now, why didn’t someone invent this before?!

Designer: Jexter Lim

Zero Waste Living is real with this food tracker that stores, tracks and replenishes your groceries!

Food wastage is something we all deal with it. In fact, according to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, one-third of the food produced in the world is wasted. This is primarily because we ourselves fail to understand how much food we consume. We buy more and consume less. It’s crucial for us to understand our food and grocery related needs and Bubble is here to help us out with that! Designed by Savin Dimov and Altino Alex, Bubble is a food tracker, that monitors our food consumption, in an attempt to encourage a healthier lifestyle and to reduce food wastage.

Designer: Savin Dimov and Altino Alex

Research shows that most of us don’t even know what food items we have in our kitchen! And a large number of us also don’t know what we exactly need to buy when we’re replenishing our groceries. Bubble promises to track, store, and replenish our food items in accordance with our needs.

The food tracker comes with an app compatible with your smartphone. You can either order your groceries via the app or physically visit a grocery store and do your shopping. Once you’re home, you can place your groceries such as fruits, vegetables, milk, sodas, etc within Bubble.

Bubble identifies and tracks all the items within. It directly sends updates to your smartphone, so you’re always aware of what’s in your kitchen! You can track which food products you consume the most, and what you consume the least. Bubble ensures all the storage data is at the tip of your fingers. If there’s a certain food item that’s almost over, Bubble immediately brings it to your notice. So the next time you go grocery shopping, you know exactly what to pick up!

The food tracker is also modular, so you can arrange it according to the number of perishables you have at the moment. Bubble is convenient, feasible and super useful. It ensures that the next time you’re cooking, you don’t have to rush off to buy tomatoes simply because you don’t have any! Bubble is here to keep your kitchen well stocked (as needed) always!

Is resurrecting Google’s BookBot the need of the hour?

Everyone in Silicon Valley is trying to design something straight out of the future. We treat science and technology as the end all be all of our issues and rightfully so, but here is an unpopular opinion – do we REALLY need technology in every aspect of our lives to make it better? A decade ago, robots doing all our tasks were just a thing of movies and today we don’t go a day without interacting with a robot – think about it, even if you call a place there is a 99% chance an automated voice will speak to you first. So when I read about former Google engineers trying to resurrect a robot that was ‘put to rest’, my question was why are they bringing it back? Let’s evaluate what the two sides of this coin…or chip –

Google engineers created BookBot within the company’s Area 120 incubator for experimental products. It is a simple-looking cube-shaped robot that was becoming popular in a California town where it used to pick up books from residents and deliver them back to the Mountain View Library for check-in. Every Thursday, BookBot which has a limit of 5-10 items will come to you and deliver/pick up the books you request on its website. You will be notified via text message when it arrives or you can follow its route with a link shared with you. Safety concerns were taken care of by constant monitoring and a human handler present for the initial phase. The project’s team lead, Christian Bersch, said they are testing the waters of what could be possible for autonomous, electric robots, the problems they can run into and if it is feasible for bigger, more crowded neighborhoods. Ideally, it would help reduce the vehicles on the road, save personal time and help the senior citizens as well as the disabled residents. Who knows, it could also be the new medium to collect second-hand items for charity!

It ran for 4 months much to the delight of kids who tried playing games with it and also for those who love a cool selfie before being shelved. Despite the overwhelmingly positive response from the Mountain Valley residents and the popularity of BookBot, Google seems to want established third-party experts to handle the deliveries while it focuses on advancing in other tech arenas. The primary reason is presumed to be Project Wing, another Google partnership for making drone deliveries that will optimize Google Shopping. However, the two former Google engineers who worked on BookBot and Area 120, Jake Stelman and Christian Bersch, have launched Cartken that is offering low-cost automated delivery with a darker (think about that all-black Spiderman) version of Bookbot because of how well received it was especially by those who have mobility issues.

Now let’s flip the subject, while it brings convenience to a certain demographic, what struck me as an avid real book reader is that this takes away a part of the library experience. Now as much as we might groan about having to go all the way to return a book, we usually always end up browsing for more books, chatting up with community readers and getting recommendations that we otherwise wouldn’t come across. The whole experience of going to the library brings the local community closer – children study together, adults have bookclubs especially those who are retired and older citizens who are not as tech-savvy and still treat books as a source of entertainment. BookBot and Cartken obviously solve an issue by saving time and effort but, like any robot, it takes out the emotion from the activity and can only see through a logistical lens. As we advance, it is vital to keep in mind that technology can very quickly dehumanize us, make us dependent, reduce the EQ that separates us from robots. I am all for robots cleaning up houses or being able to translate what our pets say to our language, but let’s not take away the smaller life experiences which is also how some earn their livelihood – think of the librarians, clerks, even delivery personnel! In a small town, one robot can take over the jobs of many and unknowingly make us detached. We can now carry thousands of books in one device but it will never be the same as smelling an old book from a library and flipping the page. So I ask once again, do we really need robots to do it all?

Designer: Jake Stelman and Christian Bersch

Make authentic Japanese matcha like the ancient masters with just one button!

Gone are the days when you just picked between tea and coffee; now it is about matcha, kombucha, spirulina, and activated charcoal drinks! Yes, everything in my previous sentence is real – it is enough to fluster anyone going to a cafe and trying to order healthy. My mother rightfully said “Why to pay for it outside when you can make it at home?” which brings me to another CES 2020 innovation award honoree – the matcha tea maker for home.

This matcha maker is compact and sleek, making it perfect for homes, offices, any space with an outlet because it is portable. This matcha maker stays true to its Japanese roots and lets you enjoy an authentic cup every time by using freshly ground leaves from its ceramic mill for individual uses, just like the masters do. The movements of the traditional bamboo whisk are replicated by the magnetic whisker that mixes cold water with the tea for a frothy matcha-presso!

Matcha tea has been challenging coffee by providing lasting energy without jitters or caffeine crashes making it the hero for non-coffee drinkers. The all-in-one tea maker also comes with an aluminum canister to keep your leaves fresh and supports sustainable tea farming with eco-friendly packaging, they really mean green business in every sense. My personal tip on enjoying matcha is with steamed almond milk (oat milk if you have a nut allergy) for chilly days or with lemon sparkling water for summer – you will love it as matcha I do!

Designer: Cuzan Matcha

A portable glass grill for a clean safe cooking experience!

Everyone loves pulling out their grills to cook up some delicious barbecue! However, traditional grills tend to be messy and cumbersome. They’re not the easiest to carry around, are also difficult to clean and dealing with the smoke and high temperatures can be harmful to our health. I mean nobody likes to burn themselves while grilling a hearty steak! Hence product designer Burak Keseci designed Magma Glass. As its name implies Magma Glass is a glass grill, a truly one-of-a-kind portable grill.

Designer: Burak Keseci

Featuring stainless steel and glass, the usual metallic grill plate or grid has been replaced with a glass surface. The unique transparent surface provides a very modern look to the product, something that could merge perfectly with your kitchen. The patented nano carbon-coated glass allows it to act as a homogenous heating source while consuming an impressively low amount of energy. Not to mention the grilling grid is thermochromic, so its color changes to red once it gets too hot! No more burning or stinging yourself due to high temperatures! A piezo-controlled touch interface on one side of the grill allows you to choose from four different grilling modes, enabling you to customize the temperature and cooking duration according to the food item you’re preparing.

Unlike the conventional grates on a grill, the glass surface prevents any food from sticking on to it, so cleaning and maintaining your barbecue grill has never been easier! You can easily detach the cooking surface, and clean it in your dishwasher. The excessive oil accumulated while cooking escapes through a drain, and is automatically stored in a container. So you can discard the oil with ease as well. While designing Magma Glass, Keseci took everything into consideration creating an easy to use, convenient and not to mention good looking grill! We cant wait to get our hands on this someday.

No more waiting for an empty room to step on this scale

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to step on the scale and perhaps didn’t feel confident? It can make many of us feel conscious to get on a weighing scale, it feels like everyone is watching you and judging you based on a number – that may or may not be true, but privacy is a right and Privacy weighing scale is here to make you feel more comfortable. You don’t have to weight (see what I did there?) to see if the room is empty enough before you step up!

Some personal information, no matter how trivial, is important enough for us to guard. For me personally, it is my eye power and I always hesitate to disclose that. When it comes to weight, everyone can see the digits and that is harder to hide compared to me saying “I don’t want to disclose that information” and we all deserve that privacy. So this simple yet ingenious weighing machine protects that right to personal information for us with a simple shallow wall around the number screen, this way only those standing on the scale can see the result. Now that is the kind of wall we don’t mind building!

The build is minimal and doesn’t draw attention – exactly what the core of this revised scale aims to be. Self-care isn’t always facemasks and candles, sometimes it is knowing that you are doing your best and nobody is judging you for it. The privacy weighing scale might just be giving us the tiny boost we need to be carefree in loving ourselves.

Designer: Hoyoung Joo

Who knew an aroma-diffusing vortex could be so calming?

Part aroma diffuser, part snow-globe-inspired desktop delight, the Twystr brings a visual element to aromatic diffusion. Rather than just diffusing the mist into the air, it does so by creating a miniature vortex trapped within a glass bell-jar-style lid with an orifice at the top that allows the mist to escape into the air. This visual flair isn’t just an aesthetic feature, it helps the Twystr diffuse aroma efficiently and with speed.

Twystr is a better, better-looking aroma diffuser that allows you to turn your diffused essential oils into a swirling mist that catches the eye. Its design features a 150ml lower-reservoir for water and the essential oil of your choice, a silent fan, and a specially formulated air-vent that creates the vortex within the upper chamber covered by a borosilicate glass cloche. The Twystr even comes with an RGB LED embedded within its lower chamber that helps illuminate the vortex, creating a stunning multisensory experience as the vortex, visible to the eye, glows with colors, while dispersing into the air to fill your room with the fragrance of your choice. The Twystr comes with 12 hours of run-time and works via USB, allowing you to hook it even to a power bank, so you can carry it around into any room you want.

Designer: Twystr Team

An automated composting bin that makes living sustainably easy

Want to join the reuse, reduce, recycle gang but overwhelmed about managing trash? Fear not, Sepura’s Home Food Waste device is here to make your 2020 more sustainable! This is currently the only sustainable food waste disposing device on the market that does it all to make food waste management an effortless experience – municipality authorized, septic friendly and self-cleaning!

The waste can fit all kitchen sinks and spaces also providing a connection to built-in dishwasher drains that separate food from liquid waste. It takes it one step further by also collecting the food waste from the dishwasher and a safer alternative to the traditional garbage disposal. You can store your food waste for up to 4 weeks without any odors and reduce the usage of plastic garbage bags.

Sepura Home includes features such as flood detection, autostop, and it even cleans itself quietly so you can now run it at night too – could composting be easier than this? You can use your sink to discard all foods now without stressing and let the device do the job for you – push one button and it will separate the waste into an odorless, sealed collection center in a few seconds. There is a light indicator tells you how full the collection center is, just slide out the inner compartment and dispose of the organics in your compost or curbside collection bin.

Let the composting begin!

Designer: Sepura

Inclusively designed washing machine that takes a new ‘angle’ on doing laundry

Taking everyday home appliances and turning them into inclusive design products is an art and the world needs more of it! While most kitchen appliances have become smarter, tasks like vacuuming the house or doing laundry, require the user to be completely able which makes a lot of people dependent on others. Slip Wash is a concept design for a laundry machine that aims to solve this issue and make independent living possible for wheelchair users.

The usual washing machine takes up more space with the front opening door and makes it harder for the user to navigate around with a wheelchair. Even in the drum washing machine, the height of the opening makes it difficult for a person in the wheelchair to operate it. In Slip Wash, the door slides up and the washing container is in the front, which makes the space less restrictive and reduces the maneuvering and bending the user would usually have to do.

Slip Wash is a concept that can eliminate the space and navigation issue making laundry day a less daunting errand for those in a wheelchair. It is the small things in your day to day life that give you independence and inclusive design a tool that enables us to give that gift of freedom.

Designer: Jiheon Song