This vacuum cleaner designed for small spaces breaks down into 4 parts to save storage space!

H5 is a multifunctional vacuum cleaner designed for small spaces that can break down into four parts that fit into a compact charging bin for easy storage.

While living tiny is all the rage nowadays, it takes some skill to keep small city spaces clean. Especially when you live in an old apartment building or with pets, vacuuming becomes a daily chore. While vacuuming small spaces goes by quickly, storing a bulky vacuum cleaner becomes a nuisance just as quickly. To keep small spaces clean without the pain of storing big cleaning appliances, industrial designer Yipeng Zhu ideated a space-saving multifunctional vacuum cleaner called H5 that shrinks down to almost a ⅓ of its height.

H5 keeps an overall slim build when assembled and when disassembled so it doesn’t take up too much space in storage. When disassembled, H5 breaks down into four parts and fits into one charging case that can easily slip away behind any table or into the closet to free up floor space.

When users would like to use the vacuum, putting H5 together comes just as easily as putting together any other vacuum. The main pipe connects via telescopic tubing where the vacuum head also easily attaches.  Equipped with modular parts, H5 comes with three different vacuum heads that can be switched out for various cleaning needs.

A cylindrical brush is ideal for cleaning up dustballs and stubborn carpet stains. While the other two rectangular heads come in two different sizes to fit into tight corners and behind doors. Even the hose and pipe of H5 take on a narrow, cylindrical build to ensure it can fit underneath the bed and even under the refrigerator to pick up the dust that’s harder to reach with traditional, bulky vacuums.

A solid collection of electrical cleaning appliances is essential for tiny living spaces–especially when you reside in a big city. However, the majority of most electrical appliances are designed for large homes, prioritizing the small technical details over versatility and portability.

H5 is a vacuum cleaner that can tuck away into the smallest of crawlspaces (or literally wherever there’s room) when not in use and whose small assembled size allows it to get to the hardest-to-reach corners of your apartment when cleaning.

Designer: Yipeng Zhu

Intuitive controls and signals outfit H5’s entire build. 

H5 comes with three different brush heads to ensure the ideal tool for each cleaning job. 

The compact charging case is small enough to tuck away into any corner or closet. 

Shrinking down to what seems like a 1/3 of H5’s assembled height, the charging case is an ultimate space-saver. 

This biophilic air purifier uses 100% fully biodegradable filters to combat landfill waste!

Olus is a compact, biophilic air purifier designed for those living in small city spaces and is stocked with 100% fully biodegradable filters to combat landfill waste.

In major cities, dealing with air pollution is a given. We check the AQI just like we check the weather. As soon as the AQI slips into the yellow and worse yet, red territories, that’s when our air purifiers start whirring. However, living in small city spaces makes dragging bulky air purifiers from the closet feel like a chore and when everyone’s using one, the waste produced from discarding used air filters becomes another problem. That’s why Louie Duncan created Olus, a compact, biophilic air purifier designed with 100% fully biodegradable air filters.

Breathing in polluted air is physically unhealthy and the mental strain that comes from dealing with its effects only amplifies the stress. Then, the waste produced as a result makes poor air quality that much more difficult to combat, garnering 6,000 tonnes of air filter waste every year, all of which ends up in landfills. Most air purifiers taking on a bulky build with a clinical aesthetic, so Duncan aimed to give Olus an inviting look with biophilic accents that warm up its personality to enhance the product-user relationship. A digital display panel also reveals the room’s AQI, temperature, and other data.

Taking to nature for inspiration, Olus features organic forms, patterns, and textures like a moss-covered exterior and abstract trims that resemble flower petals. The filter, fan, and motor encased inside Olus’s body operate the product’s purification method in a similar fashion to most air purifiers, except Olus only works with 100% fully biodegradable filters.

The two-stage air filtration process purifies the air in any room, with the interior fan drawing in air to push through a layer of dried moss that removes large pollutants before passing through a high-efficiency particulate air filter that removes 90% of fine particulate matter. The plant-based biodegradable air filters are made from polylactic acid, a derivative of corn plants, and can be sent to Olus following use where they’ll be composted.

Designer: Louie Duncan x Christian P Kerrigan Architecture

An interior look reveals that even the encased fan resembles flower petals.

The fan, filtration system, and motor are stacked inside of Olus. 

Dried moss coats the exterior of Olus with a preliminary filtration system. 

Users can easily replace the air filters by dissembling Olus into three parts. 

Duncan created Olus to have an air purifier on the market that produces zero waste while cleaning the air we breathe.

These portable medical devices are designed be a completely incognito health monitoring setup

Lunit is a collection of portable medical devices designed to be inconspicuous for comfortable use in public settings.

Portable medical devices are trusted by those of us with health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Recontextualizing the portable medical device to be more accessible and tactful, designers Dayeon Jang and Sungchae Park created Lunit, a collection of portable medical devices designed for use in public settings.

Lunit is comprised of four medical devices: an inhaler, blood glucose meter, insulin syringe, and a blood pressure oximeter. Jang and Park took on the portable medical device because they noticed a lack of ergonomics and comfort in the antiquated medical devices still on the market today. Each device of Lunit is inspired by the dark side of the moon to be inconspicuous at first glance, laced in smoky black and gray tones and wrapped in translucent coverings reminiscent of evening mist.

Lunit’s inhaler comes in the same familiar shape as traditional inhalers, but a tubelike build with rounded corners and edges gives it a smoother grip and more ergonomic handling shape. The translucent coverings on both ends of the inhaler also work to give it a more obscure look.

Jang and Park reinterpreted the blood glucose meter as a household product that could be taken on the go as easily as the inhaler. The insulin syringe also finds a bit of obscurity through translucent, foggy coverings that conceal the full function of the syringe, giving it a design as discreet as a pen’s. Finally, the blood pressure oximeter is small enough to fit inside your breast or back pocket and comes with all the functions of a traditional oximeter.

Designed to fit inside your pocket, portable medical devices like inhalers and insulin syringes allow users to take care of restricted airways and high blood sugar levels from anywhere, but sometimes the device’s aesthetic design is less user-friendly than their portability. In prioritizing a discreet look for Lunit, the designers hoped to dampen the staring eyes and stigma typically associated with portable medical devices.

Speaking to this, the designers suggest, “When using medical devices outside, users can [become] nervous or uncomfortable because they are worried about what people think about them or their actions. We want to solve [this] through design so that users with underlying diseases can no longer hide and take care of their health with confidence.”

Designers: Sungchae Park and Dayeon Jang

The ribbed, translucent covering of Lunit’s insulin syringe gives it inconspicuous concealment.

When covered, the insulting syringe from Lunit looks like a pen. 

The blood pressure oximeters are adorned with yellow dots similar to a starry night.

Small enough to fit into any pocket, Lunit’s oximeter can be taken anywhere.

The household blood glucose meter looks just like a portable radio.

Equipped with their own carrying case, each device from Lunit is designed to make taking care of yourself look as good as it feels.

Retro-inspired home gadgets designed with modern functionality to take you on a trip down memory lane!

There’s something about all things retro that I simply cannot resist! I love products that evoke a deep sense of nostalgia within us and take us right back to the 80s. As innovative and futuristic gadgets are today, sometimes you just feel like escaping from all the modernism and immersing yourself in the simplicity of the past. To help you experience this, we’ve curated a collection of retro-inspired gadgets that promise to take you on a trip down memory lane, and they’re designed especially for your home! From a Nixie tube tabletop clock to a retro-inspired minimal radio – this collection of gadgets are the perfect little retro additions to your living space! Though these gadgets are wonderfully retro-esque, they have been imbibed with modern functionality. Their aesthetics may be from their past, but their utility is embedded in the future. Enjoy!

The Nextube is a product of that cultural throwback but relies on today’s tech. It mimics the raw, retro appeal of nixie tubes, but given how rare these tubes are (since they stopped production in the 90s), the Nextube uses a clever set of mini LED displays encased in vacuum glass tubes. Complete with a neat walnut wood base and brass trims, the Nextube looks like something from an 80s laboratory on your desk. The steampunk gadget comes with 6 individual displays that tell the time as well as the weather, in that gloriously vintage nixie-inspired glowing font. Its primary function is that of a tabletop clock and alarm, however, the 6 mini displays can be programmed to display practically anything, from the weather to your YouTube subscriber count, the price of your favorite cryptocurrency, or even a countdown clock for a pre-set date/time.

Meet RMV – a turntable designed to blend the retro and modern vibe, hence the initials! By combining the past turntable and modern technology, RMV brings the past and the present together in a naturally harmonious manner. This design allows people to feel both analog and digital sensibilities unique to the turntable. It lets you enjoy listening to music using mobile phones, headsets, and speakers via Bluetooth. RMV is not heavier than traditional turntable in form and each CMF detail has been carefully picked to make sure it suits pretty much every interior setup. Its aesthetic pursues spatiality and morphological sophistication with minimal design.

Dadaism J’s desk heater wears a glossy, retro finish and takes a vertical, cylindrical shape to easily fit onto any desk in any office. Dadaism J’s portable Desk Heater is a wired appliance that works in a similar fashion to traditional space heaters, by simply plugging the Desk Heater’s cord into the wall, the appliance disperses warm air into the room. Embedded inside Desk Heater’s main compartment, heat coils convert the electrical energy into heat, sending it through the heater’s diagonal plastic grating. Throughout Desk Heater’s build, minimalist accents like the grating give the appliance a finished look. Desk Heater echoes the design language of retro ‘50s home appliances through its slick, glossy finish, but packs the heat with an intuitive control panel fit for today.

Riding on the retro-wave is Retio, an all-in-one retro radio, Bluetooth speaker, and clock that comes with a simple, sophisticated, steampunk-inspired design. Handcrafted in California, the Retio comes with a Walnut wood body surrounded by a brass accent, a fabric frontal clad, beautifully knurled brass knobs, and the Retio’s pièce de résistance, a display crafted from four genuine vintage Nixie tubes! A portmanteau of the words Retro and Radio, Retio focuses on the sheer beauty of artifacts from the decades gone by. It harks back to a simpler time but showcases the incredibly complex 70-year old nixie-tube technology that remains equally captivating even today. The tubes are genuine vintages, having been built more than 30 years ago but preserved in mint condition.

The new JBL SA750 takes me back to my childhood home’s downstairs audio system, coated in aluminum with teak wood veneer side paneling and stainless steel, sheathed control knobs for sensitive tuning. JBL’s SA750 offers a mellowed upgrade from the audio giant’s amplifiers of the 60s and 70s. With most of the front panel on the SA750 maintaining the original interface of dials and knobs from the late 20th century 600 and 660 SA models, some key differences were made, however, in order to accommodate modern-day technology. Doubling the SA600’s single audio jack for two, one for headphones and one for an aux cord, the new JBL SA750 offers options for both solo and group listening. The new hi-fi amp is also geared for Apple AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast, or UPnP connectivity and can transition between MC and MM to generate the signal for users hoping to plug in their pre-amp.

The Baseus Personal Refridgerator concept by Jiujiu Hu certainly falls in the aesthetic category but that doesn’t stop us from loving it any lesser! With a form factor that merges an almost android design with that of a retro TV, this portable personal refrigerator is here to serve us, literally. The heat of summer is upon us, anything that is cold or chilled is in demand. This cute robot-like design with its shiny reflective surface (truly it only needs big eyes to make us fall in love even more) and its leather strap is a way cooler alternative to the old-school icebox or coolers we lug around everywhere (can you imagine how much cooler Netflix and chill would be with this by your side?).

There is this thing about vinyl, only someone who owns a collection – big or small – would know. Yes, the glorious sound is one of them and you would agree to that, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. It is actually the overall experience with these fragile records that you just cannot have enough of. If you know what we mean, you would be anything but lured by the fine lines and details of this luxurious gramophone. You’d be yearning for one to play your collection! Designed by Moiless, a studio that believes designing is like writing a novel – it’s about telling a story and expressing feelings. The atelier thrives on designing and manufacturing emotional items and their record player does just that for fanatics who cherish the conventional way to replay the sound of music. Featuring a seamless design it comes integrated into a wooden rack, which houses a speaker system right under the player, and has an opening to stack your vinyl collection below.

The Split Drum washing machine has three separate sections, so you can wash all your supposedly “un-mixable” clothes in one load. The boards are also removable for additional flexibility. After all, not everyone has an equal ratio of dark, light, and white clothing in their closet. In addition to solving an issue that has inconvenienced young adults for years, the Split Drum is very pleasing to look at. The white color and the gold accents give the machine a bright yet retro-inspired feel that I think fits the personality of many young professionals. The Split Drum is not an appliance that will be hidden away in a basement – because what young 20-something can afford a two-floor apartment?

Featuring an adorable square shape, the R1 Deluxe Bluetooth Radio carries a very retro-esque charm, however, its functionality is deeply rooted in the present. Equipped with the latest OLED display, the display showcases the song you’re listening to, the time, and any alarm details you may have set. No matter which angle you may view it from, the display is always legible, retaining its readability from every position. The brightness can be adjusted according to your needs. What makes the stereo even more interesting is its RotoDial controller! Radios usually tend to be accompanied by a bunch of dials and knobs, however, Ruark Audio’s trademark RotoDial eliminates the need for multiple buttons, allowing easy access and control of the radio.

Designer Jieun Jeong hit the nail on the head with the YouTube Radio concept. I’m interested in the categories and the channels, and the randomness of the picks that YT intuitively plays out for me. And this is one of the key functionalities of this concept. Envisioned as an analog radio, the YouTube Radio provides an interface that delivers content through sound. Taking inspiration from the YT icon as well as the TV and radio sets from the 70s and 80s, we have a device that features a radio, dial, pen, buttons, and a holder.

Morphy Richards multi-oven with unique lid mechanism exudes a refreshing classic vibe

A unique oven design carefully thought-of for modern users who appreciate the retro influence in their home appliances and of course the cool factor every wannabe chef wants to explore.

Move over the conventional ovens that we all have got so bored of, as the Morphy Richards multi-oven has arrived on the scene breaking the monotony of the same old cooking methods. The silver lining here is the unique design evolution of the similar-looking ovens while bringing an element of classic feel to one of the most important kitchen appliances on the planet. After all, the greatest chefs all these years won’t have been able to explore their creativity without the good old oven in their arsenal if I put it mildly.

Morphy Richards Multi Oven Concept by Souther ID

While most of Braun’s Dieter Rams-influenced designs have a definitive element of minimalism, this bold Morphy Richards oven design takes a detour for a more SMEG approach. It exudes that hint of a retro that takes one into the realms of good old times where every appliance used in the kitchen had its own profound aura. Just have a look at the cool sea green or navy blue-colored aesthetics dominated by the toaster-like opening mechanism of this appliance. Then there are the nostalgic dials and slider buttons which bring back the cherished memories of robust appliances of the golden era.

Morphy Richards Multi Oven Concept by Souther ID

The designer gives his imagination wings with this Morphy Richards oven while mindfully keeping the practical aspect of daily use in mind. Be it baking a fresh batch of cookies, making crisp toasts or smoking meat – this desirable oven can do it all in unprecedented style. This Morphy Richards multi oven is good for any cooking regimen and fits into any kitchen countertop design – be it conventional or ultra-modern.

Designer: Souther Design

Morphy Richards Multi Oven Concept by Souther ID

Morphy Richards Multi Oven Concept by Souther ID

Morphy Richards Multi Oven Concept by Souther ID

Morphy Richards Multi Oven Concept by Souther ID

Morphy Richards Multi Oven Concept by Souther ID

Morphy Richards Multi Oven Concept by Souther ID

Morphy Richards Multi Oven Concept by Souther ID

The Top 10 Product Designs that emerged as the innovative and groundbreaking trends of August!

August was an exciting month at Yanko Design. We came across innovative and intriguing designs that left a lasting impression on our minds. 2021 ends in a couple of months, and the design industry hasn’t disappointed a bit this year! Our curiosity and interest are piqued – what will the remainder of the year bring us? Are new horizons going to be discovered and boundaries pushed in the design world? And what will these experiments in creativity eventually lead to? As we keep our fingers crossed, and hope to be thoroughly impressed, let’s appreciate the best designs that we have come across till now! Here’s a collection of the designs we absolutely loved in the month of August. Each of these designs touched a chord within us. From a sleek quiet solar generator to keep your home appliances running during a power outage to a portable laser engraver that lets you customize almost anything – not only do these innovative product designs address unique problems but also promise to make our daily lives a little better. We hope you enjoy them as well!

Portable EV chargers have caught pace in the last few years, and the A-monite, a concept for a portable electric vehicle fast charger is one fine example of how the intention is altering and is revolutionizing the way people think of electric vehicle ownership. A portable charger like the A-monite removes the question of where, when, and how out of actually charging the electric vehicle. It taps into the lack of charging infrastructure so that a vehicle does not have to be towed to a charging station – if it’s stranded on the highway. Instead, it can be powered up, right there and then with a portable charger in the boot of the car. It is an interesting alternative to the fixed stands installed in the parking lots, buildings, and in outdoors.

The Generark HomePower 2 is a backup battery for your home that’s cheaper than setting up a generator or shelling $12,000 on a Tesla Powerwall, it’s also classier and less noisy than those gas-powered generators that definitely seem archaic. Standing at roughly 2 feet tall and weighing a pretty commendable 45 pounds (20 kilos), the Generark HomePower 2 comes with an electric-vehicle-grade high-performance Lithium-ion NMC battery that can power 99% of your home appliances (even the heavy-duty ones). It doesn’t require installation or even a permit and can be carried or wheeled around the house depending on where you need it. Each Generark comes with 4 AC outlets, 2 USB-A ports, 2 USB-C ports, and a 12V/10A car outlet to power a host of devices.

Dim the lights and switch the Gingko Smart Moon Lamp on and it quite literally looks like you’ve got a supermoon inside your home! Its gravity-defying levitating design completes the illusion, creating a pretty remarkable-looking prop that’s great for decor as well as photography! The floating moon comes 3D printed from translucent PLA, complete with craters and undulating surface details to make it look like the real thing, and it floats on its base too, gently rotating as a planetary object would. 140mm (5.5 inches) in diameter, the moon floats on a wooden base made of dark walnut or light ash wood, suspended in place by a strong rare-earth magnet.

Designed by Acasso, this wireless charging pad features a beautiful suede leather pillow! A machined aluminum base is accentuated by a soft suede pillow, creating a mesmerizing contrast. It’s an aesthetic twist on the sleek and techy-looking charging pads we’ve grown so accustomed to. It’s the perfect design for those who want their smartphone accessories to not only do the job but also look mighty fine while doing it! The charger is available in two subtle colors – mint and lavender. Wouldnt this be the ideal companion for the newly launched iPhone 13 family and their exciting range of colors?!

RA Laser Z3 is a compact and portable laser engraving tool with an open base design so that anyone can laser engrave their products from anywhere for any reason. Before use, the RA Laser Z3 folds down to the height of a closed book. When users unfold the RA Laser Z3 to engrave an item, the bulk of the laser opens up just like a book as the engraving module swings out to form an L-shape. From there, users position the products they’d like to engrave beneath the bottom rectangular frame. Designed with an open base, the RA Laser Z3 is prepared for users to engrave products of any size, from iPhones to dog tags.

Designed by industrial design team KIWI DESIGN, the portable washer employs a quick sanitization technology to do the dirty job of cleaning your messy underwear, vest, and socks in a jiffy. Anything that fits the small dryer and washer is good to go –handkerchiefs, masks, or gloves being one. The bottom section of the portable machine made from super-elastic nickel-titanium alloy expands to the shape of an inverted lampshade to support the drying bag. Since sanitation is an integral part of our current lifestyle, the portable dryer gets rid of any bacterial or fungal build-up in the undergarments thanks to the high-temperature sanitization. This in fact doubles as a dryer for the clothing in the consequent step. In just 15-30 minutes the gadget readies you for a fresh start to the day.

Remember CDs? They pretty much dominated the early 2000s, and though most of us have abandoned them, they’re still a few nostalgia lovers out there who manage to find some use for CDs! And this CD case by Bratus Agency for GBOX Studios is a pretty unique one. The origami-inspired CD case is not only interesting to use, but also interesting to make! You could try creating it at home with some stationery paper. It’s also sustainable and recyclable!

The tiny measuring device comes with a design and form factor that’s highly reminiscent of the rather iconic Motorola Aura from 2008. Its distinctly familiar design aside, the MEAZOR is an incredibly powerful measuring device, capable of accurately scanning floor plans, measuring small and large distances (even on curved paths), working as a contour gauge and saving all your metrics to your phone. Its curved design sports a wheel on one side (that lets you measure distances by rolling on surfaces), and a laser gauge on the other side (working as an accurate 2D scanner and laser measurer). Sitting between them is a circular multi-touch display, and a single button interface that allows you to measure distances, save the metrics, and share them to your phone.

Partnering with Japan-based startup ViXion, Nendo has unveiled an eponymously named mixed-reality headset that’s designed specifically for people with reduced visibility. ViXion is a sleek headset that helps the legally blind (or people suffering from night blindness) see around them. The headset comes with a camera that captures the world ahead of the wearer, while an internal processor increases the visibility of the footage by amping up the brightness and the contrast, and projects the images onto the wearer’s eyes, allowing them to see better.

Named after its inspiration, the Kero from Gantri is a lamp that’s equal parts retro and modern. The origins of its design come from the antique kerosene-based lamps used popularly in the 1800s, while its modern element is ostensibly its minimal design (created by Elvin Chu of studio noun), and the fact that the lamp runs on modern LEDs instead of burning kerosene. Manufactured by Gantri, the lamp’s body is 3D printed too (out of the proprietary Gantri Plant Polymers) and comes in either black, sand, or the iconic red.

This lightweight drip coffee maker made from heat-resistant glass comes in a portable travel case for coffee to go!

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

The “Minimal” is a travel drip coffee maker that’s portable and lightweight by design, offering a technical build to ensure the perfect drip with each brew.

Coffee drinking is serious business. No matter where we might find ourselves when we wake up in the morning, there’s only one thing on our minds: coffee. Possibly one of the worst feelings in the world is when you’re craving a cup of coffee but don’t have access to one. Whether you’re camping or just away from your favorite coffee shop, having a travel coffee maker is essential. Minimal, a travel drip coffee maker designed by Eilong ensures you’ll never be without coffee, wherever you might find your mornings.

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Encased in a vinyl travel case, Minimal is made up of a glass dripper and cup, and a filter stand stocked with reusable cloth filters. Both the glass dripper and cup are made from borosilicate glass to ensure the same quality heat resistance found in glassware like Pyrex and lab flasks.

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Minimal also comes with a wooden lid that doubles as a coaster so when you’re camping, you’ll always have a place to set your cup. Minimal was designed to be portable, so the whole set allows room for around 9.5 oz of liquid, just the right amount of coffee to get you through the morning. The glass filter and cloth filters were both shaped into a cone to ensure strong brews and the ideal drip speed.

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

All of the items that comprise Minimal can be consolidated into the vinyl travel case and come with a leather grip loop so it’s easy to bring Minimal with you wherever you go. Recognized by the Red Dot jury for its portability and organic materials used in construction, the Red Dot Award jury notes, “Natural materials promote a way of preparing coffee that is perceived as ­highly original. The astonishing functionality of this set is highly convincing.”

Designer: Eilong

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

All the contents of Minimal fit into one another to optimize portability. 

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Encased in a vinyl travel case, Minimal is the ideal camping companion for morning brews.

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

The wooden top of Minimal doubles as a coaster. 

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

The leather grip on Minimal’s glassware allows for easy handling without feeling the full heat from the coffee. 

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Portable by design, Minimal is small enough to take with you on the go.

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

The cloth filters that come with Minimal can be washed and reused with each new brew. 

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This wireless power bank ditches bulk for a slim build and attaches to your smartphone via micro-suction cups!

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

Adsorb is a wireless power bank that attaches to the back of your smartphone with micro-suction cups and replaces the bulky design of current power banks with a slimmer build.

Charging our smartphones while we’re out is always an uphill battle. You either have to ask the waiter or bartender if they have a charging cable or available outlet for yours. Your only other option is a bulky power bank that weighs and measures three times the weight and size of your phone, which is no fun carrying around. Alas, we need that juice. Slimming down its bulk and outfitting it with silicone suction cups to attach to your smartphone, industrial designer Wenjie Zheng gave the classic power bank a much-needed makeover, calling it Adsorb.

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

In conceptualizing Adsorb, Zheng hoped to swap out the conventional power bank’s heavyweight and large size for a much slimmer power bank that attaches to the back of your smartphone, requiring no wires for operation. Since we tend to use power banks only when we’re desperate for battery–like when we’re at 1% but need to seal that uber ride before the screen goes dark–Zheng cut down the size and output of the power bank to allow for a slimmer build.

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

In conceptualizing Adsorb, Zheng also aimed to give the power bank a more emotive and appealing look, ditching the industrial tech look of typical power banks for a simultaneously eye-catching and discreet final look. Without the need for wires, Adsorb attaches to the back of your smartphone via a grid of suctions, adhering to and merging with your smartphone to look like a purposeful design.

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

Adsorb was designed by Zheng to appeal to everyone, with his conceptualization showcasing an array of different colors ranging from marbled yellow, to sky blue, dual-tone orange, heather gray, and even violet. Considering the antiquated design of most power banks on the market, Zheng’s visualizes a wireless power bank that attaches to the back of your phone and rises to the quality of technology it powers up.

Designer: Wenjie Zheng

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

Using micro-suction cups, Adsorb attaches to the back of your smartphone to charge it.

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

Discreet by design, Adsorb blends into your smartphone like a charging case. 

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

Coming in blood orange, Zheng conceptualized an Adsorb for every taste.

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

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This redesign of the kitchen sink was built on a scheme of chamfers and angled edges for one-handed users to use as leverage!

Moray is a statement kitchen sink built on a scheme of chamfers, angled surfaces, and curved edges designed for one-handed users like amputees, parents, and those with an injured upper limb to use as leverage when washing dishes.

Even those who claim to enjoy washing dishes put it off sometimes. And don’t hold your breath for the rest of us. While it can feel like a mindless chore for some of us–amputees, parents of young children, and people with injured upper limbs must consider their best approach when washing dishes because conventional sinks don’t cater to one-handed dishwashing techniques. Changing this, Natalia Baltazar, a Bay Area industrial design student developed a statement kitchen sink that’s designed to be universal.

Providing leverage for one-handed users, Moray is built with an assortment of chamfers, angled surfaces, and curved edges that hold dishes in one place while they’re getting washed. In refining her universal kitchen sink, Baltazar identified the obstacles faced in the kitchen for one-handed dishwashers and sought to solve them with Moray. Following a series of indirect observation and ideation periods, Baltazar learned that it’s less so about introducing new tools and more about redesigning the sink from the basin up.

Inspired by the traditional dual-basin sink, Moray features a deep soaking basin where dishes can soak before getting scrubbed down with a sponge and soap. Inspired by terrace farming, undulating chamfers, ridges, and angled edges are located beside the water basin where dishwashers can position the plates to remain in place while scrubbing them down. Baltazar even thought of a cavity in the design scheme where dishwashers can wedge sponges to wash utensils.

The curvilinear design of the dish racks are points of leverage for dishwashers and completely drain of water thanks to their rounded edges. The only difference between Moray and the traditional sink is the appearance. Users can even install Moray the same way they’d install a conventional kitchen sink, with the option of an overmount or under-mount installation.

Designer: Natalia Baltazar x Smll Design

Baltazar incorporated narrow cavities where users can wedge sponges to clean utensils.

Users would have the choice of an overmount or under-mount installation for Moray. 

Inspired by the traditional kitchen sink, Moray has a sink basin and an area with chamfers for leverage.

After finalizing the functionality of Moray, Baltazar conceptualized it in different acrylic colors.

Users place dishes on the right side of Moray to hold them in place while they get washed.

Following an involved ideation and research period, Baltazar settled on a final form for Moray.

Deciding against the incorporation of new tools, Baltazar went ahead and redesigned the kitchen sink from the basin up.

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A modular light fixture inspired by the abacus lets you add, subtract and have fun with your light setup!

Abaculux is a modular light fixture inspired by the abacus, an ancient counting tool used for centuries, allowing users to add and subtract as many light bulbs necessary to achieve that prime lighting.

The abacus is an ancient counting frame tool that can aid in addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. While they have been used for centuries, abacuses are still made today, often with a bamboo frame and sliding wires stocked with counting beads. Taking inspiration from the ancient mathematical tool, designer Pranjal Uday developed Abaculux, a modular light fixture that takes the same shape as an abacus, allowing users to add and subtract light bulbs however they choose.

The Abaculux is a minimalist light fixture, rising as a single standing rod with a collection of golden light bulbs lining it up and down. Outfitted with a flared trumpet base, Abaculux is bottom-heavy with a steady build that manages to carry multiple light bulbs at once. Uday created Abaculux in part to make the energy consumption of light more apparent by revealing to users how much light they use in a visual presentation they can actually count.

When users want to add a bulb to the electrical rod, they can be slid down and onto the dock where they light up once connected to the pole’s conduction terminals. Following the same method, users can add or subtract however many light bulbs necessary for their preferred lighting. The lightbulbs can also be configured in varying layouts, allowing users to bunch the bulbs at the bottom or appear more spread out over the pole.

Designed for users to witness how much energy they consume when using light fixtures like lamps and LEDs, Pranjal Uday’s Abaculux is a clever reinterpretation of the ancient counting tool we’ve relied on for accurate measurement for centuries. Inspired by the abacus’s shape and design, Abaculux is familiar in appearance but unconventional in design, enhancing its ergonomic build and savvy look.

Designer: Pranjal Uday

Users can either let the light bulbs bunch up at the pole’s bottom or leave them to spread out. 

The conduction terminal gives light to each bulb when connected.

The post A modular light fixture inspired by the abacus lets you add, subtract and have fun with your light setup! first appeared on Yanko Design.