This sustainably designed clothing peg can reduce plastic waste!

Clothing pegs are made of cheap plastic that only adds to the mounting pollution problem. These are not recycled and the bad quality means we go through them faster which generates more waste. There are alternatives like metal pegs but Indian designer Rutvik Jadhav gives us another innovative option – Blip! Blip is a clothing peg made from rubber that can be easily recycled and lasts for a longer time! It also can be flat-packed and stored easily reducing the hazard of plastic pegs.

Unlike the traditional peg that has plastic and metal components that increase manufacturing costs, Blip is entirely made from rubber. Traditional pegs can leave stains on the fabric from the rusted metal and the spring wears out pretty fast – these two problems were solved with Blip’s material choice and form. Similar to the snap bands from our childhood, Blip is organic and easier to use. Jadhav used two of Dieter Ram’s principles to guide him with his project – “good design lasts long” and “good design is environmentally friendly” which shines through Blip’s purpose and simplicity.

“Blip is a two-month personal project where I tried to redesign a clothing peg. I believe in Dieter Ram’s principles and have tried to apply them to all that I create. My aim to create that can conserve the ecosystem and help humanity too. That is why I designed Blip – a sustainable, innovative, and distinct clothing peg,” says Jadhav. The flexible design and innovative approach to something as mundane as a clothing peg has given us an eco-friendly alternative that could help reduce tonnes of plastic waste. Blip can easily be mass-produced and adopted at a large scale, so let’s make a difference one blip at a time.

Designer: Rutvik Jadhav






This smart heat press takes on an ergonomic and intuitive design to help beginners feel more focused!

Everyone picked up a hobby during the pandemic. While some of us took up gardening and others learned how to create jewelry, a good chunk of us began designing our own clothes. Finding the right equipment, like gardening or metalworking tools, for new hobbies can be a tough ask since we’re only starting out. Noticing the rise in popularity over designing hand-pressed clothes, Suosi Design created Viso Press, a smart heat press for heat pressing patterns onto clothing that makes the beginner process feel a lot more seamless.

Minimal by design, Viso Press ditches the chunky, hefty structure of the heat press table and takes on a slimmer body formed into the shape of a conventional steam iron. Heat-pressing requires a lot of focus and precision, so the designers at Suosi Design embedded Viso Press with smart features that help make heat-pressing feel a lot less intimidating, allowing beginners to focus solely on pressing their patterns onto clothing items. Viso Press features a round screen in its center that works as the device’s main display screen. There, users can adjust the heat and time settings on Viso Press. Altogether, users can operate Viso Press with just one hand since all of the control options can be found on the round display screen, just above the handle. By consolidating all of the controls into one screen, beginners need only look there for the next step.

Large heat-pressing tables can feel intimidating. If I didn’t know better, looking at one for the first time, I might think it was some clunky blacksmithing tool. To make the process of heat pressing feel a little more welcoming and interactive, Viso Press lets users guide their own progress with a tool that feels ergonomic and looks a little more familiar.

Designer: Suosi Design

Viso Press takes on the shape of a traditional iron to enhance its usability and ergonomic design.

Ditching the heft of a heat press table for a sleek, minimal design, Viso Press feels a lot less intimidating.

Viso Press consolidates its entire control panel into one round screen that features control options like temperature and time settings.

Minimal by design, Viso Press can be stored anywhere.

Small enough to fit in casual places, Viso Press only has to be plugged in for use.

To activate Viso Press, users only have to dislodge it from its base and begin pressing patterns onto their clothing.

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