LG Display’s transparent OLED puts a screen between you and the sushi chef

As per its annual tradition, LG Display is preparing to show off some new display tech demos for CES 2021, with the latest focus set on showing where transparent OLED may fit in the pandemic age. The Korean company is setting up a few physical demos...

MIT’s Pandemic Response Design Challenge winner is a mask that actively scans the air for germs

A winner of the MIT Pandemic Response CoLab #ReimagineMask Challenge, the Social Mask doesn’t just stop microparticles and microorganisms from entering your respiratory system… it alerts you of their presence too.

The mask comes with a transparent design, which seems fitting since it focuses on data transparency too. The mask sports a 3D-printed frame that houses filters along with a biosensor that actively monitors the air you breathe. Air quality metrics are sent to your phone, capturing not just pollution levels but the presence of germs too. The sensor detects the presence of air-borne pathogens, alerting you if there’s something hazardous in the air. Data transparency goes both ways too, with a temperature sensor built into the cheek-area of the polycarbonate frame, allowing people around you to know your own body temperature… a feature that lets others know if you’re healthy or feeling feverish.

The Social Mask flips the contact-tracing argument by just tracing the air instead. More than just filtering the air you breathe of contaminants, the Social Mask lets you know if they’re there in the first place, and works to create a map of the places you visit, actively giving you stats of what the air was like when you were there. Pretty neat, eh?!

Designer: Burzo Ciprian

LG’s transparent OLED displays are on subway windows in China

LG is bringing transparent OLED displays to subways in Beijing and Shenzhen. The 55-inch, see-through displays show real-time info about subway schedules, locations and transfers on train windows. They also provide info on flights, weather and the ne...

Amazon’s ‘Transparent’ ends with a musical finale on September 27th

Amazon's long-promised Transparent series finale now has a release date. The two-hour musical extravaganza is coming to Prime Video on September 27th, and the trailer gives you an idea of just how the show will handle Jeffrey Tambor's departure. It...

A turntable fitting for the 2020s

As a fitting companion to our favorite (and perhaps the most controversially popular) music playback device, the Elbow Cassette Player, Louis Berger’s oTon is a quirky playback device for serious design junkies and audiophiles.

With a design that’s audacious enough to get me to quit Spotify to listen to LP discs full time, the oTon is vertical, exposes most of the vinyl disc, and is practically completely transparent… a design choice that makes the album art on the vinyl discs visible during playback. The oTon works by wirelessly sending audio to a nearby speaker (it doesn’t come with an in-built speaker, as you’ll clearly be able to see), but another interesting little feature is the oTon’s ability to rip audio from the vinyl discs and export them to your phone, to listen to while on the go!

Designer: Louis Berger

Transparent suitcases are finally going mainstream!


We covered the Rimowa X Off White transparent suitcase earlier this year, exploring the pros (and maybe a few cons) of a suitcase that’s absolutely see-through. The idea of covering the Xiaomi 90 Points transparent suitcase (which honestly is quite a rip-off) is to address an aspect other than product design. It’s to address the mainstream-ification of this design, and how Xiaomi, a trend-setter in the east, could help make this trend more popular and accessible to the world.

Designed by 90 Points, a Xiaomi sub-brand, the suitcase comes with a complete transparent outer body molded in PolyCarbonate. With 360° wheels and a TSA lock, the suitcase has the makings of a nice, mid-range carry case. With a price of 599RMB ($86), the 90 Points suitcase (available exclusively on TMall) has a large competitive advantage over Rimowa’s $1,200 transparent suitcase, which makes a great ‘case’ for it among the masses, who’ll definitely be motivated to buy the unique looking piece of luggage. A transparent suitcase, although it really doesn’t scream privacy, is most certainly a much more uniquely visible item. Its transparent nature allows your belongings to be visible from the outside, making different from each and every suitcase, primarily because its belongings are different. It also lets you know if you’ve packed everything without having to open the case and rummage through your things!

Designer: 90 Points (Xiaomi)

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