This tiny cabin features glazed glass walls to help you escape the city and connect with nature!

Working from home this past year has turned our houses into hybrids of the office and home– where we work is where we play is where we sleep. Many of us are finding isolated working zones, either through home renovation projects or tiny cabins devoted to work, to separate our days and keep work where it belongs. French architecture company Novablok is unveiling their take on the remote office and living space through a prefabricated tiny cabin called Mini Blok that can be positioned anywhere work calls us.

Mini Blok is a freestanding, simple cabin with a footprint of 21.6m2 that doesn’t require a permit to build or own. Without any foundation anchoring Mini Blok to the ground, the tiny cabin can be positioned in any location, from the backyard to a warehouse. With fully glazed walls, Mini Blok brings you up, close, and personal with nature. Novablok felt inspired to design their collection of tiny cabins, including Mini Blok, to create isolated spaces where working professionals and even individuals looking for a bit of a solitary respite can retreat and work or rest however they like. Tiny cabins are more popular than ever right now, for their low impact on the environment and escapist personalities. Mini Blok boasts a low carbon footprint and with such a sophisticated exterior and interior design, the workday might just end up becoming a work-cation.

The finishes and cladding of Mini Blok can be chosen from an array of different options. Constructed from natural and sustainable materials as part of Novablok’s commitment to maintaining the health of France’s forests, Mini Blok can be personalized from three different finishes. Brut is the barest option, delivering Mini Blok with only its frame and internal structuring for individuals to build and furnish the cabin however they like. The essential finish comes with interior wood paneling and built-in electrical networks but leaves the furnishing and interior design up to you. Finally, Mini Blok’s signature finish comes entirely furnished and fitted for electricity, water, and sewer systems. The exterior cladding can be chosen from Douglas fir, red cedar, or burnt wood created using the tried and true Japanese technique called Yakisugi.

Designer: Novablok

When buyers choose the signature finish for their Mini Blok, Novablok furnishes the interior and equips it with electricity and sewer systems.

Wood paneling and warm lighting gives Mini Blok an elegant feel and refined look.

Fully glazed, sliding glass doors build one facade of Mini Blok, dissolving the barrier between outdoor and indoor spaces.

Darker interior design elements are worked into the bathroom’s design through shadows and minimal paneling.

The different cladding finishes can be chosen from Douglas fir, red cedar, or Japanese burnt wood.

Clients can also reinforce the exterior of Mini Blok with composite material such as stone, concrete, and raw or painted sheet metal.

The Brut finish gives clients total freedom to design the inside and outside how they’d like.

Paneling and electricity are given to the Essential finish Mini Blok, leaving the interior design and furnishing up to you.

A signature finish comes completely prefabricated with sewer systems, electricity, and interior furnishing all taken care of.

This smartphone-powered foldable screen creates flexible workplace anytime, anywhere!

About two years back, if you said more people would work from home than from the office, you’d probably be laughed at. We all know how things have changed professionally for each one of us during the pandemic – homes have become offices – now, as people break the shackles of working from home norm, the future of working from anywhere is becoming evident.

When such a scenario unfolds, a laptop or phone may not be enough. When the advancing digitalization has fundamentally altered the world and working from anywhere, anytime becomes a norm, the Xtend Nomadic Office will make real sense. Conceptualized to enable a “mobile, flexible and self-sufficient workplace,” the Nomadic office comprises a foldable computer screen, an adaptable privacy shield, and a modified smartphone in one complete office unit. The incredibly futuristic layout aptly called the Nomadic Office is a cutout for individuals who want to set up their private nook just about where life takes them. The foldable screen means you can transport a large display in your bag. The adaptable light and privacy shield provide spatial partition, and you have a wonderful little space to yourself, devoid of any hindrance. Even more interesting is the accompanying flat smartphone that functions as a processor and storage for the computer display that you can fold to carry wherever you want.

The smartphone and peripherals connect to the screen over Bluetooth or through the screen mirroring option. The smartphone is powered through inductive charging on the input module. At the same time, the foldable screen draws energy from ambient light, which is converted into electricity by silicone threads woven into the textile at the back of the display. The completely mobile, immensely convenient, and excessively fascinating Nomadic Office is a gimmicky replacement for the laptop with the convenience of a portable desktop.

Designer: Eva-Maria Bieli

This modular office desk transforms into a minimal hanging display when not in use

Content creation is a task that is more difficult than it looks. You may think creating content is simple, but expressing yourself successfully and meeting the demands of your fans is a challenging task requiring TONS of focus. And what is the first step to focusing correctly – your workspace. Everything right from the ambient light setting to the ergonomic desk setup plays a part in their work. Desk space is sacred, be it the animation master Miyazaki’s cluttered organization or the clean and organized setup of your favorite Instagram influencer. Among the limitless options for home office desk setups, design student Alphee Grand from Paris, France, has come up with a refreshing solution that makes complete sense in current pandemic stricken times.

Named the “Program” this modular desk is ideal for creative individuals who love the freedom of organizing their desk as per their needs. Depending on the task at hand or the kind of tools required, the desk comes equipped with various cubbyholes and hanging spaces for you to get creative, literally! The different storage modules can be suitable for storing files, documents, or even your favorite magazines or sketches. In addition, the desk has a large storage box and a two-part table to further extend the modularity aspect. I find the design an eclectic mix of structure yet chaos – it has enough options to create an organized workspace or to embrace the chaos – it gives you the freedom to make your desk setup work for you.

The most fun aspect of this modular furniture design is the air of openness to it. The side section of the desk has stepped storage modules which feel more like an extended “me space.” We can hang headphones on it or favorite novels displayed on the compact metal storage elements – always in the purview of the peripheral vision. We can tweak the central section of the Program desk for artistic chores like sketching, which is another significant advantage, especially for artists. Finally, when you want to close up for the day, we can collapse the Program’s desk section and make it a display for all your hanged memorabilia, courtesy of the wheels on the underside!

Designer: Alphee Grand


This easily concealable home office addresses productivity woes in style by transforming into furniture by night!

The pandemic has taught us a lot about the new ways to do productive work. But trust me, getting your head straight for a focused work session in a chaotic environment is not that easy. Especially when the lines between your workspace and entertainment den are very blurry. As remote work and virtual leadership expert Ulla Vikman of Timanttia Consulting rightly said, “Someone who does a great deal of remote work would be distracted if the necessary tools, such as displays and paperwork, are constantly on all over their home. By intruding your thoughts constantly, these things tend to increase stress levels, and focusing becomes more difficult.”

Finland has been long a proponent of flexible working conditions for quite some time now, and proof enough is their topping the charts at the UN’s annual World Happiness Report. With time the country has evolved its remote work methodology in the form of smart interior design. This ingenious home office christened “sshhh 3” by Evävaara Design is the perfect example. The Finnish functional furniture expert has launched their mobile workstation design that keeps ergonomics and acoustic isolation at the forefront. It’s like your portable work-from-home setup that can move to any area of the home in an instant. When you want to wrap up for the day, close up the business, and it sits like a minimalistic cabinet without any visual asymmetries.

According to Evävaara, “In today’s world, we are constantly surrounded by irritants and noise that can make it hard to focus on something. Our products aim to create a quiet, personal space that allows you to focus.” That’s true, as sshhh 3 comes with its own set of optional accessories to create a comfortable working environment – all that’s needed is – to plug it into a socket for power. You can mount a 27-inch monitor on the back wall of the cabinet for a multi-monitor setup, and side doors double as shelves to hold everything from books, magazines to pinning your essential tasks. When your work setup is set to your liking, the four wheels lock in place, and the acoustic paneling on the felt and wood frame provides the ideal sound isolation by suppressing external and internal noise. While we can’t wrap up for the day and leave from office, at least you can close the door on this one!

Designer: Evävaara Design

Evävaara Design also offers a more compact version called sshhh 7 that has a lockable swivel table. This version is more suited for apartments and small spaces where isolation is needed without too much clutter.

Make bad posture a thing of the past with this modular workstation + rocking chair that keeps you active!

Bad posture and constantly sitting in front of the computer screen can have their downsides. In the long run, it can lead to chronic back problems, while in the usual day-to-day running causes muscular atrophy. The long-term back ailment leads to lack of focus, discomfort all day long, and most of all, low quality of life. The problem exaggerated in the last year with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing us to the confines of our homes.

Young Brazilian designers Gustavo Alves Miranda and Silas Stempcoski want to address this problem with their modular workstation furniture primarily tailored for home working setups. The designers’ goal is to optimize the home office workplace with form and function that encourages healthy postural habits. According to Gustavo, his furniture design named Mode, “brings joy and comfort within a furniture for those who work alone.” The minimalistic furniture design comprises a table, seat, and kneeling module – all working in different ways as per the requirement. It has a compact mode which turns it into an elegant side table – ideal beside the bed or sofa. Then there is the customary table and chair module for professional working hours.

The most interesting is the kneeling mode that brings the function of a rocking chair for more comfortable working. This mode is triggered by pressing the lower button and pulling the extendable base support for back and forth motion. That’s not all, you can also remove the tabletop section for times when you are sitting down on the floor in a cross-legged position. Mode modular workstation maintains its practical aspect to the core while staying aesthetically pleasing – one thing every homeowner desires. No doubt it is the A’ Design Award and Competition 2021 winner (A’ Design Iron Winner) in the furniture category.

Designer: Gustavo Alves Miranda and Silas Stempcoski

This transforming robotic furniture going from bed to home office desk is the 2021 investment we need!

This past year has seen some pretty innovative work from home office solutions. Space-saving answers to tight office corners like desk setups that double as workout stations and retractable office cubicles that lean on a modular design to keep your living spaces decluttered only just scrape the surface of what we’ve seen thus far. Sustainable furniture design studio Ori adds a WFH apparatus called the Cloud Bed to the mix, merging an office and desk setup with a cantilevered lofted bed that descends to the floor to really hone in the mutability of working from home.

In its initial form, the Cloud Bed features a working desk and table beneath a lofted bed. Built for hospitality interiors and personal spaces, this space-saving work from home solution was designed to cover a small footprint inside the home. UL certified to ensure the bed remains lofted and close to the ceiling during working hours, the desk area folds into itself, merging with the floor as the bed descends from its raised position. While it might be tempting to hop up to the top of the bunk bed and sleep from such a high height, the Cloud Bed, Table Edition comes equipped with an internal mechanism that lowers the bed to the floor once the workday is done. With the push of a button, the mattress and wooden bed frame lower down from its elevated post in time with the desk folding inwards toward the floor. Requiring a minimum ceiling height of eight feet, six inches, the Ori Cloud Bed was designed to be integrated into smaller living spaces to make the most out of the space we have for working from home.

No one likes working in the same room we sleep in, let alone eat in. Without losing any living space, the Cloud Bed can come in either Queen or King sizes with a built-in table that sits up to five people. The Cloud Bed, Table Edition also comes outfitted with storage space, three outlets, voice and phone controls, as well as dimmable LED lights.

Designer: Ori

Presenting as an office desk for the home, Ori’s Cloud Bed doubles as a WFH solution and cantilevered bed.

Once the bed is lowered down, no trace of the office desk can be found.

Raised above the desk, the lofted bed requires a minimum height of 8’6″.

Designed as a hospitality and space-saving solution, the Ori Cloud Bed can fit into hotels as well as office spaces.

The Ori Cloud Bed appears as a contemporary, Scandinavian-inspired bed frame when lowered down.

When the Cloud Bed is raised to its top height, the integrated desk can sit up to five people.

Integrated motors and internal monitor systems ensure the steady descent and ascent of the Cloud Bed.

Porsche’s sleek design language is the inspiration behind this futuristic work desk!

Desks help define our workspaces. Following the pandemic’s toll on working conditions, desks have become the way we express our modes of working at home. Looking to the automobile marque Porsche for inspiration, Encho Enchev has recently debuted his 3D rendering where he conceptualized a desk design fit for the set of Star Trek with interwoven elements from Porsche strewn throughout.

Characterized by sleek fly-lines and smooth curves, Porsche is known for embedding their automobiles with the same sense of luxury that laps their front doors and grille. Enhancing the desk’s luxe design, Enchev integrated a capacitive sensor touch screen into the desk to control the main Dell computer desktop, functioning as both a keyboard and control panel. The Dell computer spans almost a quarter of the desk, jutting from its mainframe to lengthen the desktop’s screen width. Then additional control systems punctuate this desk from the future, including a touch mouse pad and what appears as an upright landline telephone in stainless steel.

His modern desk design curves into an L-shape, taking the traditional shape of desks that accommodate larger computer systems, snugly fitting into office spaces and den corners. Just beneath the working desktop area, the desk’s leg space is carved out for open room to move the legs and comfortably remain seated. Along the shorter end of the desk, automatic, soft-close drawers create storage space for workers while they’re seated at the desk. Rendered in iconic Porsche color schemes, this desk just came from the future for those who want to bring the marque’s iconic status into their home office.

Designer: Encho Enchev

Forming the shape of a curved L, this modern desk takes the shape of a traditional working desk accommodating a large desktop computer.

Taking inspiration from Porsche’s design language, Enchev designed a desk fit for the luxe marque.

Sleek and understated by design, this modern desk takes on warped corners and shadowed angles to bring it to the future.

Enchev outfitted each desk with a touch screen control panel, extended desktop display, touch mouse pad, and futuristic landline.

Soft-close drawers create storage options for workers throughout the day. A footstool extension also creates a place for workers to rest their feet.

Characterized by their iconic color schemes, Porsche’s design language fills out this modern desk design from the build to its paint job.

Black stained wood covers the desk’s surface, echoing Porsche’s black and white color patterns.


This desk was designed to maximize productivity while minimizing your screen time!

Working from home has made us all realize the importance of having a desk and one that actually makes being productive easy! Balance is a desk that was designed for helping you ‘balance’ your everyday life with work. Balance means to keep or bring equilibrium and this design does exactly that by encouraging time away from your screens and creating a more physical connection with your surroundings.

The team wanted to inspire young people to work hard and play hard – a desk that encouraged finding a balance between digital and analog environments. “The idea behind Balance product is to use digital interfaces as inspiration to create a new hybrid experience for the user. The form and modular qualities of the design evoke the digital touchscreen interfaces we use every day but with a tridimensional layer that creates a tactile and tangible experience. This new approach brings builds a bridge between the connectivity and structure of the digital environment and the visual and physical experience of products,” explains the designer duo.

Balance is a multi-functional desk that an creates organized, personalized, and productive work experience. It features a canvas and six types of modules (Surface, White Board, Cork, Kanban, Time, and Shelf) that are magnetically attatched to the canvas. You can pick and choose the modules that work best for your needs, work style, and aesthetics preference while also combining them to be integrated with productivity techniques like Kanban and Pomodoro. Assemble the canvas to the arm by adjusting four screws through the standard VESA monitor connection. A C-shaped clamp connects the arm to the desk. Each module has strong neodymium magnets that connect them to the canvas. Furthermore, the whiteboard comes with an adjustable stand so you can use it on the desk surface for a more natural and ergonomic position to draw/write. Even the light angle can be adjusted by simply moving the module up and down.

Th desk’s canvas is made from high-impact polystyrene and powder-coated steel for a rigid, magnetic, and durable surface to hold the modules. The modules are made from injection-molded HDPE giving them adequate rigidity for the structure, softness to the touch, and satin finish. Balance also lets you customize the finishes/accents with a choice of walnut, oak, and cork. Some finishes use special magnetic paint for a marker-friendly writing surface.

There was a lot of research that went into Balance’s design – the personality, work environments, and workflows of various people in their respective jobs as well as a variety of productivity and work management techniques were studied. The team also analyzed different physical and digital interfaces to understand what products were more effective, easy to use, and popular among people. This final outcome resulted in a product that is flexible, organized, modular, easy to use, and personalized!

Balance Desk and Work Manager by Hernan Gregorio and Julia Stabio is Winner in Office Furniture Design Category, 2020 – 2021.

Designers: Hernan Gregorio and Julia Stabio

This paper-thin laptop desk comes with 6 configurations to work from your office + bed!

The new norm of working from home has either inspired you to renovate your makeshift office space or to stay in bed and work from beneath your comforter. With so many people working from home in today’s world, the comfort of sitting at a desk in an office has been swapped for working from bed, but bed desk designs have a long way to go in terms of comfort and stability. To bring the comfort and convenience of desk work to the bed, a team of designers created a laptop desk called iSwift Pi, an expandable, paper-thin laptop desk that can hold up to 44 pounds.

Whether you’re in bed and binging Netflix and simultaneously munching on dinner or spending the workday in bed, using the laptop in bed has probably become the world’s favorite pastime just with this past year’s WFH orders. iSwift Pi was primarily created to help those working from home feel a lot more comfortable when they choose to work from the comfort of their beds. Designed to be compact and portable, iSwift Pi boasts an ultra-thin form when folded or unfolded. When folded, the iSwift Pi is as thin as a small stack of paper, which then unfolds to two different heights, either 7.5 inches or 8.6 inches, depending on your lap situation. Then users can adjust iSwift Pi’s sitting placement to four different angles, so the screen can always meet your eyes.

iSwift Pi carries itself on two triangle legs and comes with built-in magnets for its frame in order to provide enough stability and even distribution of weight to carry up to 44 pounds on its desktop. When unfolded to reach its height of 7.5 inches, iSwift Pi’s legs form two equilateral angles, while its height of 8.6 inches carries itself atop two right triangles. If instead of a laptop, users prefer tablets, then iSwift Pi accommodates tablet use by allowing users to adjust iSwift Pi’s sitting placement to four different angles, bringing the screen to meet the user’s eyes. Measuring only 0.2 of an inch in thickness and 40 oz in weight, iSwift Pi carries the perfect size for users to bring it with them wherever they go.

Designer: Swift

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $105 (34% off). Hurry, only 35/1900 left! Only 72 hours to go!

iSwift Pi – A  Must-have Laptop Desk For Digital Nomads

Working in bed or on the couch has become more normal than going into the office during the quarantine time. However, if you’ve ever tried to use a laptop while sitting on a couch, bed, or chair, you know how uncomfortable it could be.

Fold Back to the Board in Seconds

Devised to be a lap desk and a laptop stand, iSwift Pi is a game-changer, which makes you feel cozy while having a good posture when you are navigating a new WFH situation.

Work Anywhere you Desire

“iSwift Pi has two triangle legs that can be folded flat or extended to give you a raised surface to work from, making sure you have a nice and comfortable time using your laptop [on] the bed, sofa, or anywhere.”

A Table, Also A Stand

Recliner Table – Make your bed your cozy makeshift office. With two available heights, iSwift Pi can be used in the bed, the sofa, on top of an office desk, or even in the ktichen. The solid legs work great whether you place it on the bed while you work, or on a table to get a suitable angle to work from while standing.

Smart Stand – Optimize your posture with four adjustable angles. With four different angles available for iSwift Pi’s stands, tablets and laptop screens can lean against the stand meet your eyes.

Choose between four different angles and two different desk heights for optimal working conditions.

“The solid legs work great whether you place it on the bed while you work, or on a table to get a suitable angle to work from while standing.”

Easy to Carry And Store

Thanks to its ultra-thin frame, iSwift Pi can easily be stored away after use.

iSwift Pi carries such a thin structure, it can be taken anywhere – the ideal working companion for digital nomads. As iSwift Pi is 0.2-inch in thickness and 40 ounces in weight, you can stow it anywhere you want. Just slide it in your desk organizer or right below your pillow, saying goodbye to those heavy and bulky lap desk and stand.

Made from PU material, iSwift Pi is extremely durable, water-resistant, and can be easily wiped clean by towels.

There are four angles that you can adjust to find the perfect position while working. It means reducing the risk of repetitive stress injury such as neck and back strain, which happens when you do something mundane like typing on a keyboard over and over again.

Perfectly Fits Your Devices At Any Size

iSwift Pi can be adjusted to two different heights, depending on the user’s needs and body height.

With such stable support coming from the triangular legs, iSwift Pi can carry a load of up to 44 lbs.

Magnets are interwoven into iSwift Pi’s frame to add supplemental support for laptops and tablets.

Working from home in uncomfortable office settings often leads to physical and emotional stress, causing back and neck problems, sore muscles, and eye-straining. Following intensive research and involved prototype configuration, iSwift Pi was designed to help alleviate that stress.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $105 (34% off). Hurry, only 35/1900 left! Only 72 hours to go!

This retractable office solution provides privacy and isolation for remote work and WFH days!

Working from home has tested our staying power regarding prying eyes and peering over our shoulders. Whether it’s a matter of peeling away from your kids for an office call or muting yourself to keep the background noises from promoting you to Zoom speaker, a little private time is always needed. While many designs have come from the pandemic to help us with working from home, not too many first looked to privacy for inspiration. From Dizz Concept, designers have created the Office Shell, a compact workstation with retractable sliding panels that morph the booth into a private cubicle.

An interior furnishing brand, Dizz Concept creates innovative solutions for small spaces with a focus on sustainability. Dizz Concept set out to design a convertible working booth that provides privacy to reduce distractions and enhance working conditions for an energized workflow. The current office solutions to come out of the pandemic and work-from-home movement tackle noise levels through acoustic barriers and run too big to fit into small living spaces. The creators at Dizz Concept designed Office Shell as a workstation solution that can entirely enclose to manage noise levels and get some privacy while only taking up a total of 4 m2 of office space. In addition to the Office Shell providing privacy for quiet and remote working, the retractable panels work to keep the spread of airborne viruses at bay.

Many office space solutions to come out of the past year were born from the struggles that come from the pandemic having us work from home. Office Shell’s innovation hinges on its versatility and the privacy it provides by creating a physical barrier between workers and airborne viral infections. Entirely made from natural and recyclable materials, Office Shell was created following biophilic design principles to maintain Dizz Concept’s commitment to sustainable design.

Designer: Dizz Concept

When fully enclosed, Office Shell creates an isolated work zone for private matters.

Inside Office Shell, workers can enjoy ample room for a simple work setup including a desk, chair, and storage cabinets.

Constructed from recyclable and natural materials, Office Shell remains committed to sustainable design.

The reed panels unfurl from Office Shell’s doors to provide a fully enclosed working space.

Even when Office Shell is closed, window openings allow plenty of airflow for workers.