Japanese company brings astronomically expensive space tourism within reach of the common masses

We’ve still got some time to go before commercial space tourism goes mainstream, and the early birds taking up the initiative will reap the maximum benefit of client accusation.

SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic have already planted a firm foot in the space tourism industry, but their packages are only within reach of the ultra-rich. Not to forget the amount of training and acclimatization it’ll require to stamp the ticket beyond the stratosphere.

Designer: Iwaya Giken

Ambitious start-up Iwaya Giken, based in Sapporo, northern Japan wants to make space tourism accessible for everyone, and “democratize space” with a two-seater cabin and a balloon that’ll rise 15 miles above the ground. The Open Univercse Project’s cabin will have one pilot and a passenger, without the need for any special training since it’s not a rocket or spaceplane.

They’ve been working on this project ever since 2012, and now it has met fruition. The attached balloon filled with helium gas will make the drum-shaped cabin (measuring 1.5 meters) rise up in the air. It’ll take off from Hokkaido, and take around two hours to complete the ascend. Then stay there for an hour to view the mesmerizing curvature of the planet and the celestial void, before descending for one-hour to return home.

Iwaya revealed the capsule cabin at a press event in Tokyo, hinting to get down the initial boarding price tag down from 24 million yen ($180,000) to somewhere in the five-figure region. They’ll have to do so since Arizona-based World View Enterprises is also developing a stratospheric balloon tour for a price tag of around $50,000 per person.

Their cabin is more spacious and the journey will last around 6-12 hours. Another high-end option by Space Perspective will transport passengers to the stratosphere for $125,000 per person in comfy luxury.

The company is accepting applications until August end for the space cabin ride slated for to take flight early next year. The first five passengers will be announced in October 2023, and the five flights will be weeks apart, subject to weather conditions.

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Korin SnapPack: A stunning next-gen backpack with a slick, anti-theft design made for work, play, and travel

After 8 years of writing for a design blog, it’s mighty rare to see something beautiful enough to drop your jaw. I’ll admit, I had to close my mouth after 3 full minutes of admiring the SnapPack. It’s a unique blend of minimal yet spacious. Simple yet supremely versatile, with storage designed to hold every single one of your belongings. The ultra-slick backpack’s design is also made from cutting-edge materials that, well, resist cutting. The SnapPack, aside from being waterproof, is also designed to be slash-resistant, making it quite a compelling piece of gear from every angle.

Designer: Korin Design

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Crafted by award-winning gear studio Korin Design, the SnapPack is the sixth in their ongoing series to reinvent backpacks. Their previous bags have received the holy trinity of design awards – the Red Dot, Good Design, and iF Design Awards. Following user feedback and months of research, Korin’s team believes they’ve created their best backpack yet. Dubbed the SnapPack, this piece of next-gen gear puts usability and convenience at the forefront. The backpack’s easy on the eyes as well as on the shoulders, thanks to Aircell straps that create a soft cushion to ease the weight. The backpack is also built with an entire army of access points, from the magnetic quick-access hatch on the top to the waterproof magnet-secured bottle/umbrella sleeve on the side. The bag even has its own hidden chamber located on the panel that faces your back, RFID-blocking pouches in each of the straps, and even a retractable key holder… and that’s just the outside of the bag.

The SnapPack gets its name from the magnetic snapping mechanism built into its various outer pockets. The most notable one is the pocket on the top, that, when folded shut, doesn’t even look like a pocket at all. It’s easy to open and closes with a satisfying snap. The pocket lets you quickly access items from within the bag that can be pulled out without opening the entire gear. This could be your AirPods Max, Nintendo Switch, or something more critical like a DSLR camera that you need to access at a moment’s notice before your photography subject disappears. The same magnetic access is built into the 3D storage sleeve on the side, which exists independently from the bag. Perfect for bottles and umbrellas (or even tiny tripods), this waterproofed chamber lets you swiftly slide items in without having them stick out as they do on other bags. A hallmark of the SnapPack’s design is the fact that no object, gear, or belonging obscures or corrupts the bag’s design. Bottles don’t stick out the side, EDC doesn’t hang around on the straps, and even the branding is so subtle, you’ll barely notice it’s even there.

The inside of the bag provides up to 20 liters of storage, with a 180° opening flap that lets you access your belongings, and dedicated storage for everything from your laptop to your stationery. The bag’s big enough to comfortably fit a 16″ laptop, with fleece-lined compartments to protect your gear from scratches, and added storage pouches for cables, peripherals (mice), chargers, notebooks, etc. The rest of the space lets you stash your other gadgets, clothes, toiletries, etc.

A backpack as avant-garde-looking as this is bound to warrant some attention, which is why the SnapPack makes its anti-theft design such a strong USP. For starters, the magnetic hatches on the bag are virtually unnoticeable, and if any thief were to try and make their way into your backpack, they’d either look for the zip or directly go for the jugular by taking a knife to your backpack. Needless to say, the latter would be an incredible waste of time, given that the SnapPack is built with cut-proof fabric that can resist slashes with even the sharpest of blades.

Trying to brute-force your way with the zippers is a futile attempt too, thanks to a TSA lock that firmly secures your zippers in place, and remains hidden under the magnetic flap on top. If the thief’s final attempt was to just take your backpack and make a run for it, the SnapPack’s retractable rebound wire would be your final line of defense. The rebound wire secures your bag to poles, railings, chairs/benches, and other immovable objects, with a weight/force capacity of up to 50 kilograms.

The cut-proof fabric repels water too, protecting your belongings from not just theft but also exposure to the elements.

A hidden magnetic hatch in the back lets you slip belongings like your phone, passport, and wallet in, making it easy to access for you, but tricky for anyone else.

Other details on the SnapPack are its Aerocell-filled straps that make carrying the bag a breeze, and a handle strap to secure your backpack to your travel case while shuttling through an airport or station. The SnapPack also comes with discrete reflective patches on the back and the straps, keeping you visible even in low-light settings… and pairs wonderfully with its smaller sibling, the SnapSling. The SnapSling can be worn with the bigger backpack, making them the perfect travel duo, or can be used separately for when you’re traveling light.

The SnapSling is built to be as capable as its big brother, providing cut-proof, theft-proof, versatile storage in a smaller, cross-body format. Made to be complementary in every way, the SnapSling also employs the same cut-proof, waterproof fabric in its design, along with the signature magnetic quick-access hatch on the top that gives you ingress into the sling’s interiors. A hidden compartment on the back of the sling is big enough to store a phone, while a quick-rebound keychain holder lets you secure your keys to the bag. The SnapSling misses the Aircell strap, given that it isn’t built to be as heavy as a backpack, but makes up for it with a suave magnetic buckle system that has all the class and appeal of a fidget toy with its single-handed operation.

Both the SnapPack and SnapSling come in a single, cyberpunk-ish grey finish. The sling starts at $69, while the larger backpack is priced at a discounted $109. Both the SnapPack and SnapSling come with a 1-year warranty, and ship globally starting April… or if you’re in a bit of a hurry, $10 extra gets you the gear as soon as March 2023.

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World’s first 120W GaN Travel Adapter lets you fast-charge your gadgets anywhere in the world

It seemed like only a matter of time before GaN tech made its way to travel adapters. You see, travel adapters are already clunky. By virtue of their universal design and integrated socket shapes, travel adapters can’t really be small… however, they can be powerful. Meet Swift, the world’s first 120W travel adapter build with 3rd gen GaN technology. Like every travel adapter, Swift supports the socket designs of over 150 countries, but unlike any other travel adapter, it also lets you plug in as many as 6 devices at the same time and fast-charge all of them simultaneously. You’ll never travel the same way ever again.

Designer: iBlockCube Team

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $89 (34% off) Hurry! Just 6 days left!

Swift’s design leverages 3rd gen GaN technology, which allows it to deliver a lot more power with much higher efficiency and less heat. GaN (which stands for Gallium Nitride) is increasingly becoming the better alternative to silicon in semiconductor design. While most power bricks and adapters have leveraged GaN technology to make themselves smaller, Swift uses GaN to super-serve its user while still being the perfect size for a travel adapter. You see, size reduction isn’t really possible when you’ve got as many as 4 different universal socket designs built into your form factor… however, the Swift’s size puts versatility front and center with as many as 4 USB-C ports, 1 USB-A port, and 1 travel-friendly power socket design that lets you simultaneously charge 6 devices together. The GaN semiconductor on the inside gives the Swift a staggering 120W output, letting you fast-charge every conceivable gadget from your phone to your tablet, laptop, power bank, camera, drone, or any other gadget.

Two 100W fast-charging USB-C ports on the base cover pretty much all your high-power needs, letting you swiftly charge your laptop, tablet, or smartphone at rapid speeds (theoretically it could charge your phone to 100% in just 8 minutes). Two more 20W USB-C ports let you quickly juice another device like a power bank, TWS earbuds, or your smartwatch, and a final USB-A port gives you another 20W output. There’s also a universal plug adapter on the front for devices like your hair dryer, beard trimmer, or any other appliance that can’t be hooked to the Swift via USB.

The Swift internally performs power management to give each device the power it needs, while also protecting itself and your gadgets from surges, overcharging, overheating, and other anomalies that could damage your electronics. It even comes with a spare 10A fuse just in case there’s ever a problem. No more worrying whether that random socket in a foreign airport or café is safe to hook your expensive laptop or phone to.

The Swift’s universal design features four popular socket shapes (American, British, European, Australian) that allow it to work in over 150 countries around the world. Sliders built into the side of the adapter allow you to eject or retract plug styles, pretty much following the same style as regular travel adapters. When shut, the device measures 2.9 inches vertically, 2 inches across, and 2.2 inches in depth, putting the Swift at par with most standard adapters that have the same footprint. Starting at $59, the Swift definitely sits on the pricier side, but it absolutely beats having to buy and carry 6 different adapters for all your gadgets. You can even add compatible nylon-braided USB-C and Lightning cables to your pledge, with their own built-in LED screens that display power readings to tell you if your gadget is fast-charging or not! The Swift begins shipping starting July 2023.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $89 (34% off) Hurry! Just 6 days left!

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Foldable kick scooter concept suggests a better rental system for city travel

As city roads become more congested with cars and trucks, people have started looking for more economical means to go from point A to point B. While motorcycles and electric scooters have become a fad, there are still some who prefer the good old-fashioned leg work of bicycles to go places. Not everyone, however, has the resources to buy their own bicycles, so bike rentals have started to pop up in a few cities around the world. Despite being more sustainable and more affordable, bicycle rentals aren’t always the most effective nor the most space-efficient options, especially for cramped or already crowded sidewalks. Kick scooters might actually be a better choice for the general population, and this concept imagines a portable mode of transportation that could make scooter rentals an even better and less stressful experience.

Designers: Johnny Jiasheng Chen, Wing-Ki Leung, Tzu-Chin Weng, Ching-Chun Wang

Bicycles might sound like the ultimate sustainable mode of transportation, especially if rented rather than bought. That only holds true if you actually know how to ride a bike and only if you’re wearing lower garments suitable for one. Even if those requirements are met, the conventional rental bike racks take up a lot of space, even for just five bikes, let alone ten. For cities with hundreds of potential riders, that’s going to require a lot of ground.

City Wander solves these problems by swapping out the bicycle for a kick scooter. Not those electric scooters that weigh more than a bike but an old-fashioned scooter that has four wheels instead of the usual two. This kind of scooter is much easier to drive and doesn’t require training like a bike. And since you’re standing up, you don’t have to fret over your wardrobe for that day.

It isn’t just a plain four-wheel kick scooter, either. City Wander is designed to be portable and space efficient. It easily folds down so that you can pull it along like a flattened stroller. There’s also a storage compartment in the front for your stuff, though you’ll probably have to remember that it contains something before you fold the handle down.

Although this design makes it convenient to bring the scooter everywhere, it’s really meant to be used as part of a larger city-wide rental system. That system includes a station that can hold as many as ten such scooters for the space of a single bicycle. The station has your expected features of digital access using a mobile app, and it uses a conveyor belt to move unused scooters forward while used ones enter through the rear. It’s admittedly an interesting design that checks the right boxes, especially with a scooter that looks sleek and stylish even in white. That said, implementing such a system, especially with an advanced rental station, could require more resources than what’s available, and most cities will likely just default to the cheapest bike and racks available.

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This Vespa teardrop trailer made of foam, incorporates a functional kitchen and space to sleep the rider

DIYers have their own sense of doing things with ingredients that for you and me may sound foolish to begin with. Teardrop trailers, besides the size, have to be durable and stable. Throwing the two aspects out of the park, Thomas Burick has created a micro teardrop trailer, to go with his 1962 Vespa, from foam topped with a sheet of homemade fiberglass.

Yes, that is pretty fragile from a safety point of view. But motorcycle campers and bike-packers will have different thoughts. For them, the lightweight form factor and kind of space created within is a definite inspiration.

Designer: Thomas Burick

The micro teardrop trailer, towable by a vintage Vespa, is made in partnership with YouTuber and trailer maker, ‘The L Wood by Lucy.’ Its design is based on a 1947 Cabin Car trailer, which has been worked up to let Thomas “Roam in Foam.”

Since Thomas wanted the trailer to be more than a place to snooze in after a long ride; a kitchenette has been provided with ample storage space: cabinets and shelves with sliding doors. The shape of the trailer is nicely arched for headspace and stability on the 25-pound base it stations itself on. The interiors are well-lit with natural light penetrating the windows made of acrylic. The door is finished with metal skirting for additional stability.

Under the hatch of this foam teardrop trailer resides the kitchen complete with a gas stove and crockery. A special section has been created to store the silverware and the cooking essentials. When Thomas is done cooking and eating, he enters the trailer furnished with a mattress for a good night’s sleep.

While the micro teardrop is made robust enough for bright summer days, it may not be the most stable ride against strong winds and rain. Nonetheless, this interesting contraption is finished in blue color to align with hue of the Vespa it trails; a pleasing sight to behold!

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Top 10 travel-friendly accessories that make for the perfect travel buddies

Travelling has now become a full-fledged affair, since the terror of the pandemic has waned away a little, and we’re able to jet-set about more freely. My travel bucket is currently brimming with places I need to visit and make up for the pandemic-inflicted hiatus I had to take from traveling. But as any experienced traveler will definitely tell you, before you set off on your next adventure, you need to put together a collection of handy, reliable, and well-designed travel accessories. Great travel accessories are essential, they have your back in the most sudden and spontaneous of situations, providing you with aid and relief when you least expect it. And, we’ve put together a bunch of innovative and functional travel-friendly products that you need to pack in your suitcase for your next trip! From luggage that can move around on all terrains and a plane to an ingenious suitcase that doubles up as a bedside table – these products are the must-haves you need for your next holiday.

1. Mitchell’s Suitcase

This concept suitcase is really an intriguing one! It makes packing and unpacking a super simple and efficient process for travelers, especially if they’re staying in a tiny hotel room or Air BnB space. It is carry-on luggage that doubles up as a bedside table. It’s extremely helpful in case your room doesn’t have a bedside table.

Why is it noteworthy?

The product is designed so you don’t have to unpack everything when you arrive and repack them when it’s time to leave. It will be beneficial for cramped spaces and if you’re traveling from one place to another.

What we like

  • The suitcase/bedside table can also serve as a lamp
  • The storage is designed as drawers that will make it easier for you to access the items that you need at the moment

What we dislike

  • It’s still a concept!

2. The Allover

This conceptual carry-on bag is called the Allover, and it’s supposed to be the first bag that can be utilized on all kinds of terrains and carried on planes as well. You can use the Allover on sand, mountains, gravel, and other terrains owing to its large wheel which allow it to move through them.

Why is it noteworthy?

You should be able to use it on various daily, tourism activities including going on and off planes with your carry-on luggage. It has been designed to meet the requirements of most air carriers so you can bring it on the plane.

What we like

  • Eco-friendly design
  • Uses a spiral mechanism so that it won’t use up so much inner space and also be hidden

What we dislike

  • It’s still a concept!

3. Uphold

Called Uphold, this compact and super smart travel cutlery kit is the size of a cardholder. It measures a thin 10mm in thickness but manages to accommodate a spoon, fork, and knife within its form. It has been created using food-grade titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, and a flexible TPU/TPE snap-fit mechanism. The cutlery is flat when required, and ergonomically curved when you need to have some food!

Why is it noteworthy?

Uphold combines great design with technically-driven problem-solving abilities. The cutlery is incredibly portable, with a flat-packed design that slides into pockets, wallets, bags, etc.

What we like

  • Flat-packed and ergonomic form
  • Doesn’t compromise on the eating experience even though it is small and compact

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

4. Easy Journey

Easy Journey is a great product for traveling parents with young toddlers who need to be moved around in a stroller! The designers at Taizhou University integrated a stroller into a hard-shell travel case, resulting in Easy Journey. It has sufficient space to store your luggage and features 3 pairs of 360° wheels. When used as a travel case, it stands vertically, resting on 4 wheels on the bottom. However, when you want to use it in stroller mode, Easy Journey flips onto its back, with an extra pair of wheels popping out of the hardshell case’s interiors.

Why is it noteworthy?

The front (now the top) of the case opens up to reveal a rather comfortable baby seat, taking under a minute to use and set up. Easy Journey is perfect for parents with young kids, although one can make the case that the product has a relatively short lifespan once the kid outgrows the stroller.

What we like

  • Doubles up as a stroller and a travel case
  • Ideal for parents with young kids

What we dislike

  • It’s still a concept!
  • Not sure how well the product would work in reality

5. The Safer Automobile Pet Crate

 The Safer Automobile Pet Crate is a dog crate that functions as a safe space for your pet while they are traveling with you. It doesn’t look like an actual crate but resembles an enclosed baby seat, that you can use for your doggo. You are supposed to place it behind the front passenger seat and secure it with a harness to the headrest, and a seatbelt for the back part.

Why is it noteworthy?

It is made from lightweight polyester and has a breathable mesh on both sides so your dog will not feel suffocated as it can still breathe and feel the breeze if your windows are down. That way, they can also still see the outside world but they’re kept in place if they become too excitable with all the passing vehicles and the kids waving from other cars.

What we like

  • The crate has two storage pockets for things like food and water and hook-and-loop fasteners to hold their toys and treats
  • Features a fleece-covered pad

What we dislike

  • Not all dogs like to be placed in a crate, so it may not work well for your doggo

6. The Trunk Car

The Trunk Car is a suitcase with a detachable hoverboard built into it, as a replacement for those boring old tiny 360° wheels. The product is designed to make transport super easy and efficient, and be used to either transport your luggage or you!

Why is it noteworthy?

The hard-shell travel case detaches from its wheel-and-handle platform to reveal what’s basically a hoverboard with handlebars. You can use this, for the most part, to ride around from one part of a neighborhood or campus to another, or when you’re traveling with luggage, just attach the hard shell onto the hoverboard and you now have a motorized travel case that automatically moves in the direction you’re pulling it in, reducing the effort and allowing you to carry heavy items with relative ease.

What we like

  • You can use it to move your luggage or you

What we dislike

  • Doesn’t seem like the most practical product in reality

7. The Blackbriar Allround Duffle Backpack

When traveling with sports equipment or clothes for a few days, duffle bags and backpacks are the go-to solutions. The Blackbriar Allround Duffle Backpack offers both in the same bag, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the flexibility that this travel essential has to offer.

Why is it noteworthy?

For example, many travel-oriented bags have a dedicated pocket for shoes or dirty clothes. More often than not, however, you can’t use the same pocket for both purposes. Blackbriar’s solution is so genius in its simplicity that you’re left wondering why it isn’t more common. This duffel backpack has two such compartments on opposite ends of the bag, allowing you to store two pairs of shoes, shoes and dirty clothes, or just dirty clothes. That way, you don’t have to compromise on storage because your bag doesn’t offer you that flexibility.

What we like

  • The shoe pockets can become dividers to create sections inside the bag, thanks to a patented S-Partition design
  • The three-tiered structure of its fabric not only protects it from water and scratches but also helps preserve its shape

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

8. The Plover

The Plover is a tiny travel-friendly toothbrush named after the fearless bird that cleans the teeth of crocodiles by plucking away the food waste from their mouths! The toothbrush features two parts – a stick with bristles at one end, and a hollow container that holds the stick, creating an outer case to store the toothbrush.

Why is it noteworthy?

Although this format is rather popular for foldable brush styles, the Plover has another trick up its sleeve. The hollow cavity of the handle also has built-in UV lights that sterilize the brush after you’re done and before you brush again, killing all the germs on the bristles and keeping your oral hygiene at a high standard.

What we like

  • Easy to carry around
  • Compact size

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

9. The Lexon Nomaday Biometric Lock

Imagine being able to use TouchID on stuff apart from your phone! And The Lexon Nomaday biometric lock does exactly that. It lets you secure your backpack, room, locker, or even bicycle by simply using your fingerprint!

Why is it noteworthy?

The Nomaday is a tiny yet impressive padlock that ditches the keys for something much more secure – biometrics. Designed to be as easy to operate as unlocking your phone is, the Lexon Nomaday comes with a small fingerprint reader that has a response time of just 0.5 seconds, unlocking faster than the time it would ordinarily take to even find your keys. The Nomaday can store up to 10 different fingerprints and comes with an LED indicator, giving multiple people keyless access to whatever’s behind the lock.

What we like

  • Tiny + compact form
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Uses biometrics to secure your belongings

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

10. The Terrein Ascent

The German start-up called Terrein has developed a high-ankle Ascent boot that will provide advanced freedom to hikers while actively protecting their ankles against potential twisting injuries.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Terrein Ascent is made primarily with the idea to reduce the risk of ankle injuries in adventurers. The adaptive ankle support – touted to be three times more responsive than a human reflex – can reduce the risk of injuries and provide constant support to the ankle. Moreover, the Ascent is made to increase stability with its immaculate construction (we’ll talk about it a bit later).

What we like

  • The hydraulic ankle protection system is fastened to the outside of the ankle and wrapped around with a Velcro-enabled strap

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

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Luggage concept lets you bring it as carry-on and through all terrains

Now that almost everybody who can afford to is doing all sorts of revenge travel, some may be looking for more luggage items to add to their collection or to replace those that remain unused for two years. If you’re looking for something that can be used as a carry on and also something that can be used in various terrains if you’re planning some outdoor travel, that can be a difficult proposition. There are probably not a lot that can be both but now we have a concept for it.

Designer: Ivan Zhurba

The Allover is a concept for a carry on bag that aims to be the first bag that can be used on all terrains and also brought on planes. You should be able to use it on sand, gravel, mountains, and other terrains because it has big enough wheels to move through them with the “DeLorean” of wheels transformation as well as a high clearance. At the same time, you should be able to use it on various daily, tourism activities including going on and off planes with your carry-on luggage. It has been designed to meet the requirements of most air carriers so you can bring it on the plane.

The luggage is also eco-friendly as it uses recycled plastics for its main body. It uses a spiral mechanism so that it won’t use up so much inner space and also be hidden. When the user drags the handle towards themselves, the inner spiral turns and the wheels are sliding to the side. The design makes it look like a kids’ wagon but instead of having an open one, you get a luggage that you can pull around through the airport and through the mountains.

The recycled plastics give off a Terrazzo effect so the luggage has a texture that not only gives off a camouflage feel. It also protects the bags from scratches and other drops and drags that the bags experience whether at the airport and also in the various terrains that you’ll bring it to.

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Top 10 travel gadgets gift guide you need to easily create the ultimate influencer-worthy content

Wanderlust unleashed – that is the best way I can describe the global mood after the pandemic and its assisted quarantine ended. One thing we have learned however is to value and maximise every opportunity we have instead of taking it for granted. From business travels to personal vacations – the aim is to maximise and enjoy the opportunity provided because we’ve learned to not take things for granted. The last thing you want in this travel you experience is to realise you’ve forgotten how to travel smart. Well, worry not, we have you covered! Continuing our series of gift guides focusing on solving 2022’s problems, today’s guide is all about your travel essentials. Whether you travel for leisure, for business or are a content creator aiming to be the influencer who takes social media by storm – we have translation earbuds, tripods, influencer-endorsed photography bags and even water purifier bottles to keep you hydrated, wherever you go!

1. SnapGrip

Your phone’s camera is easily the most powerful piece of imaging tech you probably own. The only problem is that it’s an ergonomic nightmare. Who knew holding your phone with one hand and trying to tap the shutter button on the screen could be this difficult?? The SnapGrip makes things easier by turning your phone into a makeshift DSLR camera. It snaps onto the back of your iPhone using MagSafe, or Android phone using a magnetic ring adapter and gives you a handy grip to hold onto as you use your phone’s camera. The SnapGrip also comes with its own shutter button that makes clicking photos or recording videos incredibly ergonomic with a single hand… and if you want to switch from landscape to portrait, all you need to do is just tilt your phone 90° and mount it onto the SnapGrip! The grip also works like a dock, letting you place your phone vertically on tabletop surfaces, and the SnapGrip’s internal battery lets it double as a wireless power bank when you’re not perpetually clicking photos like a shutterbug. If all that somehow wasn’t enough, the SnapGrip extends its use by also allowing you to snap on additional accessories like a tripod stand or ring-light!

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting from $130 $149.97 (13% off with the Black Friday Sale)

2. Timekettle M3 Translation Earbuds

Timekettle entered the market in 2017 with its groundbreaking and award-winning WT2 earbuds that touted real-time translation, followed by the M2 in 2021, and now they’re finally back with their third iteration – the M3. What is traveling without interacting with the people local to the environment and the M3 provide a solution to that dreaded language-barrier. Much like a KitKat, the M3 is meant to be split in half and shared. You simply hand it over to another person, and the two of you can have a harmonious conversation in different languages, as the earphones translate both languages simultaneously, in real-time, without the need for the internet! The M3 supports the translation of 40+ languages and 93 accents in real-time. It features a more ergonomic form as compared to the M2, better Active Noise Cancelation, and professional-grade EQ tuning abilities. In fact, Timekettle says that M3’s translations are accurate 95% of the time, and have an impressive 0.5-second delay only. The earbuds are supported by the world’s leading translation engines – DeepL, Google, Microsoft, iFlytek, AmiVoice, Hoya, and even Timekettle’s own engine.

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3. Peak Design’s Travel Tripod

Most tripod designs come with a hollow channel running through their center, given that the cylindrical legs create a triangular negative space when closed together. Peak Design’s Travel Tripod doesn’t and as a result, is designed to be stronger, more compact, and easier to carry than the average tripod. Forged from carbon fiber that makes the tripod ridiculously light while giving it strength and durability, the Travel Tripod weighs less than 3lbs, but can take up to 20 lbs of weight. It also adjusts to heights of 5 feet (60 inches), and comes with precisely machined dials, knobs, and details that let you easily and intuitively position and angle your camera. A machined aluminum ball head lets you angle your camera however you please, and the carbon fiber construction means the Travel Tripod can take on even the heaviest of camera setups without buckling or suffering wear and tear. The tripod allows you to mount your camera in landscape or portrait, even letting you mount it upside down, facing the ground between the camera’s legs. The legs open out a full 90°, allowing the tripod to sit flat on any ground for low shots. There is an alternative version machine from aluminium and perhaps my favorite feature – each Travel Tripod comes with a built-in mount for your smartphone too!

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4. The Everyday Camera Line: Peter McKinnon X NOMATIC

Designed by photographers, for photographers, the Everyday Camera Bag is a backpack that lets you carry your life and gear comfortably and in an organized manner. At the heart of the Everyday Camera Bag is its spacious interiors, which can be separated into various modules thanks to the bag’s ladder and divider system. Originally designed for camera gear, this system can be used to store a camera and multiple lenses, or even organize clothes, EDC, tech, and other belongings you may want to carry around with you. The bag’s panel opens 180°, letting you view and access all your gear equally, and the padded divider walls keep your belongings from hitting against each other – a feature that’s extremely useful for delicate lenses. The bag’s 25L capacity is perfectly sized for any and everyone. It comes with a laptop sleeve (obviously), magnetic enclosures for your belongings, a bottle/tripod holder on the side, and is designed to be comfortable to wear, durable over time, and water-resistant for those days when the weather isn’t in your favor. Oh, and each bag comes with a lifetime warranty with a promise to repair or replace your bag if it’s defective or damaged.

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5. LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Purification Bottle

How often do you clean your water bottle? Probably once a month? A year, maybe?? The LARQ Bottle basically cleans itself every couple of minutes. With a UVC LED built into the cap and a stainless steel construction that helps reflect the UV light, the LARQ Bottle basically cleans itself and disinfects the water in the bottle, killing 99.9999% of bacteria (talk about being effective) and 99.99% of viruses in your drinking water. The result is pure drinking water that’s germ-free, and a bottle that remains clean and odorless even with daily use. Designed with the world’s first portable mercury-free purification system, the bottle relies on 280nm wavelength UVC LEDs that can be activated simply by tapping the top of the bottle cap when the LARQ Bottle’s closed. Lights around the rim of the cap let you know that the UV lights are at work, and in just 60 seconds, you’ve got yourself a bottle and water that’s absolutely germ-free!

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6.Wiral LITE Cable Cam

Lets be honest – while we do love to travel, we also love getting these seemingly impossibly beautiful shots that are sure to invoke memories as well as envy from everyone who sees these pictures. You have the latest smartphone camera to take beautiful regular pictures but the Wiral LITE is the cable cam/ photographer you always want on your side. Designed to be portable, foldable, lightweight and user-friendly, you can now easily create beautiful video effects to take social media by storm. The components include a universal camera mount and an intuitive attachment system that can be set up in less than 3 minutes. The system can also be easily set up in narrow spaces and since this is not a drone, you can get amazing high-level shots even in no-fly zones! The accessory of your dreams is here to be easily packed and carried with you and it also works with your existing photography setups.

Click Here to Buy Now: $399

7. BauBax Travel Jacket

The regular lumpy jacket which has been the travel essential till date gets a fresh tech-infused avatar with the BauBox 3.0 that boasts of over 15 features. Yup, you read that right! This jacket is actually a genie disguised as a jacket because it can hold and bring out all your travel essentials whenever you need them, some of which you did not think was needed until now – such as having a dedicated charger pocket, a drinks pocket, a tablet pocket and even a face mask! For your in-flight comfort, the jacket holds an inflatable neck pillow, hand warming pockets and even an eye mask! Given the detailed nature of the jacket and its multifunctional behaviour, this jacket almost removes the need to carry a small bag or fanny pack, creating an overall sleeker, more focused and improved boarding and flying experience that is sure to be memorable.

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8. BOLD Graphene Power Bank

Does your power bank charge your phone, watch, earbuds, Nintendo Switch, AND your laptop together? Didn’t think so! Realizing that the world needed a powerful, versatile, capable power bank, the folks at UZE built BOLD, a gadget so capable, it can charge as many as 6 devices at once… including your laptop! Touted as arguably the world’s most powerful power bank, BOLD comes with a 27,000mAh/100Wh battery that’s capable of a 260W power output. Fast charging be damned, the BOLD can rapidly and simultaneously charge multiple devices at once! BOLD comes with Panasonic LiPO graphene battery cells sitting inside an aluminum case that helps with heat dissipation. A glass panel on the top lets you charge your phone as well as your Apple Watch, and 4 more ports on the side let you hook BOLD to a slew of other devices. If that wasn’t powerful enough, BOLD even comes with an LCD screen on the top that tells you your battery levels and power delivery stats. Designed for ultimate power on the go, BOLD is rated for airline travel, and is the only pocket-sized power bank with the ability to simultaneously charge your laptop, phone, smartwatch, tablet, headphones, drone, and multiple other devices. Simultaneously!!

Click Here to Buy Now: $249

9. TourBox Elite

Meet the TourBox Elite, the bluetooth controller to rule them all. As a creator, keyboard shortcuts are a way of life. Wake us up in the middle of night and place our keyboard in front of us, we will be able to trace out our most used functions in our favourite app on muscle memory alone. That is, until we got the TourBox – a tiny box that allows you to control your brush controls, video editing, audio editing or image manipulation – you have a software to work with, the TourBox will have you working using just one hand! The TourBox uses haptic feedback to deliver precision controls, which makes it very easy to get used to the device and run the device without looking – overall increasing your speed, efficiency as well as productivity. An added bonus, the TourBox can be used as a MIDI controller, helping you create music whenever the inspiration strikes you!

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10. Pivo Interactive Pod

To describe Pivo is difficult because there is no common device that we can refer to unless you experience it. And it promises a dazzling experience! Pivo is your personal photographer/ smart assistant/ director you’ve been waiting for. While solo travel is all the trend, sometimes we need that added help so our output and content created matches our original imagination. The Pivo comes to your rescue with 9 Quick Create Modes, 2 auto-follow modes and live streaming as well. Using app-driven motion tracking, faster 360 degree turning and intuitive editing modes, Pivo ensures you always stay in the frame. Additionally, the Pivo’s 6 hours of battery life and 161gm body weight means the Pivot stands tall in this segment by being, possibly, the lightest camera crew you can ever have!

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This turtle-shaped floating city could be the tourist destination of the future

Some ancient civilizations believed that the world was completely flat, while others thought that it existed on the back of a giant cosmic turtle. We know now better, of course, but there is still a sense of awe and wonder at the thought of living on a floating creature. Then again, that’s what cruise ships actually do, with the romantic notion of being on a turtle’s back. Never say never, as they say, and one luxury yacht company is proposing exactly something like that with a “terayacht” that can host around 60,000 people on a fantastic voyage across the seas that is equal parts terrific and terrifying, considering everything that could go wrong in the middle of the ocean.

Designer: Pierpaolo Lazzarini

Given the congestion in urban areas and other land problems, humans have set their eyes not only on the stars but also on the seas for their next habitats. Instead of just “reclaiming” land, some designs envision floating cities and communities that would hopefully be kinder to their environment. Of course, most of these structures are designed to provide stable housing and locations, so they are meant to be rooted to one spot. As its name suggests, however, this gigantic yacht, if you could still call it a yacht, is meant to travel instead.

Named after the supercontinent believed to have existed in Earth’s prehistoric past, Pangeos would become the largest floating structure to be constructed, spanning 550 meters (1800 ft) long and 610 meters (2000 ft) at its widest point. Despite that size, the ship is engineered to cruise at a speed of five knots or around 9.26 kph using jet drive transmission from 9 HTS engines, each with 16,800 hp of power. More than its massive size, however, the real appeal of Pangeos is what it contains and what it is made for: human luxury.

If a luxury cruise ship can be called a floating hotel, Pangeos is pretty much a floating resort city. It will contain everything that humans will need to live in comfort for weeks or even months, including hotels, shopping centers, parks, and other facilities. And since it wouldn’t be safe to actually take a dip in the surrounding ocean, it also has extra-long swimming pools on the turtle’s “wings.” The floating city will have a marina and even its own airport to get guests on and off. All in all, it is planned to accommodate up to 60,000 guests, which doesn’t yet count the thousands of crew needed to man this giant turtle.

Since it will almost be impossible to completely power this terayacht using fuel alone, Pangeos is designed to be self-sustaining and, in a way, a little bit sustainable. Solar panels line the rooftop areas, while the large wings will gather energy from breaking waves. This would make it possible for the turtle ship to travel the Earth without emissions, or at least that’s the idea. Whether it’s a smart idea is a different matter, but there’s little question that it is an enticing idea, one that could actually be made real by 2033.

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This small refrigerator on wheels was designed with electric vehicles in mind

We’re still far away from giving up on fuel oil, but more people are thankfully adopting electric cars, which can be a bit more sustainable if you get power from renewable sources. For now, most probably see these EVs as ways to get around cities, often for commuting to work and over short distances. As their numbers grow, however, so would the number of charging stations scattered throughout highways. This would make it possible to take these battery-powered cars for longer trips, maybe even for outdoor camping. Given it already runs on batteries, it might be possible to power other appliances from it directly, which is what this portable fridge concept is going for, in a way that makes it look like it was part of the EV right from the start.

Designers: Joeun Kim, janchi

There are, of course, plenty of portable refrigerators in the market today built with a wide variety of designs. Some look like giant ice coolers, while there are those that look like you just unplugged your home fridge and shrunk it to fit. Fridze, which is a play on the brand that has become synonymous with the appliance, instead tries to look more like a part of an electric vehicle. Or at least what an electric SUV or camper might look like if those became more common. In other words, Fridze looks sleek, futuristic, and minimalist, almost like it would be out of place on dirty camping grounds.

It does look and move like a suitcase, though, a very bulky and solid one at that. Two wheels on the back and a telescopic handle would be similar to what you’d see on most luggage, while a thick U-bar on the front keeps it from toppling forward. The use of mostly straight lines and flat edges almost resemble some EV charging boxes, but this one actually takes rather than gives power to EVs.

Portable refrigerators naturally need to draw electricity, of course, and most of them will draw power from the car via a car charger. There are portable power stations these days for that purpose, but not many have them. That lighter port is still the most common method, but it’s also wasteful in converting to the type of power that a fridge would need. Fridze, in contrast, would plug directly into the EV’s batteries and siphon power from there. It does have a small battery of its own for those moments when it can’t be connected to the car, like when moving it from one place to another.

In all other aspects, the fridge works just like any other, except for the top that reveals holders for drinks to keep them cool. The idea behind Fridze probably isn’t that revolutionary, and it’s a logical conclusion that would eventually arrive as more cars become electric. Its design, however, would perfectly match the EV aesthetic, even if it would clash with everything else that would stay at home anyway.

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