Camping product designs that convert your camping life to glamping!

When you’re on an outdoor adventure, whether you’re hiking, trekking or camping in the wild, it’s very important to have the right products by your side. These are the items that could make your life much easier, or very difficult, especially during those crucial moments. From a portable bidet (yes, you read that right!) to getting your perfect coffee in the morning, this list is full of products that will add an element of comfort and familiarity when you are in the big outdoors!

W2 Architecture’s revolutionary trailer design, Romotow, the name an amalgamation of ‘room to move’ contains all the usual RV features but with an innovative 90-degree twist. With the press of a simple electric button, it swivels open, rotating at 90 degrees, to reveal an open synthetic teak deck, and 70% more living space.

Designed by Omri Hillel, the Luft Travel Chess-Set is a solution for people who want to carry their board games around in a portable avatar without compromising on the quality of gameplay. The board is a flexible leather mat, while the chess pieces are, in fact, tiny pebbles that you collect from around you while you’re outdoors. Just put the silicone bands around the pebbles and you’re ready to play crude, creative chess!

The GPCA Carabiner can handle it all! The multifunctional EDC serves as a Philips head and a flathead screwdriver, as well as a box-cutter. The frame itself is optimized for function too, with a bottle opener and a prybar built right into its bottom. The carabiner’s clip comes with a spring-loaded gate and a knurled ring that locks the clip in its place. Screw the ring upwards and the gate also has a secret hidden compartment for a flintstone too.


COFFEEJACK by Ashley Hribar-Green & Matthew Aston Cain is the smallest espresso machine on the market (only 100mm high) while producing coffee shop quality coffee. It has a patent-pending micro-hydraulic press inside it that can pump out coffee at a magical excess of 9 bars of pressure, rivaling any professional-grade espresso maker.

Layover Blanket

Designed with the soul of a sleeping bag, The Layover is a blanket by Chris Livingston, Lance Williams, Henry Lee & Monika Robinson and is explicitly built for traveling with. The Layover blanket, with its full-body design, still manages to pack down into a compact form that’s roughly the size of your face. It stores pretty easily in suitcases, or can even be strung to a backpack. When packed, the Layover makes a neat makeshift travel pillow, but its true magic is only when you open it into its versatile form, that can serve as anything from an outdoor mat to spread on a lawn or a beach.

Designed by Evgenija Medvedeva, nuka comprises of an eternal pencil, made of a specialized alloy tip that can oxidize a paper’s surface without a residue, essentially making it run forever (and not need sharpening either). While that, in itself, is pretty marvelous, it comes with nuka’s invincible notebook. The notebook is waterproof, tear-proof, and works wonderfully in conjunction with the nuka pencil. Together, you can take notes practically anywhere, anyhow.

The Rapid Sol Gen 2 is your unlimited power-source outdoors. Tapping into free and omnipotent solar power, Rapid Sol Gen 2 lets you charge all your gadgets on the go. Its portable design fits three flexible solar panels as well as a 3700 mAh battery pack right into your pocket, letting you power your devices anywhere you may be. Designed by Samraat Ghosh, Ricardo Zapata, Evolution Wear, SEG UNIVERSE & SuncoreSolar.

Designed by Bret Recor & Kenneth Young of Box Clevert to be the world’s first portable bidet, Sonny is practically the size and shape of a baton and can be stored anywhere or carried around with you. Using a battery-powered motor and an internal water tank that you can top off before you head to the loo, Sonny generates a micro-shower to help you clean up after your business, effectively, hygienically, and sustainably.

Designed by Jorg Neugebauer & Kai Wiehagen, the FLECTR LUBRI DISC helps you lube your bike chain in seconds. It keeps the process clean and is eco-friendly. The best part is that you will not have to dirty your fingers. It delivers the lube reliably and evenly to your chain in just seconds! It is an incredible tool for the basic care of your bike chain.

Designed by Dapper Design, LLC, KLIP is a Titanium Pocket Knife and EDC suspension hook. An awesome everyday-carry suspension key hook with a built-in pocket knife, KLIP is crafted from Grade 5 Titanium with a stonewashed finish. The first combination of its kind, KLIP neatly carries your keys and features a built-in precision blade.

Product designer Alex Worthington created Freflow, a portable generator powered by the natural elements; water and wind!  Place the generator in an active stream, or mount it on its accompanying stand and position it facing a windy direction, and watch as the turbine gets moving.

The Muncher by Full Windsor isn’t a multi-tool, it’s a multi-utensil! Built for the slightly sophisticated Bear Grylls in you, this little piece of metal fits all the tools you need to survive in the wild. Weighing in at a mere 0.7 ounces (20grams) this bad-boy fits in 10 different pieces of camping equipment into one slick, pocketable mass.

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Meet TIC, the most advanced and aesthetic way to carry your toiletries as you travel

Outwardly, the TIC is barely the size of a hip-flask. It’s squarish, slim, and slides right into your suitcase when you travel. Take it out and open it up, and TIC becomes the classiest travel toiletry kit you’ve ever seen. Integrated right into its slim design is a water-tumbler, and a wall or mirror-mountable kit that contains a toothbrush, toothpaste dispenser, and a bottle of mouthwash. For the jet-setting clean-shaven businessman, there’s a TIC kit that includes a complete razor set, along with blades, shaving cream, and even a fold-out mirror. The TIC oral care and razor kits help you do two things. They keep your travel-toiletries well organized, and they help cut out single-use toiletry items like toothpaste tubes and disposable razors out of the environment, all while looking like something I’d imagine James Bond would carry. (I’m aware I make a lot of comparisons to James Bond, but he’s truly the classiest and most modern pop-culture icon ever. Who knows, he may just be a design enthusiast)

The TIC comes in two varieties, an oral-care kit, and a male grooming kit, both which fit within boxes that are the same size. Designed for travel, these kits are roughly the size of a wallet, and slightly thicker, making them perfect to slide into your check-in suitcase. Upon arriving at your accommodation, the TIC kit opens out into a fully functional set of toiletry-instruments. The oral-care kit features an external cover that doubles as a drinking tumbler, and an inner kit that has a microporous suction surface that neatly and securely sticks to flat surfaces like tiles, glass panels, or mirrors. The kit opens out to reveal a two-part toothbrush that assembles with a quick snap, and an integrated toothpaste dispenser that works at the push of a button. There’s even space for a bottle of mouth-freshener, complete with markings that help you consume the right amount at the time, and a slide-out mirror, just in case you’re not around one. When done, the drinking tumbler makes a great tool to rinse up.

The TIC oral-care + razor kit works on the same compact principle as the oral-care kit. It, however, switches the mouthwash bottle for a razor handle and an interchangeable blade-head. The blade-head features a three-blade design complete with a lubrication strip that lets you use it directly on your skin without worrying about razor-burn. You can quite literally use the kit anywhere, relying on the clever slide-out mirror that’s built right into the TIC’s body.

Frankly a much classier and more eco-friendly alternative to those godawful hotel toiletry kits, the TIC is hoping to revolutionize the way we travel. Along with smart suitcases and well-designed carry-ons, the oral care and razor kits work towards a unified goal of being useful, uncumbersome, and extremely desirable, all while ensuring their products aren’t single-use. The TIC kits are made from a combination of materials like ABS and PP for durability, and Nylon, BPA-free PET, and Silicon for health and comfort. The TIC kits are even FDA approved and their patent-pending design ensures you get the highest quality kits with no chance of seeing cheap knockoffs anytime soon. You can choose between slick-looking matte black or white finishes, and the kits, which are available for as little as $11 begin shipping as soon as Feb 2020!

Designer: TIC Design

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TIC Oral Care & Razor Kit

Palm-sized toiletry essentials on the go.

BYOT (Bring Your Own Toiletries)

The TIC Oral Care & Razor Kits are a positive step towards eliminating the disposable, single-use toiletry supplies that are contributing to pollution.

Oral Care Kit Usage

Toothpaste Tube.


Mouthwash Bottle.

Oral Care & Razor Kit Usage


Sliding Functions

Sticker Board

Easy to use.

Sticks to a variety of surfaces.

Easy to clean.

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Why carry a lunchbox when you could carry a portable dining kit that’s the same size?

The FoldEat’s one of those ambitious projects that really show us how backward we are when it comes to our way of life. Ditching the notion that you need to carry tupperware, cutlery, and napkins in a cloth bag and have them rattle around while you’re traveling to and from work (and then consequently worry about washing your cutlery after you’re done eating so you can carry it back with you), FoldEat’s solution is elegant, organized, and potentially game-changing. The kit comprises a roll-top bag with modular vessels and cutlery kits inside. Zip open the bag and it unfolds into a table-mat with your food at its center and the cutlery right beside it.

The way the FoldEat transforms from food-kit to a dining-set is perhaps its biggest advantage over conventional lunchboxes. All homogenously packed in a single bag that’s easy to carry around, the FoldEat is perfect for office lunches, travel lunches on a plane or train, or even an outdoor picnic. Its all-inclusive set includes main containers, side containers, cutlery, all elegantly laid out on a mat, almost like you’d expect at a restaurant. The outer cover (which doubles up as a mat) comes with a zip and clasp to secure your boxes in place. Its roll-top design allows you to add more boxes to the kit, letting you pack meals for an entire day, or even for an extra person. Embedded within the mat is also a flexible magnetic layer that keeps all your boxes and cutlery in place, allowing them to stay arranged and organized every time you open the kit out. Moreover, the outer cover which serves as a table-mat, is machine-washable and comes with the ability to attach a side-strap or a carabiner-clip to let you carry your FoldEat with you anywhere you go.

On the inside, the FoldEat is more than a simple set of containers. Designed to enable a proper dining experience, FoldEat designed its containers to be modular, allowing them to pair up and stack on top of each other, while also keeping them microwave and dishwasher-safe. There’s a separate container that’s designed just for holding liquids, with a screw-cap and thermal insulation (perfect for soups and curries), while a gel-pack allows you to keep the rest of your food piping hot too. The outer cover comes with its own thermo layer too for extra insulation. FoldEat’s inner layout adjusts itself to your intake as well as your cuisine. A snap-on cutlery set lets you dig into all sorts of food without needing to rely on flimsy disposable cutlery. The stainless steel fork, spoon, and knife allow you to eat food as you would at home or at a restaurant. The main containers come with separator panels, enabling you to segregate your food, while a set of three mini-containers let you carry smaller portions of garnishings, dips, desserts, or nuts along with you for a complete nutritional experience.

Ultimately, FoldEat upgrades the portable lunch experience by making it convenient and classy. The kit is easy to carry around anywhere you go, and opens up into an organized dining experience, rather than a cluttered picnic basket full of bits and bobs. By taking the fine-dining experience and making it portable, FoldEat does a few key things. It reduces your dependency on clunky lunchboxes that may leak inside your laptop bag, and on disposable cutlery. It encourages you to eat better, by carrying all your meals (along with its tiny accompaniments) wherever you go, and most obviously, it keeps your dining experience organized no matter where you are, whether it’s at work, on a plane, at the gym, at your hotel, or even outdoors at a picnicking site. Besides, if it means eating less takeout food and more home-cooked meals, isn’t that just a massive win?

Designer: Alex A.

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FoldEat – A Modular Lunchbox That Unfolds Into an Eating Mat

With over 15 features smartly integrated, packing and eating on the go have never been easier.

Unfolds in Seconds

FoldEat is a carrying pack, but as it unfolds, it becomes a full-size eating mat giving you instant access to all the items inside.

Its unique patent-pending opening system makes it super easy to use.

It’s Modular

You can adjust FoldEat to any day to any diet plan. Pack up to four containers for a picnic or pack one container for a snack.

Carry It Anyway You Like

FoldEat has an adjustable and detachable strap so you can easily carry it anyway it suits you.

The Containers (Fullor & Liquidor)

Made out of Tritan, it’s microwave and dishwasher safe.

The Fullor is large enough to fit the equivalent of a regular plate of food. It also comes with a separator so you can easily portion your meals.

The cooling pads can be placed between compartments when you need maximum efficiency.

The Liquidor enclosure will ensure a perfect seal.

The mini containers are perfect for carrying the essential extras like salad dressing.

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This award-winning wheelchair integrates right into an airplane seat for easy boarding and de-boarding

Securing a Discovery Of The Year Award as well as a Platinum Winner Award at the European Product Design Awards in 2019, The Row-1 by Ciara Crawford surely has stumbled on a brilliant solution for a problem that no designer recognized before. The Row-1, simply put, is an inclusive-design wheelchair that lets disabled and elderly patrons at an airport go straight from the check-in desk to inside the airline, and de-board the flight at their destination. The wheelchair works exactly how you’d expect it to, allowing the disabled to cover large distances within an airport (with help from airline staff), but where it really shines is in the way it rolls right into the aircraft and secures itself to the airplane seat.

“1 million travelers with disabilities took 23 million trips over the past two years, spending $9 billion on their flights”, says Ciara, a design graduate from the University of Limerick, Ireland. The Row-1 aims at bettering their experience by eliminating the need and the associated discomfort of changing seats every time a disabled person boards or deboards a plane. The Row-1 wheelchair comes with a nesting design and inward-folding rear wheels that help it integrate itself comfortably into a seat the first row, giving the patron extra leg-room while keeping them closer to the washroom too. This way, the passenger never needs to change seats through their entire journey, with the exception of passing through the security check. The wheelchair is even equipped with its own seatbelt that proves useful within the airport while traveling on ramps and air-bridges, as well as inside the plane. The same wheelchair goes from the airport of departure to the airplane, and finally escorts the passenger out at the airport of arrival. The wheelchair even comes with its own joystick-panel for manual operation, as well as space under the seat for storing handbags.

The Row-1 Wheelchair System is a Platinum Winner of the European Product Design Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Ciara Crawford

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg resigns as 737 Max fallout continues

Following the months-long fallout of the two fatal 737 Max crashes that killed 346 people, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg is stepping down from his position as the top executive at the aerospace manufacturer. Boeing announced the change in a press rele...

A water-and-wind-powered portable generator for all your outdoor adventures!

You know when you’re wandering in the wild outdoors, merrily camping or hiking, and your phone dies? And there’s no immediate power source? (not that you should have been expecting one.) And your portable battery pack’s acting problematic too? For those very tricky situations, product designer Alex Worthington created ‘Freflow’. Freflow is a portable generator powered by the natural elements; water and wind!

At first glance, it looks like, well, a flask or a travel mug, which is what contributes significantly to the generator’s portable factor. Resembling a dark grey to-go coffee flask, the generator is covered by a plastic cap on top. Removing the plastic cap reveals a conical 3 blade Archimedes’ turbine, in a bright stark yellow color. Place the generator in an active stream, or mount it on its accompanying stand and position it facing a windy direction, and watch as the turbine gets moving. The turbine channels water and wind from up to a 60-degree angle of the central axis, making it more efficient than traditional turbine designs. The generator stores up the water-and-wind-generated energy for future use.

Now, whenever you’re low on juice, simply pull apart the generator into two sections. The second half functions as a charging pad with USB ports for your smartphones, tablets, iPods, laptops, etc. The bottom circular end of the generator also functions as a flashlight for those dark and dim corners.

Freflow is perfect for whenever you feel completely disconnected from the world and need your digital dose, charging up your vital devices, using only what nature has to offer! Freflow is the sidekick you need on your next adventure in the wilderness.

Designer: Alex Worthington

Karim Rashid’s latest Ikon travel kit doubles up as collectible art!

“I believe that we could be living in an entirely different world – one that is full of real contemporary inspiring objects, spaces, places, worlds, spirits, and experiences,” says Karim Rashid. And for the past twenty-plus years, he’s been trying to do exactly that, with over 4000 designs in production, 300 awards and an extensive portfolio of work that spans over 40 countries.

Recently he joined hands with Dentiste, the South Korean oral care brand, to design The Ikon Collection, a travel kit. Karim’s Ikons, a series of hieroglyphics including crosses, stars, splats, blobs, and more have been highlighting his work for years. And this time around he’s embossed the symbols on a travel toothpaste kit!

The kit is made up of eight 40g tubes of toothpaste, accompanied by a waterproof silicone pouch. The tubes and the pouch have been imprinted with fifty-five of Karim’s Ikons. The long glossy toothpaste tubes come in four different packaging designs. Shrouded in a silvery glow, the Ikons trail down the length of the tube. The Ikons represent Love, Nature, Life and Empathy, qualities that wholly embody Dentiste’s brand identity. Karim sealed the deal with his own name flowing across the top of the tubes, in a vivid hot pink color.

The combination of the radiant symbols, the soft white tubes and the splash of pink all come together to create what may seem like a work of art. Designed to function as collectible art, the tubes of toothpaste can be preserved as individual graphic art objects. Karim’s first collaboration with Dentiste birthed a super cool travel kit, that also doubles up as decorative art! We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next.

Designer: Karim Rashid in collaboration with Dentiste

This telescoping camper doubles in size in just 60 seconds!

Camping can be (almost) all fun and games, as long as you have a comfortable and reliable camper. French recreational vehicle manufacturer Beauer recently launched their 2X camper. With their 3X caravan already impressing campers across Europe, the 2X promises to live up to its predecessor as well.

Though smaller than the 3X, the 2X is a compact and telescoping trailer that doubles in size in just 60 seconds! Beauer’s campers use a collection of modules to expand in size. The 2X utilizes two modules to expand like a telescope! The 3X is perfect for larger groups, whereas the 2X is a better and lighter option for say couples. With the push of a button, the caravan expands to create 90 square feet of living space. The living space comprises of two rooms. The bedroom consists of a futon that converts into a double bed. Whereas the other room functions as a kitchen with a sink, gas stove, a small refrigerator, and an oven. The caravan includes an accompanying bathroom with a cassette toilet, sink, and shower.

Weighing just 1764 pounds, the trailer can be easily attached to many varieties of vehicles, without the need for trucks or SUVs. Shaped like a can, the colors of the semi-circular camper are customizable. The colors of the base, complementary stripe, and the interiors can all be tuned according to your taste. Beauer’s 2X camper makes for the perfect movable home for two!

Designer: Eric Beau of Beauer

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