Enchanting Hotel Designs you want to chart your travel plans around

Hotels have often been the means to an end, a place to stash your luggage and crash through the night while you explore the vibrant surroundings. But that changes with these designs… Each of these designs is a unique space that speaks to its surroundings, by allowing you to break free from the world and escape to the almost-mythical beauty they represent. Providing heritage experiences of living in a restored Geisha house to the thrilling view of the London skyline with a 360-degree infinity pool, there is a hotel here that will inspire your wanderlust!

The one-bedroom boutique hotel, Trunk House by Hiroe Tanaka takes over a 70-year-old geisha house, adding a bright-red disco room that, according to the designers, is the smallest disco in Japan!

The vision for Infinity London is rather unique. A 600,000-liter infinity pool with an edge-less design on all four ends, giving you a stunning reflection of the sky above you, interrupted by concrete, tiles, or ladders by Compass Pools.

The Tree House Hotel Room is structured to serve as hotel rooms, offering tourists the opportunity to connect with nature. “The project is conceived as a ‘slow down’ form of tourism, where nature and the integration of architecture within it plays the primary role,” said the architects Peter Pichler and Silvana Ordinasstudio.

The Punta Caliza hotel is an intimate sanctuary on the remote island of Holbox, Mexico, based on the region’s ancient buildings with each room equipped with a private plunge pool that connects to the main canal, reflecting the omnipresence of water on Holbox as designed by Estudio Macías Peredo.

Hotel Mar Adentro sits on the coast of San José del Cabo, at the southern tip of Mexico with rooms designed to look like little sugar cubes as they are reflected in the shallow pools that surround the guest rooms, designed by Taller Aragonés.

Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio has proposed building a hotel at the 600-meters-high place in Norway known as the Preikestolen to recreate the thrill of “living on and beyond the edge”.

The H C Andersen Hotel is named after the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen and the pagoda-inspired hotel will consist of a stack of 18 misaligned floors as designed by BIG Studio.

The eight-storey Source Hotel sits along a major boulevard in the River North Art District (RiNo) and is designed with irregularly stacked floors and interiors that give it an interesting industrial design meets punk vibe by Dynia Architects.

Damien Hirst has designed an extremely opulent suite in a hotel in Las Vegas which follows the theme of pills, butterflies and even sharks suspended in formaldehyde! The Empathy Suite spans 9,000 square feet (836 square meters) and occupies two storeys within the Palms.

The Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental is located in an 88-meter-deep abandoned quarry near Shanghai as designed by Jade + QA. “The concept for the building was inspired by the quarry itself and by its natural environment needing to be finely balanced with the new development following the using the Tao principles of yin yang,” says Jochman

This conceptual Bentley eVTOL takes off right from your balcony!

Imagine if your balcony’s view wasn’t restricted to just one frame. Imagine if your balcony could literally detach from your house and float above the city, giving you a new, more exhilarating view every time. That’s the idea behind David Vultaggio’s conceptual Bentley Majestic Walker.

Vultaggio’s idea was simple – a dynamic balcony that made you feel like you were walking among the clouds. Obviously Bentley seemed like the most apt brand for something literally this luxurious and dreamy. The eVTOL molded itself around this idea, where the residence would have a very Iron Man Stark Towers-style walkway right out into the open, with two red seats at the end. Sit yourself down and the eVTOL comes and lifts the seats off into the skies, gently hovering above your city, giving you the absolute thrill of being at the top of the world!

Designer: David Vultaggio

Google Flights will refund the difference if prices drop unexpectedly

Just after shutting down its Trips travel-planning app, Google has announced a raft of travel-related features for other products, including a flight price guarantee. For a limited time, when it tells you prices won't drop on a trip you book through...

Transportation design for asteroid exploration!

We’re still somewhere in the 21st century, but man has broken the shackles of being bound to Earth. We’re now an intergalactic species, and we’ve got equipment and vehicles to travel long distances in space and explore cosmic entities beyond Mars… the asteroids. Meet the MMU, or the Manned Maneuvering Unit, a concept created by Bruno Gauthier LeBlanc and Dave Arredondo. Named the Boomerang, for its unique boomerang shape, and also probably because it lets you travel to a certain point in space and back, this MMU seats one person, exposing just the arms and legs while the rest of the body fits inside the boomerang-shaped spacecraft. Controls on the front allow you to operate thrusters at the back that let you go darting through space, exploring parts of the solar system at will! I wonder how this thing would dock or land though…

Designers: Bruno Gauthier LeBlanc & Dave Arredondo

United Airlines offers easier biometric clearance for frequent flyers

United Airlines is joining the likes of Delta and British Airways in using biometric security to speed up your airport visits. The airline has forged a deal with Clear that will bring speedy facial recognition and fingerprint scanning to its frequen...

Tesla meets SpaceX meets Back To The Future!

Say hello to the automotive mashup of the century! I mean, if your Tesla car can have a bio-hazard mode, how far are we really from your car being able to travel through time and space? If Elon could, Elon certainly would, right?

The Tesla x SpaceX x BTTF combination comes from the mind of Charlie Nghiem, a maverick automotive designer who’s even made a Tesla x Rimowa concept collab. This holy-trinity mashup features both of Elon Musk’s current ventures, electric automobile company Tesla, and space exploration venture SpaceX, along with an unlikely third, the DeLorean from Back To The Future (Musk is a Rick and Morty fan, so maybe he loves BTTF too?) The car looks like a pimped out Tesla Roadster complete with all the trims and the massive afterburners from the BTTF automobile. The car’s even got a hoverboard casually resting against its side, and features a SpaceX logo at the base of the C pillar, because where they’re going, they don’t need roads.

Hey Elon, you dig?

Designer: Charlie Nghiem

Tinder wants to protect LGBTQ users in countries that discriminate

Tinder wants to keep its users safe in the nearly 70 countries that have discriminatory LGBTQ laws. Today, the company is launching a feature called Traveller Alert. When members of the LGBTQ community open the app in one of those countries, the aler...

Airbnb makes it easier to find a place to stay on business trips

Airbnb wants to make it easier to find work-friendly listings, and its solution is fairly simple. Before, the company would ask if you were traveling for business at checkout. Now, it's offering an Airbnb for Work toggle that you can select at the be...