This all-season stylized bicycle helmet was designed to prevent accidents, as well as protect you from them

Helmets are designed for protection, not prevention. A helmet gives you cushioning during impact… but it doesn’t help you avoid the impact in the first place. Designed to do both jobs, the TorchONE is a helmet that guards you as well as increases your visibility. With large removable curved lights integrated into the helmet’s front and back, the TorchONE helps you be seen in low-light settings.

The TorchONE hopes to alter a scary statistic around cycling. In 2019, 56,000 cyclists lost their lives worldwide, and an estimated 60-70% of them were during low-light conditions. By integrating lights right into the helmet, the TorchONE approaches this problem with a two-fold solution – Prevention and Protection. A finalist at the 2020 EuroBike Awards, the TorchONE boasts of a streamlined, aerodynamic design that weighs a mere 382 grams with large, highly visible, removable lights on the front and back. Designed to provide 360° visibility, these are the largest lights to ever be fitted onto a bike, ensuring that they’re sufficiently visible even in bad weather. Attach them when you need and the lights can run 24/7, detach them during the day and the helmet’s weight drops to an incredibly lightweight 266 grams.

The lightweight, ergonomic shell makes the TorchONE comfortable to wear at all times. 10 widened vents ensure proper airflow, keeping your head cool, especially in the warm seasons or climates. The vents on the front and back double up as mounting areas for the lights, which just snap on with a satisfying push. Chargeable via MicroUSB, the front and back light panels are the largest to ever be integrated into a helmet, prioritizing visibility over everything else. The lights come with four lighting modes too, ensuring that even when obscured by obstacles, they remain visible and prevent any accidents. With this two-pronged approach of prevention and protection, the TorchONE hopes to make bicycling stylish and safe. The helmet comes in four colors, with free shipping to the US and UK.

Designer: Nathan Wills

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The TorchONE Helmet

The TorchOne helmet for is everyone, in all seasons and all weathers and with unique large removable 360°, 24/7/365 lighting displays.

Weighing in at just 266 grams without lights and 382 grams with lighting attached, the TorchONE is the lightest helmet in its category, with the largest light display currently available.

The 10 widened vents and aerodynamic design will be appreciated by the frequent and more dedicated riders and will provide essential ventilation for warmer climates and seasons.

The TorchONE lenses are fully rechargeable, using standard Micro USB3 connectivity to ensure global compatibility. The lighting operates in 4 modes and final testing is taking place to assess longevity in each of the four lighting modes.

Key Features

Removable LED Lighting Panels.

Largest Light Panel Available.

360-degree Lighting Panels.

4 Light Options.

Road Testing

Tested in the city with Lanre – Lanre commutes to work and uses his scooter to support his growing photography passion. They caught up with him in St Paul’s area of London to talk about his role in London and how he has been coping with maintaining his routine as a Key Worker during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tested in the country with Indy – Indy lives in Dorset and has a very different style of commute and exercise route on her bike. The TorchONE has been designed for all environments on and off-road, in and out of the city so we spent some time in her local woods to test the helmet in a more challenging terrain.

Tested in the town with Luiz – A hardcore commuter, Luiz uses his one-wheel and Brompton bike to travel around London all year-round. A gentle giant, Luiz has a new-born which keeps him around his local North London borough.

Click Here to Buy Now: $111. Hurry, only 18/100 left! Free UK/US Shipping!

Your Amazon Echo Dot transforms into a Mandalorian Helmet with this 3D printed stand!

Smart Speakers are seldom designed to be trophy elements. With their unassuming design and fabric clad, they’re BUILT to blend into your home decor, being useful only when wanted. This 3D printed stand, on the other hand, turns your smart speaker into a pop-culture collectible worth showing off!

Say hello to the Mandalorian smart speaker holder for the 4th Generation Amazon Echo Dot. Inspired by the Star Wars spin-off series, the smart-speaker holder comes 3D printed by Etsy shop Slic3DArt, quite perfectly resembling the Mandalorian helmet. Place your spherical Amazon Echo Dot within its head cavity and you’ve officially got yourself a trophy-head worth showcasing on your mantelpiece or coffee table!

The purpose of the Mandalorian smart-speaker holder is purely aesthetic. It doesn’t enhance the speaker’s functions but doesn’t impair them either (it does, however, block the light ring at the base). I just wish Alexa came with a Mandalorian voice option!

Designer: Slic3DArt

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A Mandalorian Helmet Amazon Echo Dot Speaker Holder: I Have Spoken

Looking for something to spruce up your otherwise boring 4th-generation Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker with a little Star Wars flair? How about this 3-D printed Mandalorian helmet holder made and sold by Etsy shop Slic3DArt? Obviously, it will go perfect with the Baby Yoda 3rd generation Amazon Echo Dot holder you already own. Just think of all the fun they’ll have talking to each other.

The Mandalorian mask is a single 3D printed piece and costs $29. The only thing that would make it better is if there was a Mandalorian voice option for Amazon Echo Dots. Now that’s something I’d be willing to part with my Galactic credits for.

I used to own a smart speaker, but I got rid of it after getting paranoid that it was listening all the time. Plus whenever my wife and I would ask it a question to settle an argument it would always side with her. “The truth” she likes to call it.

[via GeeksAreSexy]

Meet the world’s only helmet designed to be worn over a cap…

There’s a pretty clever reason for why the 902s helmet is designed the way it is. Created as perhaps the only helmet that can be worn over existing headgear like a baseball cap or a trucker cap, the 902s combines safety with style. How, you ask? Well, think about this… If you’ve ever worn a helmet, you’re familiar with the term helmet-hair. It’s when your headgear compresses your hair, ruining its shape. Now, all that’s fine when you’ve got the helmet on, but the trouble starts when you take it off only to look into your motorbike’s side mirror to see the atrocious dome that is your hair. The 902s cleverly circumvents that problem because it doesn’t sit on your head, it sits on your cap (which you don’t need to take off). Just slide the helmet over your cap when you’re riding, and take it off when you’re done. The cap stays in place, and your overall appearance remains unaffected.

The 902s works with a variety of cap styles (you can wear it without one too, btw) and integrates the cap’s visor or bill into your helmet as you wear it. The helmet sports a protective PolyCarbonate outer shell, with an EPS foam lining on the inside for padded protection. Its insides as well as its outer edges account for your head, but also keep enough space to comfortably fit a cap in. This means you can slide your 902s directly on your snapback with zero resistance, giving you a helmet that protects, but still respects your sense of style when you’re done with your ride. Adjustable knobs on the back let you calibrate your helmet’s fit, while two sizes (medium and large) cover a variety of head sizes and types.

While the cap-integrating design is by far the 902s’ most interesting design feature, the helmet comes with a non-cap variant too, for the more traditionally inclined. Built-in a single piece with its own integrated visor, the 902s Armour variant is for people who just want a stylish helmet that looks good while protecting you. The Persona variant, however, offers the unique ability to combine helmet and cap, to give your protective headgear a custom touch of personal style. Not to mention the fact that when you take the helmet off, your cap stays on, keeping you looking great no matter what!

Designer: Lorenzo Moon of 902 LAB

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $69 ($20 off). Hurry, for a limited time only!

902s – A Helmet You’ll Actually Want to Wear

Created as perhaps the only helmet that can be worn over existing headgear like a baseball cap or a trucker cap, the 902s combines safety with style.

Stay Safe

The helmet is manufactured using the in-Mold method. The inner part is crafted from EPS foam and the polycarbonate outer shell is bonded together with it using heat during the molding stage.

The 902s are manufactured in the in-Mold method. The inner EPS foam and the polycarbonate outer shell are bonded by heat during the molding stage so that they are not separated even by strong impacts.

Stay Stylish

There are two different urban styles available, Armour (Fixed) & Persona (Separable).

Armour – Designed like a ball cap, trendy design with a shade and protection.

Persona – This separable helmet is for those who regularly wear a hat. Simply wear the helmet over the hat without having to replace it.

Stay Comfortable

Enjoy your ride with more safety by adjusting (loosen or tighten) the size of the helmet.

Durable yet very lightweight.

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $69 ($20 off). Hurry, for a limited time only!

Saroléa’s stunning electric café racer comes with a carbon fiber helmet and tailored suit for the rider!

I guess you could call the Saroléa’s N60 electric bike the “complete package”! The Belgian motorcycle company has figured out the best way to make the motorcycle the ultimate style icon – design a dapper suit and a slick carbon-fiber helmet to make the rider and the ride complement each other perfectly! Saroléa partnered with Café Costume and Hedon to create the tailored biker suit with integrated protective elements, and Hedon to create the immaculate carbon-fiber helmet. The suit comes uniquely tailored to your measurements, along with the helmet, which is size-matched to your head. Moreover, a partnership with Studio Blade even means the bike comes with its own EDC, a commemorative full-tang Damascus Steel knife.

The collaborative effort is centered around the N60, Saroléa’s latest cafe-style e-bike built on the same platform as their previous stunner, the Manx7 electric superbike, with an air-cooled brushless DC motor capable of 163 horsepower and a battery delivering an impressive range of 330 kilometers (or 205 miles) on a full charge. Specifications aside, the N60 comes housed in a carbon fiber monocoque boasting of a design that feels like the spiritual successor to the Manx7. While the Manx7 sported a more streamlined design, the N60 uses more robust forms and celebrates straight lines. The bike sports a black paint job, with the judicious use of orange accents to create drama and contrast, and a black-on-black pattern on the side which pairs stunningly well with the carbon-fiber weave pattern on the bike helmet. All in all, the N60 isn’t just another e-bike… it’s an experience. The fact that it comes with its rider-specific accouterments really helps build the bond between man and machine, and practically ensures that when you’re tearing down the tarmac, all eyes will certainly be on you!

Designers: Serge Rusak & Saroléa
Image Credits: Jente Williams

This astronaut-inspired PPE helmet has an air filter and even its own Bluetooth comms system!

Well, Jetsons didn’t get the flying car right, but they sure as hell nailed the fact that we’d need to wear helmets outdoors!

Meet the NE-1, an experimental face-helmet that looks like something a bee-keeper would wear, but is in-fact protective headgear that’s both safe and comfortable to wear in the pandemic. Developed by Texas-based ValhallaMED, the NE-1 helmet combines the face-shield and mask into a singular device you wear on your head. Fitted with a powered air system and a patent-pending filtration mechanism, the NE-1 routes air-flow to make sure the air you breathe is 95% pure, but without needing an air-tight seal like most conventional masks. Not only does the mask filter the air you inhale AND exhale, it comes fitted with coolers that keep you breezy and comfortable outdoors. The cool air, aside from giving you overall comfort, also helps the NE-1’s wide visor from misting or fogging up. The result is similar to wearing an actual bike-helmet. Face-protection and full visibility, albeit with two significant upgrades… clean air, and active powered cooling that lets you wear the helmet for hours.

One would argue that a futuristic, Jetsons-inspired helmet would be incomplete with its own comms system… which is why the NE-1 is outfitted with a Bluetooth audio system that lets you both speak and listen to others while you’ve got the mask on! The mask comes with a flexible neoprene neck-seal and a unique shape, accommodating a wide range of face sizes, and even letting you comfortably wear it with spectacles or sunglasses!

Designer: ValhallaMED

The Bluetooth audio and external speakers are ideal for “close-talkers” and “low-talkers” alike.

This Earthquake Safety Helmet Folds Flat Until You Need It

Earthquakes are a fairly common occurrence in parts of Japan, so they have a tendency to think more about earthquake safety there than other places. One of the more important things to do in the event of a quake is to protect your head from falling objects. There are lots of ways to do this, from getting under a desk or table, to covering your head with a helmet. But helmets are bulky and take up alot of space – especially if you need them for a whole family or office full of workers. Enter the Derucap.

The Derucap is designed specifically for protecting your head in the event of an earthquake, and what makes it unique is how it stores flat when not in use, measuring just about 1.6″ thick. To open it up, simply place it over your head, and pull down until it’s expanded. The lightweight helmet is made from a flame retardant polyethylene, and can cushion the blow in the event that something falls on your head. It’s not going to protect you from a 2-ton steel beam, but it should reduce the chances of injury from things like items falling off of shelves or other small debris.

The Derucap comes in two designs – a compact model that you can toss in a desk drawer, or a stackable square model which comes in boxes of 10. If you live in Japan, you should be able to grab one for about 3,900 yen – or about $36. But if you want to import one to the states, you’ll need to turn to Japan Trend Shop, who sells singles for $69 each.

The Madillo helmet’s design allows it to work as an indicator and distress beacon

Disruptive in both form and function, the Madillo helmet is quite unlike any helmet you may have seen. For starters, it ditches the regular hard-hat shell you’d expect from a helmet, for something Lukas calls an auxetic material, or a material capable of stretching in a given direction. This material and unusual pattern gives the Madillo the ability to comfortably take the shape of your head, embracing its shape. Connecting cords hold the helmet together and can be stretched through the earpiece (image above), to adjust the Madillo helmet’s shape.

Its hollow, grille-like design also allows light to pass through its crevasses, giving the Madillo the ability to work as an indicator. A thin lighting module sits under the outer material, shining to indicate when you’re turning left or right. Visible to the people beside and behind you, this feature helps fellow drivers know where you’re headed… but that’s not all. The Madillo comes with a life-saving beacon too that lights the helmet up to attract the attention of passers-by. Additionally, it even sends an SOS signal out to the nearest hospital and summons for an ambulance, while transmitting your location to make sure you’re escorted to safety.

The Madillo Helmet is a winner of the iF Design Talent Award for the year 2018.

Designer: Lukas Franz (University of Applied Sciences)