Always stay prepared with this EDC first aid kit functioning as a flashlight and compass!

First aid kits are essential, especially when we hop on an outdoor adventure. However, lugging around the usual box-like first aid kits can be quite cumbersome. Hence VSSL launched it’s new First Aid Kit, built for extreme environments. One look at it, and it’s hard to believe it’s a first aid kit since it looks like a regular flashlight! Created from military-grade aluminum, the indistinct looking device functions as a first aid kit, flashlight, and compass. Far from your typical first aid kit, it features a sleek fire red body measuring 9 and 3/8 inches with a diameter of 2 inches. One end of the VSSL’s First Aid Kit boasts a powerful 200 Lumens LED light, it’s flooding beam is strong enough to light up large spaces. The flashlight has four lighting modes: bright, dim, red and SOS. From a subtle dim mode it can jump to an alert SOS mode, imperative in sending out distress calls. On the other end, you have an oil-filled precision compass! The hardy compass can operate in all weather conditions from -10°C to +50°C. With a flashlight to illuminate your way and a compass to guide you, you’re sure to never get lost with VSSL’s First Aid Kit.

And of course it’s most important component, all the crucial first aid gear needed to survive a night in the woods lays snugly in between the flashlight and compass. The impact-resistant kit is equipped with 46 first aid essentials! It contains several types of bandages to deal with all kinds of cuts and scrapes. In fact, it even consists of an adventure tape that can be used to cover wounds, mark trails and repair any gear! Equipped with antiseptic wipes, antibiotic and burn cream, as well as Advil and Aspirin, the kit is sure to handle any dilemma our body might find itself in. Finally, tweezers, safety pins, and an emergency whistle to call for aid, wrap up the nifty little kit. Boasting a lifetime warranty, VSSL has curated the perfect set of outdoor specific first aid components, packed in a waterproof body that can be easily tucked away in any corner, but can handle every situation in the wilderness!

Designer: VSSL Gear

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An air purifier you can wear as a necklace!

Today clean air is becoming more of a luxury than a bare necessity needed to survive. With the Earth’s atmosphere deteriorating by the minute, the health hazards are increasing manifolds. Lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases are the leading causes of death in the world. 6 million people die annually from smoking, 500,000 of those due to passive smoking. Pollution in large cities can take away 2-3 years off life expectancy. Moved by such dreary numbers, designers Jordan Steranka and Tai Geng decided to do their bit in moving towards a healthier and prolonged life for everybody. They created ‘Breathe’, an air purification product that provides us with clean air with every breath we take. Shaped like a nifty whistle, the primary goal was to make ‘Breathe’ as minute and handy as possible, without restricting airflow. Portability and physical comfort of the user were of the utmost importance. Equipped with a carbon filter that is connected to air sensors, and a removable mouthpiece which allows us to inhale through ‘Breathe’, it filters unclean air to allow it’s purest form to enter our system. The open structure allows for consistent airflow through an oblong airway, which also directs the airflow.

Huge attention to detail was given to the form factor of ‘Breathe’. The aim was to create a functional and fashionable product through the use of simple geometry. A braided necklace loop allows us to wear ‘Breathe’ around our necks! Looking like a trendy necklace, it bears minimal weight and is extremely convenient to carry around, unlike other current filtration devices which tend to be heavy and cumbersome. It’s a new form of an otherwise traditional wearable mask, which can be quite uncomfortable to wear and carry around. One of it’s most appealing features is that it comes along with a partnering app! The app displays how beneficial ‘Breathe’ is to our health. The device stores and collects data while in use. Once it is plugged into a smartphone via the audio jack, the data is uploaded automatically onto the app. The app exhibits all the particles, gases and toxins that are prevented from being inhaled by us, and where they can be found most commonly. Not to forget, Breathe’s battery is being charged throughout this! Highly functional, portable and convenient, ‘Breathe’ could literally be a lifesaver and will surely pave a path for a new era in air purifiers, replacing the age-old conventional masks!

Designer: Jordan Steranka and Tai Geng

What if a specialized medical gadget could guide you through CPR?

Slightly more than half of the American population claims to know how to perform CPR. That means there’s roughly a 50% chance that a bystander would know how to resuscitate you. CPR First Aider aims at being able to increase those chances. Not only does it help people who don’t know CPR, it helps people who do know CPR to perform it efficiently. The CPR First Aider is an extensive kit that includes a breathing mask that automatically delivers oxygen while assisting the patient to breathe along with a CPR module that has 4 legs and chest straps to ensure stable, sustained and effective pressure to the patient. An LCD screen on the top guides you through the procedure, while also displaying the patient’s stats blood oxygen concentration and electrocardiogram in real time. Designed to fold into a compact device, the CPR First Aider could easily be stored anywhere a fire extinguisher could be placed. If used correctly and on time, the CPR method could help save lives and prevent trauma from hypoxia. The award-winning CPR First Aider concept helps pave a way to that future.

The CPR First Aider is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2019.

Designers: Fang Di, Li Pengcheng & Yu Yuanyi

RaDoTech lets you perform a full body scan to see how healthy you are on the inside

Yes, your smartwatch can read your heart rate, but does it know your stress levels? Does it know how your lungs are performing? Or whether your liver is okay? Or how about your pancreas, bladder, or even stomach. Designed to help you get a more holistic view on your body, vitals, and internal organs, RaDoTech is a simple hand-held device that can, in a span of 5 minutes, help you perform a full body scan to see how healthy you are on the inside. Bring it in contact with certain acupressure points on your body, and the RaDoTech reads electrical currents to judge the health of your internal organs. The clinically tested results are sent to your phone, allowing you to see how each individual organ is performing, giving you an accurate health reading, along with personal, actionable insights to help you live better.

The RaDoTech could be labelled as a consumer tool that’s great for everyone’s health, but it’s best suited for people who want to keep better track of their internals. They could be medical patients, fitness freaks, or just people who want to take better care of their loved ones and themselves. Designed to work by simple touch, the RaDoTech helps you examine your body right down to the organ level to make sure you’re living your best life possible.

Designer: RaDoTech

Walking cane by day, resting stool when needed!

This nifty walking stick can turn into a stool when you need! The Tri-cane considers the needs of the person using it, offering more than just support. The cane’s innovative design allows the handle to open up into a seat, while the cane itself comes with three collapsible legs that open outwards, turning it into a tripod-stool.

Designer: Jordan Lau Tsz Chun

“Current solutions available are mainly generic walking-cane-and-chair hybrids that are often bulky and unwieldy. They also expose too much of the users’ dependence on an object for assistance. Feeling stigmatized, many are discouraged to use them in public. As an alternative solution, Tri Cane is an assistive product that easily disguises as a lifestyle item due to its slim and understated appearance,” Jordan told Yanko Design.

This smart-cane uses Google Maps, Alexa, and Obstacle Detection to guide the visually impaired

A pretty great way to integrate smart tech and voice assistants into the lives of people who need them the most, WeWALK is a smart cane that takes today’s tech and makes it more accessible. Designed to be more than just a walking stick for the visually impaired, WeWALK is a smart-cane that detects obstacles, pairs with smartphones, and responds to voice commands.

The collapsible smart-cane looks a tad bit different than most regular walking sticks, but that’s because it absolutely is. A massive win for inclusive design, the smart-cane comes with an ultrasonic sensor that helps detect obstacles and notify the user to avoid a collision. It also pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth, integrating with features on your smartphone that make navigation easier. Its compatibility with voice assistants, and ability to read map-data helps the walking stick turn into a wayfinder that you can talk to. Touch-sensitive controls on the WeWALK help you toggle its functions, and an in-built microphone help you talk right into it, asking your phone’s voice assistant to guide you to the nearest café, grocer, bus-stop, or even to your house. The stick then becomes your seeing-eye-dog, helping you by telling you when to turn, where to stop, and if you should avoid a lamppost, a tree, or any other obstacle.

Eliminating the need to take your phone out for navigation, or the need to ask a nearby person to help you get to where you want to go, WeWALK aims at liberating the visually impaired through technology that’s meant for everyone. Easy to use, and more importantly portable, WeWALK helps get people seamlessly from point A to point B with a sense of freedom and confidence that’s absolutely liberating!

Designers: YGA & Vestel

One prosthetic leg by Klippa on the rocks please!

We usually find our way around doing the everyday things despite any hurdles, emotional or physical, that we face. But some of us can miss out on the things we actually want to do, things that aren’t a part of daily routine but an escape from it! For those special people who want to climb rocks, Klippa is here to move mountains with its unique prosthetic leg.

Although it is still just a concept, Klippa has created a prototype prosthetic leg with a biometric approach for amputee rock climbers. It was inspired by the documentary Higher Ground which films 11 veterans climbing Himalayan Mount Lobuche to heal from their war experiences. Research also revealed that between 2010 and 2013, more than 600 American veterans were amputees and most amputees take up physical activities like rock climbing to rebuild their strength – Klippa was born for serving exactly that very audience so that they can enjoy their life with a prosthetic designed keeping all their non-daily needs in mind.

Amputees face a lot of challenges like loss of strength, no control over the ankle, no grip and no feedback from their foot. Klippa addressed all of the above by making sure to add 5 types of foot techniques to increase toe strength, custom sizing, advanced articulation with springs, shock absorption and extra pivot points. The design has a human and biometric approach inspired by mountain goats which is the reason behind its hoof-like sole! Klippa’s prosthetic leg is ergonomic, adaptable and will be your rock throughout your journey.

Designer: Kai Lin

Inspirational toothbrush designs that have us chucking out our old brushes!

Being a design site that has showcased and even preferred innovative concepts over the years, we can surely say that concepts are very important to our thought process. The concepts are nuggets of inspiration that challenge you to create beyond the regular, innovate and push the boundaries of what we see. And the designers curated here today are churning out some really exceptional renders! What caught our eye this week was the cool collection of toothbrush renders. The designers here have not only showcased great rendering skills but have also utilized design thinking to create a more sustainable, ergonomic and overall innovative collection of toothbrush designs. Can someone please bring these designs to life for us to use?!

A truly innovative removable-head concept with switchable top/ bottom halves to mix and match your toothbrush to reflect your look and feel as well as reducing plastic waste, designed by Alexandre Touguet.

DR STAERCK – a toothbrush because brushing your teeth is no fun anyway by Katharina Stärck.

Render Weekly’s own original render to inspire the community to create innovative designs.

A toothbrush that cares for its near and dear pal, the toothpaste! Designed by Kevin Clarridge.

Dennis Sedov decided to go with some classy 70’s forms rendered in Dental grade aluminum.

The Carbon Brush by Saad Syed.

Nicholas Baker brings out the beauty in simplicity with his old-school render of a hexagonal toothbrush concept.

Bringing you switchable toothbrush head and a gummy head, this design by Mario Arnone gives you a soft handle that can hold the dental equipment you need, giving you complete oral hygiene.

Well-loved brush by Matteo Ercole brings us the other side of those pristine toothbrushes.

Toothbrush with a twist by Lasse Thomasgård brings a literal twist to replaceable brush head with a small pin-like stricture to hold the brush together when in use.