This disease-repelling jacket made from a copper textile could be the new future of clothing

Don’t worry, it’s still surprisingly comfortable though…

Metal may not really sound like an obvious candidate when it comes to textile options for clothing, but the guys at Vollebak make a pretty good point when they say that the next 100 years won’t quite be like the last. The climate’s changing, the ice caps are melting, and if Bill Gates is right, COVID-19 may just be the proverbial tip of the iceberg. It doesn’t mean we’re going to completely surrender fabrics like cotton, wool, or denim entirely, but it just means we need to start looking into future-fabrics that do much more than clad us.

Behold the Full Metal Jacket… No really, this jacket from Vollebak is actually made from a germ-repelling metallic textile. Quite unlike those space-foil jackets that astronauts wear, the Full Metal Jacket actually uses a fabric with woven strands of copper, so it’s entirely breathable, flexible, and doesn’t make a crinkly sound when you move around. With as much as 11 kilometers of copper in each jacket, the apparel relies on copper’s innate ability to kill off any bacteria or viruses that it comes in contact with.

Making clothes from metal yarn is more complex than you’d think. Sourcing metal strands is expensive, has no real precedent in clothing beyond suits of armor, and there’s no established supply chain… but I honestly can’t think of a set of constraints that have ever stopped the guys at Vollebak from pushing boundaries. I mean they’ve literally made clothes from a grade of ceramic used on the International Space Station. The Full Metal Jacket comes with three separate layers, the first of which is made from a lacquered copper yarn which is woven on rapier weaving looms before being scoured, heat-set, dyed, and dried – a process that alone takes roughly a week. This process gives the jacket its grungy denim look, but as time passes, the lacquer wears away to reveal the true copper tones in certain places, giving the jacket a uniquely appealing patina that’s comparable to the aging on a leather jacket. The outer layer gives the jacket its germ-repelling properties while also allowing it to be wind and water-proof, while a middle layer made from a laminated copper fabric allows the jacket to respond uniquely to external temperature. This middle fabric, dubbed c_change®, has a weave-pattern that expands during the heat to allow your skin to breathe and release perspiration, and contract during the cold to trap body heat and keep you warm. An inner protective fleece lining makes the jacket comfortable to wear, giving your skin the familiar touch of a soft yarn.

The Full Metal Jacket comes with four large waterproof pockets on the outside and three chest pockets for your belongings. Designed to be your everyday jacket, it can be worn in any sort of weather outdoors, and remains as comfortable and soft to touch as any sort of synthetic outerwear would… in fact, you really can’t even see the copper strands unless under a microscope. However, unlike most outerwear, synthetic or not, it possesses the ability to completely obliterate any sort of microorganism that comes in contact with it, a feature that makes it a standout product in our uncertain future. This brand of standout innovation doesn’t come cheap though. Each jacket retails for $1095, but that can be attributed to the jacket’s revolutionary medical-grade fabric, and the fact that it’s assembled in Switzerland, Italy, and in Romania. Besides, you probably won’t need to wash it either, given its ability to resist water, stains, germs, and even odor particles. Just leave it out in the sun for a bit and it should be as good as new.

Designer: Vollebak

This pain-relief gadget will clear up your sinus without any pills!

We are in the midst of a pandemic and even a single cough can send our brains into overthinking but I am just here to remind you that seasonal allergies still exist. Yes, pollen is still coming out during COVID-19 (very insensitive of it) – remember that the next time you sneeze so you can avoid the anxiety. We may not have a vaccine for the virus but we do have a solution for your sinus problems – ClearUp!

When sinus hits, we are willing to do anything to breathe normally again. It doesn’t just cause pain in the nose but also your head, temples, and even teeth! ClearUp (FDA approved) was designed to help alleviate the discomfort and provide a long-term solution instead of taking pills every time the season changes. It emits gently microcurrent waves when you glide the gadget over the affected area to reduce the pain and keep it all clear for up to 6 hours. This is especially beneficial if you deal with chronic rhinitis or year-long allergies which means a lot of medication that you can now get rid of. ClearUp’s study shows that 72% of the users got relief after using the device and 82% preferred it over medicines. It also eliminates the hassle of constantly having to clean or sterilize nasal sprays etc.

Constantly buying pills can be expensive and your body becomes immune to it slowly which means you need stronger doses – that is not a good long-term health solution. ClearUp wanted to provide a chemical and drug-free solution to sinus and sinus related issues. It also eliminates the hassle of constantly having to clean or sterilize nasal sprays etc. Charge with the usual USB-C charger and you’re good to go!

Designer: ClearUp

This 3D-printed structure prevents your face mask from collapsing as you breathe

What we really need is for everyone to wear face-masks that prevent the transmission of germs. What we DON’T need is for those face-masks to make it harder for us to breathe, right? As you inhale, most flimsy fabric masks collapse inwards because of the negative air-pressure created inside the mask… it’s honestly something most people can deal with, but if you’re someone with pre-existing respiratory difficulties, it could make regular breathing rather difficult.

The Cannula mask avoids this problem with its reinforcing endoskeleton. A thin plastic grille, this skeleton gives the mask its defining structure, preventing it from pressing against your face the same way a hanger prevents clothes from getting crushed by retaining its shape. Designed to be worn by people with respiratory difficulties, the endoskeleton even comes with a hollow spine that allows you to plug a nasal cannula to it, letting you direct fresh oxygen right to the wearer’s nose; effectively allowing them to inhale and exhale freely without worrying about a flimsy mask smothering them every time they try to breathe.

Designer: BDCI

This brain training headset improves your health, mental well-being and performance

The results of a physical workout are pretty easy to prove. Just step on a scale and you can literally see that progress. Take a measuring tape to your waist or biceps and there’s tangible evidence that your workout went great. You can’t, however, do that for your mind. You can meditate, solve puzzles, go to therapy, but apart from feeling better, there isn’t any measurable indication that your mind is fit and sharp and at the top of its game. Designed to be ‘gym equipment’ for your mind, Mendi lets you train your brain and even measure its progress along the way. This can help you be more mindful, beat stress, improve your mental and physical performance at work or while playing a sport, and even help overcome learning difficulties.

Mendi sits on your head, like a slim innocuous headband, but underneath its sleek exterior, it holds a myriad of sensors that measure brain activity, blood flow, and oxygenation of your prefrontal cortex. Paired with an app that lets you go through brain-exercises, Mendi tracks your brain’s activity while the app pushes you to use your mind more through a series of focus-building games. At the end of a 10-minute session, the app lets you know how much energy your brain expended, what progress you made, and where you’re currently at. Just as a physical scale can tell you how much weight you gained or lost, Mendi can tell you how much mental heavy-lifting your brain is capable of.

The tech comes backed and endorsed by quite a few reputable sources, the EU and NASA being some of them. Using the Mendi for just 10 minutes twice or thrice a week can help you achieve optimal performance… which translates to a bunch of things. Researchers and medical professionals who’ve been using Mendi claim that a healthier brain can overcome stress and anxiety, think clearly, remember more, sleep better, and even augment your physical performance, being able to push your limits while working out, or playing a sport. Whether you’re an artist, an athlete, in academics or a professional, or whether you just want your mind to be at peak performance, the Mendi helps you give your brain the workout it needs… in a way that’s much more effective and safer than medicines, meditation, and mind-exercises. Besides, you can measure your progress too, which really helps you know how far you’ve come!

Designers: Sammy Saldjoghi & Rickard Eklöf

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Mendi: Real Brain Training – Anytime, Anywhere.

Mendi makes it possible for you to access the same brain enhancement training used by top athletes and executives to improve mental well-being, performance & overall health.

Control the Game, Train your Brain

Brain training clinics are hard to access or afford, with each session costing hundreds of dollars. With Mendi they are bringing the same training, with added improvements, to the comfort of your home. Mendi is the first clinical-grade brain training product designed for home use.

With Mendi, you can strengthen your brain in a fun and easy way. Simply control a training game with your brain. Your brain learns from feedback. Through live visual feedback of what your brain is doing, you are able to train it to function better – the method is called neurofeedback.

Mendi’s headset measures your brain activity through a unique combination of features, including blood flow and oxygenation in the Prefrontal Cortex (PFC). Think of it as measuring fuel in your brain’s control center.

Your combined brain activity is then visualized in a training game – a game you control using only your brain. Just relax and focus, and you will easily control the game.

The PFC is the control center of your brain. Increasing blood flow, nutrients and oxygenation to this area strengthens it over time—which is what you learn to do with Mendi.

Why Should You Use Mendi

For Mental Wellbeing. Your brain function is essential to your mental and neurological well-being. Mendi helps with elevating stress, anxiety, ADHD, sleep issues, memory problems, depression, migraines, PTSD and more.

For Better Performance. A well functioning brain is key to high performance. It works well for athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, pilots, NASA, students, mediators.

For Overall Health. The brain affects evert part of your body. Strengthening your brain and cognitive function can improve your physical well-being.

How it Works

Get to Know Mendi

Mendi Specs:

– Bluetooth
– Accelerometer & Gyroscope
– USB Type-C
– Built-in rechargeable battery
– iOS and Android
– Lit-up button with logo
– up to 60-hours of battery time
– 55 grams
– adjustable headband
– Rec. age 5+

The App

Mendi makes brain enhancement training a fun and easy part of your daily routine. See your brain activity increase as it happens and track your progress over time. The app and exercises are free to use and they are adding new features weekly.

Follow your progress in the app Journal with a simple overview of all your training sessions saved in one place.

User Testing so Far

Mendi is the first clinical-grade brain training product designed for home use. Traditionally, brain enhancement training is considered expensive, with people paying up to $15,000 or more for clinical neurofeedback, in their quest to improve health and performance. With Mendi you can perform unlimited clinical-grade neurofeedback training for a fraction of the price.

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Medicines shaped like emoji so you know what ailment the pills are for!

I’m not particularly committed to the name Pimoji (pills + emoji), but the idea is clever enough to have won an A’ Design Award this year.

The concept behind the Pimoji tackles the two biggest problems of taking meds. Firstly, the ambiguity, given that almost all medicines look the same and their names are usually a complicated bunch of characters that often don’t convey anything, and secondly, the fact that the very act of taking medicines feels slightly daunting, and can often seem scary to most. The Pimoji’s solution to both those problems is simple, and between you and me, pretty innovative! Design each pill around an emoji-esque representation of the ailment they’re trying to cure. Heart meds are shaped like hearts, bone-strengthening meds are shaped like bones, toothache tablets are shaped like teeth, and the list goes on (let us know if you can correctly identify the tablet shapes!) The pills come in cute shapes that make it easy to know what medicine you’re taking, while somewhat making it feel like you’re eating fun-shaped candy, not medication!

The Pimoji is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2020.

Designer: Jong Hun Choi

This company 3D prints ‘custom’ masks that perfectly fit the shape of your face

The N95 is great and terrible, both for the same reason. It’s great because of its one-size-fits-all design which is perfect for two reasons – A. You can rapidly manufacture a whole bunch of masks using the same materials and measurements, and B. The consumer doesn’t have to worry about looking for sizes and fittings before they buy a mask. It’s convenient because it was made to be… but is it comfortable? Not necessarily.

The N95’s most highlighted flaw is that in the pursuit of fitting every human universally, it doesn’t fit each human perfectly. The presence of the smallest of air gaps can often compromise a mask’s safety, and the designers at LuxMea Studios decided it was time for a better, more bespoke solution. The Nuo 3D mask is a stark departure from the mass-manufacturing convenience that is the N95. Rather than applying one solution to everyone, the Nuo 3D builds custom solutions for each human… a face-mask that comes with a perfect fit, because it was specifically designed to match the contours of your face.

Using a special AI that can capture the measurements of your jaw using just a video, the guys at LuxMea Studios partnered with prominent 3D printing network Shapeways to bring bespoke design to the face-mask. Every face is unique, which is why the Nuo 3D is specifically built to suit each face, whether it’s round or angular, big or small, even accounting for a beard if you have one. The company uses a video of your face to plot the topology of your lower-face, while its generative-design algorithm builds the mask’s base, which holds the valves and the HEPA filter that provide you with clean, pure air.

Each mask comes with a 3D printed base, which holds the removable valves, and the washable nonwoven HEPA filters. The masks, by virtue of their custom design, come with a secure fit that doesn’t leave any room for air-leaks (this also means your glasses don’t fog up). Despite its enclosing design, the mask still allows you to communicate freely, as grilles prevent your voice from being muffled, while at the same time, you get the intended security of an N95 face-mask (and a bit more, given that the Nuo filters 99% of all particles), in a design that fits you perfectly – no matter what your age or face-shape!

Designer: LuxMea Studio

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Nuo 3D Mask – Tailored to Fit You by AI & 3D Printing

The Nuo 3D Mask is individually tailored with the help of AI to fit everyone, including kids, so you can wear it comfortably with style. It also comes with replaceable filters to ensure that you are always breathing fresh air.

They use computational design and AI to transform measurements into a bespoke mask that fits you.

3D printed to fit perfectly and rest comfortably on your face with minimum leakage.

Wear Nuo 3D Mask on different occasions.

Nuo 3D Mask fits kid just as well.

Nuo 3D Mask allows you to have an easy conversation over the phone while having the mask on.

Features & Benefits

Their mask is reusable with a replaceable filter system that filters 99% of micropollutant particles, so you can always enjoy the fresh air.

Five layers of filtration

Dual Valve system, ergonomically designed for an easy breathing experience.

Reusable and washable

How Is It Done?

Following their online smart guide, they will take your measurement and generate a bespoke design made just for you. The model will be 3D printed through their trusted partner: Shapeways in NYC and delivered to your door.

Step 1. Take Measurement.

Step 2. Bespoke Design Generation.

Step 3. Your model will be printed through their trusted partner: Shapeways.

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This hand-held thermometer + blood-testing device helps perform quick diagnostics

Putting his resources to good use during the pandemic and the ensuing global lockdown, Indian designer Anshuman Kumar has designed a conceptual device that can help rapidly scan and diagnose people for diseases by checking their body for fever, as well as testing their blood for the pathogen. The OZE isn’t just another hand-held thermometer… it’s a state-of-the-art testing device that allows you to diagnose people for not one, but several viruses.

What really sets OZE apart is its ability to do multiple things while still being a hand-held device. On its primary interface is a meter that displays the temperature captured by the infrared thermal-scope, along with advice that tells you whether you need to consult a doctor. The interface even goes the distance by displaying stats like air-quality and weather updates, serving multiple purposes. The interface acts as an output for two separate inputs on the OZE, an infrared thermometer on the front, which can read body temperature without contact, as well as a blood-test-kit on the base of the device.

Just pop the base off and you’ve got OZE’s blood-testing module that lets you instantly take a small prick of blood (like a glucose meter) and run it against a virus stream based on the cartridge loaded within the OZE. The current setup shows test-kits for COVID-19 along with the Hantavirus that suddenly popped up sometime in March in China. The blood-testing kit takes a prick, tests your sample, and can safely load another empty vial and lancet needle once the old one’s taken out. There’s even a set of pull-out finger-wipes on the OZE, allowing you to go through your test swiftly and conveniently. Diagnostic results are displayed on the same interface at the very top, laying out the information pretty clearly in a step-by-step fashion, not just for the people being tested but for the operators too. Test the temperature, if it’s indicative of a symptom, perform a quick blood test and the OZE lets you know if you need to visit a medical professional.

The device is entirely wireless and is no larger than a contactless thermometer. Designed to be used at any place where you’d see a potential influx of large amounts of people, from airports to grocery shops, the OZE just gives you an extra layer of security, allowing you to not just check the temperature, which surely is an indication of a viral illness, but to even double down on any doubtful cases by giving them a quick blood test. Besides, it tells you the weather and air-quality outside too, isn’t that just convenient?

Designer: Anshuman Kumar

This fertility tracker works like a traffic light for your family planning

It is hard enough to keep a track of what day it is in quarantine so you can only imagine the confusion to keep a track of our fertility cycles when most of us have lost the concept of how time is passing. That is when a nifty personal gadget like Daysy can really help women continue being in charge of their health.

This is a medical device and a lifestyle fertility tracker so that you can continue to monitor your body’s natural cycles in regards to ovulation and menstruation. Daysy was designed to guide you in differentiating your fertile and infertile days based on. All you have to do is take your basal body temperature under the tongue for 60 seconds and enter any relevant menstrual information. Daysy records this data to define your patterns and makes monitoring as easy as it can be – green light for fertile window and a red light if that window is temporarily closed. Think of it as a traffic light if you’re planning a family!

Daysy features an intelligent algorithm that makes instant results reliable backed by years of scientific experience and technology. Just like any smart tracker, it syncs to your phone and stores all your reports on the Daysy app making it easier to share it with your doctor or your partner if need be. The physical form of this personal device just radiates calm energy and YOU know you NEED that during your ‘lady days’ along with a tub of ice cream.

Daysy is a winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2019.

Designer: Daysy

This air purifying face-shield creates a bubble of safety around its wearer

Let’s face it. For the foreseeable future, cinemas, malls, conventions, and concerts are just dead on arrival. Any sort of social phenomenon that requires groups of people in close-quarters is going to be a potential health risk; and while we try to get life back on track soon, we just aren’t equipped with the tools to completely safeguard us or change our behavior patterns. The BioVYZR, as strangely dystopian it may look, might just put us on a fast track to a more social future. More comfortable and definitely more protective than a face-mask, or a face-shield, the BioVYZR creates a ‘bubble of safety’ around you. It doesn’t sit around your nose and mouth like a mask, or guard your eyes like a clear visor… it just encapsulates your entire torso in a hazmat-suit-inspired bubble that keeps you ventilated and safe from airborne pathogens and germs.

There was a time, not too long ago, where wearing a face-mask in public seemed outright strange. The novel coronavirus seems to have shifted the Overton window to a point where wearing a mask isn’t a sign of paranoia, it’s a sign of being a good, compliant, health-conscious, and caring citizen. People at VYZR Technologies, however, realized that the mask, while it was a symbol of showing that you were a responsible citizen, wasn’t entirely protective. Wearing a mask kept your eyes vulnerable, and a face-shield still exposed parts of your face and head where the virus could get onto, before traveling to your hands and then your face after you took your mask off. The BioVYZR just prevents any sort of microorganism from even making it to your torso in the first place. It protects your face, your beard (if you have one like I do), and your hair. It’s as simple to wear as a helmet, and unlike a mask and face-shield, doesn’t feel uncomfortable after hours of wearing.

The BioVYZR is cutting-edge PPE made accessible to common folk like us. The unit comes with an anti-fog visor that extends from your face all the way down, to give you unmatched visibility on the front that doesn’t mist up with your breath. A neoprene vest lets you strap the visor in place, creating a literal safe-space around you, while a fan and air-filter at the back route fresh air to the inside of the space, kind of like a space-suit. The air-filter built into the BioVYZR gives you the purification of an N95 mask, without the suffocating feeling of a cloth strapped to your mouth, and creates positive air pressure within the visor, enabling easy breathing and pushing old air out to let fresh air in. The entire setup runs on a battery that lasts for 8-12 hours on a single charge, and a simple hanging loop built right onto the top of the visor lets you hang it up at home when you’re done using it.

I’ll say this outright… the BioVYZR is a bit of a culture shock, but that’s only because it puts personal comfort and protection above all. There aren’t too many cons to the design, aside from the fact that you can’t really look behind you without completely turning around – something that doesn’t seem like a major drawback in the grander scheme of things. The BioVYZR still does a pretty remarkable job of clearing your entire peripheral view, allowing you to look around, even downwards, without a face mask obstructing your vision or fogging up your glasses. Unlike face masks and shields, the BioVYZR sits resting on your shoulders like a backpack. The adult-size weighs 1250 grams (that’s half the weight of a full-face motorbike helmet), while the child-size tops off at just over 1050 grams, and wearing the BioVYZR doesn’t leave or cause any ‘mask lines’ around your nose and mouth. In fact, it doesn’t even ruffle your hairstyle, if that’s something you’re concerned about. Designed to allow you to be socially active without compromising on safety, the BioVYZR’s design eliminates germs (in the air or on your hands) from getting on your face. Yes, you may look a tad bit overcautious, but that can only be a good thing, right?

Designer: VYZR Technologies

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BioVYZR: Venture Out & Breathe Easy

The BioVYZR is an innovative Personal Protective Equipment that shields the wearer’s face and filters out the air you breathe. The patent-pending design physically protects you from airborne pathogens, allergens, and pollutants.

With its space-age aesthetic, the BioVYZR 1.0 is a stark departure from other types of Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR), a type of PPE traditionally reserved for industrial and healthcare settings. “The problem,” Al-Qaysi, one of the founders, explains, “is that a PAPR can cost around $1,800. The BioVYZRs we’re making will retail for one-tenth of that. The fact that they’re effective, practical, and affordable make our BioVYZRs a game-changer in the field of PPE.”

The BioVYZR’s proprietary structure provides 360-degrees of protection to shield the wearer on all sides. It has a large face shield that offers spectacular optical clarity with an anti-fog surface. Its air purifying system employs a motor-powered fan to draw outside air through two N95 filters. It also filters exiting air to ensure no airborne pathogens get out from under the hood of the BioVYZR.

Another way the BioVYZR offers protection is by blocking the wearer from inadvertently touching their face, protecting their eyes, mouth, and nose from contact with contaminated hands or fomites.

A battery-powered motor fan pushes air into the BioBYZR, creating positive pressure inside the BioVYZR’s hood. This positive pressure pushes out exhaled air from inside through two filtering air vents. Inflowing air passes through a N95 filter to remove up to 95% of particulate matter from the inflowing air. This includes, but is not limited to, aerosol-transmitted pathogens, mist droplets, pollen, dust, soot, and pet dander.

It’s important to keep in mind that if infectious particles are caught in the filters, it is important to take precautions when replacing the filters to avoid contamination. Your BioVYZR will come with detailed instructions on how to safely replace and dispose of used filters.

Even though COVID-19 virions (virus particles) are only .1 microns in diameter, they’re often transmitted through airborne respiratory droplets expelled from the mouth and nose. These infectious droplets can range from 10–100 µm (microns) and will not pass through N95 filters.

When used in a healthcare setting, their medical BioVYZRs have distinct benefits that go beyond superior protection. These include, but are not limited to:

– Not requiring a full face seal to be effective (like masks)
– Preventing inadvertent face touching and cross-contamination
– Not obstructing the face and mouth for better communication
– Facilitating patient interactions and close-proximity care
– They can be worn all day long, inside and out of the hospital
– They come with disposable sterile covers that can be safely donned/doffed
– Their filters can last much longer than N95 masks and require
– Less handling (for replacement)

Dynamic Fit:

– Lightweight and comfortable
– Can be worn over any outfit
– Fitted neoprene vest
– Doesn’t touch your hair
– Stabilizing chest strap
– Waterproof and windproof
– Seam sealed for enhanced rain protection
– Moisture control liner
– UV-Blocking visor underside

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The C-Rest pillow’s polygonal design mimics the feeling of getting a neck-massage

Most pillows conform to the shape of your neck and head. The C-Rest pillow defines it. Using an ergonomics-driven design with a low-poly aesthetic and a precisely engineered foam construction, the C-Rest pillow uses its unique shape and density to relieve pain by guiding the neck into the right posture, stretching out the vertebrae to ease sore points, and relaxing the muscles by increasing the blood flow.

The C-Rest Pillow’s form was designed to mimic the effect of having a pair of expert hands give you a neck-massage. Its unique shape cradles the head while relying on the head’s weight to stretch your neck out ever so gently, relieving pain in as quick as 10 minutes. Its name comes from the C-curve that defines its shape as well as from the C1-C6 cervical vertebrae in the neck region that it aims to relax.

The pillow comes molded from a unique integral skin foam that’s both rigid yet comfortable. The foam’s density allows the C-Rest pillow to maintain its shape, unlike most regular, orthopedic, or travel pillows that just deform to take the shape of your head. The pillow’s unique shape-retention property, combined with its low-poly design helps it get to work on key pressure points of the neck, working on bones, nerves, muscles, and blood-vessels to help restore your neck’s natural curves (or cervical lordosis, as your chiropractor would say), relieving stress, tension, poor sleep, tension headaches, migraines and making your life a little less of a ‘pain in the neck’!

Designer: Richard Kim

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C-Rest Pillow – Effortless Neck Relief Pillow

The C-Rest is a neck relief pillow that provides the ergonomic support and helps you fall asleep effortlessly. It improves neck posture for those with aches, pain, discomfort or anything in between.

It helps relax muscles, relieves tension, and improves the mobility of the neck and shoulders.

Your Neck is Out of Balance

If you have frequent neck pain or know someone who does, you know it’s not an easy problem to get rid of. Chiropractic, Massage, and physiotherapy are costly and time-consuming. The C-Rest is a home care solution that helps you align your cervical spines to reverse all these negative effects of tech devices, gravity, injuries, and whiplashes.

Sound Sleep on C-Rest Pillow

Resting on C-Rest Pillow (for as little as 10-15 minutes a day) can help restore your default neck posture (the natural curve of the neck: cervical lordosis). Designed and tested by ergonomists, it aligns your head and neck for proper support, so you can sleep soundly.

C-Rest Pillow is made of integral skin foam. When your head rests on the pillow, the integral skin foam takes the pressure and expand, providing gentle stretches. Gentle, but perfectly therapeutic.

7 Key Benefits

1. Effortless & On-the-go. Most devices like foam rollers & massagers are not designed specifically for your neck; otherwise, they are mostly awkward and require some background knowledge.

2. Align the Natural C-Curve in a matter of minutes. Restoring the curve in your cervical spine cues your body for rest. Natural alignment induces more blood flow & better circulation, helping you to relax. Such feeling lulls your entire body to relax.

3. Gentle, gradual traction & stretch. C-Curve Pillow improves neck posture for those with aches, pain, discomfort or anything in between. While you just lie down and relax, it naturally restores your neck curves (a.k.a cervical lordosis), relieving stress, tension, poor sleep, tension headaches, migraines and more.

4. Pressure relief with amazing touch & feel. The “Just-Right” Responsiveness of C-rest Pillow cells to align your neck spines in the most natural possible, with no disruptions or resistances.

5. Improve posture. Decompression with C-Rest Pillow takes as little as 10-15 minutes a day.

6. One Size Fits All. Their advanced ergonomic polygon design is adaptable to any neck shape and posture.

7. It’s water-proof. Made of INTEGRAL SKINFOAM, it’s tough enough to handle everyday tumble. It wicks moisture/water, so it can be cleaned with a simple wipe down. It’s light, portable and flexible.

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