Crazy MagSafe ‘iStorage’ adds a snap-on physical drive to increase the storage on your iPhone

Sure, a MagSafe battery pack is nice, but how about some extra MagSafe storage for my iPhone’s camera roll?

Everyone knows those pesky iCloud fees can be an absolute bummer. Yes, Apple makes it very certain that you’re getting a whole lot of functionality for the price, but what if I just want to bump up my phone’s storage because I’m busy clicking selfies and taking videos on my iPhone? Designer Abdelrahman Shaapan has an idea – Magsafe Storage. Designed to resemble Apple’s newly launched MagSafe Battery Pack (although Abdel came up with this design all the way back in May), the iStorage is a nifty wireless drive that lets you add extra storage to your phone in literally a snap.

To most people, it would seem quite unlike Apple to release a product that competes with one of its other services, but then again, the iPad is constantly pitched against the MacBook by being referred to as the laptop reinvented. For a while, the AirPods and the Beats by Dre constantly competed with each other too. Similarly, the iStorage is ‘somewhat’ a competitor to Apple’s iCloud service… although it’s purpose-built to work as more of an offline-only storage system. Snap it on, and the iPhone’s internal memory instantly gets a boost. You can back your phone up to the iStorage, or just transfer heavy files to it, like a wireless pen-drive.

How would the iStorage even work in theory? Clearly, the MagSafe is built just for hooking accessories to the iPhone and chargers to the wireless-charging coil. How would the iStorage even transfer data? Well, even though Abdelrahman’s iStorage is just a fan-made concept, the real device could easily communicate with the iPhone or any other Apple device using AirDrop protocols. The snap-on feature would probably be just something of a convenience, but I could easily imagine the iStorage as being Apple’s own hard-drive… something that the company hasn’t really ever worked on.

What’s really remarkable about Abdelrahman’s concept is that it also comes in a splash of colors to match your phone. He’s been rather clever in matching the iStorage’s colors with the current iPhone 12 palette, including the new purple color-way as well as Apple’s signature Project RED edition.

While there’s absolutely no chance that Apple’s working on something like this, it’s fun to see what designers come up with. More often than not, they’re indicative of what the consumer actually wants… and I’m pretty sure no consumer wants to pay recurring cloud-storage fees!

Designer: Abdelrahman Shaapan

This multifunctional coffee table transforms into a sitting bench and more furniture to save you space!

Saving space in tiny homes should be considered a sport. Finding the right furniture and storage organizers can take a while, but the wait is always worth it once the right pieces come along. One way to save space is by choosing multifunctional furniture like the & Chair from Taiwan-based designer Shin Chen, a piece of furniture that blends storage into a coffee table that doubles as a high stool and bench.

Inspired by the shape of the ampersand, & Chair flows into a natural shape, handmade from a collection of sustainable materials like felt and ash wood. & Chair can be positioned in different placements to change its use‒from upright to horizontal, the & Chair changes function as it changes position. When placed upright, the & Chair morphs into a standing coat rack with ample drawer storage, where smaller items like magazines and umbrellas can be stored. Then, users can bring the & Chair down, allowing it to work as a coffee table with storage space made available through a slot-and-rack system, where magazines and coffee table books can be kept. The & Chair can also always work as a bench when placed horizontally, making for an inviting entryway sitting bench where you can tie your shoes or a more discreet seating area for overflow in the living room.

Modeled after the ampersand, the & Chair’s name is symbolic for its multifunctionality, bringing out its chameleonic personality. Designed from warm, natural wood, the & Chair enhances each living space with a hint of abstract Scandinavian design marked by its wooden structure and unique shape that changes with each of its different uses.

Designer: Shin Chen

The & Chair functions as a coffee table, storage organizer, and sitting bench, making it an ideal piece of multifunctional furniture for small living spaces.

Using a slot-and-rack storage method, magazines and coffee table books can be stored in the & Chair when its placed horizontally on the floor.

When positioned upright, the & Chair can work as standing coat rack.

Moving from upright to horizontal, the position of the & Chair defines its use.

The & Chair is hand constructed from sustainable building material is felt and ash wood.

This complete home gym blends with your home interiors to retain your work-workout balance!

While some of us are eager to get back into the gym following a year’s worth of on and off stay-at-home orders, the rest of us are looking for ways to up our home gym game. Now that we know we can enjoy all the perks of a gym in the comfort of our own private homes, many are prioritizing home gym renovation projects over resubscribing to monthly gym fees. Merging the home gym with storage capabilities, the Stoyka from product design studio Dydykin is a power rack for the modern home designed to look like high-end furniture.

Since physical fitness has become integral to our daily routines, the purpose behind Stoyka aims to strike a balance in using living spaces as fitness studios. In finding that harmony, the designers behind Stoyka integrated a storage system into the power rack, which slides out from behind the power rack’s rear wall. These sliding racks carry enough room to store the power rack’s barbells, round weighted plates, as well as rack accessories like support beams and spotter’s arms. Interchangeable by design, the Stoyka seamlessly blends into any home or office space simply by sliding the hidden storage panels behind the power rack’s rear wall. Equipped with the means for strength HIIT training and balance and flexibility exercises, Stoyka comes complete with reinforced racks, hooks, safety stops, crossbars, and removable wall bars.

With storage doors designed similarly to that of sliding doors in the kitchen, the idea behind Stoyka’s hidden storage units aims to bring the home gym into any modern living space without compromising the interior design of any given room. With so many of us itching to get active and near barbells again, what better way than to bring them right to our living room?

Designer: Dydykin

Round weighted plates and barbells make up the bulk of Stoyka’s hidden storage space.

With stainless steel accents and an inconspicuous design, Stoyka blends into any living room when not in use.

In addition to barbells and plates, the storage compartments carry support beams and spotter racks.

While Stoyka does have a wider body, its rear wall merges with the home’s interior walls as if they were always connected.

Depending on the living space it finds itself in, the Stoyka comes in different colors to match the interior schemes of various rooms.

This geometric cat den because a modern home deserves modern pet furniture!

Furniture for cats tends to lean toward kitschy. Cat furniture can get away with being bright and quirky when you’ve got the living room to match, but most modern living rooms have moved on from shag carpeting and linoleum floors to area rugs and hardwood. Those faux fur cat towers were cute in the ‘70s, but so were carpeted toilet seat covers. South Korea-based Plenilunio Design Agency decided to ditch the shag and created a piece of cat furniture brand fit for the 21st century, calling it Cat Is Art.

Cat Is Art has a simple frame, featuring a rectangular box with a right-hand, round window. The wooden box is mounted onto steel beams that wrap around it to acquire a height similar to that of a mid-rise storage cabinet. Designed for both the cat and cat owner, Cat Is Art’s elemental structure reimagines the ways cat furniture fits into modern homes. The top of the playpen features a storage area with an upright lip that protects any objects from falling down as your cat gets bored and looks for things to knock over. Similarly, smaller cat toys can be stored on Cat Is Art’s top lid so that your cat can play inside the pen and on top of it. Only accessible by your cat, the round porthole on Cat Is Art’s right-hand side is petite and offers an easy escape route for when your cat needs some alone time.

Designed and built for the modern home, Cat Is Art bridges the gap between furniture for cats and furniture for humans. Conceptualized to operate as a playpen for cats as well as a storage area for the home, Cat Is Art strikes a balance between cat-friendly furniture and interior design.

Designer: Plenilunio Design Agency

Cat Is Art features a round porthole and side entrances for cats to weave in and out of.

From the porthole, cats can keep a close eye on everything.

Clean, geometric lines define Cat Is Art’s structure.

A top lip on the playpen’s roof protects objects from falling over.

Coming in an array of minimalist color schemes, the Cat Is Art piece can adapt to most modern living rooms.

This #IKEAhack reimagines the BILLY bookshelf, giving it boho-chic vibes using rattan doors

People know IKEA for names like BILLY, POÄNG, and MALM. IKEA furniture has graced the halls and living rooms of most of the homes I’ve visited, punctuating exits with a simple, but endlessly convenient entryway table or organizing offices using no-frills bookcases with shelves as deep as IKEA’s pot of Swedish meatballs. Revamping her BILLY bookshelf to give it a new use, Dubai-based interior designer Kathryn Hawkes latched some cane-webbed cabinet doors onto both sides of her BILLY bookshelf, giving it a Boho twist.

The iconic Swedish brand, IKEA is famous for its easy-to-assemble, Scandinavian-inspired furniture and its minimalist approach to design. Pieces of IKEA furniture are like blank canvases ready to be reinterpreted for each individual’s home. Fronteriors, an interior design business built by Kathryn Hawkes and fellow interior designer Linda Dekkers, constructs a unique and stylish collection of doors, tops, and sides to fit IKEA furniture frames. The business was born from Dekkers and Hawkes’ shared love for what they call “#ikeahacking” – a way of reinventing classic IKEA furniture like the BILLY bookshelf to give it a whole new look and function. Hawkes’ bookcase initially started as a blank white canvas filled with deep pockets of shelves that could cradle items much heavier, and larger than mere books.

Upon connecting with a carpenter to build the cane-weaved rattan doors, Hawkes painted the BILLY bookcase a shade of beige to match the new doors. The rattan cabinet doors on Hawkes’ redesigned BILLY bookcase open up to reveal ample storage room where Hawkes decided to keep her linens and tableware instead of books. The subtle differences between what was previously IKEA’s BILLY bookshelf and Hawkes’ reimagined storage cabinet make the piece of furniture look hardly recognizable after the redesign. With an entirely new paint job and boho-chic rattan doors, this BILLY bookshelf was successfully #ikeahacked.

Designer: Kathryn Hawkes and Linda Dekkers

Attaching cane webbing to door frames fit for the BILLY bookshelf, Kathryn Hawkes gave the iconic piece of IKEA furniture a whole new personality.

Hawkes also coated BILLY in a different shade of beige to match the new rattan doors and warm it up from its previous shad of optic white.

The Wisdom Tree Bookshelf Keeps Your Place in up to Five Books

Reading: it’s fundamental. And for those of you who can’t get enough and feel the need to read multiple books at once, there’s the Wisdom Tree, an illuminated plywood tree that can hold up to five books, keeping the page you’re on for quick and easy access to all those delicious words to fill your brain up with.

The Wisdom Tree is made by Bookniture and is currently available for pre-order for $69, with shipping in August 2021. Does it also work for comic books? I sure hope so, because they’re basically all I read. Well, those, and the backs of cereal boxes.

You know my wife likes to read multiple books at once. She also never finishes any of them. So, what was the last book you read? Mine was Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline. I’ll be honest — it’s not as good as the first one. Thank you, this concludes my TED Talk.

[via The Awesomer]

This home office desk comes with hidden storage systems to keep your desk setup organized!

If we’re not careful, desks can quickly turn into pileup zones of scrap paper, binders, books, and stationery. Speaking from experience, without enough storage space, all of our work-related paraphernalia might end up in disorganized, scattered jumbles of mess. Designed specifically to declutter desktops and streamline the workday through integrated storage systems, the Omni Desk from Husarska Studio features hinged apparatuses and storage modules.

The designers behind Omni wanted to create a desk that could fit into any office space and provide enough storage options to keep the top of the desk free of mess. With rounded oak legs and additional wood accents, Omni is minimal and sophisticated by design, sporting an optic white desktop surface. The results of a social media survey given by Husarska Studio revealed that most desk users prefer desks with integrated storage that can open and close like a cabinet. Sure to weave lockable storage options into the desk, the makers behind Omni looked to hinged cabinets to store devices’ power supplies and wires, as well as users’ work-related material.

Traced along the desk’s topmost side, a hinged cabinet opens up to reveal stored-away cords and power strips for workdays that call for a laptop. Box modules also fill out Omni so users can still keep their work material hidden from view, but the module’s lids can lift, and inside, users can store smaller items like stationery. Placed on the right-hand side of Omni, the location of the pull-out drawer was specifically chosen to remain out of the way when users are working at their desks. A wooden stationery holder also helps organize pens, pencils, Post-it Notes, and other items that could remain at the ready for use during the workday.

Designer: Husarska Studio

Omni keeps a sophisticated and minimal design to fit into any office space.

Box modules punctuate Omni’s desktop to reveal hidden storage options.

A stationery holder can keep loose writing tools and smaller work-related paraphernalia.

The pull-out drawer is located just to the right of the user to stay out of the way.

Hinged cabinets can pop up to reveal more storage options and hide bulkier items like power strips and cord tangles.

This modular bike storage solution is customizable and versatile fit for every city apartment!

Owning a bike in a busy city brings with it its own set of responsibilities. You’ve got to have the best lock for street parking, learn the different traffic rules, and keep up with the maintenance of the bike to ensure its ride-ability. Owning a bike in a busy city is a dance you have to learn, but once you do it’ll be smooth riding ahead. The designers at Riders Gonna Ride know the dance well and have created Bike Box, a storage solution for bikes and their cyclists, to help make the ride that much smoother.

While Riders Gonna Ride is a lifestyle brand whose roots come from mountain biking, Bike Box is a storage solution designed for bikers everywhere– from the mountains to the city streets. Bike Box is modular by design and built from black CDF and beech wood to ensure a versatile, yet durable storage unit. Constructed like a storage unit for a professional locker room, Bike Box’s frame is built from CDF, or Compact Density Fibreboards, a highly compressed material often chosen for its water-resistant and long-lasting nature. The storage found on each Bike Box is made available through a peg and socket system of wooden pegs and accompanying sockets. When customized to hang your bike or orient shelving units, the pegs can be positioned however each bike owner sees fit.

There are currently five different storage units available from Riders Gonna Ride, each varying in size and storage capabilities. While the bike mount can either be mounted onto the Bike Box itself, it also can function as a wall mount to keep the Bike Box open to store supplementary bike accessories like helmets, sports gear, and carrying cases on the shelves that can be made through Bike Box’s modular setup.

Designer: Riders Gonna Ride

Following a peg-and-socket hanging method, bike owners can customize the storage unit’s configuration to hang all their gear.

By configuring the wooden pegs, bike owners can hang everything from helmets to their bikes, to street clothes.

With different sizes available, the Bike Box can fit into any city space.

While the larger units might take up more physical space, their storage capacity increases with size.

The bike mounts can either be installed right onto the Bike Box or the wall.

Small units come with enough room to store your bike and draw in most of its frame, while not taking up too much space in your apartment.

Shelving units can be configured through the bike’s modular design.

This coatrack turned shelf brings a modern, quirky spin to your entryway storage!

Every entryway should have some form of storage bin where you can throw your keys, your jacket, and all the stuff in your pockets collected during the day. It comes in handy when you’re running late and don’t have the time to spend looking for where you last tossed your keys. Student designers Calvin and Bence recently created their own interpretation of entryway storage with Bügal, a piece of fusion furniture that’s one half coat rack and one half shelf system.

When conceptualizing Bügal, the student designers relied on 3D printing to establish a mold for the unit’s body before grinding, smoothing, and painting it over to achieve its finished, semi-matte, silicone-style look. The hybrid unit of furniture hangs from a wooden peg in a similar fashion to the traditional clothes hanger, but it ditches the hook grip for a more secure peg and socket. Calvin and Bence designed Bügal for the sake of combining the dual functions from a coat rack and a shelving unit, to provide a unique storage system that could fit into any entryway, office space, or bedroom.

Thanks to its familiar shape and uncomplicated design, Bügal looks at home in any space. The combination of a wider frame with a sturdier gripping method allows Bügal to hang more than one piece of clothing and to store even bulkier portable items like film cameras and potted plants. Bügal’s shape is akin to that of a regular clothes hanger, but its deep pocket creates space for everyday carry items like keys, wallets, and smartphones. By merging the practical function of a coat rack with all the storage space provided by a drawer or shelf, Bügal can store a lot of your things and also help cut down the time spent turning your living room inside out to find your keys.

Designers: Calvin Middel & Bencekommt

With a deep shelf and wide-body, Bügal can hang heavier coats and store even your bulkier items.

Thanks to its shelving feature, Bügal can function as a display unit for things like potted plants and art decor.

Bügal’s initial prototype was formed from styrofoam and then given a mold through 3D printing.

Through post-processing work, Bügal was sanded, carved, and painted over to give it a glossy, yet matte look.

With a wooden frame, Bügal is both durable and handy.

Bügal ditches the tradition hook grip used by most clothes hangers for a more secure peg and socket hanging method.