Peace Hand Sign Headphones Holder: Holding a Tune

In the same vein as their previously posted sign of the horns headphone holder, Luckies of London Ltd. has introduced this peace hand sign version. The silver-painted polyresin hand measures 28.5cm x 13.5cm x 9cm (11″ x 5.5″ x 3.5″) and features a felted base for not scuffing up your desk. Or, in my case, the closet door I have laying across two sawhorses acting as a desk.

Not only can the hand hold your headphones, but also earbuds, keys, rings and other jewelry, and watches. Go wild! Just not too wild or you might break a finger. And, as a guy who broke several fingers in high school and had to have my hand put in a cast, I can attest to having a designated writer assigned to me and asking him what he thought the answers were on science tests.

I can only assume it’s just a matter of time until Luckies of London goes all in and adds a middle finger version to their line of hand sign headphone holders. But how will it hold headphones with only one extended finger? I’m guessing not very well.

Furniture with storage that are the ultimate design hacks to maximize space in your modern millennial homes!

Our modern millennial homes have many virtues, but one thing they lack is…space! Space constraint is a major issue in the cramped apartments most of us end up in today. Although smart storage solutions can be a lifesaver in such tricky and compact situations. But let’s be honest, no matter how many shelves or cabinets you add to your home, there’s just never ENOUGH space! So, how about furniture designs with storage? Whoever decided to add hidden storage spaces to everyday furniture pieces is a downright genius according to me. These clever designs function as your essential furniture pieces while providing unique storage solutions. And we’ve curated the most functional + aesthetically pleasing ones we could come across! From a smart bed that doubles up as a couch, WFH desk, while being fully amped multiple nooks and crannies for storage to a home office desk with hidden storage systems – these furniture designs with storage are the ultimate space-saving additions to your home!

You know we always have to get up to get stuff before we settle into relax mode? Well, this bed was designed to have everything you will need to relax within your bed frame. It has an integrated reclining massage chair with a remote, a built-in Bluetooth speaker, a bookshelf, a reading lamp, an air cleaning system, an area to plug in and charge your devices, a foot-stool that opens up for extra storage, and a pop-up desk for the ultimate WFH setup, Netflix marathon or cozy reading hours. The sound system also features an SD card slot, an auxiliary port, and a USB port. Another interesting detail about the Hariana bed is a password-protected safe box for you to store your most precious belongings – for me, it would be my passport and snacks!

When you have a bar chair at home, you’d want one that is more than a stagnant piece of furniture. The innovative design of the No.208 bar chair made that possible with its swappable design. The No.208 bar chair focuses on customization. The user can now replace the wooden seat or maybe change the color and material of the hanging leather basket under the seat. This leather basket doubled as storage and was the standout feature of this bar chair. With the same concept in mind, but to share the seating with more than one person – whether placed indoors or installed in the public space – the No.215 bench chair is born. The bench is slightly lower in height since it deviates from the No.208’s bar chair image and its design – that appears like a bathtub – allows more than one person to sit next to each other.

The designers behind Omni wanted to create a desk that could fit into any office space and provide enough storage options to keep the top of the desk free of mess. With rounded oak legs and additional wood accents, Omni is minimal and sophisticated by design, sporting an optic white desktop surface. The results of a social media survey given by Husarska Studio revealed that most desk users prefer desks with integrated storage that can open and close like a cabinet. Sure to weave lockable storage options into the desk, the makers behind Omni looked to hinged cabinets to store devices’ power supplies and wires, as well as users’ work-related material. Traced along the desk’s topmost side, a hinged cabinet opens up to reveal stored-away cords and power strips for workdays that call for a laptop. Box modules also fill out Omni so users can still keep their work material hidden from view, but the module’s lids can lift, and inside, users can store smaller items like stationery.

PaiPai Pets’ double basin cat kennel is a cat tower and console storage cabinet in one. Looking at the kennel head-on, two wide doors border a narrower middle door, which opens up to the kennel’s storage unit and jungle-gym interior. On the left and right sides of the kennel, there’s enough space to fit two large litter boxes, which are always accessible through the middle door’s open porthole. Behind the kennel’s center cabinet, storage shelves can be found where cat owners can stow away smaller items like cans of wet cat food and litter scoopers. Painted in bright white, with natural wood accents along the perimeter, the kennel can remain discreet even in busier home spaces like the living room or den. Along the sides of the kennel, smaller portholes allow for plenty of airflows as well as a fun way for you to play whack-a-mole with your cat.

Orte loop

In urban homes, one often has to compromise on the kind of furniture they would like because there isn’t enough space to have a separate piece for each function – in this case, Orte saves the space you would need for a full shelf and a mirror by blending them into one. Its limestone base supports a rotating wooden frame with the mirror on one side and six hidden shelves on the other. The pop of red brightens up the corner where the furniture will be and stretched oblong shape makes it easy to fit in any corner. It can be used as a dresser, a bookshelf, or the stuff you need to grab quickly without it being on display always.

Student designers Calvin and Bence recently created their own interpretation of entryway storage with Bügal, a piece of fusion furniture that’s one half coat rack and one half shelf system. When conceptualizing Bügal, the student designers relied on 3D printing to establish a mold for the unit’s body before grinding, smoothing, and painting it over to achieve its finished, semi-matte, silicone-style look. The hybrid unit of furniture hangs from a wooden peg in a similar fashion to the traditional clothes hanger, but it ditches the hook grip for a more secure peg and socket. Calvin and Bence designed Bügal for the sake of combining the dual functions from a coat rack and a shelving unit, to provide a unique storage system that could fit into any entryway, office space, or bedroom.

João Teixeira designed Loop Desk, a simple computer desk that’s built for the organizing nut in each of us. The two-tiered desktop has plenty of working space and a slim build that easily adapts to any room, making it a solid choice for future WFH renovations. In addition to its slim build, Loop Desk reflects a minimalist aesthetic that feels more sophisticated than stylish or trendy. With rounded edges and a monitor stand that hovers above the main working space, Loop Desk was named for the various loops that comprise its full frame. Computer monitors can be placed on Loop Desk’s tallest working tier, while a keyboard and any other working material can be organized on the desktop’s main working area.

Developed specifically for small to medium-sized apartments, Co-Living is a full-body mirror and cat tower combined to become a shared, interactive piece of interior furniture for cats and humans alike. When looking at Co-Living head-on, it appears as just another full-body mirror, but a closer look reveals its multi-functionality. With an arched top and bottom, the mirror stands on one wooden peg in front of Co-Living’s rear cat tower. Constructed vertically, Co-Living is designed to encourage cats’ natural climbing tendencies by incorporating multiple carpeted tiers from which they can hop on and off until reaching the top. Co-Living’s wide, circular base, allows enough room for both the cat tower and full-body mirror to remain separate so that cats can climb up and down the tower with ease.

Amidst the catalog of accessories is a basket storage system that doubles as a wood-and-crate step ladder, ideal for the kitchen space or bathroom to store toiletries and reach taller heights. Then, there’s a series of photo frames that can store paper goods like notes and business cards in an integrated slot that traces the perimeter of each frame. Using their own homes and colleagues’ homes as their main source of inspiration, the design students even made niche items like an insect house made from wire and hollow bamboo that could be hung outside an apartment window for hummingbirds and honeybees to drop by and visit.

Designed by Annabella Hevesi, there is something about the ODU Desk that instantly puts me at ease. It’s just so well-designed! Clean, minimal, and soft, it’s a desk that almost gives me Japandi feels. (Japandi is a growing design trend that merges Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics.) It’s a warm wooden desk with a protective screen around it that ensures you have your privacy while working! It shuts off the outside world and helps you focus completely on your work. Not to mention, the wooden desk top has been integrated with little storage containers! These containers are perfect for storing your office stationery, souvenirs, and other knick-knacks you may want to place on your desk. An interesting feature is that you can actually remove and separate the containers from the desk. This is perfect for when you want to clean the nooks and crannies of the desk

Jeans with One Giant Pocket in the Rear

Invented by self-proclaimed mad scientist Matty Benedetto of Unnecessary Inventions, One Butt Jeans are a pair of denim jeans with one giant pocket stretching across the rear. That way, you can carry much larger items than with traditional rear jean pockets—things like a whole six-pack of soda or a laptop. And I’m pretty sure I speak for everyone here when I say where have these been all my life?

In the accompanying video, Matty mentions that the jeans are perfect for construction workers to load up all their tools. Just be careful sitting down! Or trying to walk without your pants falling down. Definitely wear a strong belt.

Admittedly, not the worst idea. But certainly not the best idea either. If I’m being completely honest, it definitely leans more towards a bad idea than a good idea. And I’m not just saying that because I didn’t think of it first, I’m only mostly saying that because I didn’t think of it first.

Rooftop cargo box equipped with solar panel is your ultimate outdoor road companion

An aesthetically pleasing and immensely durable rooftop cargo box with an integrated solar panel and two USB ports to keep your mobile devices juiced up in the wilderness.

For the outdoorsy, stowage offered by their vehicle is generally not enough, the rooftop cargo carrier is, therefore, the next best friend to have. The cargo bag on the roof not only decides how well you can pack the gear for a camping trip or cross country travel – it also decides how pleasing the vehicle looks with it stashed on top. For the merits of both worlds and to provide something extra useful, Yakima has introduced an innovative new rooftop cargo box dubbed CBX Solar.

An exquisite carrying option worth every type of off-road vehicle, the durable CBX Solar with trail-ready aesthetics features an integrated solar panel for charging up to two portable devices when you’re off-the-grid. The premium Yakima cargo box with its interesting blend of modern outlook and functionality features 2 USB ports that can help charge anything from portable devices to camping gear with a USB port.

For the adventurers keeping track, this solar cargo box boasts an angular finish and stealth-like texture on the outside and on the inside offers 16 cubic feet of cargo space. This space is ample to suck in tents, sleeping bags, camping gear or anything else you have to throw into it. A removable torque limiting knob helps fasten the cargo box to the roof rails securely, while a dual-sided opening makes the box really easy to reach out from either side of your vehicle.

Weighing about 60lbs, the CBX Solar has an uncluttered aesthetic to it, which is accentuated further by the rugged solar panel fixed neatly to the cargo box lid that can be secured with a locking mechanism. The integrated solar panel on the box is manufactured by California-based Sunflare. The incredibly light 36-watt panel is designed to withstand the elements and produces 5-volt output that through a pair of onboard USB ports can be used up to power devices so you don’t end up draining power from your vehicle. For the love of carrying things on off-road excursions in style, the CBX Solar retails for $1,399.

Designer: Yakima

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This vacuum cleaner designed for small spaces breaks down into 4 parts to save storage space!

H5 is a multifunctional vacuum cleaner designed for small spaces that can break down into four parts that fit into a compact charging bin for easy storage.

While living tiny is all the rage nowadays, it takes some skill to keep small city spaces clean. Especially when you live in an old apartment building or with pets, vacuuming becomes a daily chore. While vacuuming small spaces goes by quickly, storing a bulky vacuum cleaner becomes a nuisance just as quickly. To keep small spaces clean without the pain of storing big cleaning appliances, industrial designer Yipeng Zhu ideated a space-saving multifunctional vacuum cleaner called H5 that shrinks down to almost a ⅓ of its height.

H5 keeps an overall slim build when assembled and when disassembled so it doesn’t take up too much space in storage. When disassembled, H5 breaks down into four parts and fits into one charging case that can easily slip away behind any table or into the closet to free up floor space.

When users would like to use the vacuum, putting H5 together comes just as easily as putting together any other vacuum. The main pipe connects via telescopic tubing where the vacuum head also easily attaches.  Equipped with modular parts, H5 comes with three different vacuum heads that can be switched out for various cleaning needs.

A cylindrical brush is ideal for cleaning up dustballs and stubborn carpet stains. While the other two rectangular heads come in two different sizes to fit into tight corners and behind doors. Even the hose and pipe of H5 take on a narrow, cylindrical build to ensure it can fit underneath the bed and even under the refrigerator to pick up the dust that’s harder to reach with traditional, bulky vacuums.

A solid collection of electrical cleaning appliances is essential for tiny living spaces–especially when you reside in a big city. However, the majority of most electrical appliances are designed for large homes, prioritizing the small technical details over versatility and portability.

H5 is a vacuum cleaner that can tuck away into the smallest of crawlspaces (or literally wherever there’s room) when not in use and whose small assembled size allows it to get to the hardest-to-reach corners of your apartment when cleaning.

Designer: Yipeng Zhu

Intuitive controls and signals outfit H5’s entire build. 

H5 comes with three different brush heads to ensure the ideal tool for each cleaning job. 

The compact charging case is small enough to tuck away into any corner or closet. 

Shrinking down to what seems like a 1/3 of H5’s assembled height, the charging case is an ultimate space-saver. 

This food storage concept features an intuitive control design so we can always keep our leftovers!

ODNY.BOX is a food storage concept with an intuitive control dial and a minimal aesthetic for users to store any type of leftover, from hot baked cookies to cold Greek yogurt.

What would life be like without leftovers? There’d be no post-Thanksgiving triple-decker sandwiches, no cold pizza, sadly baked ziti for breakfast would have to go too, and no more half-soggy, half-crunchy nachos. In a few words, life would be a slow death without leftovers.

Okay maybe not, but I’d need a second to bounce back. Outfitted with an intuitive layout and glossy aesthetic, ODNY.BOX is a food storage concept from Yoonji Park designed so we’ll never have to consider what life would be like without leftovers.

Inspired by the bulbous shape that water makes when it drops on flat surfaces, the glass lid of ODNY.BOX comes together as half of a globe and almost curls under the platform where food is kept to ensure sealed storage. The seasons have an effect not only on the food we eat but also on how that food is kept for tomorrow. During the winter months, the hot food we order or cook at home is subject to cold temperatures, while during the warmer months, perishables like produce are the first to go bad.

Park aimed to build ODNY.BOX with an intuitive control panel so that a plate of lasagna could be just as easily stored as a bowl of fresh fruit. Comprising just one single dial, the control on ODNY.BOX gives you three options for storage: room temperature, cool, and warm. When users would like to store food items like bananas or breakfast croissants, turning the dial to its room temperature setting would suffice. Then, when a bowl of ice cream or a side of french fries needs some storage, users can adjust the dial to its cold or hot settings, respectively.

The inner platform where food is stored also detaches from the base to function as a free tray for transporting plates of food or just keeping dishes steady on a flat surface. The overall design of ODNY.BOX is clean and minimal, considering even a micro organizer for the product’s wire to tuck into and stay out of the way.

Designer: Yoonji Park

Muji’s latest set of multifunctional storage solutions are designed to declutter your tiny living space!

Currently on display at Milan Design Week, ‘Compact Life’ is a line of home storage products from Muji designed in collaboration with industrial design students inspired by today’s movement to downsize and declutter living spaces at home.

For those of us who’ve been living tiny before it was popular, we know the right home accessories for storage make all the difference between a cluttered and clutter-free home. Today, majorly in response to the raging climate crisis, people are incorporating aspects of tiny living into their home spaces to dampen their overall climate footprint. Providing the means to do so, Japanese household goods supplier Muji released a collection of storage accessories called ‘Compact Life’ that makes tiny living seem a lot more attainable for all of us.

Documenting and taking note of their own living spaces, the students worked closely with Muji designers and the Swiss designer Michel Charlot to finalize an array of twelve home products that optimize storage space to make tiny living a lot more comfortable. Each product stays true to Muji’s minimalist personality and humanistic approach to design, keeping geometric shapes and multifunctional builds.

Amidst the catalog of accessories is a basket storage system that doubles as a wood-and-crate step ladder, ideal for the kitchen space or bathroom to store toiletries and reach taller heights. Then, there’s a series of photo frames that can store paper goods like notes and business cards in an integrated slot that traces the perimeter of each frame. Using their own homes and colleagues’ homes as their main source of inspiration, the design students even made niche items like an insect house made from wire and hollow bamboo that could be hung outside an apartment window for hummingbirds and honeybees to drop by and visit.

Each one of the twelve designs is on display at Milan Fashion Week and the home accessories that comprise the Compact Life collection span from a modest corner shelf designed for the shower to a mirror medicine cabinet that also functions as a whiteboard. Product designs like a valet stand for hanging clothing items and a pole storage system with compartments tailor-made for umbrellas would help organize home spaces like the entryway for a clutter-free welcome.

Then, there are products designed for office spaces, like a paper wall pocket that functions as a filing system for narrow office items such as notebooks and stationery and a folding chair that transforms into a small side table for impromptu lunch meetings. A steel-wire basket trolley tucks under the bed and stores clothing items to take some of the load off the closet. Finally, a bedside table with a concealed compartment for charging smartphones takes focus away from technology and brings us closer to a restful night’s sleep.

Designer: Muji

Entryway products like the multipurpose coat rack help declutter the home’s foyer.

An under-the-bed steel-wire basket trolley takes some of the load out of the closet.

The Stepladder Basket is a stepladder that also functions as a storage basket for smaller household items.

The Valet Stand is another entryway product that could help declutter crowded spaces.

Clip Hanging Frames allow for ways to hang your photos and also store paper goods.

A mirrored medicine cabinet also functions as a whiteboard for notetaking.

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Display Your LEGO Minifigs in a Giant Minifig

Do you or your kids like to collect LEGO minifigures? You could leave them scattered around the room where you could step on one, or the dog could try to eat them, or you could store and display them in a more appropriate place. This oversize wood minifig display is perfect for organizing and showing off your favorite LEGO figures.

The $36 wall display is made by Alabama Etsy shop JEMWorXCo using premium 1/2″ baltic birch wood and holds up to 19 figures. Each of its little cutouts is just the right size to hold a minifig along with accessories like their tiny hats, though I’m guessing the sombrero on my Mariachi Maraca Man Minifigure won’t fit.

The only thing better would be if they made a huge version that held the 200+ minifigs I have littering my basement, but I guess I could just buy a dozen of these, and that would look pretty awesome too.

This multifunctional desk features entertainment and work modules to help you switch off from work mode

The Layout desk is a multifunctional workspace that comes with various entertainment and work modules to blur the line between WFH and play.

WFH has transformed our desks into micro versions of our homes. Blurring the line between work and play, spending so much time at home has made our desks representative entertainment systems, craft stations, and storage bins all in addition to first functioning as our workspaces. With so many WFH-inspired desk concepts coming out, a team of designers aimed to build the Layout, a modular desk that can do it all, and then some.

Inspired by the blurring of work and play in WFH spaces, Juwon Kim, Jiwon Song, and Eunsang Lee framed Layout with a translucent, corrugated exterior finish that immediately catches the eye. Wrapped in sea green, the Layout desk is modular by design to incorporate a plethora of different work and entertainment features. The Layout desk is topped off with an upper cover that’s designed to conceal the workspace after the workday’s done.

When you’re still getting in those hours, though, the Layout desk’s upper cover folds up and functions as a partition to create some privacy and a sense of spatial boundaries for the workspace. When closed, the desk features a front display panel, similar to the Mac’s Touch Bar, where users can add widgets to play with after work. The widgets range from a music player, clock, and micro-control grid. But all the fun is also kept underneath the desk’s cover.

Different modules outfit the inside of the Layout desk, bringing a mix of practical and leisure modules. The light controller and paperclip modules, for example, operate the desk’s interior glow light and create storage space for small stationery items respectively. Phone charging and calendar modules make it easy to stay connected and on top of your schedule while working and a pencil holder creates some more storage space.

Then, the desk’s music modules take the form of a CD player and accompanying speaker for slow jam, ambient music while you work. Finally, an electronic memo pad is also worked into the desk’s modular interior, so you can always keep note of your day-to-day.

Designers: Juwon Kim, Jiwon Song, and Eunsang Lee

Layout’s team of designers took the traditional desk form and topped it off with a lid to incorporate entertainment and work modules.

The translucent, corrugated cover for the Layout desk speaks to the designers’ inspiration in blurring the line between WFH and play.

The Layout desk’s top lid draws back like an awning to provide a partition. 

Inside the desk’s storage space, an integrated glowing light keeps the workspace bright.

When closed, users can enjoy the desk’s touch bar control panel, which comes with default clock and music widgets. 

Users can add their own widgets to the control panel to optimize its usability. 

The integrated memo pad module allows users to keep notes of their daily goings-on.

The light dimmer adjusts the desk’s interior light, while a paperclip storage bin provides space to store small stationery items. 

This modular shelf unit inspired by the architecture of Bangkok’s storefronts features scissor gates and accordion doors for prime storage!

Tenement H is a modular cubby storage system inspired by the multifaceted facades of Bangkok shophouses, Tenement H features customizable barriers that range from scissor gates to accordion doors, shutters, and railings.

Tiny living is no easy feat for city dwellers. A lot of planning and organization goes into ensuring that you’re making the most out of the small space in your studio apartment. Many look to modular organizers to bring just the right amount of customization and storage capacity to their small city spaces. San Design, a design group based in Bangkok, created Tenement H, a modular organizer inspired by Thailand’s architecture, for 2021’s Bangkok Design Week’s Design Plant Exhibition.

Tenement H is a modular cubby storage system that reflects the exhibition’s ‘domestic’ theme. Inspired by the multifaceted facades of Bangkok shophouses, Tenement H features customizable barriers that range from scissor gates to accordion doors, shutters, and railings. Constructed from aluminum, Tenement H is modular and versatile by design, allowing access to the storage units from all sides and multifunctional as a semi-partition for your room as well. Coated in glossy optic white, scarlet red, and light blue, the modules of Tenement H mimic the color scheme of Bangkok’s city storefronts. Each unit can be configured according to what your space allows–for smaller spaces, Tenement H can be built up vertically while larger spaces would allow for a wider base.

Small city spaces require lots of primary planning and organization. As life goes on, our living spaces clutter with all of the things we pick up day-to-day. Modular organizers make for ideal vertical storage systems that take up a small amount of space while decluttering the rest of the room. Tenement H is a multifunctional storage unit that implements aspects of and reflects Bangkok’s cityscape in an ode to small city living.

Designer: San Design

Tenement H is built on an easy stacking system that allows for endless configurations and storage. 

Tenement H’s color scheme reflects the vibrancy of Bangkok’s storefronts and city centers. 

Each module comes with a different closing mechanism, ranging from scissor gates to accordion doors and shutters.

Scissor gates are a familiar sight for most storefronts and have a secure feel that makes storing items feel more secure.