SATECHI’s magnetic dock lets you charge your Apple Watch using your iPad Pro!

Go ahead and add yet another incredible feature to the iPad Pro. The tablet already did have the ability to reverse-charge devices, but with Satechi’s Apple Watch dock, the iPad Pro can charge and dock your smartwatch right beside it! The way the Apple Watch docks on the iPad Pro is similar to the way the Pencil does. It sits right on the edge, allowing you to wirelessly charge your watch while you comfortably use your tablet uninterrupted.

Like all of Satechi’s products, the USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock comes with Apple-certified MFI charging, and works across all generations of the Apple Watch. The dock plugs right into the side of the iPad Pro or the MacBook Pro, although you could just as easily use it with any power-bank too. The sleek aluminum design does a pretty good job of blending in with Apple’s design language, while inbuilt magnets securely hold onto your watch as it charges, allowing you to dock your iPad on a stand without worrying about the watch slipping or falling off. Neat, eh? Maybe you could even use it as a small extended display too, running a timer, your clock, or the weather app right beside your screen as you work or browse the web!

Designer: Satechi

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Microsoft Surface Book 4 concept bridges the gap between the laptop and the 2019 iPad Pro

If there was one standout feature from Apple’s iPad Pro announcement video at the beginning of this year, it was the magical keyboard case the tablet came with. The keyboard case (which came with a trackpad too) allowed the iPad to float off the surface, almost like an iMac, giving you a better-than-laptop physical experience… however that experience didn’t necessarily translate to the operating system.

With the Surface Book 4 concept from Ryan Smalley, that tiny gap gets bridged by successfully filling the void between netbooks and tablets. The Surface Book 4 concept comes with a laptop-inspired design, but factors in a second hinge that lets the screen float off the tabletop surface the device is kept on. The screen can be used conventionally, like a laptop, and can be height and angle-adjusted to give you the best viewing angle you need. Just like the iPad Pro, the Surface Book 4 packs a touchscreen, while also permanently being attached to a keyboard and trackpad… and here’s what makes it special – that good old Windows OS that gives you the right desktop experience that you need, unlike the iPad, which relies on a more rigid tablet OS and the App Store. Oh, the Surface Book 4 also packs multiple ports, an audio jack, and even a card reader for good measure!

Designer: Ryan Smalley

Apple Magic Keyboard review: Blurring the line between iPad and MacBook

I screwed up. A while back, while I was filming a gag for our iPad Pro review, my work laptop — which I haphazardly propped on the arm of my couch — slid off and took a nose-dive onto the corner of my coffee table. So long, Retina display. Since then...

The latest iPad Pro disables mics when its case is closed

These days, any connected device with a microphone could arguably be treated with suspicion, from smart speakers to phones to computers. Apple helped to address privacy concerns in 2018 by adding a feature that disconnects MacBook microphones when th...

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 review: The rest is yet to come

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A designer’s sensible take on the AirPods redesign

All it took was a chamfer to make the AirPods sensible. Designer Xhakomo Doda reworked the world’s favorite wireless earbuds, giving them a slight facelift to make them better. Better how, you ask? Well, these redesigned AirPods don’t need an ugly Dental-Floss case, and they can snap to the sides of your iPad Pro to charge too. That’s better, isn’t it?

Xhakomo’s AirPods look virtually the same, barring a slight chamfer on one side that allows you to magnetically dock it in places. The two AirPods can either be docked to their wireless-charging baseplate (which acts as a replacement for the AirPods case), or can be docked to each other, securing them in a way that makes it easier to prevent one of them from getting lost. The flat surface even goes the distance, allowing you to snap the AirPods to the side of an iPad Pro the way you would an Apple Pencil, allowing you to charge them in a way that uses Apple’s ecosystem pretty efficiently… not to mention that flat surface can actually do a better job of guiding your fingertips and giving you a better surface to tap, double-tap, and slide against.

Designer: Xhakomo Doda

Meet the iPad Pro 2020 – Apple’s “new kind of laptop”

Apple’s finally launched the new iPad Pro and it’s pretty clear that the company’s vision is to make the tablet more than just a large-screened multimedia device. The 2020 iPad Pro bridges the gap between a tablet and a laptop. I’d argue it creates a new sort of device that helps creators be productive in new sorts of ways. The new iPad Pro comes with 2 camera lenses that capture wide and ultrawide shots as well as 4K video, and a LiDAR sensor to help bolster Apple’s efforts in Augmented Reality. They’re complemented by powerful studio microphones that allow you to shoot incredible professional videos on your iPad. Needless to say, even the most powerful MacBooks can’t do that yet!

That bridge between Tablet and Laptop comes with the iPad’s use of a Liquid Retina screen that’s arguably the best in the tablet industry in terms of color representation. The screen comes with a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth interaction, giving you an experience comparable to the iMac but in a portable format. It finally makes sense now, that the iPad Pro has a version of Photoshop that rivals its desktop application.

The most interesting addition, however, to the iPad Pro 2020 is its Magic Keyboard case that features a floating design that lets you dock or angle your tablet in any way, and a keyboard with a built-in multi-touch trackpad that lets you alternate between a laptop mode with a cursor, and a professional tablet mode with Apple’s Pencil.

The 11-inch iPad Pro starts at $799 (US) for the Wi-Fi model while the 12.9-inch iPad Pro starts at $999. That glorious magic-keyboard will cost you an extra $299 a pop.

Designer: Apple