Apple MagSafe Battery Pack charging tested

Last month Apple launched its new MagSafe Battery Pack providing your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro with a top up battery pack that can be attached to your phone using the magnetic connection system designed by Apple. If you are looking for even quicker charging you can combine the MagSafe Battery Pack with a […]

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Apple iPhone 13 shortages, AirPods 3, iOS 15 and more

If you are looking forward to next months Apple iPhone 13 event during which Apple will hopefully reveal their latest iPhone together with possibly their new third-generation AirPods. The latest iPhone and Apple gear update video created by Zollotech is definitely worth checking out and brings you up to speed with all the news, rumours […]

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Circular ‘Apple Watch Air’ concept adds a budget-friendly option to Apple’s smartwatch catalog

Titled the Apple Watch Loop, this concept by Felipe Duarte does two things – it brings variety to Apple’s smartwatch offering and adds a beautifully-basic ‘Air’ variant in Apple’s watch lineup, just like with their other products like the iPhone Mini, iPad Air, and MacBook Air.

Apple’s always fervently stuck to the square-shaped watch. They debuted the Apple Watch and spoke heavily of how much they were influenced by classic watches, they even added a rotating crown to the design, but unlike the circular Samsung Gear watch and Moto 360, Apple went for what was considered the logical, ‘safe’ option and outfitted their Watch with a square screen, instead of the classic watch-inspired circle display. It’s been some 7 years to the day, and Apple hasn’t really rocked the boat with the watch design – although the watch’s core functions have definitely changed over time, going from a fashionable gadget to a life-saving medical fitness tracker on your wrist. Industrial Designer Felipe Duarte decided to have some fun with the Apple Watch’s design, experimenting with a few radically different details while retaining the Apple Watch’s core essence. The result was the Apple Watch Loop, a fun, friendly, circular concept that’s funky, resistant to damage, and provides Apple’s most important Watch features, in a circular form.

The Apple Watch Loop’s three drastic changes include A. its circular body, and B. the concave screen, and C. the watch strap, which forms a bumper around the smartwatch’s main hardware. Designed to provide a compact-yet-robust experience, Duarte outfitted the watch with a concave screen that’s extremely user-friendly, yet is impossible to damage when you accidentally bump your hand on a surface. Similarly, the large rubber bumper around the watch’s hardware component provides similar shock-absorbing features (although it does result in an unavoidably large physical bezel around the display).

The Watch Loop is still rather unapologetically an Apple smartwatch. It comes with the rotating crown, the familiar interface (although probably slightly modified for the circular layout), sports the heart-rate tracker and magnetic wireless charging zone on the base, and has an interchangeable watch-strap system that’s available in a host of colors. Notably, its speakers hide behind the rubber bumper of the watch strap, its concave screen sinks into the design, helping somewhat reduce mass, and the watch’s circular design can be popped out of its strap and used sort of like a pocket-watch or even a handheld stopwatch. Duarte’s concept aims at bending some of the rules that Apple’s set for its Smartwatch while adhering to the others. At the end of the day, it’s still a memorable design that looks like a part of Apple’s ecosystem. It comes in a fun display case too (which is slightly bulkier than the Watch’s slimmer vertical cases). What do you think?

Designer: Felipe Duarte

Apple Keyboard with Touch ID now available separately from $149

Apple has today announced the availability of its Apple Touch ID Magic Keyboard as a separate purchase allowing you to purchase replacements or additional keyboards to upgrade older editions. The new additions to the range of Apple keyboards currently available include a numeric keyboard with Touch ID priced at $179 finished in silver, together with […]

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iOS 14.7.1 and iOS 15 Beta 4 features and review

If you are interested in learning more about iOS 15 Beta 4 released last week by Apple and the previous iOS 14.7.1 release you are sure to enjoy this new video created by the team over at Zollotech. As you would expect the latest iOS 15 Beta 4 includes even more features and edges closer […]

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This handcrafted iPad Pro Stand carved from a single piece of wood comes with a magnetic Apple Pencil holder!

Sculpted into a shape that permits ergonomic usability and comfort, the iPad Pro Stand from Yohann boasts a final form that allows for multi-angled usage, achieved by reducing the light, thin profile to its bare necessities.

Keeping track of all of our smart electronics and their accessories can get messy. Depending on what you use them for, smart appliances guide us through the week and keep us on top of our personal and work-related agendas. 2016’s Apple Pencil, for one, was designed for iPad Pro but has a tendency of getting lost. Yohann, a sustainable brand passionate about crafting wooden Apple accessories, created a wooden iPad Pro Stand with a built-in Apple Pencil holder so there will always be a place to store it.

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Stationery in general gets lost all the time. Our favorite pens fall into hard-to-reach cracks and our pencils roll under our beds, never to be seen again. The iPad Pro Stand from Yohann features an exact slot for your Apple Pencil to slink into when not in use.

The secure lip allows the iPad Pro to remain stationary on the stand. The Apple Pencil holder features magnetic ends to ensure secure storage and that you’ll never lose your Apple Pencil again. The stand itself is handcrafted from a single piece of wood for a solid and durable structure that ages well and stands the test of time. The iPad Pro stand features a winged back for multi-angled use.

Navigating our library of smart electronics and accessories can become as overwhelming as managing our photo library. To help declutter our desks of wires and gadgets, Yohann crafted the iPad Pro Stand with a built-in Apple Pencil holder.

Following their handcrafted and high-quality design process, Yohann built the stand to be ergonomic, intuitive, and long-lasting. Illustrators and graphic designers can draw on their iPad Pros using the stand as a bolstered. Best of all, we love how the magnetic Apple Pencil holder snaps onto place and that’s a feature we’ll be toying with it for a while!

Designer: Yohann

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The iPad Pro stand can even remain upright on soft surfaces, perfect for nighttime Netflix-binge sessions.

The precise slot for your Apple Pencil ensures that it won’t go missing.

iOS 15 Beta 4 : more new features demonstrated

Apple released its new iOS 15 Beta 4 last week and following on from the previous videos released by YouTuber Zollotech new features not included in the previous overviews have now been revealed and demonstrated. Providing a great insight into what you can expect from the new Apple iOS 15 mobile operating system which will […]

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Apple Designs that tech lovers wish to get their hands on in this September 2021 event!

Apple’s September 2021 event is just around the corner! The air is buzzing with excitement, as we eagerly await to hear what Apple may announce. As we find ourselves biting our nails, and squirming in anticipation of what Apple has in store for us, let’s take a moment to appreciate all the inspiration this groundbreaking tech giant has provided. Apple’s ingenious and mesmerizing designs and design philosophy have inspired and influenced designers all over the world, resulting in some pretty unique Apple concepts! And, we’ve put together some of the very best. We hope we get to see a few of them at the September event! Who knows?

Designer and visualizer, Devam Jangra’s put together a view to show us what candy-colored MacBook Airs could look like, and I won’t lie… I really like it! If the colorful iMacs were a hat-tip to the candy-colored iMac G3 computers from 1998, these vibrant MacBook Airs most certainly pay a tribute to the old iBook G3s from 1999. It’s certainly been a while since Apple’s experimented with colored laptops – their latest foray was 6 years ago, with the rose-gold MacBook Air. Jangra’s concept video definitely shows why Apple should be less reticent and more open to creating colorful MacBooks… they spark joy, don’t they?

Meet the Apple glass concept that pays homage to Steve Jobs’s favorite pair of prescription glasses – the Lunor Classic PP. These countered glasses look absolutely stylish for the generation next crowd- with the frame crafted from lightweight aluminum and the lenses made out of polycarbonate material. The technology of these wearables is honed by an array of six cameras with autofocus lenses, an eye-tracking system with HDR, and gesture recognition. The glasses even track your calorie intake and health status. Coming onto the cameras, two cameras are tucked in the nose-piece assemblies and the other two on the opposite side of each nose piece.

Italian designer Antonio De Rosa believes an Apple action cam is a realistic possibility in a landscape of current-gen geeky gadgets. Apple and an action cam would not be something out of the ordinary for the Cupertino giant to create. So, Antonio leaves me in awe with the Apple AirCam, which is no more significant than the AirPods Pro case. It carries a similar design language to the case with the obvious addition of an LCD screen display on the front and the big camera sensor on the backside. If you look closely, this lens is accompanied by a small Apple Watch-like screen, perhaps to click selfies and display vital heads-up information. There is a single shutter button on top to keep things as simple as possible. On the sides, there is space for USB-C and SHDC card slots to make data transfer seamless and load the camera with additional memory.

The M1 really unleashes the tablet’s potential, giving it incredible storage, transfer, and read/write abilities… or as Apple calls it, the most powerful chip on an iPad. The M1, apart from being a productive beast, also allows the iPad to have 5G capabilities, and even up to 2 Terabytes of storage… let’s see Microsoft’s Surface match that! Nothing much changes on the form front. The iPad Pro’s design is in a place where it doesn’t need to refine its exterior design. but how we wish it they would! A bezel-less design is all that is needed to take that ‘piece of magical glass’ to a revolutionary new level!

Probably the coolest feature of this iMac Pro concept by Daniel Bautista is its wireless charging option! The base of the computer stand functions as a charging platform for all your other Apple Devices. You can place your iPhone, AirPods, or even your Apple Watch on it to charge. Daniel’s iMac Pro has been equipped with Face ID, and a cool backlit keyboard as well. This could be the future of iMacs!

Vincent Lin designed the Apple Pro Mouse concept, and I haven’t seen a mouse this stunning in a while! Designed to allow your hands to fit perfectly around it, the ergonomically designed mouse works well for both lefties and righties! Amped with a Taptic Engine, the Pro Mouse makes clicking and scrolling gentle and precise. A Taptic Sidebar allows you to switch between gestures, and manipulate from one option to another smoothly. Not to mention, the mouse’s sleek and modern looks are a complete added bonus!

Park’s flexible iPhone manifests itself as an intersection between a phone and a tablet (like most folding phones), but the advantage Apple has over its competition is its complete dominance in the tablet sector. The iPhone Pro neatly goes from a regular smartphone (with a notch) to a 4:3 screen tablet (with a slightly offset notch). It comes with not one, but two hinges that separate the AMOLED screen into three parts with outward facing screens, and a slight cantilever at one end that allows the rear camera to not be covered (not the most elegant of solutions, but then again it lets you have a screen right beside the powerful triple-lens rear-view camera.

What if Apple and Samsung collaborated to create a phone? How cool would that be! 4RMD imagined a smartphone created by Apple and Samsung, and named it iGalaxy S22 ProMax! It’s a mix between the iPhone 12 Pro Max and Galaxy S21 Ultra. It has adopted the Apple Camera module, although the phone is boxier, and has flat edges like the iPhone 12. It also features a 108-megapixel main camera and 100X Space Zoom. The iGalaxy is truly the best of both worlds!

Designer Antonio De Rosa, who’s impressed us with his reimagined Apple products, now has another one that’s worth the shout-out. As he rightly says “Dreaming doesn’t cost anything.” This time around Antonio has thought of a modular Mac Pro which fuels the craving of professionals who are always tinkering around with their hunger for more hardware – the likes of GPU, RAM, USB-C ports, or SD card slots. While hardcore Apple fans will be divided on this modular Mac design’s subjectivity, it at least solves the purpose for people who want to experience an open-ended approach to hardware configuration. This concept Apple Silicon Mac Pro is kind of a hybrid design – it doesn’t sacrifice visual aesthetics as the expansion modules sit inside the casing, well within the machine’s footprint.

Meet the Apple One, a sophisticated-looking SUV created in the image of the company behind the iPhone. Peisert’s Concept One embodies all the good aspects of Apple (and a few unsavory ones) into a design that’s meant for the entire family. It’s a luxury car, but it isn’t a sedan. Instead, the Apple One is a one-for-all sort of SUV that accommodates 4 or more people pretty spaciously. Its proportions (and especially that headlight) feel slightly like a cross between the Tesla Cybertruck and the Rivian SUV. The design is mildly angular but doesn’t come with any edgy surfaces or straight lines. Instead, everything curves rather organically… a feature also seen in the continuous curves found on Apple products. Is this hoping for too much at the September 2021 event? A girl can dream!

Apple releases watchOS 7.6.1 software update

Earlier this week we had iOS 14.7.1 for the iPhone and iPadOS 14.7.1 and now Apple has released watchOS 7.6.1 for the Apple Watch. As with the release of the iOS and iPadOS updates, this new watchOS 7.6.1 is an important ones as it comes with some security updates and it is recommended that you […]

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Apple releases macOS 12 Monterey Public Beta 4

As well as the new public beta of iOS 15, Apple also released macOS 12 Monterey Public Beta 4 (technically the 3rd public beta) for the Mac. The new macOS 12 Monterey Public Beta 4 is the same software as the recently released developer beta 4 of macOS Monterey. The new beta of macOS Monterey […]

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