Top 10 Apple MagSafe accessories every tech head needs for their iPhone

The reinvention and return of MagSafe were an instant hit! There is a great sense of satisfaction, in my opinion, to have things just stick to your phone. Be it a pair of earphones (maybe that’ll be the next generation of AirPods) or have your phone just conveniently stick to a charging pad – it’s almost like magic. The reintroduction of the MagSafe led to a whole new world of accessories being unleashed. Designers and creatives were racing to create a whole range of products for the repurposed MagSafe. And we’ve been loving every bit of it! From an aramid fiber MagSafe iPhone case to a minimalist 3-in-1 MagSafe charger that defies the laws of physics  – there’s a MagSafe accessory out there for your every need. And, we’ve curated many products that we truly believe are worth buying and investing in. This army of accessories will truly amp up your Apple experience!

1. The G4 Charger

The G4 charger is a wonderful throwback accessory that reminds me of that Elago charger that turned the Apple Watch into the Macintosh. Its design, however, doesn’t seem to have aged the way the Macintosh has. Even by today’s standards, the iMac G4 is an incredibly eye-catching device that you’re sure to be amazed by. The charger condenses that beauty down into a small device that is equally good at drawing your attention to the iPhone that sits on it.

Why is it noteworthy?

Eponymously named the G4, this quirky little charger pays a hat-tip to its 20-year-old predecessor. It sports the same dome-shaped base and chrome-plated stand which sits the MagSafe wireless charging element that lets you snap your iPhone to it. Once the iPhone comfortably nestles in place, it transforms almost into a miniature computer, hovering above the ground in a way that makes its display easy to view as well as to use, by allowing you to tap and swipe away!

What we like

  • The dual joint system on the back of the charger lets you angle and position your phone however you please
  • A nifty light within its domed front lights up when your phone begins charging

What we dislike

  • Needs to be kept standing on a surface, always taking up a fixed space

2. Ice Speed Freezemat Magsafe Wireless Charger

Christened “Ice Speed Freezemat Magsafe Wireless Charger” this proposed Apple accessory uses a very interesting method to dissipate heat, keeping the innards at optimum temperature while gaming or during fast charging rituals.

Why is it noteworthy?

Crafted out of aviation-grade cooling material, Ice Speed Freezemat has an interesting cooling mechanism inspired by the way the human body sweats to dissipate heat. Unlike other similar accessories on the market that makes use of fans drawing power from the source, this one has a greener, low-noise cooling material mode.

What we like

  • As the iPhone 14 gets heated, the water content in the hydrogel is evaporated, then heat dissipation happens, and ultimately the water is again absorbed by the layer

What we dislike

  • Can have better charging versions than the current 15W charging speed
  • Not available yet

3. The Native Union Profile Fox Cases

These bad boys from Native Union and Maison Kitsuné come crafted from premium Italian leather. They’re perfectly made for your iPhone 14, are designed with drop-protection and lips around your screen and camera bump, and the case has its own set of magnets to reinforce the attachment of its companion MagSafe wallet, which holds two cards.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Native Union Profile Fox cases feature a premium leather construction, and both the case and the wallet are emblazoned with Maison Kitsuné’s signature fox logo. The cases and wallets are available in ‘Wine Lees’ brown and ‘Medium Blue’, and are designed to age and patina beautifully with time, creating a product that’s more unique to look at as time goes by.

What we like

  • The case guards your phone, protecting it from drops of up to 6 feet
  • The Profile Fox case and wallet come with a 2-year warranty on construction and manufacturing defects

What we dislike

  • Roughly the same price as Apple’s own cases and comes with only 2 colour variants

4. The Zens 4-in-1 Modular Wireless Charger

Designed to provide you with an organized desk, the Zens 4-in-1 Modular Wireless Charger enables you to charge all your precious Apple Devices in one go, and in the exact same locations. It helps you maintain a neat and tidy desk or nightstand.

Why is it noteworthy?

The main station of the Zens charger can power your iPhone, iPad, and AirPods, and you get a magnetic attachment for fastening the Apple Watch charger to the main system. This magnetic Apple Watch extension is actually what makes the wireless MagSafe charger “modular.”

What we like

  • A convenient solution for a quick and fast charge to all your Apple devices

What we dislike

  • Exorbitantly priced at $180


Portable power generators have become en-vogue because of that new outdoor lifestyle, but if you need something more portable and more stylish, this SHARGE concept is something you’d wish was an actual product already.

Why is it noteworthy?

The opposite face of the power bank has some ridges but are finer ones compared to the backside. The most important detail here is the large circle that today has become associated with Apple’s MagSafe charging tech for iPhones. It often indicates where the magnet is located on a charging accessory, though the magnets are also meant to align charging coils anyway. When attached to an iPhone, SHARGE gives the stylish phone a more rugged, outdoor personality, even if only for a brief period.

What we like

  • Rugged + outdoor aesthetic

What we dislike

  • The battery level indicator still uses the same old 5 LED indicator instead of giving a specific battery level.

6. Oakywood MagSafe Collection

This Oakywood MagSafe collection offers solid and multi-functional bases that not only keep your iPhone or Apple Watch in place but also add some life to your desk. With a mix of wood and matte aluminum materials, these stands and mounts look handsome on any motif you might have going for your desk, providing eye-catching ornaments without being distracting.

Why is it noteworthy?

One actually mounts onto an edge of a shelf, preferably one on or near your desk, while another sticks to a wall. In all cases, the MagSafe charger they hold can be removed and used as normal, just in case you prefer not to see the device’s screen but still want the beautiful presence of these wood and metal ornaments.

What we like

  • The stands and mounts themselves don’t have any non-sustainable components, which also helps prevent more e-waste in the long run

What we dislike

  • Lack of material/color options
  • The design could have been modular as well


Now there are dozens of magnetic wireless charging accessories, including those certified for Apple’s MagSafe branding, that take advantage of this development. Unsurprisingly, some are better designed than others, especially when it comes to both appearance and usability. This power bank concept, for example, is designed not only to keep your phone alive before you reach home but also to keep it standing so you can watch your favorite videos in comfort.

Why is it noteworthy?

This STRICKERS concept, for example, utilizes an ultra-thin power bank that magnetically attaches to the back of a phone, most likely an iPhone. Current technologies do allow such a small pack to have a 10,000mAh battery capacity so that it won’t add too much bulk to your phone’s back.

What we like

  • What makes STRICKERS really special is the sheet of bendable silicone material that turns the power bank into a smartphone stand

What we dislike

  • Since this is a concept, the design may turn out thicker in reality

8. MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank

MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank 10000mAh Product Designer


MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank 10000mAh Product Design

There are plenty of MagSafe-compatible products, but there are few power banks available. We may have seen a few already but nothing like this MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank with its 10000mAh capacity. Introduced by Neo Bie and Leigui Lui for Stylepie, this thing aims to improve the wireless charging and power bank experience for anyone.

Why is it noteworthy?

The MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank will remind you of an old Gameboy for its shape and design. It features the usual four operation buttons: SELECT, START, A, B, and a d-pad (directional pad). The lower part of the yellow power bank has a cover that slides to work as the stand of the power bank. There is also an LCD screen that shows basic information like date, time, battery level, or charging status.

What we like

  • Has a fun Gameboy-inspired aesthetic

What we dislike

  • The stand comes with a set angle that cannot be adjusted as per the users liking

9. The Rmour Candy Corner Protectors

Rmour’s candy-inspired corner protectors give your iPhone an understated bling upgrade while protecting the most vulnerable areas of your gadget. The best part? They don’t interfere with your iPhone’s MagSafe or wireless charging abilities.

Why is it noteworthy?

Designed to be protective jewelry for your iPhone, the Rmour Candy Corner Protectors come made from 925 silver with a decorative enamel inlay to match your iPhone’s color. Made to fit comfortably on iPhone 12 and newer models, the Rmour Candy Corner Protectors attach to the 4 corners of your iPhone using a strong-yet-non-destructive adhesive tape that keeps them firmly in place. When attached, the corner protectors create a 1mm lip around your iPhone, safeguarding the edges, back, camera bump, and screen from damage if you drop your iPhone on any flat surface.

What we like

  • Serves as functional jewelry for your iPhone

What we dislike

  • It becomes useless if you switch up and get a newer model

10. The MagEZ Case 2

Determined to make some of the best Apple accessories your gadgets could ever wish for, PITAKA’s back with an aramid fiber iPhone case that protects your smartphone without sacrificing sleekness. The Fusion Weaving MagEZ Case 2 is available for all iPhone 13 makes and comes constructed from Aramid fibers (which are as tough as carbon fibers, but more flexible too) with an overall thickness of 0.055 inches or a mere 1.4 millimeters.

Why is it noteworthy?

The case wraps right around your phone, with cutouts that let you access the buttons and the ports, as well as a camera cutout with a protective lip to prevent your iPhone’s camera from any physical impact. Moreover, the Fusion Weaving MagEZ Case 2 is also MagSafe compatible and works with virtually all of PITAKA’s own MagEZ 2.0 accessories, from the MagEZ Slider to the wireless charging car mount MagEZ Car Mount Pro, and even the MagEZ Wallet 2.

What we like

  • The criss-cross black pattern provides a nice visual element
  • The MagEZ Case 2 comes with PITAKA’s proprietary Fusion Weaving technology – a composite aramid fiber material that has an incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio

What we dislike

  • Its slightly more expensive than Apple’s own cases as well

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Modern iPhone 4 concept shows what the iconic Apple smartphone would look like if it were released today

Designed by Nathan Basset who goes by Reddit username G8M8N8, this beautiful handset merges nostalgia and innovation into one delightful package. “iPhone 4 is objectively the best-looking iPhone,” said Nathan, who designed this new-age iPhone based on its 2010 predecessor’s design language. I’m not one to invoke Steve Jobs’ name at every instance, but I do feel like this is the kind of phone he’d be proud to look at. It has the iPhone 4’s design language through and through but builds on its specs and details in a way that makes it futuristic. You’ve still got the classic aluminum frame with glass on the front and the back, but no raised camera bump like the one you’d see on the iPhone 14. The modern iPhone 4 has two large camera lenses that rest against the flat surface, gently protruding outwards. There’s no Home button, or any button for that matter… all you’ve got are flush control surfaces and a mute switch. There’s a Dynamic Island on the front, and what looks like a USB-C on the bottom. If the iPhone 4 was rebuilt again using the rumors of the iPhone 15 as a reference point, this is what we’d get… and I can’t help but think that Jobs would quite like it.

Designer: Nathan Basset

The phone comes in two color variants – Black, and White, just like the iPhone 4. Glass panels cover the front and the back, although, unlike its predecessor, this one isn’t a slave to bezels. The screen on the front pushes its way to the absolute limits, creating an absolutely seamless display with just a hint of a bezel on the sides. In true iPhone 4 fashion, the bezels on the white phone are white too. There’s a small cutout in the bezel on the top to make space for the receiver, which is a little more visible in the white variant.

The two-camera layout is a tribute to the iPhone 4’s lack of a Pro variant. In doing so, this model sticks to the basics too, however with larger camera modules that let more light in to the larger sensors, capturing pictures with much more clarity and vivid detail.

In keeping with the rumors of a button-less iPhone 15, this model ditches buttons too for pressure panels on the side for power and volume control. The only real hardware element is the mute switch, which is rumored to go on the iPhone 15 too, but Nathan decided to retain it for this concept because Jobs would have probably fired entire teams to ensure the mute switch remained untouched.

Flip over to the bottom and you’ve got yet another symbol of ‘Ghost of iPhone future’ – the USB-C charging port. Sitting between two stereo speakers, the USB-C charging port is perhaps the one biggest change to come to the future iPhone. Included in this concept just for good measure, it acts as a symbol of the future, while reminding us of the iPhone 4, which was the last iPhone with the original 30-pin connector. There’s no headphone jack on this concept, sadly. 🙁

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Mac Nano is a Mac Mini-style, powerful computer packed in a Magic Keyboard

It’s not usual in 2023 for a complete personal computer to be built in a typical Mac Keyboard. If something like that has to become a reality, it would be called the Mac Nano and would look pretty nifty and compact; the workforce working from home would like to adapt.

Ease of use and affordability are two keywords of the generation that has been living and working from the confines of their home. For this population, the Mac Nano may not particularly be an affordable proposition, it surely will be an effortless and outright portable way to work.

Designer: Le KBM

In that vein, the Mac Nano is a Mac Mini-style, powerful computer packed into a Magic Keyboard. The basic layout of the keyboard starts with the revival of the TouchBar, which Apple aficionados supposedly were missing for a reason they know best.

For computing prowess, the eventfully designed keyboard is supercharged by Apple’s own, super impactful M2 chip. As mentioned, it features a large TouchBar on the top, which is enhanced with Taptic Engine to relay tactile feedback based on your touch intensity.

A personal computer without advanced security is a sitting duck. Understandably then, the keyboard comes with Touch ID for privacy. The Mac Nano features 2TB SSD for storage, 24GB of unified memory and comes with 8 hours of battery life for an uninterrupted day of work.

The wireless keyboard is equipped with Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 for connectivity. For audiophiles, the slim Mac Nano has 4 speakers with spatial audio and a microphone jack. Connecting the computing device to a display is made possible with Airplay and 2 thunderbolt and as many USB 4 ports. A lone USB 3 port also helps with connectivity.

With magnetic TrackPad on the side, the Mac Nano is programmed to also connect your iPhone as TrackPad. Considering the plug-and-play and portability of the Mac Nano keyboard, it is a neat option for students or the work-from-home generation who might be having a hard time working on traditional PCs and laptops.

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