Nothing smartwatch design with transparent sides of the dial has “Nothing” to hide!

A transparent dial smartwatch that exposes the innards from the casing’s sides is what I’ll take with both hands if Nothing adds one to their future line-up.

Carl Pei and his ideology have always inspired me to follow a very transparent approach in life. His separation from OnePlus into a refreshing phase of his next venture Nothing has made headlines for all the good reason – right from the initial phase to the debut of the first-ever product in the brand’s line-up. The Nothing ear (1) earbuds have brought new precedence in earphone design to the industry with zero compromises in audio quality or other features at a price that brings a smile to audiophiles’ faces.

So what will be the next exciting offering by Nothing? Will it be another audio product or something related to fitness and lifestyle? I’m betting on the latter and Gian Luigi Singh’s concept supports my belief. Quite understandably christened Wrist (1), the smartwatch envisioned by Gian follows in the footsteps of ear (1) earbuds. The wearable with a 38mm by 10mm case revolves around the philosophy of transparency in consumer products (and I love it), displaying the raw beauty of the complicated inner mechanism of the smartwatch.

This is reminiscent of some of the high-end skeletal watches or the niche transparent watches that expose the innards like the watch movement and other mechanical parts. So, unlike other contemporary smartwatches on the market, the Wrist (1) will expose internal components by using a crystal clear transparent case, displaying the raw beauty of the precise engineering of what makes the wearable tick from the sides. To keep up with the competition, Nothing will inculcate health and fitness-centric features such as a heart rate monitor and step counter. This is courtesy of the LED and photodiodes that work in tandem with the AI algorithms for the most accurate measurements.

Of course, the smartwatch will get water-resistant aesthetics to keep clear of water splashes or rain. The watch will be powered by Google’s Wear OS to make all the Google services run smoothly for an unparalleled user experience. Keeping in tune with the brand’s ecosystem, the Wrist (1) smartwatch will seamlessly pair with the Nothing ear (1) earbuds to keep a check on the battery and audio levels or customize the gesture controls.

If Car Pie and his team are watching this concept, they’d want to bring this to life for sure. Who knows, they might already be working on something similar or planning one for the future? Any which way, a transparent smartwatch by Nothing has got my huge thumbs up, already!

Designer: Gian Luigi Singh

Bell & Ross’ new luxury timepiece is almost entirely made out of sapphire crystal

You may be familiar with sapphire as a material. It’s often used in watches as a replacement for glass owing to its hardness and resistibility to scratching. Most regular-to-high-end watches often put a sapphire glass panel on the front, or on the back too, depending on whether they’ve got an exhibition window to show the watch’s mechanism. Most watches, however, don’t make the entire damn timepiece out of sapphire… although it’s safe to say Bell & Ross aren’t definitely your average watchmaker.

The company’s known to push the boundary on watch-design, and they’ve experimented with watches made almost entirely from sapphire before, but it seems like they’ve pulled out all the stops for their latest time-telling piece of jewelry – the BR 01 Cyber Skull Sapphire.

Playing on the concept of a skeleton watch (where the watch’s inner mechanisms are exposed instead of being concealed behind opaque materials), the BR 01 Cyber Skull Sapphire comes with a proper skeleton motif on its watch face. Staying true, however, to the idea of a skeletal watch, the skeleton motif is made from sapphire (with a tinted orange back), as is the rest of the watch’s body. In fact, probably the only things that aren’t made from sapphire are the hands, mechanism, screws, and watch straps.

Every element that’s either decorative or is a part of the watch’s casing, is made from sapphire crystal, making the BR 01 Cyber Skull Sapphire look like a jewel on your wrist. Right behind the orange skull (while I’d prefer the color red, the orange offers much higher watch-hand visibility) sits the watch’s custom BR-CAL.209 movement, created specifically for this timepiece.

The orange color also coincides with the color-scheme of Only Watch, a biennial luxury watch auction held to raise money for charity. To that very end, the BR 01 Cyber Skull Sapphire exists as a singular prototype, designed specifically to be auctioned off in November this year. The proceeds from the auction will go towards benefiting medical research for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Designer: Bell & Ross

The Apple Watch Series 7 will be revealed at Apple’s September event – Here’s everything we know so far

Based on every rumor we’ve heard, the Watch Series 7 is most likely to see a design overhaul. Unlike its predecessors, the Watch 7 will probably sport a slimmer body with a flat edge running along the sides (making it look like a part of the current iPad and iPhone family). This redesign will allow the upcoming smartwatch to have a larger screen and potentially even a bigger battery.

The renders you’re looking at come from YouTuber Matt Talks Tech, who’s been following the leaks and rumors around the Watch Series 7 pretty closely. According to these leaks, the smartwatch will have an even faster S7 processor, a better OLED screen, and better wireless connectivity thanks to a 5G modem. It’ll retain all of the smartwatch’s fitness tracking, heart rate-sensing, and blood oxygen-monitoring features from the models prior while possibly even unveiling a game-changing new glucose-monitoring feature that should make those pin-prick tests for diabetics obsolete.

The new watch design will most likely be made from the same materials – aluminum, steel, or even titanium, with the Ceramic Shield glass on the display. Matt even speculates that the watch may sport a TouchID sensor built into the Home button (since there’s never been a biometric-based locking system on the Apple Watch so far). The watch will come in its two standard sizes, and all indications show that Apple plans on retaining its original watch-straps so that consumers can easily upgrade their watch while retaining their favorite straps from the past models.

While Apple hasn’t confirmed the exact date for their Watch announcement event, analysts speculate it should be held in September, as it has been for years.

Image Credits: Matt Talks Tech

Circular ‘Apple Watch Air’ concept adds a budget-friendly option to Apple’s smartwatch catalog

Titled the Apple Watch Loop, this concept by Felipe Duarte does two things – it brings variety to Apple’s smartwatch offering and adds a beautifully-basic ‘Air’ variant in Apple’s watch lineup, just like with their other products like the iPhone Mini, iPad Air, and MacBook Air.

Apple’s always fervently stuck to the square-shaped watch. They debuted the Apple Watch and spoke heavily of how much they were influenced by classic watches, they even added a rotating crown to the design, but unlike the circular Samsung Gear watch and Moto 360, Apple went for what was considered the logical, ‘safe’ option and outfitted their Watch with a square screen, instead of the classic watch-inspired circle display. It’s been some 7 years to the day, and Apple hasn’t really rocked the boat with the watch design – although the watch’s core functions have definitely changed over time, going from a fashionable gadget to a life-saving medical fitness tracker on your wrist. Industrial Designer Felipe Duarte decided to have some fun with the Apple Watch’s design, experimenting with a few radically different details while retaining the Apple Watch’s core essence. The result was the Apple Watch Loop, a fun, friendly, circular concept that’s funky, resistant to damage, and provides Apple’s most important Watch features, in a circular form.

The Apple Watch Loop’s three drastic changes include A. its circular body, and B. the concave screen, and C. the watch strap, which forms a bumper around the smartwatch’s main hardware. Designed to provide a compact-yet-robust experience, Duarte outfitted the watch with a concave screen that’s extremely user-friendly, yet is impossible to damage when you accidentally bump your hand on a surface. Similarly, the large rubber bumper around the watch’s hardware component provides similar shock-absorbing features (although it does result in an unavoidably large physical bezel around the display).

The Watch Loop is still rather unapologetically an Apple smartwatch. It comes with the rotating crown, the familiar interface (although probably slightly modified for the circular layout), sports the heart-rate tracker and magnetic wireless charging zone on the base, and has an interchangeable watch-strap system that’s available in a host of colors. Notably, its speakers hide behind the rubber bumper of the watch strap, its concave screen sinks into the design, helping somewhat reduce mass, and the watch’s circular design can be popped out of its strap and used sort of like a pocket-watch or even a handheld stopwatch. Duarte’s concept aims at bending some of the rules that Apple’s set for its Smartwatch while adhering to the others. At the end of the day, it’s still a memorable design that looks like a part of Apple’s ecosystem. It comes in a fun display case too (which is slightly bulkier than the Watch’s slimmer vertical cases). What do you think?

Designer: Felipe Duarte

OnePlus Concept One smartwatch is a high-quality EDC fitted into a sleek wearable design

This watch conceptualized by Michael Szczególski of 2sympleks Design draws inspiration from the OnePlus Concept One phone that has an electrochromic glass (based on electronic CMF technology) for the camera module glass covering.

OnePlus forayed into the smartwatch market in the early half of this year, but it wasn’t popular amongst tech enthusiasts, given the other smartwatches in the market that offer more. The Never Settle endeavor of the brand seemed to be missing in their first smartwatch, and I’m hoping the table is turned in their next release. This OnePlus Concept One Watch could be the right direction for the brand to foray, if they want to dethrone the best ones like Apple Watch Series 6, Galaxy Watch 3, or Fitbit Sense.

While on first look it might seem like any other smartwatch, there’s one thing that makes it stand out from the crowd. When the camera app is activated, the glass magically turns transparent to reveal the sensors otherwise hidden from plain sight. The Concept One Watch employs this technology to blur the lines between a classic analog watch with kinetic movement and modern-day smartwatch functionality. The Android WearOS watch is a perfect hybrid capable of satisfying proponents of classic watches and ones who like the more modern approach of the connected ecosystem of smartwatches.

This is possible with the electrochromic touchscreen which is completely transparent, revealing the classic watch dial. At the touch of a button with the underlying fingerprint sensor, the watch’s smart functions are triggered. You can control the music, keep track of physical activity, read text messages or make voice calls.

When not required, you can revert back to the completely transparent glass screen mode, revealing the beautiful kinetic watch movement of the hour and seconds hands. You’ll still be able to be notified of important texts or calls, that’ll be indicated by small notifications that in no way intrude on the beautiful watch dial.

The watch’s OnePlus Concept One phone influence is evident in the cool orange strap, accompanying accessories like the charging cable, and packaging. Would I want to sport one on my wrist? Absolutely yes. I hope OnePlus is watching this!

Designer: Michael Szczególski of 2sympleks Design

Bell & Ross’s aircraft radar-inspired timepiece will make you look like an international Bond villain!

Ever seen a watch that’s fascinating yet unsettling at the same time?

The Red Radar Ceramic from Bell & Ross looks absolutely stunning with its aircraft control radar-inspired dial. Designed in a sinister black-and-red color-way, the watch features a dial with multiple concentric circles and a sweeping seconds hand to make it look like the radar’s in the process of scanning. To tell the time, the dial comes with two airplanes that indicate the hours and minutes respectively as they rotate around in circles. It’s a treat to watch time go by, and I’m sure the next time you’re passing through an airport, the TSA’s going to really think you’re a cool cat!

As its name suggests, the Red Radar Ceramic comes with a 42mm wide ceramic body. The watch itself runs on Bell & Ross’ own BR-CAL.302 automatic movement, and is housed in a casing that’s water-resistant up to 100 meters. To top things off, the watch obviously comes with a sapphire crystal glass on top, but for added appeal, the glass is tinted red too, giving the watch its crimson radar-inspired design.

The watch is a part of a limited release, with just 999 units up for sale. If you fancy yourself a slick Bond villain-type and you’ve got $4,300 to spare, you could probably get your hands on a piece.

Designer: Bell & Ross

This golf watch’s Mobius ring ceramic dial is a statement in understated luxury

Golf watches are plentiful in the market, and there needs to be a design evolution somewhere for people who value form over all other things. It is a watch with luxury at its core while maintaining the primary function – i.e., the most accurate GPS experience. Unfortunately, some manufacturers use stainless steel casing for gold watches and don’t inform about its one caveat. The material is not a favorable conductor of GPS signals which can lead to slightly inaccurate reading.

The VC-T7 golf watch by OFFOF co considers that fact with its ceramic dial. The material is lighter on this watch than stainless steel and results in the “accuracy and precision” of the GPS tracking. Minimal design is at the fore, as the industrial designers Hyunjin Park and Seohee Lee have not used the physical button like the pusher and only limited the timepiece to a single crown. This is done to prevent any accidental touches, especially with golfing sessions. The touchscreen dial of the watch takes up that function, as golfers can take pride in the watch’s clean aesthetics. The bezel of VC-T7 takes the form of a Mobius ring – thus symbolizing the pure essence of energy, movement, and unison. The two surfaces meet and cross at two points – as they intertwine in an elegant play of design. Since this is a voice caddy golf watch, it automatically calculates the slope compensated distance to the front, center, and back of the green – thus making the gameplay a bit easier for you.

Since golf is an outdoor sport, sweating is an eventual consequence. The timepiece also gets sporty fabric straps (easily detachable) in sea green and grey color options and the color matching matte black rubberized strap. This makes it easier to take the strap off and wash it easily when required. The designers emphasize the exclusive luxury design of the VC-T7 watch, and I also like the panache honed by the minimalism of the timepiece.

Designer: OFFOF co

Bellroy’s leather Apple Watch straps give your smartwatch a classy, old-school touch

Isn’t it funny that Apple sells its own leather case for the iPhone, a product that has literally no history with leather, and leather holders for the AirTag, a relatively cutting-edge device that isn’t really connected to leather… but the Apple Watch doesn’t have leather straps. Wristwatches and leather straps have been an unavoidable match for centuries, but it seems like something Apple just glossed over. If that fact somehow bugged you too like it’s bugging me, Bellroy’s got a clever solution. The smartwatch straps from Bellroy come with a durable elastomer base for comfort and to prevent slipping, but are then finished off with a wonderfully eye-catching eco-tanned leather top.

Bellroy Leather Strap for Apple Watch

The leather-elastomer blend gives the watch the best of both worlds. The leather brings back the watch’s most trusted strap material, giving the watch an authentically classic appeal, while the elastomer base on the strap prevents it from slipping on your wrist. Since the Apple Watch’s main hardware is fairly heavier than most regular watches, it succumbs to the effects of gravity, which is why having a rubbery base to the strap helps. A texture on the underside also promotes breathability, so the strap never makes your skin feel sweaty.

Bellroy Leather Strap for Apple Watch

The premium leather on top, however, comes with an eco-friendly veggie-tan and patinas over time, becoming uniquely imperfect as the leather ages… a phenomenon that contrasts beautifully to the Apple Watch, which always looks cutting-edge. It’s a contrast that feels weirdly comforting, if you ask me. It gives the technology a facet that feels much more human, one of aging… while still remaining classically timeless, because leather and wristwatches are truly an inseparable pair!

Bellroy’s Apple Smartwatch Straps come in 5 colors – Black, Basalt, Cobalt, Racing Green, and Toffee, and ship worldwide with a 3-year warranty.

Designer: Bellroy

Bellroy Leather Strap for Apple Watch

Bellroy Leather Strap for Apple Watch

Bellroy Leather Strap for Apple Watch

Bellroy Leather Strap for Apple Watch

Bellroy Leather Strap for Apple Watch

Bellroy Leather Strap for Apple Watch

With its Bugatti-inspired design, the ETTORE watch puts a supercar on your wrist

Designed in tribute to their namesake, Ettore Bugatti, the ETTORE series of watches from indie watchmaker ATOWAK are all about capturing the thrill and adrenaline of Bugatti’s rich design and automotive history. The watch sports a high-octane aesthetic with its speedometer-inspired dial and that hard-to-miss 4-arm wandering hour complication within.

The ETTORE watches are absolutely rich with visual metaphors that celebrate Bugatti as a luxury car company with the reputation of being a speed-devil. The watch’s unusual horseshoe-shape is a hat-tip to Bugatti’s iconic logo, while also referencing the curves found in a racetrack. The dial and markings are inspired by the speedometer, while the crown of the watch sits at the 9 o’clock position, adding to the watch’s unique appeal. In fact, uniqueness is built right into ATOWAK’s DNA – the word ATOWAK is a Caesar cipher of the word UNIQUE, i.e., each letter moved 6-places up the alphabet!

Designer: ATOWAK

Click Here to Buy Now: $599 $1199 (50% off). Hurry, only 27/50 left!

The ETTORE collection comes in two similar yet distinct versions. The ETTORE Drift sports an incredibly gorgeous wandering hour complication. Using a time-telling technique often seen in most luxury watch brands (notably Urwerk), the Drift has a cross-shaped hour hand with 12 rotating hour indicators that work in synchronicity, telling the time in a cutting-edge yet artistic way. On the inside, the watch is powered by a mechanism designed in-house to operate its four-armed hour hand, and built upon the MIYOTA 9015.

Ettore Drift in Silver Black

Ettore Lite in Dark Green

The second in the series, the ETTORE Lite, sticks to its supercar roots, but with a simplified inner. It forgoes the wandering arm, opting instead for a classic time display with a similar racecar aesthetic and a speedometer-driven time-telling experience. The Drift and Lite both come with meticulously polished 316L Stainless Steel bodies, capped with sapphire-crystal glass. The internal dial uses aviation-grade aluminum, and the watch’s front comes with Swiss luminous pigment coatings that make it glow in low-light settings, while the back sports an exhibition window that lets you see the watch’s rotor and mechanism in action!

“At ATOWAK, our focus is to always push the boundaries of style and provide our community with watches that are totally unique,” said ATOWAK CEO, Johnny. “We found our inspiration for ETTORE in the world of supercars and racing. The bold lines and sensation of speed found in the fastest cars informed the subtle curves of our watch and its intriguing method of indicating the time subverts the concept of traditional mechanical watches.”

Each watch is meticulously assembled (that unique shape and wandering hand don’t come without their fair share of complexities) and engraved with a unique serial number. The watches are designed to be water-resistant to 100-165 feet, and come with interchangeable Italian-leather watch straps, inspired by car seat-cushions. The ETTORE Drift and Lite are limited to 500 units for each of their color options, and come backed by a two-year international warranty.

Click Here to Buy Now: $599 $1199 (50% off). Hurry, only 27/50 left! Raised over $135,000.

This DIY watch-making kit’s latest design lets you build new mechanical timepieces with your own hands

In all fairness, what the Swiss watchmakers do is incredibly difficult, but the Rotate Watches give you a small taste of what it is like to assemble your own timepiece together. The all-in-one watchmaking kit comes with everything you need, from the watch parts to even the tools you’d require to assemble, maintain, and repair the watch. For obvious reasons, the mechanical movement comes pre-assembled, given how critical that part is and how intricately it’s built… but you do get to put the rest together, sandwiching the movement between the two metal halves, laying in the sapphire glass display, and finally fixing the straps to your watch. You even get to fit the watch hands onto its face, giving you quite the thrill of playing a real horologist!

Founded by a group of artisans and tinkerers dedicated to keeping analog alive (and a woman-owned, minority-owned business based in Los Angeles, California), Rotate Watches package the experience of building your own timepiece. The watches come in a variety of styles with leather as well as metal jubilee straps, and each watch also has its own difficulty rating, from moderate to complex! The kit contains everything you’d possibly need, from the watch parts to tools like pliers, pry-bars, tweezers, screwdrivers, glue, and even nitrile gloves to help you assemble your masterpiece without creating a mess. Your purchase also gives you access to a complete watchmaking guide on Rotate Watches’ website, technical support from Rotate’s team, and a lifetime warranty on your timepiece. Each unit is quality-checked before shipping from Rotate’s Los Angeles facility, and you can even ask them to engrave 2-3 characters (preferably your initials) on the watch upon purchase!

Designers: Jennifer Zhang and Rebecca Lee of Rotate Watches

We were awed by Rotate’s DIY kit when they first launched as a Kickstarter campaign. Following a very successful crowdfunding effort, the company’s now established its practice in LA, selling a variety of watch styles. Showcased here, is the Galileo, with its golden body and radial-brushed blue watch-face.

For obvious reasons, the mechanical movement comes pre-assembled. Given how complex some of these movements can be, often ending up with hundreds of small parts that have their own specific purpose and require expert knowledge, the movement comes pre-built. As co-creator, you get to put the rest of the watch together, understanding its materials, assemblies, and details along the way. It also helps you build an appreciation for analog watches that smartwatches can never match!

The kit contains everything you need, from watch parts to even the tools and equipment you’d require to put your haute horologerie together. At the end of the assembly process, Rotate hopes that you inherit an interest and affection for watches, and you even form an emotional bond with your timepiece that goes beyond just picking a wristwatch from a display case and wearing it. With Rotate’s watches, you end up involving yourself in the watch’s creation, forming a strong bond with your masterpiece along the way.

The watches are available in 5 styles [from Left to Right] – Eiffel, Wright, Edison, Galileo, and Newton, each with their own unique design, assembly, and difficulty level.