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The Apple Cyber Watch would probably get a double thumbs up from Elon Musk

This mechanically-textured CNC-machined titanium case makes your Apple Watch look like (and possibly be as strong as) the Cybertruck. Designed by the guys at Gray Inc., the watch-case gives the Apple Watch a certain sculptural quality that channels Tesla’s design aesthetic, opting for something more eclectic than Apple’s sleek aluminum styling. The Cyber Watch is equal parts rugged and modern, with an exterior that is as captivating as the watch’s UI and features themselves.

The Cyber Watch skin comes as a two-piece titanium structure that sandwiches the watch body in between, protecting it from both sides, while keeping the screen completely visible and the watch crown easy to reach. Each skin also comes with a complementary FKM® rubber strap that’s just as sculpted and beautiful to look at as the watch casing itself. You could opt for a Cybertruck-inspired raw metal finish, but there are also golden and PVD rainbow variants that are equally as eye-catching. Elon and XÆ A-12 would strongly approve.

Designer: Gray Inc.

Polar’s latest watch promises 40-hour battery life with all features on

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The Pompeak gentleman’s automatic watch comes with an absolutely eye-catching open-heart movement

When Apple first conceived the smartwatch, news broke that they hired the ex CEO of Yves Saint-Laurent to lead the division. Why would a fashion executive be called to head product development at a tech company? Tim Cook knew early on that the watch, as functional as it was, was first and foremost a fashion accessory. People wear watches not just to look at the time, but also to look dapper… and that precise adjective is something all watches endeavor to chase. The ability to speak to its wearer and convey style, class, allure… while obviously telling the time too.

The Pompeak Gentleman’s Collection was designed purely because its creators Dave and Noah never really found an accessible watch that embodied that dapper spirit. So Dave and Noah decided to create their ultimate watch instead of settling for the next best thing. The British-designed timepiece comes with a series of eye-catching details assembled together in a watch that’s designed to last, but most importantly, it connects with its user on a visceral level, by baring its open-heart to you. That exposed movement is visible right through the front of the watch, becoming its defining feature and exuding mechanical power, accuracy, and efficiency.

The Pompeak watch’s aesthetic is greater than the sum of its parts. The 40mm, 316L stainless steel body comes with sapphire crystal glass that sits atop the watch’s radial-knurled body that comes in black and navy-blue variants. The knurled texture gives the watch its depth by creating a series of highlights and shadows on the dial, sporting a sweeping subdial that counts seconds, sitting right beside the watch’s open balance wheel heart. The balance wheel is an integral part of the chosen Miyota 82S5 automatic movement, boasting of a 42-hour power reserve when not worn. What’s more is that it’ll practically run for a lifetime without needing to be wound, thanks to the watch’s ability to capture your movements and translate it into stored energy. The watch’s back sports a second exhibition window that lets you admire the Japanese-made movement from all angles, and is covered with a sapphire glass too, giving the Pompeak watch its sheer durability. Each Gentlemen’s collection timepiece is water-resistant up to a stunning 100 meters, and Super LumiNova markings on the dial and hands allow you to read the time at night as well as underwater in low light conditions. Paired with straps to complement the watch’s design, the Pompeak comes with a choice of stainless steel link bands for people who want their bands to match the watch’s body, as well as full-grain leather straps for those who want something more ‘il classico’.

Together, these details make up the aesthetic that The Coolector refers to as ‘devilishly dapper’… but the Pompeak doesn’t stop right there. It embraces Kickstarter’s disruptive ‘Designer To Consumer’ business model, bringing the watches directly to its patrons while escaping the watch industry’s notorious brand markups, luxury taxes, and showroom prices. With a price tag that’s just below £200, Pompeak manages to deliver on an aesthetic that surely embodies an ethos of style, class, and allure… because it was designed by passionate creators and watch-lovers with that very intent.

Designers: David & Noah Pomphrey of Pompeak

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Pompeak – British Open-heart Automatic Watches Under $300

Pompeak is an independent, British company born out of frustration with the poor offerings of the affordable watch market. They design the watches they want to wear, and work to make them as affordable as possible. Removing all the unnecessary mark ups and ensuring they keep to their founding belief of high quality at a fair price.

The Gentlemen’s Collection

Their latest timepieces subtly showcase a stunning Japanese automatic movement behind each beautifully detailed dial, with a price point to contrast the premium features.

At a glance, each watch in the collection includes:

– British design
– 40mm diameter case
– Self winding, Japanese automatic movement
– 10 ATM water resistance (up to 100 meters)
– Five rowed 316L stainless steel linked bracelet or full grain leather straps
– Scratch resistance sapphire glass
– Swiss Super-LumiNova coatings

Self Winding Mechanical Movement

Automatic/self-winding watches are often chosen as the perfect combination of character and heritage of the mechanical watch, without the need to manually wind the movement each day. Their chosen Japanese movement is no different. A truly stunning display of horology. Crafted with precision while avoiding the mark-up that comes with the Swiss label.


– Japanese Mechanical Automatic Movement
– Hours / Minutes / Seconds
– Self-winding mechanism
– Power reserve (if not worn) 42 hours
– 21,600 vibrations per hour
– 21 Jewels

Water Resistance

With a screw down crown and pressure seal rated to 10 atmospheres (10ATM/up to 100m water resistance) for that added peace of mind.

316L Stainless Steel

The 40mm subtly detailed timepiece is designed from scratch, in-house in the UK. Utilizing perfect combination of premium materials, each chosen for their impressive unique properties, ensuring your next watch not only looks good, but lasts.

The case and metallic bands are both crafted from 316L stainless steel, chosen over other material variants for its impressive strength and corrosion resistance, even in salt water environments (You’ll find 316L is often used in diving equipment for the same reasons).

Full Grain Genuine Leather

Full grain leather is the bee’s knee’s. The best you can get when it comes to leather. Contrary to the name, full grain leather is not grainy in appearance or feel, but has a smooth richness that is only achievable with a cut of full, unaltered hide in its natural form.

You’ll often see “genuine leather” stamped on products, but know that this term covers anything that is technically leather, no matter how processed and altered it is. Full grain is the real deal.

Scratch Resistance

The nightmare for any watch owner is having a scratch across the glass. That’s why they are using sapphire crystal glass on all of their watches. Famed for its superior scratch resistance and with a hardness rating just less than that of diamond.


Ensuring all day and all night usability with Swiss Super-LumiNova coatings. Their chosen BGW9 lume is transparent in daylight with a long lasting blue night glow.

They tested a number of different coatings and found that C1, for example, just didn’t perform as well as they had hoped. C3 lume on the other hand, performed well in the glow test but they didn’t think the yellow tint the C3 lume has in day light matched the Gentlemen’s clean look.

The Swiss BGW9 has the best of both worlds, a lovely and long lasting blue glow at night without the yellow-ish look in the day.

Strap Variations

A watch, no matter how elegant, cannot be great without a strap to match, and they have gone all out. Butterfly deployment clasps compliment either the five tiered stainless steel bracelet or a choice of full grain leather straps.

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The ORICO watch is a celebration of materials, mechanics, and mathematics

The ORICO is an artpiece first, and a timepiece later, according to designer Pouya Hosseinzadeh. In fact, his exact words are, “While our technical-aesthetic credo is to open up fine watchmaking to the worlds of art, sport, and lifestyle, our purpose here with the ORICO was to tackle the archetype of watchmaking as fine art, with performance as an added bonus. The ORICO is a timepiece that combines watchmaking tradition with pioneering concepts.” The ORICO comes with a skeletal outer body machined from Grade 5 Titanium for durability. Sitting on its either sides are sapphire crystals that let you peer right into the watch below, from both the front, to read the time, and from the back, to admire its gorgeous mechanical automatic movement.

ORICO’s inspiration stems from geometry and the Fibonacci spirals that manifest on the front as well as the back of the watch. The front uses a spiral knurling texture machined right onto the watch’s dial, punctuated by an asymmetric array of subdials at the 1:30 and 4:30 position (if you’re really particular), and a spring-balance covering a large portion of the lower left quadrant. The watch comes with a crown to adjust the time, a push-button right above it to adjust the date, and phosphorescent dials that make the time and date visible at all times of the day.

Flip the ORICO over and its marriage of maths and mechanics is showcased in further, glorious detail, with the mechanical movement being visible through the exhibition window back. Covering it is a rotor made from of Copper, Bronze, and White Gold, with a similar Fibonacci spiral intricately machined into it. The case is held together with six titanium screws, made visible to enhance the watch’s rugged appeal, and is waterproof up to 30 meters. On either side of the case are uniquely skeletal-looking silicone bands that do a pretty neat job of complementing the watch’s aesthetic sensibilities.

Designer: Pouya Hosseinzadeh

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Meet VOIXATCH, a smartwatch for an alternate world where watches and earphones are one product

It might sound a little dumb now that I’m saying it in 2020 but we may have been duped. Companies have, for too long, made us buy unnecessary products that just about do the same thing but in slightly different ways. Think about it. Your phone, watch, and earbuds all give you notifications (albeit in different ways). They also all let you access your voice assistant, and pretty much most of your data like your calendar, phone book, or other services. Why then, do we need separate devices that are smart enough to have overlapping functions? Why spend extra money on a smartwatch that tracks your health when your phone could just as easily do it, if Apple or Samsung wanted? Or even your earbuds, which are surprisingly good at detecting your heartbeat through your ear canal and could easily pick up your temperature too. Your watch does almost everything your phone does, and your earphones are smart enough to make sure you don’t need to take your phone out to choose a song, call a friend, or ask the internet questions. So here’s an alternate version of the product that’s near and dear to you. Meet the VOIXATCH. If that name mildly confuses you, you’re not the only one. VOIXATCH is basically a pretty sensible amalgamation of the three products that we got duped into paying truckloads of money for. It’s a smartwatch that does practically everything your phone does… and guess what. It has a Bluetooth headset docked right into it that you can detach and use to make calls and possibly even listen to music. VOIXATCH is basically what happens when good technology meets good intentions.

The VOIXATCH made waves on the tech circuits especially after a demonstration at the Mobile World Congress last year. In development for a while now, the most utilitarian smartwatch is finally ready to hit the shelves and subsequently the wrists. Grabbing eyes as the first smartwatch with a built-in Bluetooth headset, the VOIXATCH helped unveil a world where watch and earphones were part of a tight ecosystem as one single product that did practically everything your phone could, without you needing to take your phone out. The VOIXATCH smartwatch comes equipped with LTE and GPS, has its own SIM card slot, a Google voice assistant, a heartbeat sensor, a gyroscope, and a battery life of 48 hours. That, however, isn’t the most impressive bit about the VOIXATCH, because embedded within its bezel is a detachable ring that turns into a Bluetooth headset.

Looking rather magical as you literally remove your watch’s bezel and suspend it around your ear, VOIXATCH is the only smartwatch to effortlessly integrate a Bluetooth headset into its design. The headset (or earpiece, if you want to call it that) sits flush around the watch’s circular display, popping out upon the push of a button when you need to use it. With a microphone, speaker, and a Bluetooth 5.0 connection, the headset works the instant you plug it out, allowing you to answer calls with your smartwatch as well as send voice texts to people, listen to audio, or even use voice commands with your watch’s AI. The mechanics of it are truly revolutionary, as the VOIXATCH team has literally spent years to engineer a solution as elegant as this. The detachable Bluetooth headset comes with a talk-time of 3 hours, and can instantly be recharged by docking it back into the watch.

What VOIXATCH promises is something quite new and uncharted. We’re so used to owning a separate phone, a separate smartwatch, a separate pair of earbuds, and separate chargers for all three items that VOIXATCH’s promise of streamlining our behavior sounds unheard of, but is truly greater than the sum of its parts… like combining raisins, chocolate, and salted popcorn. Or if you’re looking for a more relevant analogy, quite like how Steve Jobs introduced the ground-breaking iPhone as a combination of a phone, music player, and breakthrough internet communicator. Is the VOIXATCH the new iPhone? It’s hard to say… but it does come from the same place of frustration. The multifaceted smartwatch, in that regard, does a great job of providing convenience along with the same functionality you’d get from owning three separate gadgets. It also comes compatible with your existing smartphone through VOIXATCH’s app that lets you access your watch’s pedometer, calorie counter, heart-rate tracker, and a variety of watch-face themes right on your phone… Oh, and before I forget, the VOIXATCH is IP67 water-resistant too, so feel free to go jogging on the beach with it!

Designer: Young Kwon Oh

Click Here to Buy Now: $179 $259 ($80 off).

VOIXATCH: The First Smart Watch with Built-in Bluetooth Headset

VOIXATCH lets you enjoy all the essential features of a smartphone in a cellular-enabled smartwatch that you can customize and adapt to your daily style while also using it as a smartly integrated Bluetooth 5.0 headset that easily keeps you connected wherever you go, whatever you’re doing.

Integrated Design: LTE + GPS + BT Headset in a Watch

With patented all-in-one design the VOIXATCH gives you more freedom and convenience to discover the true value of a smartwatch.

Beyond the Bezel

This true smartwatch features a detachable bezel that is actually Bluetooth headset with integrated speaker & mic.

Gold or Platinum?

Change the bezel choosing from the four available colors, and you’ll find one that better compliments the way you look at any given time.

Overview of Features

– Bezel 5.0 BT Bluetooth Headset
– Customizable Design
– Notifications
– Fitness Tracking
– On-wrist Charging
– Waterproof IP67
– Dedicated App

How It Works

The Easiest Way to Answer a Call. Detach the headset from the watch body to automatically answer a call.

Notifications. Check easily messages received from your smartphone or VOIXATCH itself.

Recharging Made Easy. The smartwatch keeps your Bluetooth headset charged and ready for your next call, without you having to carry a separate charging case. Place the headset on the watch body, and the watch body will start charging the headset automatically.

Easy to put the Headset on your ear. Only one hand needs to put the Bluetooth Bezel headset on your ear. Detach and just push the side button of the headset, then a support hook on the back of the headset pops out, so you can secure the headset on your ear.

Lost No More. VOIXATCH has a wing-shaped protrusion that is designed to prevent the bezel from unexpected detaching. That makes it harder to lose and easier to keep safe and right where you want it, all the time. To detach the Bluetooth bezel headset, twist it counterclockwise and then lift it off the watch body.

Powered by Google Voice. The intuitive Ul allows you to easily control watch functions and apps with voice commands.

Fitness Tracking with the Dedicated App. The app allows you to intuitively and conveniently personalize your smartwatch from your phone while also picking up your health and fitness data.

Click Here to Buy Now: $179 $259 ($80 off).