Peloton’s next treadmill may cost less than $3,000

Peloton is planning to launch a cheaper treadmill and slash the price of its existing bike, Bloomberg reports. The new treadmill will cost less than $3,000, which is a significant drop from the current $4,295 model. Peloton will reportedly offer its...

JAXJOX made an interactive fitness studio you can build over time

In 2019, JAXJOX debuted the Kettlebell Connect, a $349 smart kettlebell with adjustable weights, activity tracking, plus Peloton-like subscription classes. Later that year, the company released the $99 Foam Roller Connect, which has five vibration in...

This Pilates equipment is a sight for sore eyes and a fight against sore muscles!

For all you people out there who are stuck at home during this covid pandemic, here’s a line of Pilates equipment that would surely cheer you up. If you are missing out on your workout, get these set of fitness tools and it will only add to the aesthetics of your home without compromising on functionality. Designed by studio s2victor for fonv, a Korean firm started by Pilates enthusiasts, this line of products is a pleasant sight for your eyes.

fonv’s series exhibits rounded features and no sharp edges or corners. No more injuries due to bulky mechanical parts! The frames on all the devices are also fully welded thereby reducing the chances of the equipment shaking while using it. The barrel ladder comes with silicone tubing on the rods to prevent any pain on the foot. Additionally, their springboard comes with a mirror which aids in posture correction and also visually enlarges the space you are working in. Have no fear of the mirror breaking or shattering because it is made out of stainless steel with a high gloss mirror finish on it.

Gone are the days of cumbersome looking products, and enter the age of well-designed, friendly, and safe equipment. fonv’s line of Pilates equipment is a market ready and commercially available product. They take bulk orders too for gyms, Pilates studios, etc. and yes Mr. Wayne, it does come in black!

Designer: Studio s2victor for fonv

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This magnetic exercise equipment clips to your chair to help relieve pain when working from home!

I’ll be honest, before I even got to the design it was the name of the product that caught me eye – Pluching! Pluching is a mashup of the words pluck + stretching and it was the quickest, most genius way to describe the functionality of this personal device!

Our modern lifestyle involves us being stationary in one position for long hours which is unhealthy and Pluching was created as an organic solution that brings more movement! The time spent sitting in one place has increased so much ever since the pandemic began because all we do is work from home and then watch Netflix at home. This can cause turtle neck syndrome, shoulder pain, back pain, and unhealthy stiffness which you can minimize using stretching equipment like Pluching. The idea was to design exercise equipment that gives the effect of band exercise and stretching but could clip-on on the back of your chair for ease. Pluching uses a powerful neodymium magnet that is embedded in a silicon clip to secure the equipment and give you stability.

It also includes Bluetooth and a heat detection sensor are built into the handle, this allows users to check the exact number of times they stretch by syncing their app to the equipment. Users can also set stretching reminders on the app and they will be notified via vibrations when it is time to take a healthy break. If you’re reading this, straighten your back or better yet, get up and stretch!

Designer: Heesuk Lee


This 180° foldable workout mat is a space-saving alternative to the traditional treadmill!

Okay if home fitness was a porridge then Goldilocks would absolutely go for this one! The WalkingPad S1 is the perfect middle ground for those looking for something that falls between a yoga mat and a treadmill. This 180-degree foldable smart mat is a home workout essential for those who want to build up their fitness without building a full home gym in their apartments. This way you can avoid risking your health by going to the gym in a pandemic while continuing your summer-less summer body journey!

The biggest advantage of the WalkingPad S1 is that it saves 95% space when folded up and also when compared to a treadmill without compromising on the workout. It has been redesigned to fit more people and more scenarios that come with a flexible life. It is also 20 lbs lighter and takes up to 45% less space than the older model. I love that it has a noise reduction feature so it can be accommodated in different rooms without disturbance. “Equipped with premium materials of the frame and the running belt, we aim to deliver the best workout experience at your home. Wake up to a morning walk at home when it’s raining or burn some calories before going to bed; WalkingPad S1 is your perfect solution to an efficient and effective daily exercise – anytime, anywhere,” says the team.

It comes embedded with a feet sensory technology that allows you to adjust and control your pace automatically based on your personalized training data (eg. HIIT training!). There is a pressure sensor at the bottom of the workout appliance that accurately measures your position change. If you want to increase the speed, simply walk to the front of the pad and it will accelerate intuitively. Once you’ve reached your desired speed, move back to the middle of the pad, and it will maintain the speed for you. To stop just walk towards the back of the pad and the belt will slow down steadily to a halt. By identifying different areas, the rate of speed changes accordingly and reduces the chances of you losing your balance when you have to manually control the speed while exercising. If needed, it comes with a detachable handlebar for those who may need support or are dependent. Safety comes first and the S1 will automatically stop if no movements were detected on the running belt. “The pre-set speed limit intends to avoid any injury due to operational errors making it perfect for senior citizens as well. The anti-slip mat is made out of EVA material and it has less friction coefficient when exercising,” assures the team.

An alternative to traditional treadmills, the WalkingPad S1 adopts a patented foldable design that allows you to literally fold it in half and store it anywhere. It occupies minimal space and can be stored vertically or horizontally, so if you have a small space or office you can still get your steps in without rearranging all your furniture! Another feature that stands out in the WalkingPad S1 when compared to a treadmill is the noise. A treadmill would generate a noise reading at a range of 65 dB on the sound scale which is a significant amount while the WalkingPad S1 minimizes the noise to an average of 45 dB. The embedded power engine increases durability while reducing noise which makes it a better fit for any environment and especially shared spaces. You can control the WalkingPad S1 using the remote control, their own app, or simply by walking. Watch my steps go from 41 to 10,000 because I will be walking while I work, cook, and watch Netflix!

Designer: WalkingPad

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Click Here to Buy Now: $469 $799 (41% off). Hurry, only 2 left, under 70 hours to go! Raised over $217,429!

Home workout designs to exercise without a fitness instructor and stay healthy!

I truly believe there are 2 types of people in this world – the first one who workout diligently and let nothing stand in the way of their ritual. And then there’s the other type (guilty to say I am a part of this) who let everything be an excuse to not work out! Its time we approach our procrastination head-on and get working on getting fit since we have a pandemic to survive. The collection showcased here includes AI-assisted home gyms ( this personal trainer is not going anywhere), home-fitness and trainer that double up as a mirror when not in use (keep the world guessing about the secret behind our new fitter body) and even traditional gym equipment but revived to be modern so that it won’t clash with your existing interior. Now we truly have no excuse to procrastinate, do we?

Yves Behar’s Forme is the 2020 version of the magic mirror that will make you come out of this quarantine fitter than before. Get in Forme-ation! Forme is a 6 feet tall smart mirror that doubles up as a home fitness trainer and machine. “We wanted to make a fitness machine that’s fully integrated into the home without it being an eyesore,” says Béhar. While similar machines in the market are offering cardio or yoga, with Forme you also get weight lifting, aerobics, and functional training on top of the usual programs. When not in use, the machine’s arms slide back and it turns into an elegant mirror for your home. The instructors are thoroughly vetted and you can track your progress by syncing it with your smart devices. Forme takes care of our body and our mind – that should be our focus for these complex times.

Inspired by their namesake, the Matryoshka Dumbells additional weight can be added to these dumbells by nesting the weights together. Designed by 7 nepo, these innovative fitness free weights take inspiration from an unlikely, surprising source – matryoshka Russian nesting dolls! Like the doll-in-doll system, additional weight can be added by nesting the weights together. With a quick snap-in/snap-out mechanism, you can transition from light to heavy in seconds to accommodate your workout routine without interruption. When you’re finished lifting and want to squeeze in some cardio, the handles double as a jump rope by connecting an included cord.

The Tempo Studio is a gym-set that comes complete with a display and a motion-tracking camera that actively scans and monitors your exercise in 3D. With built-in exercise routines that are guided by expert trainers performing live exercise sessions, the Tempo is the equivalent of going on a Zoom video call with your gym trainer. Hop onto a personalized live session with a gym trainer of your choice and the trainer on the other side of the screen guides you through your workout.

Introducing the world’s most portable fitness device. Monkii bars 2 is a gym by Dan Vinson and David Hunt you can take anywhere! Paired with the app it’s more than just fitness equipment – it’s your own private gym, personal trainer, and adventure guide built into one. Simply set up in less than a minute by hanging the device from any support structure – like a tree, swing-set, basketball goal, or even the door at home or the hotel. Then get a full-body workout targeting your upper body, core, and legs through hundreds of exercises and workouts.

Designed as a product to let you work and work out at the same time, Brian Oak’s crazy hybrid of a desk-chair and treadmill – named Fitwork, keeps your legs active while you work. Whether you’re sitting in front of a laptop or standing in front of one, it’s the sedentary lifestyle that Fitwork tackles. The setup (which is sure to grab a few eyeballs) comes with an office chair attached to a treadmill underneath, and an elliptical in front. Coupled with an elevating desk, the Fitwork allows you to keep the lower half of your body active while you work, giving you cardio as well as keeping your spine engaged, whether you’re sitting or standing while working.

Habit Furniture is a coffee table/bench that inverts to turn into a workout bench so your fitness equipment does not utilize all your space. Created by Designer Glory Tam and Doctor Albert Au, Habit lets you see and remember your priority of working out with ease by staying in front of you. Whoever said home gyms are bulky!

Mental workout is as important as a physical workout. Wanting to design a seat that guides you into sitting cross-legged, Gao Fenglin’s Meditation Seat can only be sat on in a certain way, directing the user’s behavior and encouraging a seating position that keeps your back upright, and your legs folded inward. The cross-legged position finds itself dating thousands of years back in Oriental and Indian cultures. Used often for meditation as well as for eating, the posture is said to increase blood circulation and joint flexibility, while strengthening bones, and keeping your back upright. It also aids digestion.

Recognizing that most people don’t have the space for gym equipment in their home, or the money for a gym membership, or even the willpower to head to the gym every day, Josh Hume embarked on a journey to bring the gym to the household. The catch? It had to be the smallest, most exhaustive (and exhausting!) gym ever made. After multiple iterations, the FITT Cube was born. With its 450mm edge dimension, the FITT Cube occupies as much space as a footstool and comes with a mini-stepper (with its own seven-segment LCD display), a rotating seat, gripping handles, a plyometric platform, and even resistance bands. The FITT cube also comes with a user guide, exercise chart, and a nutrition guide to keep you on top of your fitness game. Arranged in their optimized formation, the FITT can be flipped over to any side and used to work out on, be it anything from stepping exercises, to twisting exercises, to push-ups or lifts, to even plyometric workouts… the FITT was designed to cater to all.

There’s probably a sizable overlap in the Venn Diagram that shows the intersection between Star Wars fans and Fitness Freaks. Onnit’s range of Star Wars-inspired exercise gear couldn’t be more ideal for that audience. Take for instance the kettlebells that come in rather realistic sculpted cast-iron, modeled using the heads of Darth Vader, The Imperial Stormtrooper, and Boba Fett. The idea behind using masked characters for the kettlebells not only makes for easier molding (imagine how annoyingly detailed a Chewbacca kettlebell would need to be), but also lends a certain gravitas and badass nature to the weights. The kettlebells also weigh in an increasing order of importance, with Boba Fett weighing in at 50 pounds, to the Stormtrooper being 60 pounds, and mister Vader weighing 70 pounds.

If you wish to monitor the effects of your workout, the Circular Smart Ring by Amaury Kosman retains an impressive amount of functionality in a ridiculously small form. It does so, mostly by shifting a lot of the load to your smartphone. The Circular Smart Ring connects to your phone via Bluetooth, giving you all your data in a neatly collated dashboard. During the day, the ring captures your activity, blood oxygen levels, energy levels, calorie burn count, among other metrics, while at night, the ring ambiently tracks your circadian rhythm and records your sleep quality, heart-rate variability, sleep disturbances, REM cycles, and sleep and wake times. Using pretty state-of-the-art data processing and machine-learning technology, the ring, its app, and the app’s assistant Kira help you collectively better understand your health and give you bespoke advice on how to improve it.

And if you plan to return to your old gym, wait till they install sanitizing methods like this award-winning self-sanitizing door handle design!

Students Sum Ming Wong and Kin Pong Li were inspired by the SARS outbreak in the 2000s and figured that a self-sanitizing door handle is more effective than the chemical-based cleaning processes we are using right now. The handle is made of a glass tube with aluminum caps at each end and the entire handle is covered in a powdered photocatalytic coating made from a mineral called titanium dioxide. The bacteria is decomposed through a chemical reaction that is activated by UV light reacting with the thin coating on the glass tube. Powered by an internal generator, the handle converts kinetic energy from the opening/closing motion of the door into light energy and that is how the UV light is always doing its job. This germ-killing product actually destroyed 99.8% of the microbes during lab tests and that is more than what Thanos did with his infinity stones.

We know it’s so much easier to be lazy when no one is watching you, but instead of watching the news and stress-eating our way to another illness, let’s utilize this opportunity to at least start working out! They say the first 21 days are the hardest – well, let’s get done with those difficult days so, by the time we step outside to workout, we will be in a better position than we are now!

Get a full-body workout without using weights with this NASA-backed portable gym

Its been about three months since everyone has been working from home due to quarantine. While places are starting to slowly open up, some like movie theatres, concert halls and gyms still remain high-risk places. You can watch all the movies on Netflix, the closest you can get to a concert is having an amazing speaker that blasts tunes with your five friends while remaining socially distant, and as for having a full-body workout, you can get the OYO NOVA that brings the gym to your hands – literally!

Designed to adapt to your flexible lifestyle, the NOVA lets you transform your health and body no matter where you are without needing to go to a gym. The single exercise device is a heavy-duty portable gym that uses high resistance to provide total body strength training at home, office, or on the go. “The NOVA Gym provides up to 40lbs (18kg) of resistance in each hand in all planes of movement, yet only weighs 2.5lbs (1.12Kg) and folds up to go anywhere,” says Paul Francis who created the design and also an architect, industrial designer, and inventor.

The team uses their patented SpiraFlex technology that provides weightless resistance and was actually the first resistive exercise device used in space (NASA iRED) – Francis is truly an inventor because his technology is ‘out of this world’! SpiraFlex feels smooth and linear like free-weights, without the weight or momentum. The stainless steel cables have been coated with nylon to remain durable for long-term use with high resistance. The handles have been redesigned from their first model and have been upgraded to a T-shape with steel inserts for a better grip.

“The NOVA Gym is the only fitness device that provides abduction and adduction during a single exercise movement, building a balanced workout in less time. Also, as it does not require the vertical of gravity, you can perform exercises in all planes of movement, without extra equipment like a bench,” explains Nick Bolton, OYO Fitness Director. You can do all your traditional gym exercises like back and chest fly, biceps and triceps, shoulder raise and press, lateral pulldown, rowing, ab crunches, back extensions, and more with their guided workout videos.

Portable gyms are the future of our flexible lifestyle as they deliver the same results without taking up space as the traditional workout equipment and saving a lot of costs! It makes fitness and gym training more accessible to everyone. The weightless resistance reduces the risk of joint issues and also provides more movement than resistance bands. NOVA is expandable and can change with your fitness levels. It enables you to do over 100 exercises all from the comfort of your space so that you don’t have to choose between safety and fitness during these complex times. If it is good enough for NASA astronauts, then it is more than good enough for us!

Designer: Paul Francis

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