This gamepad concept ditches conventions to bring comfort to your A-game

Many gamers complain about the inconsistent button layouts of game controllers, but one thing that has remained the same is the basic design players have learned to live with even if they don’t like it.

Gamepads have been around since the earliest days of video game home consoles, and they have changed little, but at the same time, have evolved significantly over the decades. For the past years, however, the basic shape of game controllers has changed little, even with all the research into ergonomics and professional gaming. Designers, however, are always coming up with ways to push the envelope, and one idea, in particular, pretty much changes almost everything about gamepads.

Designer: TongZheng

As controllers have evolved, gamers’ habits have grown along with them. Some games have started to require more interaction, requiring the addition of more buttons. More buttons, however, means changing the way you efficiently and comfortably hold a gamepad, leading to the birth of what is now called the “C-Hand” grip.

This C-Hand allows gamers to utilize almost all their fingers to push all available buttons and joysticks on a gamepad. Unfortunately, the current designs used by almost all controllers aren’t exactly conducive to this kind of grip. The “wingtips” of the controller that make it easier to hold the controller “normally” get in the way, and the constant switching between buttons and joysticks is a recipe for disaster for thumbs.

The C-Gamepad concept was born from the need for a controller that’s designed from the ground up specifically for this popular hand position, especially with its spherical shape and small protrusions for stability. This design, however, also moves some of the buttons around in order to reduce the number of thumb-switching gamers have to do. The biggest change, however, is the joysticks which are transformed into balls and lose the “stick” part.

Unlike regular joysticks, however, only the right side is able to move in four directions to adjust the view, while the left “joystick” is locked to moving characters forward or backward only. While this covers most actions within a game, it might leave other common movements out, like strafing to the sides. The biggest drawback to this new controller design, however, is the lack of familiarity with existing gamepads, but it might be a learning process gamers would be willing to go through if it means getting an edge over the competition.

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This racing wheel-inspired gaming controller is the logical evolution professional gamers deserve

In the sea of similar-looking gaming controllers and joysticks, budding designer JinYoub Woo has revamped the perspective of a basic gaming controller’s form factor. He calls this concept design, the John Varvatos Joystick and it looks more like a prop from the Star Wars franchise.

Immersive content for gaming has skyrocketed the demand for this industry and the analysts predict a revenue generation of $260 billion by 2025. Now, that tells me, the gaming industry is going big (if it already isn’t) in capturing the interest of people who never took gaming too seriously. Youngsters are perceiving gaming as more than just a vent for entertainment, and professional gamers have a lucrative gold mine in their sights – turning the highly addictive pass time into a hardcore profession. For excelling in any professional sports, you need the right tools, and the gamepad or joystick is the most important weapon in the arsenal.

The basic design of gaming controllers hasn’t changed much in all the decades since it first burst into the scene with the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1983. Fast forward to current times and the Sony DualSense Controller, Logitech F310, Nintendo Switch Pro or the Xbox Core Controller is a testament to the fact. The designer’s inspiration for the controller here comes from a mash-up of John Varvatos perfume (that’s a strange reference point) and the Sony old-school controller.

A unique hollow bottom section like the steering input of a sophisticated spaceship or even a racing car is what intrigues my interest. The shape is more ergonomic for comfort during long hours of play and gives the controller a futuristic persona. The directional pad and the input buttons have a muted feel, while the Menu button and other game buttons take the form of a rollable metal button right in the middle on either side. The bumper buttons are ergonomically placed on the top corners but could have been a bit further to the edge for big-handed gamers.

Since there is a substitution in the materials of the design, the controller is automatically lighter as compared to other popular options on the market. I would want this in my hands for long hours of action gaming on a weekend, that’s for sure. Plus it looks make it a worthy addition to every gamers arsenal.

Designer: JinYoub Woo


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This textured Nintendo Gamepad is the perfect blend of Joy-Con + Switch Pro Controller

How could Nintendo give a refreshing new look to its popular line-up of gaming controllers released so far? In the form of this controller which is a perfect blend of their most popular gaming accessories thus far.

Nintendo will give Switch Online subscribers a good reason to be hooked onto their gaming console as they’ll be offering the Sega Genesis games with the DLC pack with the N64 titles. Even better the gaming giant will offer a wireless N64 and Genesis controllers for Switch Online users. The cool-looking three-button Genesis gaming controller was shown off at the Direct stream in the west, and it will be released in the US and Canada. A six-button version is also coming exclusively to Japan which is already exciting development.

Of course, there are the primary Joy-Con controllers and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to add to the mix for an unstoppable gaming frenzy. The gaming market is increasing at a fast pace and there are no signs of stopping. Reason enough for Nintendo to be a step ahead of the competition. So how about a pair of gaming controllers that bring the best of all these different controllers (and even third-party controllers) into one small little package that’s aesthetically designed for ergonomic comfort and ease of gameplay?

In the shape of this Nintendo gamepad that has the visual reminiscence of the Joy-Con and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller while adding a bit of spice with its aesthetics. The button and stick configuration are the same as the Pro controller and the Joy-Con element comes in the iconic blue and red-colored base. There’s a very rustic texture to the buttons signifying the controller’s raw character and the muted etching on these buttons reassured that fact. The randomly sprayed white color look gives the gamepad a unique look, and a presumed joy to play with if ever Nintendo thinks of making a controller like this one. Especially for strategy and RPG titles set in a historic time.

Designer: GOAT i

eXtremeRate RISE DIY Back Paddles for PS5: Quadsense Controller

Critics and gamers lucky enough to get their hands on the PS5 often cite the console’s DualSense controller as a true next-gen controller, thanks to its precise haptics and force feedback triggers. However, the previous generation also saw a small but significant addition to gamepads – paddles. They come in various shapes and numbers, but the idea is the same – you get programmable back-mounted inputs that let you keep your fingers on the joysticks and shoulder buttons. Now you can apply that innovation to the DualSense, thanks to eXtremeRate’s RISE Remap DIY kit.

The RISE kit gives you two programmable paddles. By default, you can map everything but the L3, R3, and touchpad to those paddles. However, if you’re willing to do a bit of soldering, you can map even those three inputs to the paddles. The kit comes with everything you need to perform the upgrade, including a new back shell to hold everything in place.

This truly is a DIY affair, though, requiring you to basically teardown your DualSense controller. Im.A.Caveman has a good guide to installation on YouTube.

I spotted about a billion ways in which the procedure would go wrong in my hands. But I know you can do it! You can get the RISE Remap kit from GamingCobra for $40 (USD). It comes in various colors, from plain black or white to textured green and metallic yellow. It’s also on Amazon (affiliate link).

The swappable directional pads of this gaming controller are designed to give you tactical gameplay advantage!

A gaming controller for your PC, consoles, or smartphones is one accessory every gamer should have handy. A versatile gaming controller is a quintessential piece of equipment in any setup these days. Sure options like the Xbox Controller or the PlayStation DualSense bring precise in-game controls to gain a tactical advantage. But how about a more flexible control input that is tailormade for a better user experience?

Industrial designer Dingyu Xiao of Suosi Design decided to do away with conventions and came up with the MOZER Gamepad. The controller resonated instantly with me since it solves a fundamental issue – having a single joystick layout for a varied set of games. For example, you’d need precise and fast input sticks for an FPS game, a D-Pad for sports titles such as FIFA, or a spring-loaded sling joystick for a tactile feel of shooting a stack of balls in Pool. The MOZER Gamepad makes all of this and more possible. And to top it all off, it’s wireless.

The concept is quite interesting as the user can swap the control modules instantly and it’s all plug and play. The directional pad of the controller is the one that has this modular function which Dingyu quite smartly does, I have to say. Even better, the grip of the controller hides two of the three directional pad control inputs when not in use. I’m sure gamers will be dying to get such a well-designed wireless gamepad in their hands to have a strategic advantage over their mates or online hotshots.

Designer: Dingyu Xiao of Suosi Design



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A smartphone gaming controller that morphs to your gaming needs

As we enter the age of limitless, ‘anywhere’ gaming, the Alpha Gamepad increases that sense of freedom with a full-feature controller designed to morph around your smartphone. The gamepad comes with a design that splits right through the middle, going from a traditional controller to something more Nintendo Switch-like. The Alpha sports a smartphone mount that acts as the pivot for this swiveling action, allowing it to be used in two ways – as a controller with the smartphone in front of it, and as a controller with the smartphone between it. Either way, the Alpha helps further the idea of being able to game freely on your mobile device, and with its fully equipped design (featuring dual shoulder buttons, dual joysticks, a D-pad, and action keys), it turns powerful gaming portable. That edgy cyberpunk-ish vibe is just a bonus!

Designer: Ryan Smalley (Modality)

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