MagSafe compatible iPhone gaming controller makes gameplay precise and charging effortless

Hey iPhone gaming enthusiasts! Are you ready to take your mobile gaming experience to a new level? If you’ve ever wished to play your favorite console games on your iPhone, you’re in for a treat.

Thanks to the rise of cloud gaming, you can now delve into the worlds of impressive game titles right from your latest iPhone! To be your perfect gaming companion on that journey is the PocketPlay, a game controller designed to enhance the gaming adventure for iPhone users.

Designer: Ethan Chiang

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For a true gaming enthusiast, the convenience of playing on your iPhone is unbeatable, but the limitations of touchscreen controls have often left us yearning for something more. To that accord, iPhone gaming controllers have become an essential tool for avid gamers who crave precise controls.

These savvy gamers can now enjoy the advantages of proper controls, while others struggle with pesky touchscreens, by embracing the PocketPlay. It’s developed by combining the best aspects of other renowned controllers on the market, mimicking the established ergonomic grips of the Razer Kishi V2 and the Backbone One – with of course, subtle distinctions worth noting.

PocketPlay is sleek and innovative. Result of unwavering 3D modeling and rendering, PocketPlay is completely foldable and rotatable for easy transport and gameplay. Simply fold and slide it into your pocket or bag, and you’re good to go! Never again will you have to worry about lugging around bulky gaming gear.

D-pad has been a constant for many phone gaming controllers, but not with PocketPlay; the interesting, detachable design replaces it with diagonal buttons for precise control. Moreover, the subtly textured back adds the perfect grip, making every move feel natural and accurate.

PocketPlay makes use of MagSafe tech on the back to allow effortless charging while the iPhone remains fixed to the controller. This not only allows you to charge the game controller and iPhone simultaneously, you can actually do so while immersing yourself in the thrilling game session. If you’re convinced, upgrade your gaming arsenal with PocketPlay. Its compact size and ergonomic design make it a breeze to carry and effective to use, enabling you to transform any place into your gaming haven.

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Eliminate stick drift with the GameSir G7 SE controller that has a paintable faceplate and wired-only option

Pissed off with unreliable joysticks that have the same old stick drift in first-party controllers that shows up after some time of use? A small issue that’s the most likely reason you’ll buy a new one to avoid any in-game disadvantage. Unfortunately, most of the officially licensed gaming controllers are plagued with this problem but at last, GameSir wants to get rid of this for good.

The famous gaming accessories brand specializing in gamepads has unveiled its new G7 SE Controller for Xbox gaming consoles and PC platforms. The controller comes with specially designed magnetic anti-stick drift Hall Effect triggers/thumbsticks and much more. Sure, there are ones by 8BitDo and GuliKit that come with Hall effect sensors, but this one steps up the game to the next level.

Designer: GameSir

The gamepad is tested for 5 million cycles before it shows any sign of stick drift with this innovation. The Hall Effect joysticks named after Edwin Hall employ permanent magnets to measure the stick’s position and negate the stick drift that can develop with usage.

It’s based on the G7 controller released this year and is a wired-only version. G7 SE is also the first ever officially licensed Xbox controller with Hall Effect. Another unique perk is its magnetically removable, paint-friendly faceplate for a precisely customized look to reflect one’s personality. To prevent any accidental activation the gamepad has lockout switches for the rear buttons. Other common features include pulse-type vibration trigger motor and asymmetric vibration grip motor.

With a price tag of $50 (just $5 more than the G7) this is an absolute no-brainer option for gamers who are bugged with stick drift. The only thing that would have made it a sweet deal is the wireless connectivity feature, and we presume the predecessor will have this option. Although wired only means there’s less convenience but the assurance your controller won’t have any stick drift means complete peace of mind.

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How about a compact gamepad for playing online battle arena games on your smartphone

Ask for mobile game controllers and you’ll be spoilt for choices. Be it the Backbone One, Razer Kishi, SteelSeries Stratus+, 8BitDo Ultimate or Sony DualSense – all these gamepads bring better control to your gaming exploits on a smaller screen. No longer do you have to struggle with looking at screens when all the controls are overlayed on the interface, thereby limiting the vision.

While some mobile gaming controllers sandwich your device and turn it into something like a Nintendo Switch, others claw it on top for an Xbox-like in-hand fell. Both these interfaces are well suited for Battle Royale, racing or fighting games. So, when a gamepad dedicated to online battle arena or RPG titles like League of Legends, Glory of Kings and Peace Elite arrives; it is bound to grab our attention.

Designer: 99 City 8

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Unlike all the popular gamepad configurations, this one has a different layout and a less intrusive physical presence. There are four buttons in total – two on the top, one on the front and one on the back. The controller dubbed Game Remote Sensing allows users to operate more conveniently and quickly, and improves the overall gaming experience.

While the left-hand side is purely the tactile input of the controller, the right side is free for configuring of the on-screen buttons for more tactical gameplay. Doing away with the right-hand side physical buttons and triggers keeps the overall footprint of the controller down and also consumes lesser battery since it is connected via Bluetooth.


When not in use the gamepad folds down to the size of a retro flip phone – both in length and thickness. This makes it ultra-pocketable and easy to carry around. Indeed the perfect gaming accessory for users who love gaming on their phones.

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Starfield-themed Xbox controller, headphones and smartwatch are must-have for action RPG lovers

At the annual Xbox Games Showcase 2023, Microsoft laid a major emphasis on its upcoming sci-fi RPG dubbed Starfield, along with the announcement of other major titles coming to the platform. But the highlighting bit for us was the announcement of Starfield Xbox controller and Starfield headphones.

At the event publisher Bethesda also unveiled the real-life version of Starfield’s Constellation Edition watch that’s modeled exactly after the one seen in the game. During the keynote, Bethesda made it clear that the timepiece is modeled after the design from the Apollo era and gets a special case to match the vibe.

Designer: Microsoft and Bethesda

Bethesda’s highly anticipated game is all set for a September 6th launch – thereby, the announcement of these accompanying accessories makes complete sense. First up we talk about the Starfield Limited Edition controller and headset that both complement each other.

The controller emulates the ship’s controls shown in the game with transparent pad triggers having bronze rumble motors and those metallic bronze hybrid directional pads add steampunk flair. Bethesda describes the retro design as a “NASA-Punk” in the DNA and I second that completely. On top of the clean design are the side and back grips mirroring the panels of the spaceship. The gamepad is easily switchable between devices like Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Windows PC, Android, and iOS.

Similar accents can be seen on the headset which gamers will absolutely love to wear all day long – whether gaming or listening to favorite music. It has a similar matching transparent and metallic bronze mic boom, elevating its look into the premium zone. The 312 grams wireless headphones come with, 40mm drivers, 15 hours battery and support for spatial audio technologies for greater immersion. The gamepad and the headphones can be pre-ordered right away for an ERP of $79 and $125 respectively.

Coming onto Starfield’s Constellation Edition timepiece that the main character wears, Bethesda has perfectly emulated it in real life with seamless phone connectivity. The watch comes with a collector’s case and steelbook copy of the game. While the watch in real life is more of a smartwatch beaming notifications and call prompts, in-game the watch behaves as a compass to show environmental information for planets.

This watch will only be available as part of the Constellation Edition priced at $300. The bundle gives 5-day early access to the Starfield game along with other goodies including Constellation Skin Pack, Constellation Patch and access to the digital artbook.

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Modular DJ deck controller lets you decide how you want to mix your music

Although it might seem like it, controllers for different devices and gadgets are actually designed to help make users’ lives easier. The overwhelming number of buttons on a traditional TV or set-top box remote, for example, are there to give nearly instant access to functions without having to dig your way through menus. Needs and trends change over time, however, and devices need to adapt with them, just like how those TV remotes have become significantly minimal, some with no more than five buttons. There are controllers, however, that can’t really be distilled down to half a dozen switches and buttons. Complicating matters is how different people might have different ideas on how to best use those controls. Straddling the fine line between those two camps, this design concept puts users in complete control of one of the busiest controllers in the market.

Designer: Marko Filipic

When there are so many things happening quickly that need your attention, the last thing you need is to fiddle with menus to remain in control. Sometimes, you don’t even get a few seconds to think about your next move and just function on autopilot. This is often the case with complicated controllers like the decks that DJs use to mix, scratch, and direct the flow of music at any given moment. A deck controller would have dozens of buttons, sliders, switches, and dials, but not everyone uses those same controls in the same way all the time.

This modular controller concept brings one of the rising trends in product design to the world of DJing, allowing the user to decide exactly how to arrange those controls or which ones to actually have present in the first place. The idea is to have a platform where one can easily add, remove, or relocate those gizmos where they’re most convenient. There are parts that are permanently attached to the deck, like the two large dials on each side, but the rest is fair game for the DJ.

This design is made possible by a grid of Pogo connectors in the middle of the deck, similar to those gold dots you’d find in older smartwatches as well as tablet keyboard covers. Here you can make any arrangement of buttons, sliders, and dials, some of which take up more than one “block” on that grid. In a way, it becomes a fun puzzle activity for DJs to build their own personalized deck.

The base design for this modular DJ controller leans more towards minimalist trends with its white coating and lack of decorations. Admittedly, this might look a little out of place among a DJ’s other tools, so there’s also a variant that brings those familiar accent lighting on a predominantly black deck, a better representation of a DJ’s vibrant and unpredictable style.

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This Game Boy Advance-shaped macro pad gives you extra functionality with a sprinkle of nostalgia

Although the Megalodon NinDoio isn’t designed to actually be held in your hand, the tabletop macro-pad has a rather inviting design that evokes a sense of fond nostalgia. Modeled on the popular Game Boy Advance’s unique shape, the NinDoio is a customizable controller with as many as 17 inputs. It features six buttons on the left side, nine clicky keys in the center, and two clickable scroll knobs on the right. The NinDoio is capped off with an aluminum shell on the top, and a translucent base that actually glows when plugged in. Designed to be custom-mapped to match your workflow, the NinDoio is a fun controller to have on your tabletop while rapidly enhancing your productivity!

Designer: Megalodon

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Similar to other high-end macro controllers, the NinDoio is VIA compatible, allowing for control mapping with the ability to utilize up to four layers of functionality. The device, although designed to look like it’s for gameplay, works with productivity tools and software too. You’ve got 9 mappable keys front and center, with the familiar keyboard-style concave keycap design and Outemu switches underneath. A functional D-pad on the left lets you map additional keys, while clickable knobs on the right let you control gameplay aspects like scrolling through a weapon wheel or toggling brightness/volume, or can even be used with work apps and software like toggling brush sizes in Photoshop, or panning/seeking within Premiere or Final Cut Pro.

The keys are blank, but come with individually addressable LED backlights to help define separate functions. You can install your own keycaps too, should you choose. The NinDoio comes in Black, Blue, Soy, and White color variants, but with a little work and some spray-paint, I recommend getting yours colored purple like the original Nintendo Game Boy Advance! The Megalodon NinDoio Macropad is available on Drop for a price of $69.

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Images via Randomfrankp

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Microsoft’s new Xbox controller is eco-friendly ‘remix’ of earth-tone colors

If you’re a gamer who looks for an ecological benefit in his gaming equipment, Microsoft has got you covered. An Xbox controller “Remix Special Edition” is making its debut this month and the gamepad is made from recycled materials for an eco-friendly Xbox setup with a visual appeal.

As the world becomes increasingly focused on reducing waste and preserving the planet, more and more peripheral manufacturers are looking for creative ways to repurpose old items. Microsoft has been in the thick of things for a while now and is now luring gaming enthusiasts and environmentalists alike with this piece of gaming legacy.

Designer: Xbox 

The new wireless Xbox controller – Remix Special Edition, is made from recycled plastic. Before you believe the entire thing is made from environmentally-friendly material; be informed that only one-third of it is made from regrind and reclaimed materials.

With the progress of things in the gaming industry, this subtle choice is also a significant change. The new Microsoft Xbox controller is made from “post-consumer recycled resins” with regrind comprising previously molded colored parts.

The plastic used is sourced from old Xbox One generation controllers and material from CDs, automotive headlight covers, and plastic jugs. This material is ground into minuscule particles to make new plastic for the Remix Special Edition controller. Since the mix of materials and colors is different, each controller – in earth tone colors and textured design – has a subtle variation this gives the Remix edition controller its own look and feel.

The Microsoft Remix Special Edition Xbox controller becomes eco-friendlier with the partnering Rechargeable Battery Pack. The controller with the battery will retail for $85. The pack will start shipping from April 18, so gamers be on their toes if they want to grab it before anyone else.

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This monolith-inspired Xbox controller concept is an overkill for gaming ergonomics

Gamers are divided as to which controller offers the best combination of ergonomic design, functionality, and strategic in-game advantage. While PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge has some unique features, Xbox comes Series X works for people who like a good in-hand feel.

I gravitate towards the Xbox Series X controller because of the button placement and the fact that it’s ideal for my small hands. While I would fancy a custom-designed one too, this Monolith Xbox Series controller concept has got me confused.

Designer: Nak Studio

Gone are the contoured stems that fit like a charm in the hand, giving way to the triangular-shaped ones. Of course, the controller is themed on the mysterious monolith objects found at different locations around the world which defines these sharp geometric shapes. The Xbox controllers’ signature lights colored form gives way to the glossy grey hue which is completely alien to what we’ve all seen over the years. The big Xbox branding on the sides looks cool though.

At first glance, one would presume the catamaran-like stems to be detachable, and only serve a purpose as desk stand for the controller, but they are in fact a part of the unibody design. Without doubt, the controller will be a bit uncomfortable to hold even for gamers with big hands, let alone mine. The placement of the shoulder trigger buttons also leaves a whole lot to be desired.

The design house has also created a matching Xbox console that I actually do like. While the controller I don’t vouch for because of its lack of ergonomic design, the console looks quite futuristic and a worthy upgrade to the boring Xbox Series X console. So, that addresses my quandary about the implementation of a monolith-inspired Xbox Series concept – the console is cool while the controller is definitely an overkill!

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ROG Raikiri Pro with built-in customizable OLED screen expands gaming HUD for more options

Asus has surprised nerds at this year’s CES with an officially licensed Xbox gaming controller that has a dedicated 1.3-inch mini OLED display to beam custom animations, display favorite wallpaper, microphone status, battery status, or the active controller profile.

The 128×40 resolution screen is placed right where you’d find the Xbox home button, and I’m not complaining one bit. Dubbed ROG Raikiri Pro, the controller derives its name from Naruto’s special attack.

Designer: Asus

Raikiri Pro is the first ever Xbox-licensed controller having tri-mode connectivity, wherein it has Bluetooth, a low-latency 2.4GHz RF mode, and wired USB-C. The controller is well suited for PC connectivity with all the pro features on offer. Asus officially mentions the controller to have Xbox Series X/S console compatibility only, so PlayStation 5 is left high and dry for now. The controller has four left and right rear buttons with a textured finish for slippery fingers. These buttons double as hotkeys for game commands, or even adjusting the game sensitivity.

Asus gives gamers the option to switch profiles in-game via the two buttons at the top. Further customization is possible with the four programmable rear buttons, circular D-pad and trigger locks for options beyond the known Xbox layout. The button remapping, joystick sensitivity, dead zones and trigger modes are also customizable using the Asus Armoury Crate PC app. To take game immersion even further the controller has a built-in ESS DAC for premium sound from the 3.5mm headphone jack.

There is no word on the pricing of the Raikiri Pro Xbox controller as of now, but one thing is certain, it will demand a price slightly above the normal options. Agonizingly there is no word either on the availability of the attractive controller, however, common sense suggests a Q1 release might be imminent.

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Sony debuts its first ever accessible gaming controller at CES 2023

As a part of the CES 2023 presentation, Sony has announced its foray into the accessibility option for the ecosystem to customize to the needs of people with limited motor control. The Japanese electronics giant revealed it is working on a new accessibility controller kit for PS5 codenamed “Project Leonardo” to give disabled gamers equal strategic advantage as normal players.

Microsoft is already mindful of such special requirements – the Xbox Adaptive Controller is a good example of it. Taking leaf out of its competitors’ book, Sony has collaborated with organizations like AbleGamers, SpecialEffect and Stack Up to fine-tune the project.

Designer: Sony

By the look of things, the kit comprises circular gamepads lined up with buttons and directional keys. All of them are customizable, giving players the ability to create the best-suited gamepad. Each one them can be mapped precisely and the hardware bits swapped easily for hassle-free use. The modular controller can be used standalone or paired with DualSense controllers. Two Leonardo controllers and one DualSense can be synced together to make a complete gamepad for PlayStation 5 console.

The controller will address problems including “difficulty holding a controller for long periods, accurately pressing small clusters of buttons or triggers, or positioning thumbs and fingers optimally on a standard controller.” For example, the split, symmetrical design repositions the analog sticks much closer or farther. This means the controller can be positioned flat on a table or wheelchair tray for ease of use. The buttons can be mapped for up to three profiles, so multiple users can use them in tandem without any major hassles.

According to Sony designer So Morimoto, the controller is tested with more than a dozen designs already in conjunction with accessibility veterans. The split design came out to be the most effective for “free-form left/right thumbstick repositionability” that’s almost perfect. Also, the controller can accept a plethora of combinations of accessibility accessories for a never-before-seen aesthetic.

We can expect to see more options and even subtle design changes as the project nears the production stage. For now, there is no word on the release date or pricing yet, but more should seep in in the coming weeks for sure.

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