Valve’s Steam Controller is dead

Four years after Valve released its oddball Steam Controller, it's not making any more. The controller is on sale today for $5 -- that's 90 percent off its list price of $49.99 -- and a note in the Steam Store warns that there's a limited quantity re...

8BitDo turns the NES gamepad into a mouse

Many moons ago, Swedish designer Daniel Jansson brought us a cute concept mouse that took cues from the classic NES console, featuring its iconic red circular buttons, black D-pad and grey body. There was nothing ergonomic about this peripheral, but...

Apple is selling Microsoft’s Xbox controller in its online store

Now that Apple's mobile and living room devices support console game controllers, the company is doing something that would have been unimaginable even a few years ago -- it's selling the Xbox Wireless Controller through its online store. Spend $60...

This gaming controller’s layout adapts to suit the mobile game you’re playing

You could be one of the billion people playing Fortnite or Clash of Clans, or even Pokémon Go on your phone. The point is that even though all of them are technically mobile games, their controls are completely different and require different interfaces for effective gameplay. Some need complex joystick movements, some simple swipes and taps. LumiControl’s design brief was to design a controller to cater to them all.

The mobile joycon titled ‘LumiControl’ comes with two grips and an expandable design that fits your smartphone in between. Designed to cater to different phone sizes, the grip expands outwards and then promptly snaps around your phone, firmly gripping it from both sides. The controller connects to your phone, understanding the interface requirements of the game you’re playing, and adjusts its controls accordingly. Two touch-sensitive circles on the grips light up with the controls, allowing you to tap, slide, and maneuver your way through whichever game you play. The controller’s backlight adapts to the game you’re playing, allowing you to play anything from a racing game to a shooter to an MMORPG with the same device, while Making sure you’ve got an ergonomic set of controls that don’t cover your smartphone’s screen, making for more comfortable and immersive gaming!

The LumiControl Game Controller is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Wayne Wang

The best way to play ‘Untitled Goose Game’ is to dress like a goose

For Twitch streamer Dylan "Rudeism" Beck simply playing a menacing goose in Untitled Goose Game wasn't enough. He wanted to become the goose. In a livestream yesterday, Rudeism put on a homemade goose suit and played the game in a whole new way.

Missing the detachable joy-cons? 8BitDo’s Lite controllers give you a near-Switch experience!

It’s barely been a month since the Switch Lite’s release and 8BitDo is already pushing out accessories that make it a great gaming console. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, Nintendo released the Switch Lite, a smaller, more economical, monolithic gaming console that allows more people to join Nintendo’s gaming ecosystem. However, its one-piece design may seem like a compromise for some. That’s where 8BitDo’s Lite comes in to fill the gap.

Designed to match the Switch Lite’s aesthetic perfectly, the Lite controller allows you to use a separate, detached joy-con with your Switch Lite. The Lite, however, doesn’t just stop there… the Bluetooth gaming controller even works across other platforms like Windows, Android, MacOS, and Steam, making it one adorable-yet-capable controller to rule them all. Plus, it even packs two D-Pads for NES and SNES games!

Designer: 8BitDo

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8BitDo’s latest Switch controller ditches thumbsticks for dual D-pads

The latest controller from 8BitDo might pique your interest if you play a lot of 2D games on Nintendo Switch. The Lite for Switch peripheral has a striking look thanks to its dual D-pads. According to 8BitDo, it has full functionality for Switch with...