Own Your Own Giant 44″ LED Wall Clock

Seen in school gymnasiums the world over, this giant digital wall clock is the perfect addition to an aging parent’s home to accompany their large-button television remote and home telephone. Available from BigTimeClocks (and I thought you had to be a public school system to buy these!), the clock measures a very respectable 44″W x 26″H, with 15″ tall numbers, so even grandma should be able to read it with minimal squinting.

I remember in middle school, every classroom had a clock just like this (albeit smaller) above the blackboard. I always stared at it, wondering why the minutes went by so slowly. I was convinced they actually slowed the clocks in school to torture me more. I’m still not convinced they didn’t.

Why do you need a giant digital clock that you can read from 350 feet away? Beats me, but it’s available, so better to buy now and figure out a use for it later. That’s my motto. That’s also why I have a garage full of products I don’t use and probably shouldn’t have bought.

The MARS Project ONE is a $9,000 Watch That Tells The Time on Earth and Mars

The $9,125 MARS Project ONE Dual Time Zone Watch from Behrens tells the time simultaneously in two different time zones: one on Earth and one on Mars. You know, because it’s always important to know if you’re going to be late for a Martian meeting.

The 42mm watch uses a Swiss Cal.2824 automatic wind movement for its basic time-telling, with rotating Earth and Mars globes on top and bands that show each planet’s timezones. The current date is displayed in the middle, with the day of the week on Each planet shown beneath the globes and the time on each planet underneath that. Of course, it’s hard to tell what part of Mars you’re actually looking at, considering the whole planet looks like a uniform rust ball.

Don’t have $9,000 to spend on a watch just so you can tell what time it is on Mars? Then do what I do and just don’t care what time it is on Mars. What good have those Martians with their big heads and buggy eyes ever done for us anyway?! I bet they’re going to invade – you just wait.

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Present Life rolls through a tiny display and hides beyond the rotating dial

Watches give us a sense of time and perhaps the realization that life is ticking away. Over time, the accessory has evolved into the best sought-out collector’s item – sometimes even spanning multiple generations. The timekeeping essential initial started off as a simple complication with hours, minutes and seconds hand.

With time though, the simple watch has taken numerous forms with some sporting elaborate complications (like Jacob & Co Astronmia Tourbillon series), artistic ones (take for example the Hublot Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami), or the Hybrid watches (example Tag Heuer Connected range) which is a mix of analog timepiece and smart functions others.

Designer: Hyun jun Yu

Yet another option is a full-fledged smartwatch that is like your mini gadget for keeping up with all notifications thanks to the elaborate display. However, if you want to go back to the roots and even be unaware of the time passing by, the Present Life watch is the one for you.

The timepiece is designed for a niche set of the market who appreciate simplicity. The watch has a rotating dial that closes down the small open space that displays the current time. Yes, this timepiece has a completely enclosed watch face with a small section showing the hours display. Each hour ticks away with the minutes displayed in 10 minutes intervals. The time is referenced by 12 indices – represented in Roman numerals depicting hours, while a one-minute track in between denotes 10 minutes of phasing time.

The stainless-steel build of the Present Life matched with the plain rubber or the textured fabric strap makes it live up to its minimalist claim. According to the designer the essence of the watch is gifting the wearer’s present life. Once the overlay housing closes down the watch display area, the user can focus on the task at hand without being stressed by the constraints of time. Just like the front, the rear with the solid caseback keeps up with the theme of minimal design and function.

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Animated LED Super Mario Bros. Clock: The Time is 1-Up

Crafted by software engineer and Instructables user jnthas, this Super Mario Bros. animated LED clock features Mario jumping up to hit a question block to change the displayed time. How clever is that? Very clever – the answer is very clever. Far more clever than any clock I could ever come up with. Stupid raindial, what was I thinking?!

The clock consists of an ESP32 Dev Board, 64×64 RGB LED Matrix, some firmware, and a 5V power supply, all of which were purchased off AliExpress. You just slap all the parts together, and presto… nothing’s happening. Maybe you don’t just slap them all together as I had anticipated. There might be more steps.

If you want to build your own, you can follow jnthas’s Instructable, which is apparently well written and descriptive enough that multiple people have already replicated the project. Me not being one of them, just so we’re clear. Can somebody make one for me?

TAG Heuer Monaco brings back a beautifully sinister classic timepiece

This is one Dark Lord that fans of watches and racing will be glad to see make a modern comeback.

Luxury watches are often designed to exude an air of sophistication and class. In contrast, Sports watches, especially those inspired by race cars, have a distinct character of power and speed, much like the vehicles they’re patterned after. Somewhere in the middle lies a few exceptional timepieces that have made history thanks to their unconventional design and stunning looks. The 1974 Heuer Monaco “Dark Lord” is one such hot item, projecting an ominous and fierce visage back in the days when watches looked more luxurious and tame. To mark the end of the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix, TAG Heuer is reviving the Dark Lord, bringing the iconic look to the modern age with a few embellishments that easily sets it apart from the last time it set foot in this mortal realm.

Designer: TAG Heuer

The Monaco “Dark Lord” and its square body was already head-turners back in the days, becoming associated forever with motor racing. Its mostly black motif and devilishly handsome looks were also outliers during that era, cementing its position as one of the brand’s most iconic designs. Nearly half a century later, TAG Heuer saw it fit to bring the Monaco back into fashion, but rather than a simple revival, the luxury marque gives the Dark Lord a more modern appearance that, somewhat ironically, also gives it a less menacing face.

In a way, this 2022 Monaco is darker and blacker than before, encased in a sandblasted matte black DLC-coated Grade 2 Titanium body. Unlike its predecessor, however, the finishing extends to the crown, which still bears the TAG Heuer insignia, as well as to the two wedge-shaped buttons that flank it. A matte black alligator leather strap and matching black DLC titanium folding clasps complete the watch’s brooding facade.

Contrasting with this dark but dashing theme and providing a pinch of comforting color, TAG Heuer opted to use 5N rose gold plated handsets that stand out against the pitch-black main dial surface. The faceted indices share the same material and, unlike the 1974 Monaco, radiate outward rather than pointing inward. Together with the square chronograph and small-seconds subdial, this creates a more welcoming face, almost like an icon of the sun, which seems diametrically opposed to the watch’s “Dark Lord” moniker.

Flipping the watch over reveals even more of these contrasting design elements. The sapphire display window on the caseback reveals what makes the watch tick, TAG Heuer’s Calibre Heuer 02 Automatic chronograph movement. Highlighting this mechanism is the 5N rose gold signature wheel, which contrasts with the rest of the movement’s more mundane finish. Despite that window, the watch retains its 100-meter water resistance.

The TAG Heuer Monaco “Dark Lord” is a blast from the past, bringing back a moody yet striking design while adding a few elements of luxury more fitting a 2022 model. It doesn’t deviate significantly from the original in terms of broad strokes, but where it differs, TAG Heuer’s changes might invite a bit of discontent from long-time fans of the design. Thanks to the limitations of its period, the 1974 Monaco was available in very limited supply, but there doesn’t seem to be such restrictions with the new Dark Lord this time around. Presuming, of course, you have the funds to afford its unsurprisingly steep price.

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$120,000 Boba Fett Watch Costs One Serious Bounty

Inspired by everyone’s first or second favorite bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe (depending on whether you prefer the Mandalorian or are a weirdo and favor Greedo), Kross Studio has created this $120,000 Boba Fett-themed watch. Boba’s Slave One starship is featured in the center of the tourbillon and slowly rotates, while the hour hand features a tiny replica of his Z-6 jetpack, and the minute hand is the jetpack’s rocket-firing missile.

The watch is a limited edition of only ten pieces, each of which took 220 parts and 90 hours to construct. For reference, that’s $545.45 per watch part or $1,333.33 per hour of construction. So it’s ridiculously expensive no matter how you look at it. But it does come with three interchangeable watch bands and a collector’s case made from the same mold as the model used in The Empire Strikes Back, which totally makes up for it.

Sure, there are a lot of different ways to spend $120,000. But is there any better way than on a luxury Boba Fett watch? I suppose that depends on who you ask. But if you ask me, there isn’t. Of course, I also spent last month’s rent on a LEGO Transformer, so I might not exactly be the voice of reason.

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Solgaard Shoreline watch has a powerful story behind its minimalist face

Watches are often displayed as complicated objects, whether they’re the tech-laden smartwatches that are starting to become more common these days or the exquisitely beautiful mechanical watches that continue to enamor horologists and collectors. It’s against this backdrop that a few minimalist timepieces have popped up here and there as a sort of counter-movement to extravagances in design. Many of these minimalist watches stop at that, however, content with presenting a clean and beautiful product on the surface. Those, however, don’t change anything but their appearance, offering no lasting impact on the planet. That is the indifference that Solgaard is fighting against with a minimalist watch that is not only visually striking but is also helping save our oceans.

Designer: Solgaard

As far as appearances go, the Solgaard Shoreline is clearly not your run-of-the-mill watch. Eschewing the typical circle and square shapes of watches, this timepiece embraces more lines and angles with its hexagonal form. Only a single object juts out of the otherwise unbroken body of the watch, a ridged crown that shares the same hexagon shape as the watch’s body.

The entire watch shares the same ocean-themed color throughout, from the watch body to the strap to the crown. The watch face has a slightly lighter hue to make it a bit easier to see the watch’s hands. That said, instant visibility might be a problem because of that aspect. That’s where the choice of a hexagon comes in. It wasn’t made on a whim and is supposed to make it easier to tell the time at a glance because of the six corners and six sides that divide the surface into 12 hours. As long as you can discern where the hands are pointing in general, you’ll be able to tell the time with no difficulty.

What makes the Shoreline watch special is something that you can’t exactly see. The accessory looks like it’s made from plastic, and that isn’t far from the truth. Instead of regular plastic, however, the company uses a new material it calls Shore-Plast, which is made from recycled ocean-bound plastic collected from beaches and riverways. The strap, on the other hand, is made from naturally biodegradable silicone, so almost all parts of the watch are made from sustainable materials.

The Solgaard Shoreline isn’t all just looks and recycled materials, of course, and boasts of a premium Miyota three-hand quartz movement and waterproof for up to 165ft. The company is so confident about the quality of its watches, despite the stereotype around recycled materials, that it says that the Shoreline is guaranteed for ten years. The most important part about it, however, is how each watch is said to prevent as many as 229 plastic bottles from polluting the ocean, making the watch more than just a fashion statement but also a lifestyle choice, helping people do a small but important part in saving the environment while looking good at the same time.

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Bulova Computron D-CAVE watch mashes gaming and NFT in a classic LED timepiece

Digital watches might be sundry and common these days, but they were quite revolutionary back in the 70s, especially during the LED craze. Although it definitely eschewed conventional digital watch designs, Bulova’s Computron was so beautifully quirky in its mix of luxury and technology that it became an icon of its time. We are at the cusp of another major shift in technologies and product designs, and Bulova wants to again be at the forefront of this “phygital” revolution with a special version of the Computron, now with a hand inside the Metaverse jar.

Designer: Bulova

The original Computron itself, as well as its more recent “Re-Edition,” is already a thing of beauty. Designed with an unconventional trapezoidal body, the watch’s unique shape allows wearers to see the time without having to twist their wrists. That is why it has earned the nickname “drivers’ watch” and has since then been unparalleled in that design.

Bulova is now bringing the Computron back with a twist that tries to appeal to a very different crowd. Inspired by gaming aesthetics, the Computron D-CAVE edition watch sports a black stainless steel case with black silicone straps and luminous green highlights that match the watch’s green LED time display. It’s a design that would call to mind gaming brands like Razer and Alienware, which is probably what Bulova and D-CAVE were aiming for.

More interesting, however, is the special edition of the watch that has a mineral crystal case top serving as a window into the watch’s internals. This special edition also comes with an NFT drop that will let buyers wear a digital version of the watch in the Decentraland Metaverse platform. This special edition is still marked as coming soon, but you can already buy the regular “Iconic Edition” for $450 or cryptocurrencies just to complete the circle.

Curiously, Bulova sees the Computron D-CAVE as an entry into a new way of living, putting down its stake in the Metaverse. It positions its first-ever “phygital” product as a representation of how the physical world will integrate with digital life. Bulova naturally also sees the Metaverse as an opportunity to express love for certain brands in the digital realm, like a certain watchmaker’s iconic classic timepiece turned gamer’s lifestyle product.

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$1.5-Million Bugatti Chiron Watch Has a Tiny Functional W16 Engine Inside

Meticulously crafted by jeweler and watchmaker Jacob & Co, the Bugatti Chiron Blue Sapphire Crystal watch costs $1.5-million and features a tiny replica of a Bugatti W16 engine inside, complete with 16 moving pistons. The watch took over a year to build and features a 51-jewel movement and 578 handmade and decorated pieces in total, almost all of which are visible through the translucent case. I can’t help but feel like it belongs in a museum.

What a thing of beauty. You really have to watch the video to fully appreciate just how finely crafted this thing is. Of course, for $1.5-million, it better be. Me? I wear a cheap $49 watch, but it does function as a TV remote as well. Which, I’ve since found out, is a great way to get kicked out of bars during football games.

How awesome would it feel to wear this watch? I bet it would feel amazing. Partially because the watch is so cool, but mostly because you’re so rich you can afford a $1.5 million watch to go with your $3 million sports car. That’s a life I can hardly imagine but daydream about twice a month when I’m spending my whole paycheck on lottery tickets.

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Kross Studio’s Batman watch with massive central tourbillon is a striking tribute to the caped crusader

Whether you’d like Death Star on the wrist or want a ticking batmobile on your desk, Kross Studio has a timepiece for your liking. You may have to give up your life’s savings (and maybe a kidney) to own one, but that’s a different story. As far as design and creativity in horology are concerned; this young watchmaker will leave a collector floored. If you don’t find that convincing, spare a thought for the studio’s new Batman Tourbillon watch!

Kross Studio is only a couple of years old but the boutique Swiss watchmaker has already made a mark for itself with its pop-culture-inspired timepieces. Extending its domain presence, Batman Tourbillon has been launched for a breath-taking price tag of $100,000. The flamboyant watch is designed in commemoration of the upcoming Warner Bros.’ The Batman movie, to hit the theatres early next month.

Designer: Kross Studio

This strictly limited (only 10 examples will be made) Batman Tourbillion features a 45mm black DLC-coated titanium case worthy of every caped crusader fan who has a hundred thousand dollars to spare for the souvenir. The watch continues with the brand’s signature central tourbillion and planetary hand design, which has been a regular in all its pop-culture-inspired watches in the past. The large central tourbillon is the highlight of the Batman watch but even more intriguing here is the Bat-Signal on a caged structure of this complication.

The timepiece may look pretty similar to the brand’s previous creations, but this one begs to differ a little in the presentation of the crown. The Batman watch does away with the traditional crown and replaces it with a pusher at 3 o’clock that sits flush with the case. The dial is graced with a darker theme, as expected. It features applied oval indices and raised outer chapter ring which adds to the watch’s distinctiveness. The dark gray dial is accentuated with red Arabic numerals and a triangular V-shaped indicator to depict the time.

Batman Tourbillion watch measures 20mm thick with the domed sapphire curving down to the display caseback. Inside resides the in-house KS 7001 hand-wound tourbillon movement that provides a power reserve of 120 hours. The watch is not really apt for the outdoorsy, so if you happen to wear it around the poolside beware, it’s only rated at 30 meters of water resistance. Other than the water resistance, the tourbillon is drop-dead gorgeous, but if you’re impressed only with immaculate packaging, Kross Studio has you covered in this department as well. The Batman Tourbillon watch is provided in a functional Bat-Signal spotlight box equipped with a 15-watt lamp. Deep-pocketed Batman superfans should be sold by now!

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