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This innovative J-shaped toothbrush flawlessly cleans your teeth in 20 seconds

If you’ve ever bought a toothbrush because “9-out-of-10 dentists recommend it”, raise your hand. Here’s something those phony adverts never tell you: toothbrushes are only as good as the users. The toothbrush’s grip, or bristle softness, or zig-zag pattern isn’t the problem. It’s the way we use our toothbrush, which is the problem. All toothbrushes can be effective when used as intended, but no matter how advanced they are designed to help you change your behavior, most people just don’t brush their teeth correctly. In fact, research shows only 1 in 10 American adults get it right.

Ryan Schwartz, son of renowned dentist Cary Schwartz, DDS, realized there was a real need for a toothbrush that can ensure a proper cleaning effortlessly, and in a fraction of the time. The Encompass, unlike every other toothbrush, is designed around the fact that humans sincerely don’t think too much about how they brush their teeth. Designed to reduce brushing time and effort, while doubling efficiency, the Encompass takes the electric toothbrush’s mission a few steps further.

The Encompass toothbrush’s unique J-shaped design is what sets it apart. Standing at the intersection between regular toothbrushes and those newfangled U-shaped toothbrushes we’ve been seeing on Kickstarter, Encompass has a design that balances efficiency, expertise, and sensibility. Its J-shape allows it to self-adjust to the shape of your jaw, covering both your upper and lower teeth with bristles that vibrate at a precise 100 strokes per second, while the bristles themselves are positioned to give you the right pressure, intensity, and angle for efficient brushing in just 10 seconds on each (left and right) side. The brush covers both your upper and lower set of teeth in one go, as a silent pneumatic pump causes the bristles to vibrate against your teeth, reaching even the difficult spots. Perfected by Ryan, his dentist father, and the former director of engineering at Clarisonic and Sonicare, Encompass does a better job of cleaning your teeth in 20 seconds than you probably would with those two minutes your dentist tells you to spend polishing your pearly whites.

The Encompass comes with its own charging dock, cable, and even a travel case so you can take your 20-second expert brushing routine with you. Whether for children, the elderly, or anyone who wants really clean teeth, Encompass makes sure every single human brushes better – faster!

Designer: RYCA International

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $189 (47% off). Hurry, only 20 left!

Encompass – Brush Smarter, Better & Faster

Developed by Sonicare’s former Director of Engineering, Encompass toothbrush brushes your teeth in 20 seconds, while eliminating user error. Cleaning half your teeth at once, the brush head self-adjust to your mouth, ensuring an optimal clean every time, even if you have misaligned, crooked, or missing teeth.

Only 1 in 10 People Brush Correctly

90% of cavities and gum diseaase are caused by incorrect brushing. With Encompass 10 in 10 will brush correctly.

Designed by Dental Professionals, Engineered by Experts

Devleoped by Sonicare’s former Director of Engineering.

20 Seconds to “Dentist Clean”

With Encompass, you brush all 3 surfaces of the teeth in half of your mouth simultaneously for 10 seconds. Cleaning half your teeth at once, the brush head self-adjusts to your mouth, ensuring an optimal cleaning of your teeth and gums every time in just 20 seconds. The “flex fingers” of the J-shaped brush head adjust to any imperfections in teeth alignment as well as variations in teeth size and shape, while the longitudinal flex point adjusts for ideal arch fit.

What if a pump inside the handle could send pulses of air to a bladder, which could effectively and quietly drive the brush head? This is the technology behind Encompass. The patented Air Pump System quietly delivers 100 brush strokes per second, providing a gentle and effective cleaning of the teeth and gum line.

Encompass is for Everyone

Because Encompass does the brushing for you, people with Parkinson’s, tremors, or limited dexterity can optimally bursh their teeth, retaining their dignity, confidence and independence.

Now parents cam feel confident letting their kids brush their own teeth before rushing out the door to school and when it’s time for bed.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $189 (47% off). Hurry, only 20 left!

Inspirational toothbrush designs that have us chucking out our old brushes!

Being a design site that has showcased and even preferred innovative concepts over the years, we can surely say that concepts are very important to our thought process. The concepts are nuggets of inspiration that challenge you to create beyond the regular, innovate and push the boundaries of what we see. And the designers curated here today are churning out some really exceptional renders! What caught our eye this week was the cool collection of toothbrush renders. The designers here have not only showcased great rendering skills but have also utilized design thinking to create a more sustainable, ergonomic and overall innovative collection of toothbrush designs. Can someone please bring these designs to life for us to use?!

A truly innovative removable-head concept with switchable top/ bottom halves to mix and match your toothbrush to reflect your look and feel as well as reducing plastic waste, designed by Alexandre Touguet.

DR STAERCK – a toothbrush because brushing your teeth is no fun anyway by Katharina Stärck.

Render Weekly’s own original render to inspire the community to create innovative designs.

A toothbrush that cares for its near and dear pal, the toothpaste! Designed by Kevin Clarridge.

Dennis Sedov decided to go with some classy 70’s forms rendered in Dental grade aluminum.

The Carbon Brush by Saad Syed.

Nicholas Baker brings out the beauty in simplicity with his old-school render of a hexagonal toothbrush concept.

Bringing you switchable toothbrush head and a gummy head, this design by Mario Arnone gives you a soft handle that can hold the dental equipment you need, giving you complete oral hygiene.

Well-loved brush by Matteo Ercole brings us the other side of those pristine toothbrushes.

Toothbrush with a twist by Lasse Thomasgård brings a literal twist to replaceable brush head with a small pin-like stricture to hold the brush together when in use.

This ‘Blue Pill’ will get you shiny teeth on the go

If there was a guessing game for ‘what’s in your travel bag’, then I know mine would be an easy win for most. I carry my shampoo, face wash, toothbrush, moisturizer… you get the drift. You name it, and it’s packed into travel-sized minion bottles, and are ready to go for their ride. However, most people are not like me – and one of the most common things that people tend to forget to pack is the toothpaste. I concur this is mainly because we typically buy the big tube and travel-sizes don’t retain much. Hence, packing a big tube can be unnecessary.

I like what designer Fernando Maldonado has done though – he’s designed a travel toothbrush that has a squeezable compartment. You see the blue pill shape one? That’s the space you fill up with toothpaste and carry the kit as a whole. When you need to use it – simply squeeze out the required amount, and brush. Clever!

Designer: Fernando Maldonado

This sustainable toothbrush comes with replaceable miniature bristle-heads

The sustainable toothbrush started off as a rendering exercise, and turned into a pretty remarkable product. Designed by Paris-based Alexandre Touguet, the toothbrush features a three part system that drastically reduces the amount of waste generated by disposing toothbrushes. While the idea of having a toothbrush with a removable head isn’t new, Touguet’s design pushes it to its absolute limit, with the disposable part being a small, capsule-shaped unit that just holds the bristles. With a relatively uncomplicated assembly that allows you to screw and unscrew the handle to pull the toothbrush apart, Touguet’s designed a system that allows you to retain and reuse a majority of the brush, only disposing of the bristles every few months, and helping drastically cut down on plastic waste.

Designer: Alexandre Touguet for Render Weekly

A wholistic dental solution that looks as good as you

Despite us interacting with the humble toothbrush twice each day, its design is often overlooked or dismissed. TOOBRU is here to change this, as it injects elements of thoughtful and considered design into the mundane product. A minimalistic approach to the design language has led to clean and well-put together oral hygiene instrument; the bulky form, satin finishes and strong curves create a confident aesthetic that proudly sits within the bathroom.

In addition to the toothbrush itself, TOOBRU also includes a tongue cleaner. These two heads can be quickly and easily interchanged, each residing within their own plastic cover when not in use. Not only does this plastic cover offer a location for storing the components, but also creates a barrier against bacteria in the air! To complete the product family is a holder, which, in addition to providing a place for the device to stand, it also catches the excess water that flows from the toothbrush after use, therefore keeping the bathroom tidy!

Designer: Onurhan Demir

An eco-friendly brush that calculates the plastic you have saved from the trash

Toothbrushes are infamously difficult to recycle; their plastic bodies paired with the silicone over molds make the materials a challenge to separate, resulting in them spending the remainder of their lives on landfill sights… not great for a device that we only use for 4 minutes a day! Whilst regularly replacing our toothbrush is necessary, the handle can withstand a much longer lifespan than the heads.

This beautiful design is 2°C, a toothbrush that reduces the overall plastic waste by a staggering 87%! This has been achieved through the implementation of a high-quality reusable body that accommodates the disposable brush heads. Requiring just the heads to be replaced every six months. Its intriguing design doesn’t end at sustainability, packed into the magnetic base is a technology that quietly tracks your brushing stats, whilst simultaneously keeping track of the age of the brush head! This information is communicated to the user through the mobile app, allowing for unobtrusive tracking of the device!

Designer: Andrea Mangone

“When not in use the toothbrush snaps magnetically to a smart base for a minimum footprint on the bathroom counter. The smart base is able to track brushing time and frequency, as well as estimating when the brush heads should be replaced for an optimal brushing effectiveness. Moreover the system is able to provide an additional estimate of how much plastic is being saved from trash,” Mangone explains to YD.