Wood-fired portable outdoor oven with a rotating base + stove is every pizza lover’s dream!

Woodfire pizza’s not just for the pizzaiolo (that’s pizza maker in Italian) anymore and it’s a good thing because the frozen pizza I’ve been eating in quarantine just doesn’t quite hit the spot like Nonno’s homemade pizza. We’ve got QubeStove to thank for both designing and producing their latest portable, 2-in-1 rotating pizza oven, and stove. There’s a lot to cover, so be sure to save some room for s’mores.

QubeStove’s new rotating pizza oven dons a heavy gauge stainless steel coat that shines with all the possibilities of different pizza pies. The heavy gauge stainless steel looks clean and packs a punch, but it also establishes the oven’s long-lasting durability and ability to retain a lot of heat (that’s upwards of 1,000℉). A high-temperature, ceramic glass door both allows users to check on their food without opening the oven and covers the woodfire, inner mechanics. Once the oven’s hot enough and after you’ve decided on your pizza toppings, garlic marinara, cheddar cheese, seared pineapple (maybe), some fresh basil, you can slide it right onto the oven’s rotating pizza stone and watch the magic happen. In just under ten minutes, QubeStove can reach temperatures upwards of 1,060℉, which users can conveniently check on the oven’s built-in thermometer, and then it’ll be just 90 seconds until pizza night. Fortunately, making crispy, well-cooked pizza will be just as easy as clean up.

One of QubeStove’s core elements is its portability and simple deconstruction. By folding the oven’s legs, QubeStove downsizes into a portable, handheld stove that you can carry with you anywhere. Of course, this simplifies storing QubeStove for the nights spent indoors and also packing it up for camping trips or pool parties. Once everyone’s almost-13” pizza pies are fully cooked and ready to eat, QubeStove makes it easy to transform the oven into a stove so that you can bring it over to the fire pit to enjoy your pizza creations fireside. QubeStove operates through the burning of wood pellets. Inside QubeStove’s chimney, you’ll find the fire-making mechanism that makes it all work. Once the oven is ignited, wood pellets catch fire on top of an iron grate that’s just above a pocket of airflow, which provides just enough oxygen to maintain the fire’s intensity and an ashtray that collects the fire’s debris all while your pizza rotates and burns evenly.

In addition to the 2-in-1 feature of QubeStove, it’s multi-functionality doesn’t stop there. The creators behind QubeStove recognized the versatility in how many dishes can be made using either the oven or the stove. The truth is, it’s up to the user to decide. Whether you’re in the mood for stir-fry, chili, an omelet, or just some good-old pizza, with QubeStove, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination, so keep the s’mores coming.

Designer: QStoves

Click Here to Buy Now: $249 $400 (38% off). Raised over $118,973. Only 9 left of 280. Hurry, less than 24 hours left!

Click Here to Buy Now: $249 $400 (38% off). Raised over $118,973. Only 9 left of 280. Hurry, less than 24 hours left!

The bottom ventilation + filters of this ultra-thin stovetop keeps your home odor-free!

The foods I enjoy cooking the most, the ones that remind me of my Filipino childhood, are also the least ideal for my apartment’s older cooking unit. They require long simmer times, large pots, and well, are a bit pungent. They’re a hassle to make, so I can never enjoy them. It’s a shame because cooking can be a soothing, comforting experience. But that process requires the right equipment.

The BORA X Pure stovetop takes away all the undesirable aspects of a typical cooking surface. The first thing you notice is its flat, minimal design. The stovetop itself is only 200mm thick, which means the unit can be installed without taking up significant storage space below. The electric surface allows for extra-wide cooking zones, to accommodate larger pots and pans (perfect for those homey stews). It also has a compact set of touch controls embedded in its surface, which contributes to its elegant, minimalist appearance.

However, the BORA X Pure’s most notable feature isn’t related to its cooking abilities at all: it’s the exhaust filter. Let me explain. Unlike most stove/oven units, which have a ventilation chimney installed above, the BORA has embedded its filter in the cooktop itself. Why does this matter? First of all, the downdraft ventilation system contributes heavily to the BORA’s minimal design. Second, an overhead filter does not get cleaned often (speaking from personal experience), because the food splatter isn’t immediately visible. Out of sight, out of mind. But this means that, when someone (aka me) finally looks at the damage, it is quite filthy.

The BORA X Pure designed an exhaust system that would be as easy to clean as possible. The filters sit inside a wide, circular inlet embedded in the cooktop. They’re easy to remove, and all the pieces that come into contact with the cooking vapors, including the filter’s lid, are dishwasher safe. Also, and this is the last thing I will mention about the filter, the BORA X Pure’s ventilation system is silent and effectively eliminates odor. The exhaust fan above my apartment’s stove is loud enough to overpower my laptop speakers, yet barely stops my smoke alarm from ringing. (The after-smell, by the way, is just a given – you can’t fight it.)

Clean-up is one of the least enjoyable aspects of cooking, and it is more inconvenient with subpar appliances. You use your stovetop daily, which means that seemingly minor improvements, like an embedded vapor filter, can greatly improve your experience. It’s a small luxury, but one that many apartment-dwellers like myself would love to have.

Designer: BORA Vertriebs Gmbh & Co KG

Lightweight, rotatable, and foldable – Kooke portable gas stove is here to upgrade your camping style!

Given the current scenario, you’d definitely be itching to get to the outdoors and be sure of making the most of the opportunity. Stepping beyond borders is not something that’s going to happen anytime soon without compromising health, so the easiest option is to remain local. No matter the location you pick to camp in, you want to be extra cautious with what you eat (keeping the immune system strong is important), and a camping stove that helps you cook up fresh healthy food is exactly what you need!

When you look up a portable stove for the next outdoor adventure you will find a range of them available the moment you press the magical search button. What you’re unlikely to find is a compact and foldable stove that’ll take away half your packing woes before gearing up for the camp. The Kooke Portable Stove makes an impression with its lightweight, rotatable, and foldable form factor. When you want to use it – swivel open the gas stove from its plastic housing, pull out the burner stands, slot in the fuel can, and voila you’re done! A rotatable controller on the face of the stove lets you switch the gas on and control the flame. Kooke can be easily folded back, to store after use, occupying little possible storage space. Interestingly, the portable stove is easy to carry with a handle on the plastic case and fits the bill in the outdoors with both function and appearance.

The award-winning Kooke portable gas stove comes in two colors, black and champagne gold. Using and storing it shouldn’t be a fuss because that’s pretty much why this is designed in the first place making it perfect size to take on long hike or camp in nature where a hot meal wouldn’t come easy. Using it under vigil is important for it doesn’t have a windshield around the burner, which can be a situation in windy outdoors. Nonetheless, we are ready to pack this on our next trip, what’s your take?

Designer: Hao-Jhang Cyue of Ace Right Corp

A modern fireplace designed to showcase the flames and keep you mesmerized!

There is something about looking into flames that brings us closer to our inner self and keeps us transfixed there. However, with the advent of electric heating devices, we no longer get to sit and relish this experience at our homes. There are many who still keep a traditional fireplace or a gas stove in their houses. But, their purpose is limited to either heating or cooking and the flames are always entrapped in a black industrial frame that does not do justice to their spell-binding liveliness.

Designer Jeong Kim has taken a rather unique approach to this idea by designing a stove that showcases the flames in their captivating brilliance. He has created ‘Contact Surface’, a stove that also works as an ornamental piece to go with your furniture. The design is as much attractive as it is functional. The body features a glass door with various color gradients and a lever on the side which locks and unlocks the door. The action of opening however is vertical, keeping the hot glass safely away from the user’s touch and in steady movement instead of having it swing around randomly. At the top is also a regulator which controls the flow of oxygen into the stove. It also comes with a removable bin to collect and dispose of any ash or other particles that might accumulate.

The designer felt that traditional stoves made a rather abrupt break between flames and their surroundings. And thus, was born ‘Contact Surface’ which gently eases the separation between flames and the space around them.

Designer: Jeong Kim of Weekend-Works

A Hob Set Free


Ordine is an innovative cooking solution designed for the modern user. Optimized for small spaces, the design eliminates the need for a bulky traditional stove, clearing the way for more cabinet and counter space.

The design features two hob units that are mounted on a central power hub on the wall. Elevated neatly out of the way, the user must simply grab one or both hobs off the wall and set the desired temperature to activate. Clad in materials consisting of natural wood and copper, the design not only saves valuable kitchen real estate but is made to complement your interior aesthetic on display.

Designer: Adriano Design



Not Your Mama’s Recipe Book


My mom gave me a handful of those ancient recipe books that have been handed down in my family for decades. It was a nice gesture and all, but I’ll almost certainly never get around to making any of our heirloom recipes because… well… because who has time for that?? If you’re like me, you probably aren’t going to get around to cooking a new dish unless there’s an easy online instructional or YouTube video!

Imagined with this in mind, the Quiett cooktop aims to make our modern cooking lessons even more convenient by putting them right on the surface where the magic happens. A digital screen syncs with your smartphone to play videos, map recipes, and provide step-by-step instructions right on the cooktop itself. This way, you can concentrate on what you’re doing and keep your hands free. Better yet, you can interact with other users and share your favorite recipes all from the convenience of the cooktop!

Designer: Erik Park









Heat Where You Need, Not Where You Don’t


A 2018 Red Dot Design Concept winner, the COOKACROSS is aptly named for the unique way in which it adapts to your pots and pans of different size, instead of the other way around! After all, modern kitchen sizes are shrinking and so is the amount of storage space we have. Gone are the days when the average household has enough room for a deluxe set of various and specific vessel sizes, so it only makes sense that our stovetops do the adjusting.

Unlike traditional 4-burner systems, it features a grid of multiple gas outlets with independent valves that shut on/off instantaneously. The smart system automatically detects the size of the pot or pan placed on the surface and turns on the individual gas outlets beneath it. This not only prevents waste but ensures the most even heat distribution of any stovetop solution. Of course, users can also pull up the COOKACROSS app on their smartphone and reduce the number or the heating level with a simple swipe or touch.

The Cookacross is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2018.

Designer: Zaviè Design Studio





The Fireplace Gets a Modern Facelift


Wood burning fireplaces are quickly becoming a thing of the past, especially if you reside in a big city apartment or new home… but that doesn’t mean you can’t get cozy! Designed by a group from the University of Buenos Aires, the AWA home heater is a modern interpretation of the familiar form of the fluted fireplace that utilizes new thermal power tech to fill your home with warmth and ambience.

The design generates thermal power through electrolysis, breaking the bonds in the water molecules and then combusting the separated hydrogen. The hot air rises along the body releasing heat by the means of convection using the ventilations allocated in the upper part. At the same time the central core made of refractory ceramics radiates warmth, even once it’s turned off. Better yet, it uses 40% less energy compared to a classic stove, avoids troublesome code requirements, and be a whole lot safer!

Designers: Lucia de Cabo, Sofia Fratichelli, Tomas Planas & Gonzalo Rossi







The fire-stove that can even work in a windstorm

Made for extreme outdoor conditions, the Peakboil stove doesn’t only work in the harshest of winds, it actually is optimized to boil your liquids faster than usual. Designed by the students at ETH Zurich, the Peakboil is a 3D printed stove and jug with a specially designed burner and chimney system. A series of Venturi nozzles on the burner use localized pressure differentials to feed the flames inside the combustion chamber, which is protected from wind by high sides and a narrow top chimney. The stylized chimney walls increase the surface area, allowing more heat to be provided to the liquid within the container, increasing its temperature substantially faster than a regular stove and kettle.

The entire jug and burner system are 3D printed, to achieve their specialized design. The complex, single-piece combustion chamber couldn’t be manufactured using conventional techniques, and is only possible via additive manufacturing. Selective laser melting was used to fuse metal powder together in layers just 1/30th of a millimeter thick, and to progressively create 3D details from scratch.

Designer: ETH Zurich