Spotify’s Sleep Timer is coming to the iPhone today

Starting today, iOS users can fall asleep to their Spotify playlists without having their rest disturbed later. Spotify Sleep Timer -- which has been available on the Android version of the app since May -- lets you select a countdown timer between f...

This Jumbo Snorlax Lounger Will Lull You to Sleep… and Steal Your Wallet

Do you have trouble getting to sleep? No luck with Melatonin or Ambien? Well, here’s something that will surely get you some shut-eye – a gigantic Snorlax sleep lounger.

Created lovingly by Knot Again by Amina, this handmade Snorlax bed (aka the “Sleeping Monster”) is sure to lull to sleep anyone who dares to lay on its inviting and rotund belly. For shipping purposes, the monster comes unstuffed, but Amina will provide instructions for stuffing your Snorlax locally. That’s sure to be a process that’s more involved than your Thanksgiving turkey.

This amazing creation is the perfect living room addition for any Pokémon fan with deep pockets. I’ve got the first part covered, but sadly, $3500 is a bit above my pay grade when it comes to my collection of geeky wonders.

[via Geekologie]

Apple Watch may get sleep tracking as soon as next week

The Apple Watch might include sleep tracking sooner than you think. Sources talking to 9to5Mac claim to have significant details as to how the health feature will work, with word that it might be announced "as early as next week" at the September 10...

Brain-controlled VR lightshows could lull you to sleep

By most accounts, technology wreaks havoc on our sleep. Even tools meant to help us sleep better can make insomnia worse. But sleep and tech don't have to be mutually exclusive. Artists and researchers from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RM...