Piece of art or an air purifier?

Forget about its completely justifiable functionality, we want a Coway FAB purely to admire! This undeniably attractive and beautifully considered example of design has been created to provide the domestic environment with a supply of clean, fresh air, as well as a fresh aesthetic! Designed with the sole aim of fitting harmoniously within a room, FAB carries a wonderfully unique aesthetic that forces it to stand out from its more conventional competitors. The clever combination of the soft fabric finish and sharp linear lines leads to a visually dramatic juxtaposition that we can’t help but love. Aesthetics aside, the fabric finish also brings with it a functional benefit; the air inlet that is concealed behind it sucks the uncleansed air through the material and into the filter!

Another aspect of the design which must not be ignored is the attention to user experience; a clear and accessible carry-handle, tactile buttons and simplistic interface are just a few features that ensure a pain-free operation!

Designer: Hyunjin Park of OFFOF

It is designed using the basic elements of dots, lines, and surfaces. In a neat and unique form, it becomes an object in its own space.

The vivid orange-red color gives you a vintage feel, Blue suits you everywhere and the Light Green Color gives you a soft feel.

The handle in the center of the product increases the mobility of the product. The operating button is white, the same color as the body of the product, and is designed to contrast the fabric color.

It also uses soft rubber materials to provide not only visual comfort but also tactile comfort.

The angle of the air outlet blades of the air purifier is 45 degrees, so air comes out along the wings and breaks into the walls to deliver a wider range of fresh air.

The fabric is an air inlet and has two filtering effects. A structure designed to allow air to be inhaled by a fabric can be easily replaced by stripping the fabric.

Choose the color you want to and match to make your own air purifier.

The wall-mounted air purifier and clock for compact apartments

The Air Hole is the wall-mounted air purifier that has been designed to live within even the most compact of studio apartments! Space can be limited within inner-city accommodation, but this should not restrict people from accessing clean air, especially when the air outside can be filled with toxins. The wall-mountable air purifier demands little space within the home, making it a desirable alternative to the floor standing variants we have become accustomed to. Airhole also has a rather subtle secondary feature that has been incorporated into the design to elevate its functionality even further; a digital clock has been seamlessly integrated into the face of the unit!

Designer: Lee Hyo Min

Dyson’s latest air purifier captures and destroys formaldehyde in your home!

We are all aware of the adverse levels of air pollution in public places, on the streets, in our cities, basically everywhere except our homes. But here’s a little shocker; our homes aren’t completely free from aerial pollution….yet!  One of the many guaranteed pollutants in our homes is Formaldehyde. It’s usually released in our homes from a variety of sources: furniture, wood products, air fresheners, electronics, cleaning products and so on and so forth. Formaldehyde present in substantial amounts can cause irritation to our eyes, nose, and throat. It has been classified as a cancer-causing substance, but the research in this field is yet to bear concrete results. This where Dyson’s latest product the Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic comes in. It promises to not only capture the Formaldehyde that’s been released in the air but also to destroy it. Whereas Dyson’s previous air purifiers could only capture the gas, the Cryptomic has taken ten steps forward. Famous for its bladeless fan, Dyson’s latest air purifiers display the same unique design while projecting purified air across a 360-degree angle.

“Our chemist team has been searching for various methods to solve this problem for the past three years,” said Dr. Nathan Brown, head of research at Dyson. “We have tested more than 20 different catalysts – materials that would enable a chemical reaction to take place, but isn’t consumed or used up by the reaction. We ultimately identified the mineral Cryptomelane as the ideal catalyst.” This very catalyst panel is what differentiates the Cryptomic from its predecessors. The panel consists of almost a billion tunnels which capture the Formaldehyde gas.

In fact, Dyson has even gone ahead and explained the process to us:
“There is an oxygen-rich surface on the catalyst that works to destroy formaldehyde by removing electrons during the chemical reaction causing it to break into the smaller, safer molecules – carbon dioxide and water,” the company said in a statement. “The amount of carbon dioxide and water that results from this process is very small. For reference, the technology panel produces 20,000x less water and CO2 than a mouse gives off breathing per day.”

The newly introduced filter of Crytopmic never has to be removed nor replaced, lasting as long as the purifier itself, however, the carbon and HEPA filters do need to be replaced every twelve months. The purifier can be synched to the Dyson Link app (compatible with Android and IOS) which displays the current air quality, as well as the temperature and humidity in your city.

Though the question arises “Is Formaldehyde a dominant enough threat for us to consider?” Research does indeed show that it irritates our respiratory system. There are simpler (non-monetary) alternatives to rid our homes of this pollutant, but those will last only for a short period of time and the gas can never be completely eradicated. In such a scenario, the Cryptomic with it’s guaranteed functionality to destroy Formadelhyde does seem like a safer bet, though it may be a costlier one. With issues like climate change, global warming and pollution looming even closer on the horizon, I don’t think any of us would mind living in a pollutant-free zone at home, and we have the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic to help us with that!

This air purifier’s top pops up when you need that extra purification!

If we are on the look-out for a device that is destined for the domestic environment, it’s understandable to lust after a design which compliments the existing furnishings and décor of the home. This calls for the removal of any industrial or utilitarian design features and instead allowing for a simplistic, clean design language to be introduced. This is exactly what Air Woofer has succeeded in doing.

This beautiful example of product design has been created with the sole purpose of keeping the air inside our homes both healthy and fresh. The top section of Definite rises from the body when the air quality is identified as being inadequate, and once a healthy balance has been met, it resides back into its place where it continues to maintain the desired level of quality.

The entire user experience has been considered in great depth, making Definite as simple and intuitive as possible; clear touchpoints combined with straight-forward removal of the filter leads to a wonderful example of domestic design.

Designer: AB Rh+ Yang

Dry, sanitize, purify, and warm public washrooms with this device

Radryer is a radical concept that looks at combining three functionalities into one. You may argue that it’s not necessary to cramp three diverse functions into one, but if you ask me, they functions complement each other – so why not!

Radryer is a hand dryer and sterilizer, it is also an air purifier and a radiator. The combination makes complete sense in the bathroom or a public toilet. Would love to see this one materialize.

Designer: Jinyoung Noh

“Radiators that appear in the toilet every winter have nuts and holes that do not look good when not in use. I thought it would solve the aesthetic problem if the seasonal product could be combined with other toilet device’s problem,” Noh told Yanko Design.

Sterilization using UVC-led

Air cleaner

Heating function

Air purifier that blends in rather than stand-out

There is no reason for domestic appliances to disrupt the harmony within our homes, yet so many become undesirable eye-sores. HORIZONTÁLIS is an air purifier that demonstrates how a product with a distinct function can be designed in a way that allows it to be in keeping with the existing furnishings within the home.

On first glance, you would be forgiven in mistaking this air purifier for a side-table; its confident form and carefully-considered details lead to a product that resembles an item of furniture as opposed to an electrical appliance. Its designer, Jaehyo Lee, recognized that furniture isn’t as simple as ‘one-size-fits-all’; by incorporating a modular design, this friendly air purifier can be transformed to suit the environment it is destined to be placed within and further harmonize with the existing furnishings.

Designer: Jaehyo Lee

This Parthenon pillar inspired 360-degree air purifier brings a touch of Greek architecture to your home

The Pillars of Parthenon’s iconic stature can now be beautifully introduced into your living room, bringing with it the clean, healthy air that we deserve. Appropriately named after the Greek God of the West Wind, Zephyrus is a domestic air conditioning unit that absorbs fine dust from the air that surrounds it.

The pillar-like form isn’t only unique, but it also holds a functional benefit; the cylindrical footprint allows the unit to absorb particles from all sides, 360° degrees around itself, making it extremely efficient! In order for the simplistic design to not be interrupted, a minimalistic yet intuitive air condition indicator is positioned on the top surface of the device. This has been accompanied by a trio of buttons which each control the unit’s power, time-booking mode, and fan-speed!

The simplistic design continues on the inside, with a fuss-free and considered assembly process that allows for quick and hassle-less replacement of the filter.

Designer: Jonggun Kim

Clairy’s Planter/Purifier keeps the house green and the air clean

It’s pretty commonly known that plants have a way of cleansing the air we breathe. A forest has much healthier air than a busy intersection, and while that reference is sort of overkill, it proves a point. Greenery is associated with freshness, and plants trap dust, dirt, kill bacteria, and dissipate harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide from the air, replacing it with fresh oxygen that nurtures the body. The Clairy Air Purifier plays on this property of plants, accelerating it in a way that allows a single plant to do the job a garden would. With a stylized planter base that not only shatters the misconceptions that air purifiers should be bulky, appliance-like, and borderline clinical, Clairy has an aesthetics-forward Italian-design-influenced approach. It looks incredibly voguish, and houses a plant too, giving you greenery and home decor along with the benefits of an appliance without the overbearing presence of it.

Clairy is an award winning planter/purifier hybrid that adds a touch of aesthetic beauty and greenery to the space. With a purifier integrated into the planter itself, Clairy pulls polluted air through its top, allowing to pass through and around the plant and soil, getting the plant to absorb microorganisms, gases, and dust particles. Clairy purifies air using the plant’s own natural processes of trapping pollutants in its soil and around the roots, and the then purified air makes its exit from the exhaust on the planter. With no industrial filter of its own, Clairy relies on an effective form of bio-purification and therefore needs no periodic replacement of filters. It works silently too, doing its job diligently, and even allows you to track and measure air quality levels over time.

Designed completely in Italy, Clairy follows the highest standards of Italian aesthetics and engineering too (the product has won European and German Design Awards). The planter, in a bid to completely reject the norms of appliance design, comes made from Italian ceramics by Venetian craftsmen, effectively melding haute decor, consumer appliance, and the benefits of a healthier lifestyle into one, incredibly classy product!

Designer: Clairy

When a Jet Engine and an Air Purifier Collide!

With a design that has been heavily inspired by the distinctive form of a jet engine, the Air Jet S is certainly an air purifier that we can get behind! Carrying a design that focuses on the simplicity of use and the user experience, this compact purifier, with a capacity of 13m2, makes for the perfect addition to any small abode!

The small exterior conceals a rather clever internal structure; both the filter and the fan exit from the top of the device, the power is automatically cut when removed, this allows for quick and easy replacement or cleaning of the all-important air filter! Following the popular trend that sees an absence of physical buttons, Air Jet S is controlled through an intuitive smartphone app, allowing for remote control of the smart device!

All of this is wrapped up within a stunningly simplistic design that sure makes this device a desirable one!

Designer: Kwanjun Ryu for BRUNT

The shape of the Air Jet S was inspired by the jet engine to emphasize a strong wind. Small air purifier with a capacity of 13 m² can be used on the desk or near the bed.

The structure of the Air Jet S is simple. Both filter and fan part are separated upward. When you open the cap, you will get a handle to separate the fan. When you remove fan part, the power automatically turns off. After the filter separated, it can be wiped or replaced to new one.

Air Jet S can, of course, measure indoor air quality. It also shows outdoor air quality via Wi-Fi. You can experience the performance of the Air Jet S by comparing indoor and outdoor air quality.

The fan part of the Air Jet S is designed to be safe. If the fan is removed during operation, the fan returns for a few seconds due to inertia. However, safety bridges at the bottom prevent accidents. Safety bridges are designed to be round to minimize wind resistance.

When you remove and assemble the fan part, you can supply power without a cable connection. The magnet built-in pogo pin make it possible to assembl each parts very easily and surely.

Small but efficient. The Air Jet S consists of 11 injection parts and two PCBs. The BLDC motor operates at 2100 rpm and has very little noise. Equipped with a top quality air sensor, it can measure more precise air quality and at the same time operate the air purifier correctly.

Air Jet S has invested heavily in molds to maintain perfect shape in all directions. With 8 slide core molds, the shadow of the hole can be seen perfectly.

When a hip wireless charger met this space-conscious air purifier

We may perceive the air within our homes to be clean and healthy, but sometimes it is anything but that, and as a result it could have a negative impact on our health. Whilst this is avoidable through the use of purifiers, this solution often comes in a space-intruding form that takes up valuable room in places where every square-inch counts!

The Desktop Air Purifier offers a compact alternative to the larger units we are now familiar with; as its name would suggest, the device neatly sits on a desk or side-table where its presence is considerate the valuable space that surrounds it. Its functionality doesn’t end at being an air purifier, packed into the compact design is also a wireless charger which can be used to charge any of your supported devices! All of this has been contained within a beautifully simple form where friendly curves and considerate finishes lead to a device that sits comfortably within the domestic environment.

Designer: Zhao Hu