No more opening kitchen windows with this suspended light that doubles as an air purifier !

Have you ever struggled with this dilemma – should you keep the kitchen window open when you cook so the ventilation keeps your place smelling alright or should you keep the window closed so that pollution is now the ‘spice’ accidentally added to your dish? This suspended kitchen lamp is an air purifier that keeps the space ventilated and particles controlled without needing to open your window!

We all have wanted to open the windows at some point when cooking not because of the smell but because of the particles that will be circulated everywhere otherwise. The ‘Keling’ is a conceptual air purifier combined with a kitchen lamp. The bottom is designed to absorb the fine dust generated while cooking while the top emits purified air. The height is adjustable and replacing the filter is more convenient than cleaning the bulky exhausts. You can also sync it with your smartphone to get control lighting, fine dust, cooking, filter, and wind direction through the mobile app.

This sleek device keeps the outside polluted air away from your food while making sure you aren’t breathing in any pepper dust!

Designer: Kikang Kim

This 4-in-1 smart home appliance is the only butler you need

Quarantine has really shown me that I could never be a butler should I ever plan to switch careers, in fact, I could use a butler to manage all the chores as I work from home. This is the part where I fall in love with Mr. Alfred – no, not Batman’s butler but a smart home appliance that serves as a humidifier, dehumidifier, air purifier, and vacuum. I think this confirms that all men are truly not the same!

Mr. Alfred is a conceptual smart air-management system that looks like an elegant bar cart – the gold rails add a retro finish while the muted grey body gives it rich yet subtle aesthetic. Instead of having four home appliances, you can just have one that does it all while saving space and upgrading your interior game. Mr. Alfred is designed to provide solutions for healthy air in your space by sensing the quality. It is precise and targeted at keeping your space clean. The sleek appliance is made of six important parts – the main body which is responsible to store and charge the detachable parts, a drone that monitors the space, a robot vacuum, an air purifier, humidifier, and dehumidifier. Fun fact: the three air-management parts rest on the robot vacuum that makes them portable.

The rails of the main body help with putting the air-purifier, humidifier, and dehumidifier on the robot vacuum when being used. After the job is done, all parts return to the main body to be stored and recharged. Mr. Alfred also includes a cleaning tool kit with brushes and sprays. The physical form of a trolley was used to match the image of a butler. The wheels make it easy to move around the house and the minimal style lets it become a beautiful furniture piece when not in use. Mr. Alfred has been an iconic butler forever and now it lives in the form of this smart concept design…now only if it also had a feature to shine a symbol in the sky.

Designer: Dawn BYSJ, S-W K, Ki-Beom Hwang, Dong-Jun and Citrine H

The dishwasher-friendly filter of this air purifer is good for you and the planet!

We have watched a ton of movies with a world-ending apocalypse threatening doomsday, but till the moment actually arrived in the form of COVID-19, we never knew how unprepared we are for such a situation! Being locked down has shown us how adaptable we are, from repurposing snorkeling masks into makeshift ventilators, inclusively designed masks that let the hearing challenged lip-read while staying protected to even EDC designs that let you navigate your surroundings while prohibiting contact with infected surfaces – humans, when challenged, are adept at finding alternatives that save the day! And disposing of the need for disposable filters is one surefire way to protect the planet and the humans alike.

This is the solution that Christoph Burkhardt, CEO of OneLife has achieved through their PureOne Silent Air Purifier – a purifier that doesn’t require any filter changes. “If you don’t have an air purifier, you are the air purifier,” says Christoph. He also shares his personal experience to help us better understand the need for a purifier. A malfunctioning from his furnace led to a high level of carbon monoxide gas in their home, slowly affecting their health. It was an air quality sensor that saved him from this disaster. The air in our homes can be up to 5-10 times more harmful than the outside air, something we and our family breathe in continuously without realizing the harm it is doing. Most purifiers work using HEPA Filters or ionizing technology, whereas the PureOne uses the plasma field technology — the same plasma that lives in our star, the Sun. Built for smart households and workplaces, PureOne’s proprietary and award-winning clean technology creates high filtration performance at low ventilator speed. This means the purifier runs with a silent air purification that saves energy by operating on a fraction of the electricity required by other air purifiers, with no harmful ozone emissions. Instead of replacing filters every few months, the PureOne filter system can be rinsed or run through a dishwasher and reused, easy right?

The PureOne’s aesthetics have been designed to merge into your surroundings effortlessly, using a blend of minimal textile and wooden finishes to match your furniture. Users can control PureOne and get air quality data with voice-first products like Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant or with an iOS or Android app. Offering an easy, silent, and effective way to keep the air in your home clean the PureOne removes the smallest fine particles without any ozone damage. Reducing our use of disposable filters and maintaining social distancing, PureOne fulfills a need that perfectly fits the lifestyle our post-quarantine world is shaping up to be!

Designer: OneLife

This smart purifier will elevate your air quality and home interior

With every passing year, we are seeing the effects of pollution seep deeper into our lives. Earlier it would only affect your health if you spent too much time outdoors, especially in an urban setting, but now we are learning that the air indoor can be 5x more polluted than outside. While a long term solution is adopting a sustainable lifestyle, you can make changes in your immediate environment overnight with appliances like air purifiers to improve the air quality for your health. Air purifiers are generally not something we consider as an accent piece in our homes but Air O, a conceptual air purifier, is here to change that.

Air purifiers have slowly become essentials in homes after the US EPA and WHO stated that PM2.5 indoors air quality is more toxic than outdoor air. It prompted people to monitor their living spaces, especially those with existing conditions like asthma or families with newborns. In addition to appliances, people also get indoor plants to naturally purify the air, but having both take up space and increases maintenance. Air O is the perfect fusion of a purifier and a planter that not only frees up and make corners of your home look tidy, it also gives your interior style a minimalistic upgrade. You can control Air O through an app on your smartphone and get timely reports on the air quality or notifications about changing the filters.

The designer’s idea to combine plants with an air purifier was like adding a turbocharger to make the appliance perform better while retaining the soothing presence of plants. The appliance is designed to look like a luxury plant holder with pineapple-like grooves that add texture to the otherwise matte black gadget. Air O’s sleek make it a perfect fit in any space and you won’t have to worry about a bulky air purifier being an eyesore in your home. Also, the plant really elevates the environment apart from having emotional benefits. I bet no one will be able to tell its an air purifier and they’ll assume you are a real adult now with real thriving plants in your home – nice feeling, isn’t it?

Designer: Sheng-Wen Wang

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The ATMOBLUE wearable smart-purifier delivers 99.9% purified air to let you breathe clean air freely

Five months ago, not everyone knew what an N95 mask was… today they cost up to 100 times what they were originally worth just because of the crushing demand globally. Chances are we’re probably going to need to wear this mask more often than not. With disease outbreaks, natural disasters, and bad air-quality in most urban cities across the world, masks will almost certainly become more commonplace, so it’s best if we reconcile with the fact that the N95 mask, as highly coveted as it is, is far from perfect. In fact, it’s quite bad.

There’s an inherent set of problems with the common N95. A, it’s a struggle to breathe through, especially for long intervals, B. it’s uncomfortable having that humid air circulating around your mouth, C. for 2/3rd of the world’s population, it fogs up glasses, and D. it needs to be disposed of after a certain point of time. The N95 mask isn’t great, and Leandro Rolon and his team set out on a mission to make it better.

Rolon, an architect, designer, and CEO of his own 3D printing company, realized what a big problem it was breathing polluted air in China, where he had set up his studio. Air quality isn’t a problem you can fix short-term, and while governments still fumble with this widespread problem, the only quick solution to breathing in bad air is to wear a mask… except these masks weren’t designed to be worn all the time. Leandro soon realized that the best mask was the one that solved the four aforementioned problems. It needed to be comfortable, and effectively circulate purified air so that you could breathe with ease, and your glasses wouldn’t get fogged up. The solution required scaling down an air purifier to something that was small enough to fit on your face. Calling it the ATMOBLUE, Leandro and his team developed an entirely new category of wearables that could actively purify the air of 99.9% of particles, pioneering a technology that made them sort of the Tesla of face-masks, as opposed to the N95 which only filtered 95% of the air. The mask featured “positive air pressure” which helped keep out germs and contaminants by making the air pressure inside the mask greater than the air pressure outside. Built-in fans pushed purified air right into the insides of the mask, allowing you to breathe normally, and one-way outlets got rid of the humid air, so your mouth never felt wet and sweaty. ATMOBLUE was designed as an upgrade to the N95, which almost every Asian wore outdoors. Its fan-operated purification system allowed people to breathe clean air easily (a feature that really helped people with inherent respiratory issues), and a comfortable silicone rim around the mask created a proper airtight seal, so air didn’t leak out – which ensured that you were breathing pure air at all times, and that if you wore glasses, they never fogged up. ATMOBLUE was designed and prototyped as an R&D project back in end-2017. The following year the product was commercialized and a little over 20,000 units were sold throughout Asia. The team even went on to receive great reviews and awards, such as a Red Dot Design Award, IDSA award and 1st place at the Techcrunch Shanghai start-up competition… then suddenly one day, the news of a mysterious viral disease broke out of Wuhan.

Quickly ramping up production to bring his easy-breathing mask to all the people who needed it, Rolon and his partners made a variety of upgrades and launched the mask on Kickstarter as a powerful, wearable version of your domestic purifier. Designed to be just as small as any conventional face mask (and weighing only 190 grams), ATMOBLUE uses two small yet powerful fans that pull air through HEPA filters. These filters snap right onto the mask and can easily be interchanged after nearly months of use, instead of throwing out your old N95 mask after 2-3 days of wearing.

ATMOBLUE was originally envisioned as a mask to protect people from harmful air particles such as PM2.5 (a mixture of small, solid particles and liquid droplets in the air), for people with respiratory issues, and for sportspeople who often need larger quantities of oxygen delivered to their lungs while exercising. Given that it’s inherently difficult to breathe through an N95 mask, leave alone breathing through one while you’re jogging down a trail and gasping for air, ATMOBLUE makes it feel like you don’t have a mask on. Air gets delivered directly to your mouth and nose, allowing you to breathe as easily as you would without a mask… additionally, the HEPA filters give you up to 99.9% air purity. The mask’s patented band system wraps horizontally around your head, giving you full freedom to move your head while going about your day, and especially while exercising. The internal fans, which come with three speed settings for airflow, are surprisingly noise-less (between 10-45 decibels), and despite the mask’s hard-body construction and air-tight seal, it doesn’t inhibit your ability to talk. In fact, vocal clarity is just about the same as with an N95 mask, so you don’t need to take ATMOBLUE off to have basic conversations.

ATMOBLUE’s filter system helps provide cleaner air, while the interchangeable filters save cost in the long run and generate significantly lesser waste. Each HEPA filter can be used for as long as 150 hours before needing to be changed (that’s two months of use if you wear a mask for less than 3 hours each day). Changing the filter is as simple as popping the magnetic cover off and switching the old filter-box for a new one. ATMOBLUE even comes with a smartphone app that gives you filter-health information, letting you know when to make the change, and an air-quality sensor on the mask even lets you know exactly where your neighborhood’s air ranks on the quality index. You can even set up your mask’s auto-air-flow feature on the app, allowing the fan speed to self-adjust by using algorithms to measure your breathing pattern… and when you do need a new set of filters (ideally every two months), you can order them right on the app.

To think about it, the only similarity between ATMOBLUE and an N95 mask is their overall size. The N95 mask is a garment, whereas the ATMOBLUE is a wearable purifier. As dystopian as it may sound, our future isn’t entirely insured against events that may require wearing masks… at least rarely, if not occasionally. Whether you’re a designer in a workshop, a worker in a factory, a scientist in a laboratory, or even a firefighter trying to rescue people through a smoke-filled building, ATMOBLUE helps by being a wearable that’s multiple times better than the current cloth-based alternative. It’s comfortable, secure, efficient, can be used multiple times… and just as an added bonus, looks much better than those clinical face-masks.

Designer: Leandro Rolon
Partners: Cirq Technologies & Broad Group

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $249 (60% off). Hurry, only 19/100 left!

ATMOBLUE – Smart Air Purifier that Blocks 99.9% of Toxic Air

ATMOBLUE is the world’s first wearable, smart air purifier. Their patented air filtration system uses industrial grade, replaceable filters, blocking 99.9% of air particles.


Replaceable Industrial Grade H13 HEPA Filters

– Blocks 99.97% of air particulates
– Average use time is 150 hours
– High Quality, Multi-Fold design

Traditional filters are flat and are quickly consumed. Their unique filters are made of up meticulous folds, compressing the flat surface area of two 9.5 squared inch sheets, into two compact filter blocks which slide right into your mask.

N95 < N99 < H13 HEPA Filters

You may have heard the term N95. This simply means 95% of air particles are being captured. At the higher end of the spectrum, N99 (99%) masks are offered for more industrial applications such as painting or waste cleanup. Moving one step further ATMOBLUE’s, H13 HEPA filters block 99.97% of particles which are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger. To give you a bit of context, one strand of human hair is about 75 microns across.

Innovative Air Flow Technology

– Dual, high-speed, centrifugal fans continuously supply filtered air to create a refreshing breathing environment.
– Three airflow control settings. Users adjust speeds as needed.
– Positive Air Pressure allows users to breath effortlessly with zero resistance.

The term positive airflow means excess air or “positive air” being pushed into the mask and out through its vents. Because of this solution positive air pushes out exhaled air increasing the overall effectiveness of the mask by removing unwanted bacteria from the breathing zone.

Designed for the most extreme conditions ATMOBLUE’s multiple airflow settings allow users to switch between light mode, when sitting idle on the train or a car, to high strength when jogging through the city or on the job.

Depending on your use, such as fan speed, your rechargeable ATMOBLUE system runs continuously from 3 – 5 hours. When battery life is running low a red indication light notifies users when to recharge. Simply plug into any USB port until your indicator light turns white again.

Lightweight Silicone Seal

Dermatologically friendly silicone creates a soft but airtight seal keeping good air in and bad air out. ATOMBLUE won’t leave marks on your face after each use and can be worn with glasses without fogging up vision.

The unique silicone seal was designed with users in mind. Data of over 1000 individuals’ faces was compiled and then the team created a unique solution that adapts to various sized faces. ATMOBLUE’s soft, lightweight silicone seal contours around the user’s face leaving enough room for movement and flexibility.

Patented Head Strap for Maximum Range & Comfort

With the unique strap-channel design, the continuous head-strap flows through the mask, around your neck and head, creating a full range of continuous motion.

Designed with athletes in mind they used high-quality, flexible, materials allowing for a stretch when using your mobile device or looking around your periphery.

Interchangeable Skins

Available in four color configurations: Smoke, Pearl, Cement Grey, and Light Pink. Replaceable covers allow your mask to transform and adapt to your style and environment. Simply remove the magnetic HEPA caps and pop off the front of the mask. Once you’ve chosen one your ideal color skin, simply attach and go.

Designed to be worn around your neck when not in use or in your carrying bag, ATMOBLUE’s compact design features a lightweight design of only 190 grams.

APP Control

All ATMOBLUE units come standard with built-in software & APP control. The device management APP provides real air-time quality indicators, tracks personal metrics and most importantly offers dynamic air flow controls.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $249 (60% off). Hurry, only 19/100 left!

This purifier’s 4 part cleansing process works on your clothes and your room

Now more than ever we are looking for home appliances that are multifunctional and extra points to those that have additional cleaning or purification functions, right? If I find a keyboard that can also sanitize my hands then maybe I will spend more time working from home, or maybe a coffee mug that also doubles up as a portable facial steamer! The concept of combining purification functionality with a home appliance is a gold mine right now and that is why there is no surprise that the FAD 01/02 clothing and air multi-care system is one of the winners of the Red Dot Design Awards 2019.

This clothes purifier is a mini wardrobe with a large mirror that not only purifies your clothes but also your room when you leave its door open – much friendlier than how my refrigerator acts when I do the same thing with it. As the dust pollution and pollen allergies increase, this sleek home appliance offers a solution by blasting precise gushes of air on the hung clothes to removes the dust and pollen. The continuous air circulation means no particles are left behind on the clothing. It allows you to select settings for different types of clothing items, different materials, and cleansing options on its user-interface screen.

It’s dual cleaning system then sprays nano electrolyzed water onto the clothing, absorbing and removing odor and leftover dust particles. After that, the clothes are dried and dehumidified in a low-temperature setting. The FAD 01/02 ensures your clothes come out clean and wrinkle-free thanks to its intricate 4-part system and a methodical cleansing process. Once your clothes are out, leave the door open and let its dehumidifying and air purifying systems work to cleanse your indoor air as well – works in all seasons too!

The Fad 01/02 is a winner of the Red Dot Design Awards 2019.

Designer: Coway

This conceptual Dyson ventilator reduces 95% fine dust in urban farms!

Breathing is such an automated bodily function that it doesn’t even occur to us to think about what we are actually inhaling. Fine dust is not seen by the human eye but we very well know when that same speck of dust goes in our eye, it wreaks havoc. Similarly, for any living organism to be breathing in fine dust is harmful because at the moment we won’t see its effects and it will keep accumulating to cause big trouble later. Humans can still comprehend this and take precautions, but what about plants? With the growing trend of urban and city farming, fine dust can be a dampener on our sustainable efforts and overall health.

This conceptual Dyson air purifier, Ventila, is specifically designed to combat the fine dust problem in city farms. Ventila’s aim is to improve the ventilation system in these farms to create a healthier environment that results in a quality crop – pesticides are not the only toxins we consume and we must learn to be more aware of where we source our food from. Ventila has a simple but effective mechanism, it creates a barrier by merging vapor with fine dust. When both combine, the mere weight of the particle makes it drop to the ground with the water. Condensation but now it wears a cape!

The Ventila prototype was created to see how effective this method will be, to understand the results better, there has to be a number attached to the impact which the experiment provides. The water rises through a pipe in the ventilator and 12 pumps are used to convert it into water vapor. This water vapor is evenly dispersed using the basic working module of a humidifier. The prototype was tested and was found to keep 95% of fine dust particles at bay which instantly improves the quality of the plant’s health (and invariably ours) by A LOT. The build is made to be as transparent as possible so the farmers can see the health of the device too and maintain it well. We can wear masks but plants can’t, so let’s make design inclusive for all living organisms.

Designers: DeokYoun Kim, John Park, and Fountain Studio.


Here’s what Dyson’s ‘air-purifying’ headphones could (possibly) look like…

Is it just great timing or what? Just earlier this month, Dyson filed for a patent that brings its air-purifying technology to a smaller, more portable scale. The company famous for making some of the most powerful vacuums, fans, and hair-dryers in the world just disclosed in a patent that they may be working on a portable, wireless pair of headphones with air-purifiers built right into them. Based on those patent files, here’s a concept that brings those visuals and Dyson’s form language together into something that isn’t just a bunch of line-drawings. It’s important to point out that this is just a concept created to help people visualize the product, and isn’t connected to the Dyson brand.

Say hello to the Air-Purifying Headphones. Armed with around-ear cups on both sides, and a dual-headband design on the top, the Air-Purifying Headphones have a unique way of combining air-filtering with audio-playback. The upper headband swivels forward to cover the face, and features the iconic bladeless-fan-style form that helps route air directly to the nose and mouth. The headphones house a powerful motor and filter located within the left and right cups, drawing air from the grilles on the outside and channeling them through and out of the headband’s air-outlets. According to the patent, the purifying headphones would feature propellers that spin at 12,000 rpm and draw in 1.4 liters of air per second each to filter particles like dust and bacteria. A key requirement of the motors would be to function quietly, allowing the headphones to offer great audio playback too.

Apparently, Dyson’s been working on wearable purifier tech for a while now. The company’s seen great growth in its purifier department in countries like Asia, where less-than-desirable air-quality has made owning home-air-purifiers rather commonplace. Shanghai was the top-selling city for Dyson’s purifiers in 2017. With its wearable purifiers, the company hopes to work on a personal level, rather than a spatial one. Headphones and face-masks are perhaps two of the most commonly worn face-accessories outdoors, so combining the two into a singular product could actually be a pretty good idea. Besides, the swiveling headband and its hollow design may just help people unlock their phones with their faces while breathing clean air… a feature that isn’t possible with traditional face-masks.

Given that this concept was developed off patent-drawings, it’s difficult to say if Dyson’s headphones would even remotely resemble these renders… that’s if they do plan on releasing them. Details on the headphones, its functions, and its price aren’t available either, but the fact that the company’s invested in shrinking its air-purifying technology to fight pollution on a more dedicated, personal level – that’s definitely something worth lobbying behind!

Designer/Visualizer: Sarang Sheth

Disclaimer: The Dyson Air-Purifying Headphones are a conceptual render aimed at visualizing public-domain patent files. These renders aren’t affiliated with or connected to the Dyson brand in any way.

Patent Files via United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office

Dyson patents a wearable air purifier that doubles as headphones

If you use public transportation, you know just how gross the air can be. Commuters are constantly coughing and sneezing, which releases thousands of germs into the air. Taking a flight can be even worse, thanks to the recycled air. And that's not to...

Get wrinkle-free clothes and a smell-free home with one device!

I’ll be honest, this product is not something you need but it is certainly something you will want. How cool will it be to have an air purifier that also steams irons your shirt for work? That is exactly what this steam and clothes manager does in a nutshell! The design concept for this home accessory aims to solve the issue of using space inefficiently when you have an air purifier and a clothes manager.

This one device serves both functions as we know so all you need to do to switch from air purified to clothing manager is slide up the top. A hanger will emerge and a sliding curtain to allow for effective deodorization when steaming in a closed space. It is relatively smaller when compared to the traditional clothing manager and because of its dual functionality, it becomes a smarter choice especially for the urban homes.

The steam manager has won various awards for its concept already – Korea Design Exhibition Award Special Prize​​​​​​​ (2019), Winner of International Busan Design Award (2019), and was the finalist at D2B Design Fair (2019). Designer Jiheon Song has already patented the concept and we are excited to see it on the market! I, for one, am ready for cleaner air, cleaner clothes and a cleaner decade.

Designer: Jiheon Song