This cat-friendly tiny house is a double decker, solar-powered design that keeps you happily off-grid!

Architects construct houses according to the needs and wishes of their clients. The structural shape, the window arches, and the door frame all come into question. Sometimes that client is a cat. The designers with Build Tiny recently built and completed a tiny house in October of 2020 called Cyril House, which was warmly named after the (human) client’s grandfather who loved tiny houses. The tiny house has all the perks we’ve come to expect and enjoy inside the walls of tiny homes, but Cyril House was also built for cats.

Coming in at 8 x 2.7 m, with a steel frame and aluminum exterior, the Cyril House is a double-decker one-bedroom with a full-size kitchen, lounge area, bathroom, and home office. Resting on a double-axle trailer, this tiny home comes with a high ceiling that opens up the tiny home even further for you and your feline friend. Mounted between the office and the loft bedroom, carpeted shelves stagger between one another for your cat to traverse while you study or get work done in the home office upstairs. Across the way, you’ll find the main queen-sized bedroom with plenty of storage space and even a hollowed-out rectangular space so that you can get ready for your day without hitting your head against the ceiling. Moving down the ladder to the living area of the tiny house, the full-sized kitchen is outfitted with a built-in gas heater, dishwasher, four-burner gas stovetop, oven, full-sized refrigerator, and plenty of storage space and pantries.

Then, continuing through a cavity sliding door, into the bathroom, you’ll find plenty of floor space for your cat’s litterbox as the designers at Build Tiny designed the bathroom to optimize its overall space, so that homeowners can enjoy spacious showers and plenty of room for hygienic routines. Residents can also dry off comfortably inside the shower even on the coldest of mornings thanks to the heat-retention capabilities of the integrated shower dome. The designers also installed a Natureshead composting toilet inside the bathroom to enhance the tiny house’s overall commitment to sustainability. Just outside the bathroom, Build Tiny integrated a solar storage cupboard into one of the home’s side facades, so that excess solar energy can be stored with you instead of sending it back to the grid. In addition to the energy-efficient, integrated solar energy panels, there are plans for a future fireplace to heat the home from the living room’s corner and a gas califont provides hot water for the tiny home. You and your cat will feel right at home inside of this very big, tiny home.

Designer: Build Tiny

This rotating hand dryer was designed to be an inclusive virus-killing machine for everyone!

What is a product that we have simply given up on when it comes to design? Hand dryers! While we have some high-tech versions that dry our hands in 10 seconds and have UV lights to kill bacteria, have you ever thought if they are actually accessible to everyone who may want to dry their hands? What about someone on a wheelchair in a bathroom at the mall or the movie theatre – can they reach the hand dryer? This inclusively designed hand dryer is here to answer that question with a strong ‘Yes!’

Accurately named U Dryer aka Universal Dryer, this design focuses on making the product usable for every type of person who walks into the washroom. Along with the aesthetic facelift, the U Dryer comes with a simple rotational feature which makes it accesible to adults, children, elderly folk and even those who use a wheelchair. Have you seen parents picking up their children awkwardly in public washrooms? This design solves the problem of having to be at a certain height if you want to dry your hands. U Dryer’s main button is seamlessly hidden which protects it from water damage and also from people who may accidentally turn it off/on. It also features a UV light that allows for 360-degree sterilization when the motion sensor detects your hands. A product like this would certainly be essential in the new normal where people can disinfect their hands without sanitizer too. On that note, the hand dryer has HEPA filters built in to prevent any viruses from coming in contact with your hands, especially when it is installed in a public bathroom. These filters also help to purify the air around the product.

The only thing to add would be voice control which can help make it more inclusive and reduce the risk of product contamination via touching – many kids tend to touch things within their reach and blind people also go by their sense of touch. A smart design detail was to connect the cord to the rotating shaft part which prevents the wire from getting tangled even if the product rotates 90 degrees. U Dryer has an overall ‘clean’ design which is aligned with its mission – it might just be the most modern and sleek hand dryer we have ever seen!

Designers: Yeom Jin Soo and Designer Dot

Bathroom Designs that help you step away from the chaos and be your zen space

Bathrooms are the little alcoves where we can let our individuality flourish! Given their size and erratic shapes, collecting and organizing the same space is sure like trying to solve with a jig-saw puzzle. Be it minimal, oversized or your personal green zone, this curated selection of bathroom designs is here to inspire you to innovate, reimagine and redecorate that space. Check out our Part 1 of bathroom designs to inspire you better!

Japanese brand INAX has “reimagined the bathroom experience” with products that reflect the inherently Japanese qualities of being thoughtful, sophisticated, and minimal. “Japan is a country blessed with an abundance of water,” explained the bathroom manufacturer. “The Japanese have not only used water to live but have traditionally used it to reset one’s soul, believing that water has the power to wash away impurities,” they added. The entire bathroom carries this reverence, that is amplified by the presence of the tree and the lines repeated across the tiles – they bring to mind the bamboo walls preferred in the island country.

Forget the plain-old white tiles bathrooms that seem almost clinical in their approach. Studio MDDM brings a burst of sunshine to this entire apartment in Beijing’s House P by inverting tradition – they went with bright yellow walls to be complemented by stark white furnishings. To continue with the experimental nature of the design, the house uses strategically placed terrazzo tiles that includes a medley of colors along with a dash of yellow.

Minimalist Bathrooms designed by Nichba Design are an exercise in restraint and geometry. Given the stark-ness of the bathroom, one would expect us to feel strange but the symmetry of the design is so soothing, one can’t help but be entranced. Especially the product designers going through this list will share our love of this bathroom design!

Titled Ethnic Minimalism, this interior design by Studio Light Design makes the most of the minimal bedroom with the surrounding views to enthrall you. Using stone and natural textures, this space uses black to create a stark yet minimal contrast to the entire room.

Let’s take a step back and appreciate this music-influenced bathroom design. From the turntables shaped sinks, the pin-like faucet, and knobs that call to mind the geometric beauty of radio – extreme attention to detail has been given to every aspect of this bathroom. I’m sure this design will inspire you to create your own melodies, after all inspiration can strike anywhere!

Bathroom designs don’t have to be complicated to add a hit of color to them. Take for example this bathroom in the Unit 662 house by Rainville Sangaré – the design utilizes a dichroic glass to create an interesting contrast inside this brutalist apartment. The rest of the furnishings within the bathroom reflect the minimal concrete + white aesthetics repeated in the house.

Love Affairs collection by Wow Design showcasing a transition in the tiling between two different natural materials – going from marble to wood effortlessly. The interior design uses metallic accents, both gold and matte black to balance the warmth and coolness that flows through the house. The wood with its gold contrast, the white with its black lines – there is symmetry in the flow of the design.

This pristine bathroom design by Forte Design Studio perfectly incorporates neutral black and white tones with a touch of wood, resulting in a clean and subtle aesthetic. Almost retro in its inspiration, the designer has used geometry repeatedly – through the hexagonal floor tiles to the white wall tiles and the black grid that holds the shower in place. The bathroom speaks of comfort yet homeliness in one package.

Artists Library in San Diego by Safdie Rabines Architects utilizes concrete tiles and fixtures. Concrete, yes, and I truly think concrete is a very under-estimated element. While concrete has been the flag-holder of the brutalist design movement, Artists Library has balanced the coolness of the concrete with wicker. Such a unique combination that is shocking in theory but makes us fall in love with its practical application!

Archway-inspired bathroom by ITLAS makes us feel like we have almost stepped-back into time through a time-traveling arch. The design is very well planned, with an exposed brick facade to balance the modern mirror with its backlit aesthetics. The result is a stunning masterpiece that speaks to the modern design and brutalist design fan equally.

Can’t get enough of these stunning bathroom designs? Check out more inspirational interiors here to get your mood board ready!

From quirky to downright eccentric, 50 designers get creative with their take on toilet paper holders!


Toilet paper is 2020’s hottest commodity. Everyone wants a piece – in fact, at one point near the start of quarantine, some of us were willing to fight one another for just a piece. That’s all to say, assuming that it’s a household item we use everyday, toilet paper is more important than we sometimes feel comfortable acknowledging.

In Echo Park, an east side neighborhood in LA, the Marta gallery showcased more than fifty different toilet paper holder designs as part of an exhibition called, “Under/Over,” that responded, in short, to the recent toilet paper shortage that reached the far corners of the USA. As a result of anxious pre-quarantine shoppers hoarding loads of toilet paper, the paper goods aisles in plenty of grocery stores were emptied out for weeks at a time. This prompted a unique design showcase where artists of varying mediums were given a space to get creative with their distinct take on the toilet paper roll holder.

The curators behind this exhibition, Heidi Korsavong, and Benjamin Critton recognized the comedy behind this anxious hoarding but also sought to comment on the environmental implications of our silent dependence on toilet paper. 37 gallons of water are needed in order to produce a single roll of toilet paper. That’s a lot of water down the drain and once we flush, it’s out of sight, out of mind. We give toilet paper little to no thought unless it reaches the point of a dire need for it and when we’re actively trying to avoid getting to that point, toilet paper turns into somewhat of a luxurious expectation no matter where we might find ourselves sitting…with our dire needs.

The designs ranged from chic, clean aesthetics that prioritized minimalism and style to more intimate and culturally significant interpretations that rubbed shoulders with folk art. My personal favorite turns the toilet paper holder into a mammoth-sized, shining-wet, orange tongue. The designs that adorned the walls of Marta Gallery spoke to the idle, yet inherent autonomy that could bring the need for toilet paper from afterthought to center stage. This provides much-needed commentary on our collective claim to environmental provisions, such as trees for toilet paper. “Under/Over,” begs the question, When did we expect toilet paper to be there the same way we expect our bodies to produce the need for it? The cycle of destroying virgin forests in order to create toilet paper for human needs might never end, but we can get creative with slowing it down in the meantime. The exhibition’s curators proved that getting creative in the meantime will always be worthwhile.

In order to provide an ecological alternative from which to jump off, the toilet paper presented at “Under/Over” was made entirely from organic bamboo pulp, in collaboration with Plant Paper, in order to incorporate an appeal for ecologically moral alternatives to the everyday toilet paper roll. The founders of Marta Gallery, Heidi Korsavong and Benjamin Critton aimed to inspire a sense of enchantment in the exhibition’s attendees with the hopes that upon leaving the toilet paper-lined gallery walls, they’d feel capable of producing their very own toilet paper holder, to go along with their very own need for it. Further, Critton says, “Our hope is that the sheer presence of some of these pieces prompts delight or reflection in such a way that someone might question their implicit ‘collaboration’ with the companies supplying them their toilet paper.”

Check out the exhibition in Echo Park by scheduling an appointment between September 10 and November 1, 2020, or scroll through the designs below, feel inspired, and get creative in the meantime!

Curators: Heidi Korsavong and Benjamin Critton.

Sleek electric q-tip gently cleans out the wax from inside your ear

I’ll just confess over here that I’m terrified of using a Q-tip. The last time I tried using one was back in college – I could feel like my ear needed cleaning, so I picked an earbud up and carefully went at it. I ended up pushing the wax further into my canal, and suddenly I could barely hear out that ear because of the wax blockage. A doctor finally helped me out, and told me something I remember to this day. That Q-tip isn’t meant for in-ear usage. It’s a convenient thing everyone takes for granted, but if you ever pick up a box and actually read the instructions, it specifically states that the Q-tip’s design is made for cleaning AROUND the ear, and not inside it.

WAXOFF takes a much more precise and no-nonsense approach to ear-cleaning. No larger than an electric toothbrush, the WAXOFF is an electric Q-tip that uses a rotating head with a helical pattern that gently scoops and pushes out any wax inside your ear, instead of accidentally pushing it in. Designed for self-use, the WAXOFF is a personal hygiene device that can be used without external supervision. It rotates at a constant speed in one direction, relying on the helical channels to gather and push out any ear-wax. The head’s flexible, soft design allows it to gently slide into any ear, and its simple wax-removal technique is practically foolproof. WAXOFF’s rotating head is replaceable, and can be ejected and swapped out using two push-buttons on the top of the handle. Plus, a single button with the WAXOFF branding lets you toggle it on or off, and a USB-C port on the back lets you charge the device when its battery runs low.

Designer: Michał Szczególski

This award-winning eco-friendly floss was designed to make flossing cost-effective, efficient and effortless!

Sometimes we don’t realize but small parts of our routine tend to have a big environmental impact, for instance, floss is good for our teeth but it is terrible for the ocean and turns it into a plastic minefield. Most floss is made up of nylon which is biodegradable but another thing that makes it dangerous is that it is designed to not tear causing serious harm to ocean life. There are millions of miles of floss strings in the ocean and we need to switch to eco-friendly alternatives – there are a couple in the market but there is a demand for more innovative designs like the Phloss here.

Phloss is a refillable flossing aid that has a string suspended between two prongs. These prongs not only maintain the tension of the string but also reduce the effort required by your arms which makes flossing more effortless, efficient, and quick. Phloss was created to speed up the cleaning process without compromising on quality after the reduced dexterity. Since it is refillable, there is a waste management system designed for the compostable floss strings. “These refills are delivered to people using a subscription service, the used floss refills can be sent back to the manufacturer for industrial composting, utilizing waste material and following a circular economy,” elaborates Boyle. Flossing removes 80% of plaque from the teeth and is vital to our personal hygiene so it is essential to find a sustainable alternative instead of giving up this good habit. Dental products often have a short life span and Phloss aims to close one of its most notorious loops.

Boyle conducted research, where he dived into factors like user experience, sustainability, cost, and effectiveness of existing floss alternatives like Quip’s refillable floss, oral irrigator, dental floss, interdental brush, and floss pick. After addressing the pain points, he took the best parts of all these existing alternatives to craft Phloss and was mindful of making it an inclusive design. He then created several prototypes before landing on a final version which had an ergonomic build, smooth curves, good grip, and clean aesthetics that didn’t distract from its purpose. The same aesthetic mood board was also applied to the packaging of the refills because it is an important part of the overall product-service, the success of the product depends on every detail of the user experience and interaction.

Phloss’ aim was to make the flossing accessible and desirable while being eco-conscious. Boyle’s ‘take back’ system gives the manufacturers valuable compost for a range of agricultural applications. It is designed for mass manufacturing which makes it easier for people to quickly switch to eco-friendly options. The packaging will also reflect its goal to be eco-friendly and the product will come in a fully recyclable cardboard tube while refills will arrive in compostable envelopes. There are so many little changes we can make that go beyond the bamboo toothbrushes or reusable cups to truly be a step closer to living sustainably. Understanding this, Phloss also won the Joseph Joseph Brilliantly Useful Design Award at New Designers Awards 2020!

Designer: Charlie Boyle

Problem Solving

Design Process

This Storage System Operates With Suction And Can Be Used On Any Surface!

It can be extremely difficult to optimize kitchen storage space. Whether you’re in an efficient studio’s kitchenette or a spacious, open-plan chef’s playground, sometimes the hardest thing about interior design is finding the perfectly sized cranny for a bag of coffee beans or the spice rack that overflows until organizing feels like a chore. Plus, when you live in a smaller apartment space, drilling holes into drywall for spice racks isn’t always an option. Created by Jorge Álvarez, with NOS Design, Wholeder’s storage system uses suction so that it can optimize storage space in every room. (Plus it has a pretty clever-sounding name too)

The suctioned lid allows for the easy application on any wall or flat surface, making it functional in not just the kitchen, but practically any room. Whatever might need to be stowed away for later use can be stored with Wholeder. These minuscule storage bins also work for traveling as they come in varying sizes in order to store the ideal amount of anything you like. Something to keep in mind about storage systems is that they still have to be maintained. Silverware trays easily fill up with food crumbs and mason jars should be sanitized when used to store hygienic products. Unfortunately, reaching the bottom of a mason jar is no easy feat when your knuckles can’t even cram through the jar’s tapered opening. This makes it helpful that Wholeder’s storage suction containers can be well-maintained thanks to the rounded, easy-to-reach base and uniform sizing. The suction tubs are also aesthetically pleasing with their warm, muted tertiary toned tops. I’d like to believe the sizing and color scheme is really meant to pay homage to Alvin and the Chipmunks. 

As long as we have things, we’ll need more things with which to store them, and with Wholeder’s suctioned approach to optimizing storage space, that clutter can be a thing of the past. Since each container can adhere to any horizontal or vertical, flat surface, Wholeder’s storage system can be used anywhere. I can spend days consolidating and mixing spices to make room for a new one or reorganizing and cramming my knuckles into mason jars – it’s a sigh of relief to read, that those days could be over.

Designers: Jorge Álvarez x NOS Design

A smart sanitizer for your phone +hand is a must have for every home entryway!

Hygiene in the age of COVID-19 has become instinctual for many of us. Once we get home, before even removing our masks, we’re folded over the bathroom sink, hands sudsy with soap, counting down from thirty. We graze the sink’s faucet with unwashed fingers and send that one text without sanitizing our touchscreens. Of course, when it comes to hygiene routines, no one can be perfect – especially during a global pandemic. That’s okay – it’s the reason sanitizing products exist and the catalyst for ZERO from Jung Yu Jung with Design Dot, a design team based in Seoul, South Korea. Conceptualized to resemble the view of the moon from behind rows of window shutters, this home sanitizing station makes it that much easier to stay on top of both our own and our home hygiene.

ZERO is a smart sterilization product that can mount from any wall and direction. Its accurate and responsive dispenser not only motion-detects and sanitizes your hands with six UV-C LED chips, but it also includes a smartphone sterilizer. Based on the honest need for home sanitizing technology, Jung Yi Jung created the product with human instinct in mind. From each angle, the product is pleasantly inconspicuous and elegant. Upon first glance, the sterilizer appears like any unassuming and ordinary home appliance. However, along the rim of the device, a rectangular slot reveals a supplementary sanitizer that swallows your phone for a good ole’ UV-C LED cleaning. Its stainless steel construction increases light reflection and sterilizes your phone for safe use before coughing it back up. In order to enhance the product’s intuitive design, you’ll find only four buttons: two sound control switches for programmed signals, an adjustive mood light, and a power button. Additionally, ZERO charges with a type-c cable, a common mobile phone charging port, delivering seamless setup and service.

Around the world, we’re taking big strides towards a generally health-conscious future, specifically in regard to home design and technology. Home is our oasis, our clean corner of the world we want to keep that way. Intuitive design and practical function from ZERO offers an idea of what a healthier, more human future could look like, in your own clean corner of the world.

Designers: Jung Yu Jung with Designer Dot

World’s first professional beard straightener gets you ready for a dapper-looking No-Shave November

Meet the Aberlite Pro, a truly innovative male-grooming product you’d expect from Dyson, if the company weren’t so low-key sexist. The Aberlite Pro compresses hours of beard-grooming into mere minutes, with its ionic de-frizzing technology that can take an untidy beard and smoothen it up in no time, giving you a gentlemanly mane that’s shapely, and makes you look incredible on Zoom meetings, or when you don’t have to wear that face-mask. Yes, Dyson. Men have grooming needs too.

The hair on your beard is nearly thrice as thick as the hair growing on your head… which means it’s 3x more difficult to manage. While a quick shampoo and comb-down can fix the hair on your head, maintaining and grooming a beard is much more time-consuming and ritualistic. You need to trim, tone, condition, and wax your beard to keep those hairs in line (I say this with utmost confidence as a beard-man myself). Designed to manage that mane around your mandible, the Aberlite Pro is a nifty, comb-shaped device that uses a combination of PTC heating and negative-ionic conditioning technology to smooth that beard. All you need to do is plug it in, set the appropriate heat setting, and comb away. The handle of the brush has an ionizer built into it, coating your beard-hair with negative ions and an anti-static coating as you run the brush up and down. The ions instantly detangle your hair, get them in line, and fix split-ends to make your beard look regular. The anti-static coating prevents the groomed hair from fraying apart for hours. While the ions help get your beard in shape, heat coils around the brush-teeth apply a consistent temperature to your hair, helping straighten them and making them longer. The coils are placed at the base of the teeth, keeping the heat far from your skin, while heat-resistant caps on the tip of each brush tooth prevent your skin from feeling the heat from the brush too. The Aberlite Pro comes with as many as 8 heat settings to choose from (depending on how unruly your beard is), and at its lowest setting, the brush even works on your head, allowing you to effectively style your hair in a swift motion… because bed-heads are real and the pandemic has only made them worse.

All that technology (along with a nifty auto-shutoff feature) fits right into a product that’s hand-held, portable, and literally the size of a regular brush. Designed to work on all sorts of beards, the Aberlite Pro makes it easy to perfectly groom yourself with a mere wave of your hand, saving you time and energy (because who really has the motivation to sit and apply creams, toners, and waxes anymore) and money in the long run too. Its safe, portable design makes it easy to travel with, and that heat + ionization routine should keep your beard groomed for days before you need to use the device again… Plus the Aberlite Pro begins shipping this month, which gives you enough time to get your hands on one before No-Shave November kicks in. You’ll thank me later.

Designer: Dominic Montante

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $120 ($41 Off). Hurry, only 4/325 left! Raised over $110,000.

Aberlite Pro – Professional Beard and Hair Straightener

The Aberlite Pro is a salon-quality men’s grooming tool designed for all types of beards and hair.

Softer & Neater Beard in 2 Minutes

Long-lasting results in just two minutes. They developed the Aberlite Pro from the ground up, spaced the heating elements closer together, and shortened the bristles. The unique four-column bristle structure allows for closer contact to your face and scalp.

Developed for Facial Hair of Any Length or Thickness

The heated bristles are distanced 2mm (~5/64″) away from your face, maximizing contact with hair, but keeping your skin cool. Negative ion conditioning and an anti-static coating detangle even the toughest knots. Coupled with these elements is advanced PTC heating, which delivers consistent, safe, and effective heat for long-lasting results in minutes.

Before & After

Anti-Scald Technology

The 2mm Anti-Scald Comb Tooth Technology allows you to efficiently straighten your beard close to its roots without burning. The brush bristles have cold tips that contact your face to prevent burns.

Cool enough to touch your face.

Advanced PTC Heating Technology

Aberlite Pro heats up quickly thanks to its unique PTC heating technology and only takes a couple minutes of use to make beards manageable and tamed for days. Simply plug the device in, select your desired temperature setting, and brush to your beard.

Automatic Shutoff

It shuts off automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity to give you peace of mind.

Precise Temperature Range

Featuring eight temperature settings: 250/280/300/320/340/360/380/400°F. Just select the right heat setting according to your particular need to give your beard the perfect shape. Not too curly, and not too straight.

For Styling Hair Too

The Pro is a functional upgrade to noisy, bulky blow dryers and larger rounded brushes designed for women’s hair.

You can straighten your beard or hair at any angle with Aberlite Pro’s 360-degree swivel cord. The cord remains out of your way no matter where you need to reach on your head.

Hair Detangles Instantly

Aberlite Pro easily slides through your facial hair with less snagging and frizz thanks to advanced ionic conditioning, which emits negative ions during use, and anti-static coating features.

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $120 ($41 Off). Hurry, only 4/325 left! Raised over $110,000.

This powerful silicone bristle toothbrush cleans for 4 months on a single charge!

There’s a case to be made for all-silicone toothbrushes. Aside from being just as, if not more efficient than nylon bristles, they’re food-grade, easy to clean/maintain, and they’re durable. A silicone toothbrush will outlast your regular toothbrush by years, allowing less plastic waste to enter the environment. Combine that with a beautiful minimal aesthetic and you get something as sleek and beautiful as the Pomabrush, an A’ Design Award-winning toothbrush with a silicone body and bristles, and an internal motor that vibrates at 15,000 vibrations per minute, allowing those bristles to gently but effectively scrub your teeth as well as massage your gums.

Pomabrush’s silicone bristles are much more gentle on your teeth than a regular toothbrush. The wide bristle design cleans between your teeth as a soft toothpick would. Silicone’s natural friction allows it to scrape food and plaque off your teeth with incredible efficiency (if you’ve ever used a silicone spatula, you know how effective those are), while making sure it doesn’t damage your tooth’s enamel or hurt your gums. Pomabrush’s design helps give you a delicate yet efficient brushing experience in a format that’s 20% smaller than most electric toothbrushes, but lasts 10 times longer when it comes to battery life.

Ditching the notion that a toothbrush should come with a multicolored handle and color-coordinated bristles, the Pomabrush’s aesthetic is as clean and as pure as it could possibly be. The brush literally embodies the sleekness of Italian design, with a single color body and matte surfacing, silicone bristles, a comfortable grip, and a single recessed button to switch it on or off. IPx7 waterproofing means you can use the brush in the shower too, and those silicone bristles are designed to be non-porous and anti-bacterial too, making your brush safe enough to use for years. The Pomabrush comes with its own slim wireless charging case that sits beautifully on your bathroom countertop or slides right into your bag or backpack while traveling, so you can carry your brush with you and use it wherever you go, be it on the road, at an airport, in a hotel, or even at a sleepover. Plus let’s not forget that it’s also lighter, smaller, infinitely classier, more delicate/efficient than most toothbrushes, and lasts years but needs charging only once every 4 months!

Designer: Taras Polishchuk

Click Here to Buy Now: $83 $157 (47% 0ff). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $450,000.

PomaBrush – The Silicone Electric Toothbrush

The PomaBrush is a lightweight, soft all-silicon body electric toothbrush designed to painlessly deep clean (15,000 vibrations per min) and won’t hurt your gums or enamel.

PomaBrush captures the essence of minimalist toothbrush design. No Wi-Fi. No AI. No Bluetooth. And none of those extra bells and whistles you’ll never use. This means it’s 5x lighter, and 20% smaller than its competitors. And not even 3x heavier than a non-electric toothbrush.

Charge Just 3x Per Year

PomaBrush is built for your on-the-go lifestyle. Whether it’s for an overseas trip or a last-minute office meeting, the PomaBrush powers for 4 months on a single charge.

PomaBrush has no stand or attachments. Instead, it comes with the wireless charging PomaCase. The compact travel-friendly case protects and keeps your toothbrush clean, wherever you go. The cool toothbrush holds 1 month of charge, and its compact wireless case extends this for an additional 3 months.

Full Silicone Head & Body

Its soft antimicrobial silicone bristles won’t hurt your gums or enamel, as they gently massage and strengthen them. And as silicone is naturally antimicrobial, the bristles stay clean for longer. This means you only need to change them once every 6 months.

Enjoy Painless Deep Cleaning

Enjoy a powerful deep clean thanks to PomaBrush’s 15,000 vibrations per minute. PomaBrush automatically buzzes every 30 seconds to let you know you should switch to the next quarter. And turns off after the recommended 2 minutes. Its specially designed brush head also carefully removes plaque from your tongue as you brush. And thanks to its soft silicone bristles, you don’t need to worry about hurting your gums. Even if you brush more than 2 times a day.

Built to Get Wet

Use it in the shower, or even in the tub. PomaBrush is 100% waterproof, certified to IPX7.

Click Here to Buy Now: $83 $157 (47% 0ff). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $450,000.