Echo Studio review: Amazon finally nailed the audio quality

We've heard this pitch before from Amazon. Last year, the company debuted the $150 Echo Plus in an attempt to improve audio quality in its smart speaker line. It also revealed a $130 Echo Sub add-on that could provide the much-needed low-end tones th...

Intern Alert! Award-winning studio Noto needs a Product Design Intern!

Noto is an internationally renowned product design studio near Cologne, Germany. After 16 years of successful product design, they are proud of what they have enabled- visually and economically. Noto has been awarded some of the most recognized design awards such as Good Design, iF and Red Dot Design Awards, and has helped businesses to grow prosperously. They believe that an understanding of the business model is key to creating successful products. Based on this understanding, they sometimes even improve the business model itself. Noto helps start-ups to tackle the next hurdle, supports design departments in refocusing on their job and stimulates companies to do better business. This has made them business design partners, starting with product design. Noto designs your growth by enriching life. Apply now to be a part of this unique design environment!

Awarded ‘Best of Innovation’ at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas, the Beolab 90 changes the experience of sound with every fingertip on the control app and from every point of hearing. It represents the future of sound, celebrating 90 years of Bang & Olufsen.

The Opportunity

Noto is an internationally active product design studio. Design research is their inspiration, product design is at the heart of what they do and with business design, they capture the value of ideas. They use their 16 years of experience and excellence in the design and development of products to build meaningful business opportunities. From developing new products to creating original services or value propositions for an idea, Noto works with you to hit the ground running and bring to life ideas that endure. And they need an innovative and independent Product Design Intern to help them with this!


  • Working and communicating in a dynamic interdisciplinary design team
  • Cooperating with our strategy experts to translate relevant user insights into product requirements
  • Involvement into a variety of projects or even leading your own, of course, with the support of the team
  • Creating compelling visuals in 2D or 3D for internal and external presentations
  • Close collaboration with our industrial designers to ensure the excellence of work results together


  • Your internship is mandatory
  • You enjoy working in a team
  • You offer good skills in sketching
  • You are skilled in handling Adobe CC
  • You are well-grounded in Rhinoceros, Vray or Keyshot
  • You are confident in spoken and written English
  • You are comfortable with preparing and holding presentations
  • You are experienced with craftmanship for the construction of prototypes
  • You possess an international drivers license and are comfortable with city traffic


Working at Noto means being passionate about the subject and considerate towards the team members and clients alike. Noto emphasizes a flat organizational structure, direct communication, and a familiar atmosphere. In their old factory-building studio around 15 talented people learn, create, ideate, design and develop as a team. Enjoy freshly prepared lunch dishes by their own cook, compete in the next table tennis tournament or participate in their regular knowledge exchange format. This and other after-work events make Noto a vivid and inspiring place to work.

How to Apply

Send Noto your portfolio at


Hürth, near Cologne, Germany.

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From your iPod to Vinyl, this cast iron speaker plays it all!

Bluetooth speakers, portable speakers, outdoor speakers, or mini speakers, you name it and the audio industry has come up with practically every kind of speaker! However, Oswalds Mill Audio’s (OMA) latest ‘Ironic’ speaker is probably one of the most unconventional and unique speakers I have ever come across! This Steampunk inspired piece of art is an open baffle type (wherein a loudspeaker is mounted on a flat board or a ‘baffle’), cast from a special kind of iron known as ‘hypo-eutectic iron’. This breed of iron is usually reserved for high-tech applications such as in a photolithography machine for the production of silicon chips, wherein resonance and vibration must be reduced to an absolute minimum. This implies that the Ironic speaker will not give out a resonating noise, and the output will be pure.

Designer: Oswalds Mill Audio (OMA)

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The striking speakers are created using 3D printed molds, however, the process is so intrinsic and complex, that the mold is destroyed while releasing the casting within. Hence for each loudspeaker, a new mold must be produced! The end result is a booming 132cm high and 89cm wide structure.

The Ironic has been power-packed with a special combination of transducers- a 15″ electrodynamic or field coil woofer harvested from Juke Boxes used in the 1930s (of which they have obtained ONLY 20 restored samples) and a bleeding-edge custom ribbon tweeter (a small speaker that produces treble), which helps the speaker produce the highest range frequency. These come together to bless the Ironic with a pure and authentic sound of unprecedented efficiency, producing at least 104 dB of output across the majority of its range. Balancing the old with the new, Ironic can play from iPods, smartphones as well as vinyl!

With only 20 restored woofers, it’s no surprise that the Ironic is available as a limited edition of ten pairs only. Resembling a cacophony of metallic bubbles, and boasting an all cast iron body, the Ironic resonates a crystal clear sound. Though the bubbles are present only for aesthetic value, they do impart an overwhelming aura, giving us the sensation that the music is coming in from all directions! With the ability to bathe us in a shower of crisp sound, the Ironic is surely at the top of my list of speaker must-haves!

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