Law enforcement shuts down largest known child porn site on the dark web

The US just scored a significant coup against crime on the dark web. Federal agents and international partners have taken down Welcome To Video, believed to be the largest child pornography darknet site to date based on its sheer volume of content....

This Inclusive Lighting Design Helps Improve The Sensory Development of Autistic Children

From the combined creative minds of Shirin Amini and Farid Hatami comes a masterpiece, “Things”: a game therapy for kids, especially those diagnosed with Autism. At first glance, it’s quite a confounding piece of work, something which has the ability to pique your interest at once. It evokes a “tell me more” feeling within us. But here’s why “Things” truly caught our attention! Though it can be used as a handy bedside lamp or reading light for kids of all ages and helps them to recognize textures and colors, the designers took into consideration the needs of Autistic children, allowing “Things” to have a therapeutic effect on them. Not only that, it can be used by them for ‘sensory development’. It helps to strengthen their tactile and visual senses, in turn solidifying their interpersonal skills and social interactions.

The piece consists of four cubes created from different materials with varying textures. Shadowing the four cubes is a quadrilateral frame with a platform on which the cubes can be placed one by one. As the children play and interact with the cubes, they are introduced to the sensation of different textures and materials, and their sensitivity towards them is reduced or becomes more manageable. They begin to view light and textures not as jarring stimulants, but rather as soothing elements in their environment, allowing their senses to grow attuned to them.  As each cube is placed in the middle of the frame, a colored light is emitted from the frame, in response to the placement of the cube. Each cube is assigned a different color. For example: when the cube made of hard and polished wood is placed on the frame, a pale purple color is emitted from it. Whereas the concrete cube is paired with a pretty orange. The cube of soft textured cloth is represented by blue, and finally, the placement of the soft leather cube with a rough texture is followed by a soothing yellow light. Since bright and bold colors can be overwhelming for anyone with Autism, the designers have avoided using any intense colors. They have instead chosen a selection of mild and neutral colors, which do not trigger any sensitivities.

Simple, therapeutic and soothing, “Things” is the sort of play therapy than can be enjoyed by one and all. Of course, it has added benefits for children with Autism, enhancing their sensory development and helping them win their battle against textures!

Designers: Shirin Amini & Farid Hatimi

YouTube may soon ban targeted ads on kids’ content

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Technology alone won’t make your kids smarter

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WW, formerly Weight Watchers, launches a weight loss app for kids

Last February, Weight Watchers drew criticism when it announced a free weight-loss program for teens ages 13 to 17. Skeptics feared the program would encourage obsessive eating habits in adolescents, but Weight Watchers -- since rebranded WW -- isn't...

Senators question whether Facebook is doing enough to protect kids’ privacy

Senators are questioning Facebook again. This time their concerns are related to a design flaw that let thousands of kids join group chats with unauthorized users, The Verge reports. Senators Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) w...

These child-friendly products are designed to solve your parenting troubles!

They say the moment you become a parent, your life changes irrevocably. Every parent wants what is the best for their children, however old they are (my mom still tries to make me do things using the same excuse) and add to it a designer parent, and you know the child will use products that have that delicate balance of fun, innovation to eco-friendly and safe designs that will make them the envy of every other parent on the block. Here’s presenting a collection of designs, from copper embedded cribs, lego-friendly furniture to clothes that grow with your child and more, that uniquely balance your needs while maintaining an aesthetic appeal that works for the adults as well!

The Argo Crib uses copper weaving to protect young children from electromagnetic radiation by Ludwig & Dominique with the Paris-based Studio Noir Vif 

Petit Pli uses a set of permanent folds that let clothes “unpack” when pulled, so they stretch over children as they get bigger by Ryan Mario Yasin

The crib, from the Swing collection, transforms into a bed by removing the rails making a perfect transition for kids and extends the lifespan of the entire collection well into childhood as designed by Micuna 

Studa furniture that lets you stick your Lego Bricks when not being used in construction otherwise by Studio Nine 

A perfect bunk bed for kids all age by Aenny Chung 

Moto Rocker brings a twist on the “rocking horse” this design is modeled after cafe racers of yesteryear and feature old-school headlights, taillights and “125CC engines” to get little ones excited by Felix Monza 

The Rockwell Bassinet that rocks and soothes while the baby is sleeping by Monte Design 

Boida Table is a coffee table that holds your books or your baby by Kunsik Choi 

The Rock & Roller by Luma Goods Co. is a fun, innovative toy that transforms from a rocker to a walker and then to a roller

The SWOODZ collection helps kids build their own vehicles or vehicular hybrids by VITO Design 

Blipblox is a synth made for kids that adults will like too

Blipblox is a synthesizer designed for children. The company behind it, Playtime Engineering, even calls it a toy. And it certainly looks like one. It's made out of bright, glossy, primary-colored plastic. The large knobs and buttons are cle...

Senator presses FTC to require stricter child protections from YouTube

Politicians aren't necessarily waiting for a formal investigation to ask YouTube to improve its policies on kids. Senator Ed Markey has sent a letter to the FTC warning that YouTube might have violated the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (a...