Meet the hug cup, an evolution of the traditional tableware that allows you to easily hold your warm mug on those chilly days!

Hug Cup is an innovative reinterpretation of the traditional ceramic mug, replacing the conventional side handle with a central grip tunnel that serves as an internal handle for those living with joint pain or osteoarthritis.

Kitchen cups and mugs have been endlessly reimagined through design over the years. The cup’s simple form makes room for innovative design across industries, from ceramic to inclusive reinterpretations. Designer and ceramic artist, Eszter Imre offered their own take on the conventional ceramic mug, casting a center finger tunnel that makes holding the cup feel like you’re hugging warm tea and makes holding the mug easier for those who struggle with holding a mug’s traditional side handle.

Imre’s Hug Cup was created to drill home the designer’s belief that, “we give special attention to things we use in our everyday life. We like to have a personal relation to the objects we touch closely, such as a cup.”

The internal handle is a unique take on the mug’s traditional side handle, allowing users to securely grip Hug Cup while feeling the warmth of the liquid contents inside. Describing the mug in their own words, Imre states, “The whole cup creates an intimate tunnel through the cup itself for your finger, you may enjoy the heat of your beverage without burning your palm.”

While Hug Cup’s innovative handle is playful, it is also a solution-based design. For those living with joint pain, more specifically osteoarthritis, gripping mugs is a feat on its own. The central tunnel on Hug Cup allows users to hold onto the mug without altering the way their hands naturally fall. By simply sliding your thumb through the internal handle, half the battle is won. In creating Hug Cup, Imre notes, “It’s a fun, engaging object that wouldn’t make you feel like an outcast from society due to your special needs.”

Designer: Eszter Imre

Inspired by Jenga, this modular coffee maker stacks everything you need in a sleek appliance

Inspired by the build of Jenga towers, Cenga is a modular, handmade coffee set with a grinder, dripper, and canister included in a single unit.

Since coffee shops closed due to the pandemic, we’ve brought the coffee shops home–grinders, drippers, travel mugs, galore. With so many supplies needed to make a cup of coffee, storing our at-home coffee shops becomes the hard part.

Piled together like a Jenga tower, Cenga is a handmade modular coffee set conceptualized by a team of designers to bring home everything you’d find in a cafe.

Starting from the top of Cenga, a grinder for coffee beans funnels the grounds into a dripper before heating up some water and dripping that into a canister to serve. Inspired by the stacking method of Jenga blocks, the team of designers combined that with a modular build to optimize the product’s storability and portability.

Cenga’s initial inspiration was found in its portability, allowing users to enjoy coffee shops in the comfort of their own kitchens or even on the go. Narrow by design, Cenga can slip into any kitchen cabinet and still have everything you might need for a hot cup of coffee. The color scheme of Cenga also fits into almost any kitchen. The ribbed glass grinder and translucent coffee canister give Cenga a cozy personality and a fresh look.

Since COVID-19 closed down so many cafes, we’ve been itching for that cup of coffee graced by a barista’s touch. With Cenga, we’re one step closer to having all the joy of an actual cafe stored in a single kitchen cabinet. Stacked into a single unit like a Jenga tower, Cenga comes with a grinder, dripper, and coffee canister.

Designers: Joohyung Park, Seonghwa Lim, Eojin Roh, & Jihye Park

Cenga comes as a single unit for ultimate portability and storability. 

Broken down into four parts, Cenga is a modular coffee maker inspired by the build of Jenga blocks. 

Like posting photos of your coffee on Instagram? This beautifully rustic ceramic + wooden cup is perfect for the gram

Picture yourself at the foothills of the Himalayas, a bonfire in front of you, a sunrise ahead of you, a herd of yaks in the distance. You’re sitting with your Sherpa, sipping a perfectly brewed batch of coffee from your Mountain and Sea Coffee Mug.

If brewing coffee is an art, it only makes sense that the cup you drink it from does the brew justice too. Designed with an incredibly rustic sculptural appeal, Coffeify’s Mountain And Sea mugs come with a ceramic body and a wooden handle that exudes an earthy warmth. The ceramic mug is finished with a stone-like texture, and comes with relief-work of mountains and oceans on its base, while the cup itself sports a beautiful black to turquoise gradient glaze… with that wooden handle giving the design a wonderful finishing touch.

The mugs are available as a 3-piece set, featuring the mug itself, a lid to keep your beverage warm for as long as possible, and a removable container with a mesh base for being able to brew your coffee or tea. The ceramic mugs offer a heat resistance of up to 302°F (150°C) and are food-safe and microwave-safe (without the mesh).

All of Coffeify’s ceramic mugs are hand-made on a potter’s wheel, before being hand-finished with the stone-like texture. Finally, the cups are finished with a highly saturated glaze that doesn’t lose color or fade over time, before the wooden handle gets glued in place. The mugs are travel-friendly (just make sure you pack them safely), although Coffeify’s website mentions that they aren’t safe for the dishwasher, so they need to be washed/rinsed by hand. The mugs hold up to 450ml of liquid (that’s slightly less than a Starbucks grande) and are available for a discounted $49 on Coffeify’s website.

Designer: Coffeify

This siphon coffee maker uses its analog mechanisms to bring home the joy of a café

Cosie is a siphon coffee maker designed to bring the emotional experience of watching your coffee brew at a cafe into the comfort of your own kitchen.

Now that brewing your own cup of coffee is considered a survival skill, finding the right coffee maker should be at the top of our priority lists. Since quarantine dragged us out of coffee shops, when it came to making coffee, we were left to our own devices, literally.

Missing that special barista touch when cafes were temporarily closed during the pandemic, a team of designers created a siphon coffee machine called Cosie that brings the faithful analog experience of big coffee shop machines to the comfort of your own kitchen.

Going to the coffee shop is not only a prerequisite for starting the day, it’s an emotional experience. We look forward to few things like we look forward to our first cup of coffee in the morning. In an attempt to capture that emotional experience and incorporate it into an at-home coffee brewer, the team behind Cosie built their machine with double-layered glass canisters that allow users to watch as their coffee is extracted and brewed.

Since Cosie is a siphon machine, the coffee inside the canisters is extracted through steam pressure generated by boiling water, a process that users can watch while brewing their own coffee. The integrated siphon also makes the general upkeep and management of Cosie much easier to keep up with. After spooning in their desired amount of coffee grinds into the machine’s top compartment, users need only fill the main cartridge with water and turn its handle clockwise to kickstart the brewing process.

From there, the water boils and generates steam pressure to extract the coffee in the machine’s top canister. During this entire process, Cosie makes fine adjustments to the amount of steam released, ensuring that your brew won’t be too strong or watered down. Once you’ve reached your coffee quota for the day, you can clean Cosie easily by filling its cup with only water and let it go through a single brew cycle.

Designers: Juhee Park, Jihee Kim, and Myungji Jung

The two-layered glass canister allows you to watch your coffee brew. 

Find more information on the bottom of Cosie. 

Intuitive controls make brewing coffee as simple as ordering it.

Check on your coffee throughout its brew.

Alerts tell users what their Cosie needs to function.

The main cartridge doubles as a siphon control and mug. 

Press Cosie to start.

When you want to clean Cosie, simply fill its canisters with water and press start.

The double layer of glass makes the extraction and brewing processes transparent.

Cosie’s sleek appearance fits into the modern kitchen.

Joseph Joseph’s reusable water bottle focuses on making the lid as important as the bottle itself

Loop is a reusable water bottle with an innovative lid design and shapely build, allowing users to slide Loop’s lid over its spout for easy drinking even when your hands are full.

Reusable water bottles have become the modern handbag. Everywhere you go, you’ll find someone clutching one by its lid strap. When a product becomes so popular, innovative design becomes a rarity. Following research periods spent observing the ways people interact with their own reusable and single-use water bottles, London-based design studio Blond Ltd. collaborated with Joseph Joseph to create Loop, a reusable EDC water bottle designed to simplify carrying the lid while taking a drink.

In central London, the designers at Blond Ltd. and Joseph Joseph observed the different ways that people used and handled their water bottles to design an ergonomic and shapely reusable water bottle. When we’re carrying all of our stuff in addition to our water bottle, drinking from it can feel like juggling. Noticing that people have a harder time removing the water bottle’s lid and holding it while they drink, the designers made Loop so that users can slide the lid over the bottle’s neck when taking a drink.

The shape of Loop’s neck was specially designed to double as a storage method for the water bottle’s lid, providing a convenient and sanitary place to carry the cap. Expanding on the design of the Loop, the designers note, “The inside of the loop is gently curved and is an identical match to the bottle’s contours; allowing a tight friction-fit that prevents it from sliding while the user is drinking. Further, the lid doubles up as a convenient carry handle and attachment-point for hanging from bags.”

Double-walled with insulation and made from vacuum-sealed steel, Loop will keep your drinks at your preferred temperature in a durable, long-lasting bottle. An internal screw thread located on Loop’s spout ensures a clean and hygienic drinking surface near the outer face. Additionally, Loop was designed with a wide enough neck to allow room for ice cubes.

Designers: Blond Ltd. x Joseph Joseph

With its loop lid, users can carry Loop with even just one finger. 

Loop’s shapely build is functional and visually appealing. 

The open lid strap allows users to attach it to their backpacks with carabiners. 

Loop can hold up to 500ml of hot or cold liquid. 

This adorable little tea-infuser looks exactly like the Piranha Plant from Super Mario!

When you’re not using it to brew tea, you could turn it into a prop for your Lego Mario set.

OTOTO‘s Tea Trap puts a fun spin on the art of brewing tea. Unlike those boring metal infusers, the Tea Trap models itself on a carnivorous plant that chomps down on your tea leaves. Once the Tea Trap’s stomach (or mouth) is full, just dunk it in a cup of hot water, and the tea begins infusing through the perforations on the sides of the infuser. Use the Tea Trap’s elongated handle to stir it around till your tea reaches the right color, and when you’re done, the Tea Trap will very kindly spit out the tea-leaves into the waste-bin, because nobody likes eating tea leaves… not even carnivorous plants!

Designer: OTOTO

The Tea Trap is made from stainless steel along with BPA-free silicone. It’s 100% food-safe and dishwasher-safe too.

This lightweight drip coffee maker made from heat-resistant glass comes in a portable travel case for coffee to go!

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

The “Minimal” is a travel drip coffee maker that’s portable and lightweight by design, offering a technical build to ensure the perfect drip with each brew.

Coffee drinking is serious business. No matter where we might find ourselves when we wake up in the morning, there’s only one thing on our minds: coffee. Possibly one of the worst feelings in the world is when you’re craving a cup of coffee but don’t have access to one. Whether you’re camping or just away from your favorite coffee shop, having a travel coffee maker is essential. Minimal, a travel drip coffee maker designed by Eilong ensures you’ll never be without coffee, wherever you might find your mornings.

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Encased in a vinyl travel case, Minimal is made up of a glass dripper and cup, and a filter stand stocked with reusable cloth filters. Both the glass dripper and cup are made from borosilicate glass to ensure the same quality heat resistance found in glassware like Pyrex and lab flasks.

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Minimal also comes with a wooden lid that doubles as a coaster so when you’re camping, you’ll always have a place to set your cup. Minimal was designed to be portable, so the whole set allows room for around 9.5 oz of liquid, just the right amount of coffee to get you through the morning. The glass filter and cloth filters were both shaped into a cone to ensure strong brews and the ideal drip speed.

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

All of the items that comprise Minimal can be consolidated into the vinyl travel case and come with a leather grip loop so it’s easy to bring Minimal with you wherever you go. Recognized by the Red Dot jury for its portability and organic materials used in construction, the Red Dot Award jury notes, “Natural materials promote a way of preparing coffee that is perceived as ­highly original. The astonishing functionality of this set is highly convincing.”

Designer: Eilong

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

All the contents of Minimal fit into one another to optimize portability. 

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Encased in a vinyl travel case, Minimal is the ideal camping companion for morning brews.

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

The wooden top of Minimal doubles as a coaster. 

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

The leather grip on Minimal’s glassware allows for easy handling without feeling the full heat from the coffee. 

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Portable by design, Minimal is small enough to take with you on the go.

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

The cloth filters that come with Minimal can be washed and reused with each new brew. 

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This travel tea flask comes with a built-in infuser to give you the best brew without messy tea bags!

Inspired and derived from Chinese tea culture, Chá is a travel tea flask that brings the ritual of brewing tea at home back into making tea on the go.

Making your first cup of tea in the morning feels like a ritual. Like clockwork, the water boils, the flavor of tea leaves seep into your cup, and the tea is ready to be enjoyed while you curl up next to a window and read. Having tea on the go is a little different. When we make tea in stainless steel, thermal bottles, we can’t see how strong we’re making it and our tea-making rituals are always cut short. Chá is a travel tea flask that ties the ritual back into making tea on the go, born from a collaboration between Chinese EV maker Nio and UAL’s Central Saint Martins.

Chá is a travel tea bottle that can switch between a tea infuser and a regular thermal water bottle. Topped with a transparent lid, Chá allows each user to witness the seeping process while brewing tea to ensure their desired tea strength is achieved. With a handy rubber strap, users can even brew their tea with the bottle strapped to their backpack. The brewing process of Chá is just like filling a water bottle, but the lid of Chá features a compartment where users can place tea bags near a built-in infuser and transparent section that reveals the strength of each brew.

The built-in infuser opens with a turn of the bottle’s lid, then the user can turn Chá upside down and watch as their water darkens with tea. If users want to only drink water, then the infuser can be just as easily closed and Chá can be filled with fresh water to be used as a regular water bottle. Ergonomic and inviting by design, Chá combines style with the traditional ritual of tea making.

Explaining the brewing process, the designers behind Chá describe, “Twisting the two halves of the opaque lid against one another to form an ‘O’ or a horizontal ‘S’, opens or closes the infuser respectively. An open infuser allows the contents of its flask to infuse with each other. Enabling the infuser and flipping the flask upside down exposes the water to the tea leaves for infusion while the user can monitor for their desired thickness of the tea through the transparent lid.”

Designers: ual x Nio

By twisting the lid’s two halves, users activate the infuser. 

Silicone elements provide some grip for Chá’s bottle.

A handy strap allows users to hold Chá in a variety of ways, like strapping it to a backpack. 

Following several ideations, the final form of Chá envisions a subdued, yet bright blush pink stainless steel bottle with silicone elements and a transparent upper lid.  

Bring and make tea on the go with Chá.

These cooler designs keep your drinks chilled, helping you stay cool this summer + end it with a bang!

Summertime is almost coming to an end, and it’s imperative that we end it with a bang! It’s time to soak up the sun as much as we can, and sip our final Pina Coladas by the beach. If you’re anything like me, then one of your major pet peeves during summer is also – unchilled drinks! In an attempt to ensure that your beer is always as cool as your mood this summer, we’ve curated a collection of super handy coolers! These cooler designs are a far cry from the traditional bulky coolers we are so accustomed to. These are innovative, portable, and super easy to carry around as well! And most importantly they promise to always keep your beverage of choice chilled at all times! Enjoy!

The Ondago goes where your party goes. With a tire-inspired rubber exterior, it rolls around wherever you want, and it’ll float on water too, for the ultimate pool/riverside party! The Ondago cooler is best described as a cooler that “encourages adventure instead of limiting it”, according to Kelly Custer from Knack. It ditches that cuboidal form factor for something more cylindrical (inspired by balloon tires), and a handle built into the cooler’s design lets you easily pull it around like a trolley. The fact that the entire cooler is basically wheel-shaped means it rolls equally well on gravel, sand, and on rocks. Once you reach your destination, the handle folds inwards and you can simply tip the Ondago over to stand vertically.

The theory on which an outdoor cooler is built, that the insulated box melts ice at a very slow rate, and in turn chills your beverages and food. GoSun Chill Solar Cooler ditches ice completely and instead uses Solar Powered energy to keep the inside compartment cool – in many ways making it an ‘outdoor fridge’. To keep it going efficiently, GoSun Chill charges via multiple power source options. This includes Powerbank, AC Adapter, 12 Volt Cord (carport charger), Solar Table, or Flexible Solar Panels. Choose the most convenient power source, based on what’s available to you at that point. I like the fact that it can keep food frozen for hours, and keeps food items from getting soggy.

Meet the Wooly Eco-Friendly Cooler, an outdoor cooler that uses eco-friendly wool (as opposed to chemical insulants) to keep your cool drinks cool… and as an added bonus, it comes with a lid that doubles up as a charcuterie board so you can pair your wine with a few cold cuts of meat and some eclectic cheeses, or your beers with some chips and dip and a couple of cocktail nuts too! The Wooly is touted to be one of the only recyclable coolers available today, made from an outer casing of aluminum and stainless steel instead of plastic. It’s also the first consumer-grade cooler to use wool as an insulating material, instead of synthetic foam.

The Heineken B.O.T. (Beer Outdoor Transporter) is a notorious Wall-E with fancy branding to always be by your side, delivering your brew chilled to the perfect temperature. On first look, you can mistake this one for a mini John Deere mower with a missing front half. However, it can haul 12 chilled beers on its big wheels that virtually follow anywhere you go – giving the machine a charming personality. The tiny robot features four wheels, two big wheels, sensors, a brain running AI, and the capacity to hold a dozen cans in addition to ice. Owning this one will surely make you popular among buddies for its pure chill factor, literally.

The Yeti V Series might just be the first vacuum insulated cooler we have seen. Vacuum chambers are considered to be the best insulators, as they don’t allow heat or cold to be transferred by conduction, hence isolating the hot or cold substance, and sustaining the substance’s temperature for hours on end. Created from kitchen-grade stainless steel, the vacuum insulated cooler will age gracefully over years of usage. Yeti had to forfeit its trusted manufacturing and design philosophy to create the V series. “We’ve made a name, in part, by doing these really big rotationally molded pieces of plastic with lots of insulation inside them,” said Rob Murdock, who led the development of the V series, “and it’s really effective, but you can’t put a vacuum panel inside of a rotational mold because in effect you’re molding the whole thing at once.”

Whether you’re all set to go camping, on a fishing trip, or on a picnic in a park, a handy cooler is always a necessity. However, slugging giant coolers around can become quite cumbersome, and a downright pain on your mini-getaway! Pelican’s Dayventure Sling Cooler promises to be anything but that. A staple in any explorer’s entourage, the Sling cooler as its name implies comes with a lengthy padded shoulder strap, allowing you to carry it everywhere with ease. With a wide opening at the top, it lets you fish out your favorite beverage in a matter of moments.

REVO’s Cooler collection is basically a cool gang of party tubs with insulation for unlimited iced displays of food and beverages! The collection basically consists of three kinds of coolers, which can be used to store almost anything – from mimosas to party food. They form an elegant bar station and food display, making the food and drinks accessible and easy to serve!

The Vericool Ohana Cooler Recyclable and Biodegradable Cooler is the perfect replacement for single-use Styrofoam coolers. Made from 100% recycled post-consumer paper waste, the Verticool eliminates and reduces the creation of fresh waste. This eco-friendly cooler can support up to 100 pounds of weight, and can hold water for up to 30 days, as well!

Kuan and Seah recognized the urgency felt around keeping perishable food items cool in hot and dry climates with limited access to electricity. With over 16% of the world’s population, approximately 192 million people, without access to electricity, Kuno was designed for those in need of a cooling system requiring zero electrical power. Furthermore, Kuno was designed to help reduce our larger carbon footprint that led us to the problem of limited electricity in the first place. Designed using traditional clay-making methods and natural resources, Kuno solves modern needs through local ancient practices. Kuno’s zero-electricity cooling is achieved by utilizing double-wall potting. Sand fills the area in between the two clay pots, which is then watered in order to create a cooling effect by removing latent heat through evaporation. The sand’s cooling effect works in tandem with Kuno’s outer clay wall, which is kept porous so that it can draw additional latent heat from the inner chamber. Simply, the evaporation of water between the two pots draws heat away from the inner chamber, which stores perishable food items like fruits and vegetables. In order to keep the sand moist Kuno comes equipped with a soil planter which, when watered, distributes cool water to the sand, drawing more heat away from the inner chamber, maintaining the evaporation cycle for continued use.

Certain drinks are best served chilled, but the minute you’re outdoors, you’re left with a very small window of time before those drinks ‘lose their cool’. The Hydro Flask Cooler Cup greatly expands that window of time. Designed to keep your chilled beverages frosty (or even keep hot drinks hot), the Hydro Flask Cooler Cup is a versatile little holder for your bottle/can that allows the drinks within them to maintain their temperature for longer. A silicone sleeve allows you to snugly and securely fit your drink can or bottle into the Cooler Cup, letting your drink stay refreshingly cool for longer.

Wheelbarrow-inspired drinks-cooler is easy to pull around, and can float on water too!

The Ondago goes where your party goes. With a tire-inspired rubber exterior, it rolls around wherever you want, and it’ll float on water too, for the ultimate pool/riverside party!

Close your eyes and imagine a drinks cooler. Chances are you thought of something boxy, with a blue or red base and a white lid. Sure, a boxy cooler makes sense because it provides more internal storage space for your cylindrical drink-cans, but that’s about all it’s good for. It isn’t really easy to transport (imagine having to lift that box around with you wherever you go), and it really turns a pool party into a by-the-pool party because your cooler can’t float on water. Clearly annoyed by these limitations, our friends at Knack Design Studio and DERRK decided to go back to the drawing board with the drink cooler and see if they could make it, well, better.

The Ondago cooler is best described as a cooler that “encourages adventure instead of limiting it”, according to Kelly Custer from Knack Design Studio. It ditches that cuboidal form factor for something more cylindrical (inspired by balloon tires), and a handle built into the cooler’s design lets you easily pull it around like a trolley. The fact that the entire cooler is basically wheel-shaped means it rolls equally well on gravel, sand, and on rocks. Once you reach your destination, the handle folds inwards and you can simply tip the Ondago over to stand vertically (to stop it from rolling as well as to access the contents of your cooler). The entire outside of the cooler comes made from recycled rubber that lets the cooler roll on rough terrain, and the rest of the cooler uses recycled plastic too, allowing it to have somewhat of minimized carbon footprint!

The Ondago’s unique design wasn’t envisioned to just conquer terrain… it was designed to float too! The drinks-cooler doubles up as a floating beer caddy, so you can have pool parties unencumbered. Ace 3D Designer and YouTuber Derek Elliot (also known by his internet moniker DERRK) even conjured up a video to show the Ondago in action as it goes from sand to soil to water without breaking a sweat, and while keeping your brewskis cool! Let’s see your ugly, bulky, heavy drink cooler do that? Or in other words, they see the Ondago rollin’… they hatin’.

Designer: Knack Design Studio and DERRK