These earth-friendly sustainable cups add joy to every drink without harming the planet

Even with all the advice to drink plenty of water each day, few people actually pay attention to what they drink. Even fewer, unfortunately, pay attention to what they’re drinking from. Glassware is common in some homes and fine dining, but you’re more likely to see plastic vessels everywhere else. This synthetic material does have its advantages, especially when it comes to durability, but its harmful effects on the environment have already piled up. Fortunately, you can have your personal cup and drink from it, too, thanks to the fusion of innovative, earth-friendly materials and simple yet elegant design, giving birth to this sustainable tumbler that brings a profound experience to every sip.

Designer: PAPLUS

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There are many plant-derived synthetic resins available today, but the most popular among them is PLA or polylactic acid, a thermoplastic derived from the lactic acid of fermented corn starch and sugar cane juice, among other natural sources. PAPLUS is a new type of thermoplastic resin that mixes biodegradable paper to add the heat resistance, durability, and moldability that normal PLA lacks. And from this innovative material, this earth-friendly tumbler is born.

Unlike the artificial smoothness of plastic, the PAPLUS Tumbler’s use of this environment-friendly material creates a unique texture that can be compared to ceramic or wooden cups. Each sip brings not only a wonderful flavor to your tongue but also an engaging sensation to your lips, elevating the act of drinking to a new level of sensory experience. Thanks to the heat resistance of 120°C, you can enjoy that moment whether your favorite drink is piping-hot cocoa or ice-cold barley tea.

This plastic-free drinking device doesn’t just mimic the sensation of elegant cups, it even looks the part as well. Using black pigments dissolved in harmless urethane, the tumbler achieves a matte black coating on the outside that looks naturally glossy without using blasting methods. The inside retains the PAPLUS’ natural brownish color and texture to yield a distinctive two-tone design. Over time, the color does become uneven and fade from use, revealing the individuality of the owner through the unique wear patterns that set it apart from each and every tumbler.

This tumbler’s commitment to protecting the environment extends to its packaging, made from 100% recycled paper from old newspapers and magazines. And, when it finally reaches the end of its service, the biodegradable tumbler can be treated as burnable waste or, better yet, recycled for a different purpose. With this elegant earth-friendly tumbler, each drink becomes not only a toast to memories but also a toast to the planet’s longer life.

Click Here to Buy Now: $22.50 $25 (10% off at checkout).

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This sustainable coffee cup can help your plants grow at the end of its own life

Some say that the world runs on coffee or that coffee is what actually makes it go round. Regardless of opinion, there’s no denying how much of the brown liquid is consumed every day, whether at home or especially from coffee shops like the famous (or infamous) Starbucks. When taking the latter into account, you can’t but help consider the amount of waste the coffee industry is producing simply from the cups alone, whether plastic or biodegradable paper. More conscientious coffee lovers have switched to reusable tumblers to help minimize their impact on the environment, but that is only half a step better than using plastic drinkware. This portable coffee cup, in contrast, takes the product’s lifecycle into account and puts it to good use even when you can no longer drink from it.

Designer: Alex Philpott (Beta Design Office)

Most coffee tumblers today are made from a combination of materials such as plastic, rubber, metal, and silicone. While some of these might be considered sustainable, the sum of the parts isn’t. These reusable drinking vessels naturally last a lot longer than the disposable variety served at many coffee shops, but they still end up polluting the land and seas at the end of their lives. Definitely not a good way to give back to the Earth that produces the coffee beans and water that fuel our modern lives.

That’s where the Earthmade Aromacup sets itself apart. Using Bamboo-O, an eco-friendly material made from bamboo fiber and plant starch, these travel coffee cups offer a significantly more sustainable option than typical silicone or thermal tumblers. More than just the materials and processes, however, the drinkware’s life continues even after it is no longer usable, at least not by humans. It can be easily used as compost material at home, contributing to the healthy growth of plants that, in turn, could nourish our food or clean up the air at the very least.

Beyond its sustainability, however, the Earthmade Aromacup also offers practical features matched with a clean aesthetic. A user-friendly keyhole locking mechanism makes it safe to bring your coffee or any favorite drink with you on the go, while easy disassembly makes it trivial to keep the cup clean and hygienic all the time. The cup’s soft body and ribbed texture offer a comfortable and safe grip when you need to take a sip anywhere.

The choice of single pastel colors, applied with food-safe coloring via a sustainable injection moulding process, visually sets it apart from most travel cups. At the same time, it appeals to the minimalist aesthetic that continues to trend, making these cups an attractive alternative to common, mass-produced coffee tumblers that also let owners feel good about their contribution to the Earth’s health every time they take a sip.

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Essential glassware for your home bar

Designer: LIITON

Staying in and mixing up cocktails on Friday nights can be lots of fun, and that’s why home bars form an integral aspect of design today. It is a spot where you keep your wines and spirits in order. Of course, it’s also a great place to store your glassware, cocktail tools, and a good recipe book. In a well-stocked bar, different styles of glassware are intended to optimize the drinking experience your guests are looking for. Here are some go-to pieces of cocktail barware that will help your guests and you enjoy a drink from the comfort of your home.

Designer: LIITON

Old Fashioned Glass

Double old fashioned glass

The Old-Fashioned glass, also known as rock glass or lowball glass, is the most common of all whisky glasses. Perfect for time-consuming drinks, it is a short tumbler with a wide rim and heavy base to hold them for hours. It allows the maker to muddle the ingredients in the glass, hence best suited for cocktails created within the glass. The classic Old-Fashioned glass is designed in a cut-glass style that the English adopted in the 18th and 19th centuries. It is designed to hold a large amount of ice and mixers, serving spirits like whiskey or neat with ice cubes and certain cocktails that are served on the rocks like old fashioned. Single old-fashioned glass has a capacity of 6 to 8 ounces, while Old-Fashioned double glass can hold 12 to 14 ounces.

Facts: Note that an old-fashioned cocktail is the first mixed drink that originated in the 1800s. It is made with whiskey, sugar, Angostura bitter, and cherry or orange peel for garnish.

Single old-fashioned glass

Designer: Artel

Collins and Highball glasses

A highball glass is tall and skinny and can hold 8 to 12 ounces, while a Collins glass is taller and can hold 10 to 14 ounces. These tall chimney glasses are suitable for serving sparkling cocktails that are usually prepared in the glass with a lot of ice, like gin-and-tonics, vodka-soda, bloody mary, and whiskey-and ginger. The Collins Glass is named after the family of Collins cocktails like Tom Collins and John Collins. These are essential every day glasses and a must-have for any home bar; they can serve soda, iced tea, juice, and non-alcoholic beverages. The Delmonico is a smaller version of the Collins glass with a flare on the top.

Highball glass

Designer: Modern Quests

Collins glass

Designer: NUDE

Coupe Glass

Designer: Tom Dixon

The coupe glass is a stemmed glass with a short, shallow glass and is also known as the champagne coupe or the champagne saucer. As the name suggests, it was initially designed for serving champagne, but now it is popularly for serving vintage-inspired cocktails and cocktails that are served with ice and then served chilled without ice. You can also float a large fruit on top of the drink.

The thick stem of the coupe glass enables the drinker to hold it comfortably, preventing the drinks from getting warm as one sips them. This glass is multifunctional and is perfect for serving pudding, sorbet, and ice cream. However, as these glasses are thin and delicate, they are likely to break.

Champagne Glass

Champagne Flute

Designer: Waterford Crystal

Raise a toast to a celebratory moment with the Champagne Flute! It is a tall and thin glass with a tapered rim, both about equal in length, and its straight sides create a sleek and streamlined look. The glass is designed to keep the champagne bubbles in the glass longer as it avoids quick loss of carbonation. In addition, its tall shape makes champagne’s fizzy bubbles look spectacular in a flute.

Champagne Tulip

Designer: Zalto

The Champagne Tulip is characterized by its wider flared body and tapered mouth. It does not trap bubbles, but some drinkers experience more full aromas in the tulip than the flute and enjoy a unique drinking experience.

Beer Glass

Beer has its own glassware set, and different beer styles are served in a specific glass. The three types of drinks include:

Pint glass

The Pint glass is a tall and tapered glass with straight sides. It holds 16 ounces and makes room for a full bottle of beer and its foamy head.

Designer: Restaurantware

Pilsner glass

Designer: Orrefors

The Pilsner glass took its name from the Czech city of Pilen and was originally designed for drinking Pilsner beer, but now they are also used for light lagers and blonde ales. The glassware typically holds 14 ounces and is characterized by a tapered design and a slight ballooning at the top. Its thin glass reveals the color and carbonation of beer, while its wider mouth allows one to enjoy the full aroma of the beer foam.

Beer mug

Designer: Nachtmann

In a beer mug, you can hold the mug without warming it with your hands, which is best suited for the average lager. It will hold between 10 to 14 ounces.

Shot glasses

Designer: JoyJolt

A shot glass was originally designed to hold or measure liquor and spirits, while the name shot pays homage to German chemist Friedrich Otto Schott who invented Borosilicate glass. These glasses come in many shapes, fun styles, and sizes. They are ideal for straight shots of liquor shooters that should be consumed in one gulp. Made from thick glass, the shot glasses have a reinforced base in thick glass so that the glass does not shatter when the drinker slams the glass on the table after downing the drink. Note that the shot glass size varies in each country and can range between 0.67 ounces to over 2 ounces.

Margarita glass

Designer: NUDE

The double bowl margarita glass has a distinctive shape and is a variant of the classic coupe glass. This glassware is primarily used to serve margaritas, while its wide rim makes it easy to add salt or sugar.

Vintage Wine Goblet

Designer: Lotus Arts de Vivre

Embrace opulence and sip your wine in style with over-the-top vintage wine goblets. These glasses have a regal touch and take inspiration from the old and antique. The glassware displays beautifully embossed or hand-carved designs and is crafted from glass with good weight. Perfect for serving ice wines, ports, Sherries, and even malts.

Wine Glass

White wine glass

Designer: Marks & Spencer

Red wine Glass

Designer: Zweisel Glas

There are two basic types of wine glasses. A white wine glass has a smaller bowl than a red wine glass, and the bowl of a white wine glass is less curved and has a narrower opening than a red wine glass. The larger bowled red wine glass can breathe more and come in contact with more air, which helps the wine’s bold taste to open up and display more aromas. White wine does not need so much space to breathe- the acute bow within the bowl and smaller glass rim help preserve white wine’s aromas.

Martini glass

Designer: Nachtmann

Named after and popularly used for the martini drink, the martini glass is characterized by its rim, conical shape, and long neck. The glassware adds sophisticated elegance and prevents the person from warming the drink with their hands; it tends to fill 3 to 6 ounces and is served without ice. The martini glasses are the ultimate way to serve a Manhattan, cosmopolitan, or iconic martini cocktail. These glasses can also be used as margarita glasses.

So now, it’s time to say cheers and ring in the good times with your favorite cocktail, juice, or adult beverage. Do not forget to create a well-designed space and transform your home bar into a unique entertainment spot.

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Nendo designs unique beer can with two angled pull tabs to create the perfect liquid-to-foam ratio

I love Japanese design studio Nendo, their designs are minimal timeless classics that manage to stay relevant irrespective of the passing trends and fads. And, Nendo recently unveiled a new and innovative beer can with two angled pull tabs that can control the liquid-to-foam ratio of your drink. The alternative beer can precisely control the level of foam that is created while opening it! Pretty cool, right? We thought so too.

Designer: Nendo

The minimalist-looking can is cylindrical in shape, and is colored a somber grey. It has a sleek and slender form that features two angled pull tabs instead of the singular tab you find in traditional beer cans. Nendo designed the beer can in an attempt to “create an ideal foam” when you pour yourself a glass of beer – ensuring that you have the perfect amount of bubbles, not too much, not too less.

As mentioned earlier there are two tabs. The first tab is labeled ‘1’, and as you tug at it, it opens the lid only slightly, applying a certain amount of pressure on the can, allowing the foam to bubble up. The user can then pour the foam into a glass, before proceeding to open the second tab labeled ‘2’. When you pull at this tab, it opens the lid completely, allowing the beer to flow out seamlessly without any excessive foam or bubbles pouring out, preparing the perfect glass of beer! “In this way, a glass with a liquid-foam ratio of 7:3, the so-called golden ratio, can now be easily achieved with canned beer,” said the studio.

“Beer heads [the foamy top of poured beer] are considered essential for having beer taste better, at least in Japan. A layer of foam with adequate thickness acts as a lid to prevent beer from coming into contact with the air and keeps it from releasing aroma, flavor, and carbonation,” said Nendo. Hence, through their thorough research, Nendo realized that by creating a can with a smaller first opening, the bubbles produced can remain concentrated in the slim slit. The two angled tabs placed opposite to one another also allow the users to flick them open easily.

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Top 5 men’s barware gear by Sempli that is sure to impress every guest you host

The key to a great dinner party isn’t just an amazing host, and excellent food, sometimes it can be a bunch of impressive barware as well! Picking the right barware is always a task – since it needs to be elegant, functional, sophisticated, and yet super practical. And this is where the award-winning product design company Sempli swoops in! Based in LA, California, Sempli combines the best of two worlds – Sweden’s simple and minimal functionality with Italy’s timeless elegance and style. Sempli’s drinkware designs are hand-blown, crafted with perfection, and designed to be both entertaining and practical. From a seamless swirling glass that helps in the oxygenation of your favorite drink of choice to a collection of flat-bottomed glasses ideal for drinking beer – Sempli’s expansive and impressive drinkware collection will have you fumbling to purchase them!

1. Sempli Monti-Taste Set

Sempli created the Monti-Taste Set for beer connoisseurs who take their glass of beer extremely seriously! The set celebrates and pays a tribute to the various craft beers, and their unique tastes and individuality. Four distinct glasses were designed for four distinct types of beers, in an attempt to elevate the drinking experience. The Monti-Birra is a straight-sided beer glass, that perfectly holds your 12 oz beer. Featuring a conical inverted bottom, the glass instantly catches that initial splash of beer and allows for the foam to frothily gather on the surface. Next in line is the Monti-Pint which is meant to serve pints as its name signifies. The Monti-Pils was created for Pilsners and features a  tall and lean body that enhances the carbonation in the Pilsners, maintaining a longer effervescence. Lastly, the Monti-IPA is a fun zig-zag-shaped glass with unique angled ridges and is ideal for serving hoppy IPA brews.

Click Here to Buy Now: $90 $100 for a Set of 4 (10% off with exclusive coupon code “YANKO2022”). Hurry, deal ends Dec 23rd.

2. Sempli Incanter

Do you love infusing your favorite spirits from time to time? Well, then the Sempli Incanter is the product for you! Created using their signature spinning bottom, the Sempli Incanter is an excellent incanter crafted from lead-free crystal, and it allows you to make your own special liquid infusion with the ingredients of your choice! You can concoct a strawberry-infused vodka, a peach-infused bourbon, or even a gourmet raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing – the possibilities and potential of the Incanter are endless! All you need to do is fill the glass decanter with the liquor of your choice. You, then pick your favorite infusion ingredients and add them to the inserting tube. You cap the tube with the silicone stopper, insert it into the decanter, and spin away. As the flavors fuse together, you’ll get a unique fusion every time you use the decanter! You can spin the decanter to add an element of fun or let it rest on coasters for infusions that take a longer period of time to get ready.

Click Here to Buy Now: $65

3. Sempli Cupa-Rocks ICE

Designed as a part of Sempli’s ICE Collection, the Cupa-Rocks ICE are basically the beloved Cupa glasses with an eye-catching frosted finish. The Cupa-Rocks ICE are two compact tumblers in a gift box. Both the tumblers have been hand-blown, to enhance the sensory pleasure, and elevate the experience of drinking whisky or brandy. Once set down, the minimal yet sophisticated glasses create a swirling rotation, which assists in the aeration of your favorite fine spirit, and provides the drinker with a rather aromatic and pleasurable experience. The glasses have been constructed to fit perfectly in your hand, and the glasses work naturally and efficiently to keep your beverage warm. Called the ‘perfect pour’ for brandy or whisky, you can fill the Cupa-Rocks ICE tumblers to their waist – which is 6 cl.

Click Here to Buy Now: $50

4. Sempli Vaso Vino

If you’re a wine fanatic and love serving wine at your dinner parties, then this beautiful wine decanter by Sempli is the one for you! Called, the Vaso-Vino, and designed by Daniele ‘Danne’ Semeraro for Sempli, this hand-blown spinning decanter is created to especially aerate your favorite wine in an innovative and exceptional manner. It can effortlessly accommodate a 750ml bottle of wine – whether white or red. Crafted from a lead-free crystal, the Vaso-Vino features a unique and intriguing conical construction that produces a swirling rotation when set down, this in turn assists in the oxygenation of the wine. Measuring 7.75″ in height, and 6.5″ in diameter, the Vaso Vino weighs 38 oz, and is recommended to be washed by hand, and used to serve your favorite wine at your next dinner party!

Click Here to Buy Now: $50

5. Sempli Sini Nesting Bowls

Crafted from lead-free crystal, the Sini Nesting Bowls by Sempli are cleverly, and mind you, beautifully designed nesting bowls, that are refined, elegant, and clean. Designed by Daniele ‘Danne’ Semeraro, the nesting bowls are perfect for holding your party snacks, and munchies while your guests and you sip on drinks at your next dinner party! You can pair the Sini Nesting Bowls with the Cupa Lift trays to create an intriguing and elegant table setup that your guests will totally drool over. They are available in 4”, 5” or 6” variations, and are recommended to be washed by hand.

Click Here to Buy Now: $40

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These gem-like glasses really make your drinks and snacks shine

Water is vital for life. Humans can survive without food for weeks but would only last for a couple of days without water, proving how essential water is to our bodies. After all, your body is composed of about 60% water. Even if it’s not about a life or death situation, however, drinking water is crucial in maintaining our health, providing many health benefits such as improving memory and mood, aiding weight maintenance, and preventing dry skin. Most of us are aware of how important it is to keep hydrated throughout the day, but very few actually do. One trick to increase your water intake during your waking hours is to have water nearby, and this cup makes it not only easy but also attractive to place your drink within arm’s reach.

Designers: TENT x Zarigani Works

Click Here to Buy Now: $21.75 $29 (25% off at checkout). Hurry, deal ends October 19th.

Design studio TENT joined forces with another design studio ZARIGANI WORKS and plastic parts manufacturer Sakae Kogyo to create this minimalistic drinkware to improve your water intake routine. Some water bottles are large, bulky, and visually loud, making you feel like they are constantly nagging you to drink water. In contrast, the Upside-Downside drinkware’s subtle yet elegant presence on your table, desk, or bedside table doesn’t distract you but kindly encourages you to take a sip of water once in a while. Its simple design blends into any space or aesthetic you’ve got going without being obtrusive.

Of course, the Upside-Downside drinkware is not only for water but for all your favorite beverages and more. It comes as a set of tumblers in slightly different dimensions and offers versatile usage. The slightly different sizes allow one tumbler to be put upside down on top of another, acting as a lid to prevent any unwanted particles from getting into your drink. Whether used as a tumbler and lid, two tumblers, or a tumbler and a snack bowl, it will bring life to any beverage it holds.

Upside-Downside feels as good in your hands as it looks on the table, and you’ll be surprised by its high level of clarity. The manufacturer of the drinkware Sake Kogyo has been producing plastic parts for home appliances and cars for over four decades and is known especially for high-quality, clear plastic products. Thanks to their expertise, the Upside-Downside drinkware does not show any wavy lines or patterns known as flow mark that is usually visible in products made from plastic resin. Instead, its hand-polished glossy smooth surface reflects light and shines like a precious jewel.

Made of extremely durable and resilient Tritan copolyester, the drinkware is shatterproof and lightweight, making it kid-friendly and outdoor-friendly. You don’t have to worry about the tumbler breaking when it falls and comes in contact with a hard surface. And when you’ve finished your drink, you can easily hand wash the cup with water and soap or simply put it in the dishwasher along with all the other dishes for effortless maintenance.

In our constantly moving, busy lives, the Upside-Down tumbler gently reminds you to take care of yourself by taking a sip of water every now and then. With a streamlined drinking vessel that can also hold your small snacks, you can stay hydrated, satiated, and healthy, in style.

Click Here to Buy Now: $21.75 $29 (25% off at checkout). Hurry, deal ends October 19th.

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Is your drinking water safe for consumption? This tiny device can tell you in just 2 seconds.

We often take the quality of the water we drink for granted. Food is often tested for hygiene and safety, but that level of scrutiny doesn’t extend to water. With water, whether it’s a glass filled at home from the tap, or from a dispenser at work, or even if it’s handed to you at a restaurant, we usually take for granted that it’s clean if it looks, smells, and tastes okay. If only purity worked that way, right?!

The Lishtot TestDrop Pro performs a simple test to check if your ‘clear’ water is, in fact, safe for drinking. You see, water emits its own local electromagnetic field, which the TestDrop Pro analyzes. Using this electromagnetic reading, the TestDrop Pro can tell if your water is safe to drink or not because pure water emits a marginally different reading from water with lead or chlorine in it, or water with E. coli, pesticides, and as many as 20 other contaminants. The TestDrop Pro can be held near water and doesn’t even need to be inserted into the water to complete its test. It checks the water’s electromagnetic reading, and in just 2 seconds, emits either a red or green light to let you know whether your water is unsafe or safe for consumption.

Designer: Lishtot

Click Here to Buy Now

A winner of TIME Magazine’s “Genius Company” distinction, Lishtot gives you the ability to repeatedly test all kinds of water no matter where you go. The tiny device, which is perfectly sized to fit around your keychain, comes with three simple buttons that let you analyze tap water, bottled water, and naturally occurring water (while they’re all safe for consumption, they have a few key differences in their composition). The TestDrop Pro even pairs with an app that gives you more information about the water you’re drinking. While the TestDrop Pro itself can only provide a green or red light, effectively boiling down to a yes or no decision, the app tells you more about what’s wrong with your water, providing actionable information that lets you make a better decision.

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Star Wars-inspired travel thermos + mug celebrates 45 years of Hollywood’s most iconic robotic duo

The year 2022 marks 45 years since Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope appeared on the silver screen, and nearly half a century since George Lucas introduced us to two of the most beloved robots to ever grace pop culture. To celebrate that momentous occasion (along with the 40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back), Corkcicle debuted an entire collection of Star Wars-inspired barware that’s sure to geek up your kitchen! While the collection spans all of Star Wars’ memorable characters, our eyes instantly fell in love with the C3PO canteen and the R2D2 stainless steel travel cup – two pieces of drinkware that don’t just go together functionally, but they even honor their references in size and proportion!

Designer: Corkcicle

Click Here to Buy the C3PO 16oz Travel Canteen
Click Here to Buy the R2D2 12oz Travel Mug

Both the C3PO canteen and R2D2 travel mug are made from triple-insulated stainless steel, making them perfect to carry hot or cold beverages in and travel with. The insulated design even means you can comfortably hold onto the outer surface without the internal heat or coldness radiating to your skin.

Both the 16oz canteen and 12oz travel mug come with caps that seal your drink shut, keeping them warm or cold for hours at an end. They’re BPA-free, and even sport silicone-lined bases to ensure they don’t slip around or scratch tabletop surfaces by accident. As for the drinkware themselves, they’re made from durable stainless steel with shatterproof lids and finishes/paint-coatings that are scratch-resistant and dishwasher safe… and I know what you’re thinking – No, they’re probably not lightsaber-proof.

Click Here to Buy the C3PO 16oz Travel Canteen
Click Here to Buy the R2D2 12oz Travel Mug

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Sleek coffee makers to help you prepare the perfect cup of coffee every time

I love coffee, I need it to start my day, or else I simply refuse to start my day! It’s the boost of energy, dose of motivation, and rush of serotonin that I need every morning. And, I’m pretty sure that’s the case for most of us. However, with the pandemic caging us to our homes, we’ve been unable to grab some coffee from our preferred baristas and coffee shops! Hence, learning to brew my own coffee is something I’ve had to learn, and it’s really not so bad. There is a different satisfaction and pleasure in sipping caffeine that you know is the result of your own hard work, something precariously prepared with your own personal touch to it. A unique, innovative, and interactive coffee machine is all you need, and ninety-five percent of the battle is won (the other five percent is you setting aside your laziness and actually operating the machine)! From a sleek coffee grinder and brewer designed to replace your Keurig to a Jenga-inspired modular coffee maker – this collection of super cool and easy-to-use coffee machines will start you off on your coffee brewing journey. Cheers!

1. The Gevi

A 2021 winner of the Red Dot Design Award, the Gevi rubbishes the notion that a coffee machine needs to look like a large, bulky, boxy appliance. The 2-in-1 coffee grinder and brewer are visually separated into their two parts. The appliance comes with a base platform that has its own dedicated weighing scale to help you weigh the beans before you add them to the grinder. The grinder comes with a bean hopper on the top to feed the beans in, while commercial-level 60mm flat steel burrs help create a consistent grind of your beans (while anti-static measures help prevent particles from sticking/clumping). The dose consistency from beans to powder of the appliance is around 0.2g.

2. X&Y

Introducing their take on the brewing system, Kurz Kurz Design unveiled their X & Y pour-over set, featuring a stainless steel gooseneck kettle and brewer coated in charcoal black and cobalt blue. X&Y comes in both charcoal black and cobalt blue. Developed in stainless steel, the gooseneck kettle and filter stand come complete with added thermal insulation from a banded construction. On top of that, a strip of cobalt blue-dyed leather comes with the package specifically designed to wrap around the gooseneck kettle’s handle, doubly ensuring a safe pour.

3. The Brewster DCM5000

Designed especially for those of us who work from home, the Brewster DCM5000 is compact and highly technical to limit the mess of making coffee and make it easier to use. The team of India-based designers conceptualized the Brewster DCM5000 as a coffee maker that could be placed on a desk without taking up too much space. Downsized to fit in any workspace, the Brewster DCM5000’s bulkiest part is the 250ml water tank.

4. The Oblic Dropper

Reinterpreting the classic coffee dripper through a portable, compact lens, industrial designer JenFu Yang conceptualized the Oblic Dropper, a handheld pour-over device ideal for bringing coffee with you on the go. Following a similar build to conventional immersion coffee drippers, the Oblic Dropper allows users to brew pour-over sin record time across multiple coffee mugs. Equipped with an integrated stopper, transferring Oblic Dropper from one cup to the next can be a clean, seamless transition without any spillage.

5. The Rapha + Rocket R58 Espresso Machine

The Rapha + Rocket R58 Espresso Machine features two PID-controlled boilers that ensure optimal extraction of any type of coffee. It boasts a touchscreen display with a variety of functions to help you prepare the perfect cup of coffee! A twin stainless steel portafilter and a wooden handle seal the deal on this intriguing coffee maker. A no-burn steam and water wand prevent you from burning yourself.

6. The Qterra Craft

As portable as an ordinary Starbucks travel mug, the Qterra Craft is designed to give you coffee so fresh you’ll feel like it was brewed right inside it… and you’d be right! The Qterra Craft is a pretty clever little device, giving you the freshest coffee or tea—even while you’re traveling—by simply brewing it on the spot. The mug comes with a lid that holds tea leaves or coffee grounds in a telescopic Q-Brew Basket that extends downwards into the vessel when the lid is twisted. Fill the vessel with piping hot water and twist the lid just minutes before you actually want your beverage. Then twist the lid when you’re done and the used leaves or grounds ascend back into the lid, secured with an air-tight seal.

7. Cenga

Inspired by the build of Jenga towers, Cenga is a modular, handmade coffee set with a grinder, dripper, and canister included in a single unit. Piled together like a Jenga tower, Cenga is a handmade modular coffee set conceptualized by a team of designers to bring home everything you’d find in a cafe. Starting from the top of Cenga, a grinder for coffee beans funnels the grounds into a dripper before heating up some water and dripping that into a canister to serve.

8. Cosie

Cosie is a siphon coffee maker designed to bring the emotional experience of watching your coffee brew at a cafe into the comfort of your own kitchen. Since Cosie is a siphon machine, the coffee inside the canisters is extracted through steam pressure generated by boiling water, a process that users can watch while brewing their own coffee. The integrated siphon also makes the general upkeep and management of Cosie much easier to keep up with. After spooning in their desired amount of coffee grinds into the machine’s top compartment, users need only fill the main cartridge with water and turn its handle clockwise to kickstart the brewing process.

9. Niche Zero

Designed by UK-based brand Niche Coffee, Niche Zero is a specially designed single-dose grinder that refreshes you with not just a cup of coffee, but also with its eye-catching design. The grinder, which comes in either white or black, features a gently curved metal body, retro-style switches, and wooden accents and stubby legs that make it look warm and approachable.

10. Minimal

Drip Coffee Maker Red Dot Design Award

Encased in a vinyl travel case, Minimal is made up of a glass dripper and cup, and a filter stand stocked with reusable cloth filters. Both the glass dripper and cup are made from borosilicate glass to ensure the same quality heat resistance found in glassware like Pyrex and lab flasks. Minimal also comes with a wooden lid that doubles as a coaster so when you’re camping, you’ll always have a place to set your cup.

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Black + Decker’s latest Kitchen Appliance is like a Keurig for cocktails

Unveiled at CES 2022, the $300 Black + Decker Bev is an automatic bartender that whips up the tastiest cocktails and mocktails for you on the spot. It occupies about the same space as a Keurig, and strangely enough, comes immediately after Keurig announced it was terminating its own $300 cocktail maker project. What the Black + Decker Bev offers is pretty much in the same ball-park when it comes to functionality. The kitchen countertop appliance sports a 6-bottle layout that lets you easily load 5 750ml alcohol bottles of your choice along with a sixth spot for Bev’s water chamber. Stainless steel straws descend into each bottle, allowing Bev to conveniently (and accurately) suck up precisely calibrated portions of alcohol to conjure up cocktails. No more mounting bottles upside down like other cocktail makers/dispensers.

To create different cocktails, Bev works on a disposable pod system quite similar to Keurig and Nespresso. Created in partnership with Bartesian, Black + Decker plans on releasing as many as 40 different beverage pods with pre-mixed juices, bitters, and syrups that just need to be popped into the appliance. Once a pod is loaded, you can select how intense you want your cocktail, and Bev does the rest, mixing the ingredients together and dispensing your final cocktail directly into a glass. The entire process takes all of 30 seconds, and yes, Bev even comes with a mocktail setting for people who don’t drink.

The product’s slated to be available in May, and Black + Decker’s mentioned that it doesn’t come with Bluetooth or a smartphone app. It does, however, sport a ‘Party Mode’ that uses LEDs under the bottles to create a pretty nifty ambiance!

Desigenr: Black + Decker

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