A2 Inc is hiring industrial designers!

A2 is a product development consultancy focused on design strategy, market and user research, industrial design and engineering. They have unparalleled experience in bringing award-winning, highly successful housewares, hardware, major appliances, and other user-focused products to market. A2 has developed a highly successful product development method, focusing on a grounded approach to ensure executable design by considering from the outset, factors such as cost, distribution, and manufacturing. Every day their team focuses on the needs of consumers, their lifestyles, and what motivates them to purchase products. Following through with the right product or marketing solutions is how they can fulfill the promise of their client’s brand.

A2 collaborated with Charles Joly, considered the best bartender in the world, and Fortessa to develop the finest line of barware around.

The Opportunity

A2 is seeking both Junior & Mid-Level Industrial Designers with 2-6 years of experience to start as soon as possible. The ideal candidate is a creative thinker who is able to translate ideas onto paper and subsequently into 3D. Salary is commensurate with experience and skill level.


-Excellent Solidworks skills is a must (this includes surfacing, lofts, sweeps, cuts, etc)
-Great hand sketching skills
-Proficient in Photoshop

How to Apply

Only PDFs under 5MBs or links to website portfolios will be accepted. Recent graduates and interns are also welcome. International candidates must hold a valid US working visa to be considered.


Westchester, NY.

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The creators of the Moka Pot have a cute stove-top espresso dispenser too!

Perfect for quick indoor espresso brewing, Bialetti’s Mini Express is just adorable, the way it sits on a stovetop, mimicking a big fat coffee machine. It comes with a base that’s similar to the Moka Pot, but with a direct dispenser on top that pipes the freshly brewed (it doesn’t get fresher than this) espresso right into a tiny espresso cup.

With its retro-Italian design (complete with the Vespa-inspired colored variants and cups), the Mini Express is perfect for the lover of the rich black beverage that forms the bedrock of all good Italian coffees. The base is rather small and may require a stove-top-reducer to sit squarely on. Load the coffee grounds and water in and screw the top on (throw in a stick of cinnamon for that Christmassy flavor), before lighting the gas underneath. The coffee brews, bubbling up to the surface and out the two spouts on the top, right into the cups that rest on the Mini Express’s adorable platform! There’s a variant with a single-pipe dispenser too, if you’re the kind to savor your coffee alone!

Designer: Bialetti

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Jarra is a self-cooling clay flask that combines pre-refrigeration techniques with a contemporary form

It’s really difficult to imagine a life before electric refrigeration existed, but we humans had our ways of naturally cooling liquids back in the day. Meet Jarra, a modern flask that takes inspiration from naturally-cooling terracotta vessels, while bringing a timely bit of innovation to it. You see, terracotta relies on porosity to help naturally cool water, but these pores can often lead to bacterial growth if not maintained well. Modern clay vessels circumvent this problem by using ceramic glazing to close these pores, but this eventually cancels out the clay’s natural cooling effect.

Jarra uses special glazing techniques to still meet safety standards without compromising on the clay’s natural cooling effect. Its slender-neck makes the design ergonomically sound, allowing you to hold and pour it with ease. Coupled with a food-safe aluminum cap, Jarra plays on a duality of old-techniques wrapped in a design that feels suitably modern, giving you a bottle that’s both rustic and new-age, and can almost instantly cool water without requiring any electricity!

Jarra is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2019.

Designers: Sahar Madanat & Ahmad Jarrar (Twelve Degrees)

If Santa Claus owned a portable espresso machine, this would be it…

Back in a winter-themed seasonal avatar, the Nanopresso from Wacaco is perhaps one of the smallest, most portable espresso machines in the world. It compresses every element of a coffee-maker into a form-factor small enough to fit right into your bag, and pair it with either a Nespresso pod or your own coffee-powder (placed in the Nanopresso’s pod) and you’ve got yourself espresso on the go, anywhere, anytime.

Partnering with artist Emma Tissier, Wacaco’s Nanopresso now comes in a bright red color, complete with seasonal artwork. Titled the Red Tattoo Pixie Edition, this Christmassy coffee maker is set up for a limited run, and comes with its own EVA foam case for you to carry around. Just add your coffee powder or pod and some hot water, let the pressure build up, and pour the freshest espresso right into Nanopresso’s cup. For a seasonal touch, top it off with a cinnamon stick and a spritz of Kahlúa!

Designers: Wacaco and Emma Tissier

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This coaster has an AI bartender that guides you through the cocktail making process

I’ll be honest. That title above gets progressively more unpredictable with each word… and yes, I’m completely sober as I write this article.

This is the Barsys Coaster, a smart coaster with a mini weighing-machine and an AI inside it that coaches you through the fine cocktail-mixing process. The coaster works with the Barsys app, which lets you select a recipe, while the coaster itself sits on a table with an empty glass above it. The app tells you how to build your cocktail, by telling you what to pour into your glass, while the coaster and its weight-sensor lets you know when to stop pouring. The incredibly precise weight-sensor within the coaster can know exactly when you’ve poured the right amount of gin, or vodka, or orange juice, while the app itself then tells you to stop pouring and proceed to the next step. The result? Precisely crafted cocktails courtesy an AI bartender and your passion for drinking fine cocktails from the comfort of your own house as Netflix cues the next episode of whatever it is you’re watching!

Designer: Barsys

100% ocean bound plastic converted into adorable, reusable sleeve for your coffee cup

Paired perfectly in time for your annual visit to Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte, the Slippy is a sweater that provides the perfect holiday-themed alternative to those corrugated cardboard sleeves you put around your coffee cup. Every year in America alone, we use enough corrugated cardboard sleeves to cover the entire state of Texas… and while cardboard IS considered biodegradable, it still falls within the culture of use-and-throw, generating ton of waste in the process. Slippy, like your reusable coffee-cup and metal straw, promotes a culture of reusability. Woven to look like an adorable printed sweater for your hot or cold cups, tumblers, and thermoses, the Slippy slips right on, guarding your hands from the temperature of the liquid inside the vessel. The Slippy is washable and reusable too, which means your average consumer goes from using 300+ cardboard sleeves per year to just 1. This means you can enjoy your daily coffee without contributing to the surmounting problem of waste in our oceans… and here’s how.

The Slippy has a two-fold approach to our world’s trash problem. Not only is it reusable, it’s recycled too. Each Slippy is made from a plastic yarn that comes from bottles pulled out of our oceans. Slippy’s makers partnered with a supplier that sourced their bottles right from the oceans, and as a result, each Slippy sleeve is made from exactly one bottle that’s pulled out from the massive pacific garbage patch. The up-cycled bottle turns into a wonderfully woven sleeve you can use over and over, with your coffee cups, thermoses, tumblers, and even with baby-bottles. Each Slippy sleeve effectively reduces vast amounts of disposable corrugated cardboard sleeves that are thrown in the trash each year, while also slowly but surely eliminating the ever-increasing plastic trash problem in our oceans! Go ahead and get yourself that Pumpkin Spice Latte. You deserve it!

Designer: Zach Crain

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SLIPPY – Reusable Coffee Sleeve!

SLIPPY’s yarn is made from 1 plastic bottle collected off the coast! It is the only product that uses 100% ocean-bound plastic. Which means that all of the bottles are collected from the beach or within 30 miles of the coast in countries without formal waste management systems.

Here’s How it Works

Plastic bottles get collected from coastal areas without proper waste management. The bottles then go to a North Carolina factory where they are transformed into yarn and knit into Slippies using 73% less energy, 67% less water, and 55% less chemicals than the making of regular yarns.

With almost 10 years of success in the knit beverage sleeve space, focusing mostly on bottle covers, the team decided they wanted to leverage their knowledge AND do something that clearly makes a positive impact on our world.

As they sipped on their coffee at the meeting, suggested that a knit version of the traditional cardboard coffee sleeve was an excellent model to replicate.

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This sustainable in-flight meal tray is partially edible and wholly eco-friendly!

Travel is deeply integrated into all our lives. Whatever may be the purpose (business or pleasure), we do tend to find ourselves on flight journeys. Irrespective of whether it is a 9-hour long international flight or maybe an hour-long domestic one, what remains constant is the amount of in-flight waste that is generated. Each year almost 5.7 million tonnes of cabin waste is estimated to be generated on passenger flights, ranging from single-use plastic to earphones, food waste and amenity kits.

Leading travel and transport design studio PriestmanGoode decided to take matters into their own hands. For the past 20 years, they have been at the forefront of aviation design, working with the world’s leading airlines and aircraft manufacturers. Jo Rowan, Associate Strategy Director at PriestmanGoode says “Design is about using creative thinking and problem solving to look at how we can make things better, how to minimize resources and waste, and how we can encourage change in consumer behavior.” And hence came about their brainchild; a line of eco-friendly and sustainable in-flights product as a part of their new exhibition at London’s Design Museum called ‘Get Onboard: Reduce. Reuse. Rethink’. It’s also worth mentioning the entire collection has a pretty minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing appeal!

Designer: PriestmanGoode

This eco-friendly in-flight meal tray is here to “eliminate plastic waste, and replace like for like.”

Their green inflight meal service has completely transformed the conventional meal tray we are so used to receiving on a flight. “We’ve used a wide range of materials for our design concepts,” says Rowan. And they’ve kept their word. Each element is either partially edible, reusable, soluble or biodegradable. They’ve ditched plastic meal trays for partially edible ones made from coffee grains and husks mixed with a lignin binder. The miscellaneous food containers that fit into the tray have been made from wheat bran. Banana leaf or algae have been combined with rice husk to create lids for side dishes like salad. Whereas a wafer has been used as a dessert lid, hence the materials symbolically reflect the food. Instead of having several pieces of single-use cutlery, the handy ‘spork’- a combination of a fork and spoon- made from coconut wood has been adopted. The usual plastic containers for milk or sauces have been abandoned in exchange for edible pods created from soluble seaweed.

The biodegradable water flask allows for repeated and short term usage!

PriestmanGoode went one step further and came up with an alternative to plastic water bottles! They designed water flasks made from cork and compostable bioplastic. The reusable bottle can be used on a short term basis, such as the duration of your vacation! It can also comfortably fit in the front seat pocket of a plane. According to them “the idea was to address the impulse buy at airports, and create a bottle that once used, can be commercially composted.”

Sustainability aside PriestmanGoode’s meal tray is also partially edible (in case anyone is feeling a little adventurous)

As an over-enthusiastic traveler myself, I’ve never really considered the extent to which my/our traveling patterns could be affecting the Earth. I think in today’s day and age the concept of being ‘a responsible traveler’ is gaining immense momentum. Though PriestmanGoode’s latest initiative is still a concept, their dream is to have these sustainable, partially edible meal trays (not to forget the cute canteen-style water flasks) being handed out to us!

2 minutes is all this portable blender needs to whip up hot and cold drinks!

This highspeed blender makes whipping up your favorite blended beverages on the go, quick and convenient! Efficiently cramming the capabilities of a full-size blender into a conveniently sized flask isn’t an easy feat of design, so it will come as no surprise when I say that this product has been considered in great depth. The motor that is mounted overhead is powered by the 7.4V lithium battery that has been seamlessly integrated into the device. As it’s meant for use outside of the home, it was important for the styling choice to be something that the user is proud of displaying; a clean minimal form has been paired with muted tones and matte material finishes.

With it offering the potential of providing us with a freshly blended beverage in just two minutes, we can’t help but love this concept!

Designer: Sun Jin

Carlo Ratti’s Orange Juice Machine serves OJ in cups made from 3D printed orange peels

Sustainability isn’t as difficult as one might think. In the past few months we’ve seen so much in the way of using ecologically conscious materials, from t-shirts made entirely from eucalyptus and algae, to leather made from beer mash, to liquid soap bottles made from actual soap! The bottom line is, designers are always finding creative ways to deal with waste and to develop newer ways to manufacture products in a way that’s sustainable and circular. Take for instance Carlo Ratti’s Circular Orange Juice Bar, an innovative machine that uses every bit of the orange to provide a delightful drinking experience. At first, the oranges are laid out right on the top, in an innovative spiral rail. The oranges instantly become the juice bar’s branding, as their vibrant tangerine color is visible from a distance. Approach the bar, and the oranges, laid out in a nice umbrella shape, provide shade as you sip your juice. As for the juice, each orange is transported, cut, and squeezed by a machine fresh on the spot. The peel is discarded into the bottom pit which dries the waste out, pulverizes it to a fine powder, and binds it with PLA to turn it into a 3D printable filament. This filament is fed right into a 3D printer that prints your juice-cup right in front of you, with your freshly squeezed juice in it! You can discard each cup, as it’s completely biodegradable, giving you a product and experience that is derived from nature, and can return completely to nature with absolutely no impact!

Designer: Carlo Ratti Associati

Oddly shaped teaspoons that are perfect for hanging on the rim of your coffee-cups

These spoons come with a weird hairpin bend for a good reason. If you’ve ever tried stirring sugar into your coffee or tea and then wondered where to put the spoon, never you mind! The spoons can either rest right inside your coffee cup, casually hanging off the rim, or can even rest on a table, with the scoop levitating in the air so you don’t leave a small pool of tea or coffee on your table’s surface. Just good old-fashioned clever thinking! The spoon comes in a set of 5 and can easily be hung off the rim of your crockery instead of being kept in your kitchen cabinets, or worse still, descending right to the bottom of your jar of honey.

Designer: Xstore

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