Pharrell Williams co-designed an incredibly gorgeous looking cutlery set from recycled CDs

I’ll admit, there’s nothing about that headline that could even remotely be predicted. Each word seems more improbable than the next, like predictive text gone absolutely bonkers, but it’s true… the man behind Happy and Get Lucky just partnered with Pentatonic, a circular economy company, to release a portable multi-use cutlery set that’ll make you feel happy and the planet feel lucky. Pardon my horrible wordplay, it’s a Friday night where I’m from, even if it’s being spent at home.

Titled the Pebble, these gorgeously vivid and funky cutlery tools are a collaboration between Pentatonic and i am OTHER, a creative collective assembled by Pharrell, and are made mostly from recycled materials. The unusually vibrant cutlery set is named after the pebble-shaped container it comes in. The colored container is made using plastic recycled from music CDs, and perfectly houses a spoon, knife, fork, a pair of chopsticks, and even a collapsible drinking straw. Plastic handles for the cutlery are crafted from recycled food packaging, while the cutlery themselves are crafted from steel, with a highly durable anodized titanium coating for strength as well as to give the cutlery their unmistakable vibrant purple hue.

The Pebble serves as a vibrant, desirable, eco-friendly, and multi-use alternative to single-use plastic cutlery… a problem that results in 40 billion plastic utensils being thrown out as waste each year in USA alone. Designed as a quirky, candy-esque alternative to the boring white plastic sporks that come with packaged food, the Pebble’s foldable/collapsible cutlery can be used and reused multiple times. The grippy, rounded outer case and the added carabiner clip makes it easy to carry around or to secure it to a backpack while camping outdoors, and that absolutely delicious color combination should really get your mouth watering and your heart singing!

Designers: Pentatonic & i am OTHER

This sustainable furniture is made from 2000 pounds of recycled cardboard

When you think of furniture, you think of pieces made using the most traditional materials. We are conditioned to associate furniture primarily with wood, plastic, and metal so when we see products made from anything else it leaves us in awe. Vadim Kibardin decided to give an innovative, sustainable twist to it and designed furniture from paper. Why is his furniture a piece of art? Well, he has spent 5,110 hours making it by hand!

Every piece of furniture that Kibardin makes is one of a kind, there is no mold and he shapes them all himself. We are now moving towards a sustainable lifestyle but Kibardin has been doing this for over 25 years – he has successfully recycled 2000 pounds of cardboard which is equivalent to saving 17 trees. To put it into perspective, 17 trees absorb 250 pounds of carbon dioxide each year and we need to ramp up the materials we use in design so that they serve a functional purpose while also contributing to slowing down the climate crisis. Using sustainable construction materials like paper and turning it into furniture that is stylish, modern and eco-conscious is the future of long-lasting interior design.

Usually, sustainable furniture is all bamboo and cork, and the earthy tones may not fit everyone’s taste but this paper furniture certainly provides an upscale alternative. Earning praise from renowned global creators including Japanese industrial designer, Naoto Fukasawa, Kibardin’s work shows that you can use a ‘weaker’ material like paper to build a sturdy table or a durable accent chair. He has a Black collection and Totem collection along with many commissioned pieces that are housed in galleries, museums or homes of art collectors.

Designer: Vadim Kibardin

This 10-Foot-High Metal Hulk Is Ready to Smash Somebody’s Bank Account

One of the best parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Avengers has got to be Mark Ruffalo as Hulk. He’s my favorite actor in the role, and does a great job doing the whole Jekyll and Hyde routine as the bounces between mild-mannered doctor and angry green monster. I also love how the CGI artists have managed to capture Ruffalo’s face and expressions in Hulk form. While this sculpture of The Hulk isn’t exactly screen accurate, it’s still pretty amazing.

The guys at Thailand’s Kreatworks assembled this enormous sculpture of our favorite good guy with a temper from recycled car parts all kinds of other junk metal bits. I see some shock absorbers there in his biceps, and some brake drums in his legs. What parts do you spy? Could we rebuild him into a car? Metal Hulk measures in at an impressive 3.3 meters tall – or just over 10 feet for those of us still using those antiquated Imperial measurements.

This not-so-jolly green giant is priced at $17,000, which is roughly the same as the base price of a brand new Kia Soul. So it’s up to you: Hulk or Hamstermobile? Tough decision. Sadly, it looks like Kreatworks won’t ship something this big to the US, so you might just have to go with the compact crossover. Or maybe wait for it to turn back into Bruce Banner, and then have him shipped.

The North Face’s high-tech Futurelight jackets are finally here

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Google pledges to ‘maximize’ recycled material in own products

Google has been making consumer hardware under its "Made by Google" brand -- like its Pixel phones and Google Home Minis -- for three years, and dabbled in other hardware for a few years before that. Now, it's ready to make its products more sustaina...

Adidas made a running shoe that’s fully recyclable

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The North Face teases its most breathable waterproof gear yet

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These Tiny Robots are Ready to Invade Your Neckline

If you are a fan of robots, or just want to ingratiate yourself to them before they take over the world, check out Tiny Robots. Their shop is loaded with all kinds of cool robot accessories like pendants, earrings, bracelets, hair clips and other stuff with tiny robots on them. Each one is made from old electronic parts and bits of hardware.

They add new tiny robots all the time, so there’s something for everyone. You know what’s even cooler? Each tiny robot comes with a certificate of authenticity. Actually, it’s even better. You get a certificate of adoption where you can add the robot’s name and the date of adoption. Now you are a parent! Yea!

My favorites are the robot pendants because they look like robots trapped in clear amber, perhaps dug up by some future civilization. While most of the robots they make are tiny, they do offer some bigger robots too.

There are more robots then you can shake an electric stick at between the Tiny Robots website and their Etsy shop. The robots in their shop are pretty darn adorable. You’ll pick one of these little dudes, and then find like ten in your cart. I suppose that’s fine, because you can’t have too many cute robot accessories. Do yourself a favor and check out all of their robot offerings.

Artist Transforms Ugly Louis Vuitton Bags into Awesome Star Wars Sculptures

I’ve never really gotten the appeal of Louis Vuitton’s fashions. Not only are they ridiculously expensive, but you have to walk around with somebody’s ugly brand logo stamped all over your stuff. The way I figure it, they should pay you for the free advertising. I suppose if you’re going to have to have all those “LV” logos on your things, they might as well be something cool, like these Star Wars sculptures.

Artist Gabriel Dishaw takes used Louis Vuitton purses and bags and transforms them into awesome Star Wars sculptures. His collection includes stormtrooper and Darth Vader helmets, a crazy Vader-tank, Boba Fett, C-3PO, and an adorable little AT-AT which I’d be happy to have as a pet.

You can check out these and many more of Dishaw’s amazing works of art over on his website and his Instagram feed. I particularly love his toy series. I want that Optimus Subzero on my desk now!

[via Laughing Squid]