Chewbacca ‘Pillow Pet’ Is The Stuff of Nightmares

Created in the likeness of everyone’s favorite Wookiee, the Chewbacca Pillow Pet Jumboz Plush (affiliate link) is the perfect companion for a young child that you never want to sleep again. I think it’s the vacant, dead eyes that really do it for me. They should have at least put teddy bear eyes in those sockets. Shoot, anything but those pitch-black, soul-stealing caverns.

The pillow measures approximately 14″ x 14″ x 14″ and unfastens to reveal the 30″ x 30″ stuffed Chewbacca mat/rug you’ve always dreamed of. In pillow form, though he looks like a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Wookiee, with the face of a snub-nosed monkey. My goodness, that face. Did I mention the eyes? I’ll be sleeping with a night light on tonight for sure, I don’t care if my wife makes fun of me.

Admittedly, I just bought one. But I am going to hot glue googly eyes on Chewie the moment he arrives? Yes, and if those googly eyes ever happen to come off and I see him without them, well, let’s just say it won’t be the first time I’ve ever smelled burning Wookiee fur (campfire accident on Kashyyyk – should have listened to Smokey).

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Top 10 product designs of 2021: Editor’s Choice

Let’s just say that if 2021 has us feeling anything, it’s probably a feeling of hope that 2022 won’t be such a colossal shitstorm. We’ve seen a whole bunch this year, pandemics and a global vaccination effort, civil unrest, economic ruination, supply chain issues, new tech launches despite the former, billionaires in space, and probably the most hilarious of all, a ship getting stuck in a canal. For once, however, why don’t we put that rollercoaster recap aside and look at the stuff that got us truly excited – from creative concepts to actual design announcements. Here’s a healthy, hearty recap of the most interesting designs we saw in 2021, the year gone by.

01. Nike Go FlyEase

These are the Nike Go FlyEase hand-free shoes that bring the convenience of wearing and taking off your pair without even bending over or touching them ever. People who already do this with a pair of shoes with laces (when they are too tired or lazy) to take them off the conventional style (by untying the laces) will have their eyes set on the Nike Go FlyEase. The motion of using one foot to pull down on the heel of the other and vice versa when you have the crocs or loose sneakers is what most of us do. But doing the same to a pair of shoes can deform them over time – so Nike came up with a solution that lets you do kickstand heel motion to open them up in a jiffy without any damage to the shoe material.

02. DJI Action 2

Perhaps the DJI Action 2’s most defining feature (and you’ll see it practically all their images) is the snap-on touchscreen module. Traditionally, all action cameras have lenses on the front and displays on the rear… and that’s great for filming everything except yourself. DJI’s Front Touchscreen Module basically lets you turn the action camera into a wide-angle vlogging camera. The module snaps right on and lets you attach other accessories like the tripod, selfie stick, car-mount, etc. Moreover, snapping it on doesn’t just give you a front-facing extra screen… it gives you an extra battery pack too, doubling the Action 2’s recording time to 160 minutes, and also adds extra mics for crisper audio recording – a feature that vastly benefits vloggers and influencers who want to be in the spotlight.

03. Honda RidgeLine EV

The Ridgeline EV concept comes from the mind of California-based Rene Garcia, a concept designer at ILM who’s previously worked on The Mandalorian, Thor: Ragnarok, The Avengers, and the Transformers anthology. Garcia began designing the vehicle as a Dakar rally truck, but gradual iterations slowly turned it into a conceptual pickup truck for Honda. Designed to handle pretty much anything you can throw at it, the EV comes with its own winch-hook on the front, a frunk behind it, suicide-style rear doors that give you access to the car’s spacious interiors, and an expandable truck-bed on the back that even comes equipped with tools and emergency medical kits.

04. NASA Exoskeleton

NASA has put a lot of time and effort into developing new-age spacesuits to counter the effects of gravity in hostile environments. 14 years to be exact, and it has cost them a whopping $420 million already. This jaw-dropping concept spacesuit is the work of designer Riyahd Cassiem who fuses the cool element associated with exoskeleton suits to the inter-planetary dreams we humans have embarked on. The Exo Suit Concept has an unshakeable Halo game influence to it – one can instantly relate to the fearless KAT-B320, CARTER-A259, and ALICE-130 characters. The reinforced suit is built for the harshest of situations, and the mechanical character means it is going to provide the wearer assistance in performing arduous tasks, otherwise too tedious in alien environments. Of course, it is made from lightweight yet stellar material for ultra-flexibility which is crucial.

05. Sony Walkman Music Player

The Walkman SSS (Smart Sound System) by Ja Heon Lee mashes up the modern digital with the old classic to satiate the lust for music in a niche form factor. The Sony Walkman opens up like any analog cassette player and docks the smartphone with the screen facing outwards. The information screen of the compatible music player app displays the music information through the animation which resembles the look of a cassette tape. On top of the music player, there is the detachable multi-controller which acts as an interface to control the music, take important calls or view lyrics on the fly. All this while your smartphone sits snug inside the Walkman.

06. NightWatch Apple Watch Stand

The NightWatch is a pretty simple accessory that enhances your Apple Watch’s abilities. It doesn’t come with its own charger but will let you hook your watch’s charger into it. Once assembled, you can easily slide your Apple Watch into its unique design, and that calibrated glass lens on the front enlarges the screen like a magnifying glass would, making numbers much more visible when your watch is in Nightstand mode. It comes with a patented system that even lets you tap the glass surface to ‘wake’ up your Apple Watch’s display, so you can read the time clearly… and when your watch’s alarm begins ringing, special acoustic channels designed in the NightWatch dock’s base help amplify your watch’s audio, making that alarm much louder.

07. The Shape Superyacht

Lazzarini Design is known for its eccentric future-forward creations, superyachts in particular. Christened “The Shape” this superyacht breaks all the fundamental rules of sailing and yacht design that we’ve seen so far. It has a gaping hole right in the middle (just like the ones in modern skyscrapers) that serves as the sun deck and a never-before-seen unique visual attraction. How it will address the turbulent seas when the weather is hostile, is a question for another day! The beastly concept is 69 meters long and having a draft of 3.90 meters yacht offers a living area of 35 meters past the void. It has three decks hidden in the colossal structure – the first floor having the suites, the second one being the shared living space, and the command center on the third.

08. ForeverPen

Designed as the ultimate EDC by Raja Ahmad, ForeverPen comes in a ridiculously small avatar that can fit on your keychain or around your zip, it can be worn around your neck like a minimalist pendant, or even on your bracelet, giving you a writing instrument that’s always on you. Designed to be the most convenient piece of stationery every, ForeverPen is the one pen that’s always around and always ready to write and draw. Its nib comes crafted from a proprietary silver composite that can write smoothly like a pencil would, while never running out. The technology improves on a centuries-old drawing technique called silverpoint, a craft well renowned during the late Rennaisance and even used by Leonardo da Vinci himself. In its modern iteration, the material developed for the ForeverPen is much more hard-wearing – which means it can write anywhere and on anything.

09. Hide And Seek Chair

What’s brilliant about the Hide And Seek chair by Yanagisawa Sera is its sheer absurdity… along with the fact that it actually works! Sera went straight from the drawing board to the metal workshop to test his idea out and from the looks of it, the umbrella-shaped chair works – at least on a prototype level! The frame of the umbrella was fabricated from stainless steel rods and is designed to fold right into the umbrella shape when closed. A stretched fabric mounted on the frame helps distribute the weight when you sit, allowing the chair to actually take the weight of an adult human. It does look a tad fragile if I’m being candid, but that’s something that can easily be fixed by using materials like titanium or even carbon fiber. The best part about the entire product is that it folds right back into the shape of a standard umbrella, which means you can place it in backpacks, handbags, or even carry it to the grocery store or a concert… blending right into the crowd right before you open the Hide And Seek and take a seat on the world’s only umbrella-shaped chair!

10. Xiaomi CyberDog

Quadruped technology is the talk of the robotics world. Four-legged robots are relied on by industries across the world for tasks that require a stable walking gait and agile mobility. Xiaomi, a Chinese tech company, recently unveiled more 3D renders of their own Quadruped robotic creation, CyberDog. Currently, the bio-inspired, four-legged robot has been engineered as a robotic companion whose future technical capabilities are still in development. In a recent press release from Xiaomi, it’s said that CyberDog comes complete with “AI interactive cameras [and sensors], binocular ultra-wide-angle fisheye cameras, and Intel ® RealSense™ D450 Depth module, and can be trained with its computer vision algorithm.” CyberDog’s external interface features an array of camera sensors. CyberDog’s involved vision sensor system allows the robot to carve out its own navigational map and analyze its surrounding environment in real-time, allowing it to look toward a destination and avoid physical barriers on the way.

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Mars Rover Curiosity Keyboard Wrist Rest Is Out of This World

Space: according to Star Trek, is the final frontier. And I learned everything I know from watching Star Trek, most importantly of which is always keep someone in a red shirt between you and an enemy’s phaser. But how can we pay homage to our current space exploration? Enter this Curiosity Rover wrist rest available from Vietnam-based Moon Key. Wait – where are all the aliens?

Available for $99, the wrist rest comes in five different widths to accommodate any keyboard and features a hand-painted Curiosity Rover cruising along the rocky surface of the red planet. I’m tempted to buy one, knowing full well it’s going to be hard to get any work done while constantly getting lost daydreaming about space exploration and making rocket ship noises at my desk.

As far as preventing wrist strain, there’s no question it beats my current wrist rest, which is none at all. Unfortunately, the strain causes my hands to cramp and requires me to take regular breaks from typing. Plus, my keyboard is missing keys, and I have to copy and paste certain characters from a notepad document I keep open on my desktop. Honestly, I should probably buy a book on productivity. You know, something to rest my coffee on.

Solid Gold Death Star Coins: That’s No Beskar

Released by the New Zealand Mint, these 1-ounce Death Star Coins are engraved with an image of the Empire’s moon-sized superweapon on one side and Queen Elizabeth on the opposite. A nice combo. Personally, I would have gone with an Ewok on the other side to commemorate the Battle of Endor, but I wasn’t asked. I’m never asked.

Limited to an edition of 500, the 0.9999% gold coins are available for $2,900 apiece. And, with the current price of gold hovering around $1,900, you’re paying roughly a thousand extra bucks for that Death Star engraving. Should you just buy an ounce of gold, mint a coin shape, and engrave your own? I’m not here to tell you what to do, but you absolutely should, and make me one while you’re at it.

If I had the money, I would buy all five hundred of them, then slowly release them on eBay for an even steeper profit. Or end up selling them for less than I paid for them – it’s happened before. I’m not really a great investor. Take, for instance, the time I invested in a complete set of original mint-in-package Kenner Star Wars action figures from 1977, then tore them all out of their packaging and played with them in the bathtub. I… have regrets.

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Finally tear-resistant, ballistic nylon clothes designed to use for the SpaceX journey to Mars!

There are few clothing brands that really match the design and innovation in fashion that Vollebak has managed in the last six odd years. The British clothing brand has previously left us in awe with a jacket fashioned to improve the sleep cycle of astronauts, and it is now tapping into the extraterrestrial void with the all-new Mars gear.

Combining the aspects it loves: Vollebak has designed Mars Jacket and Pants for the voyage to the red planet. It is fashioned with the unrelenting adoration for space exploration and crazy material science to solve a problem that is coming in the next few years. So, as the human race prepares itself to colonize Mars, Vollebak has clothing ready for engineers, architects, scientists and explorers who will be heading into space when the time is right. Until then, the jacket and pants are just apt for your next clubbing night back on Earth.

Vollebak, co-founded by twins Nick and Steve Tidball, has been creating clothes for the future and this intergalactic set of jackets and pants is only an extension of that intent. The gear is made from a tear-resistant, ballistic nylon outer shell but it’s absolutely soft and snug and is provided in two: gray and cream colors. Since the clothing is designed to venture to the next planet, it includes anti-gravity pockets to counter the shifting gravitational fields. Realizing that earthlings may experience nausea in their interplanetary voyage, the Mars gear is equipped with a 3D-printed vomit pocket on the chest, which features a removable and cleanable orange PVC vomit bag, should you need it.

Envisioned to facilitate the wearer when they are space-bound for the Moon or Mars eventually, the suit is almost fashionable for Earth-bound adventures too. If you think so, Vollebak Mars gear is available in six sizes from XS to XXL on the company’s website for $995.

Designer: Vollebak

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Space Architecture designed to make Elon Musk’s dreams of living in space a reality!

Outer space has always fascinated me, and there are many who believe that if things keep running the way they are on Earth, future generations might end up calling it home! The Moon and Mars are some of the alternate living options that are being taken into consideration, and as we send out spaceships to see how habitable these options really are, designers have been busy with dreaming up space homes, habitats, and even hotels that could function as viable living setups. We’ve curated some of the most creative, innovative, and plausible Space-friendly Architecture designs for you! From the world’s first space hotel which will come to life in 2027 to a collection of architectural renders that explore a possible move to space through three elaborate acts – Elon Musk would definitely approve of these space habitats!

This collection explores the possible future move for mankind and probably what Musk has in mind through three elaborate acts Act one: The Journey includes the meeting, the bedroom, and the dining room. It represents our trip and the hope to arrive, but also the attachments of our mundane life, carrying memories of a previous reality. Act two: The settlements show the Universe Edge, Summer House, and Landing Zone. It expresses our freedom to dream and imagine how our intergalactic holiday homes would look like. Act three: The Encounter, is based on human emotions of loving someone, missing someone, and being guided. It is all about looking inward and looking from inside, the vestiges of our presence in an inhabited and quiet place.

The California-based startup, Orbital Assembly Corporation, has designed a hotel that uses artificial gravity to keep humans grounded in the world’s first space hotel! Speaking of luxury and earthly comforts, the hotel boasts a capacity of 400 people along with amenities like a cinema, a health spa, gyms, themed restaurants, libraries, and even concert venues. I personally expect a slew of space puns and cinema filled with space-themed movies to make the experience more ironic and even surreal. The hotel has 24 modules allocated for habitation, each module measuring 12 meters in diameter and 20 meters long. The total habitable surface is 500 square meters and is spread over three floors, of which 12 modules will be dedicated to hotel rooms and suites. There shall be 3 room types – 126 square meters of a luxury suite, 62 square meters of luxury rooms, and 30 square meters in a standard room.

When NASA announced a competition to design the best Martian habitation design, AI SpaceFactory came in second place with its vertical, egg-shaped structure that holds a double shell system to handle the internal atmospheric pressure and the structural stress the design may have to endure. Designed to be constructed on Mars, the design keeps in mind using elements already present on the planet, reducing the dependency of construction materials to be carried from Earth. The team developed an innovative mixture of basalt fiber, extracted from Martian rock, and renewable bioplastic (polylactic acid) derived from plants that would be grown on Mars. The design envisions individual structures instead of a communal habitat but given the area it covers, it should comfortably house more than one Martian at a time!

Architect firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill created a concept for a permanent community on the Moon! The proposal consists of inflating pods that expand to make place for more and more citizens, as the population increases. They plan for the Moon Village to be “the first permanent human settlement on the lunar surface”. The Moon Village is being designed to not only sustain human life but to also encounter and solve any uninhabitable problems that the Moon may impose. This inflatable lunar settlement certainly has piqued our interest!

Warith Zaki and Amir Amzar plan to use the bamboo grown on Mars to actually build the first colony, named Seed of Life, on Mars. The conceptual colony design is actually a series or cluster of structures woven by autonomous robots from bamboos. The aim of the project is to create structures that do not rely on construction materials being shipped from Earth or to use 3D printing. “After doing a lot of research on Mars colonization, we realized that half of the ideas would go about deploying fully synthetic materials made on earth to build shelters, while the other half is about using the locally available regolith,” said Zaki and Amzar. “Human civilization has yet to build anything on any other planet outside of Earth. That fact alone opens up infinite possibilities of what could or should be used. Sure, 3D printing seems to be a viable proposition, but with thousands of years worth of experience and techniques in shelter construction, why shouldn’t we tap on other alternatives too?”

Titled the Mars X House, its design is optimized for the pressure requirements of Mars and comes made with an inner layer of HDPE, followed by an outer covering of concrete and basalt fiber, which is finally reinforced on the outside with vertically spiraling ridges. The house is split into three zones, with their own dedicated emergency exits (the outer spiral staircase), and right at the top is a water reservoir that applies downward pressure on the building, which when combined with the building’s shape, prevents it from exploding due to the pressure imbalance from the inside to the outside.

While Mars missions are getting all the media and sci-fi attention, a trusty celestial friend is making a comeback as an option for hosting human colonies outside Earth – it is our moon! Bjarke Ingle’s BIG and 3D-printed building company ICON is working on Project Olympus – a mission to develop robotic construction for the moon. Bjarke Ingles is the Elon Musk of the architectural world, he loves to explore the impossible and has a penchant for designs that can help save mankind right from his environmentally friendly buildings to Project Olympus. Project Olympus is about finding a way to create a 3D-printed infrastructure for living on the moon using materials found on its surface. 

The winner of NASA’s competition to design a 3D-printed habitat for Mars is the Zopherus designed by an Arkansas-based team. The design is envisioned to be built from the materials available on the planet and showcases a settlement with rounded hut-like structures. The construction is designed to be 3D printed, without any human intervention to keep the place ready for the humans before they arrive. The process starts with a lander who settles and looks for a suitable area to start building the settlement, the lander deploys autonomous robots who gather the material for the process to start.

Texas-based startup Orion Span plans to utilize space in a whole new way, by creating a luxury space hotel designed to open in 2022 (I’m sure COVID was not featured in their plans!) Named Aurora Station, the £70 million space hotel is designed to orbit 200 miles above the earth. The hotel plans to hold four guests and two crew members for a total 12-day trip and is priced at about £6.7 million per person. “Upon launch, Aurora Station goes into service immediately, bringing travelers into space quicker and at a lower price point than ever seen before, while still providing an unforgettable experience,” said Frank Bunger, founder of Orion Span. The entire design will be processed by a team led by Frank Eichstadt, who is credited as being the principal architect on the International Space Station’s Enterprise module. “Orion Span has additionally taken what was historically a 24-month training regimen to prepare travelers to visit a space station and streamlined it to three months, at a fraction of the cost,” said Bunger.

NASA scientists and the University of Arizona’s agricultural department have teamed up to develop this inflatable greenhouse that can be used to grow vegetables in deep space. The result of this experiment is to sustain astronauts on a vegetarian diet while staying for the long term on the Moon or Mars. While NASA scientists have been growing crops in the International Space Station, this 18×7 feet design can be used for air revitalization, water recycling, or waste recycling and also repurposing the carbon dioxide exhaled by the astronauts. R. Gene Giacomelli, director of the controlled environment agriculture center at the University of Arizona states “We’re mimicking what the plants would have if they were on earth, and using of these processes for life support. The entire system of the lunar greenhouse does represent, in a small way, the biological systems that are here on earth.”

Playmobil Releasing Giant 39-Inch USS Enterprise Playset: Beam Me Up, Scotty

Hot on the heels of their successful Back to the Future DeLorean and Marty McFly’s truck playsets, Playmobil is releasing another set aimed at adults with this giant Star Trek: The Original Series USS Enterprise NCC-1701. I’ve already added it to both my birthday and Christmas lists.

The 148-piece USS Enterprise measures 39-inches long and features numerous light and sound effects, as well as dialog from the original show. Playable areas include the ship’s bridge (with a place to put your smartphone in landscape mode to act as the bridge’s monitor, seen above) and engineering room (with dilithium core that powers the ship on and sounds an alarm when removed, seen below).

The set includes seven figures (Captain Kirk, Spock, Lt. Uhura, Doctor McCoy, Hikaru Sulu, Scotty, and Chekov), some tribbles, phasers, and other accessories as well as hardware to hang the ship, and a display stand. It will be available on September 21st with a retail price of $500. That’s a lot of space bucks!

I was just about ready for Scotty to beam me up until I heard the price. I can’t even remember the last time I spent $500 on a toy and got away with it, but you can rest assured it’s only because my wife hasn’t found out about it yet.

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Innovative Space-inspired Designs that Elon Musk would totally approve of!

SpaceX intensified and completely magnified everybody’s love for space. The hope of someday living on Mars converted regular old people into total spaceheads! And this craze has entered the design world as well. Space-themed product designs are becoming a norm now, and not to mention cooler by the day. From a SpaceX rocket-inspired pen to a Buick Electra concept inspired by a spaceship – these innovative space-themed designs will have you going gaga over them!

Inspired by the democratization of space travel and how one private company, founded by Elon Musk is leading the charge to make space travel accessible to all, the Nominal Pen is literally designed to look like a rocket… making it perhaps the most literal take on the ‘space pen’. The pen’s name comes from the term ‘nominal’, often used for when everything’s going smoothly and according to plan. Designed as a celebration of SpaceX’s recent achievements of being the only private company to send humans to the ISS and bring them back (while even retrieving parts of the spaceship to be reused at a later date – something nobody’s ever done), the Nominal Pen models itself on the Falcon series of rockets (the Falcon 9 Block 5 in particular). The pen comes in a similar light+dark metal finish, featuring four retractable legs that open out, allowing it to stand vertically on its own… after all, it would be quite shameful to have to put a rocket-shaped pen in your pen-stand, right? The Nominal Pen’s retractable legs are operated by a twist-to-open mechanism machined right into the pen’s metal body… while the opposite end of the pen features a magnetic crew capsule that detaches from the rocket body!

Traveling in zero gravity at insanely fast speeds already induces so many changes in our bodies despite training and protective suits – can you imagine what would happen to the belongings in your bag? Exoplanet exploration requires luggage that can survive with you. “We didn’t want future travelers to carry a crumpled carrier, with harsh conditions, rugged terrain, and differential atmospheric pressure,” said the designer duo and made sure that Astroneer is modular and has no volume constraints – once again, something we on Earth could also use. Astroneer comes with bags of different sizes that can all compactly be packed into one unit. It also has increased liquidity in the environment with the suspension of wheels so that you don’t have to carry your bags even though they might be lighter in outer space, roll with it…literally.

Meet the HUM! – a reverse humidifier that actually puts all that vapor to good use. The interesting visual scenario of the spaceship with the vapor is a mesmerizing scenario I cannot stop watching! Humidifiers by default are a must-have in our homes, and given the core functionality of the design, we rarely see more than a rectangular box. The usual upward humidifying activity gets inverted here, with the vapor escaping through a perforated bottom. Form follows function, but HUM! is the perfect example of how form amplifies engagement! As an added cool feature, the intensity of humidification increases when you lift the spaceship body, reinforcing the visual of a rocket taking off into space.

Posting to the r/SpaceXLounge on Reddit, the SpaceX Travel card shows the easy and fun interactions in the process of booking a ticket to Mars. Visually the card is similar in size to a credit card and fits in one hand, making it easy to access all the touchpoints on the card. While this is a paper mock-up, we can imagine a slim enough e-ink screen to allow for the technology to carry this. Launch the booking process with fingerprint identification and specify your current location and destination – we may go from the moon to Saturn.

Buick Electra Concept is a four-wheeler that will be propelled by a powerful electric drivetrain that doesn’t take much space – having a man maximum machine minimum philosophy that focuses on passenger comfort and elevated experience of commuting from one destination to the other. If there’s one electric car that you would want to drive after riding your Tesla Model 3 on pure aesthetic value, it would be this one. That superlative association is influenced by the sheer fluidic design of the Buick Electra that’s so subtle and stylish – evoking an instant sense of comfort and safety on a high-speed drive on the freeway. Culminated by pro designer Liang Feng, the concept car is the futuristic ride you’d expect to drive in a distant future where minimalism and function will be the primary drivers for the design language of automobiles.

This special watch pays great attention to detail and you will recognize those little things instantly if you are a space nerd. For instance, it features styling elements from the new SpaceX ultra-modern space suits. Then it takes it up a notch by using the Dragon V2 capsule’s design details – the grey dial ring, white indices, and the unique hands which are modeled off of the capsules white oblong shaped indices and windows. “The minute-hand mimics the path of a gravitational slingshot, and the second-hand is actually a white disc on which a dot rotates to mimic the moon’s movement around the earth. The hour hand continues to nod to the design of the new and improved spacesuit, highlighting the shape and lines of the collar,” says UNDONE. And because space is an infinite black expanse, the watch dial glows in a cool nitrous blue when it’s dark.

Accompanying you on the adventures of fiction, following your journey into parts of your mind that you’ve never visited before, Spacemark is your faithful sidekick that marks your book when you’re done for the day. This metal bookmark resembles a spaceman burying a flag into a planet. The flat, 2D planet slides between the pages, making it look almost like your spaceman sidekick’s marked your book with his trusty-old flag, so you know exactly where to begin from the next time you open the book to dive into your literary adventure!

Designer Denis Agarkov’s thought process behind the ICARUS-4 Space Sneaker is simple. If we’re going to get humans into space, shouldn’t we also have an extraplanetary sense of design to match? The ICARUS-4 are conceptual sneakers for zero-gravity lifestyles… Designed for astronauts to provide maximum flexibility during repairs and maintenance, but cool-looking enough to be a universal fashion statement, the ICARUS-4 comes with a unique aesthetic that’s equal parts suited for a spacewalk and a ramp-walk. You’re looking at a shoe that sports an Ortho-Fabric body (the kind found on EMU suits) and a metal clasp to secure the footwear, with luminescent markers to allow you to wear the shoe in low-light conditions.

The Apollo AR Clock and Saturn V AR Model capture our tryst with space travel in mind-boggling detail. The clock itself is a 12-hour chronicle of every single mission to the moon, leading from Apollo 1, right up to Apollo 17, our most recent moon-bound journey. The clock’s circular shape mimics the design of a porthole window, giving you a glimpse of the moon right outside, while the hands are in fact, a rocket and launch tower, and the numbers on the clock represent the official patches from the NASA Apollo missions.

Meet the AIR6Plus, a tiny purifier that sanitizes the air down to 0.001 micrometers within a space of 360 sqft without generating any sound or even any waste. It comes with a pre-filter that’s washable and infinitely reusable, and the purifier itself can get rid of anything, from the stench of smoke to even actual germs and viruses. The AIR6Plus purifier is about the size of a smart speaker and can be placed anywhere within the house. It switches on with the simple touch of a button on the top, activating the state-of-the-art purification system within with three fan speeds – Sleep, Normal, Turbo.

Cork Rocket Desk Organizer: This Is Ground Control to Major Tom

Because who doesn’t already spend the majority of their workday daydreaming about outer space, SUCK UK has just made the visualization even easier thanks to this Cork Rocket Desk Organizer. The sustainably sourced rocket is perfect for storing pens and pencils, plus you can pin notes or photos of your loved ones back on earth to the outside.

The rocket stands about 11″ tall and, just like all my desk drawers, I’m going to fill it with candy instead of office supplies. I’m sort of known as the candy guy around the office, and I’m fairly certain my seemingly endless supply of sweets is the only reason I still haven’t been fired. I can’t even remember the last time I actually did some work around here.

Am I slowly going to replace everything in my cubicle with the space memorabilia I’ve collected over the years until the whole thing is entirely space-themed? Absolutely. I mean how many other people do you know who can say they have a rejection letter from Space Camp hanging above their desk?

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