Hellgirl Stained Glass Window Is a Hell of a Piece of Art

I was a big fan of the original Hellboy movies with Ron Perlman as our cigar-chomping red hero. But as much as I enjoyed that series, I’ve never delved deep into the comics, so I’m not too familiar with Hellgirl. That said, now that I’ve seen this stained glass image of her, I’m intrigued.

This amazing work of stained glass art was handmade by Art Brothers Glass, in the classic Tiffany style. And no, they’re not talking about the 1980s Mall-pop singer. This intricate piece measures a whopping 41.3″ x 38.6″, and was made using 1470 individual pieces of glass.

This piece was created as a commission work for a Hellgirl fan in Poland, but Art Brothers would be happy to make you a custom piece like it. Something this big and intricate will set you back as much as $10,000, but there are lots of smaller and less complex stained glass portraits in their Etsy shop, with prices starting as low as $240. They also make stained glass pins in a wide variety of designs, including a number of pop culture characters.

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The world’s largest telescope is one step closer to completion

The world's largest telescope is one step closer to completion. This month, the team working on the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT) completed the second of seven primary mirror segments, a process that began in January 2012.

This Ping Pong Table Is Made from Crystal and Gold

Yo, rich people, check it out. This is the Impatia Lungolinea gold edition table tennis table from Turin, Italy based Adriano Design. Isn’t it luxurious? It is made from crystal glass with 24k gold connecting joints and furthermore, made by “expert Italian goldsmiths.” Ohhhhhh, the Goldsmiths of Tuscany? Yeah, they got money.

It looks cool, but wouldn’t the glass table make the ball bounce differently than a wooden surface? Then again, if you have a glass and gold ping pong table you probably care more about impressing other rich folks than you do about your actual game. The table measures 108″ x 60″ x 30″, and weighs in at a substantial 551-pounds. It will cost you $26,000, which is like buying a pack of gum for rich people.

And honestly, I ask you, how many rich people are playing Ping Pong these days? I’m guessing not many. But now they might since they can buy this sweet table. Get ready for the Billionaire Table Tennis League!

So anyway, you wealthy people can now play ping pong and then smash the table with a diamond-encrusted hammer when you lose. That would be the best part of owning this: Watching it shatter into a million pieces as your opponent stares at you in shock.

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Google’s next-gen Glass eyewear lasts longer and runs on Android

The third generation of Google Glass has arrived for tech-savvy workers. Google has introduced Glass Enterprise Edition 2 eyewear that largely sticks to the familiar formula on the outside, but should be far more powerful both in hardware and softwar...

What if you replaced the display on a camera with a massive viewfinder?

What if you replaced the screen on a camera with a massive glass viewfinder?

It’s surely innovative, although I wonder what the merits are to having a chunk of glass where you’d have a display. The advantages of a display are A. replication accuracy, B. aren’t as fragile as glass, and C. can display things like menus, guides, metadata, but designer Deepak Kumar believes having a curved concave slab of glass (with a curvature that matches the focal length of the camera lens) would result in a more unique experience. The glass slab would have a few obvious pitfalls. A. Glass is fragile, B. You’d have to hold the camera at a specific distance from your face to see things in the viewfinder perfectly, and C. Parallax. You have to look at the glass at an exact 90° angle to see your composition clearly.

Nevertheless, the LUCID camera takes on an approach one would say is analog. I’d honestly love to see a camera with a massive glass viewfinder, just so I could be much more aware while composing my shots, and possibly being rather surprised by what photos I actually end up clicking. This would be a very interesting accessory for a GoPro if someone could build it!

Designer: Deepak Kumar

What if you replaced the screen on a camera with a massive glass viewfinder?

What if you replaced the screen on a camera with a massive glass viewfinder?

What if you replaced the screen on a camera with a massive glass viewfinder?

What if you replaced the screen on a camera with a massive glass viewfinder?

What if you replaced the screen on a camera with a massive glass viewfinder?

Official PlayStation Trophy Glass Helps You Celebrate Your Small Victories

Are you the master of earning platinum trophies in PlayStation games? Congratulations, you must have a lot of time on your hands. Why not celebrate this achievement a drink from the official Sony trophy glass? You are a champion. You deserve it.

This fun glass comes complete with embossed PlayStation icons on one side and the Playstation logo on the other. Okay, new drinking game. Whenever you earn a trophy in the game, take a drink. If you are really good at the game you’ll get drunk, if not you’ll be thirsty. You could also use it to celebrate all your achievements in real life. Waking up, doing laundry, going grocery shopping etc.You know, adulting and such. I guess you could also just put it on the shelf and brag about your trophy to anyway who will listen.

While it’s not available yet, you can pre-order a PlayStation Trophy Glass from Merchoid for $20, and it should be available in June or so. You’ll even get free shipping. It looks like quantities are very limited, so get this trophy glass based on a PS4 trophy while you still can and drink up to all of your achievements in life and in the game.

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Turn any mug into a travel mug

The PortaVia Universal To-Go Lid does something quite marvelous. It retrofits onto the top of any drinking vessel (mugs, cups, glasses, usually have roughly the same diameter at the lip) and instantly turns it into a travel cup that you can carry around with you without splashing your drink. It covers the mouth of the drinking vessel almost entirely, not only creating a nice seal that prevents spills, but it also helps in retaining your drink’s overall temperature, keeping your beverage hot and piping for longer, and if any of this wasn’t good enough, the PortaVia lid even comes with an integrated sipper that lets you use the cup and lid together like a travel mug with a sipper lid.

The PortaVia Universal To-Go Lid is made from food-grade BPA-free silicone. It can withstand hot temperatures, it’s dishwasher-safe, and most importantly, it grips particularly well, creating a robust seal around the edge of your mug. Designed for most mugs between the 12-20 fluid ounces, the PortaVia sits snugly on top, almost like a Tupperware lid, turning a regular cup into a cup you can walk (or even run) around with, without worrying about your drink going cold, or worse, spilling. It also makes sipping your drink on the go easier, and is a much better alternative to disposable plastic lids. Plus, the fact that the PortaVia sits so wonderfully on ceramic and glass mugs also helps reduce your dependency on plastic or paper cups. The PortaVia, with its silicone construction, can be used and reused multiple times across almost all cups, mugs, and tumblers. It’s dishwasher-safe, food-grade, stain and odor-free, and also a boon for the planet!

Designer: Louis Dombowsky