Cut and slice with confidence with this majestic Hinoki cypress cutting board

Having a sharp kitchen knife is essential to successful and stress-free food preparation, but it’s really only half of the cutting equation. You also need a dependable cutting board on the opposite side to receive the sharp edge of the blade cutting through fish, meat, vegetables, and other ingredients. There is a variety of materials used for these cutting boards, but most of them just don’t make the cut (pun intended). Plastic ones are too soft and easily get damaged, while metal or stone boards are too hard and damage the knife instead. Wood is a good medium, but not all kinds of wood are created equal or are equally up to the task. This rather stylish cutting board rises to the challenge by calling upon the majestic properties of Japan’s Hinoki cypress tree.

Designer: Metaphys for TEUD

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The cypress tree has always been associated with sacred legends and its Japanese equivalent takes that to an artistic level. Hinoki wood is considered to be a precious material and it has been used to build temples and palaces for centuries. The slow growth period of this sacred tree results in straight grains and an elegant pinkish color, giving it a unique and premium aesthetic that is almost too good to be used on a kitchen cutting board.

Hinoki wood is, in fact, the perfect kind of wood to be used for this kind of design. It has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which means it’s resistant to mold. The wood also has a natural fragrance that pleases the sense of smell even after having so many kinds of ingredients cut on its surface. Most importantly, it has a medium hardness that is gentle on knives, ensuring that they stay sharp longer. When paired with our dashing Ceramic Sashimi Knife, you get a dynamic duo that’s going to last you a very long time with minimum fuss.

Unlike most of its kind, the Hinoki Cutting Board’s oval shape and sloping edges give it a gentler and more visually pleasing appearance. It isn’t just for show, though, as the shape also makes it easier to drain fluids and juices off the board, coupled with the Hinoki wood’s natural drain-friendly property. And thanks to cypress wood being lightweight, the cutting board is easy to handle, clean, and store away when not needed, though you might want to have its sleek shape on display all the time anyway.

Of course, bare wood wouldn’t be good as a cutting board, which is why even the Hinoki board has a silicone coating on top for protection, especially against water and moisture. This coating penetrates as deep as 2mm into the fibrous part of the wood, ensuring that it can’t accidentally be removed or easily damaged just by cutting over the surface. Whether you’re gently slicing sashimi with our Ceramic Kitchen Knife, cutting juicy fruits, or dicing portions of meat, this regal Hinoki Cutting Board will support all your food prep needs, while making sure your knife stays sharp for a very long time.

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Zen garden pen brings a visual and tactile way to inspire mindfulness

Pens, regardless of design, are almost always associated with productivity and creativity, in other words, activity. While you can use the writing instrument to clear your head and achieve a state of calm, that’s only after you’ve actively used it. Rarely does a pen by its mere appearance actually take you to that state, but that is exactly what this unique-looking pen tries to accomplish. Using not only visuals but also texture, this Japanese-made pen aims to help you become mindful of the present, even if only for a moment, taking inspiration from the easily distinguishable composition of a Zen garden, sand and stone and all.

Designer: Jacopo Drago (Zenical)

It’s almost miraculous how a dry landscape and a meticulous arrangement of stone in gravel or sand can nudge the mind into a meditative state. That, however, is the magic and science that Zen Buddhist monks have discovered and developed over centuries, combining contrasting elements, minimalist arrangements, and natural elements to design a space meant to inspire calm and maybe clear a few cobwebs inside the brain. The stillness of the rock standing amid the thin lines of movement drawn on gravel around it, the smoothness of the pebbles contrasting with the coarseness of the sand, and the presence of living trees or shrubs standing defiant on lifeless ground, all these elements work in harmony to take the mind for a peaceful journey.

These rock gardens have become so popular that a few people have miniature Zen gardens on shelves or even their desks, but they can neither take these with them wherever they go nor always have them available when they need to. The Zen Pen tries to bring that same experience to an even smaller scale by recreating the key elements of a Zen garden in a way that you can see and feel in your hand. A part of that is clearly seen in the 3D-printed grooves that snake around the barrel and the cap, easily reminiscent of the thin lines and circles drawn on a rock garden.

It doesn’t stop there, however. The clip, which is often regarded as a utilitarian element, also contributes to the composition. Its smooth, oval shape is like one of those rocks or pebbles lying on the gravel, and you can see the typical circles radiating from its position. That position is actually off-center, doubling down on the contrasting themes of balance and asymmetry associated with Zen gardens.

The Zen Pen isn’t just a visual treat but also a tactile one, thanks to the handiwork of skilled Japanese craftsmen utilizing modern technologies like 3D printing and milling. While the grip near the nib is smooth and plain in order to be comfortable to hold, the rest of the barrel and the cap feature this textured surface that delights the fingertips. And as many variations of fidget toys have proven, mindlessly stimulating those fingers, even just by gliding over those grooves, can also help stimulate the mind.

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Transform Your Cutting Experience with Scissors That Double as a Box Cutter

How much does it take to change the world? Some people would immediately think of literally big world-changing events, but it’s actually the little steps taken each day that gradually build up to make a longer-lasting difference. The same is true for design, where some of the most significant improvements don’t have to be drastic or even conspicuous. Little improvements here and there all add up to a whole new experience that turns an everyday tool into a delightful encounter each and every time. Case in point are these sleek scissors that look almost alien in their form, bringing just the right amount of design innovation that not only makes it seem like a piece of equipment from the future, it even makes using the simple tool a delightful quest as you snip, slice, and cut through your tasks every day.

Designer: NIKKEN

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The most distinctive thing about these sleek scissors is their form. The drop-shaped handle is something you’ll rarely see in scissors, but it’s a small change that makes plain, boring shears look a little more interesting. Especially when those handles are made from transparent resin that, together with the organic shape, gives the scissors a unique character not unlike alien spacecraft. Of course, that alone isn’t enough to elevate the status of the tool, and indeed its biggest benefits are from things you can’t see but can definitely feel.

Many people use scissors as makeshift box cutters with often disastrous results, forced to precariously hold the tool with the blades wide open. The smart SEKI-TEX scissors avoid this dangerous situation by using a simple yet ingenious sliding mechanism to push one of the blades forward just a little bit while still keeping the rest of the scissors closed. This lets you swiftly and safely cut through the adhesives keeping the box shut like you would with an actual box cutter. And when you’re done, simply slide the blade back to its original position to keep your fingers and hands safe.

Given that use case as well as many other uses of the scissors, there is a real concern that the blades will eventually get covered in sticky sludge from these adhesives. As before, the solution is both simple and clever, coating the blades with fluorine to stop the sticky substances from building up in the first place. Now a simple wipe every now and then is all that it will take to keep the blades always sharp and ready to cut through work tasks.

Such an innovative design doesn’t come from the future and is, in fact, well-rooted in the past. Crafted by expert knife makers from the swordsmith town of Seki in Japan, these scissors are made with meticulous attention to detail, yielding excellent sharpness married to an exquisite and almost organic design. Whether you’re cutting paper or opening boxes, these sleek scissors promise to not only make each task feel effortless, they also add a bit of excitement to your daily work.

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Modular electric minivan is inspired by puzzles for a more sustainable design

Although electric cars are becoming more common, we’ve barely scratched the surface of what they’re capable of. Removing the need for traditional fuel and relying on batteries opens up new possibilities, and not just in terms of power sources. It can offer a bit more flexibility when it comes to the form and function of the vehicle, like cars with completely digital interfaces or screens all around. There might even be room for a modular design, as this concept for a tiny Japanese electric van tries to show, allowing the manufacturer or even the owner to switch out certain parts both outside and inside to match their needs, just like pieces of a puzzle.

Designer: HW Electro

To be fair, a modular car might be a bit far down the road considering the industry is hyper-focused on standardizing electric vehicles and making self-driving features more acceptable to the masses. That’s not to say that the design is a distant possibility only, especially when the features are made to be more practical rather than fantastical. Switching out panels is probably more feasible than switching out whole car parts or components, which is the kind of modularity that the Puzzle concept embodies.

At first glance, the boxy shape of the Puzzle will already look strange to those not used to so-called “Kei cars,” but this kind of van design is popular in Japan for striking a balance between large interior capacity and small compact size. It’s a design that screams practical efficiency, and making it modular is taking it to the next level. But unlike what you might be imagining, the Puzzle’s pieces, pardon the pun, are limited to swapping out certain panels at the sides, corners, and even inside. It’s a bit of a generic system that opens up quite a number of possibilities but, more importantly, it also doesn’t tie them down to a specific design or part. It also makes replacing damaged panels easier and more economical, something that you can only dream of with regular cars.

The Puzzle van also has secrets to reveal inside its extremely spacious cabin. The interior door panel has slots that make it possible to add and remove different modules, such as containers, cup holders, and the like. Even the dashboard has this kind of design, yielding a clean yet flexible space for expanding the van’s capabilities, especially in the infotainment aspect. The cargo space, which is practically a cube, is also more space-efficient for storing boxes and all sorts of large objects, making the EV a potential delivery vehicle.

Thanks to the boxy form of this Kei car, it’s possible to put a solar panel on the roof to really maximize its battery mileage. Modular and sustainable, the Puzzle minivan concept offers an extremely simple yet effective solution to the future of electric vehicles, one that espouses the Japanese spirit of minimalism and practicality where form clearly follows function.

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Refined Kitchen Elegance Meets Precision in Top-Tier Meat Slicing Scissors

When thinking of cutting up food, especially meats, most of us will probably think of very sharp and sometimes large knives, from chef’s knives to steak knives. While those are indeed the most common tools, they’re not always the most efficient. Chef’s shears or kitchen scissors are just as useful for cutting up not just meats but also any kind of ingredient. But just like their stationery counterparts, these kitchen tools are often made following a common design, easy to manufacture but not exactly the easiest to use. Fortunately, all it takes is some creative thinking and a deep connection to traditional craftsmanship to design a pair of kitchen shears that are not only a pleasure to hold but also a pleasure to behold.

Designer: Chiaki Murata

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Cutting up meat using scissors is admittedly not a common practice except for kitchen veterans, but not because it’s that useful. The reason is mostly because of convenience and effort when common kitchen scissors are not cut out for the job, pun totally intended. The common kitchen shears are pretty much just bigger, sharper, and edgier versions of your desk scissors, and not much more. They can cut through some meats, sure, but they don’t always make for an enjoyable experience, especially when the tool starts to get dull and look worn.

The Precision Chef Kitchen Scissors easily set itself apart not just with their looks but also with their performance. It is filled with design details that, at first glance, might look simply aesthetic but are actually carefully thought out to improve the tool’s usability. For example, the serrated cutting edge and curved blade are not just for show, though they definitely make the scissors look more interesting. They make it easier to slide the scissors under what you’re cutting and also prevent the material from sliding out accidentally.

The design of the hinge is also unique, larger than what you’d find even on most kitchen scissors. Because it is fully covered, however, it doesn’t get dirty as easily as other hinges. Along with the thick handles, these kitchen shears lie a bit elevated when placed horizontally on a table, creating a more hygienic design that prevents the blades from coming in contact with the surface. You can also make the scissors stand vertically and it will stay balanced and raise the blades away from the table’s surface. Whichever way you place it, the scissors remain easy to pick up, ready for your next food snip.

It doesn’t hurt that the mighty shears are handsome to boot. Made in Tsubame Sanjo, Niigata, Japan, the scissors take advantage of the region’s world-renowned expertise in metalwork and cutlery to craft such a fine specimen of a kitchen tool. The oxidation coloring method used to give the stainless steel body a distinct black luster also makes it impervious to discoloration after long periods of use. The oxide film even causes light to be reflected in different ways, creating the illusion of colors that add to the scissors’ charm. Whether you’re cutting meat for cooking, cutting chives for garnishing, or even cutting pizza to divide among yourselves, these elegant kitchen scissors promise to deliver a less stressful experience that also makes you look good in the process.

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How this modular grill plate lets you cook the perfect steak on any kind of fire

The attention that outdoor activities like camping and cookouts have made us painfully aware of how many of the tools we rely on haven’t been upgraded yet to modern times. That has led to the rise of new categories of products such as portable solar generators, new types of tents, and all sorts of hi-tech appliances for making outdoor life a little bit more convenient. That said, you don’t really need to go all out on technology just to enjoy the best things about outdoor adventures. Cooking a juicy steak or a delicious meal, for example, can be easily done with nothing more than a simple yet ingenious modular grill plate that can be quickly assembled with different parts to let you cook on whatever kind of fire you have, whenever, wherever.

Some say that the secret to a perfectly cooked steak or delicious food is heat conduction, heat uniformity, and plate thickness, and this Compact Modular Grill Plate definitely checks all those boxes, which is quite impressive given how simple and unadorned it looks. As they say, looks can be deceiving, and you’ll need to literally get inside the plate to understand how the magic works.

Designer: 9w.

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Triple-Layered for Even Heat

The Compact Modular Grill Plate uses a three-layer architecture with two steel layers sandwiching aluminum. The outer (or lower) Stainless Steel SUS439 lets the grill be used on induction stoves, while the inner/upper Stainless Steel SUS304 is noted for its excellent corrosion resistance. The middle aluminum layer is responsible for spreading the heat evenly across the inner layer, and that inner layer also sends the heat back down so that the temperature doesn’t drop when the food is just resting on the plate. Despite this multi-layer structure, the plate is only 5mm thick, making it lightweight and compact to save you space and effort.

Cook Anywhere, Assemble with Ease

The Compact Modular Grill Plate is also a flexible piece of cookware in more ways than one. Thanks to that triple metal composition, you can use it on unstable outdoor campfires, typical gas stoves, induction cookers, and other kinds of fires and still be assured of even heat distribution and a well-cooked steak. And as its name suggests, the grill plate can be put together or taken apart easily, making cleaning and storage a breeze. In fact, you can mix and match the different handles and stands to make the grill plate fit your cooking setup.

Basic for Daily Use; Special Adds Board & Belt

The Basic set comes with a grill plate, a long handle, and a short handle that will meet the needs of most people. The Special set adds a wooden cutting board that can also serve as a trivet, as well as a dedicated belt that helps keep the modular pieces together when it’s time to stow them away.

Tsubamesanjo Craftsmanship

Made by experts from Tsubamesanjo in Japan, this grill plate is not only a functional piece of cookware, it is also a product of craftsmanship. It has a simple aesthetic with a distinctly industrial flair that proves you don’t need complicated designs to take cooking to the next level. Whether you love grilling outdoors or prefer cooking indoors, this Compact Modular Grill Plate will be ready to meet your needs in a blink of an eye, letting you cook scrumptious, mouth-watering dishes each and every time.

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Meet the minimalist world clock that lets you check the time around the world by rolling it

We live in a world that gets a little bit smaller each day as advancements in transportation and communication connect us with anyone anywhere anytime. It isn’t unusual anymore to have family members living half a world from each other, or friends scattered across different countries. Unfortunately, that also means having to keep tabs on different timezones, lest you land in the awkward and embarrassing situation of calling someone at the wrong time. World clock apps have become a necessity for such people, but the information that they offer comes with complexity and inconvenience, especially when you have to dig through a handful of screens just to get the time you needed. You can have one clock for each timezone you’re interested in, but that can get messy really quickly. This minimalist one-handed analog clock, in contrast, offers a solution that is simple yet so clever that checking the time in other countries feels almost like a game instead of a chore.

Designer: Masafumi Ishikawa

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Even at first glance, you can already tell that the World Clock is not your typical desk or shelf clock. Never mind its unusual but not unheard of dodecagonal shape, the clock only has one hand on its minimalist face. The design is intentional, of course, because it gives you just the right information you need when you want to know what time it is in another part of the world. With a quick look, you’ll be able to immediately tell the hour, and a closer inspection could even tell you which quarter of the hour it is.

Of course, this isn’t an ordinary clock that just tells your time, as its name plainly indicates. Without complicated screens or complex mechanisms, the World Clock can easily clue you in on another timezone with a single and simple action. Simply roll the clock on its side until the city of the timezone you want is pointing straight up (a.k.a. the 12 o’clock position) and watch the single hand stay in place, “converting” the current time to the correct timezone. Actually, you don’t have to literally roll the clock on a surface for it to work. The internal bearings ensure that the hand remains in the right position, no matter which side is pointing up. It’s a simple yet ingenious way of converting time without actually doing the math for it.

Each of the 12 sides of the clock has markings for a city that represents a particular timezone, starting with London at UTC+0. Admittedly, you’ll have to remember places with their respective time zones, but putting a name to that time zone is a lot more familiar than memorizing numbers. Unfortunately, if the place you’re interested in falls outside of these 12, you might find yourself still doing some mental math in the end.

The World Clock’s simplicity applies to both its function as well as its design. It uses a simple movement mechanism no different from wall clocks, except for the addition of that bearing that keeps the hand in place when rotating the clock. The clock also has a certain charm familiar to lovers of minimalist designs, allowing it to blend in with its surroundings in a subtle yet pleasant way. More importantly, the manual method of turning the clock to check different timezones gives it a more intentional and personal aspect, creating a stronger connection between the act of checking the time and thinking about the loved one living in that timezone.

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This gorgeous kitchen knife makes you feel like a skilled samurai in the kitchen

It’s easy to take kitchen knives for granted until what should have been a swift cutting motion ends up in a mess of squished juices, uneven slices, and aching wrists. After all, you can easily buy a new knife, which is both wasteful and inefficient. On the flip side, most kitchen knives are designed simply for utility, and pretty ones that were made for show usually stop at that. Beautiful but useful kitchen knives are hard to come by, even more so if they’re long-lasting and durable. Fortunately, these seemingly mythical treasures do exist, like this eye-catching blade crafted by artisans for the kitchen, letting you cut, slice, and dice with precision and ease, not unlike the famed Japanese swordsmen of old.

Designer: douzo

Click Here to Buy Now: $185 $229 ($44 off). Hurry, for a limited time only!

Japanese Craftsmanship – Kurenai born in the heart of Seki City, the global hub of cutlery craftsmanship. Each Kurenai knife is meticulously handcrafted in Japan by skilled artisans.

Effortless Slicing – Kurenai glides through ingredients with just its own weight – no force needed.

Crafted to Last a Lifetime – Layered with different types of steel, Kurenai boasts exceptional durability.

Kitchen knives are a dime a dozen these days and most of them look too common and uninspiring. That’s especially true for mass-produced items that don’t even make the cut, pardon the pun, in being useful for a long period of time. It takes not just great skill but also great patience and attention to detail to produce a precision tool that is also a work of art, and who better to know how to do exactly that than the craftsmen in Japan who have a deep history with making swords for the legendary samurai.

Crafted with Damascus Steel – The blade boasts the mesmerizing pattern of a burning flame.

Unparalleled Comfort – The octagonal-shaped handle ensures a perfect fit.

Kurenai is the product of such storied tradition, craftsmanship built over the years, and modern aesthetics. Immediately at first glance, the knife sets itself apart from all other kitchen knives with the mesmerizing flame pattern running along its sharpened edge, a nod both to its flame-forged origin as well as the fiery passion that created it. And unlike any other knife in your culinary arsenal, Kurenai’s distinctive octagonal-shaped wooden handle fits in hand, regardless of the size.

This knife, enchanting as it may be, isn’t just for show. With a Damascus steel blade, Kurenai simply glides across meat, vegetables, and other ingredients, preserving their flavor and enhancing their texture. Carefully sharpening this blade according to the prescribed method reveals Kurenai’s impressive durability, letting you enjoy that smooth experience for years. This pure Japanese-made knife brings the elegance and the sharpness that professionals enjoy to anyone’s kitchen, turning almost anyone into a cutting and slicing pro.

Why suffer through dull blade after dull blade when you can have a single knife that will last you a lifetime. Made with 800 years of history and experience behind it, these distinctive flame-inspired blades bring craftsmanship and culinary passion together to deliver not just a tool but a work of art as well. Designed and made in the land of the samurai, the Kurenai kitchen knife lets you cut through your cooking tasks with the sharpness and elegance of a Japanese sword.

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This charming tiny cylinder can turn anything into a lovely Ikebana vase

Flower vases are not an uncommon product in interior spaces, but the majority of them are designed for a single style of flower arrangement. This style often involves a handful of flowers surrounded by rich foliage that create an almost bulbous shape, bringing a splash of color to any area. Of course, that isn’t the only way to arrange flowers, but the standard shape and size of vases put a heavier emphasis on the flowers themselves, using leaves as a background and their stems as invisible scaffolding. Sometimes, however, you can have an even more striking presence with just a single flower and a stem with just a few small branches, and this small metal vase provides not only the support but also the flexibility to embrace that minimalist design, using whatever you may have as the base for such an enchanting floral arrangement.

Designer: W DESIGN for Takeda Design Project

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The Japanese Ikebana style of arranging flowers is almost a stark contrast to what most see on vases. Where typical arrangements bundle a bunch of flowers that are mostly in full bloom, Ikebana might sometimes present a bud that slowly opens up over time, much to the viewer’s delight. Just like with many Japanese designs and philosophies, every aspect of the flower comes from a thoughtful decision, including the length of the stem, the cuts made, or the number of pieces used. A regular tall vase that hides those intentional details, however, isn’t cut for such an arrangement, which is where the HANAKUBARI vase comes in.

Named after the Japanese words for “flower” and “twig,” this small metal barrel looks nothing like a vase. Its size can hold just enough water to keep the flower alive, and its short stature means that it will only cover up a few centimeters of the stems, putting the focus on the minimalist arrangement rather than calling attention to itself. Despite its small size, however, it won’t topple over because the center of gravity is maintained by the main body’s 197g weight. There’s also a small 10g adapter that fits inside, allowing the vase to hold thinner stems.

This cute flower vase, however, isn’t meant to stand alone, although it can definitely function that way. Thanks to that diminutive size, you can place the vase on top of or inside anything, turning that thing into an Ikebana vase. You can, for example, put it on a ceramic plate with an oriental design or place it on top of a metal dish to complement the vase’s stainless steel body. You can even place it inside a transparent plastic or glass container to add some visual accent without detracting from the stem’s natural beauty.

Most flower arrangements are made to dazzle and excite, and their large vases are designed to support their weight and even embellish the image. This tiny yet elegant stainless steel vase, in contrast, encourages a more thoughtful, almost meditative, way to make a delightful arrangement, allowing even a singular flower and its stem to enchant the beholder with its natural beauty.

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Make more meaningful and memorable toasts with these stunning stacking sake cups

There are quite a few things that have become iconic of Japanese culture, from clothes like the kimono to warriors like the samurai to food like sushi. When it comes to beverages, there is green tea and, of course, sake, both of which have deep cultural roots and, sometimes, solemn practices. You don’t, however, need to take part in an elaborate pouring and drinking ceremony to appreciate the rich experience when drinking this Japanese rice wine. All you need to create this sacred and profound atmosphere is the right drinkware, just like these finely-crafted tin cups that not only make drinking sake more meaningful, it even provides aesthetic value to your tableware.

Designer: Metaphys

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Drinking sake is a common part of Japanese life, whether it’s in social settings or more formal ceremonies. The rice wine can be served either hot or cold, with most drinking cups made from ceramic or even glass. What better way, then, to amaze your guest or even yourself than with an unusual sake drinking cup made from nothing but authentic tin, such as this unique and distinctive drinking cup set?

Authentic Tin – Authentic tin generally contains 95% to 97% tin, warranted by the Tinware Business Cooperative Association. The sake becomes pure and mellow when it is poured into authentic tin drinkware.

Tin might be an odd choice for drinking wine, but it actually makes even more sense when you consider how the material has been used for drinkware for over a millennium, thanks to its ability to absorb impurities and purify water. It’s also the perfect material for cold sake because it offers a softer and more comfortable texture for hands to hold while also making the sake taste smoother and more mellow.

What makes this tin drinkware special is more than just its composition. Designed to stack easily upon each other, the bowl-shaped vessels are uncommon for use in drinking sake or any other wine for that matter, and yet they also look elegant and pleasing thanks to their smooth curves. When stacked, the cups resemble kagami-mochi or traditional Japanese rice cakes, as well as the smooth stone piles found in peaceful Zen gardens. Even unused, these cups turn into decorative pieces that can become the centerpiece of your dining table or shelf.

Single Cup Edition

Two Cup Edition

Each piece of the stacking sake cups is made using ancient casting techniques by expert craftsmen that give tangible and beautiful form to this Japanese heritage. Whether you’re drinking by yourself with the single-cup configuration or toasting a drink with a friend with the two-cup set, the suiu stacking tin drinkware will add a spiritual flavor to your rice wine, immersing you in the deep cultural heritage of Japan.

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