Meet the minimalist world clock that lets you check the time around the world by rolling it

We live in a world that gets a little bit smaller each day as advancements in transportation and communication connect us with anyone anywhere anytime. It isn’t unusual anymore to have family members living half a world from each other, or friends scattered across different countries. Unfortunately, that also means having to keep tabs on different timezones, lest you land in the awkward and embarrassing situation of calling someone at the wrong time. World clock apps have become a necessity for such people, but the information that they offer comes with complexity and inconvenience, especially when you have to dig through a handful of screens just to get the time you needed. You can have one clock for each timezone you’re interested in, but that can get messy really quickly. This minimalist one-handed analog clock, in contrast, offers a solution that is simple yet so clever that checking the time in other countries feels almost like a game instead of a chore.

Designer: Masafumi Ishikawa

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Even at first glance, you can already tell that the World Clock is not your typical desk or shelf clock. Never mind its unusual but not unheard of dodecagonal shape, the clock only has one hand on its minimalist face. The design is intentional, of course, because it gives you just the right information you need when you want to know what time it is in another part of the world. With a quick look, you’ll be able to immediately tell the hour, and a closer inspection could even tell you which quarter of the hour it is.

Of course, this isn’t an ordinary clock that just tells your time, as its name plainly indicates. Without complicated screens or complex mechanisms, the World Clock can easily clue you in on another timezone with a single and simple action. Simply roll the clock on its side until the city of the timezone you want is pointing straight up (a.k.a. the 12 o’clock position) and watch the single hand stay in place, “converting” the current time to the correct timezone. Actually, you don’t have to literally roll the clock on a surface for it to work. The internal bearings ensure that the hand remains in the right position, no matter which side is pointing up. It’s a simple yet ingenious way of converting time without actually doing the math for it.

Each of the 12 sides of the clock has markings for a city that represents a particular timezone, starting with London at UTC+0. Admittedly, you’ll have to remember places with their respective time zones, but putting a name to that time zone is a lot more familiar than memorizing numbers. Unfortunately, if the place you’re interested in falls outside of these 12, you might find yourself still doing some mental math in the end.

The World Clock’s simplicity applies to both its function as well as its design. It uses a simple movement mechanism no different from wall clocks, except for the addition of that bearing that keeps the hand in place when rotating the clock. The clock also has a certain charm familiar to lovers of minimalist designs, allowing it to blend in with its surroundings in a subtle yet pleasant way. More importantly, the manual method of turning the clock to check different timezones gives it a more intentional and personal aspect, creating a stronger connection between the act of checking the time and thinking about the loved one living in that timezone.

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This gorgeous kitchen knife makes you feel like a skilled samurai in the kitchen

It’s easy to take kitchen knives for granted until what should have been a swift cutting motion ends up in a mess of squished juices, uneven slices, and aching wrists. After all, you can easily buy a new knife, which is both wasteful and inefficient. On the flip side, most kitchen knives are designed simply for utility, and pretty ones that were made for show usually stop at that. Beautiful but useful kitchen knives are hard to come by, even more so if they’re long-lasting and durable. Fortunately, these seemingly mythical treasures do exist, like this eye-catching blade crafted by artisans for the kitchen, letting you cut, slice, and dice with precision and ease, not unlike the famed Japanese swordsmen of old.

Designer: douzo

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Japanese Craftsmanship – Kurenai born in the heart of Seki City, the global hub of cutlery craftsmanship. Each Kurenai knife is meticulously handcrafted in Japan by skilled artisans.

Effortless Slicing – Kurenai glides through ingredients with just its own weight – no force needed.

Crafted to Last a Lifetime – Layered with different types of steel, Kurenai boasts exceptional durability.

Kitchen knives are a dime a dozen these days and most of them look too common and uninspiring. That’s especially true for mass-produced items that don’t even make the cut, pardon the pun, in being useful for a long period of time. It takes not just great skill but also great patience and attention to detail to produce a precision tool that is also a work of art, and who better to know how to do exactly that than the craftsmen in Japan who have a deep history with making swords for the legendary samurai.

Crafted with Damascus Steel – The blade boasts the mesmerizing pattern of a burning flame.

Unparalleled Comfort – The octagonal-shaped handle ensures a perfect fit.

Kurenai is the product of such storied tradition, craftsmanship built over the years, and modern aesthetics. Immediately at first glance, the knife sets itself apart from all other kitchen knives with the mesmerizing flame pattern running along its sharpened edge, a nod both to its flame-forged origin as well as the fiery passion that created it. And unlike any other knife in your culinary arsenal, Kurenai’s distinctive octagonal-shaped wooden handle fits in hand, regardless of the size.

This knife, enchanting as it may be, isn’t just for show. With a Damascus steel blade, Kurenai simply glides across meat, vegetables, and other ingredients, preserving their flavor and enhancing their texture. Carefully sharpening this blade according to the prescribed method reveals Kurenai’s impressive durability, letting you enjoy that smooth experience for years. This pure Japanese-made knife brings the elegance and the sharpness that professionals enjoy to anyone’s kitchen, turning almost anyone into a cutting and slicing pro.

Why suffer through dull blade after dull blade when you can have a single knife that will last you a lifetime. Made with 800 years of history and experience behind it, these distinctive flame-inspired blades bring craftsmanship and culinary passion together to deliver not just a tool but a work of art as well. Designed and made in the land of the samurai, the Kurenai kitchen knife lets you cut through your cooking tasks with the sharpness and elegance of a Japanese sword.

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This charming tiny cylinder can turn anything into a lovely Ikebana vase

Flower vases are not an uncommon product in interior spaces, but the majority of them are designed for a single style of flower arrangement. This style often involves a handful of flowers surrounded by rich foliage that create an almost bulbous shape, bringing a splash of color to any area. Of course, that isn’t the only way to arrange flowers, but the standard shape and size of vases put a heavier emphasis on the flowers themselves, using leaves as a background and their stems as invisible scaffolding. Sometimes, however, you can have an even more striking presence with just a single flower and a stem with just a few small branches, and this small metal vase provides not only the support but also the flexibility to embrace that minimalist design, using whatever you may have as the base for such an enchanting floral arrangement.

Designer: W DESIGN for Takeda Design Project

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The Japanese Ikebana style of arranging flowers is almost a stark contrast to what most see on vases. Where typical arrangements bundle a bunch of flowers that are mostly in full bloom, Ikebana might sometimes present a bud that slowly opens up over time, much to the viewer’s delight. Just like with many Japanese designs and philosophies, every aspect of the flower comes from a thoughtful decision, including the length of the stem, the cuts made, or the number of pieces used. A regular tall vase that hides those intentional details, however, isn’t cut for such an arrangement, which is where the HANAKUBARI vase comes in.

Named after the Japanese words for “flower” and “twig,” this small metal barrel looks nothing like a vase. Its size can hold just enough water to keep the flower alive, and its short stature means that it will only cover up a few centimeters of the stems, putting the focus on the minimalist arrangement rather than calling attention to itself. Despite its small size, however, it won’t topple over because the center of gravity is maintained by the main body’s 197g weight. There’s also a small 10g adapter that fits inside, allowing the vase to hold thinner stems.

This cute flower vase, however, isn’t meant to stand alone, although it can definitely function that way. Thanks to that diminutive size, you can place the vase on top of or inside anything, turning that thing into an Ikebana vase. You can, for example, put it on a ceramic plate with an oriental design or place it on top of a metal dish to complement the vase’s stainless steel body. You can even place it inside a transparent plastic or glass container to add some visual accent without detracting from the stem’s natural beauty.

Most flower arrangements are made to dazzle and excite, and their large vases are designed to support their weight and even embellish the image. This tiny yet elegant stainless steel vase, in contrast, encourages a more thoughtful, almost meditative, way to make a delightful arrangement, allowing even a singular flower and its stem to enchant the beholder with its natural beauty.

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Make more meaningful and memorable toasts with these stunning stacking sake cups

There are quite a few things that have become iconic of Japanese culture, from clothes like the kimono to warriors like the samurai to food like sushi. When it comes to beverages, there is green tea and, of course, sake, both of which have deep cultural roots and, sometimes, solemn practices. You don’t, however, need to take part in an elaborate pouring and drinking ceremony to appreciate the rich experience when drinking this Japanese rice wine. All you need to create this sacred and profound atmosphere is the right drinkware, just like these finely-crafted tin cups that not only make drinking sake more meaningful, it even provides aesthetic value to your tableware.

Designer: Metaphys

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Drinking sake is a common part of Japanese life, whether it’s in social settings or more formal ceremonies. The rice wine can be served either hot or cold, with most drinking cups made from ceramic or even glass. What better way, then, to amaze your guest or even yourself than with an unusual sake drinking cup made from nothing but authentic tin, such as this unique and distinctive drinking cup set?

Authentic Tin – Authentic tin generally contains 95% to 97% tin, warranted by the Tinware Business Cooperative Association. The sake becomes pure and mellow when it is poured into authentic tin drinkware.

Tin might be an odd choice for drinking wine, but it actually makes even more sense when you consider how the material has been used for drinkware for over a millennium, thanks to its ability to absorb impurities and purify water. It’s also the perfect material for cold sake because it offers a softer and more comfortable texture for hands to hold while also making the sake taste smoother and more mellow.

What makes this tin drinkware special is more than just its composition. Designed to stack easily upon each other, the bowl-shaped vessels are uncommon for use in drinking sake or any other wine for that matter, and yet they also look elegant and pleasing thanks to their smooth curves. When stacked, the cups resemble kagami-mochi or traditional Japanese rice cakes, as well as the smooth stone piles found in peaceful Zen gardens. Even unused, these cups turn into decorative pieces that can become the centerpiece of your dining table or shelf.

Single Cup Edition

Two Cup Edition

Each piece of the stacking sake cups is made using ancient casting techniques by expert craftsmen that give tangible and beautiful form to this Japanese heritage. Whether you’re drinking by yourself with the single-cup configuration or toasting a drink with a friend with the two-cup set, the suiu stacking tin drinkware will add a spiritual flavor to your rice wine, immersing you in the deep cultural heritage of Japan.

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Top 5 Japanese Designs Gift Guide to Make Summer More Fun and Productive

Like any other season, summer can mean different things to different people. While images of beaches and pool parties immediately come to mind, some see the hottest season of the year as a time to enjoy the wide outdoors, take a well-deserved break from the stress of school and work, or even use the downtime to catch up with life goals and plan the months ahead. Whatever your plans might be for summer, you will want to have the perfect companion that will be by your side, rain or shine or even more shine, helping you make the best out of your time without getting in the way. What you need is a dose of elegant and minimalist Japanese designs, and these five top-notch products will help you enjoy summer to the fullest, whether outdoors, indoors, or everywhere in between.

1. CD Jacket Player

No one will blame you if you want to spend your summer just chilling out. Some people find relaxation in movie marathons, while others find solace in their favorite tunes, especially older music that may bring up fond memories of summers past. What better way to enjoy that kind of music anytime, anywhere than with a special kind of CD player that mixes old technology with new designs, bringing together past and present in sweet harmony.

The CD Jacket Player is more than just a portable device that plays audio discs like any other CD player. As if its clean, minimalist design doesn’t already make it stand out from the crowd, its special feature adds a distinct flavor to the listening experience. Slide in the CD’s jacket cover, and you’ve got a physical facsimile of how modern digital music apps display album art, creating a unique audiovisual experience that combines the best of analog and digital worlds. Enjoy audio CDs the way they were meant to be with a CD Jacket Player that enthrones both the music as well as the art that gives it visual expression.

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2. Everlasting All-Metal Pencil

The pen might be mightier than the sword, but the pencil is definitely easier to yield. It takes no training to use a pencil to write on paper while still providing a variety of marks, depending on how you hold it. Pencils are also more forgiving, allowing you to take back what you wrote and start anew. The only problem is that pencils require more maintenance with sharpening and are gone for good once they’ve been reduced to useless wooden stubs.

Fortunately, the Everlasting All-Metal Pencil is exactly what its name claims it to be. The innovative use of materials allows it to deliver the same exact same experience and line quality as regular pencils, minus the need to sharpen anything. Its unique design not only provides an ergonomic grip, it almost makes the pen eye-catching, leaving a mark not just on paper but also on people’s minds. Put your thoughts on paper for posterity and experience the joys of writing that go on and on with a pencil that lasts just as long.

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3. Magnetic Clipboard

Just because school is out or you’re spending days away from work doesn’t mean your brain stops working completely. In fact, you might even get your best and most creative ideas while you’re on your summer break, whether you’re lounging in your room or putting your feet up by the campfire. In times like those, you probably wish you had some sheets of paper at hand, and this Magnetic Clipboard makes sure there will always be some within reach when inspiration strikes.

The simple yet talented board is designed to hold as many as 30 sheets of A4-sized loose paper, giving you the complete freedom to add, remove, and move pages around as no regular notebook could. A magnet and lever system makes it super-easy to clip those sheets of paper, so you don’t waste time fiddling with the tool instead of scribbling down your thoughts. Don’t let your inspiration dry up this summer, and have the confidence to write down ideas and dreams as they come, knowing that the Magnetic Clipboard and your paper are an arm’s reach away.

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4. Anywhere-Use Lamp

Summer always conjures up images of the bright and sometimes scorching sun, but the Day Star won’t be much help during the night or inside darkened enclosed spaces. Whether you’re camping, spending the night at the beach, or simply reading before bedtime, you’ll definitely need some light source to enjoy your time. You could have a lamp for each of those uses and cases, or you can have a single lamp that you can easily use anywhere you need a light, whether it’s to see in the dark or to set the mood.

The modular design of the Anywhere-Use Lamp makes it trivial to disassemble the device and stow it in your bag for a quick getaway. Powered by regular AA batteries, you won’t need to worry about running out of charge in the middle of a campsite with no power socket in sight for miles around. Simply pop in replacement (and perhaps rechargeable) batteries, and you’re good to go. The lamp’s soft and warm light provides enough illumination for whatever you need to do in a low-lit environment, whether it’s reading or even eating. Like a mushroom that can pop up anywhere, this Anywhere-Use Lamp makes even the darkness of summer nights fun and engaging.

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5. Portable Fire Pit Stand

Some people love the vastness of the seas and the sound of crashing waves on the shores, while others prefer the feeling of the wind on their faces and the smell of trees and grass. Summer is also the perfect time to experience the latter, turning outdoor activities into adventures and opportunities to bond with family and friends. Of course, no outdoor stay is complete without an outdoor meal, and this distinctive fire pit stand gives you both a functional place for fire as well as an interesting conversation starter.

The Portable Fire Pit Stand’s industrial aesthetic gives this outdoor companion a unique vibe that doesn’t get in the way of its functionality. Easy to assemble for quick fires and easy to disassemble for a thorough cleaning, this fire pit stand removes any excuse or hindrance to carrying this tool anywhere you go. Whether cooking for yourself or cooking for friends and family, the Portable Fire Pit Stand will rekindle your love for the outdoors, for nature, and for the people that make your summer days extra special and memorable.

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Portable washing machine can fit in your suitcase and let you do laundry anywhere

Traveling might be an exciting and enriching experience, but it can also be stressful when you consider the preparation and maintenance involved. Packing can be a frustrating puzzle game of fitting as many clothes in a suitcase as possible, which can be problematic the longer your spend away from your home base. It’s definitely impossible to pack enough clothes for more than a week’s trip, and you’d be forced to do laundry one way or another, which can itself be a source of stress when trying to survive in a foreign land. Wouldn’t it be grand if you could bring your washing machine along with you in the first place? Fortunately, that’s actually possible, at least for small and light pieces of clothes, with this collapsible washing machine that can even fit inside your suitcase.

Designer: Modern-G

Truth be told, it’s always possible to do laundry on your own in whatever hotel or AirBnB you’re staying at, but it’s not exactly convenient nor affordable. Not all accommodations even provide such an amenity, forcing guests to search for laundry machines or services elsewhere. Given how washing machines work, it’s almost inconceivable that you’d be able to bring one along with you, not to mention cramming it inside a travel suitcase, but that’s exactly the miracle that this portable washing machine tries to pull off.

You’d be forgiven if you mistake this odd appliance for a gigantic collapsible silicone cup because that’s exactly the same mechanism that the G-Soak uses to implement its shape-changing feat. Its collapsed form lets you stow it inside a suitcase, though you will have to sacrifice some space for it. When expanded, it has a size of 6 liters, large enough to hold 4 shirts or 10 pieces of underwear at a time.

It functions pretty much the same way as a regular washing machine, except on an extremely smaller scale. It spins soapy water around together with your clothes to take the place of manual scrubbing. It can even “dehydrate” or spin dry clothes, though we all know how effective that is in actually drying clothes. Still better than having to hang dripping clothes inside the room. There’s a special drain valve at the bottom to make it easy to remove the used water without having to tip the whole container over.

As far as appearances go, you can’t really say that the G-Soak is inspired, but few washing machines are, anyway. The focus, after all, is on portability, and in that arena, there are few or even nothing like it in the market. It’s not going to solve all your travel laundry problems, though, especially when it comes to heavier and bigger pieces of clothing, but it will most likely get you by without having to stress over where to do your laundry in an unfamiliar place.

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Top 5 Japanese Designs Gift Guide to Bring Peace and Productivity to Modern Life

Although technology and progress have definitely made many aspects of our lives easier, we’re also bombarded with so many things that make those same lives stressful. From visual or sensory overload coming from computers and phones to the information overload that we have to juggle for work and personal life, our brains and even our bodies are sometimes screaming for a break at the end of the day. Fortunately, you don’t need to drop and abandon everything to go on a month-long retreat to recover your sanity. Even simple things can help you rediscover the joys of life, and here are five great gift ideas that will not only help you relax but also solve some of the problems of everyday life, thanks to some Japanese design creativity and ingenuity.

1. Miniature Bonfire Wood Diffuser Set

Different people have different preferences and tolerances for scents. While some might love the fragrance of vanilla, others might prefer the smell of different flowers instead. Still, others might have a fondness for the smell of the woods and the mountains, something that isn’t always offered by most essential oils and aroma diffusers. The Miniature Bonfire Wood Diffuser Set easily sets itself apart with a cute collection of mini wooden logs and a tiny pocket stove that recreates not only the smells but also the experience of a memorable outdoor campfire.

The miniature hardwood, collected from branches that would normally be thrown away, gives off a smoky scent when burnt on the stainless steel miniature stove. Add a few drops of essential oils extracted from Mt. Hakusan trees, and you’ve got an authentic outdoor scent that will bring your mind to the soothing embrace of nature. And with a piece of solid fuel, you can even use the same stove as an actual cooking or heating tool, completing the circle of an outdoor experience at home or in your backyard.

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2. Stress-Free Aroma Diffuser

Aroma diffusers are a popular tool people use to relax, but some produce more stress than they relieve. Some overwhelm or irritate your nose with vapors, while others leave you praying for a good breeze to carry those calming scents to you. Rather than leave it up to chance, this beautiful Stress-Free Aroma Diffuser really lets you just sit back and relax, making sure you’re breathing in the perfect mix of aromatic blends to soothe your tired mind. It creates its own gentle breeze to softly disperse the aroma evenly, while a porcelain filter soaks up the oil for a longer-lasting experience. Cleaning that filter is equally stress-free since you only need to rinse it under the tap.

The diffuser’s polished metal base creates a beautiful contrast with the more organic-looking porcelain disc on top, forming an elegant decoration that looks just as appealing as it smells. And thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery, you can place it anywhere you want, and it will work just as well, not to mention standing beautifully on top of any desk or shelf design.

Click Here to Buy Now: $134 $149 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Memorial Day sales end in 48 hours!

3. Modular Flower Tubes

While our noses can give us a bit of a reprieve from hectic and stressful days, our eyes are the ones that probably need the most help in stepping back from visual information overload. We can’t always keep our eyes closed, of course, so the next best thing is to always have something pleasing to look at nearby or in places we often look at. Pictures of loved ones and pets will always bring a smile to our faces, but a minimalist yet beautiful flower arrangement can also keep us thinking beautiful thoughts, especially when they’re set on a vase as unique as these Modular Flower Tubes.

Instead of a single container for a large bunch of flowers and stems, this “modular” vase uses thin copper tubes of different heights placed on a circular wooden base. The size of the tubes limits how much they can hold, letting you be more creative in how you arrange different elements, including empty tubes, just for effect. These Modular Flower Tubes not only bring a one-of-a-kind vessel for plants and flowers, it also helps give your creativity an outlet to keep your mind off more stressful concerns.

Click Here to Buy Now: $134 $149 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Memorial Day sales end in 48 hours!

4. Personal Whiteboard

One of the biggest sources of stress is when things don’t go according to plan or when things don’t work like they’re supposed to. The latter is especially applicable to gadgets, particularly computers and smartphones, that we often rely on to keep everything, including our notes. As they say, simple is best, and nothing gets simpler than pen and paper. Actually, that’s not entirely true because this Personal Whiteboard not only gets simpler but also removes some of the worries and concerns surrounding plain pen and paper.

Imagine the liberating experience of never running out of paper. With an A4-sized whiteboard that you can carry with you everywhere, that dream easily becomes reality. The Personal Whiteboard, however, brings those little extras that truly make life worry-free, like a cover that protects what you wrote but also acts as an eraser that is with you all the time. There’s even an innovative Mag Force system that is both a handle and a pen loop, so you never have to stress over losing that all-important whiteboard marker ever again.

Click Here to Buy Now: $44 $49 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Memorial Day sales end in 48 hours!

5. Invisible Shoehorn

There is probably nothing more stressful, frustrating, and dangerous than falling over while putting on your shoes when you’re already in a rush. While shoehorns try to make it easier to, well, shoehorn your foot into your footwear, they aren’t exactly the easiest to use nor the safest. They aren’t also the most attractive tools in your house, which is why they’re often hidden and then get lost when you need them the most.

The Invisible Shoehorn, in contrast, is something you’d proudly put on display precisely because it looks nothing like a shoehorn. The stainless steel tool combines with a clear acrylic handle to form a beautiful rod ornament that hides the shoehorn in plain sight. The shoehorn’s sturdy metal body and elongated shape also make it easy to put on a shoe without bending and breaking your back. Finally, you can have an ergonomic tool that’s also beautiful to behold, presuming you can even see the shoehorn masquerading as a unique piece of home decoration.

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Minimalist modular lamp shines light anywhere you go with portable design

Most people treat lamps and lighting fixtures as mere functional products that illuminate a given space. While that is indeed their primary function, the kind and quality of light can actually have an effect on our minds and moods. Some lamps have decorative designs that spark interest and awe, while others use different tones and intensities to soothe or excite. Most lamps that provide these varied experiences, however, are often tied down to their locations or are impractical to move around. Portable lamps, on the other hand, are more utilitarian in design. This simple-looking lamp tries to bridge the gap between those two extremes, offering a lighting solution that can easily be carried anywhere to set the right atmosphere while also looking stylish in any setting.

Designers: TENT and Fujita Metal

Click Here to Buy Now: $134 $149 ($15 off at checkout). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

At first glance, this lamp might not even look like a lamp. On the one hand, it almost looks like a miniature stool, similar to those with round, rotating seats you’d see in some bars and diners. On the other hand, it might also remind you of mushrooms with its tall, thin stem and circular cap. Whichever way you look at it, the ICHI table lamp is going to grab your attention with its distinctive shape, its powder-coated iron finish, and its minimalist design.

The mushroom table lamp is so minimalist that you will see neither cords nor buttons on its pristine surface. Pressing anywhere on the edge of the lamp’s top turns it on and cycles through its different brightness settings before it turns off again. There’s no specific area you have to press, making it easy to operate the lamp even without looking at it. Each press has a soft and comfortable clicking feel to it, so don’t be surprised if you get a bit addicted to the gesture.

Six high color rendering LEDs generate the clicky table lamp’s warm light while a thick milky-white board diffuses it to a softer glow. The yellowish tone creates a more soothing atmosphere compared to bright white, and it can also make certain colors and compositions pop up, making food look more delicious, for example. The absence of cables suggests that the lamp is battery-powered, but it eschews the trend of using built-in rechargeable batteries and opts for AA batteries instead. This helps prolong the life of the lamp since you can easily replace the batteries when they run out of juice. Of course, you can also use rechargeable AA batteries to really capitalize on the lamp’s sustainability.

Almost like a mushroom, the ICHI lamp can pop up anywhere you want it to. Simply unscrew the top and the base and stash all three parts inside a bag to carry the lamp with you. With its warm light, tactile experience, and modular design, this minimalist lamp lets you create the atmosphere you want anywhere you go, allowing you to bring your own bubble of light and calm inside the house or outdoors.

Click Here to Buy Now: $134 $149 ($15 off at checkout). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

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20 degree tilt pet bowl keeps food from pouring out

Eating time should be a fun and enriching time to nourish not only the body but also the mind and the heart. That’s true not just for humans who often socialize during these moments but also for our little family members who become closer to their humans at opportunities like these. Alas, eating time can sometimes be stressful instead, both for pets who can’t but help spill food out of their bowls as well as for the humans who need to clean up afterward. Attempting to return dinnertime to its original atmosphere, this fine-looking food bowl for furry friends brings something that’s not only beautiful but also functional, utilizing human creativity and craftsmanship to make a pet bowl that delivers a pleasant experience for everyone at home.

Designer: Ena Metal

Click Here to Buy Now: $296 $349 (15% off and free worldwide shipping at checkout). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours.

Some pet owners might think that the stereotypical flat bowl would be enough for pets, and that might be fine if you’re also OK with using plain, mass-produced tableware for yourself. You could argue, however, that just as you deserve well-designed things that make life more enjoyable, so does your little family, especially when it comes to eating food. You don’t need to go the hi-tech route just to achieve that, however. In fact, going “au naturale” might be an even better answer.

Swelltone delivers that kind of solution by focusing not on the food but on the food bowl, putting the eating experience above the expensive edibles. It makes “ease of eating” the focus of its design, and it does so in a simple yet effective way. The stainless steel bowl that holds the food can tilt up to an angle of 20 degrees, which makes it easy for pets to slurp every last bit without spilling their food. Coincidentally, this also gives their human owners peace of mind that they won’t have to clean up after their pets after meals.

This handsome dinnerware for pets is made of two parts, both finely crafted and beautiful on their own. The wooden base is made of fine Japanese cypress that literally and figuratively puts the bowl on a pedestal. That bowl is made from SUS304 stainless steel and is made by the same craftsmen who create precision parts for automobiles and aircraft. Together, this pet bowl looks posh whether it’s on the floor or on the kitchen counterpart, serving as a piece of minimalist decor when it’s not in use.

The bowl, however, does more than offer a visual delight to humans and pets alike. Drop pieces of dry food into it, and you’ll hear the luxurious tones resounding from the bowl, giving justification to its name. Whether your pet is eating from it or you’re still preparing its tasty treat, this handsome food receptacle offers a more pleasant and memorable experience that goes beyond just the act of eating, strengthening the bonds between humans and their little families every meal time.

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This peculiar furniture set gives styrofoam a new home inside yours

The way our brain works, we become almost numb and blind to the most mundane things that we see every day. It’s a survival tactic that prevents our brains from blowing up at every external stimulus. For example, we easily take styrofoam for granted in whatever form it comes in, be it large slabs or tiny balls, because they’re easy to ignore in all the packaging, cups, and containers that we see day in and day out. These synthetic objects, however, obviously have a negative impact on the environment, and the measures taken to reduce that ironically still stress both natural and human resources. That’s why these pieces of furniture try to nip the problem in the bud by giving styrofoam a new purpose inside or outside your home without having to travel far from where they’re taken.

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Styrofoam, by nature, is not only non-biodegradable but also potentially harmful to our own health, which makes its use as food and beverage containers sound almost ironic. The good news is that styrofoam can actually be transformed into materials for recycled plastic products after they have been melted and treated, presuming they’re even disposed of properly. The bad news is that these materials are often sent to other countries, which makes the entire process inefficient, wasteful, and still harmful to the environment in the long run.

Japan, for example, often exports styrofoam melted into ingots only to have those become the foundations for products bought in bargain stores. Rather than going through that roundabout and expensive process, Refoam starts and ends in Japan, right where the styrofoam is melted. This recycled goo is then immediately used to build up structures with unique textures and surfaces. Structures that can become tables, chairs, and furniture that will give any space a distinct look.

Whether from near or from a distance, it’s easy to see that any piece of Refoam furniture has a unique and almost odd aesthetic. It’s like a cross between cracked concrete and molten lava that has been cooled after it was given shape. Given the process involved in melting pieces of styrofoam and placing the resulting goo into molds to cool, that’s a rather accurate representation.

The Refoam series’ rocky appearance makes it almost perfect for outdoor use, but it can still fit in some interior motifs, particularly those aiming for cold, earthy tones. More importantly, however, it provides not only a more sustainable process for recycling styrofoam waste but also gives the material new value, even in its raw, melted form.

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