Huawei GT3 Pro brings classic luxury designs to smartwatches

If Google is going for a modern, futuristic motif with their recently announced Pixel Watch, Huawei is going for the complete opposite with their latest flagship smartwatch, the Huawei WATCH GT3 Pro. Huawei realized that people who are used to wearing watches on their wrists are more likely to adopt smartwatches if they look more like their beloved timepieces, so they designed the new GT 3 Pro series to please traditional watch lovers. Taking inspiration from classic watch design with a round watch face and crown, the new Huawei wearables come in two distinctive styles, one made of titanium and the other formed from ceramic, and both look gorgeous, especially on your wrist.

Designer: Huawei

The 46mm Titanium edition is the larger of the two, measuring 46.6mm x 46.6mm x 10.9mm and weighs approximately 54 grams without a strap. That size isn’t just for show, though, since it packs a large 1.43 inch AMOLED display, with a spacious 466×466 326 PPI screen housed in a titanium case with sapphire glass on tap. Despite the mostly Titanium body, it has a ceramic rear that went through 60 processes to transform zirconia ceramic powder into this elegant finished form. The Huawei GT3 Pro Titanium model also borrows a classic rotating crown from traditional watches, offering an easy-to-use control to zoom in and out or scroll through the user interface.

In comparison, the Ceramic edition comes with a smaller 43mm body at 42.9mm x 42.9mm x 10.5mm and weighs approximately 50 grams without a strap. Despite the smaller body, it still features a 1.32 AMOLED display with 466×466 pixel resolution and a higher 352 PPI. It is the first all-ceramic smartwatch, with both the body and rear using the premium material. Like the Titanium edition, however, the screen is protected by tough sapphire glass.

The luxurious design of Huawei’s latest smartwatches goes beyond just their bodies. The series offers a range of watch faces, including exclusive watch faces designed by IED students, giving the digital surfaces more familiar classic faces. There is also a new day-and-night watch face feature that dynamically changes the watch face according to the time of sunrise and sunset, something traditional watches can only dream of. The straps are also made from premium material, depending on which edition you grab. The Titanium edition has thee three different strap options available, including black fluoroelastomer, grey leather strap, and titanium bracelet. In contrast, the Ceramic edition only has two variants, one with a gold bezel ring and a ceramic strap, and the other with a silver bezel ring and a leather strap.

Of course, the Huawei GT3 Pro is more than just a nod to classic timepieces and is a smartwatch at its very core. It is equipped with an upgraded TruSeen 5.0+ with improved heart rate monitoring, which includes an ECG function on both models, though availability and activation will differ by country. Huawei also upped its water-resistance with the GT3 Pro, allowing users to free dive up to 30 meters deep while wearing it, even in saltwater. Huawei continues to build on the successes of its inaugural smartwatch, offering an impressive battery life with the new GT line of smartwatches: 14 days for the titanium edition and seven days for the ceramic edition with regular usage.

Just like with analog and digital watches, each wearer prefers a different style and design for their trusty timepiece. Leaning more towards traditional aesthetics, the Huawei GT3 Pro delivers a timeless design while offering the modern trappings of today’s technology. Elegant, powerful, and enduring, the company’s latest wearables exhibit the smartwatch world’s best style and performance, just like the GT sports cars they are named after.

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This Titanium EDC Folding Knife has a uniquely cyberpunk aesthetic that we just can’t ignore

Looking like a prop from a sci-fi movie, the Grouper utility knife comes with a stunning design featuring a titanium construction, a parallel-linkage opening mechanism with ball-bearing pivots, and should you choose, an absolutely breathtaking rainbow finish. The knife, which measures a mere 4.3 inches (110mm) when closed, comes with a carabiner clip on one end, and a tungsten carbide glass-breaker on the other end. Open it out, and the now 6.2-inch-long knife reveals its TAJIMA V-REX II blade on the inside, perfect for opening boxes, slicing envelopes, or doing more rogue cyberpunk-worthy stuff like slicing wires and cutting seatbelts.

Designer: Titaniumedcshop

Click Here to Buy Now: $199.99

The Grouper is designed by Octavia Liu, who runs her own EDC Etsy shop out of her home and workshop in Xi’an, China. Like any of the EDC Liu makes, the Grouper sports a titanium alloy body that’s more than impervious to rough use.  The knife flips open and close in a unique style thanks to the linkage system built into it, and uses ball-bearing pivots for a smooth-like-butter operation that takes the knife a mere 0.5 seconds to open. Once open, a nifty locking clip on the top keeps the knife’s blade intact until you’re done and ready to close your Grouper.

The Grouper Utility Knife is available in Silver, Black, or a Rainbow finish that’s a sure shot crowd favorite. This is achieved by a process of anodization that creates an everlasting coating on the knife that never dulls or peels off.

The Grouper uses a replaceable TAJIMA V-REX II tempered steel blade on the front. The blade’s sharp edge holds up wonderfully well against everything from cardboard boxes and tape to even tougher materials like paracords and seat belts. Designed as a utility knife with tactical and safety capabilities too, the knife even features a glass breaker point on its body that can be used for shattering windows during emergencies (combined with the seatbelt cutter this is quite the rescue tool).  The Grouper weighs a mere 78 grams (2.7 ounces) and easily fits into most pockets, but additionally also packs a carabiner clip on its rear end, for hooking to your backpack or around the belt loop of your pants. After all, is an EDC truly an EDC if it doesn’t have a carabiner clip?

Click Here to Buy Now: $199.99

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Galaxy S22 Ultra Caviar editions let you choose how you want to burn your money

If the Galaxy S22 Ultra still feels too light for your wallet, then you can throw more money at these gold-plated luxury editions instead.

Smartphones have become incredibly pricey these days, at least compared to figures from even just four years ago. In some cases, the price bump feels justified, while at other times, they feel exorbitant. That doesn’t stop people from still buying the most feature-rich and most expensive smartphone models every year, and that definitely hasn’t stopped a certain class of people from aiming even higher. That’s the clientele that luxury brand Caviar serves, and it has just announced a new set of limited edition Galaxy S22 Ultra phones that could make you the envy of your socialite circles.

Designer: Caviar

The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s price tag is already quite hefty on its own, starting at $1,200 for the lowest configuration all the way up to $1,600 for maxed-out specs. That’s not unusual for Samsung and honestly expected for this particular model. It replaces the Galaxy Note line to some extent with an S Pen that you can stow inside the phone. That’s on top of the high-end specs you’d come to expect from Samsung’s latest and greatest, which includes one of the best phone screens available in the market today.

That won’t be the full price that most people will pay for the phone anyway. In addition to the typical carrier subsidies that US buyers often grab, Samsung and retail partners often throw in deals or freebies to make it feel like you’re getting more for that price. As far as looks go, however, the Galaxy S22 Ultra doesn’t exactly look its price. It’s not ugly, mind, but its aesthetic is more utilitarian and technical than luxurious.

That’s where Caviar’s limited edition runs come in, offering those with the money to burn a way to have a luxurious phone that matches how much it costs. Almost every notable premium phone has had its turn being added to Caviar’s collection, but the Galaxy S22 Ultra is getting something a bit more special. There isn’t just one, not even just two, but six possible designs to choose from, each with a unique nod to art styles or pop culture.

The Ocelot, for example, is an homage to the Art Deco era, as Caviar explains. The camera area is covered with a gold-plated jeweled steel inlay, while the bottom showcases golden geometric patterns engraved on black PVC titanium. The combination of black and gold has always been a hallmark of many luxury products, reinforcing this Caviar edition phone’s expensive tastes.

Art Deco is also credited to be one of the influences of The Great Gatsby, and Caviar pays tribute to that literary work with its own limited edition design. Reversing the gold and black motif, the cameras are enclosed in black PVC titanium, while the rest of the phone’s back is decked with Art Deco patterns made of gold-plated jewelry alloy. Caviar’s crown logo in gold adorns the black camera block, making you feel like royalty, especially since you can afford this luxury. That gold isn’t just any other gold, either, and is proud to flaunt 7mk 24K double gold electroplated jewelry alloy.

Caviar also has something for automotive enthusiasts. Drive’s dark, carbon-fiber armor, for example, calls to mind sports cars and speedsters, while the Titanium’s blend of silver and black is reminiscent of luxury cars. The brand also has two models utilizing crocodile leather in black and beige hues, one themed after a bird of prey and another on a former rival. Caviar doesn’t really talk much about the leather, though that might not sit well with animal lovers and advocates. Both designs portray the marque’s V-shaped “tick”, which it has associated with the feeling of victory and the Vertu brand, one of the first to dare make expensive luxury smartphones.

These limited edition spins of the Galaxy S22 Ultra easily cost four times as much as the highest configuration, ranging from $6,520 to $7,140. There are options for the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ as well, but these phones don’t exactly have the same features. And in true limited edition fashion, Caviar will create only 99 of each luxurious finish, ensuring that you will have something more to boast beyond the price tag.

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This titanium EDC spork is so incredibly durable, your grandchildren will be taking it on adventures…

Titanium… The toughest, most lightweight material known to mankind. Sounds like a little overkill to use it to make cutlery, right? Well, the SporKit isn’t the kind of cutlery that plays by the rules. Designed to be compact, useful, sleek, and so insanely durable, it could be used on a human colony on Mars a 100 years from now, the Ti-Ultra êkö SporKit is a nifty little piece of travel cutlery that hopes to swear you off plastic, wood, or any of those single-use biodegradable cutlery sets. It’s small and fits right into your pocket, and comes with a two-part design that, when assembled, lets you eat anything from salads to steaks, and then finish off with some dessert.

Designer: A. John Heller-Venida

Click Here to Buy Now: $30 $50 (40% off). Hurry, only 5/40 left!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that single-use plastic cutlery is literally the worst thing ever invented. It takes seconds to manufacture, minutes to use, and then lasts in our soils and oceans for thousands of years… the alternatives aren’t too much better either. Wooden spoons still require cutting trees, plus they’re fragile and are designed to be flat, making them practically useless. Biodegradable cutlery doesn’t really solve the problem either, since it doesn’t address the problem that is the use-and-throw culture. Sure, you could just carry stainless steel spoons and forks from your kitchen with you wherever you go, but they’re definitely not designed for traveling. SporKit addresses all the aforementioned problems by being highly durable, compact, lightweight, and versatile. The spork shape makes it easy to eat all sorts of foods, from ramen to ribs, and the fact that it’s made from CP1 titanium means it’s lightweight, anti-corrosive, anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, and practically indestructible. The makers of the SporKit mention that it won’t last a lifetime… it’ll last multiple lifetimes.

The Ti-Ultra êkö SporKit comes with a two-part design, enclosed within an easy-carry fabric sleeve. The two parts, i.e., the spork and the handle, snap together to create cutlery that’s easy to grip, and at 150mm long, that’s long enough for stirring, serving, and eating too. As an added bonus, the SporKit can even be used without its snap-on handle, making it even more portable.

Press release button through slot to Clip-Off. Clip-In into slot to until it click locks.

Just the spork element itself measures 104mm, and comes with a channel that’s sufficiently long enough to grip onto (it’s sort of like sketching with a small pencil), and a negative cavity on the channel lets you even slide a carabiner clip in, allowing you to carry your SporKit independently, suspended to the belt loop on your pants, or your backpack while traveling. Go ahead and grab a Ti-Ultra êkö SporKit at its early-bird price of $30. Each SporKit comes with its fabric carrying-case, and ships in December 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: $30 $50 (40% off). Hurry, only 5/40 left!

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Would you pay $2699 for this absolutely bonkers Gold-plated Titanium iPhone 13 case?

It’s almost triple of what the iPhone 13 Pro costs… and the case isn’t even the most expensive one from Gray‘s ALTER EGO® collection. The luxury case-maker even has a flame-torched rainbow titanium version that costs more than three grand… or in other words, enough to buy you the iPhone 13 Pro AS WELL as the 2021 M1 MacBook Pro and still have spare change.

So why is the ALTER EGO case for the iPhone so expensive? The same reason why NFTs are so expensive… Because someone said so. Although this kind of ridiculously lavish definitely falls within Gray’s niche, who have made luxury cases for iPhones, Watches, and even Crypto Wallets in the past.

The ALTER EGO is less of a protective case and more of a status symbol. Sure, it protects your iPhone from dings and drops, but its prime purpose isn’t to be a baggy jumpsuit for your phone… it’s to be a piece of jewelry that your gadget adorns with pride. The cases come with a bumper-style design that grabs onto your iPhone from the edges, and a minimal aesthetic that adds a bit of glimmer to your phone, while showing your phone off too (instead of concealing it).

Designed for the iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max versions, the ALTER EGO cases are made from solid titanium. Each case is meticulously machined from a block of the metal, with a mechanically textured surface finish and a TPU inner layer that protects your phone from being scratched by the metal. The cases come in 4 styles – a raw titanium, PVD coated black, PVD coated gold, and the rather rare flame-torched rainbow Aurora that’s processed individually.

Another factor that influences the price of the cases is that they’re limited edition. The Gold and Aurora are limited to just 500 units of each, while the PVD Black has about 1000 units. The price for the cases differs based on the variant you choose, going from $1899 for the regular titanium case to a mind-numbing $3,199 for the rainbow Aurora (image below just in case you’re curious and extremely cavalier with your money.)

Designer: Gray

The Apple iPhone 14’s design has already leaked online, a full year in advance… with a flattened camera bump and no notch

No camera module, no notch, and a design that feels like the spiritual successor to the iPhone 4 which would complete its 11th year anniversary on the day. That’s what the upcoming iPhone 14 will look like, proclaims YouTuber and Apple’s worst nightmare Jon Prosser.

Amidst the chaos of the September 14th invite to Apple‘s launch for the iPhone 13, Prosser decided to drop a pretty big bombshell. His leak, he reiterates, isn’t of the iPhone 13… but rather, of the iPhone 14, which isn’t due till 2022. Prosser says he’s been in touch with supply chain workers who have shared images of the new phone with him and has then used those images to create renders that fully do justice to the design. The design in question, celebrates the 10th anniversary of the popular iPhone 4, with a similar flat-edge design, a flat camera module underneath a glass back, and a metal rim running along the sides. A noteworthy upgrade, however, is the presence of 3 rear camera lenses, and the disappearance of the divisive notch, which has plagued the iPhone’s design for nearly 5 years if you count the notched iPhone 13 that drops next week.

Apple iPhone 14 Jon Prosser Rendersbyian

Prosser teamed up with long-time collaborator RendersByIan to help visualize the phone. Look past that incredibly tongue-in-cheek Twitter screenshot of Prosser being blocked by Apple Executive Phil Schiller, and you’ll see a design that seems new yet familiar. Apple’s cultivated a reputation of incremental progress and upgrades (with a few absolute refreshes every decade or so), and the iPhone 14 is no different. It looks remarkably like the iPhone 4, with how flush the cameras sit on the back, the circular buttons against the metal rim on the side, and a silhouette that is just as bit iconic as it was back in 2011.

Apple iPhone 14 Jon Prosser Rendersbyian

Apple iPhone 14 Jon Prosser Rendersbyian

Apple iPhone 14 Jon Prosser Rendersbyian

Flip the phone over on its front and you’ll notice perhaps its biggest visual change yet. The screen on the front does away with the infamous notch, finally adopting the hole-punch camera design that’s been around on Android phones for a while now. The disappearance of the notch was even briefly foreshadowed on an episode of Ted Lasso where fans managed to catch a fleeting glimpse of a smartphone with a hole-punch camera. Now, this could easily be Apple just trying to elaborately fool us, but the most logical solution is that the company’s finally come up with a replacement for FaceID and therefore doesn’t need that massive unibrow on the top of the phone. Some speculate an in-screen fingerprint while others say the fingerprint scanner could be merged within the power button.

Apple iPhone 14 Jon Prosser Rendersbyian

Apple iPhone 14 Jon Prosser Rendersbyian

Prosser’s video also deep-dives into possible color options and materials, which feels a little speculative at this point but it’s literally the only information we’ve got. He claims the images he saw were of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, so it isn’t immediately clear which other variants Apple aims at releasing and if there’s an iPhone 14 Mini too. Prosser also speculates that the phone will finally do away with the aluminum chassis and offer a new titanium variant which sounds incredibly interesting. The removal of the camera bump ties in with yet another online rumor from Ming-Chi Kuo that the iPhone 14 will be portless, which would mean the smartphone would need to rely solely on wireless communication and wireless charging, putting the phone’s MagSafe feature front and center. A flatter back panel (sans the camera bump) would go a great distance in helping the phone rest on flat chargers and wireless communication devices too. However, it’s too soon to really get into the details of a smartphone that isn’t due for approximately another 13 months. That being said, all we can really hope and pray for is that we get past the massive chip shortage we’re currently facing, so the next iPhone launch is nothing but smooth sailing!

Image Credits: Jon Prosser and Ian Zelbo (FRONT PAGE TECH)

Apple iPhone 14 Jon Prosser Rendersbyian

Apple iPhone 14 Jon Prosser Rendersbyian

Apple iPhone 14 Jon Prosser Rendersbyian

Apple iPhone 14 Jon Prosser Rendersbyian

Apple iPhone 14 Jon Prosser Rendersbyian

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This titanium katana with a chainsaw blade is exactly the kind of bonkers idea Quentin Tarantino would have

Put this chainsaw katana in the hands of Uma Thurman and the Kill Bill franchise would get cut down to just a 10-minute short film.

Seriously though, a katana with a chainsaw built into the edge of its blade sounds a little like overkill… although it’s purely for aesthetic purposes. Designed and built by Koss Workshop, the Titanium Chainsaw Katana is a purely decorative piece, designed to be hung on walls and admired for its craftsmanship and (slightly sadistic) beauty rather than used as a handheld WMD.

The video at the top of the article documents Koss’ entire process as he builds this justifiably bonkers sword from scratch (with timestamps generously factored in too). The katana’s blade comes from three sheets of metal sandwiched together – two 3mm titanium sheets on the outside, and a brass sheet in the middle. Koss then affixes a chainsaw chain on the cutting edge of the blade, drilling holes in the titanium and riveting the entire setup in place. I doubt the chainsaw actually cuts anything (you’d need to swing the sword at whiplash-inducing speeds to actually slice through stuff), although it does the one job it’s meant to pretty well – look intimidating.

The rest of the sword’s made from metal too, including the guard and grip. The grip comes with exposed screws that hold the tang of the blade within the handle, adding to its raw aesthetic. I’m guessing you could unscrew it for maintenance purposes too.

Once fabricated, Koss put up this batshit-crazy sword up for sale on his Etsy page, where it was promptly picked up by an eager customer – probably a Tarantino fan… and now a person of interest on FBI’s watchlist.

Designer: Koss Workshop

The KRMA EVO Pen is made from the same grade 5 Titanium used inside airplane engines

They say the pen is mightier than the sword… if it’s made from titanium it probably is quite literally too! Meet the KRMA EVO, a pen crafted from solid Grade 5 Titanium – the same kind used in high-performance airplane engines. Designed to be incredibly lightweight for its size – weighing just 25 grams (.9 ounces) with the refill) – the KRMA EVO is incredibly resilient too, and can last practically forever.

The KRMA EVO features a two-piece design machined to perfection with incredibly tight tolerances. The two halves twist along their common axis to reveal or conceal the pen’s nib, eliminating the need for a cap. There’s a pocket clip built-in, making the KRMA EVO easy to carry around as EDC. The pen fits a variety of refills on the inside, working with Schmidt Easy Flow 9000s, Space Pen Refills, as well as any of Parker’s refills. Just slip your favorite refill in and you’ve got yourself an invincible pen for your invincible thoughts! The pen comes in a variety of finishes, including a polished, stone-tumbled, anodized black, PVD gun metal, and a pretty cool champagne variant too! The pen ships in October and is available on Kickstarter for a discounted price of $69. Grab it now, use it forever!

Designer: Red Launch Pad

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $100 (30% Off). Hurry, only 3 days left!

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $100 (30% Off). Hurry, only 3 days left!

The CORAZON is a high-end titanium crypto wallet that securely stores all your Dogecoin

Partnering with Trezor over the technology, luxury brand GRAY has recently unveiled the CORAZON, a hardware crypto wallet made from robust materials while boasting of an incredibly secure internal software that lets you store your cryptocoins offline in a practically impervious digital vault.

Named after the Spanish word for the heart, CORAZON comes almost in an abstract heart-shaped design machined from aerospace-grade 6Al4V titanium. The strategic partnership between GRAY and Trezor has allowed the product to rely on the expertise and experience of both companies. The wallet’s secure software is based on the Trezor Core Firmware of the Trezor Model T, while its components sit perfectly within a tamper-resistant outer-casing manufactured by GRAY.

The CORAZON puts the digital equivalent of Fort Knox in the palm of your hand. The CORAZON is your wallet, your security keychain, and your digital safe, with support for over a 1000 cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it also serves as a password manager for your digital accounts, and a U2F hardware token to aid in authentication requests, fulfilling the role of a hardware wallet as well as a hardware key for your digital accounts. A USB-C port on the wallet’s base allows you to connect it to a computer to have it serve as a hardware authenticator. The same USB-C port even lets you charge your CORAZON.

While being secure, Trezor’s technology is open-source and gets frequently audited by security researchers. According to CORAZON’s website, “Anybody can verify its integrity, look for vulnerabilities and suggest improvements.”

The hardware comes hermetically sealed within two robust CNC-machined titanium halves. The two halves of the wallet are first closed with a screw, before a resin is used to seal the joint. The resin is hardened with UV light, creating a device that can no longer be opened without compromising its physical integrity. The high-end materials and secure backend mean CORAZON comes with a pretty heavy price tag. The Titanium variant retails for $999, while a slightly cheaper Aluminum version of the same device costs $599. The CORAZON definitely isn’t for everyone. Although if you’re Elon Musk or one of those recent Dogecoin millionaires, you could easily grab yourself one of these without breaking a sweat.

Designers: GRAY and Trezor

This all-black titanium hammer is so magnetic, even Thor would be drawn to it!

While everyday household tools like hammers or pliers might not be expected to have a major design or functional shift from the ones that have been time tested for centuries, it’s time to think again. Can your average hammer have an aesthetic design shift with an added flair that draws you towards its magnetic form factor? Looks like, yes there is one hammer design that you’ll instantly want to make your prized possession. Even Thor would want to hold this hammer in his grasps!

The brainchild of Design by Holo, the matte-black Monolith 01 hammer comes milled from a single billet of solid titanium, and will last a lifetime while still maintaining its hypnotic minimal form. While most hammers have a rounded base, this one has a rectangular grip and the hammerhead to deliver maximum force down to the nail with minimum effort. It looks more like a cop’s baton rather than a hammer, so one can assume it can be doubled as a baton too. After all, who won’t want to carry around this tool along at all times? It can even double as a self-defense instrument for desperate times!

The stability and ergonomics of the Monolith 01 Hammer are what make it shine among other hammer designs that are nothing extraordinary. The textured finish of the grip and the titanium finish of this hammer strikes the nail on the head when it comes to redefined aesthetics for a tool as simple as a hammer that’s not seen much of a functional boost since it has been delivering what’s required of it for ages!

Designer: Design by Holo