Coffee Stains on the Floor? This Robot Vacuum’s Hot Water Mopping Feature is the Ultimate Stain-Buster

Remember a time not too long ago when robot vacuums were clunky and clumsy? They fell off stairs, got trapped on carpets, and were notorious for dragging pet poo around your floor (no joke, Google it at your own risk!) It’s certainly been a while since that odd period where tech and intention didn’t line up. A robot vacuum’s intention is to effectively clean your floor, and now the technology’s gotten remarkably better at fulfilling that intention. Meet the DEEBOT T20 OMNI from ECOVACS – a robot vacuum that doesn’t just sweep and mop. It knows which areas to mop and which areas to leave untouched, which areas need deeper cleaning, and once it’s done getting stains out of your floor, it even cleans itself with 131°F hot water after, washing those stains off its mop-head. The DEEBOT T20 OMNI is so advanced, you can leave it unsupervised, and it’ll handle cleaning your entire house on its own, while conveniently avoiding obstacles, and no-go zones.

Designer: ECOVACS Design

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At first glance, the DEEBOT T20 OMNI looks like your regular robot vacuum, but under its hood lies some seriously impressive tech. While most robot vacuums can sweep, suck, and mop, the T20 OMNI does so with expertise. It scrubs stains off the floor with its powerful mop, while sucking in dirt and debris thanks to a 6000 Pa vacuum. When it reaches a carpet, the mop automatically lifts upwards, so the wet mop-head doesn’t stain your carpet. The T20 OMNI tackles hard stains, scrubs corners, and even handles multiple floor types, thanks to features within its app.

Bringing the Heat to the Cleaning Game – New hot water mop washing dissolves dirt and oil with 131°F water, cleaning mopping pads more effectively and keeping your floors spotless.

Next-level Cleaning Features – Has a suction power of 6000Pa which is more than 3x the strength of the most standard robot vacuums.

Auto-lift Mopping – When carpet is detected, the mop automatically lifts to vacuum carpet. keeping it clean and dry.

TrueDetect 3D 3.0 and True Mapping 2.0 – TrueMapping technology offers more than 2x the coverage and 4x the precision of standard LIDAR for the most thorough and efficient clean.

Its built-in advanced TrueDetect 3D 3.0 and True Mapping 2.0 technologies allow it to scan your surroundings and detect objects at the millimeter level. It doesn’t just detect and avoid your shoes, it’ll avoid the shoelaces too. Moreover, if it detects an obstacle that needs overcoming, like a threshold, it’ll do so comfortably. The app gives you control over how the vacuum works, allowing you to dictate whether you need vacuuming, mopping, or a combination of both. The T20 OMNI can scan and save layouts of multiple floors within the same home, navigating your spaces with intuition and ease, while avoiding unsafe or no-go areas that you outline on a map. In short, you can have it avoid your home office while you’re working, or the fireplace because it’s just inherently risky.

What sets the DEEBOT T20 OMNI apart, however, is what happens AFTER it’s done cleaning your home. Once the T20 OMNI finishes its cycle, it heads back to its docking station, where it begins cleaning itself. The powerful OMNI all-in-one station doesn’t just charge your robot vacuum, it cleans it too. It empties the dust bag, uses 131°F heated water to wash stains and oil marks off the mop head, and then dries the mop head before drying the station too, leaving your vacuum and home absolutely spotless. This process needs no human supervision or intervention, because who likes cleaning up AFTER their robot vacuum?

The DEEBOT T20 OMNI comes with a remarkable 260 minute run-time, and the ability to automatically head to its station if it ever runs low on charge. It connects to your home WiFi to support communication with the native app, and has its own built-in YIKO AI voice assistant can respond to vocal commands as well as support integration with rest of your smart home using Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri Shortcuts, letting you set routines so the robot takes care of the house-work without you needing to even lift a finger!

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ECOVACS DEEBOT T20 OMNI robot vacuum’s advanced mopping tech cleans floors, protects carpets

Robot vacuum cleaners have come a long way since the very first Roombas rolled on the floors of a few lucky homeowners. Although their basic round designs haven’t changed much, their capabilities have grown significantly in recent years. It’s almost rare for decent robot vacuum cleaners or RVCs not to have some self-emptying function these days, and some even advertise mopping capabilities. But while these RVCs claim to be able to both suck up and mop away dirt, most are just good at one or the other. There’s a lot left to be desired when it comes to mopping efficiency, and that’s where ECOVACS’ new DEEBOT T20 OMNI comes in, raising the bar for mopping performance while making sure that your precious carpets remain safe and dry all the time.

Designer: ECOVACS Design

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Robot vacuums that can also mop are pretty convenient because you don’t have to buy two separate devices to keep your floors clean. That said, a lot of floors aren’t just made of hard surfaces like tiles, wood, or vinyl, and some homes use carpets in a few areas, and it would be disastrous for these robots to roll over those with wet mops. Most vacuum cleaners simply avoid these areas if you have the mopping function turned on, requiring you to do double the work by going over carpeted areas without mop heads attached.

The ECOVACS DEEBOT T20 OMNI’s solution is smarter and more efficient. It simply lifts the mop plates as high as 9mm when transitioning from hard floor to soft carpeting, a height that no other robot vacuum has so far reached, while simultaneously increasing the suction power to make sure it gets all the dirt buried deep in the fuzzy material. This LiftUp OZMO Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping System ensures that your carpet is safe and dry while giving it a thorough cleaning.

The DEEBOT T20 OMNI’s mopping upgrades don’t stop there. Its self-washing function cleans those rotating mop heads with hot water set to 131°F in order to more effectively remove not only dirt but also stubborn oil and grease. It then uses hot air to dry the mop, eliminating bacteria and odors and making sure that it’s ready for the next round of cleaning.

In addition to smart and powerful vacuuming and mopping, ECOVACS also put the smartest brains and eyes inside the DEEBOT T20 OMNI. TrueMapping 2.0 uses the same LIDAR technology seen in self-driving cars to create a more accurate map of your floor, while TrueDetect 3D 2.0 avoids objects and obstacles like toys, keys, wires, and, of course, kids and pets. You can easily control the robot vacuum with your voice, thanks to ECOVACS’ YIKO AI, and you can even integrate it with the rest of your smart home using Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri Shortcuts. With its superior suction power, upgraded mopping functions, and intelligent navigation, the ECOVACS DEEBOT T20 OMNI promises a cleaner house, peace of mind, and more time to spend on the more important things in life.

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Dyson’s most powerful robot vacuum has six times better suction to deep clean across all floor types

After lackluster response for the Dyson 360 Eye robovac in the US market, Dyson is back with an improved version that’s better suited for American homes. This comes after seven years of development and it also purifies the indoor air, which is a good perk.

The robotic vacuum cleaner launched initially in Australia will land in the US later this year for roughly $1,600. Dubbed 360 Vis Nav, the home appliance gets its name from the intelligent 360-degree vision system that’s aided by the next-generation processor.

Designer: Dyson

The UK company claims the robovac has six times the suction power when stacked against a previous Dyson vacuum cleaner. On the hind side, however, it lacks elusive features, self-emptying for instance. With this level of suction, the 360 Vis Nav ensures a thorough cleaning, leaving no dirt or debris behind.

Powered by a motor delivering blistering speeds, the 360 Vis Nav is significantly faster at an impressive 110,000 RPM, which is well above the 78,000 RPM its predecessor clocked. Further, Dyson takes versatility to a new level with the 360 Vis Nav, wherein it introduces the triple-action brush bar, which allows the robovac to adapt its cleaning approach according to different surfaces.

This intelligent design permits soft nylon bristles for hard floors, nylon bristles for carpets, and carbon fiber filaments for finer dust. Interestingly, the new Dyson robot vacuum cleaner comes with LEDs surrounding its lens that help improve its visibility to spot landmarks in dark areas. It ensures the dust can hide from this astute cleaner!

Alongside venturing under chairs and around furniture with ease, the 360 Vis Nav is also equipped with 26 sensors, allowing the intelligent robot vacuum to detect and navigates seamlessly around objects. With a runtime of 50 minutes, the 360 Vis Nav offers a quick cleaning session before automatically returning to its dock for recharging and returning back (after recharge) to start from where it left.

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10 Best Home Cleaning Appliances That Saves You Time and Sanity

Let’s face it. No matter how we sugarcoat or gamify it, household chores won’t always be fun and exciting. The very word itself has become synonymous with “burdensome,” and there will always be aspects of the task that will always be unpleasant. Unfortunately, these are also tasks that are critical to living a comfortable and healthy life, such as doing the laundry or cleaning up after pets. Since there’s no way to avoid doing them, the best solution would be to complete these chores in the easiest and fastest way possible without compromising on efficiency and safety. Fortunately, we’re at a point in history where technology and design have given us so many products to assist in household work, perhaps even too many to choose from. To help narrow down those choices, here are Yanko Design’s Top 10 home appliances that let you breeze through those chores so that you can spend your time on things that matter the most.

1. OSOTEK HotWave Mop Vacuum

vacuum gif

Robot vacuums might be good for regular maintenance of floors, but they might not cut it for heavier workloads and more stubborn dirt. That doesn’t mean you have to fall back onto less efficient and harder-to-use appliances, especially when there are smarter alternatives available. This one, for example, might look like a typical upright vacuum cleaner, but its innovative use of hot water to mop floors easily sets it apart from the crowd.

The OSOTEK HotWave’s built-in water heater makes sure that you’ll be able to get out those pesky stains, something that robot mops still can’t get right these days. Its intelligent suction power automatically adjusts how much suction you need depending on how much dirt its infrared sensor detects. And with its self-cleaning and self-drying features, all you really need to do is to take the OSOTEK HotWave from its base, walk around with it like a regular vacuum, and return it to its base so that it will be clean and dry for your next use. No dirt, no stains, no sweat.

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2. PUPSULE Portable Poop Scooper

When parents tell kids that a pet is a big responsibility, they’re probably referring to more than just feeding them and giving them baths. Cleaning up after our furry friends, especially when they’ve “done their thing,” can be the least enjoyable part of having a pet. That’s especially true when dogs leave their traces outdoors, much to the annoyance of other people and the embarrassment of their owners. Fortunately, you don’t need to get down and dirty anymore just to pick up after your canine pal, thanks to PUPSULE.

It may look like some prop from a kid’s sci-fi or secret spy show, but this leakproof mechanical arm is exactly what you need to safely and easily pick up your dog’s brown treasure. It almost feels like a game where you deftly pull out a poop bag, drape it over PUPSULE’s claw, and use the plunger to get the job done with the filled bag safely stowed inside the capsule, ready for dropping into a garbage bin. It’s a no-fuss, no-mess solution that will make walks with your dog a lot less stressful.

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3. ECOVACS DEEBOT Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Even before the present smart home wave, there was already a small number of robots rolling around some houses. Robot vacuum cleaners have been around for years now, and although they haven’t exactly changed their basic circular design, they have definitely become smarter and more sophisticated, offering features and perks that help take our minds off the dirt and stains on our floors. There is, in fact, a dizzying number of choices now available in the market, and ECOVACS ROBOTICS has one for every need and budget.

Those just getting their feet wet to keep their floors dry won’t go wrong with DEEBOT N10 PLUS, an entry-level option that offers a solid set of features, including laser-based navigation as well smart mopping. The DEEBOT T9+ takes cleaning to the next level with TruDetect 3D 2.0, which can avoid the objects that kids and pets tend to leave lying around. It even has a built-in air freshener to make sure that the room smells good while the floor stays clean. Right at the top stands the DEEBOT T10 OMNI, offering self-cleaning mop pads and voice control, ensuring that you’ll never have to stoop down just to keep your floors spic and span.

Click Here to Buy Now: $499.99 $649.99 ($150 off).

4. LARQ Purifying Pitcher

Keeping your house clean is important for hygienic living, but drinking clean water is even more critical to a healthy life. There are plenty of water purifying devices and products in the market, ranging from pitchers with filters to full-blown machines, but many of them ironically end up polluting the rest of the planet’s waters in the long run, directly or indirectly.

LARQ is a more sustainable solution to keeping both our bodies and our planet healthy. Using innovative carbon-derived, plant-based filters, this purifying pitcher not manages to clean water from pollutants but also makes water taste crisp and pure. Whether it’s for drinking plain water or making better-tasting smoothies, this sustainable water filtering pitcher quickly delivers pure and crisp water that will help sustain you for your next round of chores.

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5. AirTulip Sleep Air Purifying Smart Headboard

After all those chores, sleep is a most welcomed respite where we finally let our tired bodies rest. But even our seemingly peaceful bedrooms can be home to invisible things that still need to be cleaned out. In fact, we’re pretty much defenseless from these harmful substances when we’re asleep, so we have to rely on external help to clean up the air around our beds. That’s the kind of peaceful slumber that the AirTulip Sleep smart headboard is aiming for, and it does so in a rather unusual and creative way.

Unlike your typical air purifiers, the AirTulip Sleep integrates a medical-grade laminar flow purifier into a stylish headboard that you can match with any bed or linen design. Its unique technology practically creates a purified air bubble around you that doesn’t mix with other air in the room, effectively keeping contaminants away. As a bonus, the headboard integrates features like wireless charging, ambient light, reading lamps, and power outlets, making sure you can get the most out of your time in bed, whether asleep or just chilling out.

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6. Dayoo Kitchen Steam Cleaner

It isn’t just cleaning up after pets that is a chore. Cleaning up after humans, including ourselves, can be just as stressful. Of the many places in the house that requires the most cleaning, the kitchen is probably one of the highest. Never mind the pots and pans used for cooking, even just washing the plates and utensils we use every meal can be a tiring and wasteful activity. Of course, there are dishwashers nowadays, but these convenient machines turn out to be quite inefficient and ineffective at what it’s supposed to do.

It might look like an odd part of the kitchen, but Dayoo is an innovative alternative that combines the best of dishwashers and manual washing. Using a showerhead-like nozzle, it utilizes a high-pressure jet of steam to clean plates, bowls, pans, knives, and anything in between. Not only does it help save water, it also makes it easier to reach areas that neither dishwashers nor faucets can access, ensuring a thorough job of making your kitchenware clean and ready for their next use.

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7. Leo’s Loo Too Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Cat owners have a different problem when it comes to their friend’s regular discharges. While these furballs can be trained to do their thing in litter boxes, making sure that those remain clean and odor-free isn’t as easy as it sounds. That can be especially problematic with fussy felines, though that can now be a thing of the past thanks to Smarty Pear’s latest contraption, Leo’s Loo Too.

Looking more like a toy washing machine that almost functions like one, this smart litter box promises a hands-free and worry-free experience for humans and a comfortable and safe life for the cat. Not only does it automatically clean after the cat, it can also log your pet’s visits and weight so you can keep tabs on their health as well. It will even alert you when its waste bag is full, so you don’t have to constantly check the drawer for yourself. It’s the purrfect fix for feline fans.

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8. Gulp Washing Machine Filter

Along with washing the dishes, doing the laundry is one of the inevitable chores that almost everyone experiences. Thankfully, there is also an abundance of technologies that make life easier for humans, though they sadly come at the expense of our planet’s own life. Very few realize that the dirty water that comes out of even the smartest washing machine has tiny particles that end up polluting the Earth’s waters. Cleaning our dirty laundry shouldn’t have to mean keeping our planet dirty, and that is what this simple, sustainable solution is delivering.

Gulp is a small machine that attaches to the wastewater output of any kind of washing machine, filtering the microplastics that our clothes shed during the washing process. Since it drains the excess water on its own, you don’t have to do anything afterward except empty the filter cup of the dried microfibers. Even better, Gulp’s creators will accept this captured material for research and recycling, ensuring that they won’t touch our planet’s waters ever again.

Click Here to Buy Now: $247 $310 (20% off).

9. Narwal T10 2-in-1 Robot Cleaner

Almost like our furniture, not everyone will be happy with a single robot vacuum cleaner design. Indeed, there might be too many options available, and they can vary greatly in terms of features and core functions. Of course, most advertise vacuuming as the main purpose, which is what the majority of people look for anyway. As if to turn that idea on its head, the Narwal T10 seems to make sucking up dirt its second-best feature only, putting most of its focus on mopping your floor clean.

Make no mistake, it’s still a good vacuum cleaner, but the Narwal T10 really shines when it comes to mopping the floor and then cleaning those mop heads without getting your hands dirty. Its LIDAR-based navigation makes sure it knows exactly where to go, or at least where you allow it to go in each room. Its “squircle” design also makes it stand out visually, driving home the image of being different from your typical large robot pucks.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1049 (Sign up to get $100 off).

10. Heisenberg LawnMeister Robot Lawnmower

Robot vacuum cleaners might be smart and useful, but their utility ends at your doors. When it comes to keeping lawns trimmed and clean, most have to settle for less efficient and less effective tools. Some smart lawnmowers, for example, aren’t smart enough to really know where to go, and you often end up having to set up ugly wire fences to keep them from going astray.

The LawnMeister robot lawnmower practically brings all the brains and technologies enjoyed by robot vacs from indoors to outdoors, allowing this roving grass cutter to know where they should and shouldn’t go, avoid obstacles and furry critters, and even spray fertilizer where it’s needed. Neighborhood kids might be bummed out at having less employment, but your lawn will definitely appreciate the smarter attention you can now give it without even lifting a finger.

Click Here to Buy Now: $999 $2499 (60% off).

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New smart robot vacuums free up your time for the more important things in life

Even outside of the work we do to earn a living, work at home has been a part of human life. While there could be arguments about how doing chores can help build discipline and character, it’s also hard to deny that our time can sometimes be used for more meaningful activities, such as spending it with loved ones and friends. Thankfully, there are chores that can be automated, especially with today’s technologies available at our disposal. Cleaning the floor, for example, no longer needs to involve hours of grueling and unsafe work when robot vacuums can simply roll over that space, sometimes even when no one’s around. Of course, people have different needs and different budgets, so there’s no one size that fits all. Fortunately, ECOVACS is expanding its selection of helpful robots for the home, offering newer and smarter vacuums that fit not only your needs but also your lifestyle.


Not everyone is ready to jump head-first into robot vacuums, and those that are interested might have their budgets a bit constrained. At the same time, not everyone might have a need for all the bells and whistles of a highly advanced and expensive machine. It’s for these people that the new DEEBOT N10 PLUS was made for, offering an accessible robot vacuum that doesn’t skimp on the essentials. TrueMapping 2.0 technology, for example, uses dToF (Direct Time-of-Flight) laser-based navigation similar to those employed by self-driving cars in order to map out your floor’s layout in just seconds. OZMO Mopping takes care of grime on the floor but also smartly avoids carpets to avoid contamination. The DEEBOT N10 Plus is also smart enough to empty its own bin into the 2.5L hypoallergenic dust bag in its station that’s large enough to hold months of dirt before you have to manually take it out.

For families with kids or adults that tend to leave things lying around on the floor, the DEEBOT T9+ brings even more smarts to navigate those tricky obstacles. In addition to TrueMapping 2.0, TrueDetect 3D 2.0 will make the robot vac avoid “unvacuumables” such as toys or even keys. Mopping functionality also gets an upgrade with OZMO Mopping Pro, adding options for quick scrubbing or deep scrubbing, keeping your floors not only clean but also shiny. To top it all off, the DEEBOT T9+ also features a built-in air freshener that spreads a delicate fragrance as it works around the house.

And then there are people who do need the best that money can buy to keep their floors clean and their lives peaceful. The DEEBOT T10 OMNI brings that convenience to the max, combining all the features above in a single smart robot. The OZMO Turbo 2.0 mopping system, for example, adds dual spinning brushes to remove stubborn stains on the floor more effectively. The larger All-in-One OMNI Station also features dual four-liter tanks that clean the mop pads with cool water before drying them with hot air. And while most robot vacuums integrate with some smart home assistant, the DEEBOT T10 OMNI brings its own YIKO AI that puts the machine at your literal beck and call.

The DEEBOT N10 Plus retails for $650, while the DEEBOT T9+ goes for $800. The powerful DEEBOT T10 OMNI will carry a matching price tag of $1,300 for all the technologies and features it crams inside. With these new smart robot vacuum cleaners, you get to spend more time with your family or with yourself and let a machine do a more effective job of keeping your house clean.

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OKP K3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner are up to 78 percent off in Amazon sale

Are you tired of spending hours vacuuming your home every week? Do you wish there was an easier way to keep your floors clean? Look no further than the OKP K3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, now available on Amazon. This powerful and intelligent robot vacuum cleaner is designed to clean your floors with minimal effort on your part. With its advanced sensors, the OKP K3 can navigate around your home and avoid obstacles such as furniture and stairs, while its powerful suction and brush system ensure a thorough clean every time. The OKP K3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is also equipped with…

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This robot vacuum concept finally gives the cleaning machine a much-needed facelift

Long before “smart home” was even a thing, the first intelligent machine that invaded our homes were the rolling cans that some people still mistakenly call “Roombas” today. Robotic vacuums today are a dime a dozen, and some have even outgrown their singular purpose of sucking up dirt, including some mopping functionality. Some have even started to clean up after themselves, either by depositing their dirt into their charging docks or even washing their mops so you won’t have to get your hands dirty. Despite all these upgrades, the appearance of robotic vacuums has remained mostly the same, which can perhaps be summarized as functional yet uninspired. Thankfully, you don’t need to overhaul the vacuum cleaner’s design, and all it needs is a few tweaks to make the robot look more at home among the rest of your well-designed furniture and appliances.

Designer: WAIA

Although there are some that are more square in shape, most robotic vacuums are like large circular pucks or extremely short cans. The shape wasn’t chosen on a whim and is the most efficient way for the robot to move around and navigate turns and corners without bumping into other things. Unfortunately, almost all these machines follow the same cookie-cutter design, so it’s almost impossible to identify different brands or even different models from the same brand at a glance. It’s almost as if the industry has run out of ideas, which is hopefully not the case.


Swee is an attempt to give the robotic vacuum a bit of an upgrade both in terms of design as well as functionality. It retains the round shape of most of its kind, but its sides taper just a little bit towards the top to give it a more interesting profile. There are also grilles around the top edge which may or may not serve any purpose but do make that area look more active. The robot’s eyes are moved to the front, where they make more sense, removing the need for the typical disc jutting out from the vacuum’s top.

In terms of features, Swee adds another suction piece right at the front to suck up dirt in corners that it would normally be unable to reach. Removing the robot’s dust bin has also been simplified. Instead of having to turn the machine over to get access to that container, one can simply push and twist the vacuum’s top to release the container. Swee also has mopping functions, and its revised design supposedly allows it to have a larger water tank as well.

The concept doesn’t really make radical changes to the conventional design of robotic vacuums, but it still has enough modifications that make the device look more pleasing and, at least in theory, work better as well. For now, though, it seems that we’re really stuck with circular forms for these rolling and sucking machines, at least until we get smarter and more agile robots that can get to nooks and crannies that even humans find difficult to reach.

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Yeedi Vac Station Review: Keeping Your Hands Clean


  • Powerful 3,000Pa vacuum makes short work of most floor types

  • Self-emptying dust bin reduces risks of exposure to dust and bacteria

  • Easy-to-use app with scheduling functionality


  • Average mopping performance

  • App can only store one map

  • Loud self-emptying vacuum




Hands-free vacuuming doesn't get easier than the Yeedi Vac Station, but you'll have to consider if its mopping feature is worth the hassle.

Houses today are filled with Internet-connected devices that aim to make life easier and more convenient, but we often still find ourselves toiling over the things that should actually be prioritized over phone-controlled lights. Cleaning the house, for example, is literally a chore that few like to do but is critical to healthy living, and they are, therefore, perfect for the kind of automation that today’s technologies can offer. To be fair, robot vacuums have been around far longer than most “smart” home appliances, but most of them still require the owner to do more work than necessary. Fortunately, there is now a new breed of vacuum cleaners that are trying to fix those flaws little by little, and the self-emptying Yeedi Vac Station is one such example. But does it work as advertised, or does it end up making you work even more? We make the Vac Station go around the house for a few turns to give you that answer.

Designer: Yeedi


The design of robot vacuum cleaners is a bit of an irony. On the one hand, they do try their best to look appealing and attractive so that they don’t mar the beauty of your home’s ambiance. On the other hand, they themselves also become magnets to the very dirt and dust they try to clean, which could end up achieving the opposite aesthetic.

The Yeedi Vac Station is, unfortunately, an example of such a dichotomy. Make no mistake, its predominantly white body with a few black parts and accents give it a minimalist vibe that will fit any theme you might have going in a room. Of course, everyone knows that white can easily get dirty, especially for tools that are constantly exposed to dirt, dust, and similar elements. All black vacs do exist, though those only mask the grime while also highlighting the dust. Alas, we still have to wait for a dirt-resistant, self-cleaning material of the future that these vacuum cleaners could use to keep themselves hygienic on the outside as well.

The design of the vacuum cleaner itself is pretty average for its kind. Its circular body allows it to move around easily and navigate corners and edges. It is shorter than most vacuums, which makes it easier for the cleaner to go under beds and sofas. Its top is almost bereft of any detail except for the motion-sensing camera, the power button, and the company’s logo. The bottom, on the other hand, is where all the action is, with three wheels, the spinning side brush, the main brush that actually picks up the dirt, and the removable mopping pad attached to a plate. Beneath this plate is the 240ml water tank that enables the vacuum’s mopping function.

While the robot vacuum is low and discreet, the Vac Station itself is the opposite. It is 430mm/16.9in tall and is an attention-grabber anywhere you put it in a room. You’ll definitely have to allocate enough space for it and the robot to maneuver in and out of the dock, so that is a consideration you’ll have to make before investing in such a tool. The large station, however, is reasonable considering it holds a 1.5L dust bin inside plus the machinery to suck up the dirt from the vacuum bin to the larger storage.


The idea of a self-emptying robot vacuum cleaner is to minimize the times you’ll have to touch the machine, reducing the risk of coming into contact with harmful substances. In reality, you’ll still have to make contact with the vacuum cleaner to maintain it or refill the water in its tank. We’re still far from that 100% hands-free ideal, but the Yeedi Vac Station takes a few important steps in that direction.

Aside from the initial setup, you really won’t be touching the vacuum’s innards that much, at least as far as the dustbin goes. This simplifies its operation significantly and makes it a little more hygienic. You only need to take out the large dustbin at least every month on average, so you don’t even have to think about it for a long time. When that time comes, you only need to lift up the dock’s lid and take out the sealed dust bag to take it out to the trash. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

The same can’t be said of the mopping function, though. The mopping pad itself has to be washed manually, and you’ll need to also refill the 240ml water tank on your own. The vacuum isn’t too heavy to do all these, but it can be quite a hassle and sort of takes away the convenience of not having to mind the machine for a month. You could do that if you only rarely mop, but you’ll have to remember that moist and wet surfaces can house other kinds of harmful materials, especially when left untouched for long periods of time.

The docking station itself is quite heavy and doesn’t have handles for carrying it around. The design, along with software limitations, seems to be intended for single-floor use only. You’ll also have to decide early on where to place it and keep it there almost permanently unless you don’t mind the difficulty of carrying it to another spot. Yeedi recommends leaving plenty of room around the vacuum cleaner, which is a luxury not many homeowners can afford. In practice, however, it’s perfectly fine to leave it in nooks and crannies as long as there’s enough room for the robot to move to and from the dock.


The Yeedi Vac Station has a maximum sucking power of 3,000Pa, which is definitely plenty for most floor types. It even has a boost mode for carpets, though it’s not really enough for deeper rugs where dirt just gets too embedded to remove. At this max+ level, the vacuum isn’t that noisy, but the sound is definitely audible. The standard 600Pa, however, might have too little power for a good clean, so you’ll probably want it to use the 1,500Pa “max” on average. Fortunately, the robot is smart enough to use the appropriate level on the right floor material, but you have to be smart enough to make sure not to schedule it to move in the middle of the night.

The Vac Station’s dock empties the robot’s small bin by sucking it out, which, as you might expect, also creates some noise. A lot of noise, in fact, to the point of being disturbing. This is definitely something you won’t want to happen while you’re sleeping, and the app, fortunately, lets you easily schedule those at your convenience. Setting up the app is trivial and only requires connecting to your home Wi-Fi. The robot, which uses V-SLAM (Vision-based Simultaneous Localization And Mapping), will automatically map out the floor and its rooms during its first few runs. While it is able to accurately identify and color-code rooms, it unfortunately only has space for one map. If you ever want to use it on another floor and then return it to its original spot, you’ll have to do the setup all over again each time.

An initial charge of the Yeedi Vac Station requires at most eight hours, but your actual time will vary depending on the battery level. On average, charging it from zero to full just takes around six hours, which seems to be on point. Yeedi advertises around 200 minutes of operation time on a full charge, but that naturally depends on the suction level you’re using and your total floor area. The robot is smart enough to know when it’s time to go back home, of course, but you’ll have to make sure that it actually starts its route from the docking station every time.

The vacuum works best on hard floors, where it can suck up dirt and small objects with aplomb. It can do heavy carpets and rugs, though you might find smaller floor mats pushed around rather than driven over. Its intelligence and vision are pretty accurate, so you won’t have to worry about it falling to its death. It’s not perfect, mind you, and it will get some odd corners and edges wrong. That’s the unfortunate drawback of V-SLAM compared to a more accurate but more expensive LIDAR technology.

While the Vac Station’s vacuuming performance is more than decent, its mopping function is unfortunately average and almost feels simply tacked on. The mopping pad is just as effective as wiping the floor with a damp piece of cloth rather than actually mopping it. There is barely any force exerted, so there’s no way to really clean up stains and sticky substances. It does fine if you’re only expecting light mopping, but you’ll have to remember to do the hard work later on. One thing to note is that if the vacuum passes over carpets on the way back to its station, you might end up with damp spots because of that mopping pad. There’s also a chance that the charging connectors beneath the vacuum won’t make contact with the dock because the water tank makes the robot too heavy on one side. Fortunately, mopping is always an optional feature that you can opt not to use if you don’t want to.


Despite being older than most smart appliances in the market, robot vacuums haven’t made little headway in improving their sustainability over that period of time. Many of them, including this Yeedi Vac Station, make use of plenty of plastics and materials that are harmful to the environment in the long run. Some even make use of chemicals that could prove poisonous to the land when disposed of irresponsibly. Although many have replaceable parts, the repairability of such devices isn’t exactly that high.

Yeedi scores a few points in this area, though. For one, it doesn’t require the use of such chemicals for its mopping and cleaning functions, so ordinary water will do. The replaceable dust bags aren’t made from plastic and only have to be thrown out after 30 days or so, reducing their waste potential. The mop is washable so you don’t have to replace it often either. Replacement parts are also readily available, prolonging the life of the product for as long as possible.


Robot vacuums are no longer alien in many households, and they are a dime a dozen in many stores around the world. Most of these, however, offer the same basic functions that it’s hard to really tell them apart aside from their brand names. In practice, those might not even matter since they all perform similarly.

The Yeedi Vac Station is, of course, part of the new generation of robot vacuums that do more than just vacuum. In fact, it also does more than just vacuuming and mopping because it can practically clean itself until it’s time to take out the large dust bag inside the docking station. This significantly reduces its operation difficulty and minimizes the risk of contaminating homeowners. For a $359.99 smart home appliance, that sounds like a fair deal.

Unfortunately, there is also a new breed of robot vacuum cleaners that could have you reconsidering your decision to purchase the Vac Station. These machines focus more on the mopping function, not only performing better but even cleaning those mops without getting your hands dirty. Of course, they’re more expensive at this point as well, so you’ll have to really think hard about which is more important for your house’s upkeep. Fortunately, Yeedi offers both types of robots, so you won’t have to look elsewhere.


Smart home products are supposed to make modern life more convenient, safer, and more enjoyable. Some of them do, like smart cookware that takes the stress out of preparing delicious and healthy meals. Most of the marketed smart devices, however, seem to focus simply on appealing to the lazier side of human nature. What could be easier than having the lights turn on or off at the right time without even pushing a button? Unfortunately, not many hit on the real problem of living, like keeping the house safe, clean, and healthy.

Robot vacuum cleaners are just a part of that small section of smart homes, but they do an important job in relieving humans of chores that could actually get them sick, ironically. The Yeedi Vac Station does one better by removing the need to constantly take out the dirt from the vacuum’s bin and only removing the dust bag after a month. Unfortunately, it doesn’t save homeowners from getting their hands dirty and wet when it comes to maintaining the robot’s mopping function, which is sadly average and more work than it’s worth at times. If you’re in the market for an affordable and painless automated vacuum cleaner, the Yeedi Vac Station definitely fits the bill. If, on the other hand, you’re more interested in the mopping aspect, a more dedicated but more expensive Yeedi Mop Station might be a better long-term investment.

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This vacuum cleaner looks like it came from the future to save you from dust

Protecting your house from harmful microorganisms and viruses isn’t just a matter of installing air purifiers and UV sanitizers in rooms. Keeping areas clean is also an important part of that process, especially when it comes to dirt that’s hard to see or materials that would emit harmful substances. Vacuum cleaners are, of course, one of the most common weapons in the war against dirt and grime, whether they be on floors, in corners, or in other places we can’t reach easily. The design of vacuum cleaners has shifted every now and then, sometimes embracing trends like minimalism. This design concept, however, goes in a different direction and heaps a ton of details on the vacuum cleaner, creating an appliance that wouldn’t look out of place in the robot-filled home of the future.

Designer: Roman Riazantsev

There was a time when the design of vacuum cleaners, at least the big ones that stand vertically, was pretty much standard. Its shape with a wide flat head and a bulky bag hanging from its body has become so iconic that it’s easy to identify it when it shows up on TV or in movies. Of course, design never really stands still, and soon vacuum cleaners have also changed their forms over time. Another common design involves just a hose attached to a boxy machine on wheels. More modern styles just have a long stick attached to a large canister that you can hold like a gun.

This vertical vacuum cleaner concept seems to combine the old and the new in a design with a more futuristic flavor. You almost have the same silhouette as a traditional vacuum cleaner, with that wide head and a rather bulky middle body. Its modular and configurable parts, however, are modern touches, especially when it comes to the sleek and smooth surfaces that embody this appliance.

Parts of the vacuum cleaner are specifically designed to give it a more futuristic or sci-fi vibe. The head, for example, looks almost like the front of a spacecraft, especially with its three bright LED lights that might be of help when vacuuming darker areas under furniture. The transparent area of the actual vacuum machine and the white and black motif are also typical of many sci-fi props.


It’s also futuristic in terms of intended functionality, like how the main body detaches to become a handheld vacuum. You could almost say that this is a handheld vacuum cleaner with a vertical vacuum dock instead. Additionally, its rod can be folded back for more compact storage. Given the size of its body parts, it’s not exactly impossible to turn this into a robot vacuum cleaner, merrily going about its way to clean your floors and then quietly folding itself into an alcove after it finishes its chores.


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The world’s first 4-in-1 Mop Vacuum Cleaner uses hot water to efficiently deep-clean floors

Ask any household and they’ll tell you the secret to spanking clean floors. Simply sweeping/vacuuming your floors doesn’t get the job done, just the way simply wiping a plate after eating in it doesn’t make it clean. Like with your plate, your floors need to be washed too. I don’t mean turning your house into a slip-n-slide, I mean wet-mopping. Every Indian household has a two-step cleaning process – first, sweep the dust away, second, take a wet mop (often combined with a chemical cleaning agent) and wipe your house clean. The OSOTEK HotWave wants to bring that same two-step cleaning process to all houses. Designed to have a wet and dry mopping feature, OSOTEK is the world’s first 4-in-1 mop vacuum cleaner with a built-in water heater that efficiently wipes/mops and de-odorizes your floor in a way that’s just as effective as a floor disinfectant, yet without any of the chemicals.

Designer: OSOTEK Team

Click Here to Buy Now: $519 $949 ($430 off). Hurry, only 46/80 left!

The OSOTEK HotWave makes cleaning ‘intelligent’. It single handedly handles vacuuming, mopping, self-cleaning, and self-drying. All you really need to do is remove the OSOTEK HotWave from its dock and use it the way you’d use a standard vacuum cleaner. Once you’re done vacuuming and heated water-mopping, the smart dock takes over, restoring your OSOTEK HotWave to its cleanest state for the next time you need to use it. In a move comparable to ‘Who watches the Watchmen’, the OSOTEK HotWave actually cleans itself after each use, so you don’t have to.

The phrase ‘intelligent cleaning’ isn’t just some marketing catchphrase. The OSOTEK HotWave is quite literally a smart cookie. It comes equipped with an infrared sensor that can detect how dirty your floor is and adjust the suction power automatically in real-time. This, in effect, reduces your need to constantly run the vacuum over a spot to clean it. The variable suction power intensifies when the OSOTEK HotWave detects more dirt, and reduces when your floor is relatively dirt-free, saving you energy while also conserving battery.

The Osotek HotWave even has a built-in ‘superthermal’ heater that heats the water inside its tank up to temperatures of 197°F or 92°C for mopping. Designed to work equally well on marble, vitrified tiles, and on hardwood floors, the Osotek HotWave’s hot-water mopping feature works on spills, stains, grease, etc. to clean out even the toughest marks, leaving your floor more spotless than a conventional vacuum cleaner.

It comes with two water tanks – a 750ml tank for fresh water, and a 640ml tank for used water that gets sucked right back into the mop once it’s done cleaning your floor. What about solid waste? Well, the OSOTEK HotWave filters dust/dirt/debris and other solid matter out, storing it in a separate compartment for easier cleaning.

Based on how clean or dirty your space is, the OSOTEK HotWave offers 3 modes of use – the Turbo mode tackles heavy dirt such as grease and sauce in the kitchen; the Automatic mode is ideal for daily residue and stains cleaning in the living room; and the Water-absorbing (or suction) mode is calibrated to handle all dust and dirt around the house and water absorption in the bathroom. Once you’re done cleaning your space, the OSOTEK HotWave does a second round of cleaning… this time, however, it cleans itself. Designed to serve two important purposes, the OSOTEK HotWave’s self-cleaning and self-drying functions help maintain your mop so that you don’t have to, but more importantly, it prevents odors, molds, and bacteria formation caused by a dirty, wet mop-head (the OSOTEK HotWave uses hot 58°C air to quickly dry the mop head, preventing bacteria formation). In turn, once the OSOTEK HotWave self-dries, it can easily be used again to clean other parts of your house.

At the press of a button, the station uses hot water and a sterilizing heat bath to thoroughly sanitize the OSOTEK HotWave in its entirety after the vacuum is placed back in the base station.

The OSOTEK HotWave comes along with its own intelligent base station that handles pre-cleaning and post-cleaning tasks while also charging your OSOTEK HotWave mop. The base station comes with a 3000ml water reservoir that helps replenish and refill the tank in your OSOTEK HotWave up to 4 times over, helps with heating the water up, and even assists in the OSOTEK HotWave’s self-cleaning and self-drying activities.

Designed to be compact, efficient, and intuitive, the OSOTEK HotWave sports a 4000mAh battery that gives it 35 minutes of run-time. If and when the battery runs low, the cleaner uses voice prompts, telling you to recharge it. The OSOTEK HotWave comes with 9 built-in languages that power its voice prompts, and the cleaner gives you constant status updates on the OSOTEK HotWave’s functions, battery, temperature levels, and cleaning status. For good measure, it comes with an LED display too.

The OSOTEK HotWave is priced at a respectable $499, putting it in the same range as other vacuum cleaners (even the high-end ones from Dyson), although it sits in a class apart as the only 4-in-1 mop vacuum cleaner to have a built-in water heater as well as self-drying and self-cleaning capabilities. It comes with an ergonomic design and a long telescopic handle that’s easy to use and maneuver, along with an intelligent base station that not only charges/cleans/maintains your Osotek HotWave, but it also acts as a storage unit for extra accessories like new mop-heads. The OSOTEK HotWave is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, while simultaneously beginning mass production to roll the device out to backers.

Click Here to Buy Now: $519 $949 ($430 off). Hurry, only 46/80 left!

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