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3dSen Adds 3D Depth to Classic NES Games

Due to graphical limitations, video games from the Nintendo 8-bit era pretty much played out on a 2-dimensional plane. But now, you can play some of these classics in 3D, thanks to an application called 3dSen.

Currently available as an Early Access game on the Steam PC gaming store, the program doesn’t just emulate old NES games, it adds depth and shadows to their levels. Since these games have no idea that a third dimension existed, each game requires a custom-built profile to project its elements onto the Z-axis.

This approach has significant advantages over just simply turning pixels into voxels, but also means a whole lot more setup work for the developers working on the project at Geod Studio. Each game has a distinctive look to it, and you can even rotate the playing field so you can look at it from different angles. They’re also working on VR support for 3dSen, which immerses you in these 8-bit classics like never before.

You can watch some more nifty examples of 3D emulated NES titles below, the check out the full list of supported games. While the depth doesn’t necessarily add to the gameplay, it certainly brings games like Excitebike and Super Mario Bros. to life in a new way. Head over to Tructre1980’s YouTube channel for more footage, or sign up for Early Access on Steam now.

Inspired by the NES controller, 8BitDo’s wireless mouse is functional, nostalgic, and joyful!

Don’t knock the N30 mouse just because you’re used to those hyper-ergonomic mice your office provides you with. The N30 is a literal trip down memory lane, taking inspiration from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller. Designed as a juxtaposition between classic and modern, this mouse, created by Daniel Jansson for 8BitDo transforms a hallmark of console gaming into a neat, functional mouse that’s a sheer tactile joyride!

The mouse originated as a concept created by Janssen in 2009, only becoming a reality this year after 8BitDo really saw promise in it. The wireless mouse comes with clear-cut lines that you’d imagine wouldn’t be comfortable, but actually do feel familiar. It features classic NES controller-style red left and right-click buttons, resting on a black platform which is, in fact, a touch-sensitive scroller. To complete this whacky/adorable mouse’s design, Janssen incorporated a D-Pad on the side, that can be controlled via your thumb. The D-Pad provides an extra layer of functionality to the mouse, allowing you to perform PageUp, PageDown, Home, and End commands with a single click. The N30 mouse is compatible with both Windows and MacOS devices and provides up to 120 hours of use on a AA battery. How absolutely divine!

Designer: Daniel Jansson for 8BitDo

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