This analog radio concealed as a minimal ornament is proof that modern tech can be one with our home interiors!

This is currently an era of unstoppable and unparalleled technological advances! Almost every day we’re taken by surprise by innovative tech trends and ingenious product designs. At times, one can’t help but miss the old days, where life was simple and the products even simpler. In an ode to simple designs that occupy minimum space while providing top-notch functionality, Milan-based designers Fabio Verdelli, Manuel Frasson, and Alice dal Verme created ‘La Moderna’. As modern as its name may sound, La Moderna is in fact an analog radio hidden in the minimal form of an ornament.

The radio features ceramic and copper accents with four little narrow rods protruding from its main base, giving the impression of a unique and intriguing decorative ornament. But the rods have a more meaningful function than mere decorative purpose! The rods are a smart replacement for the traditional dials and knobs found in a radio. You can twist, fiddle around, and manipulate the rods to catch a radio frequency. We also believe you can use the rods to change the volume as well.

The radio is shaped like an elegant cube, with a speaker hidden beneath the main perforated base. All the other additional parts and features of a traditional radio have been eliminated from La Moderna, in turn creating a product with a “gentle aesthetic”, to prove that contemporary tech can indeed seamlessly and harmoniously merge with the interiors of our living space.“We do believe that in the future there’ll be no need to describe something as technological because more or less everything will have some kind of interactive attitude or smart skill,” explains the designers. “For this reason, it’s time to start and reconsider the design language of common items. The next generation of products will not require an evident declaration of technology. Our goal will be to try and render them as discreet as possible.”

La Moderna comes in two variations – one of them can be placed horizontally, to make the interface more visible and accessible when placed on a desk or any other flat surface. It is available in white and coral tones. La Moderna is a prime example of ‘hidden technology’, wherein the true functionality of a gadget is subtly concealed in a minimal and gentle aesthetic or design.

Designer: Fabio Verdelli, Manuel Frasson and Alice dal Verme

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Top 10 pet-friendly gadget designs that use tech to help you take the best care of your furry friends!

If you’re an obsessive pet owner like me, then you’re probably always thinking of ways to make your pet happy! Ensuring your pet feels safe, secure, and comfortable at home is every pet owner’s priority. We want to make sure they always feel loved and truly at home! It’s important to create an environment where they feel completely safe to let their guard down, while also managing to stay active and playful. Interactive tech designs are one way of keeping our pets busy, content, and jolly! Tech products for pets are a whole new ballgame these days. From IoT pet devices that use smart technology to let you interact with your pet while you’re away to AirTag collars that let you use Apple’s ‘Find My’ feature to keep track of your pets – these ingenious gadgets are all, you need to take the best care of your beloved pets!

1. The DogTag

Say hello to DogTag – a pet-collar tag designed by the fine folks at Studio Proper that houses an Apple AirTag within it. Designed to work with dogs as well as cats, the DogTag lets you easily keep track of your furry little friend when they’re scampering about outdoors or even playing hide-and-seek with you inside the house. Relying on Apple’s powerful ‘Find My’ network, the DogTag lets you be able to keep track of your pet no matter where they are. You can create no-go zones for them, knowing if and when they scale your fence and jump right into your neighbor’s prized flower-bed… and if they decide to play hooky right before bathing time, you can easily ‘ping’ the AirTag inside the collar to give up your furry little monster’s location, or use the Find Nearby feature to help guide you to them!

2. MeowMate

Designed by Joint Technology Co, MeowMate is the perfect companion for your cats when you’re away! The adorable little gadget basically follows your cat around all day (it simply replaces you), and helps you keep an eye on them! It features a 1080p ultra-clear video quality and HD voice intercom, allowing you to watch and hear your pet clearly and sharply. It also boasts real-time delay monitoring compensation to ensure a high synchronization between images and sounds. You simply have to download the MeowMate app on your smartphone, switch on the MeowMate device, and scan the QR code at the bottom of it, to connect it to the app on your phone. You can then control MeowMate on your smartphone, and move it about as you please. It allows you to remotely interact with your pets, and help stay connected with them.

3. Migo

Migo is short for ‘amigo,’ which means ‘friend’ in Spanish. Each component of Migo communicates and connects to one another via Bluetooth, which allows for remote interaction between dogs and their owners. The system’s main appeal is the collar since it comes equipped with a tracking system, temperature sensor, heart rate monitor, audio output, and an LED flashlight. Owners can also have all eyes on their dog at home through the camera unit that functions as a traditional surveillance camera. The camera even comes with a speaker so that owners can speak to their dogs whenever anxiety levels seem high.

4. The PETKIT Eversweet 2 pet water fountain

The PETKIT Eversweet 2 pet water fountain has been equipped with a circulation system that infuses more oxygen into your pet’s water for a fresher and better taste! It ensures that your beloved pets always have access to clean and fresh drinking water. Moreover, the pump automatically shuts off, when it detects that the water levels are depleting. It even has a window that lets you observe the water level, so you’re always informed about your pet’s water consumption. An LED light lets you know when it’s time to fill up the fountain with more water! It also keeps you updated about the dispenser’s working status.

5. The Link Smart Collar

Do you wish you could track your dog’s location in case of emergencies but don’t want to embed a tracker in his or her body? The Link smart collar offers an alternative, more pet-friendly solution with its removable GPS. However, the Link is for more than emergencies – it includes features that improve your pet’s health and quality of life every day. So, what does the Link do? The collar itself holds the GPS tracker and a LED light for visibility during night walks. Additionally, with the Link companion app, the product can log your dog’s physical fitness, vet records, and other stats related to his or her health. Basically, it’s a FitBit for your pet – keeping them happy, healthy, and safe.

6. The PetSafe 900-Yard Remote Trainer for Dogs

The PetSafe 900-Yard Remote Trainer for Dogs is perfect for those naughty little puppers and doggos who love to run out of sight! The trainer helps to call back your pet with three different kinds of stimulation – audible tone, vibration, or 15 levels of static. You have to simply attach the nylon collar to your pet, and use the remote to call them back, whenever they waver off! The remote has been amped with a backlit, large font display, and well-positioned buttons. In fact, you can even train two dogs with one remote!

7. The Ebo Catpal

The Ebo Catpal is a robot companion that serves as both a cat sitter and a favorite toy. It’s essentially a mobile security camera that can follow your pet through the house like a Roomba. Similar to a Roomba, the device has sensors to detect obstacles in the vicinity. It also will automatically return to its charging station when low on battery. The camera’s feed is accessible through a mobile app, similar to many home security systems. It also serves a second purpose … let’s be honest, what owner can resist snapping close-ups of their pet’s hijinks? For this reason, the Ebo’s camera records high-resolution footage, which you can save, edit, and post to social media. You can add cute stickers to an image, or even create gifs.

8. Puro

Puro is a multi-functional, autonomous robot that does…a lot. It implements three distinct modes: play, clean, and air purification. In ‘play’ mode, Puro tosses dog treats when your pet is left alone in order to help alleviate some of your dog’s anxiety. Once the treat is tossed and your pup is munching, Puro enters ‘clean’ mode and vacuums over any fallen crumbs. From there, Puro operates as an air purifier to neutralize odors and suck in loose hairs or strands of fur. One of the many features that come with Puro is the smart cleaning function. Similar to the smart robot vacuum, Puro meanders around your floor in order to collect dust, dirt, hairs, and fur, avoiding your pup and other household items along the way.

9. TrickyPaw

TrickyPaw is a smart hunting toy that’ll keep your cat busy and playful! It functions as the perfect companion to your pet, and helps your cat stay healthy, active, and happy by helping them engage in their true hunting nature. You can use the gadget’s companion app to control it in real-time! The toy has been amped with an intelligent automatic mode, as well as nine programmed escape routes for the prey. It even comes with nine different sound effects, that you can keep switching between! TrickyPaw also emits LED light patterns, for your cat to chase!

10. Mopet

Mopet is a pet-friendly e-scooter with an integrated storage compartment so small dogs can come along with you on rides in a secure crate. There aren’t many options for dog owners to get around cities with their little pup in tow. Resolving to pulling their dogs on leashes or stowing smaller pups inside bicycle baskets, the options are either inconvenient or unsafe. Providing a solution for dog owners to crate their dogs around with them, Mopet is an electric scooter design that integrates a spacious and secure storage compartment where owners can keep their dogs while they scoot around from place to place.

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Give your cat a companion with this adorable robot that follows them + keeps an eye on them!

Here’s a fact that all cat owners can completely attest to – our cats don’t really need us, in all honesty, we need them. I mean, where would I be, if I didn’t get to cuddle my two fluffy Persian cats almost ten times a day? Probably sulking away in some corner, completely unhappy and unfulfilled. Another thing I hate more than being unable to cuddle my kitties is leaving them home alone. Although cats are pretty self-sufficient and can take care of themselves (as long as they have their fair share of kibble and water), I still break out into stress hives just thinking of leaving my pets all by themselves! This is where MeowMate comes to the rescue! Designed by Joint Technology Co, MeowMate is the perfect companion for your cats when you’re away! The adorable little gadget basically follows your cat around all day (it simply replaces you), and helps you keep an eye on them!

It features a 1080p ultra-clear video quality and HD voice intercom, allowing you to watch and hear your pet clearly and sharply. It also boasts real-time delay monitoring compensation to ensure a high synchronization between images and sounds. You simply have to download the MeowMate app on your smartphone, switch on the MeowMate device, and scan the QR code at the bottom of it, to connect it to the app on your phone. You can then control MeowMate on your smartphone, and move it about as you please. It allows you to remotely interact with your pets, and help stay connected with them.

Amped with a built-in sensor, MeowMate can move around your home with ease, and sense and avoid any obstacles in its path. Its silicone side-wheels can never hurt your cat’s soft paws, and they also create almost no noise as the device moves. They provide more stability and support to the gadget as well. When MeowMate’s battery is low, it automatically recharges once it reaches the induction zone of the charging dock. Hence, you can move it towards the charging dock, and charge it, even if you aren’t physically present!

MeowMates’ ‘random mode’ enables the gadget to move freely, creating an interesting and playful interaction with your curious cat! The best part of MeowMate is that it keeps your agile cat busy! Its bionic structure makes it seem more approachable and encourages your cat to really interact with it while enabling you to keep one eye on your pet at all times. MeowMate is the ultimate boon for all cat lovers!

Designer: Joint Technology Co., Ltd.

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Relive your memories with this unique gadget that transforms your favorite pictures into scents!

The photo gallery of my iPhone is jampacked with pictures that go all the way back to 2013! These are the prized documented memories of some of the happiest days of my life – ranging right from my time in university to my current adulting days. Do I ever really get the time to go through them? Nope. Do I absolutely want to? YES. In an attempt to help us relive the photographic memorabilia in our smartphones, Yeongseok Go designed ‘transcent’. transcent is an abbreviation of “transform memory into scent”. And, it does exactly that! transcent helps you “meet the forgotten precious memories in the photo album”. It attempts to help you experience the long-forgotten feelings and emotions associated with these images via ‘synesthesia stimulation’.

transcent attempts to capture the essence of a picture in a particular scent. Wondering how? First and foremost, transcent converts the image into a single pixel. This single-pixel becomes the primary or main color of the image. This primary color represents the image, and it is then broken down into four colors. The two colors with a large percentage of CMYK (a subtractive color model) are selected, and adjusted appropriately to prevent excessive mixing of scents. These colors are then converted into scents. The scents that are attached to an image are based on the CMYK scale and paired with one of the four colors.

The four colors and their associated scents are – Sky Blue or Cyan which smells of cotton, a Magenta shade with a floral smell, a bright Yellow which smells of citrus, and the color Black which apparently smells woody. What transcent then does is display a particular image on its round digital screen, and emit the scent associated with the image. This instantly triggers a visual olfactory process in our minds!

Emotional phrases on the screen also help us to remember and relive those memories even more effectively, taking us on a wonderful trip down memory lane. The scents are emitted (almost like an air freshener) through vents located at the back of the screen.

A scent cartridge with vials of the different colors/scents is slipped into a slot at the rear of the device. The structure of the scent cartridge is similar to the structure of the cartridge used in a fountain pen.

The device itself features an aluminum frame, that helps it stand, and also enables it to be picked up and carried around. transcent is super portable! transcent is a creative and dynamic product that is truly one of a kind. It helps you relive the beautiful moments of your life with the help of images, texts, and scents! It quite literally hits you with a wave of nostalgia!

Designer: Yeongseok Go

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The Top 10 Apple accessories with exciting Black Friday deals to save big this holiday season!

Since its foundation in 1976, Apple has been always been at the peak of modern innovation! And let’s take a moment to appreciate all the awesome products and inspiration Apple has provided us with. The groundbreaking tech giant never fails to surprise us, we always find ourselves biting our nails and squirming with curiosity, whenever Apple announces a new product launch! Needless to say, we all have our favorite Apple products, and although they are pretty amazing as is, it’s always fun to amp them up further with some cool and innovative accessories. And what better day to purchase these accessories than Black Friday?! Our favorite brands have some mind-blowing Black Friday deals on our favorite Apple accessories! And, we’ve curated the best of the lot for you. Happy shopping!

1. Twelve South’s HoverBar Duo

More versatile than a stand or a tripod, the HoverBar Duo for the iPad and iPhone is better described by the things that it’s capable of… and it’s capable of quite a lot! Simply put, the HoverBar Duo holds your iPad or iPhone wherever you want it, and in any orientation you need. The multi-hinge arm is infinitely adjustable (sort of like the lamp on a dentist’s chair), and the choice between a flat-base and a clamp-base gives the HoverBar Duo the ability to be placed practically anywhere – on a table or a kitchen counter, or even suspended from a shelf or a rod. A universal clip allows the HoverBar Duo to hold onto a wide variety of devices, including older and later models of the iPad as well as all generations of the iPhone. Twelve South has an amazing Black Friday Deal on it! The HoverbarDuo was originally priced at $79.99, but you can now grab it for $59.99!

Click Here to Buy Now :$59.99

2. Twelve South’s PlugBug Duo

Built by the true geniuses at Twelve South, the PlugBug Duo simply connects to your MacBook Charger, supplying power to it while also giving you two extra USB ports to plug other devices/cables into it. The red adapter is compliant with all MacBook chargers and even works as a travel adapter, allowing you to use your MacBook charger with international sockets. It comes with 5 different snap-on plugins that let you plug your MacBook into any international socket you may be subjected to. Besides giving your MacBook charger international compatibility, the PlugBug Duo’s two USBs are heaven-sent, since they let you run your MacBook as well as power your iPhone and iPad simultaneously. Twelve South has an amazing Black Friday Deal on it! The PlugBug Duo was originally priced at $59.99, but you can now grab it for $35.99!

Click Here to Buy Now: $35.99

3. Moment iPhone 13 Starter Kit – Two Lenses

Moment’s iPhone 13 Starter Kit is perfect for those photography lovers who don’t know where to start! The kit contains two of Moment’s bestselling lenses, a phone case with a mounting system, and a lens pen. Everything you need to click the ultimate pictures on your smartphone is included in this nifty little kit. And, Moment has an amazing Black Friday deal on it! You can now purchase the kit for $114.94 instead of $154.94.

Click Here to Buy Now: $114.94

4. Elago Snapshot Case

Elago Snapshot Apple AirPods Case with AirTag

The Snapshot case for the AirPods Pro comes with a camera-shaped design that neatly houses an AirTag inside the faux camera lens. Aside from looking like a tiny little point-and-shoot, the Snapshot protects your AirPods Pro from physical damage as well as theft. The all-silicone design helps absorb shock, while still enabling wireless charging… and the fact that you’ve now got an AirTag strapped to your AirPods Pro makes it really easy to use the Find My feature to track the exact location of your earphones. You can celebrate Thanksgiving with Elago, by using the code TURKEY21 for 20% off on this cool case!

Click Here to Buy Now: $12.99

5. Twelve South PowerPic mod Wireless Charger

Designed to look like a slick lucite photo frame, Twelve South’s PowerPic mod has a way of being useful at all times – either as a tabletop or bedside decor or as a gadget that charges your smartphone… because under the photo and the lucite frame sits a Qi-compatible 10W wireless charging module. The concept of a photo-frame wireless charger isn’t entirely new. In fact, the original PowerPic was just that… although it came with a much thicker frame (or bezel if that’s what you want to call it). Although just like tech companies strive to make bezels smaller each year, the PowerPic mod focuses on going absolutely bezel-less, with a clean, minimalist design that still lets you mount photos and charge your phone. And, Twelve South has an amazing deal on it! The PowerPic mod was originally priced at $59.99, but you can now grab it for $47.99!

Click Here to Buy Now: $47.99

6. Twelve South Compass Pro

Twelve South’s Compass Pro is the easel your iPad needs! They launched a redesigned version of the Compass Pro, which basically functions as an all-metal fold stand that can hold and support your iPad at three different angles. You can use the versatile gadget as a hands-free display stand, a typing or sketching wedge, and an interactive desktop. Also, Twelve South has an amazing Black Friday deal on it! The Compass Pro was originally priced at $59.99, but you can now grab it for $49.99!

Click Here to Buy Now: $49.99

7. Elago Apple Pencil Cover

Designed to evoke a sense of nostalgia, elago’s Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) covers come with that familiar hexagonal pencil aesthetic, complete with the rubber tip at the back. Slip them onto your Pencil and apart from giving you a blast from the past, the covers enhance your grip, thanks to the silicone construction, and protect your hardware from accidental drops and scratches. Moreover, the cover is compatible with the iPad Pro and even supports charging the Pencil by magnetically attaching it to the side of your tablet! You can celebrate Thanksgiving with Elago, by using the code TURKEY21 for 20% off on this cool Pencil cover!

Click Here to Buy Now: $11.99

8. Twelve South ActionBand

The ActionBand is a new sweatband with a frame for your Apple Watch so you can work out and track your activities while keeping the sweat from loosening your grip! The ActionBand is essentially a sweatband with a carved-out frame to hold your Apple Watch, allowing you to sweat all day without loosening your grip. Sold in pairs, Twelve South sends each customer one ActionBand with a secure Apple Watch frame and one normal sweatband to wrap around your watch-free wrist. Providing full access to the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown and Side Button, users will have full control over their watches. And, Twelve South has an amazing deal on it! The ActionBand was originally priced at $29.99, but you can now grab it for $24.99!

Click Here to Buy Now: $24.99

9. Elago Wristfit

At the time of their release, the Airpods were criticized for being too ‘easy to lose’. This spawned a wide variety of products like the Elago Airpods strap that helped you secure your expensive earpieces in place, eliminating the danger of losing them. The Wristfit is another such ‘sensible’ product that simply gives you the ability to dock your Airpods on your Apple Watch. Keeping them in a place that’s easy to access, the Wristfit secures the Watch around your wrist, and the Airpods right on the strap like a sort of holster for your earphones. Push them right in when you’re not using them and you won’t have to worry about them at all. It also means you don’t have to carry around their dental-floss-box-shaped carrying case either! You can celebrate Thanksgiving with Elago, by using the code TURKEY21 for 20% off on The Wristfit!

Click Here to Buy Now: $8.99

10. Twelve South AirBag for AirPods

Twelve South’s AirBag is crafted from genuine leather and is the perfect micro-mini bag to store and carry your AirPods. The vintage-style bag protects your precious AirPods at all times. You can carry it over your shoulders, around your neck, or replace the strap with a leather top handle. Twelve South has an exciting Black Friday deal on this super cute bag. You can now purchase it for $19.99, instead of the original $24.99!

Click Here to Buy Now: $19.99

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Kitchen Appliances designed to bring you closer to achieving your MasterChef dreams!

The pandemic birthed a lot of home chefs, who discovered a deep and profound love for cooking! Surprisingly, I was one of them. Before the pandemic took place, cooking was a chore I completely avoided. But now, I honestly find it quite therapeutic! The pandemic, and all the free time that came along with it, somehow awakened my inner chef. To encourage and motivate all the inner chefs that came to life during the pandemic, we’ve curated a collection of kitchen appliances that promise to transform cooking from a Herculean feat to an enjoyable and fun process! From a hidden induction cooking unit to an at-home plant cultivator for your kitchen – these products promise to transform your disastrous cooking experiments into MasterChef-worthy delicacies! These products can reduce your prep time in half, make the little cooking tasks much easier, and help you with tedious and complicated techniques. They make cooking effortless and easy. Enjoy!

1. Lapitec Chef

The induction cooking system is seamless and very easy to operate. All you have to do is place the Lapitec Chef silicone mat on your worktop to activate the touch controls and switch on the system. The mat is key, without it the induction unit and controls will be inactive and the worktop is like any other kitchen counter only distinguished only by small engravings that align with the mat’s controls. Lapitec Chef allows for easy cleaning and storage so the counter can be used for other activities like preparing food, plating dishes, and hosting social occasions. Interestingly, Lapitec is a 100% sintered stone and it is also non-porous, non-absorbent as well as resistant to chemicals which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor kitchens. You can choose to have either two or four cooking rings for your induction system.

2. Magnetic Kitchen Countertop

In small studio apartments, the kitchen unintentionally becomes the center of attention due to this and the magnetic kitchen proposed by Juliana sets things right in the most subtle way. The one square meter magnetic panel seen here is fixed to the wall and acts as the base for the compact countertop that has a cutting board that doubles as a folding sink (or vice versa) and of course the magnetic properties to keep all the utensils in place. The sink can be concealed from plain sight to increase the kitchen’s working space and used as a cutting board for random use. Anything that sticks to a magnet can be put up on the vertical section – things like spoons, forks, pans, induction cooktop, oven, or custom-made shelves which further hold the plates and other non-magnetic objects.

3. Balance

Balance, a plant cultivator designed by Designer Dot, is designed for those of us who’d like access to a personal supply of fresh produce at home without the hassle of tending to a garden day-in, day-out. When creating Balance, the team at Designer Dot sought to conceptualize an at-home plant cultivator that’s compact enough to fit into any modern kitchen and inconspicuous in its minimalist design to adapt to any interior design scheme. Stocked similarly to most plant cultivators, Balance comes with pull-out drawers that contain pods and sprout cavities for produce and crops to germinate from and grow. The drawers themselves can be removed to allow ceiling height for taller plants to grow, which users can swap in and out for different plants accordingly.

4. Cuisinart EvolutionX Cordless Mini Chopper

The Cuisinart EvolutionX Cordless Mini Chopper is the kind of wireless appliance that you can move about and use freely. The gadget features a 4-cup capacity bowl, so you can Chop or Grind a variety of different ingredients. The Chopper also showcases 7.4 volts of lithium-ion power and an impressive 20-minute battery life. The LED controls allow you to effortlessly switch between Chop or Grind mode. Preparing dips, hummus, and other delicious items has never been simpler with this easy-to-use and lightweight kitchen appliance.

5. HAY Sowden Toaster

The HAY Sowden Toaster is a clean and minimal toaster created from plastic and stainless steel. Besides its warm and soft aesthetics, the toaster also features a browning dial, allowing you to prepare your toast just the way you like it. You can even place the thicker slices of bread on the toasting vent to crisp them up even better! It is available in three interesting colors – EU Grey, EU Blue, and EU Yellow. The artistic and aesthetic toaster adds an element of Japandi-style minimalism to your kitchen.

6. Hoto

Hoto is a smart kitchen scale for the modern home that scales down its control panel to a single interactive knob and connects other Hoto users from across the world together via an accompanying social media channel. Zheng’s smart kitchen scale, Hoto, is minimal by design, adorned with not much more than stainless steel controls and a polished, reflective sheen. The scale scales back on the number of controls and buttons, consolidating every control into one interactive knob that functions as the scale’s, power sensor, weight dial, and net-zero button.

7. The Qterra Craft

As portable as an ordinary Starbucks travel mug, the Qterra Craft is designed to give you coffee so fresh you’ll feel like it was brewed right inside it… and you’d be right! The Qterra Craft is a pretty clever little device, giving you the freshest coffee or tea—even while you’re traveling—by simply brewing it on the spot. The mug comes with a lid that holds tea leaves or coffee grounds in a telescopic Q-Brew Basket that extends downwards into the vessel when the lid is twisted. Fill the vessel with piping hot water and twist the lid just minutes before you actually want your beverage. Then twist the lid when you’re done and the used leaves or grounds ascend back into the lid, secured with an air-tight seal. Effectively, your freshly brewed coffee just requires two twists… but there’s one more twist to come!

8. Cenga

Piled together like a Jenga tower, Cenga is a handmade modular coffee set conceptualized by a team of designers to bring home everything you’d find in a cafe. Starting from the top of Cenga, a grinder for coffee beans funnels the grounds into a dripper before heating up some water and dripping that into a canister to serve. Inspired by the stacking method of Jenga blocks, the team of designers combined that with a modular build to optimize the product’s storability and portability.

9. The KitchenAid Spiralizer Plus Attachment

The KitchenAid Spiralizer Plus Attachment is the ultimate kitchen appliance to slice, peel, and core fruits and vegetables. You can use it to work with a variety of foods – from zucchini and beets to pears and apples! The appliance has been amped with seven blades, to cut and slice your fresh produce perfectly. Three slicing blades and a peeling blade are also provided with the product. The KitchenAid’s metal form ensures that it is durable, long-lasting, and sturdy.

10. Hu-Kuo

Comprised of a carrying case, tea bowl, and three teacups, Hu-Kou comes with everything you might need for an excellent cup of tea. Specifically molded to feel ergonomic by design, Hu-Kou’s tea bowl is shaped like a triangle with a built-in spout that allows users to pour tea directly from the bowl without having to remove the lid beforehand. Fit within a silicone carrying case, Hu-Kou’s stylish case comes with a shoulder strap so it’s even easier to bring tea on the go. The carrying case keeps enough space to fit the main tea bowl in addition to three teacups. The teacups are also triangular in shape to complement the tea bowl, giving the set as a whole a more uniform feel.

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An iPhone 14 design with a solo powerful rear camera + more concepts to satisfy your love for all things Apple!

Since its foundation in 1976, Apple has been always been at the peak of modern innovation! And let’s take a moment to appreciate all the awesome products and inspiration Apple has provided us with. The groundbreaking tech giant never fails to surprise us, we always find ourselves biting our nails and squirming with curiosity, whenever Apple announces a new product launch! Their ingenious and mesmerizing designs and design philosophy have inspired and influenced designers all over the world, resulting in some pretty unique Apple concepts! These Apple-inspired designs are the best of the lot and a dream for every Apple lover. Although we’re pretty satisfied after Apple’s latest launches, we can’t help but just hope that Apple converts these into a reality soon as well!

How the next exciting iPhone will look is anybody’s guess, for now, to be frank, but industrial designer Laci Lacko believes it could be a radical leap with its roots tracing back to the iPhone 7 series. That similar rounded side design lending it a thin feel in hand. Surprisingly, the designer doesn’t give us a peek into the front of the device, but going by the rumor mill, it should have minimal (as compared to iPhone 13) or no notch at all. What’s highlighted in this concept phone is the rear camera module. A big protruding single 35mm lens setup that has an f1.2 i aperture sensor promises the ultimate photography experience. Something comparable to a DSLR.

Considering Zarruk’s notion has some basis for an Apple product of the future with little impressions of a Samsung handset of today, we are left to discuss it to the detail as seen in images. The idea presents a flip iPhone with iPhone 13 Pro-esque triple camera module comprising an 8K capable pro-action camera. The flipping device has a curved touchscreen Retina display and the discussed camera module on the outside – split over the two halves separated by a durable hinge. The cute box-like design – when it’s folded – actually hides a pair of newly designed AirPods Pro mini in a cozy housing for each earbud.

The concept renderings looking a tad inspired by the Cybertruck and Model 3 are quite detailed as they showcase the Apple Car in all its glory from the exterior as well as the interior. The pillarless design of the glass cover (with the sunroof and windshields) stems from the US10384519B1 patent that revolves around the philosophy of creating a vehicle sans the need to extend the chassis above the doors. The adaptive doors come courtesy of the patent US10384519B1. The interiors are also not left to chance as the large touch display extends across the dashboard thanks to the Patent US20200214148A1 inspiration.

Whispers in the air, and leaker Dylandkt say that the 2022 MacBook Air will be more similiar to the newly launched MacBook Pro models than we think. It’ll feature a thinner and sleeker design, a shiny white keyboard and bezels, MagSafe, multiple USB-C ports, and a 1080p camera. It will also be available in a variety of color options, similiar to the ones you have for the 24″ iMac. It may also feature a notch, and an impressive 60Hz Mini-LED display. This amazing render was created by @rendersbyian.

Inspired by the iconic design language of Apple, 3D artist, and graphic designer Zarruck Taiseer conceptualized a pair of AirPods Pro that scale down the current model to the size of a bean. From its charging case to its silicone earbud covers, everything about Taiseer’s mini AirPods Pro concept is sleek in stainless steel and Polly Pocket-sized. One problem this concept does fix about the current model of AirPods on the market is the bulkiness of its charging case. Taiseer’s mini AirPods Pro concept slims down the charging case to match the side of a half-finished stack of mini Post-Its.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will introduce its first foldable iPhone in 2024! This render by @atuos_user showcases a bright yellow iPhone that folds perfectly in half, almost like a flip phone from the 90s. He also expects Apple to introduce the in-display Touch ID by 2023, so we can expect to see this feature in the 2024 foldable iPhone as well!

A transparent case for the Apple AirPods Pro? Sounds like a pretty tempting concept to me. This unique render by @appledsign features a transparent case with a black undertone, that allows you to admire your precious AirPods anytime anywhere. Could this be a potential upcoming product? I think so.

Deskpod was born out of a one-hour study of Apple design language, taking to the iconic brand’s most modern designs to create a sleek, yet bold speakers concept. The new iMac from Apple maintains the classic aluminum look that has graced the surfaces of most Apple Macbooks and iMacs for years. It’s the accessories from Apple that are typically the standout pieces, bringing out deep forest greens and royal blues to accentuate the fresh look of a bare aluminum Macbook surface. Waxman’s Deskpod takes that one step further and wraps the rich scarlet red speaker with a gold band that functions as the device’s cradle and stand.

Called the Apple iLine, this concept comes in two versions – the Apple iLine and the Apple iLine mini which is smaller than your MacBook. The iLine normal version has a detachable pole that attaches to the footboard when you need to head to the grocery store in a jiffy. The iLine mini only has a footboard and three wheels. The future-proof commuter keeps up with Apple’s design philosophy, as the designer incorporates the Apple button shape on top of the pole to switch On/Off the personal commuter. This button also doubles as the user identification tool, as the user touches the middle of the touch screen controller to authenticate. The liner shape on the front and back has the backlight for nighttime commuting.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that the next year’s iPhone 14 Pro models will reportedly feature a hole-punch display, and a 48MP wide camera. Apple could go down the no notch route with this model. Although this is far from the final iPhone 14 Pro model, we do wonder if it could be a potential one.

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Home Appliances designed to be the ultimate sidekicks during cleaning expeditions of your living space!

If there’s one thing that COVID-19 has taught us (though there are plenty), it’s that maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, and sanitizing everything and anything in sight is a must. It’s also turned most of us into homebodies -irrespective of whether we were originally one or not. Since we spend most of our time at home, our mind automatically hones in on maintaining and taking the best care of our home. At least it does for me, once I wrap up my work! And a couple of innovative and unique home appliances can really help us with this. If you’re in a mood to Marie Kondo your home, or simply want to complete your chores easily and efficiently, these handy appliances will perfectly assist you in doing so. From a space-saving vacuum cleaner that breaks down into 4 parts to a drone that cleans your windows for you – we have curated a whole range of nifty gadgets that promise to be the ultimate sidekick during your cleaning expeditions at home. Happy cleaning!

H5 is a multifunctional vacuum cleaner designed for small spaces that can break down into four parts that fit into a compact charging bin for easy storage. H5 keeps an overall slim build when assembled and when disassembled so it doesn’t take up too much space in storage. When disassembled, H5 breaks down into four parts and fits into one charging case that can easily slip away behind any table or into the closet to free up floor space. When users would like to use the vacuum, putting H5 together comes just as easily as putting together any other vacuum. The main pipe connects via telescopic tubing where the vacuum head also easily attaches.

The Alpha Pillow 2’s design starts with a bamboo-charcoal-infused foam mass, which apart from providing the benefits of memory foam, also uses activated carbon to neutralize microorganisms and toxins. The carbon-infused foam does a pretty standup job of keeping your pillow free of germs and microorganisms, the Alpha Pillow’s silver-fabric cover forms the first line of defense, destroying bacteria, viruses, and molds before they can even propagate. The pillow itself comes with a bamboo fabric cover, followed by a unique fabric made from silver fibers that are lab-tested to be incredibly efficient at self-sanitizing the pillow.

The Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot Kit is all you need to maintain a super clean toilet! The robot is perfect for cleaning those hard-to-reach spots in your toilet. You just need to remove the robot from its charging station, and connect it to the mounting bracket. Add some toilet bowl cleaner to the bowl, and use Giddel to systematically scrub the rim, the bowl, the space under the bowl, and down the exit. Giddel’s telescopic arm can fit into toilets of all sizes, both small or large, and clean them effectively. Giddel’s circular and wavy motion ensures that it covers every inch of the toilet!

This intriguing concept for a vacuum cleaner is not only multipurpose in design, it is also sustainable in construction. The storage section of the vac is made from cork, which is biodegradable and has a warm ambiance to it. The vacuum pipes and other parts are designed in a manner to be stored within the cork shell that then neatly covers using a lid. The possibility of concealing the entire appliance from sight saves valuable space at home and leaves the vacuum to still be used in the open with a different purpose.

The SaroCat Royal litter box is an automatic litter box that self cleans itself! In fact, it doesnt even use litter. It uses an environment friendly lawn mat for your cat to scratch on! This ensures that the box is always clean for your feline friend. Of course, you could always add litter to the box, if that is what your pet prefers. The litter box has been equipped with built-in nozzles and sensors which keep the box clean and odorless. Besides its great functionality, the litter box is quite sleek and futuristic-looking. It would be a subtle addition to any modern living space, without looking like a complete eyesore.

With the Everloop dish brush’s design, you can continue to maximize the functionality of your product while reducing waste. The head of the brush has a concave lid mechanism that compresses the bristles against the inner part of the brush. The bristles are snapped into place and you can clean effortlessly. This concavity also works as a soap container and dosifier while you clean your tableware. To replace bristles, use any flat piece from your kitchen as a lever to open it and replace it with a new set of bristles. The body of the brush is made from recycled plastic collected from discarded accessories and the bristles are made from natural fibers (bamboo, castor beans, etc).

The Uster UV sterilizing light is ideal for killing germs anywhere and on anything! The portable sterilizer can be operated in three modules – handheld, standing, or hanging. Uster has been amped with sixteen varied UV lights – six UV-AC lights and ten UVA lights which can disinfect almost 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The nifty gadget is portable enough to be travel-friendly, and features a fast-charging built-in battery. The sterilizer works on anything from clothes to wallets to even toilets!

The Pupsule’s name sort of perfectly encapsulates exactly what the product is. Designed like a capsule for your pup, the tiny contraption is perfectly small enough to carry with you on your pet walks. The patent-pending Pupsule comes with a two-part design – an upper half that houses empty plastic bags and a plunger, while the lower half has a 360° grabber arm (controlled by the plunger) and a smell-proof leak-proof area to store the poo until you need to dispose of it.

The Clear Bee is a window cleaning drone! Amped with a completely automatic cleaning system, the drone cleans an average window in only one minute (an average window is usually 16 square feet)! The Clear Bee can reach even the windows placed in high positions, and it can clean upto three windows before its battery dies. The best part of this appliance is that it completely eliminates the need for you to actually clean windows! No more climbing up on ladders and awkwardly cleaning all the windows in your homes. The Clear Bee will do it all for you!

We love multifunctional designs, and when the combinations are this unique, it gives us a whole new thrill! The ‘Keling’ is a conceptual air purifier combined with a kitchen lamp. The bottom is designed to absorb the fine dust generated while cooking while the top emits purified air. The height is adjustable and replacing the filter is more convenient than cleaning the bulky exhausts. You can also sync it with your smartphone to get control lighting, fine dust, cooking, filter, and wind direction through the mobile app.

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These quirky + exciting product designs bring a touch of pop culture to your homes!

As much as pop culture evolves and changes, it never fades away from our lives! Whether it’s the latest Weeknd song, or the viral Netflix series Squid Games, pop culture is involuntarily and deeply embedded within our lives. And since so much of our time revolves around it, we decided to curate a whole collection of designs inspired by the popular culture today! From a Squid Game home security camera that guards your home and keeps you safe without any violence to Baby Yoda ears that function as a quirky little case for your Amazon Echo Dot – these eccentric yet exciting designs add a touch of pop culture into your everyday lives, and surround you with your favourite characters, shows, movies, and more! You can turn your ordinary old day into something fun with these few product designs. Enjoy!

The ruthless workers in the viral series, Squid Games, will now adorn the secure corners of our homes, as the security camera keeps us safe – well, a cliche of sorts. The rotating lens positioned right where the eyes of the character would provide a 180-degree view of the surroundings for complete security. The movement is actuated by motion and an audio sensor that sets the camera into action, tracking the movement. Since most security cameras attached to the servers can have access to all the inside activities when not intended by the user, the creators of this concept add a useful feature. To make sure there are no hacking attempts or unauthorized access to the footage, there is a privacy mask that physically blocks the FOV when the camera is not in use.

This friendly robot designed by VLND Studio has a strong vibe to it, the R2-D2 astromech droid influence in particular. While the acclaimed Star Wars robot served Padmé Amidala, Anakin Skywalker, and Luke Skywalker with reverence – the ARC BOT is the ideal mascot of human-robot relationships. This futuristic-looking bot is reminiscent of the delivery robots who serve their masters with the same devotion. ARC BOT is designed for internet portal NAVER LABS who already uses the robot in its headquarters building and now has plans to deploy the multi-robot intelligence system in its second head office building in Bundang, Gyeonggi Province. The building adjacent to the Green Factory in Jeongja-dong in Seongnam will be the first robot-friendly building powered by the artificial robot cloud (ARC) system. It will be a robotic army of ARC BOT AI robots connected to the cloud for efficient service.

I love coffee, I love Apple and I love Star Trek, and thereby I love the Elemental coffee machine because it combines ‘elements’ from them all!  Torres takes a very stripped-back, modernist approach, with nothing hidden in terms of the machine’s function. You can see everything you need to make a good cup of coffee which adds clarity to the simple form. The interface is completely touch-based and therefore the UI had to be intuitive while still communicating movement as well as a sense of urgency. The UI is a homage to the ‘okudagrams’, an loving name given to the interactive and usually re-organizable displays found on control panels and computer interfaces in 23rd and 24th-century starships. It started with Star Trek and then spread to every sci-fi thing ever. The idea of integrating it here was to alleviate the comparatively long time it takes for filter coffee to brew, it almost gives the illusion that more is happening than there actually is.”I wanted to avoid the basic – almost traditional at this point – style of touch UI so I went with more of a sci-fi theme inspired by TNG LCARS, but actually, you know – usable,” says Torres.

With 590 pieces (including 6 faux Infinity Stones), this meticulously detailed LEGO Infinity Gauntlet definitely adds a Marvel-ous touch to your room (I had to make that joke. You know it). While LEGO’s Infinity Gauntlet doesn’t give you any sufficient superpowers, it’s definitely one of the most interesting pieces of pop-culture decor you can have in your room. Made from golden LEGO bricks, the gauntlet’s solid (which means you can’t wear it) and is slightly smaller than you’d expect… but LEGO makes up for it by incorporating movable joints into the fingers, which means the gauntlet can technically ‘snap’ its fingers.


The internet knows how to move fast, quickly flitting from one topic to the next, and this year we can all agree that the GameStop saga had everyone’s attention. It started with the Reddit group r/WallStreetBets banding together to take on hedge-funds that were targeting the share price of GameStop, a brick and mortar game retail store. While the hedge-funds had shorted the stock massively, an entire warrior-clan of Redditors decided to buy the company’s stocks, taking them so high that multiple hedge-funds went into severe losses. Far be it for a design site to discuss market speculation, but here at Yanko Design, we’re more captivated by these adorable vinyl figurines that were born out of this modern financial revolution! Say hello to Stonks and his alter-ego Stinks, two collectibles from Youtooz that stand at 5-inches tall and perfectly embody the pop-culture element of this movement. Clad in the classic suit and tie, while standing in front of an arrow chart that either indicates growth or decline (or a bull or bear run if you’re fancy), Stonks and Stinks are memes brought to life, and I honestly have never wanted something so ridiculous this bad!

Designed to be perhaps the most realistic working prototype of a lightsaber from Star Wars, the STARGLOW is best described as a vertical flamethrower. Just like the sabers from the hit sci-fi franchise, the STARGLOW comes as just a handle, featuring a button that turns its blade on. Press the button and a fiery beam emits from one end in either blue or green hues. The STARGLOW sabers come with a choice between blue and green flames – colors used by the Jedi, sort of also hinting at the fact that this device should be used for recreation and for good, not as a weapon. The hilts are styled to look very similar to the steampunk metal handles found in the Star Wars franchise, and come machined from high-strength aircraft aluminum, with two visual options – a polished metal finish, and an anodized gloss black finish.

Zeledón’s Coat Check Chair is truly an avant-garde representation of today’s wardrobe. Consider it a commentary on many things, from the consumerist culture, to a critique on cupboards, to even a reinvention of the mundane hanger into a product that has much more purpose, structurally, visually, and even emotionally. It manages to achieve all this while becoming a popular visual meme too. The Coat Check Chair is a winner of multiple design awards, including the coveted IDEA award and the Spark award. Flipping traditional furniture (and wardrobe) design on its head, the chair comes in a stainless-steel frame and even across different powder-coated color options. You can even choose the color of the hanger, giving you the feeling of choosing your furniture’s upholstery! The hangers can be used as seats, or periodically even in your wardrobe to hang your garments. When you’re done, slide them back into the chair, giving them more meaning, purpose, and visibility than they would get somewhere in a dark corner in your stuffy closet!

This is the Mclaren Can-Am car homage concept car, the brainchild of designer Yosuke Yamada who has reimagined the spirit of racing as a homage to the era when motorsports overtook football and baseball in popularity. The whole design of the racer is centered around aerodynamic performance to make the car run at top speeds without any airflow resistance. If you look closely at the back, there is a pneumatic cooling power unit that draws the air inside the power unit for extra efficiency and peak output. That’s well complemented by the supercharged aero wing for the funneling effect produced by the two blades. On the sides too, there is an aero turbine to accelerate the airflow for cooling and aerodynamics. Not surprisingly, the wheels are also aero optimized to make the racer glide through at stunning speeds. Yosuke has managed to culminate a unique interpretation of the McLaren design language with the apparent connection to the Can-Am racing cars with the sleek look to go with it.

Meet the Baby Yoda case by Otterbox, the studio that has brought us some great pop culture hits with their phone cases in the past! In a world where you give orders to your grey little Amazon Dot, you put on this little case and now you can actually converse with the Jedi master himself! Sitting on a beige base, the case is constructed “precision-fit, non-slip base” and is “engineered for optimal audio output.” But honestly, we would pre-order this just so we can add those tiny little ears to our voice assistant. The case is designed exclusively for Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen, this cutest little Master of the force promises to be an instant conversation starter for any home! If only Alexa could speak to us the way Master Yoda does, the fun will be having we.

In what possibly may be the most ingenious way to get kids to wash their hands more thoroughly and often, Slic3DArt’s Mickey Soap Dispenser Attachment turns that blob of foam into the silhouette of the most famous mouse in the world! The Mickey Soap Dispenser Attachment isn’t an officially licensed product from Disney, but is rather a clever fan-made product that retrofits onto most foaming handwash dispenser nozzles (although the designer recommends Bath and Body Works soap bottles). The attachment basically helps distribute the foamed handwash into three large blobs instead of one, making it resemble Mickey Mouse’s iconic circular head and ears (or Deadmau5, if you’re an electronic music aficionado). The 3D printed attachment is pretty simple to install and even simpler to use.

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iPad Accessories designed to upgrade your Apple game to a whole another level!

My iPad has almost reached necessity status in my life, I’m pretty sure all of us tablet owners are super reliant on them (I mean, I am for sure)! I personally find tablets extremely handy, they’re the comfortable middle ground between a smartphone and a laptop, and they pretty much perform the same functions as these two. They’re super easy to carry around, and honestly, I could survive wholly and solely on my iPad Pro if I really wanted to. I’m always on the lookout for innovative and fun accessories to amp up my tablet (besides the basic ones Apple offers). Luckily there’s a whole bunch of crafty designs out there that can function as the perfect sidekick to your precious tablet. From a sleek iPad USB-C hub that features six different media ports to a new type of pencil with replaceable nibs – here’s a collection of super cool and functional product designs that promise to upgrade your iPad game to a whole another level!

HyperDrive is the world’s first-ever form-fitting USB-C hub with six different media ports and a media shortcut key. Compact enough to fit in your palm, HyperDrive is small but mighty. Equipped with a 4K60Hz HDMI port, USB-C 5Gbps 60W Power Delivery port, MicroSD UHS-I port, SD UHS-I port, USB-A 5Gbps port, and a 3.5mm Audio Jack, HyperDrive can handle any of your cables at any time. While you’re all plugged in and working, the built-in shortcut key allows you to “play, pause, fast-forward or rewind your favorite songs, videos, or podcasts without interrupting your workflow.”

The Apple Pencil is arguably the iPad Pro‘s secret sauce. Along with the Pencil, the iPad Pro becomes the ultimate creator’s setup (for both 2D as well as 3D creation). It would therefore make sense to explore how the Pencil could further become a ‘power-user tool, allowing creators to unlock new potentials. Yanko Design has imagined what these new nibs could look like, with explorations for more niche 2D uses. The interchangeable nibs include a fine-tip nib, a chisel nib, and a flexible brush-pen nib. Other nib styles could unlock 3D modeling features like being able to sculpt on the iPad. “The filing suggests the nib could contain several different sensors for varying purposes. The component list includes tactile sensors, contact sensors, capacitive and touch sensors, a camera, a piezoelectric sensor, a pressure sensor, or a photodiode”, reports Apple Insider.

Designed to be the world’s smallest Apple MFi-certified charging kit, the OMNIA X Series occupies a small footprint, and charges phones fast so you don’t deal with battery woes and charging wait-time woes. To help you understand why the OMNIA X Series is such a sensible piece of tech, unlike most plugs that are designed around their components, the OMNIA X Series is designed around the footprint of a power-socket. The power-socket is a standard format and the OMNIA X Series tries to limit its shape and size to that format, resulting in a plug that’s small because being small is just a sensible direction to design in.

Bodo is touted to be the world’s first all-in-one charging organizer, and in the true sense, it is actually one. Unlike other all-in-one stations with more substance on paper than in reality, the Bodo charging station arranges all the gadgets meticulously on a pegboard-like organizer that sits right on your desk. The entire setup needs one USB-C-powered port to relay power to the board, which is then distributed across a tablet charger, a phone charger, a watch + AirPods charger, a Zoom light, and a USB-A, and a USB-C charger that can be used to power your laptop as well.

The Twelve South ParcSlope MacBook & iPad stand holds and supports your device at an 18-degree angle and majorly improves screen visibility. It ensures that you don’t have to crane or strain your neck while working, thus eliminating most of your neck-related woes! You can work for longer hours without putting extreme pressure on your shoulders and back. The stand promotes a healthy posture, while occupying minimum space on your desk with its sleek form !

Connecting external devices to your iPad has never been more easier with the Twelve South StayGo mini portable USB-C hub! The hub offers four ports – USB-C Power , 4K HDMI, USB-A 2.0, and Headphone/Audio. It’s the ultimate workspace gadget owing to its clean and compact form, as well as its perfectly positioned ports. It snaps onto your iPad, even if it has a protective case on. The hub is compatible not only with iPads, but MacBooks as well.

Touted as the most powerful power bank for its size, the Pixy Mini is this pocket-friendly, granola bar-shaped power bank with a capacity of 5,000mAh and a 20W power delivery, making it capable of recharging practically any portable gadget you’ve got on hand… even your laptop. What’s so impressive about the Pixy Mini is its deceptively small size. Tinier than a credit card, and hardly bulkier than a Zippo lighter, the Pixy Mini was designed to be carried around… but not even in your backpack, rather in your pocket. Outwardly, it looks like any other power bank, with a USB-A port and a USB-C port on either side, and 4 LED indicators that tell you how much power the Pixy Mini’s battery has.

The Moment M-Series multidirectional lens mount works perfectly with your iPad, or iPhone even! You can move the mount in any direction, and capture your priceless moments and that too at the perfect angle! You can use it to shoot on the front, as well as the back camera. Amped with a sleek aluminum frame, the mount is extremely easy to install and stays securely fitted in one spot. You can now capture your next shot with ease!

The PencilSnap Apple Pencil iPad Sleeve from Twelve South stores and protects your stylus at all times! You can slide your Apple Pencil into the beautiful leather sleeve, where it will be safely stored. A snug grip ensures that the stylus does not slip or slide out. A magnetic mounting system makes it compatible with an Apple Smart Cover. The magnets ensure that the stylus is stuck in place! No losing your Apple Pencils anymore!

This one’s for the kids! The Otterbox iPad Case for kids is infused with a silver-based additive to block microbial growth and eliminate the spread of germs. So, you don’t have to worry about your kids coming in contact with any kind of germs. Moreover, the cases features a sturdy and rugged protection, making it resistant to drops, falls or throws of any sort, making it completely children proof! The case can be cleansed with sanitizing products without being damaged.

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