Miniature robotic camera backpack shows how beetles see the world

After creating tiny sensor backpacks for bees, researchers from the University of Washington have built a more advanced model for beetles. Dubbed “a GoPro for beetles,” the robotic backpacks carry a tiny steerable camera that can stream video at 1 to...

The Unit Bag 2 proves that great backpack design doesn’t have to be expensive

It’s just common sense that if one product is better than another, chances are it’s more expensive too. Form and function are usually followed by a price… but there are instances where the opposite is true, where great products don’t demand the fee associated with better design. The Unit Bag 2 aims at being one of those instances.

The Unit Bag 2 is a compact-yet-spacious bag that’s waterproof, lightweight, well-padded and just costs $39. I’d normally reserve talking about the price of the bag for the end of the article, but given that we’ve seen bags cost ten times the amount (even on Kickstarter), the Unit Bag 2’s price is an important part of its feature-list. The bag, designed in two variants (one for work and another for travel), comes with a scratch-proof and waterproof exterior, and a well-padded and protected inner that’s designed to safeguard your belongings. A fleece-lined laptop sleeve goes the distance to prevent your machine from even the smallest of scratches. The backpack’s design comes optimized for maximum storage, with spacious and well-segregated interiors, as well as a variety of externally located pockets that allow you to stash quick-access items like cards or your AirPods case. Each backpack comes lined with waterproof SBS zippers that cover 3 of the bag’s 4 sides, allowing it to fully open out in a way that gives you access to every single one of the Unit Bag 2’s inner compartments… much like a suitcase.

The work and travel variants of the Unit Bag 2 weigh a mere 650 grams and 880 grams respectively, and come with 14 and 23 liters of storage. Both variants feature multiple modes of carrying, and can be worn as a backpack, a shoulder-bag or carried like a briefcase, allowing you to distribute your bag’s weight in any way. The ultra-slim bags come in an all-black design, making them truly visually versatile, with the exception of a small reflective strip that runs along the base of the bag, allowing you to be visible in low-light conditions. Designed for modern-day use, the bags even have an external USB hub that lets you plug and charge your phone from outside the bag.

This brings me back to one of the bag’s most interesting features. At $39, the bags are incredibly affordable, even by Kickstarter standards. We’ve covered tonnes of bags on YD, spanning everything from space-saving design to the use of innovative, protective materials, or even anti-theft features. It’s rare to see a backpack that encapsulates so much but still manages to cost about as much as one of Apple’s charging cables.

Designer: Updream Design

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Unit Bag 2 – The Ultimate Budget 3-way Hold Backpack

Funded by over 13,000 backers in Asia, the Unit Bag 2 has been re-engineered and upgraded to launch on Kickstarter. Designed for both the office and travel. Its slim enough to slide through the bustling metro, but spacious enough to store all your travel essentials.


Integrated Strap Pocket

Air Mesh Cushions

Fully Opening Zipper System

Luggage Sleeve

8 Organizing Compartments

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Vinta and NFL athlete Cam Newton’s modular backpack is a combination of street-style and sensibility

Designed in partnership with NFL superstar athlete Cam Newton, fashion accessories brand Vinta has revealed the limited edition C1N TYPE-II backpack which combines the athlete’s sense of style along with the needs of someone with an active lifestyle. Sitting at the intersection between fashionable and functional, the C1N TYPE-II sports a design that is both urban-trendy as well as modular. The bags come made from waterproof twill (and sport water-resistant zippers) to support the anytime/anywhere lifestyle, along with features like an anti-theft laptop compartment, flatlay panels for valuables like your passport, internal mesh organizers, expandable side pockets, and a luggage strap. The C1N TYPE-II’s expanded Premium Kit comes with two additional modular field bags that fit perfectly into the C1N TYPE-II’s roomy satin nylon interiors. Who said you can’t be incredibly organized and trendy at the same time?

The C1N TYPE-II bags look to a popular product category for CMF cues. Designed to complement gold and rose gold, colors often seen in most high-end smartphones, the bags share a common visual language with the phone you have on you, giving a nod to your sense of style. Titled the Sand and Berry variants, the C1N TYPE-II limited-edition bags allow you to highlight the style in your urban lifestyle, and to top things off, each bag comes with the seal of approval from NFL superstar Cam Newton and a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects.

Designers: Victor Soto, Douglas Larsen, & Cam Newton (Creative Partner)

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NFL Superstar Cam Newton Joins Forces With Vinta for a Limited Edition Premium Backpack

In two exclusive colors: berry and sand.

The C1N TYPE-II is the next generation travel backpack. With a fashion-forward, modular design, it is specifically created for style-conscious travelers and busy city living.

It is internally compartmentalized by a modular leather field pack and dopp kit secured within a flexible, removable central structure. It features an elevated satin interior, internal mesh pockets and flatlay panels for securing passports and valuables, and accommodates a 15″ laptop. It also has a loop to hold your key and a pocket for your bottle.

The Premium Travel Kit variant comes with the Compact Field Pack and Travel Field Pack.

“Type II-C1N is designed for the person like me, with a constant schedule, who doesn’t stop and wants a fashionable, high quality bag that’s functional for everyday life,” said Cam Newton. “It makes traveling easier when you know everything is in one place, and the Type II-C1N has that capability.”

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This backpack uses a military-inspired carry system to easily organize all your belongings

If you think about it, no one’s ever seen a military man rummage through their backpack to find something. Looking at the Osuza Canvas’ interior, it’s pretty easy to understand why. The Osuza Canvas is designed around an organizational system that’s used in military gear, giving each item its designated space, so you don’t have to turn your entire life upside-down to find something as basic as a phone charger. Quite unlike any backpack I’ve seen before, the Canvas comes with an all-accommodating, customizable design that holds everything from gadgets to art equipment. Its secret is providing a foldable, expandable design that goes up to 40 liters, and offering pockets… loads of them!

The bag’s literally functional inside and out. Four Hypalon pull-tabs helo you open the bag up to its butterfly-esque shape, spreading out all your items and accessories in an easy-to-pick orientation. The bag comes lined from end to end with molle pouches to hold most of your goods, while weather-proof pouches and enclosures help you secure more precious items within the bag’s design. For extra accessibility, the Canvas packs a few mesh pockets too… you know, just for good measure.

The Canvas is literally a new type of backpack. Unlike most backpacks which are technically a large empty space surrounded by fabric, the Canvas is much more utilitarian. It’s just a whole bunch of pockets, pouches, and enclosures stitched together into a cuboid of sensible, sorted storage complete with a breathable fabric and padded shoulder straps for comfort… oh, and did I mention it even comes with a lifetime guarantee too?

Designer: Osuza

Plevo’s first connected Backpack and Duffle Bag with Face ID for complete security

Having come back from my recent trip to London and China, I realized how dangerous it can be to catch a few winks at the airport. For example, I fell asleep at the Dubai airport and almost missed my connection. Luckily, I was woken up by a friendly staff, and I made it to my flight on time. However, this incident got me thinking – in my deep-jet lagged-slumber, anyone could have opened my backpack and cabin bag, and tampered with the contents.

Thankfully, I’m back home safe and sound, but the next time around, I definitely don’t want to become a statistic of airport theft. Bags like the B-One & D-One Series, seem to a wise investment in the name of secure travels. As the first connected Backpack and Duffle Bag in the world, the duo are fitted with a Smart Lock – Face ID, Touch ID, Morse Code – and a removable battery pack. Needless to say, a Travel Companion App completes the whole deal. This one App connects all of the Plevo bags (old and new).

I like the fact that you can check on your flight status through the Travel Assistant App and ensure that you get to your gate on time. The removable battery backpack ensures you can juice-up your devices on the go.

Available in two sizes each, both the backpack and duffle bag are stylish and complement the latest ‘travel look.’ If you happen to move too far away from the bags, they will alert you via the app, ensuring you stay close to them. The B-One & D-One Series are intelligent bags that are spacious and secure.

Designers: Mauro Manzo, Ivan Nieto, Franco Di Pietro & Federico Pelatti

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B-One Backpack & D-One Duffle Bag with Smart Lock Technology

The world’s first connected backpack and duffle bag. And with their Smark Lock technology (Face ID, Touch ID, Morse Code), your belonging has never been so secure.


Travel Assistant App

Check your flight information at a glance. And let their travel assistant APP be your smart partner during your trips.

B-One Backpack

The first connected and most secure backpack ever utilizing Smart Lock (Face ID, Touch ID, Morse Code). Also, always stay charged while on the go thanks to the removable battery pack. Available in two sizes (B-Urban 19.5L and B-Travel 27L).

Smart Lock (Face ID, Touch ID, Morse Code)

Face ID. Your face is your password.

Touch ID. Lock your backpack via your smartphone.

Morse Code. If you lost your phone or ran out of battery, just put the code your previously set with morse code to unlock.

Removable Battery Pack

Their removable battery pack is compatible with all their Plevo products.

Anti Theft & Loss

When your backpack moves apart from you it will lock itself and send you notifications about you leaving it behind.

Access & Pockets

180 degree opening.

Interior storage.

Quick access.

D-One Duffle Bag

The first connected duffle bag in the world with Smart Lock and removable battery. Available in two sizes (D-Urban 21L & D-Travel 37.5L).

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The ONE24 is designed to be the only modular backpack you need for work and the gym

The ONE24 bag is for a niche market for which no singular backpack solution exists… the person who works and plays in the same day. Most bags are designed around work and travel, but the SportHacks ONE24 was designed to be your business briefcase as well as your gym-bag, all rolled into one. Its inner space is optimized to everything from your laptop and charger to your gym-clothes and yoga-mat, and it’s crafted to be professional enough to carry to work, and the ideal bag to stash inside your gym’s locker.

In contrast to other bags we’ve seen, the ONE24 stands out for the way it’s mindfully designed for the active lifestyle. For starters, it isn’t one duffle bag into which you throw your belongings. Separate compartments with color-coded zippers indicate separate areas for your belongings. There’s obviously a padded neoprene sleeve for your laptop, but there’s also a dedicated compartment for your lunchboxes (multiple, since you’ll need to stay on top of your nutrition game). The ONE24 has an individual water-and-smell-resistant compartment for your gym-clothes and shoes, and a separate leak-proof slot for your water-bottle. Everything integrates into the One24’s sensibly designed cuboidal form that sits easy on your back, but even fits right into a gym-locker, allowing you to hang it on your locker’s hanger-rod. The backpack’s gym-compartment has a zipper running across three edges, allowing it to open completely in a clamshell design. This helps you literally have access to your entire gym-wardrobe right inside your locker in a way that’s just convenient. Hungry for more space? The ONE24 backpack has a zip for expandable storage that gives you an extra 10 liters to store more than just gym-clothes and shoes.

A perfect juxtaposition between your office bag and your sports-bag, the ONE24 has a way of pleasing everyone. Whether you’re a workout kinda guy, or a simple jogging-buff, or even a yoga-freak, the ONE24 accommodates for your work and your form of physical exercise. For work, it gives you a large quick-access pocket for your phone, wallet, and keys, while a hidden magnet in its strap lets you suspend your AirPods from it while you’re walking into your workspace. For your post-work workout, ONE24 does have its gym-gear compartment, but also allows you to attach addons, from an extra-gym-bag, to a storage-unit for your racket, to even a mesh-pocket for your yoga-mat. No matter what sort of job you work at, and what sort of physical activity you take up after a stressful day at work, the ONE24 is designed to be the one and only bag that gets you through those 24 hours… and speaking of just how mindful the bag’s design is, it even has a motivational quote printed into the inside, to pump you through your day!

Designer: Ralph Waschkut

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ONE24 – A New Generation Sport Bag for 24 Hours

The ONE24 is designed to hang in your locker with full access to your gear. No matter what kind of sport is on your schedule, the modular system gives you endless flexibility to carry any equipment you might need.

Whether it’s an early workout, meal prep, morning swim, 9 hours in the office, shooting hoops on the court, or recovery, ONE24 bag is for 24 hours.

Designed to hang for effortless packing.

Modular system for endless flexibility.

Durable and weather-resistant fabrics.

Features Overview

Clamshell design for effortless packing

The modular, hook-loop system for endless flexibility

Large, golden, water- and smell resistant laundry & shoe compartment

Full circumference zipper for extra 10 Liters of space. Can be used as compression compartment


On average, an athlete practices 2.6 different sports each week. The hook-loop system prepares you for everything and is flexible.

Each ONE24 comes with a standard SportHacks GymBag module – a high performance stretch bag for rackets, foam rolls, yoga mats, balls, groceries or fitness equipment.

In addition, you can get the GymBag Plus, with tarpaulin protection, double-padded compartments, an integrated zipper mesh bag, and a reflective logo.

Both modules were designed as stand-alone bags with premium aluminum hooks from Duraflex. When the hooks are not being used, just hide them in the small side pockets.


The sealed bottle pocket can be used for water bottles, smoothies or even bananas.

Large main compartment with open zipper access.

Integrated hook for utility bags.

Fit up to a 15-inch MacBook or similar sizes in the neoprene-padded sleeve.

With the hidden magnet for your headphones or AirPods, you can stay hands free, with more range of motion.

The large, quick-access pockets include two mesh pockets designed for your smartphone, wallet, and keys. You can also hide your gym bag module in this pocket, so it’s always available in the event you go to the gym or you need an extra bag for shopping.

The ONE24 is built with three comfortable handles. No matter the occasion, you can carry the ONE24 comfortably as a backpack or professional briefcase.

Roller Bag Handle Pass Through

Adjustable sternum strap

Hidden shoulder strap tie downs

Elastic Loops to prevent lugging straps

Customizable ID card hangtag

Reflective front to stay visible at night

Compared to old-fashioned, overloaded sports bag designs, the sleek, contemporary design promises you always arrive in style.

After collaborating with sports psychologists, we decided to integrate inspiring text elements to support a consistent sport routine.

When you lay out your running shoes the night before, you are more likely to go for a run the next morning. The ONE24 is your daily reminder to get out and move instead of focusing on Netflix or Instagram.

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Google’s latest wearable is an Yves Saint Laurent backpack

Google hasn't given up on Jacquard, an experimental hardware project designed to make everyday clothing and accessories smarter. As spotted by Owen Williams (Charged), the company has teamed up with fashion titan Yves Saint Laurent on a decadent and...

A backpack for rural schoolchildren that converts into a writing desk!

Developed for schools in rural India, where it’s still pretty common for students to sit on the floor and study, Deskit provides children with a writing table attached right to their backpack. The standard canvas backpack comes with a collapsible hard-surface and legs built right into its front, giving kids a prop-up schooldesk to write on with their backpack right beside it, making it easier to access books and supplies while at school. Designed for PROSOC Innovation, the schoolbags are affordable as well as lightweight, enabling children with the tools to help them study better and more comfortably. Today, more than 20,000 school children are using DESKIT in ten different Indian states!

Designer: Eshan Sadasivan forPROSOC

This backpack’s in-built air-conditioner prevents you from getting a sweaty back

Your backpack may be anti-theft, it may be modular, it may be lightweight, waterproof, dust-resistant, travel-friendly, it may have an in-built USB port, RFID blocking, or may have literal solar panels on it… but at the end of the day your sufficiently advanced backpack still has one design drawback. Wear it for long enough and you get this patch of sweat around your back from the constant contact with the bag, and the lack of proper ventilation.

Sweaty-back syndrome, as designer Kenny Tai calls it, happens to the best of us… and backpacks, up until now, haven’t really been built to combat that pool of perspiration that forms on your fancy shirt when you take your backpack off at the office. I say ‘up until now’ because Kenny claims to have built a bag that solves the problem. The VITL is perhaps the first bag with active cooling technology and a specifically designed airflow system to keep your back ventilated. Having spent a year on just engineering a solution, Tai looked at desktop computers and laptops for inspiration. Studying their compact fans and distinct airflow patterns, Tai and his team of engineers crafted a solution. The trick wasn’t just to mount a fan on the backpack, but rather to channel the flow of air in a logical manner. The result was VITL’s thermodynamic cooling system, designed to pull air from the base and distribute it evenly upward, working almost like a heat-sink to cool your back. With VITL’s engineered cooling core, you could possibly wear your backpack for hours, even with an active lifestyle, and you wouldn’t feel the stickiness of perspiration or the fatigue of carrying a backpack. The cooling system runs using an ultra-silent fan, so your backpack doesn’t make awkward whirring noises, and comes with three speed settings for you to choose from.

The cooling system, however, forms just one feature of the VITL backpack. Having engineered a solution to the sweaty-back syndrome, Kenny moved on to actually designing a backpack around his air-flow technology. Rather than limiting the VITL to just one aesthetic, Kenny and his band of design collaborators decided to make the VITL modular. With the cooling unit being a constant, Kenny and his team designed swappable backpack designs that you could interchange with a simple zip and clasp action. Depending on your need, you could choose a ‘backpack skin’ that suited your requirements the best, switching between 18 and 28 liter variants or choosing your skin based on your personal sense of style.

With its swappable backpack bodies and the thermodynamic cooling system that remains constant, VITL taps into a very new sort of design domain. It offers freedom (something most backpacks don’t) along with a feature that’s revolutionary in the backpack world, helping you look cool as well as feel cool… literally!

Designer: Kenny Tai

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VITL – First Active Cooling Modular Commuter Backpack

With its built-in cooling system and modular interchangeable styles, the VITL backpack has something for everyone.

Sweaty backs 🙁

Most people experience heat buildup between their backs and backpacks, causing discomfort and in some instances, even embarrassment.

The patent-pending VITL is the only cooling backpack that actually works during long commutes.

100% Modular To Fit Your Needs & Style

The modular skin system allows you to use the same active-cooling system with any of their skins. These skins are designed to give you utility in all situations, in a variety of styles.

Click Here to Buy Now: $168 $270 (38% off). Hurry, only 111/188 Left!