The Tego Adventure Kit lets you build your custom utility belt… like you’re Batman

With 7 modules to choose from, the Tego Adventure Kit lets you slide on, slide off, interchange, and rearrange your travel kit to build exactly what you need. The roll-up bag is perfect for everything, from your mechanic tools to stationery, gadgets, toiletries, grooming equipment, makeup, medical instruments, or even your high-tech crime-fighting gear if you’re a masked vigilante. Its modules let you carry a wide variety of accessories/belongings wherever you go, and you can just roll everything up into a compact little bundle that’s easy to carry around with you.

Designer: Parker Thomas

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The Tego Adventure Kit takes the format of the roll-up toolkit and transforms it into something much more polished, and infinitely versatile. The very basic framework of the bag lies in its different modules – or sets of mesh-lined pockets – that are all differently designed to carry different things. Whether you’re using them to carry tools or toothbrushes, grooming equipment or charging cables, or just about any small item, the Tego Adventure Kit gives you different modules to easily organize, store, and separate them based on your need.

The swappable modules can be rearranged in up to 327 different variations, letting you really organize everything down to the last item. You can attach multiple modules together to make a longer roll-up bag, or just use the modules on their own, sliding them into your backpack as organizing pouches.

The roll-up toolkit was designed to help you easily ‘lay out’ your tools in a nice spread so you could see all of them and pick out the ones you needed based on the task at hand. The Tego Adventure Kit works similarly, letting you organize and bundle up your belongings for carrying around easily, and allowing you to roll everything out flat so you can access exactly what you need whenever you need it. That’s when the mesh-lined modules come in handy too, basically allowing you to easily spot all your items.

All of the Adventure Kit’s modules come made from a durable, waterproof fabric crafted from recycled plastic bottles (each Tego Adventure Kit uses 2.7 bottles per kit). Based on your need, you could use the Adventure Kit as an easy-carry toolkit, a makeup kit, a travel toiletries bag, a stationery set, or just a pouch to easily carry and organize your tech accessories like cables, multiports, hubs, pen-drives, and SD cards.

The modules slide on or off, allowing you to expand your kit, or just carry the stuff you really need, and the roll-up kit comes with a nifty little hanger hook so you can unroll and hang your kit anywhere – a rather useful feature if you’re using it to store your toiletries, grooming kit, or your makeup kit while traveling!

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This London-based sustainability start-up is building urban backpacks out of ocean waste… and bananas

Call it irony or simply a funny coincidence, but the backpacks (which are designed to hold your stuff) are made from the stuff you throw away! The bag explores an entirely sustainable approach to fashion with fabric that’s made from recycled ocean plastic as well as vegan leather made from banana plants. It simultaneously reduces planetary clutter thanks to its sustainable materials, while organizing the clutter in your life by giving you a dapper backpack to carry stuff in!

Designer: Min Kim

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Upcycling ocean-bound plastic.’s backpack combines an approach to designing a backpack for an urban city-dweller, along with a focus on ensuring it’s not ‘just another bag’ made with more virgin materials. To execute their vision, partnered with #tide Ocean SA, an Award-winning Swiss upcycling company that turns ocean-bound plastic trash into reusable raw materials. The result is a backpack that’s made almost entirely out of recycled plastic, from its waterproof outer fabric, to even the straps and robust plastic clasps.

On purely an aesthetic front, the backpack is every bit an urban classic. Its design is simple yet sophisticated, and tries to blend in while standing out. The bag boasts of an all-black exterior that’s punctuated by a strap that vertically cuts through its volume. Designed to help the bag and the wearer stand out, the strap comes with a replaceable design that can be swapped out based on your mood or need. You can choose a bright vibrant-colored vegan leather strap to provide visual contrast against the black backpack or a reflective strap that’s perfect for biking or trekking in the dark. also offers a third strap variant made from Bananatex® – a durable, waterproof, sustainable fabric made entirely from the banana plant.

The backpack stores up to 21L, giving you enough space to carry your work + life with you on your daily commute. It comes with padded interiors and designated areas for your laptop, tech accessories, stationery, EDC, and anything you might need to carry around during your daily travel to work, the gym, the supermarket, a friend’s place, and back home. Even the clasps, buttons, buckles, and zippers are sustainably designed out of recyclable materials that can be repurposed using the same techniques used by #tide to turn ocean waste back into raw materials.

Ultimately, the broad appeal of the backpack lies in its modern design and use of modern, high-performance, sustainable materials. The fabric developed by #tide is rugged enough to take on the fast-paced hustle-bustle city life, while being waterproof so your bag can withstand rainy outdoors, and also having a reduced carbon impact because of all the recycled plastic. The interchangeable overlying strap (which forms the backpack’s most visually defining feature) gives you the unique ability to customize your bag based on your mood and need… and the folks at are building out an ecosystem of different strap designs that offer even more functionality – from straps that let you hang sports equipment like your basketball or skateboard, and even solar-panel straps that let you harness solar energy to charge your gadgets inside the bag!

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This expandable backpack somehow manages to fit an entire closet inside it… no, seriously.

Clearly, we’ve been looking at backpacks all wrong. Just 10 seconds into the video above, my sufficiently fancy laptop bag suddenly feels about as well-designed as a burlap sack. The way the Nest backpack by Tropicfeel behaves and unfolds, it rethinks bags completely. Instead of being a container to organize and store all your belongings, The Nest somehow lets you pack your life with you. Its individual compartments come apart, expand, and exist outside the bag, turning it into a detachable, modular, and expandable wardrobe/closet that unfolds when you unpack.

Designer: Lúcid Design

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The Nest’s expanding design isn’t just about creatively using the space inside the bag, it’s also about creatively attaching modules onto the existing bag to give it more meaning. The Nest’s design is centered around 3 elements of living – Daily, Hobbies, and Adventure, and it comes with purpose-built accessories and add-ons that go with the bag’s design. At its very heart, the Nest is a 16L bag with all the frills you’d expect: storage for your laptop, compartments and pockets for your belongings and tech accessories, and an overall design that blends comfort with function and style. However, its relatively benign 16L design can expand by almost double, storing 30L when expanded. The base comes with a kangaroo pocket that’s perfect for storing bulky items you’d otherwise never put in your bag (shoes, for instance), and a spider net panel on the back provides even more storage, giving you extra room for extra belongings.

What transforms the Nest into a full-blown wardrobe are its cleverly designed add-on bags. The add-ons plug right into the Nest when you need to carry them around, but when you’re unpacking, they plug right out and become individual entities. The organizer ‘cube’ can be hung on hooks, expanding into a criss-cross of pockets to store your belongings, while the smart packing cube literally folds out into a slim makeshift wardrobe for all your organized belongings. In fact, the smart packing cube itself accounts for an extra 10L of storage – giving you dedicated soft ‘shelves’ for shirts, pants, undergarments, and other belongings. A hook on the top lets the smart packing cube be hung from anywhere too, like a mini vertical wardrobe. There’s a camera ‘cube’ too, specially designed to hold your camera and all its lenses and accessories. These cubes either go inside the bag, or attach onto them like modules, allowing you to store and carry more without really making the bag bulky or cluttered. On unpacking, they simply separate into their own elements, turning a seemingly small 16L bag into a veritable closet of all your belongings.

Another extremely clever design detail on the Nest is its ‘secret compartment’ which exists almost like a trapdoor inside the backpack. It stays flat when you don’t need it, but flips open into a sturdy compartment when you want to store something precious. This secret compartment is accessible through a concealed opening that’s literally impossible for thieves to access when you’re wearing the bag. The Nest is littered with other such functional details, like a sunglasses-holder, a special secret pocket for your smartphone, lateral straps to hold onto a tripod, metal clasps to hold everything together, and a pass-through panel to let you slide your backpack onto a wheeled suitcase.

The Nest comes from the folks at Tropicfeel, an innovation-driven team of 36 operating out of Barcelona responsible for creating two of the most funded outdoor shoes on Kickstarter in 2018 and 2019 respectively. The Nest is their sophomore bag, following the wildly successful Shell backpack, which raised over $2 million from nearly 8000 backers just last year. Building on the success of last year’s backpack design, the Nest is an everyday backpack that’s also purpose-built for your next adventure, and is designed to be more compact yet more accommodating. It comes in a single cabin-friendly 16L size that expands to 20L with the kangaroo pouch, while giving you an extra removable 10L storage thanks to the smart packing cube. Just the bag itself costs $128 on Kickstarter (or $200 retail) going up to $228 if you go for the backpack with all the accessories. Like every one of Tropicfeel’s products, it’s built to last, ships internationally, and comes backed by a robust lifetime warranty.

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Overstuffed pockets are a problem. Say hello to bolstr Elements – crossbody alternatives for your everyday carry

More spacious than your pockets and more compact than your backpack, bolstr Elements comes in a range of perfectly sized bags and accessories that let you carry all your daily essentials in one place. The series is available in three sizes that you can wear crossbody, carry in-hand, clip-on via carabiner, or store in-bag for organization. bolstr Elements gives you a dedicated space for all your personal effects, from your phone and wallet, to your keys, AirPods, sunglasses, and other small items with which you would otherwise stuff your pockets.

Designer: Jay Yoo

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bolstr addresses three degrees of minimal everyday carry, filling a sweet spot in the bag market between your pockets and an oversized backpack.

BOLSTR MINI POCKET. Larger than a wallet, smaller than a handbag.

MINI: An extra pocket for pocket essentials only. Four pockets for credit cards, Airpods, charging cables, and more.

BOLSTR AUX POCKET. Smaller than a sling pack. Larger than a wallet.

AUX: An extra pocket designed for daily essentials, but not much more. Five pockets for a smartphone, Airpods, credit cards, passport, and wallet. Elastic bands for charging cables and a pen.

BOLSTR SMALL CARRY. Smaller than a laptop bag. Larger than a holster.

SMALL CARRY: Five pockets for sunglasses, smartphone, airpods, wallet, passport, small tablet, but not much more.

bolstr’s designs build on close to 20 years of soft goods design (apparel and accessories). Asymmetrical shapes create visual tension, which bolstr uses for aesthetics and identity. You know it is a ‘bolstr’ just by looking at it.

Obsessed with quality and innovation, the company uses only the best materials. Military-grade materials of construction, including Dyneema*, waterproof YKK zippers, Fidlock magnetic closure (Small Carry),  D-rings for keys, aluminum clip hooks for strapping and keys (MINI an AUX) and made in the USA.

*Dyneema is a high-performance material known to be 15x stronger than steel, finding its way into mission-critical applications like tethers that pull satellites in space.

Why make a bag with more than seven (7) pockets? bolstr’s design philosophy, BA7ANCE™, is based on half a century of cognitive research, which proved ‘chunks’ of information longer than 7 become significantly harder to remember. All bolstr bags have no more than 7 pockets, making them the perfect ‘in between’ carry with just the right amount of space.

The bolstr Elements Kickstarter offers four colorways: Stealth (ballistic), Grey Matter (ballistic), Lunar Blue (Cordura®), and B-DYM (Dyneema). All bolstr Elements are available as add-ons, in addition to facemasks, Niteize stainless steel slim carabiners, and their Universal Strap. Clean your carry!

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Camera Accessories designed to transform photography lovers from amateur to pro level!

No matter how advanced photography tech may get, there’s something about DSLRs and the fact that they always reign supreme. Anyone who owns a DSLR takes the utmost care of their precious camera, it’s their most prized possession! They’re always looking for the best ways to take care of and amp up their camera. And, for those photography lovers, we’ve curated a collection of accessories that promise to function as the perfect sidekick to your DSLR. This bunch of accessories will elevate the functionality and usability of your camera, giving your pictures that extra professional edge and boost!

Looking quite like a miniaturized stage setup from Coachella, the Photon was designed to give your photography the next big hardware upgrade. With an incredible camera now being able to fit right in your pocket, it only made sense to make expert studio lighting accessible to everyone too. The Photon isn’t your regular lightbox. It’s a modular system of more than 2700 LEDs arranged within 75 LED blocks. You can trigger any arrangement of LED blocks at any time, lighting up your subjects/products in ways that you never imagined… and you don’t need to manually move lights to change your lighting setup. You can just press a few buttons on your smartphone to switch off one LED block at one location and trigger another one at a different location to dynamically change your light arrangement.

Meet RGKit Play, a set of delightfully modular robotic components that you can put together to create your own motion rig. Comprising all sorts of toys and tools like wireless motors, belts, pulleys, turntables, rails, light controllers, and sensors, RGKit Play lets you easily and effectively create rigs to film professional-style videos, move/animate your products, create motion sculptures, and even make stop-motion films without breaking the bank! RGKit Play puts you in the role of the DOP (Director of Photography) as the robots carry out your vision. You can shoot professional-looking videos, or even create stop-motion flicks using RGKit-compatible stop-motion software. Moreover, the kit even lets you build complex dioramas or kinetic art pieces, bringing your sculptures and illustrations to life by using moving, sliding, and other interacting modules to add motion to your art and designs!

Designed to echo the V4’s aesthetic, each ‘DSLR Cube’ can be used as a standalone carry-along pouch for when you just want to have a camera with you. If you really want to up your game, the V4’s additional accessories even include a passport case that snaps to the bag’s side and even though the bag is thoroughly weatherproof, an additional silicone coated nylon fabric rain cover shields your entire bag from the harshest rain, sleet, and snow… making your travel, adventure, and photography game absolutely hardcore!

Quite literally designed to be the most essential accessory to your phone, laptop, tablet, and even your DSLR, the MoovyGo works as a single solution to your charging needs, allowing you to plug all your devices into one single power source. The tech built within the MoovyGo establishes the power requirements of each device, so your laptop gets its appropriate amount of power, while the power supply to your phone, tablet, and DSLR are all calibrated to their specifications. It also houses within it a power bank, allowing you to charge your portable devices on the go, and even houses a 10W Qi wireless fast-charger on its upper surface, allowing you to quickly juice your smartphone, wearable, or your wireless earphones when the going gets tough.

The DJI FPV X is an RC camera car concept for Filmmakers designed by Parth Kashikar and DAAPworks and comes in handy for enhancing the ease of use and equipment safety. This cool idea came across when Parth participated in a student film project and identified the loopholes in the traditional systems. First up, the RC camera dolly has a larger platform to lower the center of gravity, thereby reducing rollovers’ risk at high speeds. The adaptive stabilization tech at the robotic camera pivot point helps in eliminating the shakiness too. Taking inspiration from the DJI VR headset, the person can control the camera movement by moving in the intended direction in the 3D space. Parth imagines using an existing DJI controller to drive the vehicle in any direction – even recording the motion paths to be replayed in case the intended shot is not achieved. The RC vehicle has easy to replace modular parts to make repairs convenient.

Moment’s Camera Organizer is ideal for storing cameras and lenses, while a battery pouch allows you to easily carry extra batteries, SD cards, and cables. The Tech Organizer and Mini Organizer offer storage for stuff like charging cables, power banks, headphones/earphones, so you can easily pop them out of your bag and carry them to your makeshift workspace, having all your work paraphernalia right on your desk instead of embedded inside your backpack.

I’m of the opinion that a camera is only as good as the person wielding it… so an accessory for the photographer makes as much a difference to the output as an accessory for the camera does. An unlikely product that’s poised to massively upgrade your capabilities as a photographer, the Langly Field Jacket was designed by photographers, for photographers. Its triple-layered construction allows the wearer to stay sheltered in the rain, wind, and even the snow. Developed around a proprietary technology called Weathershield, the jacket keeps water, dust, and snow out while still remaining breathable on the inside. While the build and the fabric allow photographers to overcome tough weather conditions, the design of the jacket itself only enhances that fact. On the outside, the jacket has four cargo pockets that can fit lenses as large as 200mm, while allowing you to holster your camera while you’re preparing yourself for a shot.

Sitting at the junction of style and security, Hardgraft’s chestnut-colored Frame Camera Bag comes with an all-leather exterior and a protective padded melange grey wool interior. Its universal size makes it ideal for all kinds of SLRs, and a padded divider even gives you ample storage for additional lenses and other accessories. The Frame Camera Bag’s all leather construction truly gives it a distinct appeal, with its unified design made entirely from that chestnut brown Italian tanned leather. The bag comes with an adjustable leather strap and even sports a reverse nylon zipped pocket on the side for any other belongings you may have on you.

Designed to be modular, functional, expandable, durable, and versatile, the OneMo has an answer for any sort of scenario. The bag comes with a spacious 25L inner that can be infinitely segregated using modular walls, allowing you to carefully pack and secure your belongings. Whether it’s a camera, a microphone, an expensive lens, or just a pair of clothes, these modular walls flex and bend to form the layout you need, changing every time you change your gear. Modular compartments aside, the OneMo even comes with its own detachable storage unit which transforms into a secondary shoulder bag for stuff like drones, lenses, etc.

The Pinhole Pro comes with completely machined metal construction. The absence of a glass lens makes it more resilient and impervious to damages like scratches, smudges, etc. What’s the most interesting is that the Pinhole Pro features a variable aperture, with pinhole sizes going all the way from 0.1mm to 0.8mm in diameter. The pinhole diameter is adjustable by the dial around the lens, allowing you to play with multiple pinhole diameters, allowing for real-time experimentation and manipulation, a feature that doesn’t exist in any model so far. Smaller pinholes provide crisp details but require a lot of light, while larger pinholes are great for shooting vintage, Hitchcock-esque videos!

This Japanese artisan has devised a technique to make real leather looked like beautiful grunge silver

By meticulously adding pieces of silver foil to leather, Kyotonese artisan Hiroto Rakusho gives the material an appearance that’s absolutely unmatched. A natural hide looks metallic, almost futuristic, while still possessing the qualities of leather, like its flexibility, and its ability to patina over time. The RINPA Silver Foil Leather bags are a combination of things – Haute fashion, Japanese craftsmanship, and a strange steampunk grunge-ish aesthetic. Never did I expect myself to say this but they go together pretty well.

Designer: Hiroto Rakusho

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The RINPA Silver bags are a result of a collaborative effort between Rakusho and Hishiya CalenBlosso, a company that manufactures kimono accessories in the traditional Japanese style. The bags are quite a deviation for both of them, but show how two creative forces can collide to create something new. The process of metalizing the leather, for the most part, is entirely done by hand. Rather than going for commercially available artificial leather that’s been sprayed with a synthetic silver coating, the RINPA Silver series stays truly authentic to the materials, using real leather and even real silver and gold foils.

Rakusho lays down the foils swatch by swatch, gently pressing them onto the leather with a brush. He then peels the back-layer of the foil off, leaving the thin metallic film stuck to the leather. For a distressed appearance, Rakusho brushes on the foil, creating an appearance that’s unique to each bag. It’s a technique he inherited from his father and perfected over time. It’s also a technique that Rakusho says has been in severe decline as people are much more comfortable with synthetic PU leather that’s just been spray-painted with a metallic finish. Now, his foil-layering technique is mostly used in art restoration, where Rakusho is quite the legend. In particular, his high-resolution facsimile of the National Treasure “The Wind and Thunder Gods”, dedicated to Kenninji Temple, is famous for its precise reproduction of the original texture, using his own developed foil technique.

Tote Bag MACHIMURA 3.0 Bag


The RINPA Silver series of bags come in four styles – a large handbag called the Passport 3.0, a shoulder-slung Laptop Bag, a Tote Bag, and a super-slim Paper bag. The PASSPORT 3.0 is a part of Hishiya CalenBlosso’s crowd-favorite Passport series. It comes with a hidden pocket at the bottom of the main pocket, where the president of Hishiya would often store his passport. The biggest in the series, it holds everything from your laptop to your documents, tablet, phone, and a bunch of other belongings. For something even more compact yet spacious enough to fit your laptop, there’s the Laptop Bag known as the MATSUYAMACHI 2.0, a compact, comfortable bag for professional women, with space to fit your laptop and other work essentials.

Tote Bag MACHIMURA 3.0 in Mixed color

The third Tote Bag is a common classic. Named the MACHIMURA 3.0, it features a large front pocket and a simple design in which the foil surface pattern stands out the most, and is perfectly sized for day-to-day use. The smallest/slimmest in the series is the Paper Bag, or the TAIRA4, which is as slim as a few sheets of paper when empty, but expands to hold your belongings, thanks to a hidden gusset at the base of the bag.

Leather paper bag TAIRA4

The RINPA Silver series of bags come in a variety of patterns too, combining silver-layered leather parts with black tanned leather. The beauty in the way they’re made is in the bag’s evolving aesthetic. Leather patinas with time, and Rakusho’s foil-layered leather is no different. However, the foil’s marginally uneven thickness causes it to fade/patina very differently. Each bag looks unique when you buy it, and even more so with use. The bags are built to last but are also designed to age gracefully like any authentic leather bag.

Besides, the square-shaped outline of the foil swatches is visible on the bag’s surface too, giving it an incredibly alluring grunge appearance that never goes out of style. For people looking for something more eye-catching than the silver, there’s even the Gokusai Gold Leather special-edition limited to three units per bag. The Gokusai Gold Leather series comes with a shimmering gold foil, along with a beautiful combination of other colors, in a bespoke composition that’s unique to you.

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This backpack is designed for stylish millennials who want to add a pop of colour to office outfit!

It’s no secret that today’s younger generations look at work differently. Just because ‘adulting’ was once equated with a 9-5 office job, it doesn’t mean it still is or that we ever have to lose our own sense of style while working one. Today’s younger generations are geared towards more casual, remote working anyway, workplaces have implemented more transparent and inclusive business models, and employers are steadily recognizing the value in each of their employee’s unique personalities and perspectives. Named after the German word for “young,” the Jung Business Backpack designed by Nicole Nassif was created for the young (or old) professional who wants to show off their personal style inside and outside of the office.

Nassif set out to build a backpack that’s conventional in function, yet unconventional in appearance. The Jung Business Backpack takes care of all the practical needs as your standard business bag. Inside, a padded laptop sleeve protects your personal computer from any potential damage following a fall or drop. Then, an outer sleeve wraps over the backpack’s main zipper, offering an extra buffer against any potential damage and a place to tie any items or carabiners to the outside of your backpack. Nassif stitched accessory pockets to the exterior of the Jung Business Backpack, providing spaces for you to keep your smartphone, stationery, and car keys. Each leather pocket is also given a primary color, answering Nassif’s whimsical blueprint. Plastic bubbles were also sewn into Jung’s outer sleeve to provide an added layer of protection against the elements and theft, keeping your accessories safe inside their bubbles.

Maintaining the backpack’s traditional silhouette, Nassif gave the Jung Business Backpack a rectangular shape, rounding its corners to give it a less rigid form and echo its young personality. Combining playful colors with heavy-duty materials and an overall minimalist personality, Nassif built the Jung Business Backpack to remind us all that work doesn’t have to be so serious all the time.

Designer: Nicole Nassif

Nicole Nassif set out to design a backpack that’s conventional in function and unconventional in appearance.

Nassif’s final prototype envisions plastic bubbles to cover leather accessory pockets.

Named after the German word for “young,” Jung Backpack is whimsical in appearance but gets the job done in the office.

Accessory pockets line the outside of Jung, while a padded laptop pocket fills up a quarter of its interior space. The backpack’s outer sleeve wraps around Jung’s exterior with plastic buckles that leave room to tie any items or carabiners.

Nassif aimed to create a minimalist backpack, adding whimsical accents like primary color pockets.

Bicycle accessories designed to that make your cycling experience safe, secure, and exciting!

If in this era of pollution, pandemic, and panic, you aren’t already a bicycle person, it’s high time you convert into one! Bicycles are slowly becoming people’s preferred means of transportation. People are ditching the fossil fuel consuming and air pollution causing automobiles for the more eco-friendly option of bikes! Not only are bicycles a boon to the environment, but they also promote good health and ensure we get our daily dose of physical exercise done. In fact, you can even upgrade and amp up your bicycle with some fun and functional accessories! From a detachable bike bag that incorporates a rear signal light to a minimal wall mount that truly showcases your bike – these accessories are the perfect sidekicks to your bicycle!

This minimal bike wall mount truly showcases your ride! Bike wall mounts are usually eyesores because of their clunky form. You rarely find a wall mount that is aesthetically pleasing but this one by Alexander Yoo is what visual zen looks like. The wooden brackets and metal base works with any interior set up and the CMF gives it an evergreen style. This bike wall mount puts your ride in the spotlight. It keeps it visually clean and clutter-free!

The Lumis Bike Bag from Happy Buddha integrates a translucent compartment area and accompanying rear signal light for their storage bag to assure riders that they’ll be seen on the road even at night. To attach Happy Buddha to their bicycle, users simply slide the Lumis Bike Bag’s translucent plastic covering onto the rear light and both can then be connected to the bicycle. The rear light projects onto Lumis Bike Bag’s plastic top to increase its visibility and brightness for nighttime riding and packed city streets. Whenever the user’s bike is left unattended, the Lumis Bike Bag itself can easily be dislodged from its joined rear light, providing portability and an added sense of security.

Litelok Go Flexi-U is the world’s first insurance-rated, flexible U-lock for bikes. Unlike conventional U-locks that come with a rigid design, the Go Flexi-U sports a flexible design that can easily wrap around poles, fences, and other objects. It matches the strength and durability of traditional U-locks while being incredibly lightweight (641 grams). Moreover, it easily straps to your bike’s frame, making it rather easy to carry around with you as you ride!

Don’t let its unseemingly tiny design fool you, Canyon’s Fix 3-in-1 tool houses a veritable bicycle-fixing tool-shop in a compact yet extremely versatile form factor. Combining 3 tools into 1 small, light mini-tool, it features a ratchet with 4 double-sided bits, a Dynaplug® tool to fix punctures on tubeless tires, and a CO2 inflator to pump up flats. With a CNC-milled aluminum body, it weighs just 45g yet can deliver up to 30 Nm of torque, helping you pull apart your cycle and fix it together with no fuss. Plus, it’s about the size of your finger, so you can easily stash it anywhere while riding.

The Corky by THE BEAM gives you the literal power of hindsight. Designed to snugly dock right into your bike’s drop bars, Corky’s universal design retrofits into any bike’s handlebars, giving you an instant flip-out convex rear-view mirror that lets you occasionally get an idea of what’s behind you. The Corky’s design weighs a mere 16g, adding functionality to your bike without adding weight. The ABS body is lightweight and impact-resistant, while the PC mirror is robust and can resist scuffs and scratches. Within the ABS body lies a steel bolt that lets you tightly fit the Corky into your bicycle’s drop bar.

Vanity is one of the main reasons why cyclists ditch the helmet and ride without any head protection. I understand their point of view, but don’t agree with them. You could be a safe cyclist, but there is little that you can do about an inefficient driver. Solving the issue of using a helmet that mars your appearance, the Porsche Vuelta Smart Cycling Helmet looks sleek and sexy. It almost makes you feel like you’re riding a Harley Davidson or a Porsche Bike! The goodness doesn’t stop here, designer Jihwan Lee has also included smart functions like front and rear lights, hard brake and turn signals, onto the helmet. The Porsche Vuelta pairs up with your phone via Bluetooth and intuitive buttons are on the side to adjust volumes without having to take your phone out.

The UFO Lights are a pair of pretty standard-looking pedals, albeit with a key difference. They come with detachable lamp modules that sit flush at the end of each pedal, and you can switch them on to help other vehicles on the road see you better. The lamp units come with 300-lumen LEDs on the inside that automatically switch on when you begin riding, and turn red when you decelerate, just like a taillight would. The lights move as your pedals rotate, creating a motion pattern that makes them easily visible in the dark – allowing cars, bikes, larger vehicles, and even pedestrians to be alerted of your presence. Beams are even cast on the road below to create a 1-meter halo, giving other vehicles a buffer zone as they overtake you.



The Kiox is an onboard computer for your e-bike that lets you visualize data such as your speed, cadence, distance, battery level, and even access more niche features like indicating when your bike needs servicing, as well as rider’s health stats like heart rate, etc. Kiox’s main device sits right between your handlebars, while its control (a separate unit) can be mounted near your left or right hand for ease-of-use. A 1.9-inch screen comes with vivid colors that can display data in all weather and daytime conditions, and it even comes with a GorillaGlass cover to protect it from scratches, bumps, or even grit that may get on it as you cycle through demanding conditions.



Wall-mounted bicycle storage appeals to two demographics, the first being fanatics who view their bicycle as a piece of art and would love for it to become a feature in the home. The second is for people who live in compact, inner-city apartments where space can be limited and having to store a bulky and awkwardly shaped bicycle can be a hassle. The Berlin Bicycle Rack caters to both these demographics, as not only is it a stunning, Nordic inspired bicycle rack, but also a storage system for other household possessions; the Birch wood assembly lends itself to the storage of magazines, bicycle accessories, books and office items. The hand finished, contemporary design allows for the Berlin Bicycle Rack to be introduced into a wide variety of interior décors and to be seamlessly integrated into the space.

Designed to look like an abstraction of a wall-mounted animal trophy, the Longhorn is hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon, using Evergreen Wood, a leather bicycle seat, and bull-style road handlebars. The wall art isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but it serves as a functional bike rack too! Equipped to hold any standard-sized bicycle (weighing up to 65lbs), the Longhorn suspends itself using 3.5″ screws to bring unquestionable stability no matter what wall material you hang it on. No bicycles were harmed in the making of this rack… I assume.

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This hip-bag can seamlessly expand into a full-size backpack in under 10 seconds

It’s safe to say that the DUPLEX bags bring a rather new definition to the term ‘expansion packs’! With their unique shape-shifting design, DUPLEX’s bags can go from compact to spacious in roughly 5 seconds, covering a wide variety of use-cases. Maybe on some days you need a tiny shoulder-sling, on other days you need a backpack, and on some special days, you could use a duffle bag. Well, DUPLEX’s design was made to cover just that, with the way it’s built. The bags are designed in a way that they tuck into themselves, transforming into a new type of bag altogether. This essentially means you’ve got two types of bags in one single design, and that no matter what your needs are, the DUPLEX’s versatile build has you covered.

The DUPLEX series of bags come in two variants that transform into a total of four bags. You’ve got the DUPLEX ASCENT, which goes from a hip bag (or a fanny pack) into a full-size backpack, and the DUPLEX ROAM, which starts off as a compact cross-body bag but can expand up to 4 times in size into a large duffle bag for all your belongings. Designed for the spontaneous, versatile, and active traveler, the bags accommodate everything from the specifics for certain activities, to broad categories of luggage for longer trips. Even though both the bags are designed on the same philosophy of expansion, they’re suited to different traveler niches. The DUPLEX ASCENT starts off as a hip bag that’s perfect for EDC and regular commutes. Spacious enough for most of your essentials, the pack can be worn around the waist, slung on a shoulder, or strapped across for comfort. It comes with 5L of storage and has both internal as well as external compartments, along with an adjustable belt. One of those compartments conceals the ASCENT’s fold-out backpack, which when opened, takes its overall storage to a whopping 23.5L. The backpack is large enough to store your 13″ laptop among other belongings, and comes with all the trims and accessories, including two water-bottle pockets, multiple zippered compartments, adjustable shoulder-straps, breathable padded mesh, and a nice loop to hang your sunglasses.

The DUPLEX ROAM, on the other hand, is purpose-built for travel, working out, and training or playing on the court or at the field. In its small avatar, it exists as a nifty cross-body bag with 3L of storage that’s perfect for your sunglasses, headphones, and other EDC. However, a singular zipper helps the bag expand 5x into a duffle with 15L of storage. While the cross-body bag comes with a single adjustable shoulder-strap, the duffle sports a strap along with two easy-to-carry handles. Perfect for the gym or the courts, the duffle has multiple compartments on the side as well as a large compartment in the center for your gear, shoes, etc. A four-way stretchable mesh pocket is perfect for airing out any clothes you may have worn, and the bag even sports a pass-through handle to secure it to a travel case just in case you’re hitting the roads.

The secret sauce of both the DUPLEX ASCENT and ROAM lies in two things, the way they’re constructed, and the materials they use. Their ingenious foldable/flexible designs are definitely what make them such clever backpack designs, but that ingenuity is championed by their use of incredibly flexible and lightweight materials, notably the black 200D ripstop nylon outer clad, and the bright, high-visibility 68D ripstop nylon interiors. The benefit of the nylon fabric, aside from its flexibility and light weight, is also in its sheer durability and its water-resistant nature. The bags also come with bright orange interiors, making finding your gear easy in low-light settings, 3D warp-knit geometric meshes for breathability, adjustable padded straps for comfort, and two-way zippers with silicone zipper pulls.

The shapeshifting bags come from the clever folks at Afar & Away, a Portland-based outdoor brand aiming to make bags as versatile as the people carrying them. By existing in one of two avatars, DUPLEX’s bags have something for everyone, and if you ever feel like you’re running out of space, the bags expand nearly 5-fold to give you all the organized storage you ever wanted. The DUPLEX ASCENT is available at a Kickstarter early-bird price of $60, while the smaller DUPLEX ROAM is early-bird priced at just $40. The campaign ends in less than a week, so you may want to go ahead and ‘bag’ this while you can!

Designer: Cole Gerst | Afar & Away

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Duplex – Adaptable, Minimal & Versatile Bags

Designed for the modern traveler, outdoor enthusiast and urban explorer, the Duplex series are bags that transform in seconds.

The DUPLEX ASCENT hip pack can be worn around the waist or as a sling. It has a large storage compartment with organizational pockets, a key clip and a front zippered pocket. It converts into a full-size backpack in a matter of seconds, quadrupling in size and carrying capacity. While in backpack mode, you still have access to all the hip pack storage as well.

The DUPLEX ROAM crossbody bag has 2 outside quick access pockets and a large zippered interior storage compartment. The dual-adjustable shoulder strap is padded and has a breathable mesh for comfort. Access a hidden zipper on the bottom of the bag and transform this bag into a duffle bag in seconds. You now have over 5 times the storage capacity.

Duplex Ascent Features

The DUPLEX ASCENT is lightweight, roomy and gives you multiple ways to carry.

Converting the DUPLEX ASCENT from a hip pack to a backpack is quick and easy.

The DUPLEX ASCENT bag converts quickly to hold a ton of gear.

In hip pack mode, you have quick access to organized storage.

The hip pack compartment is ample and provides divided organization when in backpack mode. The quick attachment loop is perfect for a bike light.

The belt is dual adjustable for maximum comfort. The hip pack belt can be neatly tucked away when not in use. The hip pack belt can be used to help offload weight from your shoulders when in backpack mode.

Multiple external 4-way stretch pockets for extra carrying capability. The large backpack compartment has a divider that can hold up to a 13″ laptop. Dual 4-way stretch water bottle pockets with cinch straps hold large and small bottles securely.


Lightweight, durable and versatile. Carry small and go big when you need it.

The DUPLEX ROAM in crossbody mode is compact, but holds all your daily essentials and more. Be spontaneous, the DUPLEX ROAM bag is ready to adapt on the go.

This little bag holds all this gear!

A front drop pocket provides quick, secure access. The primary crossbody storage compartment can hold larger items such as full-sized headphones.

A dual zippered top panel gives you access to the main crossbody organized storage. A 4-way stretch pocket with a cinch strap keeps water bottles in place.

The duffle compartment is accessed by a large zippered top opening. You still have access to the crossbody storage for divided organization. A zippered side pocket on the duffle provides more storage for items you need quickly. Attach the ROAM crossbody to the ASCENT backpack using the cinch straps for even more carrying capability.

Detailed Video Walkthroughs

Click Here to Buy Now: $40 $60 ($20 off). Hurry, less than 72-hours left!

Product designs to help you return to office + boost work productivity in the new normal!

Offices are slowly opening up, and people are returning to their everyday work routines. Though the world may be returning to normalcy, it’s still important to take the necessary precautions and always be careful! And you may need a few products to help you with that. So, we’ve put together a collection of product designs to help you prepare for your return to the office while taking into consideration that there is a whole new normal now. From sanitizing devices to air-sealed work pods, and even quirky office stationeries, this range of office gear will help you rehabilitate into your work environment as effortlessly and safely as possible!

Just like working from home brought to light issues we didn’t have, working in the office during or after a pandemic will have its own set of new issues and that is what designers are aiming to solve with concepts with Qworkntine. The non-essential companies have to open up at some point to keep the economy (and our income) running. Qworkntine is an air-tight pod system that wants to make working in offices safe while we figure out long-term solutions. It protects the employees and can make it easy to monitor how many employees are in per square meter of the space – it also makes contact tracing convenient in larger offices. Its hexagonal shape lets companies arrange it in any format to suit their physical office – it is like assembling a beehive to keep all the bees healthy and happy! It can be customized to fit right-angled corners and can be elongated as per the needs.

We’ve featured external SSDs on this website before, but the Cléxi is something completely new. Perhaps one of the first SSDs to take encryption and security incredibly seriously, Cléxi uses a 2-factor authentication system to grant you access to the drive’s data. Once enabled, the security measures require two steps to let you access your files. First, you need to tap your phone on the Cléxi, which then sends a prompt to your phone to scan your face. Once the Cléxi knows it’s you accessing your files, it automatically unlocks for you, protecting your data from being accessed or copied by anyone… and that’s just the first step in Cléxi’s multi-pronged approach to protect your files.

Meet the Hygiene Hand, a Captain Hook-inspired piece of EDC that lets you interact with the world without, well, physically interacting with it. Machined from a brass billet, which is known to possess anti-microbial properties, the Hygiene Hand acts as a keychain that you can use to push, pull, and generally maneuver objects without actually touching them. Designed by a retired New York paramedic, the Hygiene Hand is what you get when Everyday Carry meets Personal Protective Equipment.

Ukrainian product designer Julia Kononenko created the ‘Eco Pot’, an intriguing little product that organizes your desk and adds a pop of green to it! The multipurpose desk accessory is basically a flower pot with an integrated pen holder. Divided into two sections, the smaller square-shaped section has been reserved to store your pens and pencils. Whereas the elevated larger section functions as a planter. Add a succulent or two and watch your desk bloom! Crafted from elmwood, Eco Pot is also lined with glass vessels, to ensure that neither the water nor soil damage the wood structure. The glass cover also helps to keep your desk dust-free even if the plants haven’t been planted.

You may remember Wool & Oak from their past Kickstarter campaigns, including the wildly successful 6-in-1 Duffle that introduced modularity to travel cases. Their latest campaign, The ALL DAY BAG, brings that very same level of problem-solving and pragmatism to a product that’s clearly plagued with problems. By redesigning the core UX of the woman’s handbag, The ALL DAY BAG gives women the ability to do more and carry more, with the freedom of being able to wear their handbag the way they see fit. The ALL DAY BAG is essentially a well-designed backpack in the avatar of a woman’s handbag. It functions as a tote, backpack, and office purse!

It’s a wireless charger, but it’s better than a wireless charger. Cell by Ampere works as a dock as well as a UV sterilization chamber for your belongings. It’s a weirdly relevant combination of features but believe me, Cell does a great job of being multifunctional but still being sensible. Every feature and use-case is well thought out, making it just the most conveniently handy accessory to have on you. Here, let me explain. Cell by Ampere comes with a collapsible design that houses 2 wireless charging coils on the top, and UV-C LEDs on the base. Place your phone on top, and it fast-charges without wires, however, collapse the silicon rim around the sides and the base becomes a UV chamber, allowing you to sterilize your phone, watch, earphones, keys, or any EDC in mere minutes.

The Memo Roll is shaped like a teardrop, and to understand its functionality, I guess it’s best to compare it to a tape dispenser. It’s basically a tape dispenser…for Post-It or memo notes! You simply tug out a note as needed, scrawl down whatever you need to remember, and stick it onto your desk or bulletin board. No more scrounging around for your memo notepad, while you struggle to jot down crucial details. You can place your Memo Roll conveniently onto your work desk, providing you with easy access to the notes. You surely won’t miss its cute quirky form.

Relying on a process that turns regular tap water into Electrolysed (EO) water, the IOON spray gives you an instant, effective, non-toxic sanitizer that you can spray on everything from your hands to door-handles, and from elevator buttons to cutlery (and even food!) When electrolyzed or ionized, water breaks down into a solution of hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide, which acts as a remarkable detergent and disinfectant, instantly killing bacteria, cleansing off harmful chemicals from food, purifying the air, as well as busting odors. The technology, which has existed for over 4 decades, creates an all-purpose cleaning solution that replaces the need for carpet-cleaners, floor-cleaners, room-fresheners, car-fresheners, fruit and vegetable purifiers, and general disinfectants. Needless to say, the electrolyzed water is food-safe, child-safe, and eliminates the need to clean your house with chemicals that aren’t healthy… and the IOON, a small, portable spraying device, can electrolyze and spray the water directly from within its hand-held, wireless form factor.

The N30 is a literal trip down memory lane, taking inspiration from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller. Designed as a juxtaposition between classic and modern, this mouse, created by Daniel Jansson for 8BitDo transforms a hallmark of console gaming into a neat, functional mouse that’s a sheer tactile joyride! The mouse originated as a concept created by Janssen in 2009, only becoming a reality this year after 8BitDo really saw promise in it. The wireless mouse comes with clear-cut lines that you’d imagine wouldn’t be comfortable, but actually do feel familiar. It features classic NES controller-style red left and right-click buttons, resting on a black platform which is, in fact, a touch-sensitive scroller. To complete this whacky/adorable mouse’s design, Janssen incorporated a D-Pad on the side, that can be controlled via your thumb.

Busy workdays sometimes mean compromise for our meals. Instead of sitting down to fully enjoy a meal and our full lunch hour, we’re three-quarters of the way through a sandwich the size of our face five minutes after closing time. As relaxing and recalibrating as sitting down to eat a proper meal can be, work always seems to come first. SOC is a lunch box created by designers at Midea who hope to bring back the ceremony of enjoying a meal, even during the busier workdays. SOC Lunch Box is a three-tier lunch container packaged inside a magnetic carrying case that doubles as a tablecloth. The three levels of SOC provide space for the user’s different food items to be separated and neatly arranged, with enough room inside for utensils and a metal cover that keeps the food steamed throughout the day. With three enclosed compartments, each meal taken from SOC will taste as fresh as when it was made