Shiftcam Workflow Sling finally gives smartphone photographers their own bag

You might chuckle or even roll your eyes at the so-called social media “influencers,” but it’s actually a lucrative (not to mention addictive) industry. That’s not even considering the new breed of photographers that rely only on their smartphones, plus some specialized lenses, to jump immediately into the middle of an action and not miss a beat by having to take out a bulky DSLR. But despite the popularity of smartphone photography, this market also feels a little underserved judging by the lack of basic accessories like something as simple yet as important as a camera bag. Now the wait is finally over and mobile shutterbugs can now enjoy the freedom and versatility that a dedicated smartphone camera bag offers thanks to Shiftcam’s new Workflow Sling, the first hyperfocused camera bag designed just for smartphone photography.

Designer: Shiftcam

The reason why some people prefer to capture photos and record videos using a smartphone is the near-instant action and versatility. You almost always have your smartphone with you, whether in your hand or in your pocket, and you can immediately edit and share those photos on social media. In fact, you can livestream directly from your phone, something that’s not easily done with a digital camera. But as your smartphone photography skills get better, you start to need and use more advanced accessories that you can’t easily fit in your pocket. That’s what a camera bag is for, and the Workflow Sling brings that same convenience to smartphones at long last.

It’s more than just a regular sling bag, mind you, because every corner and every feature was designed for people who use their smartphones as cameras. There’s a dedicated “Action Pocket” in the central compartment that makes sure your smartphone is in your hand in a split second. There are also dedicated pockets to keep your smartphone lenses safe and within reach, like the ones you might be purchasing from Shiftcam itself. There’s also plenty of room for all sorts of smartphone photography tools, from a tripod to a drone to even a water bottle to keep you hydrated during your adventures.

The Workflow Sling, however, does more than just hold your phone and its accessories. There’s an innovative MagSafe clip that lets you attach your phone to the strap and on your chest for a dramatic first-person view or in front of the bag, turning it into a makeshift stand. These features clearly mark this accessory as a product that was designed from the ground up to cater to smartphone shutterbugs, delivering the functionality and features that finally put them on the same playing field as the pros with their bulkier, heavier, and more expensive equipment.

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How this gigantic briefcase lets you set up a tidy office desk anywhere

The recent pandemic really threw a wrench into the established machinery of the world, both office and school. Never mind how unprepared most people (especially bosses) were to bring their work home with them, many didn’t even have a spare table to use as a work desk. Sure, you could temporarily use any table, usually the dining table, as your home office, but the mess and cleanup that such an ad hoc system entails only adds to the stress of an already stressful situation. Although the world has largely gone back to normal, work-from-home arrangements have become just as normal, even if less available, so the need for a portable workstation hasn’t exactly gone away. Accordingly, there are quite a few products designed to address that need, but this rather sizable briefcase probably takes the cake in terms of versatility and oddity.

Designer: Worky

Taking work home is nothing new, of course. Attache cases and laptops were designed to make it possible to carry your work with you, but those still required that you have some sort of office setup to be productive. Yes, you could technically put some laptops on your lap, but not all work can actually be done on a computer. That’s not even considering how some people need not only other tools but also sources of inspiration to get them into a more productive and creative mood. If only you could actually bring your office desk anywhere with you, without actually bringing your office desk.

The Worky Home Office is a product that attempts to do exactly that, within some saner limits, of course. Not only can it hold your 15-inch laptop, it also has plenty of space for your important stationery. There’s even a built-in magnetic dry-erase board for notes, sticky notes, and photos. There’s also an LED strip around the edges of the top half to light up your face during video meetings, and a four-port power strip for charging your devices.

The idea is to have a miniature version of your office desk or at least some semblance of it, that you can quickly set up on any table without worrying about leaving a mess that you need to clean up afterward. Simply close the laptop (and put it back in the strap), close down the lid, and you’re good to go. Any space in your house can become your temporary office, including the bed and the couch.

Admittedly, the Worky Home Office isn’t exactly as portable as a laptop in a big bag, and some wouldn’t be caught dead using such a gargantuan contraption in public. Of course, it can hold and do a lot more than a regular bag or briefcase, and the heft and awkwardness are the figurative price you have to pay for that convenience. As for the literal price, the Home Office goes for $149.99, which is a serious investment for such a portable but quirky office desk.

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Gear bag is flexible, collapsible, and modular – perfect for outdoor adventurers

When you do a lot of traveling outdoors with various gear or you have events where you need storage boxes for your stuff, boxes and bags are your life. By now you probably have your go-to boxes and bags and a storage system to help you carry all your materials and gear. But you probably still have a wishlist of what that bag or system can have to make your life easier. That’s where product designers sometimes get their inspiration from, wishing that existing things can become better.

Designer: Tony Richardson, Andre Charland, Jamie Bond

The result of all their brainstorming and prototyping is Rux, a gear container that is simple but sort of modular and flexible. It is also durable enough to hold all your stuff can is soft-sided so you can fold it and pack it up when you’re not using it during your trip or event. It has several components that you can easily put together and comes with additional accessories that you can add to it to organize all your gear. It can be a good companion for fishing trips, camping adventures, cross-country road trips, and various events where you need gear boxes.

Rux is a gear box with the main body made from TPU coated nylon that is weather resistant and pretty easy to clean. The material also allows you to compress it and pack flat when it’s not needed. It has a lid with easy access folds and made from compressed eva foam. It comes with removable side handle straps and nylon webbing straps if you want to carry it as a tote, shoulder bag, or backpack. There is also a clear window so you can see what you’ve put inside, in case you’ll be using multiple gear boxes.

You can also get some other accessories that you can attach to the bag/box either on the outside or inside through the utility rim and rails. There’s a pocket bag, nesting divider tote bag, and a waterproof bag in case you need to separate wet and dry items. Even though the body looks soft so it can be lighter, it also looks pretty durable and sturdy, at least from the video and photos that we see. It can hold about 50 lbs worth of stuff and has a dimension of 15.7 x 19.5 x 13.8 inches. The Rux 70L main bag is around $298 with the additional bags and other materials sold separately.

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You’ve seen laptop bags before… Meet the first tablet + camera bag that’s changing how we carry gear

Laptop bags are great for most days… but when you want to travel light with your gear, carrying a 4-pound laptop with its bulky charger around with you just won’t cut it. Designed as a minimalist alternative to the maximalist laptop bag, the Grip Sling from Black Ember is a modular daily carry sideways sling that’s wide enough for an 11-inch tablet, and spacious enough to keep a camera and two lenses… should you choose. Created as a compact, lightweight alternative that doesn’t compromise, the Grip Sling still has storage for the rest of your gear. It comes with an easy-adjust messenger-style strap, Fidlock-enabled key-holder, space for your phone/wallet/notepad, and optional expandable storage (with modular dividers) for your camera, headphones, drone, Nintendo Switch, or other gear. In short, everything but that heavy laptop.

Designers: Chris Gadway & Black Ember

Click Here to Buy Now: $119 $149 ($30 off). Hurry, only 3/275 left!

Wear the Grip high.

Wear the Grip low.

Their new Quick-Slide Lever lets you adjust quickly.

The Grip Sling looks and feels like the classic Messenger-style side-sling bag, but comes with a hip new design that’s built around the idea of modularity, comfort, and style. Designed to be worn in a multitude of ways, the Grip Sling features a strap with the bag’s Quick-Slide Lever, an aluminum buckle that lets you easily pivot your bag to the front, back, or hang it off the sides like a sling. Hold the buckle and pull it the way you would an airline seatbelt and the Grip Sling instantly tightens or loosens to help you adjust your bag, bringing it to the front when you want to quickly access something, and pushing it to the side or back when you’re done. Two aluminum pivot points connect the bag to its strap, giving it the freedom of mobility so you can wear the bag however you want, while carefully-designed interiors carry all your gear, organizing them in a way that makes them easy to access.

Made for Mirrorless DSLRs and similar camera sizes.

2 omni-positionable protective dividers.

Padded, magnetic tablet sleeve fits all iPads up to 11″.

A laptop bag’s size is dictated by the size of the laptop going inside it. Nothing else that goes inside a laptop is as big as the laptop, so remove it and now you’ve got yourself a much smaller footprint you can work with. That’s pretty much what the Grip Sling does. Designed around the ‘rest of your gear’, the sling comes with a padded compartment big enough for an 11-inch iPad or an A4 notebook, with a magnetic fixture that locks your tablet or book in place, and a spacious front compartment that fits your other gear, be it clothes, headphones, chargers, EDC, a bottle, or even your camera and lenses. A separate camera insert lets you store your photography equipment in the Grip Sling, with adjustable padded dividers to keep lenses, chargers, and more.

V-buckle compression straps are great for attaching gear.

The built-in key ring features its quick-release fidlock magnetic buckle.

The front pocket is divided into 2 sections with a padded divider.

Like any good bag or backpack, the Grip Sling also comes with dedicated internal and external storage pockets for other smaller gear. Internal pockets are perfect for stationery, wallets, and other essentials that you don’t need immediately, while an outer storage pocket is divided into two sections with a padded wall between them. This outer pocket is perfect for quick-access essentials like your phone, and the Grip Sling also comes with a built-in keyring that attaches to the sling via a magnetic Fidlock buckle. Optional V-buckle compression straps let you also attach additional items like umbrellas or tripods to your sling, giving you the entire gamut of gear in a compact carry-on.

Although built with a focus on style and size, the Grip Sling’s construction shines a light on security and sustainability too. The bag itself is the first ever to use CORDURA® 420D Velocity, the latest textile in the brand’s re/cor™ RN66 fabric collection for its outer clad. Made from reclaimed pre-consumer waste materials that have been recycled into high-quality yarns, Velocity fabric is durable and has a Matte-Shine finish with a water-resistant top coating that repels dust and dirt. The bag is also outfitted with YKK Aquaguard waterproof zippers along with Hypalon locking zipper pulls to keep your gear safe from the elements. The Quick-Slide Lever and Left and Right Pivot Points are all machined from T6 aluminum and are anodized in black to match the bag’s all-black aesthetic. The Grip Sling, like all Black Ember products, is made using the company’s proprietary BOND-STITCH high-precision construction. All textile components are laser-cut for high accuracy, before being bonded and technically sewed for a superior finish and a durable build.

The Grip Sling imagines a world where laptops aren’t a part of your everyday carry. By ditching the largest, bulkiest gadget in your backpack, it gives you something that’s smaller, lighter, more comfortable, and oozes sophistication with its uniquely customizable wearing style. The Grip Sling is priced at a discounted $119 and ships globally starting June 2023. The camera insert and compression straps are bundled separately, bringing the entire kit to a $179 price tag.

Click Here to Buy Now: $119 $149 ($30 off). Hurry, only 3/275 left!

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This game-changing backpack integrates Apple Find My for your peace of mind

It’s no longer unusual for people to carry laptops in their bags, whether they sling them over their backs or hang them over their shoulders. Most of these people probably don’t give a second thought to the overall design of these bags, focusing simply on how they look to make a good impression in public. The novelty of appearances, however, easily wears off once discomfort and inconvenience creep in, often leading to buyer’s remorse. Even worse is the horror of realizing that your bag may have been stolen or left behind somewhere, including your precious laptop and other properties. With a new trend in people’s lifestyles, it is high time for accessories such as bags to get an upgrade in order to better serve their owners. That’s exactly what the HyperPack Pro brings to the table, offering not only smart charging pass-throughs and battery pack pockets, but also security and peace of mind to modern-day workers and creatives.

Designer: HYPER

Click Here to Buy Now: $120 $200 (40% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!

Many backpacks today have a pocket for laptops, but these are often designed so simplistically and flimsily that they offer nothing more than just a thin separator between the laptop and everything else in the bag. Those that do have proper compartments for these computers, however, tend to neglect the other things you might want to carry with you. Some even neglect the wearer itself, forgetting that the humans carrying the bag on their backs might be even more fragile than what the bag contains.

Locate your HyperPack Pro from anywhere using Hyper’s built-in Apple® Find My™ Compatible Location Module.

Enter the HyperPack Pro with Apple Find My compatibility, a traveling partner designed for the needs of today’s on-the-go professionals. Of course, there’s a dedicated pocket big enough for a 16-inch laptop, and its soft suspended design protects your precious laptop not just from scratches but also from dents. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though, because the HyperPack Pro has so much more to offer, both inside and outside.

Strategic Charging Pockets & Passthroughs

Secure Interlocking Zippers

Water-resistant 1260D Cordura and YKK Aquaguard Zippers

With its 22L capacity, there’s plenty of room for everything you need in a day, and there is even a dedicated place for credit cards and passports inside the internal RFID Theft Protection Pocket. A hidden lumbar pocket also lets you easily stash and access critical items like cash, passports, keys, and the like. There’s a 1L water bottle pocket at the side to help keep you hydrated while preventing accidental spills inside. HYPER also uses the strategic placement of charging pockets and cable pass-throughs so that you can easily top up your gadgets without having them jumble around inside the bag’s spacious interior.

The HyperPack Pro’s signature feature, however, is in the other half of its name. Rather than having to fiddle with a third-party gadget or accessory, this innovative backpack has built-in support for Apple’s Find My network, allowing you to more easily locate the bag if you happen to lose it for one reason or another. They say prevention is better than cure, and the HyperPack Pro follows that adage by instantly alerting you if you stray too far from your bag or vice versa. Even better, that built-in tracker is powered by a replaceable CR2032, so you won’t have to worry about “recharging the bag” regularly.

All of these features are packed in a backpack that’s designed not only for convenience but also for security and comfort. Interlocking zippers will keep thieves off your back, literally and figuratively, while the YKK water-resistant zippers and a weather-resistant 1260D Cordura Nylon exterior protect it from unexpected rains and spills. Last but definitely not least, the triple-padded AirFlow System promises maximum support while letting your back remain cool, no matter the load. For only $120, the HyperPack Pro with Apple Find My compatibility definitely feels like a steal that easily pays for itself with the security and power that it offers.

Click Here to Buy Now: $120 $200 (40% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!

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This simple table has an equally simple solution for hanging your bags

Everyone has a bag these days, whether it’s a backpack, a messenger bag, a handbag, or one of the more fashionable descendants of the fanny pack. Despite varying designs and sizes, almost all bags have two things in common, they have handles or straps, and you wouldn’t want to leave them lying on the floor in offices and coffee shops. Some tables in these public spaces now offer hidden bag hooks under the table, but these seemingly ingenious solutions come with their own drawbacks. A proper solution doesn’t have to be overly complicated or sophisticated, and sometimes, the simplest one wins. That’s the kind of thinking that may have gone into these ultra-minimalist tables that hide their bag hooks in plain sight.

Designer: Hajime Kumazawa

The need for bag hooks has been a rather recent phenomenon as more people flocked to coffee shops and communal spaces, including those in offices. There was even a phase when bag hook accessories became trendy because very few tables had such hooks built into them. Such tables are more common these days but still not standard, so you might find people awkwardly groping under a table just to check if there are any hooks for their bags.

Therein lies the fundamental design problem of bag hooks. Intended to hide bags from view, they sacrificed practicality and ease of use on the altar of keeping up appearances. Ironically, these tables are places where things can get a bit messy, either from food or from work. Hanging the bags beneath the surface doesn’t even help in getting them out of your way because they often result in uncomfortable leg positions to avoid hitting the bags in the first place.

The DTN Table design fixes this problem by being simple and honest about its purpose. It doesn’t pretend to be some stylish piece of artistic furniture by hiding bags from sight. Instead, it makes it super simple to hang bags on the four legs of the table, allowing for easy access and really getting out of the way of your legs. This might invite some messy arrangements, and it does limit how many people can hang their bags at the corners, but the purpose of the table is more for transient activity, like meals, meetings, and similar.

The table itself is unabashedly utilitarian in design, practically just a slab of melamine on top of four steel legs with aluminum die-casting. It is as minimal as it can be, with few options for different colors of the tabletop or the legs. It also comes in either rectangular or square sizes, and you can easily put them side by side if you need more space or more bag hooks. That’s not to say there’s nothing else to this table. By default, it comes with two casters and two glides to make it possible to move the table around just as easily.

Admittedly, the DTN Table might seem plain and unexciting on its own, with its singular visual quirk being the top of the legs that serve as bag hooks. Almost ironically, having those bags hang on the outside for everyone to see does add some flavor to these plain tables, making them feel like living places where people interact with each other, which is exactly what such tables are designed for in the first place.

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This modular handbag lets you mix and match parts to your needs and tastes

When we go on the hunt for bags, most of the time, we only find designs that have already been decided right from the start. Most often, they also come in a single piece, though some larger travel bags can split into different parts of different sizes. This practice of having fixed designs is more for practical purposes and efficiency since it’s easier to mass-produce objects with simpler designs. Very few bags allow you to personalize them aside from sticking pins or hanging accessories, but nothing that lets you change colors or even parts easily. This rather odd-looking handbag, however, tries to take the path less traveled to offer people some freedom to change the way the bag looks or even functions while still looking stylish and elegant regardless of the combination.

Designer: Scottie Xue

The Flatfish Bag, a.k.a. Ping-Pong Bag, is just as unusual as its name. While bags are mostly rectangular in shape in order to fit more items, this design concept is almost a complete circle. Its odd shape resembles a ping-pong or table tennis racket or, alternatively, a flatfish, hence the name. Although the extruded edge at the top doesn’t exactly do much to make it more space-efficient, it’s a necessary deviation to make the bag easier to use.

More than its unique form, however, the Flatfish Bag’s real defining feature is its modularity. While it has the semblance of a single piece of accessory like most bags, it’s actually made up of four distinct parts. Each face of the bag is actually a separate part, joined only by a single zipper. There’s also a detachable handle as well as a shoulder strap, which can be attached or removed depending on your need or even your mood.

The idea is that you can freely mix and match different designs of the two sides, presuming there are quite a few available. The only requirement is that you have compatible sides; that is, one side will have the zipper head while the other doesn’t. In most cases, you’ll probably have a complete pair for each design anyway, so it’s really just a matter of combing the correct halves.

Modular bags aren’t exactly new, but rare are the ones designed for casual or formal use. It’s a bit difficult to pull off such a flexible design that looks stylish and classy. It’s a delicate balancing act that bag designers have to make, which is why many simply decide to err on the side of simplicity. Of course, the Flatfish Bag only really makes sense if there are different variations of the design available. Otherwise, a modular bag such as this will fall flat anyway, pun completely intended.

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These 3D printed clutch bags inspired by kelp look like treasures born of the sea

Humans have proven to be creative and imaginative creatures, producing ideas and designs that can blow minds and inspire spirits. Despite all our advancements and achievements, however, we still can’t hold a candle to Mother Nature’s designs. We can try to approximate those designs, though, or at least utilize naturally-occurring patterns to inspire our own works. These mini clutch bags, for example, are evidently inspired by organic patterns and structures, like something from underwater flora and fauna. Such designs are extremely difficult and expensive to produce using traditional methods. Ironically, it is more expensive and more wasteful if complicated designs like these are produced in small amounts. These kelp-inspired fashion accessories, however, are not only intricate but also sustainable, and they are made possible using yet another marvel of human ingenuity, the 3D printer.

Designer: Julia Koerner

3D printers are truly works of technological wonder that opened the floodgates of creativity for many people. Although it’s still not as fast and as ubiquitous as something like a Star Trek replicator, it has already paved the way for designs and products that would have been not only unfeasible but even impossible using traditional manufacturing techniques. More importantly, it has also given designers the opportunity to create and test different options that include sustainable materials and nature-inspired designs.

This Kelp Mini clutch is one such example of such possibilities turned into something tangible and marketable. The organic patterns are based on 3D scans of natural topologies from kelp collected from the Malibu coastline in California. The unique geometries not only give the clutch a certain natural charm but also make the bag a little bit more usable. The voids created by the patterns not only let you have a slight view of what’s inside the bag, it also makes it more lightweight.

Such a design would have been nearly impossible with normal manufacturing processes, especially given the material used to make the bag. Like all other products from the brand, the Kelp Mini is made from sustainable materials like bioplastics. All parts of the bag, including the hinge, closure clasp, and interior pocket, are 3D printed, making the clutch completely sustainable.

More than just an example of nature-inspired design, this small clutch is a demonstration of the potential 3D printing technologies. It allows not only the use of sustainable and unconventional materials but also allows more efficient and economical production of items that don’t rely on massive pipelines. You only print what you need or what has been ordered, reducing waste on all fronts. It even changes the very design process, allowing designers to make rapid changes and present the customer with a virtual version of the design, all before even a single part has been printed.

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This trendy duffel backpack will be your ultimate travel partner

People have been enjoying traveling and going outdoors again to the point that “revenge travel” has become a trend. Whether you’re traveling out of town for a few days or simply packing for a trip to a sports complex, having a dependable bag is essential in making your trip free from stress and worry. Buying a bag can be an adventure in itself when you’re trying to pick one that can maximize storage without sacrificing usability and aesthetics. Often you have to sacrifice one or the other to reach an acceptable compromise. A good-looking bag that can meet all your travel needs might sound like fantasy, but that’s exactly the kind of experience promised by this durable duffle bag and backpack in one.

Designer: DM Supply

Click Here to Buy Now: $169 $259 (35% off). Hurry, only 325/400 left!

Different people have different travel needs. Actually, even the same person might have different needs and requirements depending on the type of travel their doing. There is really no one size that fits all, but there are designs that definitely come close to that ideal situation.

When traveling with sports equipment or clothes for a few days, duffle bags and backpacks are the go-to solutions. The Blackbriar Allround Duffle Backpack offers both in the same bag, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the flexibility that this travel essential has to offer.

For example, many travel-oriented bags have a dedicated pocket for shoes or dirty clothes. More often than not, however, you can’t use the same pocket for both purposes. Blackbriar’s solution is so genius in its simplicity that you’re left wondering why it isn’t more common. This duffel backpack has two such compartments on opposite ends of the bag, allowing you to store two pairs of shoes, shoes and dirty clothes, or just dirty clothes. That way, you don’t have to compromise on storage because your bag doesn’t offer you that flexibility.

You might think that having two such compartments can be a waste of space, but that’s hardly the case. The shoe pockets can fold neatly out of the way if you don’t need them, but they also have another function that you won’t see in other bags. Those pockets can become dividers to create sections inside the bag, thanks to a patented S-Partition design. Thanks to this unique feature, you no longer need to use a bag organizer that only takes up precious space inside.

The Blackbriar Allround Duffle Backpack also has all the bells and whistles you’d want from a travel bag. The three-tiered structure of its fabric not only protects it from water and scratches but also helps preserve its shape.

A magnetic main pocket makes it easy to open the bag, while zippers allow you to safeguard the contents inside when traveling under heavy conditions. Mesh pockets inside let you stash big and small objects, while a dedicated laptop pocket can be accessed both from the outside as well as from the inside.

With all these features and a flexible configuration, it might come as a shock that the Duffel Backpack comes with a $169 price tag only. Throw in another $10 add-on, and you’ll be able to grab the shoulder straps that can help distribute the weight of the load across your whole body. Whether it’s for short trips or long ones, the Blackbriar Allround Duffle Backpack offers the flexibility you need to adapt to your situation while also looking stylish along the way.

Click Here to Buy Now: $169 $259 (35% off). Hurry, only 325/400 left!

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Ainery Blue creates a modern Furoshiki denim bag using traditional Japanese design

It’s easy to take modern products for granted because of the ease of manufacturing and the ubiquity of some materials. Not everything that is new is good, however, and not everything that is old is obsolete. Newer synthetic materials eat away at our planet’s life, while the easy way of producing things doesn’t always yield long-lasting results. Sometimes, we have to take the hard-earned lessons of the past to heart in order to make something beautiful, enduring, and, more importantly, sustainable. That’s the message that Blue Ainery’s compact Furoshiki denim bag tries to send by using traditional dyeing and weaving methods to create a fashionable storage accessory whose very design pays homage to Japan’s history and tradition, many of which still apply today.

Designer: Ainery Blue

Click Here to Buy Now: $82 $94 (10% off). Hurry, only 5/10 left!

Almost everything about the Furoshiki denim bag is a nod to Japan’s past culture, design, and fashion. The term “furoshiki” itself is a reference to the traditional Japanese wrapping cloths for goods, bento boxes, and informal gifts. When worn as a bag, the Furoshiki looks more like an “Azuma Fukuro” that predated today’s modern tote bags by about four centuries. The design might look basic and even old-fashioned, but there’s also a certain charm to its minimalism. More importantly, its uncomplicated shape leaves enough room for plenty of items inside.

Ryukyu Indigo Dye – A type of natural Indigo dye that has been produced in Okinawa, Japan since ancient times. “Ryukyu” is another name for Okinawa.

The bag looks made from your typical denim material, but there is nothing typical with how it’s actually made, beginning from the way it’s dyed. It uses the Ryuku Indigo plant to create a rare natural dye using traditional and manual methods like microorganism fermentation. The warp yarns undergo a traditional soaking method to make sure that the Ryuku Indigo dye really seeps into the core of the yarn. The end result is a material that doesn’t fade quickly no matter how many times you wash it.

Uses “Kase-zome”, a Traditional Japanese Dyeing Technique – The warp yarns are soaked, then taken out and exposed to air to let the dye oxidize. This procedure is repeated during the dyeing process. By soaking the yarns over and over again, the Ryukyu Indigo dye seeps all the way deeply into the core, resulting in a unique texture.

The denim is woven using more traditional shuttle looms that yield more durable high-density fabrics compared to modern looms. That said, the fabrics are sewn by machines, but there’s still an element of quality production thanks to how it’s handled by a factory in Okayama that is also used by famous but unnamed fashion brands. Right from the start, the Furoshiki bag is made with traditional methods and materials to ensure the same long-lasting quality of traditional bags that last for decades, not just years.

Of course, the denim bag isn’t just all about the past. It also applies the lessons of modern manufacturing and design, like the use of reinforcing rivets to make the bag stronger. It is also designed with modern aesthetics in mind, like the use of denim fabric, even if the shape and form don’t conform to the modern ideas of bags. It’s a perfect example of how good design never really goes out of fashion.

The Furoshiki denim bag demonstrates how modern design thinking can apply the lessons of the past to create something that will also endure the test of time. Stylish, durable, functional, and sustainable, the bag easily stands out among modern tote bags as something that blends the past and the present in a harmonious way. Given how it’s designed not to fade easily and to match almost any fashion style, the $80 early price tag is almost perfect for a long-lasting bag to carry your stuff with you.

Click Here to Buy Now: $82 $94 (10% off). Hurry, only 5/10 left!

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