Octopus + Purse = Octopurse

With their big brains, eight tentacles, and lots of suckers, octopi are pretty amazing animals. But like most things with more than four legs, they can also look quite weird. If you think it would be cool to hang out with an octopus all the time, check out this crazy looking bag.

Designed and crafted by Russia’s KruKru Studio, the octopus purse has eight bendy tentacles embellished with rivets instead of suckers. You can store your wallet, keys, and other small items inside of its bulbous head. Maybe toss a few crustaceans in there since you never know when your pet cephalopod might get hungry. Otherwise, you could end up in a situation like this:

The weird and wild octopurse sells for $245 over on Etsy. It’s made from real leather, and each one is made to order in red, black, orange, blue, or purple. I think a purple octopus purse would look pretty sweet.

Recycle Bin Bag Reminds You to Empty Your Purse

Ladies, do you have a ton of junk you carry around in your purse? Well, why not just admit it, and buy a bag that suits its contents? This Recycle Bin Bag should do the trick.

Studio Cult makes all kinds of accessories inspired by the skeuomorphic objects found on our computer desktops, so this fits into the line just perfectly.

The inside of the bag features a drawstring section that overflows its top, so it looks full of trash all of the time. It is kind of small though, measuring in at just 7″ x 4″ x 7″, so you’ll need to empty the trash more often than you might on your PC. The bottom is embroidered with the rather self-deprecating message “A garbage bag, for a garbage person.”

The Recycle Bin Bag is available for pre-order from Studio Cult now for $65, and is expected to start shipping by December 1.

This plastic hanger lets you carry shopping bags the easier way!

Designed to free-up your hands, this little plastic contraption acts like a hanger for your bags, transferring the weight of the multiple bags to your shoulder. The Tote-It can carry as many as 6 bags (3 on the front and 3 on the back) to free up your hands, helping you carry your stuff easily and walk faster too. The plastic hanger can carry as much as 50 pounds worth of weight without breaking a sweat… that’s provided your shoulder can carry that weight too! With a relatively flat profile, the Tote-It rests on your shoulders without hurting them, and thanks to its foldable design, it fits right into your bags too when you don’t need it! I’ve got to admit, using the Tote-It may get you a few glances and stares as you strut down the road, but that’s so much more bearable than having to struggle with large bags and aching hands, no?

Designer: Tote-It

Pac-Man Toiletry Bag: Doppa Doppa Doppa

When you travel, you need a place to keep all your grooming and toiletry products organized so they don’t just fall out all over your clothing and spill everywhere. A toiletry bag, aka “dopp kit” is a must have, and I think I must have this one.

This shiny black PVC bag from Balvi is embellished with the maze from the classic arcade game Pac-Man. Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde are all there, along with lots of dots to gobble, and power pills for taking down the ghosts roaming around your suitcase.

The Pac-Man dopp kit is available from Madrid, Spain retailer Curiosite for €14.99 (~$17 USD) but if you don’t want to try and deal with international shipping, you can find a similar (but not as good looking) bag on Amazon.

The NEX makes your backpack feel up to 30% lighter

You’ve got to admire the sheer ingenuity of the people who came up with the Nex! Tackling two problems with one fell swoop, the Nex is completely new product category altogether that makes carrying backpacks an absolute literal breeze. Not only does the Nex make carrying backpacks easier, by acting as a cushion around the shoulder straps, but the Nex packs a few pockets into it too, giving you extra storage that’s easy to access.

The genius of the Nex is in providing cushioning and adding storage in a product that can be retrofitted onto any bag, backpack, or side-sling. With its patented Air Tech cushioned design, the Nex eases the weight of heavy bags on your shoulders by adding a layer of air-filled comfort around the straps. Designed to be strapped onto any bag, the Nex can be used on backpacks, camera bags, slings, messengers, or even on its own, as a slim carry-on for just your essentials. It comes with built-in pockets that are big enough for your phone, power bank, passport, and even a hidden pocket for keys, or any other essentials, giving you quick access to all your belongings. The pockets sit on the front, right near your chest, keeping your valuables safe from pick-pockets too! Designed to be secure not just from pickpockets, but from the elements too, the Nex even comes with a waterproof construction, making it perfect to use on day-to-day trips to work, on flights, as well as on outdoor trips and treks.

A true problem-solver, the Nex is designed to be used with bags you may already have, integrating well into your lifestyle. When you want to travel light, each Nex can be individually used as a slim cross-body bag too, giving you just the storage you need… and when you’re heavy-duty traveling with a weekend’s worth of clothes and gear, the Nex eases the load on your shoulders by giving you cushioning and support, so you can easily carry your belongings without the shoulder fatigue or back pain!

Designer: Addon Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $40 (28% off). Hurry, only 17/180 left!

NEX: 3 in 1 Bag Mate for Travelers, Commuters and Photographers

This versatile bag mate features AIR CUSHION for comfort, FUNCTIONAL POCKETS for convenience and can be worn alone as a CROSS-BODY BAG.

What Bag Mate Means

The Nex comes with an air cushion to make loads feel lighter, to relax your shoulders and to improve your posture. Inspired by NIKE AIR shoes to adapt their own patented AIR TECH for NEX. Bag Mate is compatible with almost all of the bags on the market.

This innovative design evenly distributes the weight across your entire shoulder, making loads feel at least 30% lighter, while keeping your neck, back, and shoulders aligned in a relaxed position to improve your posture.

The interlinked Air System connects each individual air unit with nitrogen. This gives better pressure distribution, making your shoulder feel comfortably supportive.

One Size Fits All

Functional & Hidden Pockets

Featuring functional & hidden pockets for added convenience during your trips. Access your phone at any time, even when it’s charging. Each strap has 3 inner pockets that can store all of your essential items, not just some of them. That means your charging cables, earphones, extra batteries, SD cards, lens cap and much more.

Wear as Cross-body Bag Mate

Compatible With Any Bag

It’s ultra-compatible and can be installed on any bag.


Customizable to meet your requirements.

NEX is perfect for messenger and camera bags.


100% waterproof

NEX’s knitted mesh material is soft, has a good thickness, and incorporates Ultra-Cool Technology. The result is an incredibly breathable and comfortable wearing experience.

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $40 (28% off). Hurry, only 17/180 left!

Someone finally invented a suitcase with an inbuilt item checklist

Genius Pack has slowly and steadily become a pretty hard-to-forget name in the travel-accessories circuit. Not operating like traditional companies like Delsey, Samsonite, Rimowa and such, Genius Pack’s business model has always been a research-driven design company. One of those classic crowd-built crowd-funded companies you hear about that put heavy focus on what the target audience wants, Genius Pack’s suitcases have quite a lot of features you still don’t see in mainstream luggage companies… like a dedicated laundry compartment and a modular mesh-storage wall for your belongings, and even a built-in checklist to make sure you don’t forget any of your belongings!

The Genius Pack Supercharged basically builds on Genius Pack’s idea of the ideal bag. You’ve got a hard-shell suitcase made of PolyCarbonate, the same material used in riot gear, so it can quite literally withstand the abuse luggage usually sees at the hands of airline ground staff. The Supercharged also comes with a TSA-Approved combination lock and packs eight 360° spinner wheels, forming its robust outer build. The Supercharged, as its name suggests, also packs an integrated, removable 10,000 mAhpower bank that charges not just phones but also tablets via its dual-USB port layout, and a universal cable that works with Android and iOS devices.

On the inside the Supercharged sticks to a crowd-favorite layout. It comes with two compartments on either side of the suitcase, separated by an array of mesh-lined pockets for segregating all your mini-accessories, and also features perhaps the greatest innovation of all time… An embedded checklist with all possible products listed on it, so you remember what to pack, and never end up forgetting a belt or a hairbrush because you were in a hurry.

A combination of a couple of good and a handful of revolutionary ideas (I still can’t believe that it comes with a checklist!), the guys at Genius Pack very clearly try to define a set of crowd-faced problems and solve each and every one of them. With a cabin-friendly size and a capacity of 44 liters, the Supercharged is small but utilitarian. It packs a robust build that’s backed by a 5-year warranty, an inbuilt power bank for the modern traveler, and comes with a well designed compartmentalized storage for all your luggage, because with that handy checklist, you’re probably not going to ever forget anything!

Designer: Alfred Chehebar

Click Here To Buy Now: $199 $395 (50% off). Hurry, Super Early Bird Offer and Only 5 Left!

The Genius Pack Supercharged is a premium carry on built with a 100% polycarbonate frame, interior category compartments, 2 external USB ports and a TSA-approved 10,000mAh removable Power Pack to recharge smartphones up to 4x.

Designer Alfred Chehebar engineered the interior panel with designated category compartments so you don’t need to think what goes where.

Genius Pack Supercharged has dedicated space for tech, socks and undergarments.

A specialized stretch mesh has been used for the pockets. You’ll be amazed how much will fit in there.

With the secluded laundry compartment, dirty clothes never touch clean clothes and vice-versa.

There are two external USB ports.

The 10,000mAh Power Pack recharges smartphones up to four times and the unit is fully removable to comply with airline standards.

Alfred has designed an all-in-one charging cable to recharge iPhones, Android devices and also recharge the luggage itself. No need to carry adapter tips or separate charging cables.

Ultra light, the bag weighs just 6.8 lbs (3kgs).

The bag comes with eight wheels for an effortless glide.

Reinforced impact resistant corners and external shell made from 100% polycarbonate – the material used in bulletproof products. The bag is also scratch resistant.

There is a built-in garment loop for hanging clothes.

Compression straps keep your contents snug and secure.

Color options include: rose gold, jet black and matte white.

Click Here To Buy Now: $199 $395 (50% off). Hurry, Super Early Bird Offer and Only 5 Left!

This Enormous Backpack Is Ready to Carry All Your Board Games

If you take your board games with you often to game night or to your friend’s house, this backpack will help you transport them.  The Ultimate Boardgame Backpack is designed and sold by GeekOn. It’s a huge-ass backpack specifically designed for carrying board games – at least the square boxes.

It comes in a variety of colors and includes all kinds of features like an expandable main compartment, waterproofing, two koozies, and a bunch of other zippered pockets for things like laptops, notepads and more. It is so big in the back that it looks pretty silly when fully loaded.

If you fall down while wearing this thing, you’ll be stuck on the floor like a turtle on it back. There are also optional accessories like elastic straps for your games, a waist strap, dice case and tray, and more. Hopefully, it won’t mess up your boxes either when you cram them all in there – I know how gamers like to keep their stuff in pristine condition.

Enjoy your slipped disc and other assorted back problems. Oh and it costs $200, so I’m sure some players will opt to just buy some more games with their money instead.

[via The Awesomer via Geekologie]

Take an Intergalactic Trip Every Day with These Space-themed Backpacks

Do you love to look up at a dark night sky and see the stars? If you live in the big city like I do, that doesn’t happen that often, thanks to all the light pollution. But with one of these sweet galactic themed backpacks and bags from Jansport, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the deepest of space any time you feel like it.

Each pack comes covered with a rich and colorful galactic image, in bold shades of purple, magenta, blue, and rich black. The design is  available on a variety of bags, including the big Superbreak backpack ($36) shown above, as well as the trapezoidal Half Pint Mini backpack ($25) and Weekender Mini bag ($20) shown below. If you poke around the Jansport website, you’ll find the design on a number of other bags.

I want a wireless charging pocket in my next bag

Look, it's hard to get excited about a backpack. But, I have to admit, the Targus Mobile ViP+ Backpack is actually pretty damn cool. Most importantly, it's a solid feeling bag with plenty of padding where it's needed most and tons of storage space. B...

The Banale Backpack Gives You an Extra Pair of Hands

The prime purpose of a backpack is to carry things on your back, rather than in your hand… because there’s only so much your hands can carry. Secure these items in a package and sling it over your shoulder, and not only can you hold twice or thrice the weight of what you could hold in your hands, but you’ve now also got your hands free for other activities. That very purpose of keeping your hands free is what the Banale backpack considers its biggest objective.

Some bags come with fixed storage. Some bags come with expandable storage. The Banale doesn’t put an upper limit on the amount it holds. The bag itself comes with enough storage on the inside to hold your everyday belongings. It also comes with something the creators call a ‘cargo-mode’. The Cargo Mode extends your bag’s storage in a way that allows it to carry pretty much anything you wouldn’t be able to store in your bag. An external flap acts as an arm that holds onto extra items, sandwiching them between it and the backpack. The Cargo Mode is ideal for holding anything from your groceries, a delivery-package, your gym bag, a helmet, a pair of shoes, tripod, etc; basically, anything you’d need a pair of hands to hold. The innovative holding mechanism lets you secure extra items to your bag, giving your backpack the ability to carry stuff that wouldn’t necessarily fit into it in the first place… and in doing so, extending the bag’s purpose of holding things for you.

The Banale’s Cargo Mode works in a number of hands-free situations. Designed to hold anything from a basketball to a tripod, the Banale bag works across scenarios, making it fit for anywhere you need to carry excess stuff, but don’t have enough hands. The proprietary flap secures any item with the appropriate tightness, making sure nothing slips or falls out. It also does this while protecting the insides of the backpack.

The backpack itself comes with a few other stand-out features. Its insides are splashed with a vibrant shade of lemon yellow, making your items stand out, so you’re never scrounging for a pen or a USB drive. The insides are segregated and appropriately padded too, with a separate sleeve for a 15″ laptop. The bag comes made with ballistic nylon and the external cargo flap doubles up as an anti-theft mechanism, covering the zips of the bag, making sure they aren’t accessible to simply anyone. The Banale Pro ups the ante, with a waterproof design, microfiber interiors, and an external flap that not only works in Cargo Mode, but also detaches to become a sidebag in itself! It even packs an RFID-blocking pouch for extra security and convenience.

The motto of the Banale is to increase convenience. When you DO have a backpack with you, it makes little sense carrying stuff in your hands too. Be it your groceries, or the Amazon delivery you ordered, or just extra peripherals like your gym clothes and sports equipment, or camera/drone gear (keeping your hands free for that perfect shot if you’re a photographer), the Banale works to maximize storage so that your hands are free to ride the bike, hold a camera, talk on the phone, or do anything else!

Designer: Diego Recchia

Click Here To Buy Now: $79 $153 (48% off). Hurry, for only 48 hours!


Introducing the Banale Backpack, a new category of urban backpack.


Carry what you want, when you want with the Banale Backpack and its expandable wrapping pocket.

Leave your apartment to begin a day that can include stops at the gym, the office, the supermarket, the post office, all before you ever make it back home.


A slim daily backpack that can expand to carry what you want and when you want to.


So what exactly is so great about the Banale Backpack?


It has an expandable wrapping pocket, that allows you to wrap it around your extra luggage, keeping you hands-free!


The main compartment organization is very well thought-out. It even has a secret back pocket for valuables like passport and cash.

In short, it is your slim – gym – anything – bag!


Designed to hold anything from a basketball to a tripod, the Banale bag helps you carry many things at one go.


Pack in your basketball like this.


A quick comparison shows you how easy it is to carry this backpack to work or your yoga class.


This backpack is very versatile and the proprietary flap secures any item with the appropriate tightness, making sure nothing slips or falls out.


The bag comes made with ballistic nylon and the external cargo flap doubles up as an anti-theft mechanism, covering the zips of the bag, making sure they aren’t accessible to simply anyone.


The insides are segregated and appropriately padded too, with a separate sleeve for a 15″ laptop.


To the left is the Banale Backpack and to the right is the Banale Backpack Pro.


In the Pro bag, the expandable wrapping pocket detaches to become a handy tote bag. Just unzip the pocket, unclip the buckles, adjust the length of the webbing, re-clip the buckles and you’re ready to go!


A closer look at the Banale Backpack Pro: it includes features like premium coated material, top of the line ykk zipper, extra padded laptop sleeve, secret back pocket, reflective details and more.

The reflective feature is very powerful when out in the dark.


Run errands with ease, knowing you’ll have space to carry everything. It is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to be limited on the move.


Click Here To Buy Now: $79 $153 (48% off). Hurry, for only 48 hours!