Pep-up your creativity with Logitech Meteor G portable RGB desk light

Logitech has always been at the forefront of innovation and design when it comes to computer peripherals and accessories. On the same lines, with a focus on enhancing the gaming and computing experience, this concept from the gaming-centric Logitech G line-up offers a visually stunning and immersive environment that can be tailored to individual preferences.

The Logitech Meteor G concept is a versatile lighting accessory to transform any gaming setup or workspace into a mesmerizing light show that matches the overall theme of a workstation. The lighting bar seamlessly synchronizes with any RGB-enabled devices including keyboards, mice, headsets, and speakers to create a harmonious display of vibrant colors.

Designer: Anantvijay

One standout element of the design is the ability to unleash users’ creativity with 19 different hues to choose from. In the accompanying app’s intuitive interface, one can curate their own lighting profiles to design unique and captivating visual displays. Whether it’s a pulsating rainbow effect or a dynamic color wave, Meteror G empowers users to express their personal style and make a statement with their desk setup.

The user-friendly interface is well suited for any interior setup, offering a variety of pre-configured lighting effects and customization options. Also, the ambient light can be synchronized to react to the music, video or in-game action.

While the Logitech RGB Light Design concept is currently just on the drawing board, it embodies Logitech’s commitment to pushing boundaries and reimagining the role of lighting in our computing experiences. Logitech Meteor G is another good example of how personalized and synchronized RGB lighting is an integral part of any creative individual who’s looking for peak focus sessions or wants to create a cohesive ambient light setup.

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The best gifts for grads under $50

Gifting can be difficult at any time, but it’s been particularly hard over the past couple of years. You may still be working with a tight budget, but you also want to give that grad in your life something that can help make the transition to post-school life a bit easier (and more fun). The tech gifts that come to mind immediately — iPhones, smartwatches, game consoles and the like — are not exactly budget-friendly. But there are handy gadgets out there that won’t drain your wallet. Here’s Engadget’s list of the best tech gifts under $50 for new graduates.

Anker Nano Pro 20W

Anker’s latest 20W charger will be a handy gift for any grad. More often than not, the new gadgets we buy today don’t come with AC adapters, so having an extra on hand can’t hurt. The Nano Pro can fast-charge the latest iPhones to 50 percent in only 25 minutes, plus it’s smaller than Apple’s own 20W adapter. It also has advanced features like a Dynamic Temperature Sensor, which keeps the charger from overheating, and a power tuner chip, which adjusts power output depending on the connected device. It may not be the trendiest graduation gift, but it’s one that your grad will likely take with them to work, on vacations and elsewhere.

Blink Mini

New graduates moving out into a new apartment will feel a certain peace of mind knowing they can keep an eye on their abode while they’re out all day. That’s especially true for any that have pets patiently waiting for them at home. A Blink Mini security camera has all of the features they’d need to check in every once in a while, and it’s footprint is so small that they’ll easily be able to find a place for it. The camera will record 1080p video when it senses motion, and it’ll send an alert to your grad’s phone so they can view the footage. It also supports two-way audio, so they can comfort their furry friends with their voices as needed. And while Blink does have a subscription plan that lets you store video clips to the cloud, it’s not necessary if you’re just using the camera as a second pair of eyes. Plus, you can download any video clips you want to save to your phone for safe keeping.

8Bitdo Pro 2

We’ve been fans of 8Bitdo’s affordable, multi-platform controllers for quite some time, and the $50 Pro 2 is no exception. You can use it with the Nintendo Switch and on Windows, macOS, Android and Raspberry Pi, and you’re able to map functions to buttons using its companion smartphone app. The Pro 2 also adds new bumper buttons under each arm, something the previous version did not have. In general, 8Bitdo’s controllers are more ergonomic than, say, relying on a keyboard and mouse when playing PC games. They’re also a dramatic improvement over the Switch’s Joy-Cons which, if we’re honest, aren’t the most comfortable controllers to use for long stretches of time. The Pro 2 charges up via USB-C, but you can also remove the battery pack and replace it with AA batteries if you know you won’t be able to charge up frequently.

Cosori Stainless steel electric kettle

Multitaskers are crucial in the kitchen, especially when you’re fighting with your countertops for space. One of the best kitchen gadgets with many uses is an electric kettle, and you don’t have to spend a ton to get a decent one. Cosori makes a few good models, including this stainless steel one that comes in at only $40. It has a six-cup capacity and claims it can boil water in less than three minutes, which means new graduates won’t have to wait long to make a cup of coffee or tea, cook some ramen noodles or get broth ready for soup. We also like that it has an automatic shutoff safety feature that powers down the machine 30 seconds after water comes to rolling boil.

Chipolo One

Help your grad keep track of their things by getting them a gadget like the Chipolo One. This Bluetooth tracker is one of our favorites because its separation alerts are top-notch. What that means in practice is if your grad leaves their keys or wallet with the One attached to it somewhere, say at a coffee shop, they’ll get a notification to their phone quickly after they leave, telling them they left something behind. Chipolo’s tech will even give you directions via your maps app to the precise location of your lost stuff, in the event that you miss the original notification. The Chipolo One is also a good pick for anyone, really, since it works on iPhones and Android devices.

Anker 511 Power Bank

The Anker 511 Power Bank is something everyone should keep with them at all times, but new graduates will find it particularly useful. The last thing they want to worry about is their phone dying on them in the middle of a busy day of job interviews, side hustle work and adulting chores. Only slightly larger than a tube of lipstick, the 511 Power Bank will slide easily into most bags and backpacks, and they could probably get away with sticking it in their pocket if they’re rushing out the door. It has a 5,000mAh capacity that can easily top up a phone that’s inching closer and closer to zero-percent battery life. Plus, it has a built-in foldable plug for use as a power adapter if they happen to be near an outlet. They’ll have to provide their own USB-C cable for charging, but they probably have one of those lying around already anyway.

Yeti Rambler water bottle

Everyone needs a good water bottle they can take with them almost everywhere and Yeti’s 18-ounce Ramber will be a good pick for most people. It has a simple design made of 18/8 stainless steel, plus double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for longer. It’s shatter resistant so it can take an accidental beating, and it’s dishwasher safe for easy cleanup and care. We like the “chug cap” that comes with it — it’s best used with cold drinks, so maybe that will encourage your grad to use this Yeti for all-day hydration instead of all-day caffeination. This Ramber also comes in more than a dozen different colors, so you should be able to find one that fits in with the rest of your giftee’s stuff.

Baggu Standard Set of 3 reusable bags

Reusable tote bags are handy to have whenever you leave the house. New graduates may find themselves in need of one when they stop to get ingredients to make dinner on their way home from work, or when they unexpectedly buy something while out with friends. Baggu’s reusable totes are some of our favorites, not only because they come in a ton of fun colors and designs, but also because they’re durable and machine-washable. They’re made from ripstop nylon that’s easy to fold up into a small square and toss into any backpack or purse, so there’s really no excuse not to keep one with you at all times. Plus, each bag can hold up to 50-pounds worth of stuff, so they shouldn’t buckle under the weight of a week’s worth of groceries.

Logitech Signature M650 Mouse

We generally recommend Logitech mice to most people and the Signature M650 is a great one for a new graduate to toss in their bag to use both at home and work. It has a relatively small profile along with a precision scroll wheel and buttons that are quieter than those on other mice. Whether they’re working in an office with an open floor plan or next to their roommate at their WFH desk, they won’t distract anyone with the sounds of constant clicking or scrolling. This model has two customizable side buttons that allow them to really make the accessory their own, plus it connects to computers via Bluetooth or USB receiver. But the best part is that it should last up to two years on one AA battery before they need to change it; one less gadget they need to remember to recharge regularly is a great thing.

Roku Streaming Stick 4K

New grads are pretty cash-strapped, so most of them are not going out to buy a new TV immediately after getting their diploma. Regardless of if their old set is smart or not, you can give it a refresh by gifting them a streaming device like the Roku Streaming Stick 4K. This one in particular gives them access to Roku’s operating system, which is easy to use. Not only does it provide access to all the heavy hitters — Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Apple TV+ and others — but Roku also has its own channels that let you watch some news, movies and TV shows for free. The Streaming Stick 4K supports 4K content, as its name suggests, plus HDR10+, long-range WiFi, AirPlay and input from a few voice assistants.

Lyft gift card

You may not want to think about all the nights your grad has been out until 4am, but it’s likely they’ve clocked a few of those by now. Giving them an easy way to get home will not only be a welcomed convenience, but also a safety measure. Hopping in a Lyft or an Uber as soon as they’ve made the decision to bounce will make it so they don’t have to wait for public transit that may not arrive on time (or at all), or beg a friend of a friend for a ride. Not to mention, they’ll feel a huge sense of relief knowing that, the next time they go out, their ride home is already taken care of.

Repel Windproof Double Vented travel umbrella

Hear us out — a good umbrella is an unexpected yet invaluable gift. Few things are worse than getting stuck in a downpour on your way to work, especially if you use public transit to get there. Repel’s windproof travel umbrella is just the right size — not too big or too small at 11.5 inches in length — and its nine reinforced fiberglass ribs prevent it from being blown inside-out easily. We also like its single-button design, allowing you to open or close it with one hand. Repel’s umbrella is one of those practical gifts that your grad will be glad to have at the most crucial times, and they’ll save money in the long run by not needing to buy a new, cheap umbrella every time the skies open up.

Tribit Stormbox Micro 2

We wanted to give a nod to the Tribit Stormbox Micro 2 here even though it’s normally priced at $60 (but you can find it on sale for around $50). The portable speaker world is vast and that can make it hard to pick a decent one as a gift for a graduate that you may not fully understand their listening habits. The Micro 2 is a good all-around pick because it’s small enough to toss in most bags and it packs a ton of volume. Whether they are hosting a party at home or listening with friends outside, the Micro 2 has enough volume for all types of settings. We like its onboard controls as well, along with its rubbery rear strap that makes it easy to attach to things like belts and bike handlebars.

Instant Vortex Mini air fryer

While technically priced at more than $50, we wanted to include the Instant Vortex Mini here in part because it’s often on sale for around $45. Also, it’s a powerful little air fryer that any new graduate should be able to fit into even the most cramped of kitchen setups. It has an easy to use touchscreen with a few different cooking modes, but we expect most graduates will use it to cook snacks like mozzarella sticks and reheat leftovers to crispy perfection. We recommend checking out our air fryer guide if you want to give them something a little bigger that can cook more food at once — but if you’re only looking out for your grad and maybe their partner or favorite roommate, the Instant Vortex Mini will feed them well.

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Mandalorian themed Logitech G A30 Wireless Gaming Headset for Star Wars fans

The Mandalorian Season 3 has kicked off on Disney Plus, as Grogu and Mando come across friendly and hostile characters en route to their intergalactic voyage. Just the right time for gamers to zone off with a pair of headphones themed on Din Djarin (lovingly known as Mando), the pop culture hero of current times.

Created by Logitech G in collaboration with Lucasfilm, the “A30 Wireless Gaming Headset The Mandalorian Edition” is more of a collector’s item for Star Wars fans who’ll in all likelihood use the accessory to stream the latest installment of this hit series and beyond.

Designer: Logitech G

To keep fans engaged, there are numerous easter eggs concealed in the headset itself. It’ll be a fun exercise to discover them once you own these pair of cans. For now, we’ll focus on the Mando-inspired aesthetics and features of the headset. Based on the A30 headset’s iconic design, these headphones have the Beskar steel-inspired theme which is an absolute nod to the galactic roamer in search for resurrection. The clamping force on these special edition headphones strikes the right balance for a comfortable and secure fit, which is a very important feature for geeks who value ergonomics.

A die-hard Star Wars fan will never want to part with this headset given it features custom speaker tags having the Din Djarin profile on the left tag and the Clan Mudhorn signet on the right. The earcups have authentic Mandalorian script and those signets pump up your chest to be a warrior (or I should say gamer) to be dealt with. The aesthetics are undoubtedly impressive on this headset, and the specifications truly complement the looks.

A30 Wireless Gaming Headset The Mandalorian Edition connects seamlessly to Android, iOS, Mac,  PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S with a dongle accessory. Battery life is rated at 27 hours on a single charge, and audiophiles will appreciate the inclusion of the in-house LIGHTSPEED Wireless technology. When the battery runs out and there’s no way to charge it, the 3.5 mm connectivity comes in handy.

Being a gaming headset at its heart, there is ultra-low latency wireless connectivity at the core. Audio coming out of these Mando-themed headphones should be crisp courtesy of the 40 mm drivers tuned for crystal clear spatial audio. These pair of cans can be pre-ordered right away for a price tag of $249 with shipping promised in April 2023.

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Logitech announced a $599 cockpit rig for you to play your racing games in utmost reality

The only thing missing is the seatbelt.

Designed to be pretty much the last word in racing rigs, this bad boy from Logitech and Playseat is as real as it gets. The “Trophy – Logitech G Edition” is a $599 rig that fits Logitech’s $1000 racing wheel, pedals, and connects to a host of gaming setups. It comes with a chassis made from high carbon steel, upon which sits a rather comfy chair filled with Playseat’s proprietary ActiFit material, which helps promote air circulation and dissipate heat… because with this kind of rig, there’s no way you’re just playing for 15-20 minutes at a time…

Designers: Logitech & Playseat

The open cockpit design creates a perfectly airy atmosphere for high-stakes intense gaming sessions. The setup is customizable, so you can put the wheel and pedal right where you want them. It’s worth noting that the Trophy supports wheel and pedal modules from other brands too (not just Logitech). In fact, the entire rig is merely a rebranded version of Playseat’s own Trophy line, in collaboration with Logitech. The new rig features a grey chassis with Logitech’s branding, and the seat has the Logitech logo emblazoned onto the PU-leather headrest.

“The Playseat Trophy-Logitech G Edition works great with our recently announced PRO Racing Wheel and PRO Racing Pedals,” says Jim Hoey, the head of simulation marketing at Logitech G. “Now drivers will have the correct setup and racing position to feel the thrill of racing.”

The $599 racing cockpit weighs 37 lbs (17 kg), thanks to the lightweight carbon fiber frame. It’s definitely on the bulkier side, visually, so it’s best suited for setups with a lot of literal legroom. Logitech claims the chair can easily be stowed away when not in use, but that’s easier said than done, given that the setup isn’t portable or foldable, or even discreet. Your best bet is to have a permanent setup that doesn’t require constant moving parts. Just maybe a cup-holder attachment would be nice so you could grab yourself a Red Bull or Monster drink in between gaming sessions.

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Logitech’s latest $69 webcam is a mid-tier must-have for people on a budget

You could somehow figure out how to use your iPhone camera as a desktop webcam… or you could spend $69.99 on the Logitech Brio 300 and get yourself a pretty nifty webcam that’s capable of recording at full HD with auto light-correction and a noise-reducing microphone for a video experience that’s pleasantly surprising and well worth the money.

It’s funny how laptop and desktop manufacturers have absolutely dropped the ball on webcams. Everyone’s so focused on sleek builds and powerful CPUs and GPUs that nobody really managed to realize in the past 3 years that the webcam is now integral to businesses. “We surveyed more than 3,000 remote workers* and found that most non-webcam users struggle with poor lighting conditions, unflattering camera angles, and low-quality sound from their laptop speakers,” said Scott Wharton, general manager of Logitech B2B. The Brio 300 was designed to cater to that audience, who just needed a reliable, budget-friendly work-horse for teleconferencing. The Brio 300 isn’t a cutting-edge 4K camera (like its elder sibling, the Brio 4K), but it handles the basic tasks very well. A 70° field of view captures just the right amount and puts you perfectly in the frame (without showing the clutter around you), while auto light correction helps adjust your picture regardless of whether you’re in a dark-ish room or you have harsh light falling on your face and creating a color-burn. Finally, the built-in noise-reducing microphone focuses on just your voice and not the cacophony of kids playing, dogs barking, or cars honking around you.

Designer: Logitech

Click Here to Buy Now

Brio 300 series webcams are perfect for those who want to make the easy but substantial jump to significantly improve their video meeting experiences with an external webcam,” Wharton mentions. “And for companies who need to provide certified, simple-to-use webcams to employees’ home or office workstations, Brio 305 is that budget-friendly option.”

The webcam is a compact device that comes with a monitor clamp and a USB-C cable that works right off the bat. The plug-and-play webcam is certified for use with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet, and has a manual privacy shutter that lets you close off the camera lens whenever the Brio 300 isn’t in use.

The Brio 300 sports an unconventional cone-shaped design that feels rather individualistic and comes in three colors – rose, off-white, and graphite (pairing rather harmoniously with Logitech’s mice and keyboards). Like other Logitech products, the camera’s designed using recycled materials. The Brio 300 is made from at least 48% certified post-consumer recycled plastic for the Off-white and Rose variants, and a stunning 62% for the Graphite variant.

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Herman Miller Vantum gaming chair sets new bar in ergonomic comfort and adaptability

Herman Miller has set the precedence for office chairs and is also steadily building dominance in the gaming world with gaming-specific versions of the popular Embody (in partnership with Logitech G), Aeron and Sayl chairs. Now the popular and trusted ergonomic office furniture maker has struck another partnership with Logitech for a winning gaming chair design that will be hard to ignore.

Herman Miller x Logitech G Vantum Gaming Chair is the first fully gaming-centric chair by the Michigan-based manufacturer. Just for the records, this is also the first ever gaming chair out there with a thoracic support pad (for upper back, neck and head support) which adds to the USP. To top it off, the chair costs considerably less at just $995 in three color options – Polar, Flare and Obsidian. Stack it to the duo’s first collaborative creation, the Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair that debuted in 2020 for a price tag of $1,500.

Designer: Herman Miller and Logitech

Vantum is tailored for long gaming sessions to keep the gamers in an “active/upright position the moment they sit down.” This is possible with the custom seat pad and PostureFit’s extra adjustable lower back support. Thereby preventing slouching to reduce fatigue in hot game action.

When you are taking a break from all the shooting or intense racing, the chair supports the head where it meets the spine via the adjustable headrest. Clearly, we can see that the chair has gaming ergonomics in mind, and created to offer support during different stages of play. According to Jon Campbell, General Manager of Gaming at Herman Miller, their team shifted keen focus to the versatile requirements of gamers. Hence, an equally supported reclined position for times when watching movies, chatting with buddies or amid virtual events is important for an ergonomic chair.

The chair has a flexible cushion and special suspension material for balanced pressure no matter what the posture is. This ensures maximum comfort and support for breathable circulation. HM has left no stone unturned when it comes to fabric durability and the glass-filled nylon frame. The Polyurethane foam headrest and seat cushion are made out of 100 percent recycled polyester fabric.

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Logitech G Fits earbuds have custom molding ear tips for passive noise isolation and peak comfort

The sound quality and comfortable fit of any pair of earbuds depends on how well they rest inside your ear canals. Audiophiles who want the best experience often go for the custom-fit ear tips that mold to the shape of the ear canal for the best possible passive noise isolation and state-of-the-art comfort.

Logitech is entering the highly competitive true wireless earbuds market with a USP all audiophiles will be interested in. The stylish earbuds bring to the fore custom molded ear tips that promise the best-personalized fit audio lovers can wish from TWS earbuds on the market. Of course, not forget the enhanced bass, sound quality and isolation from disturbing noises in crowded spaces without relying on Active Noise Canceling feature.

Designer: Logitech

In a way the Logitech G Fits are similar to the Ultimate Ears’ (a brand that Logitech owns) UE Fits earbuds that boast the Lightform feature making the custom molded fit possible. Their feature list for gamers and power users makes the G series earbuds a better option. The pill-shaped earbuds when inserted for the first time in the ear canals will prompt the user to push a button so that the gel tips harden with flashing LEDs, taking up the ear’s canal shape in a 60-seconds setup. This totally seals the cavity without causing long-term wearing discomfort and blocks all the noises. Now, how cool is that?

Let’s not forget, these are centered on gaming and an active lifestyle, so Logitech has equipped them with Lightspeed wireless technology for the lowest possible low-latency connection. Also, there are Bluetooth capabilities for gaming and standard mode options depending on usage. The Lightspeed dongle connects via USB-A or the USB A-to-C adapter for a negligible audio delay while gaming. This ensures seamless connectivity with any device you want to connect with like the Logitech G Cloud handheld or even PlayStation 5.

Since the G Fits virtually eliminate the need for any active noise canceling, the earbuds last for 10 hours on a single charge and another 12 hours in the battery case. Though it should be noted, the Lightspeed mode will bring the figure down to 7 hours and 8 hours in the charging case respectively. Having 10mm drivers, the G Fits promise a “full, warm, detailed sound with deep, punchy bass.” The dual beamforming microphones per bud deliver vocal clarity for taking calls or in-game conversations.

Overall, I like the prospect of Logitech’s unique offering – especially, the ability to get the best custom fit as it enhances the overall listening experience. They’ll be available for a price tag of $229 in two color options – back and white – when finally available in October next month. Initially, the earbuds will be launched in North America and in other parts of the world in 2023.


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Logitech G Cloud handheld device puts a different spin on mobile gaming

For gamers, being able to play anywhere at any time is a bit of a dream come true. Of course, that has always been possible with certain game systems, like the Nintendo Game Boy, the Sony PlayStation Portable, or even smartphones, but a single device that is able to do all of these is still an unreachable goal. Thanks to advancements in technology, particularly in cloud computing, that dream is slowly becoming a reality. And it’s that kind of reality that Logitech’s latest device is trying to achieve with a gaming handheld that lets you play almost any game available, at least any game that’s available on smartphones or through the cloud.

Designer: Logitech

Logitech is best known for its line of computer accessories ranging from keyboards and mice to webcams. It doesn’t make nor sell computers, and this Logitech G Cloud handheld would be one of, if not its first, computing device. It’s a device aimed at a rather niche market that straddles the line between smartphone and gaming console, and it’s a market that it might have difficulty winning unless it plays its cards right.

This isn’t the first handheld gaming device to come in this form, after all, with the Nintendo Switch and Valve’s Steam Deck leading the market in terms of popularity. It isn’t even the first dedicated Android-powered gaming handheld to make its way to the market. And as those other attempts might have proven, it’s not an easy market to conquer. Then again, they might have just been ahead of their time.

In terms of design, the Logitech G Cloud aims for comfort and convenience to set it apart from both smartphones as well as other gaming handhelds. It’s relatively light, thanks to having nearly the same specs as a 7-inch mid-range Android tablet. Compared to a smartphone or tablet, however, it has dedicated physical controls that make playing many games easier. Logitech has even set its sights beyond just technical performance, boasting of the device’s carbon neutrality and sustainable packaging.

In terms of user experience, the gaming handheld is pretty much an Android tablet with a few built-in features related to gaming. In addition to a game launcher that takes a page out of the Nintendo Switch, it also has built-in support for cloud gaming services like Xbox Cloud Game Pass and NVIDIA GeForce Now. Additionally, it can also stream games running on an Xbox console or Steam PC at home, thanks to remote play functionality available on these platforms. In other words, the device can practically run any game from any platform except the PlayStation, presuming those services and features are available in the owner’s region, of course.

While it sounds like heaven for gamers, it’s still uncertain whether it will be a commercial success for Logitech. Many of these features can also be enjoyed on a large smartphone these days, so the Logitech G Cloud doesn’t really sound too unique. It does have the convenience of having a single device for gaming with built-in controls, but almost everyone has that kind of device in their pockets these days; they just need a good controller to go along with it.

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Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel and Pedals elevate racing sim experience to god level

Logitech is making all the news today with quite a few announcements breathing down our neck. The one that’s making all the limelight though – the gaming brand’s new racing wheel and pedals for hardcore gamers who’ll go any length for maximum in-game immersion.

The PRO racing Wheel and the PRO racing Pedals aim to elevate the simulation of sim racing to an unprecedented level for compatible gaming titles and platforms like PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One or PC.

Designer: Logitech

According to Logitech G (brand’s gaming wing), the steering wheel very closely emulates the car’s feedback, just like it would be in the real world. Thus, racing game pros can feel every jerk or turning stress with 100 percent accuracy. It’s almost like being right there on the racing track. The gaming accessories are designed keeping in mind the professional sim drivers.

The heart of the racing wheel is the high-performance Direct Drive engine and the high-definition TRUEFORCE feedback technology for “pure connection to racing.” The motor generates 11-newton meters of force with a very low-latency response. When mated to the TRUEFORCE tech, the racing wheel is capable of delivering never-before-experienced realism.

According to rising star Formula-1 racing driver Lando Norris (team McLaren), the G PRO Racing Wheel simulates the real-time conditions of the track and how the car chances during the race. After spending time with the wheel, Lando said, he feels like being right there on the track even when he enjoys simulated runs in his home.

Richard Neville, head of simulation and controllers for Logitech Gaming further retreats this fact by explaining that they have analyzed everything in detail right from how many gear shifts, turns and impacts an 11-newton meter wheel takes, to which materials and components will last through even the most grueling racing conditions.” The wheel also has a precise button and dial placement along with the magnetic gear shift paddles, and dual-clutch paddles for a tactile analog response for varied gaming functions.

The new set of pedals is the perfect alibi for the racing wheel, as they are equipped with the load cell on the brake for the braking pedal, and contactless hall-effect sensors for the clutch and gas. The three pedals have pressure detection technology for realistic muscle memory and consistent performance. The G PRO Racing Pedals can be adjusted to be soft or firm depending on the gamer’s preference.

For professional gamers who want to invest in a state-of-the-art setup, the Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel and the Racing Pedals will come at a price tag of $999 and $349 respectively.

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This gaming handheld wants to be the Nintendo Switch of Android

Handheld gaming devices have exploded in popularity after the success of the Nintendo Switch. None of the other console makers, namely Microsoft and Sony, seem to be eager to jump on that train yet, but PC makers have started to show interest, particularly with the launch of Valve’s Steam Deck. Of course, when it comes to being a portable gaming device, nothing really beats a smartphone, especially when you’re talking about games that are designed from the start to be enjoyed in bite-sized parts while on the go. It is arguable, however, whether a smartphone is a proper gaming handheld, considering its multi-functional nature, so Logitech is attempting to solve that by creating an Android device designed and dedicated solely to gaming.

Designer: Logitech (via Evan Blass)

Mobile games have been around ever since Snake first appeared on Nokia handsets, but truly immersive and addictive ones didn’t appear until smartphones did. There are hundreds of games today that you can play on smartphones, plus a thousand more copycats and malware-bearing Trojan horses. What all these games have in common is that they were developed with a touch screen in mind as the primary input method. In fact, many titles don’t even work with a controller, even a Bluetooth gamepad connected to the phone.

That’s what makes the idea of a dedicated Android gaming handheld in the style of the Nintendo Switch a bit less exciting than it is for Steam Deck PC. What would be the point of having physical gaming controls flanking a big screen if the game being played only responds to touch input? That doesn’t seem to worry Logitech, who partnered with Chinese gaming giant Tencent to create a “cloud gaming handheld” device. A leak of the device shows a rather uninspiring design that houses a curious gaming experience.

The white Logitech G Gaming Handheld, as it is being called, easily resembles a Nintendo Switch Lite, which doesn’t have the removable Joy-Cons. While it looks more like a tablet than a phone, it’s what’s running on the screen that makes it really interesting. It shows not just Google Play, which would be a no-brainer for an Android device, but also Xbox, NVIDIA, and even Steam, suggesting it can handle those brand’s cloud streaming services. It seems that Logitech and Tencent are aiming for an all-around handheld gaming device, which would make those buttons and joysticks more useful indeed.

Designer: AYN Technologies

Of course, Logitech is hardly the first to try making an Android-based gaming handheld, and it definitely won’t be the last. The past two years alone have seen a sudden rise in gaming handhelds running Android inside. To some extent, that’s unsurprising because Android is the easiest and cheapest operating system to put on any device. It’s arguable, however, if it has the best selection of mobile games.

The bigger question, however, is whether it actually makes sense for an Android device to have permanent controllers flanking the screen, even if one of them can be removed. Android can be used for more than just gaming, of course, but the fixed controller almost limits how the device can be used for a single purpose only. That’s why Bluetooth controllers that can be attached to smartphones and then removed as needed have somewhat become more popular, offering that same gaming experience without imposing arbitrary limitations.

Designer: GPD

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