Netflix puts free documentaries on YouTube for students and teachers

To help teachers and students learning from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Netflix is making a handful of documentaries available for free on its Netflix US YouTube channel. At the moment, there are 10 documentary films and series available, incl...

This fun-loving pop-up screen creates private spaces without the awkward silences!

Being introverted shouldn’t be synonymous with being boring. The Friendly Borders is a fun and engaging way to manipulate spaces, creating private zones. The Japanese-fan-inspired apparatus lets you instantly open out and create an almost-opaque screen made from Trevira fabric (a type of branded woven yarn) that’s anywhere from 1.5 to 2 feet in height, based on what size you pick.

The Friendly Borders instant screen comes in a neat Birchwood case, allowing you to open it up in a matter of seconds, and close it down into a tiny box slim enough to sit on your desk or in a book-shelf. Opening it instantly gives you a comfy private zone to boost your productivity, making the Friendly Borders great for offices, libraries, schools, or perhaps even in homes (especially when two youngsters share the same room!) It does so in a way that’s fun and non-confrontational, allowing you to get your private space while not appearing unsocial or rude. It’s probably the fact that the Friendly Borders opens out like a peacock, subconsciously directing your mind towards an animal that is the very opposite of unsocial and introverted! Clever, no?

The Friendly Borders comes in subtle colors like grey and mint to complement the aesthetic of the spaces it’s put in and also to prevent you from getting overwhelmed or distracted by the color. Its Trevira fabric allows it to stay clean, to last long while maintaining its stiffness, and also bestows an unusual property to it. Given the Trevira’s flame-retardant nature, the Friendly Borders could even be used in an emergency to quickly brush off a fire (although Njustudio’s website doesn’t mention it, but Trevira’s own website boldly touts its flame-retardant properties).

Designer: Njustudio

Cadillac’s 2021 Escalade will boast a 38-inch curved OLED screen

In a teaser video published today, Cadillac offers a glimpse of the 38-inch, curved OLED screen that will arrive in its 2021 Escalade. Cadillac says the display will have "twice the pixel density of a 4K television." It didn't share much beyond that...

These colourful chairs and screens were surplus parachutes once upon a time!

Today designers leave no material untouched in their attempt to create the most unique and innovative designs. Whether it’s recycled metals, cork, coconut fibers, you name it and the best of designers can incorporate it! Benjamin Hubert’s design agency Layer and the responsible fashion studio Raeburn came together to explore such a territory. Their ‘Canopy Collection’ consists of recycled parachute material wrapped over welded steel frames to create four rocking chairs and two screens. The collaboration was an attempt to merge both the respective brands’ passion for sustainability and their ever-growing interest in “recontextualizing undervalued materials”.

Designers: Layer x Raeburn

Combining two completely different worlds; industrial design and fashion, “The collection presents a timeless design language of strict geometry which acts as a framework for Raeburn’s innovative and forward-thinking recycled parachute upholstery.” Layer and Raeburn scrounged through the archives of Raeburn, to study how the brand has previously repurposed surplus ex-military parachutes to create statement fashion pieces. The unique ideas were transformed and integrated with furniture design.

“The Canopy Collection uses the strict geometry of the steel frames as a base on which to experiment with innovative and forward-thinking recycled parachute upholstery,” said the masterminds behind the collection. It is inspired by the semantics of a parachute in-flight “The lounge chair gently rocks back and forth whilst the re-configurable screen takes inspiration from the section and construction of a wing.” The entire collection reminds me of a billowy parachute wavering in the air, and then subtly settling onto the ground.

Though all the rocking chairs are crafted out of surplus ex-military parachutes and aircraft brake parachutes, they all exhibit varied auras and forms. One of them is multi-colored, boasting vivid tones of orange, white and olive green, while still possessing a very simple aesthetic. The screens are a result of the parachute material being stretched tacitly on the metal base, following a color scheme of orange, green and white as well. Reconfigurable, the screens can be easily opened and closed and moved to wherever you would want them to be placed.

Whereas two of the other rocking chairs showcase a tousled-feathery look, created by draping layers of the material over the steel structure, giving the entire piece a raw and rugged feel. They come in shades of black and white respectively, providing a stark contrast to one another.

Launched during the London Design Festival, the collection is all set to be exhibited at Raeburn’s new SOHO, London store. With an intense combination of fashion, sustainability, a well thought out design, and vibrant colors, this collection is sure to be a hit!

Oppo eliminates side bezels with its ‘waterfall screen’

It's only been a year since Vivo and Oppo kicked off the all-screen, notch-less smartphone race, and now, the latter is literally pushing the boundaries with a new type of curved display. Earlier today, Oppo showed off a prototype device packing a "w...