Joseph Joseph’s reusable water bottle focuses on making the lid as important as the bottle itself

Loop is a reusable water bottle with an innovative lid design and shapely build, allowing users to slide Loop’s lid over its spout for easy drinking even when your hands are full.

Reusable water bottles have become the modern handbag. Everywhere you go, you’ll find someone clutching one by its lid strap. When a product becomes so popular, innovative design becomes a rarity. Following research periods spent observing the ways people interact with their own reusable and single-use water bottles, London-based design studio Blond Ltd. collaborated with Joseph Joseph to create Loop, a reusable EDC water bottle designed to simplify carrying the lid while taking a drink.

In central London, the designers at Blond Ltd. and Joseph Joseph observed the different ways that people used and handled their water bottles to design an ergonomic and shapely reusable water bottle. When we’re carrying all of our stuff in addition to our water bottle, drinking from it can feel like juggling. Noticing that people have a harder time removing the water bottle’s lid and holding it while they drink, the designers made Loop so that users can slide the lid over the bottle’s neck when taking a drink.

The shape of Loop’s neck was specially designed to double as a storage method for the water bottle’s lid, providing a convenient and sanitary place to carry the cap. Expanding on the design of the Loop, the designers note, “The inside of the loop is gently curved and is an identical match to the bottle’s contours; allowing a tight friction-fit that prevents it from sliding while the user is drinking. Further, the lid doubles up as a convenient carry handle and attachment-point for hanging from bags.”

Double-walled with insulation and made from vacuum-sealed steel, Loop will keep your drinks at your preferred temperature in a durable, long-lasting bottle. An internal screw thread located on Loop’s spout ensures a clean and hygienic drinking surface near the outer face. Additionally, Loop was designed with a wide enough neck to allow room for ice cubes.

Designers: Blond Ltd. x Joseph Joseph

With its loop lid, users can carry Loop with even just one finger. 

Loop’s shapely build is functional and visually appealing. 

The open lid strap allows users to attach it to their backpacks with carabiners. 

Loop can hold up to 500ml of hot or cold liquid. 

These claw-inspired EDC folding knives use an Emerson Wave deployment method for safe and precise movements!

There are some pretty hardcore EDC multipurpose tools on the market. From plier-based to knife-based tools, they’re trusted across industry lines for their ergonomic build and long-lasting reputation. With so many multi-use tools out there, the nitty-gritty, technical details are what set some tools above others. Edging out fixed knives for folding ones, the world’s leading e-commerce site for karambit tactical knives,, features a whole collection of portable multiuse tools with curved blades that fold down so you can bring them anywhere.

Originally built for farming, multiuse tools are currently used for utility, self-defense, and combat purposes. Knives that use folding and Emerson Wave deployment methods are easy to carry around safely and provide a lot more accuracy during use. As described on their site, Karambit co-owners Phillip Koontz and William Simkins say, “Emerson Wave Karambits feature a patented wave-shaped opening mechanism that allows a karambit to open instantly as it’s removed from the pocket.”

On, the standout Emerson Wave knives come shining with a curved blade for clean slashing through dense material. Finished in Black Idroglider and made from stainless steel, the Emerson Wave karambit blade is constructed for the long haul. While Emerson Wave knife deployment offers convenience and efficiency, it also promotes user safety, ensuring that while the karambit is inside the pocket, the knife will not dislodge.

Built using some of the strongest stainless steel available, many of the Emerson Wave deployment tools are constructed in Italy from NC690Co Stainless Steel. The Emerson Wave karambit collection also features knives that come fitted with safety finger rings and ergonomic handles for intuitive operation. Available for reverse and forward grip, the black G10 scales on each tool’s grip make handling each knife a lot safer and enhances the knife’s overall precision rating.


Traditional charm meets a modern steel edge with Karambit’s Emerson Wave multi-use tools.

An added safety ring enhances the knife’s safety features and makes it easy to clip on and carry.

Laden in black G10 scales, the grip is ergonomic to promote convenience and precision.

The Emerson Wave deployment knife explained. 

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These magnetic modular glasses with a hingeless design resolves the most common frame breakage problem!

MagLeg is a pair of 3D-printed magnetic eyeglasses that allow for hingeless, unrestricted movement of the temples with an ergonomic design.

If you wear glasses, then you know the struggle of keeping them in one piece. All it takes is one wrong move and your glasses are squashed, scraped, or broken. The temples of glasses are especially notorious for breaking off at the hinges. The temples of glasses are flexible to point, but when they’re over flexed to fit larger head sizes, the hinges snap from too much tension. For designers Marc Sapetti and Arthur Carvalho Vieira, this is all too familiar, so they created MagLeg, a pair of 3D-printed magnetic eyeglasses that allow for hingeless, unrestricted movement of the temples with an ergonomic design.

Small magnets are embedded into the temples and rims of MagLeg to connect all the pieces together and these magnets curve upwards only slightly to ensure an upright fit. Sapetti and Carvalho Vieira set out to design a pair of eyeglasses that stands the test of time and wear, looking toward magnetic joinery to bring them there. Each pair of eyeglasses comes in three parts: the isolated frames and two temple legs. Embedding the tip of each temple with small magnets, they connect to each corner of the rims to form a single pair of glasses.

While MagLeg’s construction is unique and unlike any other pair of glasses on the market, their appearance remains inconspicuous. Magnets replace the hinges of traditional eyeglasses, allowing for unrestricted movement at the temples and rims. Following a thorough research period filled with interviews and trial periods, Sapetti and Carvalho Vieira took a human-centric approach in creating MagLeg. The designers note, “We noticed a gap in the glasses industry. These magnetic glasses were developed to address the lack of lasting glasses that also offer stylish design and human comfort. We used our experience from other segments like backpacks and industry-machines to come up with this innovative solution.”

The frames are produced in high volume following a plastic injection template or a 3D printmaking process that uses nylon material to create the eyewear. The designers followed a thorough period of research with trial runs of their eyeglasses on 3D-printed heads to ensure a comfortable, secure fit. Using these construction processes opens the door to customization work that might call for acute measurement adjustments or color changes. The magnetic and modular makeup of MagLeg also makes for easy and long-lasting maintenance, allowing users to reorder individual parts of their glasses instead of having to order an entirely new pair of frames.

Designers: Marc Sapetti and Arthur Carvalho Vieira

This handcrafted iPad Pro Stand carved from a single piece of wood comes with a magnetic Apple Pencil holder!

Sculpted into a shape that permits ergonomic usability and comfort, the iPad Pro Stand from Yohann boasts a final form that allows for multi-angled usage, achieved by reducing the light, thin profile to its bare necessities.

Keeping track of all of our smart electronics and their accessories can get messy. Depending on what you use them for, smart appliances guide us through the week and keep us on top of our personal and work-related agendas. 2016’s Apple Pencil, for one, was designed for iPad Pro but has a tendency of getting lost. Yohann, a sustainable brand passionate about crafting wooden Apple accessories, created a wooden iPad Pro Stand with a built-in Apple Pencil holder so there will always be a place to store it.

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Stationery in general gets lost all the time. Our favorite pens fall into hard-to-reach cracks and our pencils roll under our beds, never to be seen again. The iPad Pro Stand from Yohann features an exact slot for your Apple Pencil to slink into when not in use.

The secure lip allows the iPad Pro to remain stationary on the stand. The Apple Pencil holder features magnetic ends to ensure secure storage and that you’ll never lose your Apple Pencil again. The stand itself is handcrafted from a single piece of wood for a solid and durable structure that ages well and stands the test of time. The iPad Pro stand features a winged back for multi-angled use.

Navigating our library of smart electronics and accessories can become as overwhelming as managing our photo library. To help declutter our desks of wires and gadgets, Yohann crafted the iPad Pro Stand with a built-in Apple Pencil holder.

Following their handcrafted and high-quality design process, Yohann built the stand to be ergonomic, intuitive, and long-lasting. Illustrators and graphic designers can draw on their iPad Pros using the stand as a bolstered. Best of all, we love how the magnetic Apple Pencil holder snaps onto place and that’s a feature we’ll be toying with it for a while!

Designer: Yohann

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The iPad Pro stand can even remain upright on soft surfaces, perfect for nighttime Netflix-binge sessions.

The precise slot for your Apple Pencil ensures that it won’t go missing.

This tiny portable home fitness kit is the size of a water bottle and holds everything you need for a full-body workout!

Even with gyms opening back up around the world, the home fitness industry has seen a total overhaul in design as a result of the pandemic. Prioritizing versatility and portability over bulky equipment and monthly memberships, the home fitness industry of today focuses on modular design and compact construction. Introducing their own pair of at-home workout kits, Stel Design unveiled AIIR, a portable exercise system designed for the era of accessibility.

Developed from a collaboration between personal trainers and product designers, AIIR was designed to reduce joint stress and promote healthy posture. Contained within an 8.5″ x 6″ travel case, AIIR Flow is the smaller of the two workout kits and comes with two durable, carbon-steel push-up bars so you can get an arm and chest workout anywhere. The push-up bars come with spring-loaded, folding supports that dislodge from and fold inside both ends of each handle for ultimate portability. The push-up bars pack down to the size of a water bottle and can support up to 300lbs when in use. Each handle was designed to be ergonomic and promote healthy posture through a slightly inclined and elevated build.

AIIR’s full-body workout kit called Line includes the same push-up bars that come with Flow, in addition to non-scratch floor sliders, door-mountable bands, and adjustable foot straps. While Flow focuses on developing the upper arm and chest, AIIR Line provides the necessary equipment for a full-body workout. Stored within an 8.5” x 6” x 2.5” travel case, AIIR Line’s push-up bars are also made from carbon steel to ensure durability, while the straps are woven from webbing that can support up to 350lbs.

Designer: AIIR x Stel Design

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All one might need for a full-body workout routine can be stored in one AIIR travel case.

The adjustable straps included with AIIR Line can hold up to 350lbs.

The push-up bars can withstand up to 300lbs.

The adjustable foot straps are also door mountable for more versatile workout routines.

The push-up bars’ folding supports make it easy to pack AIIR Flow down to the size of a water bottle for ultimate portability.

All the equipment included in AIIR Flow can be packed within its 8.5” x 6” x 2.5” travel case.

The push-up bars and adjustable foot straps can easily be stored away for workouts on the go.

The zipper travel case is compact enough to fit into any suitcase or carry-on.

The door-mountable foot straps can be adjusted in length to meet any height.

Floor sliders and push-up bars can be used at one time for a full-body workout.

This adaptable furniture system uses modular design to let you customize your storage and aesthetic

We bring home new furniture pieces and desk accessories all the time and as our rooms fill up, the less storage space we have for new furniture. As we live in our homes, we want to buy furniture and appliances to help make our everyday life more efficient, but the more stuff we buy, the less space we have for actual living. In collaboration with Illumika, a team of designers based in Moscow created Furnicloud, a furniture system that helps to declutter busy living spaces through a modular and vertical design.

Furnicloud essentially functions as a system of aluminum rods that can be configured to attach different container modules and create more storage space. Composed primarily of boxes that come with lids and doors, the rods can be vertically placed in varying shapes for the boxes to attach to and fill. The boxes that come with Furnicloud come with drawers, doors, and shelves to optimize their storage capabilities. In addition to storage boxes, Furnicloud includes mirrors, lights, hangars, and other accessory-sized storage containers that can be strewn from the aluminum rods, stabilizing the furniture system as a whole. Constructed entirely from aluminum, Furnicloud comes in different shades, coats, and finishes, ensuring that each furniture system can be customized for each given living space.

As we move towards a more modernist, if not futurist, tomorrow, the world of design is taking cue with industrial and even brutalist design elements. Furnicloud wears an aluminum finish to adapt to any living space and the durable, stable quality of the furniture system adds to its industrial appeal.

Designer: Illumika

Furnicloud is built on a modular system made up of aluminum rods that carry different container modules.

The box modules can either come as closed boxes, or with drawers and doors.

Each module mounts onto the aluminum rods with ease following a simple latch and screw method.

The connection between rods and boxes is seamless.

Furnicloud also comes equipped with magnetized modules that can hold your keys and smaller accessories.

Small storage plates fill up the rod system with tiny storage options.

Made from aluminum, Furnicloud comes in array of different finishes and coats.

Furnicloud can be customized for any living space.

This smart desk gadget doubles as a stretching aid to keep you moving while working!

Transitioning from working out of the office to working from home has undoubtedly thrown our daily movement routines for a loop. While our days once consisted of walking throughout the office and completing our daily move goal ring by lunchtime, our workdays are now split between slouching at a desk and laying on the couch for short breaks. Turning to smart technology to help incorporate more mobility throughout our days, a team of designers based in Korea developed a smart stretching device called Root.

The team of designers behind Root incorporated smart technology into the handheld device that mimics the experience of movement tracking from other smart devices like the Apple watches or built-in smartphone health monitors. Built to be the size of a large pen, Root is as compact and portable as any other health-tracking smart device. Most of the device’s operability is integrated into its internal structure, coming complete with an elastic strap inside that extends for full-motion stretching and built-in motion sensors and coils that provide the groundwork for smart technology. Root’s accompanying app receives information from the device’s internal sensors to provide stretching exercises that are most appropriate for each user’s limitations and individual needs.

After pairing Root with the app via Bluetooth, users can return to their own profile to view upcoming stretching routines, exercises, as well as activity training throughout the day. Integrated coaching and in-app expertise guide users through each movement that Stretch recommends, depending on the handlebar sensors to ensure correct body placement and movement. In developing Root, the team of designers hoped to create a stretching device that helps users generate a solid foundation for our daily movement that will ultimately turn into a daily routine to open up the day to new possibilities. With the chunk of our days taking place behind screens and hunched over our smartphones, Root’s minimal screen provides the ideal recharge we all need.

Designers: Eric Kim, Jae Hyeon Lee, and Nemin Jin

The designers settled on the name Root after finding inspiration in three words: root, routine, and infinite.

The charging station is as compact as the actual stretching device, offering a minimalist display for busy workspaces.

Root is a stretching smart device that’s as compact as a large pen.

Root can easily pair with your smartphone and accompanying app.

Inside, Root carries an elastic stretching band for full-body movements.

Root has an ergonomic build and intuitive design for optimal usability.

Root’s PUI display on its 2.5D glass screen informs users when and how to exercise.

Root’s main smart technology is integrated into the internal structure of the device itself.

root can be used anywhere, at any time throughout the day.

The main body of Root is composed of a type-C port and coils for charging, motion sensors, and wire sensors.

The home page of Root contains each user’s scheduled routine for stretching.

Users can swap out exercises as they see fit.

Integrated smart technology signals to users when their stretching is correct.

Activity tracking fills out most of the app’s main purpose to ensure productive stretching tailored for each individual.

Built-in coaching guides users through each exercise.

Top 15 flat-packed designs that reimagine how to ship & store everything from automotive to architecture!

As the world grows smaller, physically and metaphorically, we need product designs that save space, are easy to store and portable, especially as our lives have become more flexible with remote work taking over. This is why flat-packed designs intrigue me because they check all of these boxes! But when you think “flat-pack”, the only thing that comes to mind is packaging and that is why I wanted to curate a list that showed that pretty much anything can be flat-packed – scooters, tiny homes, electric vehicles, pet shelters, photobooths, furniture, and more. The following list has 15 designs spanning over multiple verticles that showcase just how versatile this design principle can be. These designs not only rank high on space efficiency but also eliminate the usage of heavier space-consuming designs. They are functional, ergonomic, minimal, modular and just outright brilliant!


It’s worth noticing how the OO Stool does such a great job of combining sustainability along with technology and a pinch of heritage. Made from a single board of bamboo plywood, the stool is CNC machine-cut in a way that integrates every single aspect of the stool into its design. Everything you need to build the OO Stool sits within that flat-packed jigsaw puzzle of bamboo pieces, minimizing waste by using as much negative space as possible. The legs form the outside, while the dual-layered seat of the stool sits on the inside, with the negative space being filled by tiny rectangular pieces that help lock the stool in place, and even a bamboo hammer to help assemble the stool! The OO Stool uses absolutely no glue, screws, or nails… just really smart designing and Japanese joinery techniques.


How cool would it be if we could roll up our furniture just like we roll up our clothes to save space right? Well, designer Richard Price kind of make it happen by creating Plus+ – a flat-packed furniture system that maximizes living space and minimizes storage space! Plus+ fits your needs and comes with multiple configurations. The flexible furniture system increases its likelihood to adapt by using a snap-together frame with a joint system across the whole range. The modular design can be easily be assembled and upgraded with new features or additional accessories which enables it to grow with your needs or new spaces.

Products can be functionally beneficial and aesthetically beautiful without having to be complicated. Fold Lamp proves just this. Destined for a life within a domestic dining room, the magnesium lamp is elegantly suspended from the ceiling, introducing a gentle glow to the room. However, elegant aesthetics aside, it’s the consideration to the manufacture of the product that makes this project so intriguing. Constructed out of a single piece of magnesium that has been efficiently metal-stamped, Fold Lamp doesn’t require any additional hardware! So, what benefit does this have? Well visually distinctive form aside, in the unfolded orientation, it can significantly reduce shipping expenses from international manufacturers!

Created using merino felt wool and birch wood, the Wool Lodge is a safe haven of sorts for your pet. You can arrange and form the flat-packed structure by yourself easily. The lodge features merino felt roof, with the rest of the structure being made from wood. Defleur’s lodge basically has two functions. Spacious enough to fit your cat’s litter box, the lodge shelters the box within its structure. Your cat can sneak away, and pee or poop in privacy, away from any prying eyes. On the other hand, you can install a soft cushion or mattress instead of a litter box in the lodge. This creates a personal space for your pet, it could be a cat or a doggo on the smaller side! Whenever your pet wants to simply relax and getaway, they can hop into the shelter, safe from any external noises or extreme temperatures.


This flatpack design unfolds into a layered lamp! Spinel is a hanging light designed to be easily transformed. The main goal was to create a product that didn’t take up too much space and was also sustainable. “Our responsibility as designers is to produce objects that occupy the smallest possible volume. The purpose is to use the least amount of raw material, producing long-lifespan objects that can be easily recycled,” says Guille Cameron. The origami-like form is minimal, elegant, and certainly unique. Unfolding the lamp adds a dynamic layer to the product and the wooden design itself is a warm addition to any space.


With the Foldio3, tongue-tantalizing photographs are just literally a portfolio case and 10 seconds away. While most traditional photo set-ups comprise a room full of equipment and hours of setting up, the Foldio3’s innovative design puts all of that into a small flat-packed case that can fit right under your arm. Open it out and assemble it using the magnetic locks and you have yourself a studio-grade lightbox for your product photography. On the top of the box are 3 LED strips too, negating the need for those massive bulky studio lights. The Foldio3 comes with two backdrops too, black and white, depending on the kind of shot you need. You can even use your own green backdrop for those green-screen applications.

The Folpen is tinier and more compact than your usual pen, however, what sets it apart are its components. The pen comprises of an ink refill and a plastic sheath. Surrounded by a ribbed plastic sheath, resembling the covers used to protect our iPads and tablets, the refill is enveloped by the sheath, forming the pen’s body. With the sheath folded around the refill, it snuggles comfortably within and only its much-needed nib peeks out. On folding it, the cover forms a triangular flat-packed structure around the refill, creating a pen with an ergonomic form that is easy to hold and operate, as well as to carry around. The end of the cover has been equipped with a magnet, so you simply wrap the folded pen onto a book, and it attaches itself to the book instantly.

This minimal and elegant piece by Annabella Hevesi called the O TRL lets many of us living in tiny spaces enjoy the luxury of having a movable cart. This tray table is a versatile piece of furniture – use it to store your stationery, kitchen knick-knacks, or as a makeshift desk in work from home emergency scene – the pure and minimal aesthetics of this design make it a perfect match everywhere. The trolley has a slim and sleek silhouette and is constructed using a black MDF board, powder-coated steel, and rubber. Do not be fooled by its humble looks; this tray can bear its fair share of weight and move around smoothly, given its large weight-bearing wheels. Sleek, versatile, and fun, this tray table defines the blueprint of what functional furniture design must be like, a 2020 version of Bauhaus, if you will.

Jupe is a portable off-grid shelter that flatpacks so you can pick any spot on the planet and pitch your tent. The futuristic silhouette is inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: Space Odyssey which explains the aluminum pole frame and glowing Firesist fabric exterior which also make it suitable to withstand different climate conditions. Designed by a team of multidisciplinary experts from across the housing, architecture, and engineering industries, including former SpaceX, Tesla, and AirBnB, Jupe is the best in the game. It can be assembled in hours and gives you a 111-square foot space featuring tall ceilings, finished Baltic birch wood floors, a queen bed, and a storage area – think something right in the middle of a tiny home and glamping pod. Mobility is at the core of the design and hence chassis foundation has been created in a way that involves no decking or foundation to be built which makes the shelter adaptable to any terrain, level or not, and leaves the land minimally disturbed.

Höga is a vehicle that adapts IKEA’s winning philosophy of production, packaging, and practical use to give the users a comfortable ride that’s highly functional. This is intertwined with Renault’s advanced mobility platform to create an urban commuter with sustainability in mind. The vehicle’s body is recycled into other products after its lifecycle keeps the waste to a minimum. Design inspiration for the practical commuter comes from the classic Bauhaus principle of clean and purposeful design. The car ships right out of reusable crates to cut on transportation costs, and once it reaches the destination, the containers are reused to ship back broken furniture. Just like IKEA, Höga can be assembled by one person in few hours thanks to its simple LEGO-like attachable frame elements in a perfectly symmetrical design. There are 374 total parts and 114 individual parts, but don’t worry the instructions are easier than those of IKEA!

Switch is designed to make commuting in the city easier and solve the troubles one faces like the frequency of public transport, crowded parking, and poor infrastructure. Currently, you have electric rideshare scooters that are popular in urban settings like Bird, Lime, and Yugo but they come with an added responsibility of parking and crowding the sidewalks. It’s different from its competitors because it is truly portable. The flat-pack mechanism allows you to just fold it up and carry it along even if you’re walking or using a public transport service, you won’t have to worry about loading it and unloading it. It has a sleek build that blends in with your lifestyle and is as easy as carrying a backpack. The scooter comes with a fingerprint-enabled unlock button which is located below the handlebar. One of the coolest features is how the accelerator and brake pedals have been incorporated into the handlebar – it simplifies the user experience and interface!

The Lu chair folds without effort and can be carried around easily. A lot of designs we see are foldable but even after folding not easy to carry around or takes too much time to fold. Made up of plastic, this makes the mechanism work perfectly. As Lu explains, “Many times we find ourselves having to put away objects, perhaps to make room, perhaps to clean the house and sometimes even to take them with us, but above all for furniture of a certain level it is always very difficult. This is where “Lu chair” was born, a dining chair suitable for different types of target, from the most elegant and sophisticated with an eye to detail but also to a younger, fashion-conscious audience. The design is innovative and elegant at the same time and the name “Lu” derives precisely from “luggage” because of its ease of being resealable and transportable wherever you want.”

World’s first paper disposable razor unveiled in Japan! This gives a completely new meaning to the word ‘papercut’! Paper Razor is a sustainable alternative to disposable plastic razors. It is crafted from water-resistant paper like the ones used in milk cartons and it can also withstand temperatures up to 104°F (40°C) in case you like to shave with warm water. The razor weighs 4 gms and only 5 mm thick thanks to its all-paper body with a metal blade-head on top. Designed to be flat-packed, the single-use razor comes completely unfolded and can easily be put together in seconds by folding in the sides and the top to create a rigid, ergonomic razor with a grippy handle. Its origami-inspired design gives it as much strength and maneuverability as a plastic razor while minimizing the use of plastic by as much as 98%. The result? A razor that can be easily flat-packed and shipped, used and then disposed of…safely, of course.


Chair 1:1 was born after a rigorous 5 year long design process that gave us a mountable/demountable chair whose every piece was molded in one go. This optimized the mold size, speeded up production, and reduced waste drastically when compared to a traditional chair. “It is sold just as it comes out of the mold, bypassing several steps; it will be the buyer who will complete the process: this is what we call hyper-seriality,” says the designer duo. “When looking at the Chair 1:1, it is inevitable to have a blast from the past, remembering the boxed toy kits. There are no screws nor bolts: assembly is effortless + quick. Mounting an object makes a bond with it and makes you feel its full value; it builds an affection that stops you from getting rid of it.” The fastening elements of the individual parts are made to be easily producible and extremely resistant. It has been designed to be easily stored, shipped, and transported – 26 boxed up chairs take up only 1 square meter which is the key to increasing online sales as well as shipping sustainably!

This cardboard chair is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and easy to assemble! The MC 205 Cardboard Chair can be flat-packed and requires no tools to put together – something better than puzzles for game night? There were 13 prototypes before the MC 205 was finalized and now the company has released MC 207 which has been tweaked to be more comfortable. The team has also built upon the chair by adding more furniture like couches, tables, and counters made with the same principle. Imagine this but in the shape of the Iron Throne!

These detailed product designs complete your home furniture to make it an inclusive interior design

Furniture and accessories – IKEA has made a fortune over selling us products and them accessorizing these designs! In fact, I’ve come to the point where I have more chair accents, pillow covers, or even tableware rather than my actual furniture count. Studio Fountain thinks of furniture as 90% complete. As for the remaining 10%, they have designed a series names the 10% furniture!

The series consists of four unique shapes. The first one is 1/8th of a sphere, made of a soft, foamy material that fits perfectly onto the edge of our pointy surfaces – be it a table, a cabinet, or a stray shelf. Second in line comes a twisted ring-shaped design that sits more comfortably on your doorknob. No more accidentally banging the doors and waking up the baby! Third in line is a soft wedge to stop those annoying rickety tables without measuring out the exact wedge size every time. And finally, we have a cube with cuts that allow the leg of your chair, table, stool to slip into it with ease and keep your flooring safe from any scratchy sounds as well as marks.

Almost whimsical in design, the 10% furniture is attention to detail at its finest. Small product designs make small tweaks to your regular furniture to make it 100% more user-friendly, we are in for it!

Designer: Soil with Studio Fountain

This intuitive wooden pen holder solves cleanup woes on messy art days and is designed to last a lifetime!

Painting gets messy, especially when you have kids. Without regard for the new floor carpet or optic white-stained china cabinet, the whole room is their canvas when kids paint. Then there’s the dreaded clean-up of all the scattered colored pencils and paintbrushes. Setting out to create a tidy solution for those memorable, but messy paint-filled afternoons, Architect Mum, a child care accessory design studio, developed the Creative Cube, a multifunctional pen holder that can last a lifetime.

Creative Cube was inspired by Architect Mum founder Caro’s own daughter. Caro describes, “After she had painted, it was a hassle for her to tidy up the pens, too…when she was painting with water, it also happened quite often that the water glass tipped over in the creative process. I knew we needed a pen holder that would solve our problems, but I didn’t want a plastic red ladybug in our home.” Averting the tempting lure of weird, anthropomorphic plastic home accessories, Caro gave Creative Cube a wooden construction to exude a minimalist warmth and a timeless, neutral design so the product can be carried down for generations. Eighteen pen slots and a single paintbrush holder fill out the sides of Creative Cube with an additional chamber to place paint water cups stationed on the top of Creative Cube.

Manufactured in southern Germany, Creative Cube is constructed from sycamore wood and coated in linoleum for added protection. Developed to be a lifetime product, Creative Cube is doubly covered with natural linseed oil to stand the test of time and remain resistant against any potential water damage. Since wood is a natural product, Caro suggests keeping your Creative Cube out of direct sunlight to avoid any yellowing or grain fluctuations.

Designer: Architect Mum

Nine pen slots fill out each side of Creative Cube, with additional chambers for a paintbrush and water cup.

Kids can clean up their workstations with ease following paint activities and water coloring.

With an intuitive design, kids can pull their favorite colored pens from Creative Cube and put them right back when they’re done.

With wide slots, Creative Cube can hold multiple slim pencils in one holder.