Master & Dynamic made a wireless version of its iconic MH40 headphones

Master & Dynamic's MH40 was first set of headphones the company designed, and it released it in 2014. In may ways, that model set the standard for what would become M&D's trademark design style: a refined mix of metal and leather. It makes se...

Beats Solo Pro review

Both Apple and Beats have benefited greatly from their relationship over the last five years. Since Apple bought the headphone company in 2014, Beats has improved its gear on all fronts, from design to audio quality and even adding useful features. T...

The latest Windows 10 Insider build gets new PowerToys

The latest Microsoft Windows 10 preview build (19013) for Insiders in the Fast Ring includes new kaomoji shortcuts, the latest version of PowerToys and a Linux update that will send unused power back to your Windows machine. There's also a key change...

Echo Buds review: Alexa smarts packed into a mediocre AirPods rival

By the time Amazon got around to announcing its Alexa-powered earbuds in September, the rumors had already been swirling for months. They were hardly a surprise. The online retail giant has a solid track record of keeping upcoming products under lock...

Google Assistant Helps Locate Objects with Tile Mate

One of the biggest nightmares that we all face is having to search for everyday objects in our own houses. Whenever we misplace a wallet or key, we have wished that the device can be located where it is. Now, it is possible to do something close to that, thanks to Google Assistant and Tile […]

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Beats’ Solo Pro headphones feature Pure ANC and always-on Siri

If you wanted active noise cancellation (ANC) on a pair of Beats headphones, you had one choice: the Studio3 Wireless ($349.95). That changes today. The Solo Pro ($299.95) brings ANC and more to the Apple-owned company's on-ear model. They cost $100...

Tap Strap 2 adds gesture control to any Bluetooth-enabled device

Tap made a name for itself with its futuristic wearable keyboards, now it's introduced a new Minority Report-style feature guaranteed to make you feel like you're in a sci-fi movie. The Tap Strap 2's new AirMouse feature lets you control any Bluetoot...

Missing the detachable joy-cons? 8BitDo’s Lite controllers give you a near-Switch experience!

It’s barely been a month since the Switch Lite’s release and 8BitDo is already pushing out accessories that make it a great gaming console. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, Nintendo released the Switch Lite, a smaller, more economical, monolithic gaming console that allows more people to join Nintendo’s gaming ecosystem. However, its one-piece design may seem like a compromise for some. That’s where 8BitDo’s Lite comes in to fill the gap.

Designed to match the Switch Lite’s aesthetic perfectly, the Lite controller allows you to use a separate, detached joy-con with your Switch Lite. The Lite, however, doesn’t just stop there… the Bluetooth gaming controller even works across other platforms like Windows, Android, MacOS, and Steam, making it one adorable-yet-capable controller to rule them all. Plus, it even packs two D-Pads for NES and SNES games!

Designer: 8BitDo

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