Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 design brings many quality-of-life improvements

Humans seem to have an innate talent for losing things, especially keys and remote controls. There have been various attempts to help improve remembering such objects, but, truth be told, not everyone has the capacity or the patience to learn those tricks. Thankfully, we have technology at our disposal to help nudge us when we’re about to leave something behind unintentionally, or, in the worst-case scenario, recover something we have lost. Object trackers have existed since the time of Tile and were recently popularized by the Apple AirTag. The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag introduced a design that solved those two’s biggest shortcoming, and its second-gen tracker takes things to the next level with an upgrade and, more importantly, an important redesign.

Designer: Samsung

The earliest trackers from Tile as well as the AirTags tried to be as small as possible so you could insert them anywhere. The problem was that they had no built-in way to attach to things like keys, bags, umbrellas, and more. You’d end up having to place them inside tracker holders or other accessories that you had to purchase separately, just so that they could track the very things that get lost or misplaced most often. Samsung’s first stab at this market put a tiny hole just enough to slip in a key ring without having to buy another product.

Now the Galaxy SmartTag2 arrives with a completely new look that sets aside the traditional square and circle designs of most trackers. It comes as a small flat capsule with a very large hole that occupies almost half of its body. This ring has a metal lining to improve its durability, given how it would experience a lot of wear and tear from the ring it holds. The tracker is now also IP67 rated, up from the previous generation’s basic IP53.

What this significant design change means is that the Galaxy SmartTag2 is now more flexible, durable, and reliable. You can attach it to more things, including carabiners and pet collars. It can also withstand more environments and weather conditions, which makes it more usable in various scenarios, like pet care, outdoor equipment management, and more.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 also gets some hardware upgrades, particularly the combination of Bluetooth and UWB to make locating the tracker easier and more precise. This also removes the need to have separate “Base” and “Plus” models, so buyers won’t have a hard time choosing between features. It’s a much-needed upgrade, considering it has been two years since the first-gen SmartTag launched, and one that Samsung hopes will put it on the map when it comes to these wireless trackers.

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Shelly BLU Button1 automates your life with a single click

We are becoming more and more dependent on electronic devices and products, but while each of them brings convenience to our lives, they can collectively become a mess when left unchecked. Making smart home devices work together is, fortunately, easier these days, even if they come from different brands, but corralling traditional “non-smart” appliances is no walk in the park. The good news is that there is a class of devices that make these conventional appliances a bit smarter, such as smart switches and intelligent sockets. The new Shelly BLU Button1 puts all this power literally at your fingertips, allowing you to get the party started or tuck in for the night with a single click of a button.

Designer: Shelly

It might be tempting to replace all your lights, speakers, door locks, curtains, and appliances with Internet-connected models, but it is neither advisable nor practical. If all you really need is a way to turn these on or off without touching a switch or plugging them in, there’s almost no reason to replace your working possessions, especially if they’ve become your favorites. There are plenty of ways to make them just a little bit smarter, like retrofitting normal wall sockets with smart switches inside, like the Shelly Plus and Shelly Pro.

That, however, only makes the appliance smarter, but you might still live your life at the mercy of turning these things on and off individually, often through a smartphone that you have to pull out from your pocket, unlock, and tap multiple times. It’s not exactly a smarter way to live, which is why this tiny button puts all that convenience in a single device that you can attach to your keyring or bag. With just a click or a series of clicks, you can start your mourning routine, lock up the house, get ready for movie night, or do anything else that you need to automate in your life.

Shelly BLU Button1 is a small, almost nondescript square that has a single button that simplifies all the actions you need into a click. Using Shelly Cloud, you can connect actions or grouped scenes to four gestures of single, double, and triple clicks as well as a long press of the button. The BLU Button1 works over Bluetooth, so you don’t have to worry about unstable Wi-Fi connections when you need to open the garage door as you get near the house. You don’t even need to have your smartphone with you to use it! More advanced users can even write small scripts that can handle more complex conditions and situations.

The Shelly BLU Button1 is also compatible with devices that support the BTHome protocol, but it is best used together with Shelly Plus and Pro smart switches. Sure, that does involve a bit of rewiring that might require the help of a professional, but that is still a lot cheaper than buying a new smart home appliance, especially if your old one is working perfectly fine.

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Get a Great Deal on the Marshall Stanmore Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Looking for a high-quality speaker that delivers powerful sound and looks great in any room? Look no further than the Marshall Stanmore Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker boasts a sleek design with classic Marshall styling, making it a great addition to any home or office. But it’s not just about looks – the Stanmore also delivers powerful audio with deep bass, clear highs, and an overall balanced sound. One of the standout features of the Stanmore is its Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to easily connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device and stream your favorite music, podcasts, and more. It also…

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This innovative sports communication device lets you share the thrills at every turn

Whether you’re doing sports for health benefits or performing extreme sports stunts, chances are you will have family or friends whom you’d want to share those moments with. Action cameras were born for that very reason, but they’re mostly for sharing your adventures after the fact. Real-time communication while skiing or cycling is practically impossible in most conditions, increasing the safety risks and dangers of these sports. Shouting at the top of your lungs is pretty pointless and only adds to the pressure in what could already be stressful situations. Fortunately, that archaic communication method is no longer necessary now that YoAudio has jumped into the fray, bringing the power of technology to let you easily share not only the thrills but also the safety of your sports adventures.

Designer: YoAudio

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While certain sports like skiing, snowboarding, cycling, or hiking are undertaken by individuals, there’s no better way to really enjoy these sports than with a family or a group of other like-minded people. Some people even take it to the extreme, performing death-defying stunts that are meant to be seen or at least heard. Communicating over distances in these situations can already be difficult, but the environments of these particular sports make it almost impossible, even if you shout your head off.

High quality audio featuring wind reduction technology

Manage communication with one tap mute and unmute

Enter YoAudio, an innovative audio communication device that makes yelling a thing of the past. No bigger than the palm of your hand, the device easily clips to helmets and headgear, or you can directly hang it over your ear, just like a Bluetooth earpiece. In fact, YoAudio functions in the same way, harnessing the power of Bluetooth 5.1 technology to enable clear communication with other YoAudio wearers from a distance of over 2,000ft. Spotty cellular reception, which is often the case in remote areas, will no longer be a problem.

YoAudio might look small, but it packs quite a punch when it comes to features. All-day battery life gives you peace of mind knowing that you will be able to keep in touch with others no matter how long the adventure takes. With a single tap, you can mute or unmute the device, ensuring that your hands are where they should be most of the time. Its rugged design and water resistance ensure that it’ll still keep working even if you face plant on the snow, which everyone will now be able to hear in crystal-clear audio.

Whether you’re cycling off the beaten path with family or doing ski tricks down the slope with friends, YoAudio will make sure you’re always connected and heard, sharing both the joys and the dangers of your little adventures. And for only $199 for a Super Early Bird Dual Pack, you get two units to share with your partner or friend. Never worry again about not being heard with the clear and reliable YoAudio communication device.

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This electric guitar accessory lets you wirelessly listen to your guitar through your TWS earbuds

Bypassing the amplifier, effect pedal, and pretty much any other conceivable gear associated with electric guitars, the Jack is a tiny device that allows you to connect your electric guitar to other devices via Bluetooth. Touted as a ‘wireless guitar headphone amplifier’, all you have to do is plug Jack into your guitar and it suddenly interfaces with your phone as well as your TWS earbuds, allowing you to play directly into your own ear as you would with a pair of studio monitor headphones… except this hardware is entirely wireless, and compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Designer: Studio Elk

The Jack managed to secure a Red Dot Design Concept Award in 2020 for its clever and compact design. Most smartphones have the ability to process signals from an electric guitar, and the Jack relies on this to bypass the traditional massive amplifier that you see most electric guitars connected to. The Jack’s main piece of hardware is this unit that plugs into the 3/4th-inch audio socket of an electric guitar, basically powering it and sending the electrical signals to the smartphone to interpret.

The smartphone app is where all the magic happens, essentially. Signals from the Jack are sent to the phone, where an app decodes them, turning them into music. You can edit the signal by adding virtual amps and filters to modulate the sound, doing basically what actual gear would do, but instead through software. Finally, the end product plays either on your phone or through TWS earbuds that you place in your ear. This way, you can jam in your own head without having everyone around you listening in on your music (or your neighbors getting perturbed). The Jack’s entirely wireless design means you can just about jam anywhere you want, at home, in a cafe, on the subway, heck… even in an airplane. Your co-passengers may not appreciate having the guitar invading their personal space, though!

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This stylish lock is the smartest and easiest way to keep your bike safe

Although they never really went out of fashion, non-electric bicycles have recently seen a surge in popularity. Perhaps it’s because of a renewed interest in fitness and health or as a counter-movement to the increasing popularity of e-scooters. Either way, it’s definitely encouraging to see more people of all ages discovering the joys and benefits of biking these days, whether it’s for commuting to work or just having fun. Unfortunately, that popularity might also bring about an increase in bike thefts, which translates to a growing need for bike locks. These are a dime a dozen, of course, but since we live in modern times, it’s only appropriate that the humble bike lock gets an upgrade, like this simple yet innovative keyless lock that makes securing your bike as simple as locking your car.

Designer: Marcus Kjellsson

Click Here to Buy Now: $93 $155 (40% off). Hurry, only 3/275 left!

Bike locks come in all shapes and levels of complexity. Some are simple chains that you access with a traditional key. Others do try to be smarter and utilize a motor for hands-free operation. Both, however, come with their own disadvantages. Keys are easily lost, and motors easily break or lose battery quickly, leaving you unable to even use your bike. The LAAS Keyless O-Lock, in contrast, is so smart and so integrated into your bike you might even forget it wasn’t an original part of the bike in the first place.

Lock Manually – To avoid the use of a motor.

Unlock Through the App – Open the lock via your phone whenever you need.

On the outside, LAAS O-Lock is a simple ring that attaches to the bike’s frame and around the rear tire, making it blend seamlessly into your bike’s appearance. There are no motors inside, which means fewer parts that could potentially break or stop working, so you will have to manually lock the O-Lock. Unlocking it, however, is as simple as whipping out your phone and tapping a button in the app. It only takes three seconds to unlock the ring, and you can even do that while you’re still walking toward your bike.

Share LAAS Keys to Friends – Recipients don’t even need an account.

In addition to the ease of use, LAAS O-Lock also brings a convenience that you’d find in smart home locks these days. Since it can unlock using a smartphone app, you can easily share access to that lock with family and friends. Of course, it uses encryption technologies to ensure that only authorized people can unlock it. With no keys, however, you don’t have to worry about someone else losing or getting access to that key either.

Made from hardened stainless steel, the O-Lock is not only durable but also rust-free. It also looks handsome as well, easily blending with your bike’s design. The lock is trivial to install, and there are add-ons to make it fit any bike, as well as a chain that lets you secure your bike to a post.

For only $93, the LAAS Keyless O-Lock offers not only the smartest and most convenient way to unlock your bike but also some peace of mind knowing that your trusted two-wheeled metal steed is safe and secure all the time.

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Magnetic Levitating UFO Bluetooth Speaker

This is for sure one of the coolest speakers we’ve seen. It’s literally floating. Or least the top half is. If you can bet the bottom part to float too, call us, we’ve got a proposal for ya, probably not that illegal. This Levitating Bluetooth Speaker uses the magical and mysterious power of magnets (how do they work?) to make the speaker float in mid-air. Meanwhile it can also spin around like an alien carousel full of little aliens riding cows around in a circle. Why do aliens like cows so much anyway?

So the speaker, yeah, the speaker connects to your phone or whatnot (probably your phone though) via bluetooth and pumps out that bassy bass with 5W audio drivers. Feel the earth move under your feet, because this speaker won’t feel the earth at all since it’s floating. There is a rechargeable battery in there since we’ve yet to develop anything better. Perhaps some actual aliens could help us out a bit on that front? Please? We’ll give you more cows.

This speaker looks pretty sleek, and has a modern look with it’s glowing light. It’s an instant party, just like aliens like to do. Party with cows. You can also just use the UFO top part on it’s own with the base, but what fun would that be?

Magnetic Levitating UFO Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall’s latest Willen wireless speaker is a palm-sized powerhouse of sound

The company’s smallest speaker yet, the Marshall Willen still promises to pack a punch with a 2-inch driver, two passive radiators, and IP67 water and dust resistance. Armed with the signature amplifier-inspired faux-leather finish, this palm-sized speaker goes wherever you go, and can even be strapped to yourself, your bag, or random poles to create a unique hands-free soundscape.

Just about as small as a slice of regular bread (that’s the best size comparison I could come up with), the Marshall Willen is the company’s tiniest portable speaker ever made. However, the UK-based audio tech giant doesn’t want the Willen’s size to be its main talking point. Instead, the company is focusing on what the Willen can do, in spite of its tiny footprint.

Designer: Marshall

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Like all of Marshall’s portable speakers, the Willen is focused on letting you carry your music wherever you go. However, measuring just 4-inches tall and 3.96 inches wide, the Willen is just the ideal type of compact, and can slip right into bags, backpacks, and even jacket pockets.

With its iconic guitar-amp-inspired design, the Willen lets you carry your love for audio around with you. It weighs a mere 0.68 lb (310 grams) and comes with a rubber strap that lets you secure it pretty much anywhere. On the inside, the Willen houses a 2-inch driver powered by a 10W amp, and two passive radiators that help deliver the punch of a much larger speaker. There’s no WiFi connectivity or voice-command compatibility on this one, but given its size and price, that would really feel like asking for too much.

The Willen comes in two colors – a classic black and a hipster cream, with a single brass multifunctional knob on the top right that lets you control volume and playback as well as accept/reject calls. A built-in rechargeable battery gives the Willen more than 15 hours of playback, while IP67 water and dust resistance mean the Willen isn’t afraid of being near a pool, on the beach, or in light rain.

The Marshall Willen comes with Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity and even boasts of an Android/iOS app to help fine-tune your audio to perfection. In fact, one of its more impressive features is its ability to pair with other Willen speakers in what Marshall calls a ‘Stack Mode’. This effectively allows you to build your own soundstage, giving you power in numbers, and letting you turn the small 4-inch mono wireless speaker into something much more immersive and enjoyable…

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Galaxy Air earpiece concept uses hand gestures to interact with your phone

Remember the early days of Bluetooth earpieces that looked like a piece of hard candy coming out of just one ear? Although we have long grown away from those designs toward more discreet TWS earbuds, it seems the design pendulum is swinging back to that position. Of course, the “stem” design of the likes of the AirPods isn’t that obnoxious, but it did tell designers that it was OK to go beyond conventions again. This design concept definitely breaks free from today’s common design trends and embraces some highlights of the past, all for the sake of delivering a new experience in controlling your smartphone without taking it out of your pocket or even touching any device at all.

Designer: Yash Saboo

There are a few ways that allow you to use your smartphone without touching it, at least for some of the most basic functions. You can command Apple Siri or Google Assistant by voice, or you can tap and swipe on your smartwatch for some functionality that’s available on your wearable. Voice control isn’t always feasible in all situations, though, and not everyone has a smartwatch. A lot of people have Bluetooth earbuds, and those at least let you control music and calls. The range of controls available here, however, is severely limited because you can only map a few taps or even fewer swipes to certain actions.

This Bluetooth earpiece concept blasts the door wide open by expanding the number of actions you can make. Instead of relying on limited taps and swipes, you’ll be able to use hand gestures made in front of your face or ear to control the smartphone in your pocket or on your table. A two-finger wave, for example, can accept or end calls, while twitching your index finger can make an emergency call. Of course, you can still use taps and swipes on the earpiece itself for media playback, freeing hand gestures for other actions like reading notifications or your schedule.

To make gesture recognition possible, you will definitely need more hardware than can fit in tiny earbuds. That’s why this design goes a bit back in time to reuse some designs from previous years. The over-the-ear design, for example, has mostly disappeared by now, but it’s utilized here to offer a secure fit for a bone conduction headset. Yes, this doesn’t go inside your ear but allows you to be completely aware of your surrounding even while wearing it. Unfortunately, that technology hasn’t exactly retained its popularity, but it’s still a better option in this context.

The most important part of the earpiece, however, is all the electronics that are crammed in a case that will hang behind your ear. It’s similar, in a way, to how some hearing aids try to hide those same parts, but this time there’s really no attempt to mask its presence. After all, it needs to be able to see what’s in front of your ear so that it can detect hand gestures.

It’s admittedly an unorthodox design that may or may not be uncomfortable to wear over long periods of time. The fact that it also works only on one ear makes it less useful for enjoying music or watching videos with stereo sound. It’s still an interesting take on how we can expand the ways to control our phones with hand gestures without having to wear smart glasses that open an entirely different can of worms.

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