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Apple Music’s Replay 2020 playlist tracks your favorites week-by-week

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The sound of music is what the grooves on this aluminum turntable represent!

Everyone loves a quintessential vinyl turntable. There’s something simply so magical and iconic about them! However, there hasn’t been much variation and experimentation when it comes to these turntable designs. Hence, product designer Yani Vandenbranden wanted to create a turntable that sets itself apart. A design that extends beyond an ordinary turntable, or what she calls a “360-degree product”.

Vandenbranden’s turntable Bo is innovative and interesting. Crafted primarily from aluminum, Bo seems to be larger and more impressive than conventional turntables. Owing to its metallic body, when placed in a sunlight-filled room, the light reflects off Bo to create a beautiful pattern. Whereas when placed in a darker room, it takes on a completely different appearance. What makes Bo even more visually interesting is the grooved ridges all around it. Inspired by the ripples created on the surface of water by wind, Vandenbranden embossed the turntable with these ridges, which are meant to represent sound waves. The ridges are a physical manifestation and a visual representation of the rhythm created by the turntable. The sound waves (aka the ridges) give a 3-dimensional look to Bo.

The base platform and the actual platform upon which the record is placed differ in height. The elevation provides a certain dynamic appeal to the entire product. Sleek, modern and thoroughly unique, Bo is the kind off turntable that could easily integrate with our modern homes. It’s a turntable with a twist!

Designer: Yani Vandenbranden

The world’s thinnest truly-wireless earphones don’t feel like a floss-box in your pocket

In the interest of consumer-friendliness, someone designed what is arguably the most satisfying pair of truly wireless earphones. The CARD20, as they’re called, come with a coveted iF 2020 Design Award for being incredibly slim, pocket-friendly, yet as robust and long-lasting as other truly wireless earphones on the market. They feature a capsule-shaped design that measures a stunning half-inch in thickness, allowing them to slide right into your pocket without creating that unsightly bulge. To keep the CARD20 thin and lightweight, the case even comes with a windowed lid that allows you to see the headphones inside them, giving you the added advantage of knowing if you’re ever missing an earbud by simply looking at the case.

The case’s razor-thin and lightweight build comes thanks to opting for an aluminum construction over a plastic one. The individual earbuds (which weigh 0.1 ounces each) feel practically weightless, while their design profile ensures a proper, lasting fit, brought about by testing the earbud’s design on as many as 6000 ears. The CARD20 comes equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 for a strong, low-latency connection, and the earphones provide 4 hours of music playback, while the case can juice them for an additional 16 hours.

Like all truly wireless smart earbuds, the CARD20 lets you use intuitive gesture-based controls to play or pause music, increase or decrease volume, answer and reject calls, and even summon your phone’s voice assistant… and to top it off, they’re IPx4 waterproof too, making them slimmer, lighter, classier (that anodized aluminum finish, though) than other truly wireless earphones, while being just as functional… and THAT’s how you design award-winning consumer-friendly tech. Oh, and they’re just $79!

Designer: YOBYBO

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $129 (39% off). Hurry! Only 15 more hours to go!

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $129 (39% off). Hurry! Only 15 more hours to go!

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