Yamaha’s latest turntable steps into the future while paying a tribute to the past!

Yamaha’s latest turntable is not your usual aluminum platter, tonearm and cartridge trio. It promises to be much more. The Yamaha MusicCast Vinyl 500 combines the iconic vinyl record player with modern wireless technology. Old school meets modernity in this game-changing audio product. Supported by an array of MusicCast speakers, the Vinyl 500 can be wirelessly connected to all of them using wi-fi, enabling seamless multi-room listening. However, a phono output can be used to connect to any pre-existing external preamps for those who prefer a traditional audio experience.

The Vinyl 500 has taken huge leaps into the future. It can effortlessly connect to all the popular music streaming platforms such as Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, Amazon Music and etc. Amped with Bluetooth and AirPlay, the Vinyl 500 invites in more devices for instant connectivity and versatile listening. Spicing things up further, the vinyl turntable is compatible with the MusicCast app, allowing you to easily control the system and your playlist from all over your home!

Sleek and minimalistic, Yamaha’s latest vinyl baby is reminiscent of a classic piano. Equipped with a straight tonearm and belt-drive motor, the turntable was designed to ensure the minimization of noise disruptions caused by vibrations. Available in two neutral shades of black and white, the MusicCast Vinyl 500 is a classy addition to any living space, and as Yamaha described it themselves, it is “A step into the future with a tribute to the past”.

Designer: Yamaha

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Sony SRS-WS1 Wearable Speaker Review: Personal Audio without Headphones

Most audio output devices fall into one of two categories: headphones for personal listening, and loudspeakers for group listening. But Sony’s new device falls somewhere between the two – a speaker you can wear. The SRS-WS1 is designed for those times that you want the sound quality and volume of a loudspeakers, but don’t want to wake the whole house.

Rather than pressing up against your ears or sitting inside of them, the SRS-WS1 sits around your neck and rests on your shoulders, using a unique acoustic design to channel audio to your ears. Additionally, it enhances the sound by producing vibrations you can feel. This design produces big sounds, while still allowing you to hear ambient sounds, which makes them great for people who might still need to be aware of their surroundings while enjoying high quality audio.

Setting up the SRS-WS1 is easy. Simply place the wireless transmitter and charging base on your table near your television or other audio source, then plug in the included optical or 3.5mm analog cable to its audio output. Just be sure to set your audio output to PCM if you’re using the digital connection. The wearable speaker operates wirelessly from up to about 25 feet away, letting you enjoy movies, TV, and video games from your couch. It runs for up to 7 hours on a charge, and can be juiced back up by docking the speaker on the charging base. It’s not a huge deal, but I would have liked to see the charging base and wireless transmitter combined into a single device instead of two.

What’s particularly impressive is just how rich and impactful the sound is with the wearable speakers sitting over your shoulders. There’s plenty of volume, and a nice, immersive soundstage, with crisp and clear dialogue, and surprising dynamic range. The vibration effect is pretty cool too, adding some thump to the low end. It’s not the bass boom you might be used to, it’s more of a haptic rumble sensation. Depending on your preferences, Sony lets you choose from three different intensity levels for the vibration feedback.

One thing I really enjoyed about wearing the SRS-WS1 was how much more comfortable they are than wearing headphones. I could see wearing these for hours without the fatigue that headphones can cause. It’s also really nice to be able to get up from the couch and walk to the kitchen and still hear your audio just as clearly and without volume changes. Keep in mind, unlike some headphones, others can hear what you’re listening too when they’re nearby. You won’t hear the sound in an adjacent room or across the house, but you can definitely hear it if you’re sitting next to someone wearing the speakers, and from several feet away.

While they’re primarily designed for listening to TV audio, they can be connected directly to other devices the included 3.5mm audio adapter cable. That said, I really wish they had included Bluetooth functionality, as I’d love to listen to music from my iPhone with these too.

In today’s sea of gadget homogeneity, it’s refreshing to see Sony step out of the box and create something that’s really unique and innovative here. It’s kind of niche in its use cases, but if you want great sound quality without disturbing the whole house, and would like something more comfortable than headphones, the SRS-WS1 is definitely worth considering. They’re available now, direct from Sony for $299.99.

This detachable speaker and headset duo combine for an intense audio experience!

I love settling in with my headphones and my beloved music playlist. It’s the perfect end to a tediously hectic day. So I’m always on the lookout for new and improved audio products to enhance my end of the day music sessions, and I think I might have chanced upon the most innovative one yet! Product designer Yang Dong Wook understands that you need different audio devices for different situations. Want some alone time? Plug your headphones in! Want to have a rocking party? Blare out some contemporary hits from your speakers! However what if one product met with all your needs irrespective of the context and situation?

Well here’s where Wook’s ‘Pats Speaker’ swoops in. Pats is quite simply a speaker and headset combined in one. Created to make your life simpler and to un-cramp your already cramped up desk, Pats features a cylindrical speaker that serves as the main body. The headset carefully meets the speaker at both its ends, merging to form one wholesome structure that looks a little like a handbag! You place the headphones on the speaker, as you would place them over your own ears. Melding in perfectly with the ends of the speaker, the headset plus speaker duo sit upon a metallic tray. However this is no ordinary tray, the tray also functions as a charging pad, charging both the speaker and the headphones simultaneously.

Five little LED circles in the middle of the headset, right at the center of its arc, keep you updated about the battery life of Pats. You can also connect Pats to your smartphone using an accompanying app. The app helps you connect with either the speaker or the headphone or both, and allows you to control them with ease. Wook’s Pats Speaker combines all your audio needs into one. No more scrounging around for your headphones and speaker when you could find them both in one product! Space-saving, convenient, and multifunctional, Pats is surely the future of audio products, and the only way I’m interested in listening to my music!

Designer: Yang Dong Wook


The world’s first 3D printed sand speakers are here and inspired by nature!

By now it seems like we’ve caught a glimpse of almost every type of speaker there is. However, things have just gotten more interesting with the Czech based company Deeptime releasing ‘The World’s First Speakers Made From Sand’. Yes you heard that right, 3D printed from sand, the ‘Spirula’ speakers seem like they’re from another planet together! Shaped after the spiral-shaped cochlea in the human ear and inspired by the deepwater squid Spirula, these speakers are anything but ordinary.

The passive satellite speaker with its original aesthetic was created not only for music lovers and audiophiles but for intense design enthusiasts as well! Silica sand was the material of choice. The porous and brittle 3D printed sand cones were treated with Deeptime’s special hardener, resulting in an airtight conch shell. Equipped with an industrial 3″ range driver with a bamboo fiber paper cone, the speaker emits a response between 75Hz to 20KHz, with distortion at an all-time low. Its intriguing spiral form prevents sound waves from escaping from the back of the speaker. Filled to the brim with an absorbent fiber, the tube soaks up any sound waves at the back of the driver too!

“Design means looking for the form that reflects the nature and function of the product and builds on the benefits of the newest available technologies. We don’t want just to embellish existing standard solutions. Instead, we employ organic shapes designed to enhance the sound quality. We find inspiration mainly in nature. All shapes in the natural world are functional in one way or another. You’ll have a hard time finding regular cube or box shapes in nature,” explained Martin Hřeben and Ondřej Chotovinský, the founders of Deeptime. And truly, the Spirula speaker looks like the epitome of nature in its raw form. Power-packed with hard-hitting sound quality and unique aesthetics, this speaker is truly one of a kind! Available in a limited edition 1618 sets, you better get your hands on them soon!

Designer: Martin Hřeben and Ondřej Chotovinský of Deeptime

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This one modular speaker splits up into five wireless speakers to deliver surround sound!

I love an innovative speaker design, and I’m always thoroughly surprised by what the human mind can come up with. Chalking my intrigue a couple of notches higher is Quirky’s recently launched ‘Air’ speaker. Hold your horses, this isn’t your ordinary Bluetooth speaker. Air splits away, transforming from one individual speaker into five sectioned speakers. So it’s basically five wireless speakers in one!

Held together by a patented magnet design, Air looks like a cylindrical speaker when assembled, however, once you pull it apart, you have 5 speaker units in your hands, one Airbase, and four AirConnects. The speakers deliver an output of 24 watts all together. This means that you can listen to some excellent quality music in surround sound formation, or by placing the speaker units in different rooms as well! So the next time you have a party, place the modules of Air all over your home for an expansive musical meltdown. It is the first form of hardcore multi-room audio, that works perfectly indoors and outdoors! You can link up to 75 speakers to create one mindblowing audio experience. Amped with Bluetooth connectivity, Air can be charged using a Micro-USB. All the speaker units can be charged together in one go.

Air by Quirky’s founder Marc Liniado says, “We wanted to create a speaker that helped music be truly shared. Not a single speaker, limited to a single room.” He continued, “Unlike its stiff and not to mention expensive competitors, Air Audio is flexible enough to be taken anywhere good vibes and good vibrations are needed. People don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for full home audio, Air was made for sound in one room to become five.” And truly Marc has been entirely successful in creating a versatile speaker that perfectly keeps up with our busy and versatile lives. Available in a neutral black and white, Air by Quirky is the most independent and portable set of speakers you’ll ever see.

Designer: Marc Liniado of Quirky

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The Air speaker can be pulled apart into five speakers or joined together to form one cylindrical unit

Huawei + Devialet join forces to create the Sound X, a smart speaker to rival the HomePod

Before we dwell on the Sound X’s familiar design, let’s just address that this speaker might just be the best smart speaker on the market. Let’s ignore the fact that it’s only slated for a China release and focus on Huawei’s partnership with Devialet, the most awarded audio company in the world. Devialet’s Phantom speaker remains one of my favorite speakers of all time, and I still remember it giving me literal goosebumps when I heard the demo. Its art-deco inspired styling and the internal analog+digital drivers quite literally blew me apart. Devialet’s speakers cost a fortune, starting at $1090 and going up to $2990, so to see the company partnering with Huawei to launch the Sound X which only retails for $285, is definitely something worth watching out for. Trusting Devialet to deliver on the audio drivers and Huawei to deliver on the internet connectivity and internal AI, the Sound X is an extremely compelling buy for audio aficionados in China… especially for the people who want HomePod-quality audio without the price, and with that, let’s briefly touch upon the design.

In its black, cylindrical shape, the Sound X is roughly the same size and shape as the Homepod. It, however, comes with a fabric base and a plastic upper, somehow looking like a cross between the HomePod and the 2013 Mac Pro. On the inside, the Sound X sports a 60 watt double subwoofer and 360-degree sound thanks to a ring of 6 drivers below it. The smart speaker also has 6 microphones that capture any voice commands you give it from anywhere in the house, and even pack a touch-control panel on the top. The Sound X ships with Huawei’s voice assistant Xiaoyi, and is currently limited to a China-only release, but I’m sure a review unit should find itself on YouTube anytime soon!

Designers: Huawei & Devialet

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