LG Gram Fold offers another foldable laptop that no one has asked for yet

Foldable phones are, slowly but surely, becoming a common sight in markets, but these aren’t the only devices that are trying to change the form of computing, figuratively and literally. Their numbers are drastically fewer, but laptops that are all screen and that can fold in half also exist if you know where to look for them. Just like with foldable phones, however, there are big reasons why they aren’t flying off shelves, reasons that don’t seem to matter much to LG. Although it is better known for its TVs and appliances, the company has also dabbled with lightweight laptops under its “Gram” brand. Now it’s expanding that roster with a not-so-lightweight laptop that is pretty much a large screen that can fold in half.

Designer: LG

Just like with foldable phones, the rationale for foldable laptops is having a larger screen without actually doubling the size of the laptop itself, which is already quite a big device. The solution is to completely remove the keyboard, settling for a removable Bluetooth alternative, and getting the screen to fold in half so that it could still be stowed in the same space as a regular laptop. Unlike touch-centric phones, however, doing away with the essential keyboard isn’t as easy to do, which is one of the major design puzzles foldable laptops have yet to solve.

That hasn’t stopped major PC manufacturers from trying to launch such products, though with extremely limited success. These include the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold, now in its second-gen, and the ASUS ZenBook 17 Fold, which seems to have evaporated from shelves. The basic design is similar: you have a large screen that you can fold into a laptop angle and then put a thin wireless keyboard on top of its lower half, or use it as a large monitor on its own.

The LG Gram Fold that was just announced in South Korea is now different in terms of design, but it seems that it will be setting itself apart in one critical aspect. It runs on a 13th-gen Intel processor, unlike its peers who are already years behind in processing power and technology. It also has some pretty solid specs, but in almost all other cases, the formula is still the same. It supports pen input, turning it into a viable digital art device, though the built-in graphics might be a little underwhelming. It also weighs around 1.2kg, which makes the Gram a misnomer yet again.

And like its peers, it is also quite expensive, running around $3,800, presuming it even launches globally. It’s an inaccessible piece of novelty, one whose usability in the real world is still highly in question. Along with the lack of activity from other manufacturers, LG’s unexpected dip into this nascent and niche market is anything but puzzling. Foldable laptops might still be the future of portable computing, but it’s questionable whether people will be willing to part ways with that amount of money for them at this point in time.

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LG’s new styling hanger is shows off your OOTD with the best angles and a perfectly curated frame

Don’t we all love posting our perfectly curated OOTDs? It is quite time-consuming right? All the BTS that goes into it of finding the perfect fit, clicking 206 pictures, having to choose the best one from the lot, editing it, and lately we even need to make it look aesthetic according to the standards of Instagram. LG and KDM have collaborated to make this process easier for you with an upgraded experience by coming up with a styling hanger that hangs your shortlisted clothes and also clicks the perfect IG story for you!

Designer: KOREA DESIGN MEMBERSHIP PLUS (Seongjong KangSangwoo Kimlee junsuHyerin Lee)

The styling hanger is a result of how Generation Z (digital natives) define the value of their lives. The GenZs are born into the digital age of social media. Bringing the world closer, social media also makes one conscious of how they are perceived in the world. Trends hold a greater value in their lives and validation is the source of Serotonin.

Earlier people were accustomed to looking at objects from a landscape (horizontal) perspective, may it be art, photos, paintings, etc. As they were more interested in showcasing a wider area and context. With the birth of the digital generation, it is more focused on themselves and their individuality, where context is a secondary aspect because of the heavy exposure to vertical smartphones that can instinctively capture a concise frame, the perspective of the GenZs of the world has evolved to be vertical and hence they relate to vertical proportions better. In this way, a lot of vertical content is consumed on a day to day in various forms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok today.

GenZs are constantly in search of an upgrade may it be a software update, a new trend, or a better UX. They always seek some kind of informal touch which they can play around with and therefore relate to. Hashtags, IG and Tik Tok challenges, making reels thoroughly engages the generation. In the process of sharing, a series of processes of encountering, acquiring, and imitating the thoughts of others eventually leads to the act of establishing the identity of GenZ.

LOOKandME is based on such a concept of the #OOTD. In which one is required to style themselves for the day and post it online. LOOKandME enhances the entire process of posting an OOTD for an individual through an upgraded interactive experience.

The styling hanger views the user in an ultra-wide-angle camera that can track people, ToF 3D scanners scan and analyze the user’s space for better perspective, and in addition, there is an LED light placed inside that illuminates the hanging clothes to make it look bright and pretty.

The product is designed with keeping accessibility and comfort in mind. The styling booth has a door which when opened, the hanger automatically descends lower so that the user can hang clothes on it effortlessly. There is an integrated motion sensor at the bottom which senses the movement of the user and opens it when they come closer making it easy for them to hang the clothes in their hand and the door closes automatically when the footsteps go further away.

The physicality of the structure defines minimalistic luxury. The body is made of metal with a hairline texture to give it a solid look. The lower part of the frame is designed to be thick to provide stability even while moving around since it has wheels and can be moved around easily at your convenience. The use of modern fabric in front of the speaker completes this luxurious design.

The appliance is the perfect place to hang clothes but it is not restricted to that, one can enjoy a variety of content on a multiscreen through the long vertical display. You can watch Netflix, scroll through reels, checkout YouTube shorts, and many more. Just as laptop screens can be projected on larger screens of the TV, phone screens can be projected on this larger product.

One can shop online with LOOKandME in addition to having access to all of the social media sites through this multipurpose style hanger. It offers a virtual dressing service that makes use of AR technology to let consumers virtually try on clothing based on their previously registered body size while buying clothing online.

In the field of customized household appliances, the LOOKandME system marks a substantial leap. LG has produced a comprehensive solution that improves usability and convenience by utilizing artificial intelligence, intuitive design, and seamless integration. The smart home technology LOOKandME sets a new bar with its capacity to learn, adapt, and offer tailored recommendations. As the era of connected devices advances, LG continues to push the envelope of innovation and transform how we interact with our homes. It is a perfect buddy for the GenZ to help them purchase and curate an outfit followed by capturing it according to the latest trends helping you keep up with the social world.

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LG StanbyME Go lets you bring along a huge media player in a suitcase

When you’re going on a trip somewhere, most especially outdoors, you probably are thinking of disconnecting or going offline. So you’re probably not planning to bring along or use any of your gadgets or devices. But for those that are planning to watch movies, listen to music, or play games when camping, planning a party, or even going to the beach, having devices along can be a hassle as you need to bring a big screen, maybe speakers, a music player, and connectors of all kinds. So LG is now proposing that you just need one big device if you want a hassle-free way of consuming media with a group or even by yourself.

Designer: LG

The StanbyME Go from LG is a 27-inch smart display that is encased in a briefcase that serves your video player, music player, presentation display, and even comes with built-in speakers. Think of it as a computer but created specifically for media consumption. When you open the briefcase, the device automatically powers up and you can position the display vertically, horizontally, and even on a table mode if you want to play games like chess, checkers, and other digital versions of board games.

The 26.7-inch Dolby Vision Full HD LED display is attached to an adjustable stand that is attached to the briefcase. There is also a 20-watt, four-channel Dolby Atmos sound system that is built-in into the inner lid. The briefcase itself meets MIL-STD810H standards so you know it’s sturdy enough to hold your device. The Go runs on the webOS platform and can run on 3 hours of usage so that should be enough for a movie or a few episodes of your series. It has Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5.0, Miracast screen mirroring, HDMI and USB inputs so you’re set for both wireless and wired connectivity.

It’s currently only available in Korea for KRW 1,170,000 and no announcement has been made if it will be sold in other territories. The video shows various ways you can use this large and pretty bulky but portable device, from watching videos outdoors to using it to show your presentation for work to having a dance party to playing games with multiple players. It’s a pretty interesting device to have if you’ll be faced with any of the situations where you might need a huge display.

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This LG kitchen hub makes preparing and recording culinary videos effortless for food bloggers

Making cooking videos to post on your Instagram handle can be a fun and engaging way to share your culinary skills with others. Incorporating modern-day gadgets in the process can make your content more interesting and relevant to today’s audience: the Gen Z.

While cameras and lighting have come of age for the good of home cooks leveraging their social footprints for personal recognition; they require human intervention to record, create, and share. This creates a void to be filled by a comprehensive device, which would leave you nothing to do but ‘cook.’ Enter, the LG COit, a kitchen hub, worthy of your needs.

Designer: Jiun Park and Seohee Lee

Designed for LG, the COit is a robot that can serve as a hub in the kitchen ecosystem. Adequate for use by a novice (who can get cooking guidelines) and professional chefs (who can instantly share their prep), this is more of an autonomous device that brings your focus back from videography to cooking, which is primarily what you set out to do at the first place.

Comprising a mountable rail with a circular display surrounded by a camera, projector, light and a smart grip. All of these modules can move freely and independent on the small rail to cover the entire prep area or away from the fire and vapors. These modules – that clip onto the rail with built-in magnets – can be customized in orientation, depending on user requirements.

When put to use, the camera with a depth sensor can recognize items and intimate in real-time about the correct quantity for the dish. The smart gripper can mark out where to dice or chop, and the display can recognize hand gestures to flip between cooking instructions, or upload a created culinary video for the social media followers to appreciate.

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This inventive window blind based LG speaker will impress anyone who sees it in action

Window blinds are an essential part of our homes, serving multiple purposes such as providing privacy, blocking outdoor light, and enhancing the overall aesthetics of a room. Some of us even use these blinds as projector screen. Now here is a window blind that doubles as a speaker with a rollable screen. Designed for LG, the screen is not for projection, but to display information in sync with the music being played.

This unique RE’ST (as it is called) is designed to be mounted on the inside of the window frame, just like traditional blinds. However, instead of fabric or vinyl slats, the blind is made up of a screen that rolls down from the bar-esque body of the speaker system. When the blind is not used, the screen rolls back for a seamless appearance.

Designer: HoChul Shin, Jiun Park, Minji Kim, Seungjun Jeon

What makes RE’ST impressive is the integrated speaker system. Combined with an automatic blind, the window blind speaker system provides a richer sound experience. The speaker (with volume display onboard) is hidden in a bar within the top of the blind, providing a clean, minimalist look, accompanied by mood lighting and beam projection.

One of the significant advantages of the RE’ST is its convenience. Instead of having to install separate speakers and projector, this minimalistic design fits perfectly into any decor style, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the room. The mood lighting around the system enhances the immersive feeling while the screen rolled down from the bar displays daily routine notifications or video to match the music mood using the beam projector onboard.

On first glimpse, RE’ST looks bulky. It seems to have a protruding appearance, but the bracket behind the speaker sits flush with the wall and supports the system nicely. Designed in three colors inspired by the warm sunlight penetrating a window, the speaker blind can be controlled using a portable Assistant display. You can adjust the volume, change the media displayed on the screen, and control the blind’s position with just a few taps on the Assistant sitting on the nightstand.

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LG WITTY is a versatile display for gamers and social butterflies who don’t compromise on aesthetics

Gen-Z like to reclaim their space, and that’s true for the gadgets they own. The ever-rising screen times, unending options for content consumption, and the elusive lure of gaming eats a chunk of your free time. While I’m not judging any unproductive work shenanigans, having a single unified visual interface for all your activities at home or office is inviting.

A bunch of creative Generation Z designers from the Korea Design Membership Plus have mustered up a useful concept design as their industry-academic cooperation with LG Electronics. The concept proposes a multiuse display that tends to the versatile needs of consuming content without breaking out from the comfort zone.

Designer: Geonryun Hwang, Subin Park, Sangwoo Park and Minha Hyung

The 32-inch vertical display with a 16:10 ratio is optimized for vertical viewing and the freedom of variable usability. What’s more? It mixes right into the interior theme of any minimalistic living room or geeky bedroom. The design team calls it LG WITTY, and true to its name, the display has multiple adjustable options. It can be moved up or down depending on the optimum viewing height or tilted at an angle of up to 15 degrees. Moreover, it can be separated from the main stand to function as a PC display for horizontal viewing needs.

The clever inclusion of a small tray or the supporting upper section can be used for things such as hanging clothes. Use-case scenarios are endless here. LG WITTY can beam your favorite personal trainer’s gymming videos, and function as a mirror with smart inputs for social butterflies. It can also be used as a split screen to beam gaming feed in one section and discord chats or video conferencing applications in the other part. The middle section of WITTY acts as the stand to keep mobile devices, wireless chargers, or anything else one can think of. The product will come with swappable tray sizes to suit the needs of the user.

When the display is used with your desktop, the stand functions as an aesthetic side table. From what I can comprehend, the mindful concept is high on functionality without compromising on aesthetics by any stretch of imagination. If ever this concept design makes it to the official LG line-up, I’d want to see it in the exact same color options as the designers have envisioned it. That is Canary Orange, Cotton White or Khaki Black!

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LG SIGNATURE OLED M goes completely wireless to let you design your space more freely

TVs are getting incredibly thin to the point you’re likely to fear they’d snap in half at the slightest force. Of course, these thin and flat sets are designed to be able to blend more easily in their environment, like sticking to a wall as if it were built as part of your house. That illusion falls apart, however, when it’s time to connect an external source, like a hard drive, a cable, or even just a dongle, creating a disruption in your otherwise pristine room decor. To truly give you the freedom to design as you wish, LG is putting out what could be the most innovative wireless TV in the market, which completely cuts all the cord except for the one that gives power to your TV.

Designer: LG

There are plenty of wireless solutions for TVs these days, especially thanks to the proliferation of technologies like Apple AirPlay, Google Cast, Miracast, and similar. While convenient for “throwing” content from phones and mobile devices, these technologies choke when it comes to higher-quality videos. There’s also no escaping other sources of content, like cable TV or set-top boxes or even that Ethernet cable for high-speed Internet.

The new 97-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED M (model M3) solves this by separating the source from the destination, specifically by having a separate Zero Connect Box as the hub for all your content. This box is able to wirelessly transmit 4K 120Hz videos to the spacious screen, almost as if it were directly connected to the TV with a cable. Even better, Zero Connect technology can automatically adjust its path to get the best transmission even when people or pets move around the area, potentially getting in the way. The box is also voice-controlled, so you can conveniently hide it somewhere in the room and still have access to its features and content.

The SIGNATURE OLED M model M3 itself is both a thing of beauty and a marvel of technology. Thin, stylish, and almost bezel-free, the TV easily blends with whatever theme or design you have going for your living room. It is equipped with all the goodness of LG’s SIGNATURE line of OLED TVs, delivering not only vibrant images but also clear and crisp sound, all sent through the air at ultra-fast speeds.

Of course, the TV isn’t completely wireless since you’ll still have to make provisions for the power cable. You’ll still need to connect some sources with wires to the Zero Connect box and then hide that box from view if you wish. But being able to get rid of almost all cords and cables is already a very liberating proposition, and this 4K OLED TV is likely to find fans among those eager to design the perfect living room with an “invisible” TV. The 97-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED M (model M3) will arrive in the second half of the year and will also be available in 77-inch and 83-inch sizes.

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LG Libero monitor can hang from office cubicles to free up desk space

Trends come and go, and some designs even return with a vengeance. That applies not only in the fashion world but in other industries as well, including interior and even office designs. In the not-so-distant past, cubicles were torn down to give way to open floor plans. That more social and more democratic design, however, also came with costs to focus and productivity, which has resulted in some offices bringing back those boxes that try to give you a small sanctuary in a storm of distractions. Rather than just confining space, however, cubicles also offer opportunities to personalize and optimize, and this new computer monitor takes that to heart in a rather novel way.

Designer: LG

Desk space is always limited, whether you’re working in a cubicle, an office floor plan, or even at home. It can be even more limited, however, when those work dividers are involved because they put boundaries in three dimensions. That’s why some people have become a little bit more creative by utilizing the vertical space that these walls provide, but the desk space occupied by a computer monitor still takes a whole chunk out of what’s left.

The aptly named LG Libero 27MQ70QC monitor frees up that space so that your desk is actually left for things that you actually use rather than just look at. You can technically buy some mounting accessories for a plain computer monitor, but this LG screen comes with one built-in already. Plus, it does so in a rather innovative way so that you can actually use the monitor on your desk like normal if you no longer have any wall to hang it from.

The trick to the Libero is a folding stand that also acts as a handle that can hang on hooks over your cubicle or any wall, for that matter. That stand even lets you tilt the monitor forward or backward to your preferences and comfort. Everything about the Libero’s design revolves around this duality. For example, the included webcam is removable and has dedicated ports top and bottom so that it will always sit on the “top” of the monitor, regardless of the orientation.

The 27-inch LG Libero isn’t just all about this gimmick, though, and it has the trapping of a quality monitor you can expect from the brand. The original $500 price tag, however, might feel a bit too steep since you can MacGyver your own hanging monitor solution for so much less. That said, you do get the benefits of a product that was designed to be used in such configurations rather than having to struggle to make things work on your own.

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