Fender Unveils A Hybrid Bluetooth Speaker + Portable Amp That Lets You Jam To Your Favorite Tunes

Why just listen to music when you can do much more? The Fender RIFF looks like your average Bluetooth speaker, letting you play your favorite tunes wirelessly… but flip it around and plug your electric guitar in, and the RIFF lets you quite literally riff on your favorite songs, playing supplemental chords, adding your own bassline, or improvising a killer lead. The speaker has a 60W output that packs an absolute punch, and a whopping 30 hours of battery power, letting you jam all night till the sun rises.

Designer: Ponti Design Studio for Fender

The Fender RIFF has all the hallmarks of a great Bluetooth speaker, but given its parent brand, it also packs an absolute bunch of features for guitarists and musicians. Stylistically, it deviates from the classic guitar amp aesthetic and opts for something a little more subtly contemporary, but the all-black squarish design with the Fender logo front and center still feels reminiscent of a guitar amp. On top, however, instead of those famed metal-tipped knobs, lies a ridged touch-sensitive wooden panel. With three grooves to slide your finger in, the touch panel lets you increase or decrease the RIFF’s volume, as well as play around with its treble and bass levels.

While the RIFF is, at its core, a Bluetooth speaker, it also supports guitar amplification, allowing you to hook your electric guitar to it for a quick jam session. You can either play solo or alongside music playing wirelessly through your phone for a much more interesting jamming experience. Touch-sensitive controls on the front of the wood panel let you do basic things like play/pause music, connect/disconnect Bluetooth devices, while the wooden panel gives you broad EQ settings, letting you fine-tune the bass and treble for just the right sound you need. Moreover, Fender also offers an Auto-EQ Room Tuning feature via the free downloadable Fender® RIFF app.

A built-in fabric handle lets you carry your RIFF around with you wherever you go.

As far as output goes, the RIFF doesn’t pull its punches. The $469.99 speaker packs a whopping 60 watts of sonic bliss, with 6 custom-tuned audio drivers, including 2 woofers, 2 bass radiators, and 2 tweeters to cover the full spectrum range. You’ve got Bluetooth 5.2 built-in for a reliable connection, and a battery that lasts a whopping 30 hours before it needs charging via the USB-C port at the back. Finally, the RIFF is also built for the outdoors, with an IP54 dust and splash-proof rating, and if you REALLY want to rock it up, the RIFF’s Party Mode lets you connect as many as 100 RIFF speakers together wirelessly… because if you aren’t bothering your neighbors, are you really a rock lover?!

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This transparent old-school cassette player combo can also serve as Bluetooth speaker

If you grew up or were alive during the time when cassette tapes and players were the in thing, then you probably at one point or another long for those days. You want to have them back not just for nostalgia’s sake but because the quality was pretty good since the audio is not that compressed yet. There are some product designers that have brought concepts to bring a version of cassettes back, but most of them are just for decoration. But now it looks like you can get something that’s close to it and maybe even better.

Designer: NINM Lab

The device is called It’s Real because people might think the cassette tape and player look is just for aesthetics. But in fact, it’s an actual cassette player that also serves as a Bluetooth speaker. Well of course the design also brings a nostalgic and analog feel to your space but it’s also pretty functional. It serves several purposes like a Bluetooth Speaker to stream your music through its cassette tape, a music transmitter tape that can stream your music through any boombox or cassette player, and an actual cassette player with a built-in speaker.

If you still have any traditional cassette tapes, you will be able to play it on the It’s Real player which already has a built-in speaker. The design also lets you see the tape rotating in all its working details glory since it has a transparent top cover. You’ll be able to see the tape itself rolling along and then the clockwork and motor work doing its thing at the back. It also comes with a REAL TAPE bluetooth 5.0 music transmitter tape which you can use to stream your music to other boomboxes or any device that has a cassette player.

But if you don’t have cassette tapes or any cassette tape player, you can just use the IT’S REAL device as a regular Bluetooth speaker. You just connect your mobile device with the music or audio apps that you use to the REAL TAPE Bluetooth cassette tape and then stream your digital music and files there. It of course cannot guarantee the same quality as the analog devices of old, but at least you have an aesthetic speaker to add to your space.

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IKEA’s new tiny soap-shaped wireless speaker was designed to be waterproof for those shower karaoke sessions

I wouldn’t really put you at fault if you accidentally grabbed IKEA’s latest VAPPEBY speaker and mistook it for a bar of soap in the shower. The tiny device, designed for a water-friendly environment, is perfectly soap-sized, and pairs rather wonderfully with shower karaoke sessions. Pair it with your phone and the VAPPEBY literally becomes the difference between a good shower and a great one. It’s compact, but packs a punch in the audio department, so you could burst into your soprano knowing fully well that you’re well accompanied, at least music-wise!

Designer: Iina Vuorivirta for IKEA

The VAPPEBY speaker sports a charming design that takes cues from the humble bar of soap. Featuring a square shape with rounded edges and available in an array of pastel colors, this compact speaker adds a touch of whimsy to your shower experience. To complete the look, the VAPPEBY comes with a woven cord lanyard, allowing you to hang it up anywhere you please, be it on your showerhead or a nearby hook. A single button on top lets you control your VAPPEBY, switching on or off the device, and playing/pausing music.

Despite its small size, the VAPPEBY packs a punch when it comes to battery life and performance. With a playtime of 80 hours when used at 50% volume, you can enjoy countless shower concerts without worrying about constantly recharging the device. The VAPPEBY delivers clear audio, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite tunes even amidst the sound of rushing water.

The VAPPEBY’s IP67 waterproof rating means you can confidently take this speaker into the shower without any fear of water damage. But its versatility doesn’t stop there—the VAPPEBY is also perfect for outdoor use. Whether you’re hanging out by the pool, camping, or enjoying a day at the beach, this waterproof speaker is built to withstand the elements while providing you with a quality audio experience.

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This bluetooth speaker gives a second life to plastic waste and old e-bike batteries

You’d think that we would be able to solve the world’s plastic problem with the many products we’re seeing that re-use this material. But of course, compared to the amount of plastic that humans produce and consume, it’s still a pretty small percentage and so we still need to come up with more solutions. We’re seeing innovative concepts and products that are also well-designed. You’re getting the best of both worlds as you get something functional and pretty and you’re saving the world one plastic at a time.

Designer: Gomi

Collection One is a Bluetooth speaker that can be decorative, a source of good music, and is also environmentally friendly. Each speaker is made from plastic waste as well as e-bike batteries that are not being used anymore. In fact, each of these portable devices are made from 44 plastic bags that were returned to its raw form before being turned into materials for the speakers. The creators say they have been able to save six tonnes of plastic waste with this collection through the local recycling companies that they partnered with.

Each speaker has modular components so if one of the parts breaks down, you can still have it replaced if it can’t be fixed anymore. There are three designs available with each one having a distinct colorway and is inspired by specific artworks. They’re named Panther, Avalanche, and Ultraviolet. The aesthetics are a cross between “Dieter Rams and Picaso” so you get some abstract and colorful designs to go along with the music or ebooks or podcasts that you’ll be streaming through these devices. Each one is handmade so you know you’re getting something special.

As for the sound quality, Collection One is from a design company but hopefully they will be able to create something that will give you great audio as it comes with a full range neodymium driver. They promise to bring software updates to the connectivity aspect of it and will also offer repairs, trade-ins, and other upgrading facilities later on. The speakers are priced at £299 (US$365) and will be available in 7-10 business days after you place your order (well, if you’re in the U.K)


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Plug-in Bluetooth speaker brings high-quality audio anywhere there’s a power socket

Bluetooth speakers are convenient for letting almost anything connect to them without cables, but most of them still need at least one wire to connect to a power source. Battery-powered wireless speakers only give a few hours of freedom at most, and then you’re back to plugging it in, anyway. If you have plenty of power outlets within easy reach, then a better option is now available that will change the way you’ve been listening to audio at home or at work. With OC Acoustic’s new speaker, you can enjoy high-quality music, podcasts, and every enjoyable piece of audio content with a stylish speaker that plugs directly into a power socket, offering you even more freedom and flexibility than your typical wireless home speaker.

Designers: Kenji Kawaguchi & Tandem Product Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $67.99 $79.99 (15% off with Coupon Code “YANKO23” ). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

Wireless speakers have become quite popular in the past few years, and recent designs have made them stand out as beautiful pieces of home decoration. That’s almost by necessity, though, since these speakers have to take up space on tables, shelves, and countertops, space that could have otherwise been occupied by more essential or even more decorative things. What if, however, you could take out the middle man and cut off all the wires completely without worrying about battery life as well? That’s exactly what this ball-sized speaker brings to the table, or rather literally takes away from the table.

Simply put, the Newport Plug-in Bluetooth speaker is a highly accessible audio device that plugs directly into a power outlet, wherever that outlet may be. You don’t have to worry about any wires to hide because there aren’t any, and the speaker is always ready to reconnect to your device the moment you step within Bluetooth range. It hides in plain sight, but you also have the option to make it playfully stand out. Pick from four color choices to either match your decor or be a vibrant beacon of fun at parties.

Despite its size, the OC Acoustic Newport delivers powerful audio to accompany you while you do your work, get you pumped up during your workouts, or get the party going. Each speaker packs a 52mm full-range driver and a 5W RMS speaker, but if one isn’t enough, you can string as many as 50 of these together to really fill up the house. And you don’t need to feel like you’re losing a power outlet because the speaker has a built-in USB type A port to charge your phone or tablet at the same time.

You might think that you’ll be limiting yourself by having a speaker that needs to be on a power outlet directly, but those outlets don’t have to be on walls anyway. With the OC Acoustic Newport Plug-in Bluetooth Speaker, you actually have more freedom because you place it anywhere without it getting in the way. Whether you’re preparing coffee orders, running on the treadmill, or chopping veggies, you can have your music fix wherever you are, as long as there’s a socket nearby.

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Sleek, metallic Bluetooth speaker concept can match your minimalist aesthetic

There are already a lot of Bluetooth speakers in the market but there’s still a lot of room for new designs and innovations. We see a lot of concepts and renders for different kinds of speakers that we sometimes wish would become actual products that we can purchase and add to our spaces to play our favorite music, podcasts or audio books. If you’re looking for a sleek kind of speaker that you’d be proud to show off on your table, wall, or shelf, this concept for Italian brand Alessi will be something to add to your wishlist as well.

Designer: Tom Fereday

Suono is a concept for a sleek, minimalist Bluetooth speaker that can also be sculptural and decorative. The shape is pretty simple as the main speaker is circular with a cast aluminum frame and an integrated mesh speaker. The renders show that it comes with a stand and a mount as well as a magnetic wireless charging hub. It is simple enough but also sleek and classy that may match your aesthetic if that’s what your space looks like.

You can choose to place it on your table with the metallic stand which matches the color and look of the speaker. You can also mount it on your wall if you want to show it off from there although I personally would be too scared that it will eventually fall off. You can also just place it on your table or shelf on its own since it’s designed to be free-standing. The magnetic charging hub can also serve as a stand in case you don’t want the speaker to be placed directly on the surface.

What’s important for me when it comes to Bluetooth speakers is the sound quality but of course since this is just a concept, we don’t have any of the technical stuff for it. But in terms of the design, the sleek and metallic look works for me and apparently for Alessi as well since it previously won the Design Awards competition in the “established designer” category.

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This rotating charging dock for your smartphone also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker

Although it looks like an unassuming puck on your work table or bedside table, the Rotator has the fun ability to shapeshift between being a charging mat, and a vertical stand for your smartphone. Its cylindrical design with an angular cut running through gives it its unique point of interaction. In its normal state, the Rotator sits flat like a cylinder on your table. Rotate the upper half of the cylinder using the angular cut as a reference, and it flips over at a 60° angle, giving you a neat diagonal stand for your smartphone that also allows you to wirelessly charge it. Additionally, the puck-shaped Rotator also has an array of audio drivers within it that let it double as a Bluetooth smart speaker! “Existing phone holders are often lacking in functionality, only folding or charging. I want to maximize the functions of the mobile phone holder, and realize the combination of mobile phone holder, Bluetooth speaker, charging, screen brightness and sound control, so as to provide maximum convenience for users”, said designer Tianyang Yuan.

Designer: Tianyang Yuan

The Rotator’s design is interesting, in the fact that even though it looks rather plain, it’s filled with a bunch of surprises. For starters, the cylindrical puck isn’t static, but has the ability to lean over and become an angled stand. The place where you rest your phone houses a wireless charging coil under it that detects your phone and begins charging its battery instantly… however, the area around the coil has audio drivers built-in that allow the Rotator to function as a Bluetooth speaker. The upper surface also has two metallic studs that support your phone when you’re resting it on the angled surface… but look closer and those metal studs are, in fact, rotary knobs that let you control your phone’s brightness and your speaker’s volume.

The Rotator is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2022.

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Winbeldon 2022 tennis balls get a new life as Bluetooth speakers

One of my sporting-related dreams is to someday watch a match at any of the tennis Grand Slams, particularly Wimbledon. But since a trip to London will not be happening anytime soon for me, I’ll have to content myself with watching the matches on TV (or rather, on streaming). But the other closest thing I can get to it will probably be one of those upcycled products that use anything that was actually used during the competition, like this Bluetooth speaker from hearO.

Designer: hearO

This is a brand that tries to create products that may not look like most of the audio products that you’ll see in the market. This time around, they used actual tennis balls that were used from this year’s Wimbledon competition for their hear0 3.0 Bluetooth speakers. It still retains the basic shape of a tennis ball as well as its distinct green color. It still has the Slazenger logo as well as the tournament’s branding, in case you forget where it actually came from.

What they did was embed the tennis ball with a 3W speaker. So you get a white speaker grill on one side of the ball and it has a frequency of 100Hz to 20kHz. It has a 500mAh battery and since it’s a ball, you can bring it around with you to play your music or podcasts or audiobook. And if it runs out of power, it also has a charging cradle with both USB A and USB C ports. hearO also promises to plant a tree with every purchase of their latest speaker, in partnership with The European Nature Trust.

Aside from the upcycling element of this product, which is already pretty good, this is also a way for tennis fans to have something from one of the most popular tournaments. You have no way of knowing if your favorite player actually touched the tennis ball/speaker you’re now listening from, but it’s nice to imagine that you have some part of Wimbledon with you.

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These ergonomic earbuds double up as speaker controls, adding a new dimension of functionality to wearables

There have been a lot of truly wireless earbuds and earbud concepts over the past few years as wired devices have gone out of style. But basically, they serve just one purpose and that is to play something in your ears or as a secondary tool for accessing digital assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, etc. Once they’re off your ears though, they become practically useless and most of the time, they’re just sitting pretty there in the charging case. What if they had another function when they’re not in your ears.

Designer: Liam de la Bedoyere for Bored Eye

That’s one of the main ideas behind the Bored Buds, a concept for a pair of earbuds that are not just intuitively designed but are also multi-functional. Basically, they’re earbuds that are also part of a Bluetooth speaker. So when you’re not listening to music using the audio accessories, they are nestled in the speakers through the protective case and serve as the control buttons. The speaker itself does not have any interface or display so the earbuds will serve as your on/off, pause/play, and volume up/down buttons.

But as earbuds, they are also pretty well-designed. They are pill-shaped so they will fit comfortably in your ears. They are made from titanium, they are water-resistant and durable, and are 100% recyclable. They have magnetic connections and there is no cover as the buds nestle below the surface. The case is attached to the speakers through a USB-C connection. The controls themselves are gesture-sensitive both as earbuds and for the speakers.

When switching from the speakers to the earbuds, you only have to pinch them to transfer the sound back. Both the speaker and the earbuds use monochromatic colors and minimalist design. Hopefully, the sound will also be of good quality as no matter how good a design is, it’s how an audio accessory sounds that can make or break it. This is an interesting concept for audiophiles who want to have music and other aural products always on hand.

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Polaroid ventures into musical lanes with colorful Bluetooth speakers that make an impact

If you have been a photographer or love photography, chances are you have used or at least are familiar with the name Polaroid. After giving us colorful cameras to make photography impactful, Polaroid is venturing into the musical lanes with a series of four consumer-oriented speakers that are reminiscent of the company’s vibrant image.

The line of speakers is released in different sizes and price points to give all types of consumers a choice that suits their pocket and style. The playful Polaroid image reflects instantly in the hues that these speakers boast, which are an embodiment of the company’s decades of perfection. The exciting Bluetooth speakers in addition to doing absolute justice to the Polaroid’s image are equally effective when it comes to their audio performance.

Designer: Polaroid

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The four speakers in question are simply called P1, P2, P3, and P4. The basic naming doesn’t at all mean that these music players are in any way inferior to the competition. They may not boast support for voice assistants or any fancy connected features to go with their cute image, but all of them have the hues to floor us. The little, cube-shaped Polaroid P1 music player the company says “is apple size.” The absolutely compact device is pairable to other speakers in the lineup for a more robust sound and it can play music for up to 10 hours on a single charge. It is the only device with IPX5 waterproof rating, making it splash resistant. In fact, all the speakers can be paired with a simple tap and have the same music flowing through all the rooms of your house.

With 15 hours of playback time, P2 arrives in size roughly twice that of the P1. It is more powerful in comparison but equally portable to take anywhere you like. P3 with polished metal handle for portability as opposed to wrist strap on P2, the speakers are pretty identical in shape but this guy outpowers the P2 in output quality. The largest and loudest of the Polaroid speaker line up, the P4 music player can fill the largest of rooms with sound. This watermelon-sized speaker also boasts 15 hours of playback time.

All these colorful and powerful Polaroid speakers feature an array of handles and straps for easy transport. You can wear them on the wrist or carry them in Boombox style, the choice is yours! All the speakers, except for P1 feature an exciting, but small LED screen that dances with music and gives out some information. The most exciting thing about the Polaroid speaker lineup is that they can tune into the company’s radio stations and offer a lovely heart button to share for a song you love. If you are interested, the square-shaped P1 is priced at $59.99; compatible with Polaroid Music App, the P2 is priced at $129.99; Polaroid P3 will set you back $189.99; while the biggest of them all, the P4 music player, available in black and yellow, will cost $289.99.

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