Maxtand gives your laptop an infinitely adjustable Pro Stand without costing $1500

Here’s a thought I’ve been having for quite a while now. As desirable and functional as a product may be, price does play a pivotal role in whether someone purchases it or not… so sitting here, I’ve got no problems saying that Apple’s $1500 Pro Stand is an immaculately designed product, but is it good enough to be in my home or my office? Sadly, no it isn’t.

What the Maxtand manages to get right is its ability to do quite what the Pro Stand does, at 5% of the price. Yep, you heard me right. With a price tag of just $85, the Maxtand is 95% cheaper than Apple’s Pro Stand, and it works with any laptop, monitor, or even with other accessories like a projector or a wireless keyboard. Maxtand comes from the same guys that brought us the Ridge Stand for laptops, now with a maximum height of 15 inches, allowing you to not just height-adjust your laptop, but to turn your entire desk into a standing desk. With three pivot-points and pretty reliable friction-hinges inside them, the Maxtand can be used in a variety of configurations, at various angles, and can take loads of over 70 pounds. Designed to be powerfully versatile, it can be used with your laptop or your monitor to give you the precise angle and height you’re looking for.

The Maxtand comes with a lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum body, and compresses to a mere height of 1.75 inches when completely shut, allowing you to easily move it around or carry it where you go. You can either clip it to your desk at work, use it as a hovering table when you’re working in bed, or even use it on the floor; with a desktop monitor, a tablet, or even a laptop, allowing you to work anywhere with comfort and without straining yourself. Whether you’re looking for a standing-desk setup, or whether you’d like to position your laptop at an angle as you type away on a wireless keyboard, or just if you need a small table to work while you’re on your sofa, or in bed, the Maxtand’s combination of a robust construction with a flexible and practical design (that works with monitors, laptops, tablets, projectors, etc.) makes it an ideal addition to your workspace, no matter where it is! Plus major points for that incredibly competitive price-tag.

Designer: Creatio Design

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Maxtand – The Portable Sit-to-stand Desk and Monitor Arm

The Maxtand turns any flat surface into a height-adjustable desk of up to 15 inches without taking up a ton of space.

Portable and versatile standing arm for laptops, monitors and keyboards.

Floor Stand/Table

The design allows workers to quickly convert practically any flat surface into a comfortable, ergonomic workstation.

Laptop Stand for Presentations

Monitor Stand

Highly Adjustable and Durable

With its aero-grade aluminum construction, the Maxtand can safety and securely raise laptops, monitors and keyboards up to 15 inches and adjust them 360 degrees, to more than 18 positions.

The Maxtand is rated to hold more than 40kg (88lbs), but as you can see from the photo above, it can hold Oliver, who weighs about 70kg.

The Maxtand’s three pivot points (Base, Middle, Top) can be individually adjusted into eighteen different configurations. Each pivot point’s magnetic cover gives the Maxtand a  modern look, while covering up the rotating screws underneath the cover.

3 Adjustable pivot points to more than 18 positions.

In three colors, Black, Space Grey and Silver.

Click Here to Buy Now: $85 $109 ($24 off). Hurry, early bird offer!

This stationery holder and charging unit is inspired by cliffs

It’s very poetic to say that you have been inspired by a landscape and pin the translation to abstract art and mediocre execution. However, this is not the case with NIO Cliff, a stationery holder case with a wireless charging unit at its base. Inspired by the “Blue Sky Thinking” global community of designers and the location for the same, three designers Edo Kim, Yu Shan Huang and Ye Seul Kim, have conceptualized this project.

Staying true to the landscape of a cliff (with a ^ peak that reminds us of the roof and trees), the unit consists of a name card holder, magnet, a storage that can hold pencils and tools, and a wireless charger at the bottom. Essentially it looks like a cross-section of the cliff, and very subtle representation.

Designers: Edo Kim, Yu Shan Huang and Ye Seul Kim

NIO and Central Saint Martins announced the launch of their “Blue Sky Thinking” global community of designers. The innovative design community aims to bring together young talent and create environmentally-friendly designs. Over 100 top students from Central Saint Martin’s Industrial Design, Ceramic Design and Fashion Design majors will draw on diverse global inspiration to present work that integrates NIO’s leading-edge philosophies and environmental awareness.

“Seaside Cliff is the place where people can see the open sky, blue ocean, and land all at once. It is linked with NIO logo’s elements,” Kim told Yanko Design.

“I wanted to simplify the shape of the cliff and tried to find a minimal form while maintaining the angular and flat top of the cliff. The green plains on the top side are simplified and expressed as a pattern, and the layer part of the cliff is expressed through translucent material.”

“At the top of the cliff tower has small objects such as name card holder, magnet. And the middle is a storage that can hold pencils and various tools. At the bottom is a wireless charger. The main concept of this product is to stack various functional products. This comes from the form of a layered cross-section of the cliff.”

The Bouquet coffee dripper looks like a pretty vase, but is not one!

Inspired by the beauty of a bouquet of flowers, designer Jeong Kim has envisioned the Bouquet coffee dripper. Technically, it’s just a coffee pot, with a dripper that scrunches up to look like a vase. The rubber pad around the pot acts like insulation, so that you can hold the hot pot and pour out your brewed coffee.

Aesthetically, it is a beautiful design, that hopes to make us stop and smell the roses… or freshly brewed coffee, as the case may be!

Designers: Jeong Kim & Weekend-works

It consists of a pot and a dripper just like other coffee drippers. The step inside the spout of the pot allows dripper to maintain a horizontal angle.

Kitchen timer that can be set with dirty hands and no touching!

Chances are that your hands are dirty, and you want to open some lids, switch on the oven and set the kitchen time… all at once. Chances are, you will not wash your hands and do all of the above and leave stains on lids, knobs and timer. Well, now with the No-Touch Timer – chances are that you will not soil it, and instead set the timer without even touching the device!

The No-Touch Timer gives you the chance to set the timer hands-free. When it is in its default mode, the device functions like a clock, but when you bring your hands near it, the device transforms into a kitchen timer. You can set the timer hands-free by taking your hands close by to wake the clock up. You can adjust the hands from a distance and the further away you take your hands, the more time is added to the clock.

Details of the time include real-time feedback on the screen, infrared sensors to detect how far hands are away from the device and thus converting into a corresponding time value. In essence, the further away the hand is from the timer, the longer time will be set. Too bad, it’s only a concept.

Designers: Fu Yibo & Wen Ruoyu

Slē plywood sled is for all ages and durable

Winter is coming – no more fun saying because GoT is done and dusted, nevertheless, let’s look at Slē, the plywood sled. Inspired by bent plywood structures and joints that we see in everyday life, the dynamic design of the sled is a talking point.

Crafted to suit all ages – children and adults – there is a lot of research has gone into the making of this product. The aim of the Slē is to enhance user experience and yet be high-quality and stylish. Featuring a tilted seat, the frame of this sled is designed for slopes, keeping maneuverability in mind. The sled can tackle slopes with up to 25% gradient, with ease.

I quite like the double arch of the seat as that acts as a buffer or shock absorber while riding down the slopes. To keep it durable, the soles of the sledge are fitted with a T-shape stainless steel cover, which protects the edges of the plywood against impacts and damages.

You can even clip the leash when not in use, making this a very well thought-out design.

Designer: Adam Miklosi

The Design Process Journal

Smart Intelligent Stroller comes with an “Autostop System”

A bad example, but a great way to make you understand the importance of the Autostop System in the Smart Intelligent Stroller, is the airport trolley. The ones in my city come with an automatic braking system, where you need to press down the handle to activate the wheels. If you have not engaged the handle, by pressing down on it – the trolley will not move.

When you’re pushing heavy bags, and have your hands full, this locking mechanism is a bother, but it makes complete sense in a stroller. If you are not engaged with the handle, it means that you are not in control of the buggy and hence it makes sense to make it immovable and safe for the baby inside.

Apart from this crucial function, the Smart Intelligent Stroller ensures a comfortable and smart nursery environment for the baby inside it. It syncs with your smartphone to give you updates on the details like air quality and with the help of the ‘Smart Belt’, it picks up on details like the temperature and humidity inside the stroller. The ‘Smart Sensor’ on the belt helps you pick up on the stats.

Functions on the stroller include ‘Smart Monitoring’ for keeping an eye on the UV index, fine dust and yellow dust around the stroller. The ‘Full Canopy’ mode triggers the full canopy cover, when this index is too high and to block out the dust and UV rays. An internal ‘Air Purification System’ and ‘Safety Night Lighting’ complete the list of functionalities.

Designer: DO&BE Design

Plevo’s first connected Backpack and Duffle Bag with Face ID for complete security

Having come back from my recent trip to London and China, I realized how dangerous it can be to catch a few winks at the airport. For example, I fell asleep at the Dubai airport and almost missed my connection. Luckily, I was woken up by a friendly staff, and I made it to my flight on time. However, this incident got me thinking – in my deep-jet lagged-slumber, anyone could have opened my backpack and cabin bag, and tampered with the contents.

Thankfully, I’m back home safe and sound, but the next time around, I definitely don’t want to become a statistic of airport theft. Bags like the B-One & D-One Series, seem to a wise investment in the name of secure travels. As the first connected Backpack and Duffle Bag in the world, the duo are fitted with a Smart Lock – Face ID, Touch ID, Morse Code – and a removable battery pack. Needless to say, a Travel Companion App completes the whole deal. This one App connects all of the Plevo bags (old and new).

I like the fact that you can check on your flight status through the Travel Assistant App and ensure that you get to your gate on time. The removable battery backpack ensures you can juice-up your devices on the go.

Available in two sizes each, both the backpack and duffle bag are stylish and complement the latest ‘travel look.’ If you happen to move too far away from the bags, they will alert you via the app, ensuring you stay close to them. The B-One & D-One Series are intelligent bags that are spacious and secure.

Designers: Mauro Manzo, Ivan Nieto, Franco Di Pietro & Federico Pelatti

Click Here to Buy Now: $145 $240 (40% off). Hurry, Super Early Bird, Limited Stocks!

B-One Backpack & D-One Duffle Bag with Smart Lock Technology

The world’s first connected backpack and duffle bag. And with their Smark Lock technology (Face ID, Touch ID, Morse Code), your belonging has never been so secure.


Travel Assistant App

Check your flight information at a glance. And let their travel assistant APP be your smart partner during your trips.

B-One Backpack

The first connected and most secure backpack ever utilizing Smart Lock (Face ID, Touch ID, Morse Code). Also, always stay charged while on the go thanks to the removable battery pack. Available in two sizes (B-Urban 19.5L and B-Travel 27L).

Smart Lock (Face ID, Touch ID, Morse Code)

Face ID. Your face is your password.

Touch ID. Lock your backpack via your smartphone.

Morse Code. If you lost your phone or ran out of battery, just put the code your previously set with morse code to unlock.

Removable Battery Pack

Their removable battery pack is compatible with all their Plevo products.

Anti Theft & Loss

When your backpack moves apart from you it will lock itself and send you notifications about you leaving it behind.

Access & Pockets

180 degree opening.

Interior storage.

Quick access.

D-One Duffle Bag

The first connected duffle bag in the world with Smart Lock and removable battery. Available in two sizes (D-Urban 21L & D-Travel 37.5L).

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Neon lights redesigned to meet your interior lighting needs

We typically find neon tubes used as signboards and in outdoor advertising, one of the rare occasions we are seeing them bent into shape as creative indoor lighting, is with the MÖN lamps. These energy-saving lamps use neon technology and offer endless possibilities in terms of creativity. For this series we see some manually-bent neon tubes teamed with special aluminum body, that create silhouettes that are alluring.

Available in three forms: standing, hanging, or wall-mounted, you can control the illumination thanks to the dimmer that is integrated. The fun part however, is the fact that you can get the lamps customized and bent into a size that suits you and of course the tube color.


The Scream case for your iPhone

Edvard Munch would have a fit if he ever saw his works getting diluted by an iPhone case. The Scream case adopts the persona of the famous painting done by the Norwegian artist, and is an expression of modern art. The agonized face that we see in the painting is the most iconic images of our times. It is perceived as a symbol of anxiety that a modern man goes through. Perhaps the recent events at Apple – Ive’s exit, tepid design of the iPhone 11 – can be seen in the same light; given our addiction to the brand.

Designer: 2-LA Design

“It is almost a tradition for Apple fan to make fun of new iPhone camera design since Apple introduce camera bump, and it hits peak today after Apple introduced iPhone 11’s triple cameras design, we think it will be both interesting and inspirational to share something that we created for iPhone X back then, to expressing how we can look at today’s smartphone design with eyes of art,” 2-LA DESIGN told Yanko Design.

The Scream is the popular name given to multiple versions of a composition by Norwegian Expressionist artist Edvard Munch between 1893 and 1910. The works show a figure with an agonized expression against a landscape with a tumultuous orange sky. Arthur Lubow has described The Scream as “an icon of modern art, a Mona Lisa for our time.

The slightly sculpted surface makes the case visually attractive also provides an anti-slippery grip in hand.

Self-cleaning travel T-shirts with HercFibér, kicks the need for laundry and helps you travel light

The future of fashion is no laundry, and to help endorse this is the Apollo Self-Cleaning T-shirts. Made from fabric that has been created by material scientists – it is the first time we are see it being incorporated into a travel tee-shirt. With airlines getting stringent on baggage weight limits – even Emirates has cut down the limit – it only makes sense to change the way we pack our clothes, by eliminating unnecessary clothes.

We all know that bacteria, sweat and the elements cause us to go through several clothes during a trip – but if one element – like the tee that we carry, can be modified, we can end up saving a lot of space, as well as cut down our laundry pile.

HercFibér was created by material scientists and the team has worked over two years on this travel T-Shirt. This new material is able to fight bacteria and can destroy almost all smell causing bacteria within a 24-hour timeframe.

The Apollo T-shirt would probably get Steve Jobs’ approval, given that he made wearing Tees to work, the norm.

Designer: Wenizzy

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The Apollo – Self-cleaning Travel T-shirt with 25 Benefits

First of its kind that never has to be washed but instead just rinsed off to clean off the dirt and dead skin cells and hung up so you can re-wear it for as many days as you’d like.

Made specifically for ultra-light travelers, you’re free to travel the world with just 1 shirt for 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, or even 1 lifetime.

Made with HercFibér

HercFibér is a unique material they created that blends together three different fibers to get the exact features they desired. These materials are put together in a unique combination to create a material that is perfect for travel.

The self-cleaning works thanks to biology. Read below.

Most materials act as a petri dish for bacteria; helping smell-causing bacterias to grow in the fiber while they feed on your sweat. The more time and sweat, the more bacteria grow on the material and releases increasingly worse odor.

HercFibér’s unique blend of fibers grows bacteria very slowly while you’re wearing it, but once you take it off, it starts cleaning itself by killing the smell-causing bacteria and so by the morning, it smells clean again.

Unlike cotton and other materials that keep on growing bacteria until it turns to mold/mildew, Apollo’s material does the opposite, by actively getting rid of the bacteria.

Color Options

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $100 ($41 off). Hurry, only 12/90 left!