This portable wireless charger is a handsome example of form and function in harmony

Portable chargers or power banks are a dime a dozen these days, including the new breed that sports wireless charging capabilities. They might come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing that most have in common is that they look no better than plastic bricks inside your bag. Some even weigh like bricks, too. Granted, some people couldn’t care less about how their portable batteries look, but that is a frame of thinking that takes for granted the importance of a well-designed and well-made product. It also presumes that you can’t have both functionality and aesthetics in the same thing, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. That is what makes the NOA Daytripper stand out, not just for its dashing good looks but also for being a witness in the marriage of beauty and technology.

Designers: Martin Boehnel, Arvin Bayat & Christel Hadiwibawa of NOA

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A lot of people don’t give a second thought to the tools that they use. Some might even scoff at those who fuss over beautiful stationery or stunning apparel. Sadly, this betrays a mindset that equates design with superficial qualities or even vanity, that something that looks good is immediately less functional compared to plain-looking tools. Worse, it also views tools and products as short-lived objects that you simply throw away without a second thought, adding to the world’s growing landfill and pollution problem.

The Daytripper stands in defiance of that way of thinking by delivering a portable wireless charger that will make you feel good about owning such a stylish accessory. The 5,000 mAh battery inside is, of course, critical to its function, but it almost plays second fiddle to the overall design of the power bank. Make no mistake, it will get the job done without breaking a sweat, whether you need to charge a phone wirelessly or with a cable. You can even do both at the same time or charge both the power bank and your phone with one cable if you’re pressed for time.

Charging Configurations – Charge however you like. Base to base, perpendicular, or on an angle.

Universal Compatibility – Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices.

Charge 2 Devices at the Same Time – 2-way USB-C port can be used to charge another device.

Charge while Recharging – Simply plug Daytripper in and place your phone or device on top, and both will be ready to go for the next day.

It’s hard to deny that the portable wireless charger’s appearance is also an important part of its appeal, but its beauty isn’t only skin deep. The Daytripper doesn’t just use materials that look good and feel good in your hand; its creators also chose those materials for their longevity and sustainability. In a small way, it is yet another example of how function and form go hand in hand.

The body, for example, is made from a single block of aluminum, reducing waste and providing durability to the power bank. The genuine leather that serves as the charging pad not only protects our device from scratches but also develops a unique patina over time to add to the charger’s timeless beauty. Even the ABS core structure underneath the leather that provides the rigidity it needs can be separated from the rest of the body to be recycled when its end of life finally does arrive.

Versatile, functional, and beautiful, the NOA Daytripper portable wireless charger embodies what a well-designed piece of technology can be like. Its durable and natural materials encourage you to develop a personal attachment to the product, giving it more attention and more care than you would a regular power bank. And because it is designed to last and to be kept for far longer than its peers, it won’t be finding its way to a landfill any time soon.

Click Here to Buy Now: $86 $128 (30% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!

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This evolved glasses case pulls double duty as a power bank for your phone

Some things have remained unchanged for decades, but that doesn’t mean there’s no more room for improvement.

The number of items we put inside our bags seems to be growing every year to the point that some people are looking for ways to either get rid of some of them or at least combine them. Some things, however, are just indispensable, like the charging case for your earbuds, your emergency power bank for your gadgets, and, if you wear glasses, a protective case for your spectacles. Along with paper notebooks that might also be found inside those bags, those glasses cases haven’t exactly seen any significant improvement in both design and purpose. In fact, most of them are designed to break easily and be thrown away just as easily. One designer, however, realized it’s high time to give this protective accessory an upgrade by merging it with one of the most essential accessories people need these days.

Designer: Khaled Mohamed

Some ideas come like a flash of lightning, while others take a long time to percolate. Still, others tend to take detours, as in the case of this mashup of two important things inside many people’s bags. The first attempt to modernize the glasses case ended up putting an external SSD aimed at workers on the go. It turned out, however, that there was more demand for a more common mobile accessory that could be useful to almost anyone, which is how the Glasses Case Battery Bank plan was finally put into motion.

As the name so clearly states, this product combines a case for glasses with a battery bank. That is indeed more useful for almost everyone because everyone has a phone these days. And while you might not have prescription glasses, there might always be a time when you have to bring sunglasses with you, even the rather expensive kind. Sadly, almost all but the most expensive eyewear have cases that are designed with quality and longevity in mind.

In contrast, this combo aims for both with an added touch of modern convenience. The case will be covered by Italian calfskin leather, prized for its durability and its softness. On the inside, Japanese Ultrasuede will keep your glasses safe and clean while also protecting the power bank with a soft interior. As for that battery pack, it is planned to bear a 4,000 mAh capacity, enough to juice up most phones these days at least once.

If you think that combining a glasses case and a battery bank will create a rather bulky structure, then you’re half right. The design of this accessory seems to be partly inspired by origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. When acting as a glasses case, it takes the form of a prism with the battery bank serving as the solid base. Without the glasses, however, the sides of the case can unfold and wrap around the power bank, creating a more compact form.

The Glasses Case Battery Bank doesn’t exist yet in a form you can buy, though. It will be hitting crowdfunding soon and lures a tempting $99 price tag for early believers of that vision. The product will also be manufactured in the US and Canada, which should at least help reduce the carbon footprint and costs when shipping to backers in North America.

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Transparent MagSafe wireless power bank might just be the coolest iPhone accessory

Momax MagSafe wireless power bank

No, this isn’t a teaser for the Nothing phone (1). The Momax Q.Mag Power 8 is a transparent MagSafe wireless power bank designed to snap right onto the back of your iPhone.

The Momax Q.Mag Power 8’s clear back feels almost as precious as a high-end exhibition-back skeleton watch. Look in and you see the MagSafe-compatible ring of magnets, and even the wireless charging coil, among other circuitry. The gadget comes with a built-in 5,000 mAh battery and even an MFi-Certified Lightning port on its base that lets you charge it. An LED indicator allows you to gauge your wireless power bank’s battery level, and a clever pop-out stand on its ‘opaque’ surface allows you to prop your iPhone up as it charges.

Designer: Momax

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Momax MagSafe wireless power bank

Momax MagSafe wireless power bank

The Momax Q.Mag Power 8’s beauty lies in the fact that it doesn’t simply opt for the mundane. It would be a lot easier to design something with an opaque plastic plate on the front and a lightning bolt printed to show you where the wireless coil was. Instead, Momax decided to design their internals in a way that looks pleasing underneath the transparent plastic. You can clearly see the MagSafe magnets that help align the Q.Mag Power 8 to your iPhone, and the wireless charging coil inside it. The magnetic ring on the inside also allows you to place it at a 90° angle if you want.

Momax MagSafe wireless power bank

Momax MagSafe wireless power bank

On the front, the Momax Q.Mag Power 8 comes with a pop-out stand that can be used in either landscape or portrait orientations. The stand is made from a reinforced colored fabric that complements the anodized metallic frame around the power bank. The Momax Q.Mag Power 8 MagSafe wireless power bank is compatible with iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models.

Momax MagSafe wireless power bank

Momax MagSafe wireless power bank

Momax MagSafe wireless power bank

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Duracell Power Banks look like bigger than usual battery cells

Battery capacities of smartphones and other mobile devices may be getting bigger, but there are times when they are not enough. Many people reach low battery levels not because of long hours of usage but because of the dozens of apps running in the background. Plenty of solutions are available to optimize battery, but you can also simply just charge your phone.

Duracell is a brand known for disposable batteries. It’s now extending its product line into rechargeable power packs, aka power banks. You see, power banks are not yet obsolete but we recognize people are using them less because there is quick charging as an alternative.

Designer: Studio Volpi

Duracell Power Bank

Duracell has tapped Studio Volpi to work on design options for power packs. One of the top makers of disposable batteries is stepping into the power bank game because there is still a demand. The people at Duracell already know battery technology, but they know others can do it better when it comes to product design. So studio Volpi has been tasked to design the product so it won’t look like the usual power banks available in the market.

Duracell Power Bank

Studio Volpi was given the freedom to develop Duracell power banks and explore many possible designs. However, the final choices still define the brand’s legacy with three designs that will make you easily identify it’s from Duracell. Duracell and Studio Volpi are deviating from the usual look of power banks. Common power banks are primarily sleek and shiny, but the Duracell Powerbanks are different. There are four products available: the Duracell Powerbank 3350 mAh, Duracell Powerbank 6700 mAh, Duracell Powerbank 10050 mAh, and the Duracell Powerbank 20100 mAh.

Duracell Power Bank

The powerbanks differ in capacities and charging power. The smallest model can charge a phone once, while the 6700mAH version can charge a regular smartphone twice. You can use the 10050mAh to fully charge a smartphone up to three times. The biggest model can offer up to six times charging on average.

Their sizes differ with the smallest capacity, reminding you of a AAA Duracell battery. The next size looks like a 9V battery with a rectangular shape. The other two look almost the same but appear longer.

Duracell Power Bank

All power banks offer fast charging and universal compatibility. They are ready to use out of the box as they come pre-charged. You don’t have to worry about bringing a phone charger and finding yourself an electrical outlet because the Duracell Powerbanks are enough. Other features include Dual Charge technology so you can charge the device and power bank simultaneously. In addition, the LED lights can tell you the status or energy level of the power bank.

Duracell Power Bank

Duracell Power Banks Design

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PopGrip JumpStart is a power bank and phone grip in one

Did you know that your phone can get tired too? Well, tired is not exactly the correct word but the mobile device you use every day for hours needs to be protected from possible harm and recharged after a long day. But for those times you forget and need to go early in the day, you may just charge it in the car or maybe get this PopGripJumpStart.

Don’t be confused, as this is both a battery bank and a phone grip—a two-in-one accessory that can make your life easier. Its name perfectly describes what it can do— act as a grip for the phone and jumpstart when it needs power. It can charge your smartphone while you scroll through your social media apps, check email, or text.

Designer: PopSockets

PopGrip JumpStart Details

The PopGrip JumpStart offers a secure grip and allows you to hold the phone and use it with just one hand. It lets you have the peace of mind that your phone won’t fall off your hand. You can also use it as a phone stand when you want to watch your favorite shows or movies with other PopSockets accessories.

The PopGrip JumpStart from PopSockets has a 2200mAh battery capacity to charge your phone up to 50% with either a Lightning Cable or a USB-C. You will see the cable popping out when you need to use it. The cord is wired around the battery pack and can be hidden when not in use.

This thing works with a standard PopSocket mount, even with its larger size. The accessory appears to be uncomfortable to hold, but the size is perfect for most phones available today. It’s still compact and slim and is able to boost charging time even when you’re on the go.

This portable power bank is made for the PopSockets platforms. It’s an ideal solution for those always on the go and who are running low on battery. Since the PopGrip JumpStart is compatible with the Popsockets platform, it is easily swappable with different components for unique styling.

PopGrip JumpStart Features

This charging grip is affordable for only $35. It’s already useful as a phone grip, but it becomes more valuable as a battery pack. It may only power up your battery up to half of its capacity, but it’s enough to give you a few more hours of mobile use. Of course, you need to juice up JumpStart’s battery itself, so make sure you don’t forget to charge it.

PopGrip JumpStart Release

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Cassette Tape Power Bank Keeps Your Music Playing Longer

Because retro is always in, tech company Remax has created a portable power bank in the form factor of a cassette tape. That sure brings back memories, doesn’t it? I wonder if you have to stick a pencil in the reel to rewind it. I’m joking, there is no rewinding – it’s a power bank. In that case, I’d like to make a withdrawal. Joking again, different kind of bank.

Available through AliExpress, the power bank cassette is available in red and yellow, packs a 10000mAh battery, and features 18W USB/USB-C ports for fast charging, and a 22.5W USB-C for super-fast charging, allowing for a full charge in around 60-minutes. That’s not bad. Granted it’s not instantaneous, but we’re not living in the future just quite yet.

Now they just need to make compact disc and 8-track versions and the holy trinity of bygone media power banks will be complete! And if they were smart, the 8-track power bank would be oversized and powerful enough to charge the car battery and vibrating bed in a shaggin’ wagon. Groovy!

This innovative Power Bank with its own Display has the ability to be MUCH more than just a battery

Power Banks haven’t changed in decades. The PDGO, however, is showing that a simple upgrade could make them MUCH more versatile, and vastly more popular.

Outwardly looking just like a rather blocky smartphone, the PDGO is, in fact, a power bank with its own dedicated display. The theory behind the creation of the PDGO was simple – you use a power bank to charge various devices. Chances are some of those devices could do with an external display too, so the PDGO basically nails two birds with one stone. Serving as a power source but ALSO an external display, this nifty little gadget is the ideal accessory to carry around with you along with your GoPro, DSLR, tablet, Nintendo Switch, smartphone, or even to use alongside your laptop or desktop. It looks like a smartphone, but doesn’t house any of the smartphone’s features. All that lies under the PDGO’s hood is a massive battery pack, a 1080p display, and a bunch of ports that allow you to interface with the PDGO and transfer more than just battery juice.

Designer: Chenkai Zhang

What the PDGO gets right is first and foremost identifying that the power bank is, in fact, an auxiliary device. It doesn’t have any individual purpose on its own. It’s always used ALONG with another device, making it perfect for the upgrade that the PDGO’s design proposes – because if there’s anything we DON’T like, it’s more gadgets, more accessories, and more cables cluttering our workflow, right?

The PDGO (presumably short for Power Display GO), is a nifty little power bank that’s more than just a hunk of plastic with lithium-ion cells inside. Sure, a few power banks have made some decent innovations in the past couple of years. Some of them have wireless charging capabilities, others have built-in torches or solar panels to provide a fair bit of extra use, but what the PDGO does is truly game-changing. It gives you extra battery power and an extra display (should you choose) that works universally with most of your devices. The nifty little gadget comes with three ports, a USB-A, USB-C, and an HDMI port that lets you access all its features (although maybe the USB-C streamlines power delivery and external display signal transfer into one single cable + port). Designed to be used anywhere and everywhere, the PDGO works with cameras, action-cams, drones (by plugging into an input device like a controller or phone), tablets, game consoles, laptops, desktops, and finally mobile devices. That tiny 1080p display proves to be exceptionally handy when it comes to being a viewfinder for a camera, a notification hub for your phone/tablet/computer, or a tiny display for developers to prototype their mobile platforms/services on. Meanwhile, a 100W power delivery system works seamlessly to ensure that whatever work you’re doing doesn’t get stalled by a low battery.

In hindsight, it seems like an incredibly obvious combination of features. A power bank is useful, no doubt, but adding something as valuable as an external display to it just feels like a stroke of sheer genius… moreover, this paves the way for other power banks with unique features. Maybe a power bank that also acts as a multiport hub? Or external storage? Or how about a power bank that also serves as a hardware crypto wallet. The potential is practically limitless!

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Samsung Go wireless power bank brings some magnet magic to Android phones

For a nerd what’s that one Holy Grail accessory that’s more valued than the gadget itself? The power bank of course. With most of the gadgets going the wireless route, the future is going to be a truly wireless world. So why not a wireless power bank be the norm? The accessory is already mainstream with major players opting to create a line of wireless power banks. Samsung has its own version of the wireless power bank but things can be better. Right?

A magnetic battery bank that hooks on like the MagSafe compatible third-party Apple battery banks, like the one by Anker. The motive is to have a compact accessory that sticks onto the back of your Galaxy S21 or the Note 20. All this while being utterly attractive and minimalistic. Meet the all so 2021 relevant “Samsung Go” wireless charger penned by industrial designer Goutham Ghosh. This accessory is conceptualized for the existing line-up of Samsung accessories to fit right into the ecosystem. Just like Apple who’s created a niche brand value for itself, Samsung needs to think out-of-the-box to go beyond the current brand positioning that’s centered on the core gadgets.

A wireless power bank fits right into the bill in a world where power-hungry gadgets rule our lives. A survey found that a major chunk of users found the wired power banks to be very restrictive when it comes to movement, and don’t like carrying around accessories with wires on them. Hence, came through the idea of designing a power bank inspired by the South Korean brand’s design language highlighted by the soft edges – truly merging with the user’s interactions. Things like calling, texting, photography, gaming, or carrying in the pocket.

Goutham wants the cool accessory to be a part of the Samsung SmartThings app which displays all the vital information like the charge percentage, charging speed and the discharge rate when connected to a gadget. The wireless charger will match the flagship range of mobile devices in color tones for the definitive style quotient.

Designer: Goutham Ghosh

This ridiculously tiny 20W Power Bank can recharge your iPhone, iPad, and even your MacBook

Touted as the most powerful power bank for its size, the Pixy Mini is this pocket-friendly, granola bar-shaped power bank with a capacity of 5,000mAh and a 20W power delivery, making it capable of recharging practically any portable gadget you’ve got on hand… even your laptop.

Designer: Alex Jun

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $58 (50% off). Hurry, only 5/165 left!

What’s so impressive about the Pixy Mini is its deceptively small size. Tinier than a credit card, and hardly bulkier than a Zippo lighter, the Pixy Mini was designed to be carried around… but not even in your backpack, rather in your pocket. Outwardly, it looks like any other power bank, with a USB-A port and a USB-C port on either side, and 4 LED indicators that tell you how much power the Pixy Mini’s battery has.

On the inside, however, the Pixy Mini comes with a powerful chip that supports up to 20W power delivery along with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 technology for up to 4x faster charging than a conventional power bank. The chipset on the inside even supports pass-through charging and has multiple safeguards to protect you against, short-circuits, overheating, or overcharging.

Overall, the Pixy Mini is designed to balance portability and power beautifully. It weighs a paltry 98 grams (3.5 ounces), making it perfect to slip into your pocket or carry in your backpack until you need it. Pair it with your USB-A to Lightning or USB-C cable and you can charge a myriad of devices, from the latest generation of iPhones and iPads to even MacBooks, ultrabooks, the Microsoft Surface Go, and thin USB-C laptops. Surprisingly enough, most laptops have an internal battery capacity ranging between 4,000 mAh and 7,500 mAh, which means the Pixy Mini can give it a significant power-boost, letting you use it for an extra couple of hours. Enough to quickly finish your presentation at the café while you’re grabbing a quick coffee, or even get you through a video conference when the power runs out.

The Pixy Mini comes in 3 colors – Charcoal Gray, Midnight Black, and a subtle Lavender Purple that’ll go well with a purple iPhone 12. For its convenience and size (and the ability to charge a laptop which remains highly underrated), the Pixy Mini costs $29 with the super early bird discount and you can grab one using the link below. Shipping begins in December 2021.

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $58 (50% off). Hurry, only 5/165 left!

This wireless power bank ditches bulk for a slim build and attaches to your smartphone via micro-suction cups!

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

Adsorb is a wireless power bank that attaches to the back of your smartphone with micro-suction cups and replaces the bulky design of current power banks with a slimmer build.

Charging our smartphones while we’re out is always an uphill battle. You either have to ask the waiter or bartender if they have a charging cable or available outlet for yours. Your only other option is a bulky power bank that weighs and measures three times the weight and size of your phone, which is no fun carrying around. Alas, we need that juice. Slimming down its bulk and outfitting it with silicone suction cups to attach to your smartphone, industrial designer Wenjie Zheng gave the classic power bank a much-needed makeover, calling it Adsorb.

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

In conceptualizing Adsorb, Zheng hoped to swap out the conventional power bank’s heavyweight and large size for a much slimmer power bank that attaches to the back of your smartphone, requiring no wires for operation. Since we tend to use power banks only when we’re desperate for battery–like when we’re at 1% but need to seal that uber ride before the screen goes dark–Zheng cut down the size and output of the power bank to allow for a slimmer build.

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

In conceptualizing Adsorb, Zheng also aimed to give the power bank a more emotive and appealing look, ditching the industrial tech look of typical power banks for a simultaneously eye-catching and discreet final look. Without the need for wires, Adsorb attaches to the back of your smartphone via a grid of suctions, adhering to and merging with your smartphone to look like a purposeful design.

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

Adsorb was designed by Zheng to appeal to everyone, with his conceptualization showcasing an array of different colors ranging from marbled yellow, to sky blue, dual-tone orange, heather gray, and even violet. Considering the antiquated design of most power banks on the market, Zheng’s visualizes a wireless power bank that attaches to the back of your phone and rises to the quality of technology it powers up.

Designer: Wenjie Zheng

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

Using micro-suction cups, Adsorb attaches to the back of your smartphone to charge it.

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

Discreet by design, Adsorb blends into your smartphone like a charging case. 

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

Coming in blood orange, Zheng conceptualized an Adsorb for every taste.

Wireless Power Bank with Suction Cups

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