OnePlus 7T drops to record low $300 in B&H Photo’s Black Friday sale

If you’re pining for OnePlus’ early days, when you could buy a reasonably speedy phone for the price of a budget model, we have good news — though you’ll need to act quickly. B&H Photo is selling an unlocked (if T-Mobile oriented) OnePlus 7T at a...

Sony’s wearable AC and more innovative designs by the brand that are the perfect gifts this season!

Gifting someone who has everything – that is the problem I face every year as my best friend is a techie who buys what he wants, whenever he wants it. So gifting him is an exercise that requires planning and hours of meticulous online searching. But one thing he truly appreciates is tech from leading brands that work, which brings us to this post where we have highlighted the unusual products at Sony designed by their engineers to function like a dream. Sony is in a league of its own when it comes to crafting innovative technologies into commercial products. The creative minds at Sony never shy away from taking a detour, inventing extraordinary products, and making sure those products are of top-notch quality, virtually lasting a lifetime with judicious use. So what Sony has to offer for early adopters and people who are drawn to niche gadgets that’ll make them brag at New Year’s party? Here are the best products you can buy from the Japanese multinational that never ceases to amaze with innovation.

The Reon Pocket

A portable, wearable, air conditioner is no more a thing of futuristic TV shows. The Reon Pocket is a smartphone-controlled personal gadget that was designed to be compact and cool. It works using thermoelectric cooling and can cool the user’s body temperature by 13 degrees celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit) and raise your temperature by about 8 degrees Celsius (about 14 degrees Fahrenheit). Reon sits on the base of your neck in a special undershirt designed for it. It uses the Peltier effect which means a temperature difference is created by applying a voltage between two electrodes connected to a sample of semiconductor material. The heat is absorbed or emitted when you pass an electrical current across a junction to either lower your temperature or increase it without bulk or noise.

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FES Watch U

This minimalistic smartwatch by Sony is for the fashion-forward who want a fresh new look every single day of their life. You can choose the preset designs by well-known artists or create one of your own to add a personal touch. Then you are ready for the day’s challenge with your own personalized style riding on your wrist to match your clothing and accessories.

Click Here to Buy Now: £529 ($707)

LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker

Looking for a wireless speaker and warm ambient lighting solution in one? The Sony LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker is one that you need to get for your living room, or perhaps gift your loved ones. Elegantly designed, the speaker fills any room with a 360-degree spatial sound owing to the cylindrical shape. It’s styled to match any interiors and the in-built lamp has 32 levels of brightness for any occasion. The most attractive bit of the lighting is the candlelight flicker mode perfect for a lockdown candlelight dinner with your loved one.

Click Here to Buy Now: $749

KOOV Educator Kit

It’s Black Friday and gifting your kids the KOOV Educator Kit will be the best thing. They’ll basically love to learn and learn to love with this bundle by Sony that makes kids learn the intricacies of mechanics and electronics. It ignites their interest in science, technology (robotics and design), engineering, and math. Virtually everything that forms the basis for a kid’s development as an intelligent brainy individual who can change the world with his/her innovations.  The kit comes with more than 55 robotic builds, classroom management software, and collaborative learning options.

Click Here to Buy Now: $499.99

Aibo robot puppy

Sony has spent a lot of time, in fact, a decade developing Aibo robotic puppy that’ll never let you have a dull moment. A perfect combination of AI technology and cutting-edge robotics, aibo will make you fall in love – just like a real pet. The intelligent robotic pet develops its own personality over time thanks to the deep learning algorithm that analysis everyday interactions. Top that off with lifelike expressions and real puppy-like movements and Aibo will be the best investment you’ll make this Holiday season.

Click Here to Buy Now: $2,899.99

Check out more innovative buyable designs – the ones you will only find on Yanko Design to discover the perfect gift for your loved ones here!

Amazon workers plan Black Friday strikes and protests in 15 countries

Amazon warehouse workers in several countries are planning to carry out strikes and protests on Black Friday, one of the biggest sales events of the year for the company. Among other things, they'll call on Amazon to improve pay and safety conditions...

Top Online Shopping Tips For The Holiday Season

top online shopping tips

It's time for the best time of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 deals are starting to appear on the web. So as you get ready for the 2020 holiday season, it’s time to start planning and thinking about what you want to buy for your loved ones (and yourself as well!). 

So how to shop online during the holiday season? If you’re looking for a cool gadget or a gift idea that will make a difference in someone’s life, consider buying something unique and fun; a gift that will provide long-term benefits and not something that will be forgotten within a year or so. Without further adieu here are some of the top online shopping tips for this upcoming holiday season: 

1) Don't wait until the last minute to shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Online Shopping Tip #1. You should start early. There are tons of sales and discounts that are already available online since a lot of brands are promoting discounted products since the start of November. If you have a particular gadget or product in mind, don't wait for the last minute, go and search it online now and make sure you are monitoring it before it goes out of stock. Who knows? you might be able to get it on sale today.

 2) You should always buy from a reputable online store or shop.

 There are many online merchants and stores that sell a lot of products at discounted and attractive prices but most of them don't have the best customer service or return policies. Always check whether the website in question has enough positive reviews or some social media proof before you buy. You can always Google the website’s name and see if anything alerting pops up. It's always worth checking if your item is on sale on, especially their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sections.

3) Don't buy something just because it's on sale. 

Plan ahead and make sure you know which products you want to buy. I highly recommend using a to-do list app like Any.Do to create a list of all the products and gifts you would like to buy so you keep to your budget and don’t fall for offers and discounts of products that you don't really need.

 4) Consider buying refurbished gadgets and products.

 Refurbished products are great for those who want to save money and get the product at a discount but still want to enjoy good quality. These products have been tested and repaired by the manufacturer so they work just fine, and will save you a lot of money. On you can find a lot of refurbished products and gadgets that are on sale for Black Friday 2020.

 5) Use cashback sites, you can save a lot of money like that. 

There are lots of cashback sites that will give you money back when you shop online. For example, Honey and Rakuten, who usually have big promotions going on that include giving you up to 10% back. This Money does add up, and you will be surprised how much of it you can save within just a few weeks using one of these services during the holiday season. In addition, they provide a lot of discount codes that help you save even more. Check out our full review of Honey, and start using it today.

6) Don't forget about Cyber Monday as well. 

There are tons of great deals after Black Friday, especially on gadgets and electronics. Make sure you pay attention to the Cyber Monday deals and sales that are coming right after Black Friday.

7) Don't forget to use coupons when available. 

Before you do the cart checkout and purchase a new product, check quickly if there are any promotions or Coupons available for this website. I highly recommend using RetailMeNot. 

8) Consider buying a product from eBay. 

Sometimes the product or a gadget you’re going after won’t be available on Amazon or Macy's but you will be able to find it on eBay at a significant discount. However, don't forget to make sure the seller has good reviews and a high rating so you won't have any issues.

9) Don't forget to also focus on yourself. 

If you are planning on buying a lot of gifts this holiday season, then don't forget to get something for yourself as well, You deserve it! 

Have another online shopping tip to share, please specify in the comments below.

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