Best iPad Black Friday Deals of 2019

An iPad doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you know where to look. Now that the Black Friday deals are in full swing, it only makes sense to look in the right place for some mouth-watering iPad deals. Surely, there is someone in your family who still does not have an iPad, and would […]

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Elektron’s Model:Samples groovebox is $100 off for the holidays

Elektron's synths, samplers, drum machines and grooveboxes are known for their top-notch sound and unique sequencing features. Once thing they're not known for, though, is being affordable. The Model:Samples is the big exception to that rule. And it'...

5 Amazing Black Friday 2019 Gaming Headset Deals

Of all the Black Friday deals that are available on Amazon at the moment, nothing is more tempting than the ones that concern gaming headsets. There are some seriously heavy discounts and deals on gaming headsets that will make every gamer squeal in delight. After all, the true gaming experience is always about acoustics and […]

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Oculus Go drops to $150 on Amazon in Black Friday sale

You're looking at one of the most affordable ways to immerse yourself in stand-alone VR. Amazon is selling the 32GB Oculus Go headset for $150, down from the usual $199, as part of its Black Friday sales. There have been substantial discounts before...

Black Friday 2019: Best Bluetooth Headphones Deals on Amazon

Whether you like to listen to a podcast or to streaming music, the necessity of a good pair of headphones is undeniable. Thanks to Black Friday, there are a number of Bluetooth headphones to purchase on Amazon. These Black Friday deals surely are for a limited time, and it makes sense to order the product […]

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ASUS’ 27-inch, 165Hz gaming monitor is $150 cheaper for Black Friday

Now might be a good time to upgrade your gaming PC's display if your current model is feeling old in the tooth. Two of ASUS' gaming monitors are on sale from now until December 30th at 3:05AM Eastern, and both of them pack features you might apprecia...

Google’s Pixel 3a drops to $300 on Amazon for Black Friday

If you missed out on the Pixel 3a's price drop last week, don't worry -- you'll have a second shot now that Black Friday is here. Google's starter 64GB smartphone is selling for $300 between now and December 2nd at 3AM Eastern. That's a full $100 bel...

BioLite’s HeadLamp 330 is listed at its lowest price yet, $40

It isn't just laptops and phones that are getting marked down for Black Friday. Some of our favorite outdoor gear will be discounted, too.