These wireless earbuds attach to one another, removing the dreaded concern of losing a single earbud!

Klipur is an earbuds concept that replaces a charging carry case with an overnight charging pod and binding carry method.

With AirPods, we not only have to keep track of the two wireless earbuds but their charging case as well. When we’re listening to music while in a rush going or leaving somewhere, the earbuds’ charging case can get lost in the mix.

Designing an earbuds concept that eliminates the need for a charging carry case, Chris Thursfield conceptualized Klipur, a pair of earbuds that attach to one another when not in use.

Researching the ways we listen to music most often revealed to Thursfield that most listeners use earbuds while commuting to work or traveling elsewhere.

Following this research period, the young designer followed multiple iterations of earbud designs before settling on Klipur’s final form. Conceptualized with an overnight charging method, Klipur can recharge during the night alongside our smartphones.

When ready to leave, users can detach the earbuds from their charging case and attach them to one another for a compact carrying method, or throw them in their ears without worrying about where they left the charging case.

Klipur features an all-white color makeup, similar to other earbuds currently on the market, enhancing the concept’s familiarity to most users.

By utilizing the strides we’ve made in wireless technology and battery capacity, Thursfield conceptualized Klipur so that the pair of earbuds can last a full day’s use on a single charge.

Striking a balance between comfort and style, each earbud features a secure and snug grip with silicone plugs. Then, the main body of each Klipur earbud comes with an angled structure that leans closely against the skin for an even stronger hold.

Designer: Chris Thursfield

Before settling on Klipur’s final form, Thursfield used digital sketches and 3D renderings to ideate conceptual variations.  

At night, users can charge Klipur in its charging pod, and come morning, the earbuds plug right into the user’s ear and attach to one another when not in use. 

Conceptualized in a trio of different colors, Klipur comes in white, beige, black. 

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Samsung’s bespoke series is the inspiration behind these ergonomic, thoughtful stylus designs

Working from our computers strains more than just our eyes. Sitting for long periods at a time, typing, dragging, and clicking the mousepad often results in finger and hand cramps. Products like smartpens and assistive keyboards are specially designed to take some of the stress off our hands, leading to streamlined and more productive workdays. Korean designer Jo Yoon unveiled their smartpen product idea called Bespoke, conceptualized using Samsung’s Bespoke appliance’s design language.

Draped in a velvety aluminum finish, Bespoke smartpens come in a few different color schemes, spanning from blush yellows to matte blacks. Paired with an accompanying smart notepad, users can write with the Bespoke smartpens on the attached notepad which translates the written text to the computer screen.

Instead of typing from the same hand position throughout the workday, Bespoke smartpens break up the monotony of computer work by bringing a more tactile, ergonomic typing tool. Along the body of each pen, an action button works as a clicker and on/off control.

Taking Bespoke’s ergonomic usability one step further, each smartpen gradually tapers towards its bottom to fit more comfortably in each user’s grip. Yoon also outfitted each smartpen with silicone grips to ensure convenient use throughout the workday without any slippage resulting from palm sweat.

In addition to the smartpen and notepad, Joon conceptualized a Bespoke charger that resembles an inkwell for when the workday slips into overtime. Each charging base comes with its own wire to plug into your computer or laptop, ensuring no power is lost during use, however, the actual charging sink is wireless.

Designer: Yoon Jo

Three small LED lights indicate how much charge remains in each charging sink.

The charging base is wireless.

Samsung Go wireless power bank brings some magnet magic to Android phones

For a nerd what’s that one Holy Grail accessory that’s more valued than the gadget itself? The power bank of course. With most of the gadgets going the wireless route, the future is going to be a truly wireless world. So why not a wireless power bank be the norm? The accessory is already mainstream with major players opting to create a line of wireless power banks. Samsung has its own version of the wireless power bank but things can be better. Right?

A magnetic battery bank that hooks on like the MagSafe compatible third-party Apple battery banks, like the one by Anker. The motive is to have a compact accessory that sticks onto the back of your Galaxy S21 or the Note 20. All this while being utterly attractive and minimalistic. Meet the all so 2021 relevant “Samsung Go” wireless charger penned by industrial designer Goutham Ghosh. This accessory is conceptualized for the existing line-up of Samsung accessories to fit right into the ecosystem. Just like Apple who’s created a niche brand value for itself, Samsung needs to think out-of-the-box to go beyond the current brand positioning that’s centered on the core gadgets.

A wireless power bank fits right into the bill in a world where power-hungry gadgets rule our lives. A survey found that a major chunk of users found the wired power banks to be very restrictive when it comes to movement, and don’t like carrying around accessories with wires on them. Hence, came through the idea of designing a power bank inspired by the South Korean brand’s design language highlighted by the soft edges – truly merging with the user’s interactions. Things like calling, texting, photography, gaming, or carrying in the pocket.

Goutham wants the cool accessory to be a part of the Samsung SmartThings app which displays all the vital information like the charge percentage, charging speed and the discharge rate when connected to a gadget. The wireless charger will match the flagship range of mobile devices in color tones for the definitive style quotient.

Designer: Goutham Ghosh

These Wireless Charging Mats Look Like SEGA Game Controllers

Back in the day, I was a serious SEGA fanboy. The SEGA Genesis and Dreamcast are still two of my favorite video game consoles of all time, the Japanese brand offering an outsider’s approach to gaming, releasing offbeat and edgy titles that Nintendo and Sony wouldn’t have dreamed of at the time. Sadly, SEGA isn’t in the console business anymore, but they still make some pretty cool video games for other consoles and mobile devices. If you’re a fan of classic SEGA gaming like me, check out these sweet wireless charging mats.

Numskull teamed up with SEGA to make these “Charging Matz” because any word that ends with “z” is cooler than a word that ends with “s.” They’re available in four styles, including Mega Drive and Dreamcast controllers, a Dreamcast console, and the Sonic the Hedgehog logo, complete with his wagging finger. The picture above also shows a Saturn controller, so I assume that’s on the way too. Each mat offers 10-watt fast charging for Qi-compatible wireless devices and has a non-slip rubber base. I like how the Dreamcast controller even has the VMU there in the middle. Now can I use it to play some Shenmue?

All four SEGA Charging Matz are available for order in the EU and UK via their official SEGA shops. If you want one in the US, check back here and we’ll provide an update when we know when and where you can buy them.

xFyro ANC Pro: Hi-tech True Wireless Earbuds

Finding reliable earbuds can be a difficult task. The product needs to be compact and comfortable to accommodate prolonged use. The battery life is also crucial, as you don’t want your gadget to fail you when you need it most. High-quality materials to protect the item from damage are also welcome. Only a few devices tick all these boxes, and xFyro ANC Pro is one of them. Let’s see how these true wireless earbuds can enhance your listening experience. Fully Immersive Audio The ANC Pro is designed to keep unwanted noise away from your ears. There’s an advanced algorithm with…

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Crazy MagSafe ‘iStorage’ adds a snap-on physical drive to increase the storage on your iPhone

Sure, a MagSafe battery pack is nice, but how about some extra MagSafe storage for my iPhone’s camera roll?

Everyone knows those pesky iCloud fees can be an absolute bummer. Yes, Apple makes it very certain that you’re getting a whole lot of functionality for the price, but what if I just want to bump up my phone’s storage because I’m busy clicking selfies and taking videos on my iPhone? Designer Abdelrahman Shaapan has an idea – Magsafe Storage. Designed to resemble Apple’s newly launched MagSafe Battery Pack (although Abdel came up with this design all the way back in May), the iStorage is a nifty wireless drive that lets you add extra storage to your phone in literally a snap.

To most people, it would seem quite unlike Apple to release a product that competes with one of its other services, but then again, the iPad is constantly pitched against the MacBook by being referred to as the laptop reinvented. For a while, the AirPods and the Beats by Dre constantly competed with each other too. Similarly, the iStorage is ‘somewhat’ a competitor to Apple’s iCloud service… although it’s purpose-built to work as more of an offline-only storage system. Snap it on, and the iPhone’s internal memory instantly gets a boost. You can back your phone up to the iStorage, or just transfer heavy files to it, like a wireless pen-drive.

How would the iStorage even work in theory? Clearly, the MagSafe is built just for hooking accessories to the iPhone and chargers to the wireless-charging coil. How would the iStorage even transfer data? Well, even though Abdelrahman’s iStorage is just a fan-made concept, the real device could easily communicate with the iPhone or any other Apple device using AirDrop protocols. The snap-on feature would probably be just something of a convenience, but I could easily imagine the iStorage as being Apple’s own hard-drive… something that the company hasn’t really ever worked on.

What’s really remarkable about Abdelrahman’s concept is that it also comes in a splash of colors to match your phone. He’s been rather clever in matching the iStorage’s colors with the current iPhone 12 palette, including the new purple color-way as well as Apple’s signature Project RED edition.

While there’s absolutely no chance that Apple’s working on something like this, it’s fun to see what designers come up with. More often than not, they’re indicative of what the consumer actually wants… and I’m pretty sure no consumer wants to pay recurring cloud-storage fees!

Designer: Abdelrahman Shaapan

Leaked AirPods 3 images show earbuds with curved stems, like in the Apple AirPods Pro

When you’re a trillion-dollar company with wildly successful products, it’s kinda difficult to keep things under wraps. With the global supply chain for Apple being spread across multiple countries and multiple continents, a leak from some rogue employee is bound to happen, and happened, it has! Images of the new AirPods 3 have been circulating on the Chinese social network Weibo, with the folks at GizmoChina even jumping on the gun to create renders that show what the third generation of the company’s consumer-grade TWS earbuds will look like.

At a first glance, the AirPods 3 look like a hybrid between the regular AirPods and the AirPods Pro. They feature the same earbud style as the AirPods, but come with a smaller, slightly angled stem, found in the pro-version. This relatively smaller design also translates to changes in the case design, which is definitely shorter and stouter, resembling the kind of case you’d get with the AirPods Pro. Apple’s slated to announce the AirPods 3 sometime this month. They officially called off their March event, but that hasn’t stopped the company from launching products along with press releases. Little is known about how the AirPods 3 will measure up in the specs/performance department, but credible leakers have mentioned that the earbuds may come with AirPods Pro-style active noise canceling.

Designer: Apple

Images via GizmoChina and LeaksApplePro

Apple AirPods Pro are back on sale for $190 at Woot

Apple's AirPods Pro are back on sale for $190 on Woot little more than a week after they were discounted by the Amazon-owned online retailer. While sporadic deals on the $249 earbuds are the norm, they tend to sell out fast as they remain must-ha...

Marshall’s first True Wireless Earbuds are here and they look like an audiophile’s wet-dream!

So far, most TWS Earphones we’ve seen have been released by tech companies… and if there’s anything we’ve learnt, is that tech companies aren’t really great when it comes to the actual audio performance. TWS earbuds can’t really stand up to well-engineered, fine-tuned audio gear from true-blue audio companies… so when Marshall steps into the TWS earbud game, you best believe that they’ll bring their 59-years worth of audio firepower into the hardware they design.

Meet the Mode II, Marshall’s first TWS earbuds, designed with the promise to deliver a “thunderous audio experience” with “growling bass, natural-sounding mids and crisp treble,” pumped out through its custom-tuned dynamic 6 mm drivers. The drivers sit within the earphones’ tiny yet ergonomic enclosure. The Mode II comes with four earbud tips to choose from for that perfect fit, and the earphones themselves are designed to be IPX4 water-resistant, which means you can descend into an incredibly sweaty moshpit with them.

Although compact, the Mode II earphones wonderfully reflect Marshall’s audio-forward DNA, from their black faux-leather texture (both on the earpieces as well as the case) designed to pay a hat-tip to their nearly 60-year legacy of building some of the best amplifiers and stage monitors, to the classic M logo emblazoned on each earphone, serving as the iconic branding detail. In fact, unlike most tech-driven TWS earbuds, Marshall’s Mode II are more focused on delivering the crisp, punchy sound that the brand’s associated with. The earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.1 for unrivaled connectivity, as well as touch-enabled surfaces that give you access to Transparency Mode (being able to listen to the world around you) and EQ settings, among other features like summoning your phone’s voice assistant.

Ultimately, that fine tuned sound is only as good as the Mode II’s battery life, which boasts of 5 hours of wireless playback on a full charge, with a further 20 hours of use with the charging case. The Marshall Mode II TWS Earbuds is available to order now for US$179, with shipping starting March 18, 2021.

Designer: Marshall