This modular keyboard design slides to double productivity!

Our work desks are probably the most cluttered surface in our lives, what with our laptops or desktops, keyboard, books, stationery, etc. Add a tablet to the mix and its utter chaos! So, South Korean product designer Cheolsu Park designed ‘Slide’. Slide is a keyboard that doubles up as a tablet. A combination of a keyboard and tablet, Slide, as its name implies comes with a ‘sliding’ element.

The tablet can be easily pulled out or pushed in, enabling it to hide sneakily below the keyboard. With two products being packed into one, space is efficiently saved, bringing the usual clutter of your desk to a minimum. When you’re only using the keyboard, the tablet snugly remains a part of it. Park added a lock button to the product, pressing it prevents the keyboard from sliding up and down, keeping it firmly in position. The edges of the product have been centered using a weighty material, ensuring that the product does not tilt in its extended form, especially when you’re typing on the keyboard. Slide comes along with two tablet pens, designed especially to complement the product. They can be operated using the rounded controls on their body. The pen and tablet duo can be used for all your sketching needs! Sketch, doodle and scribble away without the need for an individual tablet to bring your creations to life.

Available in attractive shades of olive green, honey-yellow, neutral beige, and classic black, Slide is the two-in-one, space-saving desk product that could really make our lives easier. Portable and easy to use, Slide’s sleek looks also make it a head turner!

Designer: Cheolsu Park

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