Credit Card-shaped MagSafe Power Bank gives your iPhone a massive 5000mAh Battery Boost

Picture this, it’s summer, you’ve packed your bags and you’re heading on a Eurotrip (maybe for a nice holiday on the Amalfi coast or to see Taylor Swift perform). In true holiday fashion, you intend on spending the entire day out and about, exploring the city, but you realize an hour in that your phone’s already on 15% battery. You might have a charging cable in your pocket, but there isn’t a power socket in sight. Here’s where a MagSafe power bank just makes things much easier. Designed to simply snap onto the back of your phone and give it a battery boost, the TORRAS MiniMag is a compact power bank that’s no larger than a credit card. With its compact size, 0.3mm thickness, and MagSafe compatibility, the MiniMag merely attaches onto your phone, giving it an extra 5000mAh battery so you can go about your day without worrying about being perpetually on ‘Battery Saver’, or worse, a completely drained battery.

Designer: TORRAS

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TORRAS MiniMag Power Bank & Ostand R

Convenience seems to define the MiniMag’s entire design approach. It’s compact enough to slide right into your pocket or laptop bag when not in use, with a form factor no larger than your average payments card. At 0.3-inches or 7.6 millimeters thick, it might not be slim enough to fit into your wallet, but it attaches to your phone without making it too bulky the way other power banks would. It weighs a minimal 4 ounces (113 grams) and has curved edges running throughout that lets you slide your phone into your pocket without the power bank snagging anywhere.

Card-sized Power Bank, Snap and Go!

Long-lasting Battery Life

The TORRAS MiniMag packs a 5000mAh battery, which practically doubles your iPhone’s battery capacity. Wireless MagSafe charging occurs at a standard 7.5W, and if you’re looking to go faster, plug it into your phone using a USB cable to get 18W of wired charging speeds. The MiniMag supports pass-through charging too, allowing you to basically charge the power bank as it wirelessly charges your phone, keeping your iPhone’s own charging port free for accessories or dongles.

Ostand R case: 360 Magnetic Rotatable Stand

The MiniMag comes with a matte anodized aluminum outer body, in either silver or pink. Although designed to be used independently, it pairs exceptionally well with TORRAS’ Ostand R case, which also gives your phone its own dedicated rotating kickstand. The Ostand R is practically a marvel of engineering, with a stand that sits flush against the case when closed, but opens to prop your phone up. It relies on a specially engineered hinge that’s 1.2mm (0.04 inches) thick, but can resist tens of thousands of folds, and can even hold its angle like a laptop hinge (while taking the weight of your phone). The ring even rotates independently to let you place your phone in either landscape or portait, and it does so with super-slim magnets inside that extend your phone’s MagSafe compatibility, whether it’s attaching accessories or mounts, or snapping on a wireless charger or power bank like the TORRAS MiniMag.

Click Here to Buy Now: $33.44 $49.99 (33% off with coupon code “summer527”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

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A Smart Case with Quick Action Button Transform Your iPhone 14 and 15 Pro/Max with a Single Press

Bringing the iPhone 15/14 Pro or 15/14 Pro Max into your daily routine is significantly enhanced with the addition of the BANG!CASE, which combines durable protection with intuitive functionality. For iPhone 14 Pro/Max users, they can experience an upgrade to the iPhone 15 Action Button. At its core, the case boasts a resilient TPU shell complemented by reinforced glass, striking the perfect balance between durability and elegance. The design elements of the BANG!CASE combines form and function without detracting from the iPhone’s sleek aesthetic while providing protection that doesn’t compromise on style.

Designer: Bitmolab Team

Click Here to Buy Now: $39.99 $49.99 (20% off). Hurry, deal ends soon!

BANG!CASE has a transparent strengthened glass back, ensuring strength while also allowing you to see through it, revealing the workings of the BANG!Button.

The standout feature of this case is undoubtedly the BANG!Button. This ingenious addition changes the way you interact with your iPhone, allowing the creation of shortcuts to frequently used apps or actions. This means less time navigating through menus and more time enjoying a streamlined, efficient user experience.

One-click screenshot, no more unnecessary actions!

One-touch photo sharing to Instagram, share the fun one step faster!

The BANG!CASE transforms your iPhone experience with its unique Playbook portal. This software is packed with shortcuts created by the BANG!CASE team and users from around the world. It lets you easily share to social media, turn voice notes into text, find your way home, or locate your car in a packed lot, all without a hassle. These complex operations and many more features can all be accomplished with just a single button. You can also assign three different functions to a short press, double tap, and long press to meet various needs in daily use.

Turn on notifications with one click and never miss anything important again!

The case’s design is a thoughtful combination of aesthetics and functionality. Its clear back has multi-layered graphics that not only enhance the visual appeal but also intuitively guide users to the BANG!Button. Set against a vibrant orange background, the iconic [!] symbol is unmistakable, ensuring quick and easy access to the button’s functionalities.

Memory capsule: Press the BANG!Button to start recording audio, transcribe the recording into text, and save it in your memory capsule, ensuring your inspiration doesn’t get lost.

In terms of power, the BANG!CASE is equipped to keep up with your active lifestyle. It has a 200mAh battery, supported by a magnetic charger that ensures your BANG!Button is always charged and within reach. Despite its powerful features, the case remains remarkably lightweight, adding minimal bulk to your device.

Digging deeper into the technical specs, the BANG!CASE supports a charging power of 5V 0.2A, ensuring efficient energy replenishment. The included magnetic charging cable facilitates a hassle-free charging experience, fully charging the case in under three hours. Once charged, the battery life is impressive, lasting more than 30 days, ensuring that your case is always ready for you to click away at the BANG!Button.

The case’s magnetic attachment feature adds an additional layer of functionality. It uses N52 neodymium magnets, which provide a magnetic force surpassing even that of the iPhone’s own Magsafe technology, offering a secure, reliable connection. Pairing the case with your iPhone is seamless, achieved through a simple long press on the BANG!Button, connecting via Bluetooth for instant interaction.

All in all, the BANG!CASE for iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max features a smart BANG!Button for quick shortcuts, a long-lasting battery, magnetic charging, and strong magnets for easy attachment. Ideal for everyday use.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39.99 $49.99 (20% off). Hurry, deal ends soon!

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10 Best Designs for Phone Accessories in 2024

Smartphones are powerful pieces of technology crammed in pocket-sized slabs of metal, glass, and plastic. But while they are indeed capable of impressive feats, they naturally can’t do everything on their own. Smartphones cease to be useful when they run out of battery or, worse, get a cracked screen, and no smartphone can actually stand up without some external support. And while smartphones are made to be beautiful and durable by their manufacturers’ standards, their bare forms might not meet the needs and tastes of all users. Smartphone accessories make up a huge and diverse market, and it’s too easy to drown in the number of choices available for different categories and purposes. To help ease the stress and confusion, we’ve collected this year’s 10 best designs that let you get the most out of your smartphone experience.

Arc Pulse Bumper Phone Case

Most smartphone cases sacrifice the device’s innate beauty for added protection. Even clear cases that try to be invisible still make the phone look cheap and unrefined. It may sound like a necessary compromise, but it shouldn’t have to be the case, no pun intended, especially if you have an innovative design that gives you the best of both worlds. With a signature pressure fit, the two pieces of the Arc Pulse slide onto the bottom and top of the smartphone, protecting the most important areas of the device while leaving the rest of the phone’s beautiful design unobscured, just as it was meant to be. Plus, the Arc Pulse’s unique organic design gives your phone more personality, complementing its innate beauty without sacrificing its protection.

Designer: Arc

Why it’s noteworthy:

  • Innovative two-piece design protects the phone without ruining its style
  • Dual-layer shock absorption and distribution ensures total protection from accidents
  • Lightweight and eye-catching design enhances the smartphone’s aesthetic

Casely Power Pod MagSafe Battery Pack

Apple’s MagSafe technology revolutionized the smartphone accessory market, especially when it came to external batteries, a.k.a. power banks. No longer literally tied down by charging cables, these extra batteries are now free to be thinner, smaller, and more expressive as they stick to the back of iPhones. Casely’s line of Power Pod MagSafe Battery Packs takes to the next level with a variety of designs, ranging from minimalist single-color blocks to artistic images, including floral paintings inspired by the great Van Gogh. Of course, these aren’t just pretty faces, as each packs a 5,000 mAh battery that’s good for another 19 hours of uptime, allowing iPhone owners to charge with confidence and in style.

Designer: Casely

Why it’s noteworthy:

  • Thin and lightweight for easier handling and portability
  • Available in a variety of colors and artistic designs
  • Supports both MagSafe and Qi wireless charging as well as wired USB-C

ESR Geo Wallet Stand (HaloLock)

It has become common these days to keep your most used cards on your smartphone, be it through a folio case or, more recently, MagSafe accessories that stick to the phone’s back. After all, you almost always have your phone with you all the time, so you’re unlikely to forget or lose those cards unless you lose your phone, in which case Apple’s My Find network makes locating the device less nerve-wracking. But what if it’s the wallet itself that gets lost without the phone? That’s the stressful problem that the ESR Geo Wallet Stand tries to resolve with its built-in Find My module that uses that same Apple technology to make locating the wallet a breeze. Even better, the handsome MagSafe wallet has a finger loop and a stand, keeping the phone secure in your hand or on a table all the time.

Designer: ESR

Why it’s noteworthy:

  • Built-in My Find module to locate it even if not attached to a phone
  • Multi-functional finger loop and stand for flexibility and convenience
  • Magnetic holding force of 1,500g that’s twice as strong as official Apple wallets

Nomad Goods 65W Slim Power Adapter

Battery packs and power banks are great for charging on the go, but you might easily hit their limitations unless you carry large and heavy bricks all the time. The faster charging method is still a dedicated charger, though you might find yourself scrambling and fumbling around in your bag to pull out the right one. Nomad Goods’ 65W Slim Power Adapter solves that problem by being the only charger you need, even if you have a MacBook. Its slim profile and small footprint make it easy to quickly drop the charger in your bag or even in your pocket, ready to get you charging the moment you reach a power outlet. It can even charge an M1 MacBook at 45W and an iPhone at 20W at the same time from the same brick, potentially winning you friends by not using up all the available outlets.

Designer: Nomad Goods

Why it’s noteworthy:

  • GaN technology offers faster, safer, and more efficient charging in a smaller size
  • Space-efficient compact design with foldable prongs
  • Can charge a single device at 65W or two devices simultaneously at 45W and 20W

Peak Design Mobile Tripod

There’s no shortage of ways available today for propping up a phone, whether it’s for watching videos or making video calls, but most of them either lock you to a single angle or a single height. The Peak Design Mobile Tripod, however, offers unprecedented flexibility in how you want to make your iPhone stand, whether using it as a kickstand or setting it up on an adjustable tripod. Best of all, this mobile tripod is so slim and its magnets are so strong that you can simply snap it onto the back of your phone and take it anywhere with you, ready for your next creative endeavor.

Designer: Peak Design

Why it’s noteworthy:

  • Works as a kickstand or tripod, with a ball tension system for adjusting the angle
  • Ultra-slim 0.5cm profile with an ultra-premium machined and anodized aluminum body
  • Works with MagSafe phones or any phone with a Peak Design case or Universal Adapter

Pitaka Sunset & Moonrise MagEZ Case 5 For iPhone 15 Series

Smartphone cases not only offer added protection, they also allow for personalization and self-expression through a variety of designs. Unfortunately, those advantages come at the price of added bulk to the phone, but Pitaka is proving that it doesn’t have to be the case, no pun intended. Claiming the title of the market’s lightest and thinnest iPhone 15 MagSafe case, the Sunset and Moonrise MagEZ Case 5 adds a distinctive visual and tactile character to the phone thanks to its aramid fiber weaving. Its new Amber Magnet Film glue-free coating allows the case to be extra thin while still providing the conveniences of MagSafe charging and accessories.

Designer: PITAKA

Why it’s noteworthy:

  • Distinctive woven design captures the colors of sunset and moonrise
  • Incredibly thin and light MagEZ Case 5 construction
  • MagSafe compatible with the need for additional accessories

ShiftCam Workflow Sling Bag

Mobile photography has become a rather serious industry of its own, with a plethora of accessories like lenses and tripods to assist hobbyists and pros alike. Unlike other types of photography, however, smartphone users seem to be lacking a bag dedicated to their craft. The ShiftCam Workflow Sling finally brings that missing piece to the puzzle, offering a product that was specifically designed to cater to mobile shutterbugs, with features like dedicated spaces for lenses and MagSafe phone mounts on the strap and on the bag itself. Of course, its simple yet sleek design, not to mention its premium materials, make it a great sling bag for any purpose and occasion as well.

Designer: ShiftCam

Why it’s noteworthy:

  • Specifically designed to support mobile photographers’ workflows
  • Built-in MagSafe mounts provide hands-free video recording options
  • Made with premium and durable materials to support mobile lifestyles

Spigen iPhone 15 Slim Armor CS Case

Smartphone cases that let you carry two or three of your most important cards are nothing new, but most of the designs available today place these cards in a very conspicuous hump, sometimes even exposed for everyone to see. Having honed their skills at crafting a variety of case designs for different purposes, Spigen came out with an interesting alternative that hides those cards from view. Almost like revealing treasure behind a sliding secret door, the Spigen Slim Armor CS case for the iPhone 15 manages to hold your most frequently used cards in a hidden pocket without making the case thicker than it should be.

Designer: Spigen

Why it’s noteworthy:

  • Sliding mechanism cleverly hides two cards until they need to be used
  • Slim profile with essential protection against scratches and drops
  • Simple, elegant two-tone design

TORRAS Ostand R iPhone Case with Rotating Ring Stand

Smartphone ring holders and stands have become a popular solution mostly due to their simplicity and small footprint, but they are hardly the most aesthetic nor practical option out there. They tend to stick out from the back of your phone even when you’re not using them, and they’re positions are more or less fixed the moment you slap them on. The TORRAS Ostand R iPhone case brings all the benefits of these rings with none of the drawbacks, thanks to an innovative design that folds the ring flat when not in use and rotates it to your desired position. Plus, you don’t lose compatibility with MagSafe chargers and accessories, even while enjoying the protection that the case offers.

Designer: TORRAS

Why it’s noteworthy:

  • World’s first 360-degree Rotating Ring Stand Case with MagSafe Compatibility
  • Ring folds flat and stays out of the way when not in use
  • Minimalist design matches the aesthetics of the iPhone inside the case

Twelve South Butterfly 2-in-1 MagSafe Charger

MagSafe chargers are a dime a dozen these days, but most of them fall into two camps. On one side, you have single-device chargers that can be as simple as a small disk, and on the other side you have large charging pads that can charge two or three devices at once. Proving that you don’t have to be forced to pick either side, the Twelve South Butterfly MagSafe charger combines the versatility of a multi-device wireless charger with the simplicity and portability of a small disc. The foldable design lets you quickly slip it into your pocket when you need to jet, and its unfolded form takes up almost no room at all.

Designer: Twelve South

Why it’s noteworthy:

  • Innovative design fits 2 wireless chargers in a size no bigger than your palm
  • Supports charging two devices at the same time
  • Anodized aluminum shell for durability and vegan leather surfaces to protect devices

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World’s smallest smartphone turns into a gaming handheld with this case

Gaming smartphones are quite the novelty in the mobile world, but despite their advertised or actual gaming chops, they often lack the necessary controls that would put them on par with consoles. Conversely, most of these gaming smartphones have designs that make them a little less appropriate for more formal environments with their flashy RGB lighting and distinctive motifs. A middle ground between these two extremes would be to slap on some controllers on “normal” but premium handsets, effective but also a little too mundane these days. This rather unusual phone case, however, tries to add a new flavor to mobile gaming by introducing not only an unusual controller design but also by making it exclusive to one of the weirdest and cutest smartphones in the market.

Designer: Sugar Cubes (via Retro Dodo)

The Unihertz Jelly Star is obviously not your typical smartphone. With a size that’s no larger than a credit card, the tiny device is advertised as the world’s smallest Android 13 smartphone, a title no one will probably try to wrest away from it anyway. With a 3-inch screen, a transparent colored back, and some rather reasonable specs for its size, the Jelly Star is probably also the world’s cutest smartphone.

A Chinese accessory maker by the name of Sugar Cubes is taking that cuteness and turning it into something that even gamers will find alluring. Rather than simply attaching controllers, which would be gigantic compared to the Jelly Star, you will instead insert the tiny phone into a large, boxy case that transforms it into a rather unusual gaming handheld that is more reminiscent of the “Game & Watch” devices of old than any modern handheld console. Even the controls themselves are in non-standard locations, even though they provide most of the standard buttons, including a joystick.

There seem to be two designs for the Sugar Cube Jelly. One has the Unihertz Jelly Star lying horizontally and near the top, giving the device a more Game Boy-like appearance, though short in stature. The other has the phone standing vertically in the middle, flanked by two sets of controls, a design closer to the Nintendo Switch by some stretch of the imagination. Details on how the small phone will be inserted into the case are still slim, though it seems that the vertical design will simply have the Jelly Star slip into the case from the side, with one of the controllers swinging open like a flap.

The unconventional and eye-catching design of the Sugar Cube Jelly makes it perfect for branded merchandise, theming the colors and decals accordingly. That said, there’s still no word on when this product will actually hit the market, or if it will even be made available outside of China. Even then, the Unihertz Jelly Star isn’t exactly oozing with power, so while you might be able to comfortably run some retro games via emulation, forget about boasting your odd contraption while playing Genshin Impact.

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Clicks QWERTY keyboard iPhone case brings back the joy of typing

Remember the days when you could swiftly type a long response on your phone in just seconds? Even if you didn’t own a BlackBerry, our amazing human brains managed to evolve to adapt to the esoteric T9 input, resulting in a flurry of thumbs hammering out text at mind-blowing speeds. Just like with pen and paper, there are benefits to having physical keys to type with, including muscle memory, accuracy, and sheer satisfaction. Those are the joys that this new case is trying to bring to the iPhone by snapping on a full yet tiny QWERTY keyboard that gives creators the power to turn text into stories, quickly and accurately.

Designers: Michael Fisher and Kevin Michaluk

Although the BlackBerry is now a footnote in history, there was a time when it was the de facto standard of productivity. It’s a bit ironic that its most iconic feature is all but a memory today when text is even more critical in mobile life. From notes to todos to captions to messages, we type plenty of text on our touchscreen smartphones, which painfully drives home the fact that these smooth, flat surfaces have terrible ergonomics and haptics for such an activity. There have been a few attempts at resurrecting the BlackBerry or at least bringing the physical QWERTY keyboard to smartphones, but Clicks is trying to differentiate itself by projecting a fun and creative character that’s more in line with today’s creators.

For one, the cases distance themselves from the drab and serious styles of business-minded BlackBerry clones by embracing colors and curves, whether it’s the yellow Bumblebee or even the gray London Sky. Perhaps to avoid any litigation like its forebears, Clicks adopts circular keys with some spacing in between, giving the keyboard a more whimsical appearance. Regardless of the design, the Clicks QWERTY case has the same mission as all other QWERTY cases before it, bringing a familiar sensation to upgrade the typing experience. Best of all, the keyboard no longer eats up half your screen, leaving room for more content.

Using the case itself is as simple as pie. You slide the iPhone in from the top, carefully align the Lightning or USB-C connector, and snap the top on. The case doesn’t have a battery of its own, which makes it lighter and cheaper, so it draws power from the iPhone itself. It does support pass-through charging so you don’t have to remove the case just to charge the iPhone. The one drawback of its simple design is that MagSafe accessories won’t stick to it, but you can still enjoy wireless charging on a flat horizontal surface.

The Clicks QWERTY keyboard case is compatible only with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models, though their availability won’t happen all at the same time. The $139 price tag is going to be debatable, especially for those who aren’t yet convinced of the advantages of having a physical keyboard at the cost of making a tall phone even taller. But for creators who find themselves always pecking at their phone’s screen, this quirky accessory is a done deal.

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This compostable iPhone case can be potted to grow plants and flowers

Although smartphone manufacturers design their phones to be durable and resilient, a lot of owners still fret over the safety of their expensive purchases. Phone cases are a dime a dozen, but while that might be good for variety and choice, it’s terrible for the planet. These accessories are almost all made from some form of plastic or another, and they get discarded left and right the moment they become discolored or damaged. Very few manufacturers pay close attention to this aspect because of how protective cases have to be made cheap and plenty. Fortunately, there is a number that does take that responsibility quite seriously, producing this revolutionary iPhone case that you can plant in the soil after it has reached its end of life to watch it grow into new life as plants and flowers.

Designer: iGreen

There’s no rule that phone cases have to be made from plastic or plastic-like materials, they just happen to be cheap, durable, and long-lasting. They’re not immortal, of course, and once cases break or get discolored over time, they’re completely useless and have to be thrown out. That’s not even considering perfectly usable cases that are disposed of simply because they are no longer attractive or match the owner’s interests. Some manufacturers do have programs for recycling the plastics in these cases to make new cases, but iGreen Gadgets actually has an even more creative use for these discarded accessories.

For starters, the case is 100% compostable, so it will decay and dissolve into the earth when buried. The material is based on cornstarch, a very common biodegradable substance that’s also used in many plastic alternatives. Even the powder used to produce colors is also naturally based. Despite its completely biodegradable nature, the cases still provide the necessary protection your iPhone needs to survive accidents and avoid an early retirement in landfills.

The difference from other bioplastic cases is that each iGreen Cover case contains living seeds protected by a special water-soluble film inside the cover. Once the case has served its purpose, you simply have to plant it in a pot at a 30-degree angle with the inside of the cover facing up. You cover it with soil while leaving the upper half of the case exposed, water it, and expose it to sunlight, and within a few weeks, you will be able to witness your phone case transforming into plants.

Different case colors hold different kinds of seeds. Green will grow basil, yellow for daisies, and light blue for Forget-me-nots. The case itself, specifically the cornstarch, contains everything the seeds need to survive inside the case and then grow once planted. The plants that grow won’t be that practical. The flowers are mostly decorative, though basil can probably be used for cooking. Still, it’s a rather ingenious and creative way to reuse a product that’s often discarded mindlessly, turning a planet-killer into a plant-grower.

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Samsung and Jaden Smith Earth Day collab gives birth to stylish and sustainable accessories

Due to their sheer volume, consumer electronics, and especially mobile devices, might be one of the biggest contributors to the Earth’s demise. It is impossible at this point to turn back the clock or even quit cold turkey and give up these modern conveniences, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take steps to mitigate their harmful effects. Some major brands have started switching to more sustainable materials, whether in packaging or in the devices themselves. Those aren’t the only opportunities for improvement, though, and this collaboration between Samsung and artist and designer Jaden Smith demonstrates how mobile accessories can also benefit from sustainable design while still being fashionable and eye-catching as any design can be.

Designer: Samsung x Jaden Smith (MSFTSrep)

Mobile accessories like cases and watch straps might even be bigger offenders when it comes to pollution and carbon emissions because they’re so cheap to make, especially when you use plastic materials. People usually go through them quickly and throw them away without a second thought. It doesn’t have to be like that, of course, but it takes intentional and conscientious actions to change for the better.

Samsung’s 2023 collection of eco-conscious accessories serves as a testament to how you don’t have to sacrifice quality and beauty for sustainability, as some might incorrectly presume. The set utilizes a variety of styles popularized by Jaden Smith’s clothing label, MSFTSrep (“misfits republic”), and showcases a variety of unique designs that express a vibrant and perhaps even rebellious spirit.

The MSFTSrep Trippy Summer Spiral and Wavy Rainbow, for example, bring a splash of color to cases for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy S23 Ultra. Although less flamboyant, the MSFTSrep Classic and Snowprint Galaxy Buds 2 Pro case and Galaxy Watch strap still carry distinct marks that celebrate the owner’s individuality and uniqueness.

The most important aspect of these fashionable accessories, however, is the fact that they use sustainable materials, both in their construction as well as they’re packaging. They use a combination of partially degradable plastic as well as TPU that contains recycled material from Samsung’s own manufacturing process waste. The products are also packaged in recycled paper with card stock printed using vegetable ink. Created to celebrate Earth Day next week, these designs try to send a message that being sustainable is now fashionable, and, fortunately, major brands are finally making it easier to get these products into the hands of the masses.

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CASETiFY brings Crocs-like pin charms to add some fun to your phone covers

Because smartphones are almost an extension of our body in that we carry them almost everywhere we go, a lot of people also use them to express their personalities. There are a lot of cases and accessories that you can use now to shout out your fandom or your favorite things but you probably have to constantly change it if you want to show off different aspects of your personality or if you just want different things every few weeks. If you’re a fan of Crocs’ Jibbitz charms accessories, you’ll love these new cases from CASETiFY.

Designer: CASETiFY

The Push-In Cases from CASETiFY use soft-touch silicone that is able to protect your smartphone from falls, shocks, vibrations, etc. It has a MIL-STD-810G certification which is actually a military-grade standard for products that can protect your item from various environmental pressures. It also has raised bezels to protect your screen. So if you’re looking for something that has a comfortable grip, is lightweight but can still be sturdy enough to protect your phone, this is a good option. But obviously, that will not be the main reason for you to choose this case.

The case has around 13-14 dotted pits where you can plug in various charms that match your personality or your mood for that week. You have some cutesy charms like smileys, bears, rainbows, and flowers as well as more specific things like butter on toast, cowboy boots, checkered hearts, yin-yang with hearts, sunny side up eggs, etc. These charms or pins were created by the various “artists, designers, and visionaries” that they partnered with.

You get four basic colors for the Push-In Cases: black, pink, lavender, and cream. Of course, you get simple colors since the pins will be the ones to bring fun and color to your case. There’s also a limited-edition Barbie version that is black but has pre-fitted pink pins, just in time for Barbie-mania to hit us once again with the upcoming movie. For now, it’s only available for iPhones but hopefully, other brands will also be able to join the fun soon.

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Galaxy Z Flip 3 case design brings back Gameboy Advance feels

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 on its own is already a pretty cool device on its own, if you like the good ole days when flip phones were cool. There are several official (and unofficial) phone cases that make the flip phone even more interesting. Samsung Vietnam actually announced a contest a few months ago for designers to create “your Z style phone case” and one of the entrants decided to bring a bit of “vintage” design to the stylish Samsung smartphone.

Designer: Kaisou D

If you’re of the age where the Gameboy Advance is already a classic kind of game console, then this phone case design will bring back some childhood (or adulthood) memories. The design makes your Galaxy Z Flip 3 look like a gaming brick, complete with the controls like the A B buttons and the cursor buttons, although this time around they’re just part of the design and not to be used on any kind of game. The case is made from translucent plastic so you can see the “circuit board” of your faux Gameboy.

The case has an LED string at the bottom and you can change the color and replace it according to your preference. It is powered by a double A battery. You can change the “cartridge” with your favorite Gameboy game like Tetris, Super Mario 3, Sonic the Hedgehog, etc. The design has some “childhood toys” that add to the nostalgic feel of the phone case. It would be nicer though if you can actually play those games using the control buttons, but there are some simulators available for mobile devices anyway.

If you’re into the whole nostalgic game console feel, this Galaxy Z Flip 3 phone case design would be right up your alley. As for me the fact that something like the Gameboy is already considered a classic makes me feel really old.

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Samsung x Sean Wotherspoon Galaxy Watch 4 bands and Galaxy S21 phone cases unveiled

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Sean Wotherspoon Eco-Conscious Phone Case

Sean Wotherspoon is more known among the sneakerheads for his designs and collaborations with big brands like Adidas. He has recently teamed up with the South Korean mobile giant Samsung’s version of the Galaxy Watch4 bands and the Galaxy S21 cases as a limited drop.

The Samsung Galaxy x Sean Wotherspoon Sustainable Accessories Collection has just been announced for the 2021 premium flagship and the smartwatch series. Samsung is trying to go greener, and one of its efforts is to offer more sustainable accessories. Samsung announces it in time for Earth Day. The limited-edition mobile accessories are sustainable, making them a helpful contribution to Mother Earth.

Designer: Sean Wotherspoon

Sean Wotherspoon is a plant-based designer that came up with three watchbands for the Galaxy Watch 4 and three phone cases for the Galaxy S21. They match the same print but are set in three different colors: Pink, Sky Blue, and Yellow. There are now available together with free watch faces you can download straight from the Google Play Store.

The new watch bands and phone cases are made from 100% biodegradable and recyclable materials. The series is actually the second release of sustainably sourced accessories by Samsung. In the future, we can expect more will be revealed as the company continues to team up with other eco-conscious designers.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Sean Wotherspoon Eco-Conscious Zero Rain Case

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Sean Wotherspoon Eco-Conscious Zero Dawn Band 7

Sean Wotherspoon’s design remains colorful like his plant-based sneaker designs released in 2018. He owns a vegan brand and is making waves in the eco-conscious fashion industry. Sustainable fashion is more than just a trend now—it is the future. His brand has been focused on raising awareness of the effects of our actions on our planet. His works aim to bring up the reality and start a conversation that will hopefully encourage others to be mindful of how they live.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Sean Wotherspoon Eco-Conscious Zero Rain Case 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Sean Wotherspoon Eco-Conscious Zero Dawn Band

Sean Wotherspoon is happy to be working with Samsung. He said, “From the start, it was clear that we were aligned on our commitment to sustainability and finding real eco-conscious solutions people can use in their everyday lives.” The new products from this collection are said to be a simple way to show support for the Earth.

The Sean Wotherspoon x Samsung collection shows off the designer’s love of style and love of the planet. The inspiration for the series is a mix of his hobbies and everything that makes him smile. The collection is also meant to encourage and inspire positivity and mindfulness in the world.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Sean Wotherspoon Eco-Conscious Watch Band

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Sean Wotherspoon Eco-Conscious Watch Face

The three styles of watchbands (Orchid, Dawn, and Rain) are made of eco-conscious TPU material. It is non-toxic and doesn’t come with DMF residue. It can be recycled at the end of its life, so we can consider this safe for the planet and biodegradable. All products are available for $49.99 each. You can purchase straight on and the NTWRK app.

Samsung’s sustainability efforts seem to be going in full swing—slowly but surely. The first series from Samsung was released in September 2021 and was a collaboration with Sami Miró. The Los Angeles-based fashion designer’s collection with the tech giant included three watch faces and six watchbands for the Galaxy Watch4.

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Samsung’s Galaxy for the Planet campaign is here to stay and will continue to focus on reducing the company’s environmental footprint. The effort is meant to foster more sustainable lifestyles for the community of Galaxy users. For example, plastics in mobile packaging must be eliminated by the year 2025. Another goal is to include recycled materials in all mobile products by the same year.

A more sustainable world is possible with similar efforts not only by Samsung but also by other brands. The South Korean tech brand has also launched the Samsung Certified Re-Newed. This campaign aims to offer refurbished phones with a lower carbon footprint.

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The unit’s parts of this effort have the same quality and performance as new devices. They are updated and inspected within a Samsung factory. If needed, they are upgraded with a new battery or certified Samsung parts. Even the one-year warranty offered is the same as those brand new Galaxy smartphones.

If you’ve been planning to buy a new premium flagship smartphone from Samsung but want to spend full price, you can consider the CRN Galaxy S21 series. You can receive up to a $100 e-certificate to use on select products and accessories and save up to $200.

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